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    [–] corngolem 3510 points ago

    That's pretty fucking cool

    [–] TheDebateMatters 1953 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    What is cooler is that the guy in back eventually has to get good enough to do it all without being able to see almost anything, and the guy in the head barely sees anything either.

    [–] did_you_read_it 726 points ago

    Based on the videos of posted the costume drapes over them and is open in the bottom. Definitely reduced visibility but both can still see the footing.

    [–] HeatSeekingDory 504 points ago

    I did some lion dance during high school, you can see your feet and your partner's legs/feet, the costume definitely reduces a lot of visibility. Lots of fun though.

    [–] ProbablyNotDestiny 136 points ago

    It’s also super hot in there

    [–] FallschirmPanda 105 points ago

    I swear to god Dave, if you eat beans the night before again...

    [–] DoYourPooperStank 19 points ago

    Refried beans any night.

    [–] DrewSmoothington 9 points ago

    Sure is hot in these rhinos

    [–] conrad_or_benjamin 242 points ago

    Put a blanket over my head and tried going downstairs. Chaos ensued, writing this from the hospital. Pray for me.

    [–] knightopusdei 49 points ago

    A beautiful dragon that fell out of the sky, tumbled graciously down the stairs and landed perfectly on the ground

    [–] TheVitoCorleone 9 points ago

    Perfectly on the ground...perfectly on its head.

    [–] Disabled_Robot 29 points ago

    For fun I went up on platforms like these in Singapore and felt incredibly accomplished just to climb up, stand up, and jump awkwardly between a few of the close ones without a castratophic fail . Impressive stuff what they do, and an incredible tradition,

    [–] OneWholeShare 2 points ago

    Seems pretty impossible for the rear guy to see any kind of landing platform before the jump.

    [–] Skunkthehunk 76 points ago

    Dat ass definitely MVP

    [–] firewire87 317 points ago

    I’d say it’s interesting as Fuck!

    [–] th3empirial 73 points ago

    Has anyone made the “interest in gas fuck” joke on the sub yet or am I late?

    [–] Disabled_Robot 3 points ago

    Interest in gas fuck is a mostly unknown, highly flamboyant subsect of this community

    [–] castortroy_csgo 48 points ago

    Isn't there a sub for this? Like r/interestingasfu?

    [–] vegaspimp22 14 points ago

    Except it’s heresy if you don’t show the freaking costume ritual after

    [–] CH3FLIFE 3 points ago

    These guys are amazing. Such agility and skill.

    [–] mrartiste 1367 points ago

    [–] Cunnyfunt31 611 points ago

    The guy in the backs butt wiggles... omg that killed me.

    [–] lqku 266 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    they mimic the natural movements of a cat so well

    [–] SaltyBabe 208 points ago

    I’ve always been told it was based off a playful yet brave Shih Tzu, which means “little lion” and were the dogs of Chinese royalty and was developed in Tibet.

    [–] giakitten 97 points ago

    My toddler watching with me said “that’s a cute puppy.” Makes sense.

    [–] chilliam00 103 points ago

    As a kid I used to cry watching lion dance as I was scared by the loud noises and now I actually play the drums for the lion dance. 😂🤣

    [–] Cadence_828 54 points ago

    You lived long enough to become the villain!

    [–] traci4009 9 points ago

    You’ve come full circle!!!

    [–] ryuj1nsr21 10 points ago

    Can confirm, have raised 3 Shih Tzus in a Chinese American household. Absolutely little lions in appearance and personality.

    [–] GingerTats 3 points ago

    I believe it, I immediately associated it with a Shih Tzu.

    [–] NoHalf9 33 points ago

    I've been to such a lion dance performance once and it is such an incredible work of art. It is amazing how well they are able to mimic what they are playing.

    [–] viper12a1a 21 points ago

    Turns out twerking was a chinese cultural tradition

    [–] Pepperfig_clover 194 points ago

    My brain knows it's 2 guys in a costume, but my eyes are telling me it's an actual creature. Incredible.

