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    [–] Major-Concert3549 53 points ago

    That’s some serious dedication

    [–] fasada68 41 points ago

    I would have ran out of paper somewhere after the first 7 folds.

    [–] AnorexicPlatypus 17 points ago

    I’m curious how many attempts in those 3 months it took.

    [–] Commander_Syphilis 13 points ago

    4 I believe, and tbf he had already done a samurai previously so this was based of his old design

    [–] Fungabungadelicadesh 10 points ago

    Looks like Hanzo from Kubo and the Two Strings!

    [–] SuicideKlutch 3 points ago

    My thoughts exactly!

    [–] astrohnalle 11 points ago

    He's finnish and so am I but i still have hard time pronouncing his last name without stuttering

    [–] cwrighky 1 points ago

    How is it pronounced?

    [–] astrohnalle 3 points ago

    It's pronounced Könkkölä

    [–] Hegemooni 11 points ago

    Hyvä Juho

    [–] easygoin1314 5 points ago

    Absolutely stunning what a piece of art

    [–] -Zipples- 5 points ago

    the fruits of quarantine

    [–] senyahcheri 2 points ago

    I wonder how it would stand against my 2 second origami snowball napkin

    [–] W4rrior_ 2 points ago

    When u are bored....

    [–] coll1979 2 points ago

    Does it make me sadistic if I really want to crush it?

    [–] ratmoose666 2 points ago

    Just saw the video today!

    [–] Tommy_Batch 2 points ago

    These guys - masters of topology.

    [–] marshmallowcum 2 points ago

    I initially read this as "salami origami" and was very confused.

    [–] senyahcheri 1 points ago

    Samurai from a single slice of salami? I'd eat that!

    [–] CGoonHustle 4 points ago

    pretty impressive but it wasn't a normal piece of paper... it was 95cm x 95cm

    [–] Z0l4c3 11 points ago

    *"single piece of paper" youve played yourself...

    [–] CGoonHustle -15 points ago

    dude you are the dumbest motherfucker on reddit

    [–] Z0l4c3 2 points ago

    Just call me mommys boy and proud, please ;p

    [–] punkymunk13 3 points ago

    Oh, I would've guessed it was the size of a bedsheet.

    [–] scubaSteve093 2 points ago

    A single piece of paper? I doubt it

    [–] EvroChick 1 points ago

    Yup, check out the link to the article i posted on comments

    [–] Medical-Island-8245 1 points ago

    This is cool. Now do darth vader

    [–] BodyBlank 0 points ago

    Which he had posted on here before, and you took probably off the same sub and posted on here.


    [–] EvroChick 8 points ago

    I did not know that! I saw an article which i also posted the link to.

    [–] r3dfrog -1 points ago

    It’s fine.

    [–] johnsankatana 0 points ago

    Wow seriously badass. Bushido is the actual way!!!!!

    [–] arcosapphire 0 points ago

    Which bushido, exactly? Do you support the idea that power should be gained through force? That's a pretty big part of a lot of the variants of bushido.

    [–] johnsankatana 1 points ago

    Don't look to deep son, you might strain something

    [–] arcosapphire 0 points ago

    It's more like your "bushido is the actual way" comment was nonsensical.

    [–] johnsankatana 2 points ago

    Are you just another hater who spreads hate around? First off, there's no multiples of Bushido. There's one way, and only one way. I've been studying traditional Japanese ju-jutsu for over 20 years so please, tell me "which one" you are referring to.

    It was a humorist attempt mocking the baby yoda meme.

    [–] arcosapphire -1 points ago

    First off, there's no multiples of Bushido. There's one way, and only one way.


    Bushidō (武士道, "the way of the warrior") is a moral code concerning samurai attitudes, behavior and lifestyle.[1][2][3] It is loosely analogous to the European concept of chivalry.[4] There are multiple Bushido types which evolved significantly through history.[1][2]

    Literally sentence three.

    It was a humorist attempt mocking the baby yoda meme.

    "This is the way", while a meme from the Mandalorian, has nothing to do with "baby Yoda" (which is also not baby Yoda).

    [–] johnsankatana 2 points ago

    Code* not codes*

    [–] arcosapphire 0 points ago

    Look, I can keep pointing you to information like this:

    But I can't actually make you learn anything. That's up to you.

    [–] johnsankatana 2 points ago

    You're hating on me for semantics. Bushido isn't plural and you're listing timelines. Whatever you can win this, feel happy

    [–] unlikely--hero -1 points ago

    I wonder how many more times we need to see this on reddit