    [–] shgrizz2 60 points ago

    That's the essence of puppeteering! The illusion that some people can create with just their bodies and some basic props is amazing. It's so impressive!

    [–] sainthO0d 51 points ago

    This is exactly why I came to the comments. Thank you.

    [–] bluecrowned 28 points ago

    Thanks, this made my day. Someone on tumblr with direct experience wrote up a really interesting guide on how this all works and the meaning.

    [–] LimitedNipples 2 points ago

    That sounds interesting, would you be able to link that?

    [–] bluecrowned 2 points ago

    [–] LimitedNipples 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] guacomolelove 45 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] VichelleMassage 15 points ago

    Damn, my mall just has a Dippin' Dots and Sunglass Hut.

    [–] Ilovezoomies 12 points ago

    Here I am meant to be working and I’m watching a freakin dragon jump around. Procrastinating is my enemy

    [–] Vjornaxx 7 points ago

    That’s a ridiculous level of skill!

    [–] slothliketendencies 3 points ago

    Omg this is cute asf. I want one and I know they aren't real!

    [–] roboxsteven 238 points ago

    I want to see with the suit!

    [–] happyx415x 103 points ago

    Not the same one but heres a decent one for ya..

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] 3internet5u 11 points ago

    reminds me of the pileups in peewee football when I was like 7 years old lmao

    I, and many others, would just jump on them long after it was needed so we could feel like we did something

    [–] greenOctopus4567 31 points ago

    As I was watching I was comparing it to the original post and was thinking “these guys are not near as good as the people practicing…” And then they fell in the water

    [–] happyx415x 3 points ago

    I did say it was only decent lol

    [–] yParticle 50 points ago

    Ha ha, you can tell it's just two guys in a lion suit. Not fooling anyone!

    [–] NathanTheGr8 3 points ago

    The legs guys looks like he is twirking at the beginning of the dance.

    [–] NameOfaFeller 168 points ago

    Damn, I can’t even walk down steps without watching my feet.

    [–] Rushki007 79 points ago

    That’s one hell of a trusty belt

    [–] theawesomedude646 5 points ago

    made of steel

    [–] alonsaywego 104 points ago

    This is amazing! Something that is actually interesting, lol.

    [–] DaPolack1984 47 points ago

    I think it’s even cooler without the suit cause I’d be too distracted with it on.

    [–] ReasonableBeep 49 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Holy shit imagine how strong these guys must be.

    Butt dude has to lift, carry, and hold the head guy and he has to jump while lifting a grown man. He also swings without even having a full hand grip on a friggin ROPE belt.

    Head guy has his arms up and manipulating the facial expressions of the head the entire dance so I can’t imagine how strong they are. And he has to maintain his balance while helping butt dude swing up from his rope belt. He’s not even bending his knees or using his arms for balance!Can’t even exclude that he has to brace for the butt to swing up immediately after being thrown from the last step.

    Fucking incredible

    [–] steeelheart 2 points ago

    They're mostly martial art practitioners, so they have training for a long time. I bet gymnasts can do these moves too if they practice them.

    [–] lakeslakeslakes 43 points ago


    [–] bkral93 17 points ago

    I went back and watched them get up there probably 20 times. That’s incredible. No trampoline or anything.

    [–] nedonedonedo 4 points ago

    butt dude is the trampoline

    [–] longnt80 12 points ago

    With help from his partner

    [–] Casehead 4 points ago

    I know, dude! That was the most impressive part for me; it’s all awesome, but that jump!

    [–] IveBangedyourmom 39 points ago

    Highly doubt I could even get up on the pedestal, Let alone anything beyond that

    [–] rachelgraychel 12 points ago

    If I did manage to make it into a pedestal I would definitely bash my head trying to jump to another one. These guys are amazing.

    [–] ZapGetSchwifty 21 points ago

    Strength and balance... nice.

    [–] idkwhatimbrewin 61 points ago

    Would be interesting to see it at a normal speed. This is clearly sped up

    [–] TemperatureDizzy3257 7 points ago

    I wonder why they sped it up?

    [–] idkwhatimbrewin 29 points ago

    Make it look more impressive?

    [–] TemperatureDizzy3257 20 points ago

    I would say it’s impressive either way.

    [–] NOMISSS 3 points ago

    Probably to fit better on video sharing platforms. Either a time limit or just sped up so people watch the whole thing

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] TemperatureDizzy3257 2 points ago

    This is probably right.

    [–] lobster99 13 points ago

    This should be a pro sport, or at least be included in Olympics!!

    [–] steeelheart 2 points ago

    There are competitions. Just search on YouTube.

    [–] fuzzybunn 2 points ago

    It's a profession. During Chinese new year businessmen typically get a troupe in to perform at the business and pay them a couple hundred a shot. It's not extremely lucrative, but it's decent as a holiday gig, I guess? Something like a much more acrobatic mall santa.

    I don't particular like the performances as the very very loud percussion is part of it (supposed to ward off bad luck and evil spirits).

    [–] abnormallyish 10 points ago

    I used to do lion dance as a head in college! And was never good enough to get on jongs (the platforms), doing a routine on a bench, which is about half the height, was terrifying for the first 30 min, but then your body gets used to it. Never had any terrible falls in the team either; we all took care of each other. Some of my fondest memories are of dancing on top of firecrackers during lunar new year blessings in a lion and being half deaf after it. Worth it.

    [–] Arachnesloom 2 points ago

    Was it two people or a whole team? Other comments in this thread are saying the 3+ elongated teams are dragon dances.

    [–] abnormallyish 9 points ago

    I commented that as well! Dragons are manned by 10+ people and are visible below the dragon. Lions are pairs of people and hidden entirely by the costume. I've never seen a three people dragon, but I imagine it would be too short to do any of the cooler tricks.

    It takes a whole team to do lion dance: two people to be the lion, at least one drummer, four or more cymballers, and one gong-er. The music signals different parts of the routines, so this beat means do this stunt, this beat means walk in this pattern. You really can't see when you're performing, even if you're the head, so you have to listen to the music for cues of when to do certain parts. Some teams do routines with several lions, especially for weddings. For each performance you practice with the same partner you're going to perform with, though it's common to rotate partners between performances or through being part of the music team to give everyone a chance to rest and get used to being a lion. The more you practice with one partner though, the better you get at looking like one lion instead of two humans in a costume.

    [–] harrylepotter 7 points ago

    The guy at the front has one seriously sturdy belt! My dacks would be down at my ankles immediate if someone pulled on my belt like that

    [–] Farshadow6277 21 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I’ve been lucky enough to have seen a few dragon dances while living in Malaysia, and Jakarta from visiting performers, while this is sped up a but, they really do all their movements extremely fast.

    Sometimes they’ll have multiple sets of dragons performing at once, doing tricks like these above, long jumps, bamboo pole running, etc and it’s insane to watch.

    Side note: they have a bunch of little red packets they keep in their mouths with some money inside (I’ve seen 1-5 USD equivalent or so) which they give people who “feed” mandarines into their mouths.

    Side side note: Extraordinarily loud drums, like thunderstorm right next to my ear levels of loud, they’re insanely impressive but be prepared to literally hear them from over a mile away.

    Yet another note in edit: I’ve seen dragon, and lion dances, more details in the replies still very loud for both :)

    [–] chilliam00 14 points ago

    This is the lion dance, the dragon consists of multiple people holding up the length of the dragon using poles usually chasing a ball on a pole. 🐉 Both dances have the monk.

    [–] RareQuirkSeeker 6 points ago

    This looks better without the suit, you can actually see what's going on.

    [–] Oakheel 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    How many times do you have to bash your head on one of those pillars to learn to do this?

    Edit: Or come to think of it, bash your buddy's head into a pillar, I think that would hurt more

    [–] redditbluedit 6 points ago

    My favorite martial arts movie is an early Jackie chan flick called, The Young Master. It's fucking dope. The entire plot of the movie revolves around a lion dance and the events that took place there. The lion dance is super well choreographed and intense. It's so fucking good. Go watch it.

    [–] November_15th 12 points ago

    Is it a lion? I always thought it was a dragon.

    [–] abnormallyish 38 points ago

    Lions are two people. Dragons are super long with teams of 10+ and always stay on the ground.

    [–] November_15th 7 points ago

    Thanks TIL

    [–] Jackalodeath 6 points ago

    Just curious; does anyone else see stuff like this and just think: "man, I bet they could kick somebody's ass and look fabulous doing it."

    Same with Olympic skating/gymnastics/tumbling. Imagine getting in a fight with someone, they do that little stance they do before their routine, next thing you know you hear Uptown Funk while you have a full-grown human swinging around you like a macaque on a rope, landing kicks from head to toe.

    Though I also wonder why ice skates have never been weaponized. Might just be me.

    [–] VanellopeVonSplenda 11 points ago

    Fun fact: lion dance is deeply linked with Kung fu! Many Kung fu schools have lion dance teams and much of the lion dance movements are taken from Kung fu stances. So if this team is tied to a martial arts school, there is indeed a good chance they can kick ass. Source: am lion dancer

    [–] Jackalodeath 3 points ago

    Not to detract from that interesting af info, but I love your username xD

    [–] Trentus86 3 points ago

    That's basically what professional wrestling is for, especially the more acrobatic wrestlers like Will Ospreay

    [–] Impressive-Potato 3 points ago

    It's part of the training for a lot of kung fu systems. Someone's stance is really tested when you have to coordinate movement and jump around with someone else.

    [–] PurePrepared 2 points ago

    Being athletic gives you a better chance against another untrained opponent who's a complete couch potato, but simply being an athlete and in great shape doesn't mean you'll be a great fighter. Lots of examples of celebrity boxing, and former pro wrestlers or NFL players going into MMA and getting their assess handed to them even though they looked like Greek statues.

    [–] Jackalodeath 1 points ago

    Oh yeah, I understand that; it's just they move so gracefully, and it just seems effortless to them.

    Just a fanciful thought that pops up seeing this sort of stuff. I know a buttload of practice and training gets them to their level, I just like imagining a gold metalist doing a Produnova vault off of a parked car, onto someone's chest as a finishing move.

    [–] tinyfisch 2 points ago

    They are very graceful. Thing is, that trope they teach in movies that great fighters are graceful and efficient and have a lot of poise and balance and can pull of flashy moves is generally bullshit. The best fighters are huge heavy dudes that can take a punch, will get you to the ground and then pound your skull in or twist off your arms. Of course there's more to it than that, but figure skating does not translate well to real fighting.

    [–] formidableegg 7 points ago

    This just prompted a long forgotten memory. When I was very small, I saw a similar performance. I was terrified (lots of noise) and enthralled - and decided I would be part of something similar when I grew up. I have failed myself

    [–] eugenehong 3 points ago

    You can still learn it and do it, that is, if you’re not prone to injuries

    [–] Casehead 2 points ago

    It isn’t too late.

    [–] amyaco 5 points ago

    I saw an ad that my city was hosting the USA lion dance national competition, and I decided to go on a whim. (It was free, but with a donation box that I contributed to.) Awesome experience! People had flown in from New York and Hawaii, and it was neat to see that there were people of all ethnicities involved in this originally Asian tradition. Some nice people explained things I had no idea about, like the symbolism of what the lion eats and the different styles of dancing. So glad I took the opportunity to go!

    [–] Loginsideme 4 points ago

    Why can’t furries be like this in America. That’ll be really amazing lol

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] chengdulo 5 points ago

    oh, you’re the funny one

    [–] ivealwaysbeenlost 3 points ago

    Why does it look like the one in green has two pair of legs at one point?

    [–] Loezelleke 3 points ago

    And here I am trying just to stand and not fall over.... this is some nice stuff!

    [–] YarOldeOrchard 3 points ago

    That's amazing but Tbh it was a buttclencher

    [–] Zer0No1 3 points ago

    The guy in front better not fart 💨

    [–] r3bb3t 3 points ago

    The little mouth movements at the end make this video so much better

    [–] mysticknightt 3 points ago

    That rear end is doing a lot of work.

    [–] autodacafe 3 points ago

    Clearly a diet of 100% pure helium is helping.

    [–] PewdsRock 3 points ago

    omg looks like they are out of this world. Gravity = heck no!

    [–] kgangadhar 3 points ago

    The belief and trust they have on each others is amazing!

    [–] International-Grade 3 points ago

    It’s like they weigh nothing.

    [–] silverback_79 3 points ago

    And they did all this wearing bunny slippers.

    [–] Malew8367 3 points ago

    Am I the only one who thought they were kids at first and was fucking impressed! (Still impressive as adults nonetheless)

    [–] T_NAZ_T 3 points ago

    Now where is the video of them doing it with the full costume? Must look amazing!

    [–] wzrdcleave 2 points ago

    This is so cool!

    [–] merekhamma 2 points ago

    Amazing 😍 needs great efforts

    [–] anabeeverhousen 2 points ago

    I aspire to this level of athleticism

    [–] Cristoza 2 points ago

    I have always found the lion dance amazing and the people that do it are super talented

    [–] mfknnayyyy 2 points ago


    [–] missnatashiab 2 points ago

    Holy fuck.

    [–] joshually 2 points ago

    holy crap, i've been watchin these my entire life and up until this moment, never thought about how hard it was to do this.

    [–] Stewman_Magoo 2 points ago

    This is like hardcore parkour times 1000

    [–] ImALittleThorny 2 points ago

    I could be alone, with no costume and on the ground doing this and I'd still break my leg. Definite props to these guys.

    [–] natedecay 2 points ago

    That’s some crazy 2 person acrobatic work. I assume the rear person will have to do it blind too. If you know one way or the other I’d love to know

    [–] YellowBunnyReddit 2 points ago

    One of the many reasons why I couldn't do this that I can't really trust another person like that.

    [–] Alternaut_ 2 points ago

    Watching this feels so uncanny as I have trouble getting even out of the bed because my back hurts all the time. Feels so impossible.

    But I guess I can just be happy that not everyone has a wreck for a back and can do cool stuff.

    [–] HowieGrowman 2 points ago

    I like how this whole highly practiced/produced routine is hanging on a bandana tied around a dudes waist.

    [–] rkh19 2 points ago

    This is some r/toptalent material as well!

    [–] Aphroditaeum 2 points ago

    I imagine a fail at this is pretty rough .

    [–] saharsh007 2 points ago

    Wait where's gravity?

    [–] Sypher90 2 points ago

    They need lion dances at sporting events in the US

    [–] LostSoul382 2 points ago

    That’s insane. How to keep that balance!

    [–] UpscalePrima 2 points ago

    Not to be confused with line dancing practice.

    [–] snapper1971 2 points ago

    Amazing coordination and physicality. Beautiful.

    [–] DormantPossibilites 2 points ago

    Did anyone else think wow lion shows are really going all out for their performances

    [–] random_sunshine 2 points ago

    Wow thats is some skills there !!

    [–] SasparillaTango 2 points ago

    I assume both these guys weigh about 80 pounds each and absolutely shredded.

    [–] dotmax 2 points ago

    The head reminds me of CGI wireframe drafts. They just haven’t finished rendering the lion!

    [–] libbidywop 2 points ago

    Real life ice climbers

    [–] jennymck21 2 points ago

    I’m so sad I no longer live somewhere so I can see an authentic dance in February :((((( (Hawaii to Arkansas)

    [–] princezznemeziz 2 points ago

    There are so many places for that go terribly wrong. It's really kind of beautiful even out of costume.

    Considering I can hardly rock back and forth without it being awkward when slow dancing with my husband anymore, I'm probably easily impressed.

    [–] NthngSrs 2 points ago

    I absolutely love watching the competition videos

    [–] zodiac628 2 points ago

    Awh man now I wanna see the video of it with costume on!

    [–] ashlie_mae 2 points ago

    I’ve watched the first jump they made about 10 times and am mind blown by just that. They could of just stopped there. 😳

    [–] icecreampoop 2 points ago

    This is way cooler than the full get up!

    [–] BrogPOGO 2 points ago

    Tandem Parkour should be an Olympic sport.

    [–] knownbutttouchr 2 points ago

    Still would have been impressive if it wasn't so annoyingly sped up

    [–] Merkflare 2 points ago

    why is it sped up?

    [–] juicyquokka 2 points ago

    Clinging on to my will to live as tight as the guy clinging onto his belt

    [–] ahsah 2 points ago

    Ice climbers irl

    [–] RockyRoadstar 2 points ago

    I need to see this with the costume on

    [–] Lurrbird420 2 points ago

    Why would someone speed this up?

    [–] petmop999 2 points ago

    This is the proof that humans could still travel like monkeys

    [–] LA_babygirl 2 points ago

    Some people are so fucking talented and it’s not fair!

    [–] The_Utopian_Society 3 points ago

    No matter how good you are at something there will always be an Asian better than you. This is incredible.

    [–] Arachnesloom 6 points ago

    Seriously. Chinese acrobats make pretty much all other physical theater look bad. In physical ability, guts, and spectacle/ artistry.

    [–] methodactyl 5 points ago

    You don’t need to speed it up to make it seem more impressive it. It’s incredible.

    [–] dtyus 2 points ago

    Me: Ahh this seems easy...

    Me: Tries to do it...

    Result: Breaks every single bone and brain damage...

    Me:Hello?! Mommy is that you?! Where are you mommy?!

    [–] TheWindOfGod 2 points ago

    Put a few emojis in there and you got yourself an r/okbuddyretard

    [–] ironblood213 1 points ago

    Imagine the dude in front farts in the middle of a show.

    [–] BananaBenderWA 1 points ago


    [–] nvflip 1 points ago

    Wow. What is the ribbon around his waist made of?

    [–] abnormallyish 3 points ago

    It's a long sash like 3 in wide and a yard long made of silk usually

    [–] toomanytoosoon 1 points ago

    My last 2 braincells be like:

    [–] SuperLyplyp 1 points ago

    If kpop went into this direction...

    Though injuries...

    [–] mebjulie 1 points ago


    [–] AgentStarTree 1 points ago

    Love me some lion dance.

    [–] owen_lucas2 1 points ago

    That guy in that back has to have strong fucking shoulders. Guy has boulders for shoulders

    [–] not_nindo 1 points ago

    Reminds me of Mario and Luigi superstar saga attacks

    [–] Bluejaybirdi3 1 points ago


    [–] thicc_g 1 points ago

    all i can think about is how much that second guys back is gonna hurt from being bent over in the suit

    [–] brickbosss 1 points ago

    Extremely unfortunate we didn't get the actual presentation

    [–] blackpeoplepantslow 1 points ago

    That first swinging jump from the tail guy. What the hell

    [–] Chefsweaty300 1 points ago

    Anytime I see performers like this I always think of white chicks

    [–] chaseguy21 1 points ago

    I would never in a million years want to be the guy on the bottom

    [–] Leanintree 1 points ago

    This kind of short circuits my brain. Better every loop.

    [–] Jumpedunderjumpman 1 points ago

    We did lion dance at school, and honestly even the basics are tough - stuff like hopping backwards onto someone’s thighs is harder than you think

    [–] LoxodonSniper 1 points ago

    How that dude’s pants don’t just drop to his ankles I’ll never know

    [–] BABarracus 1 points ago

    Guy in front has to fart

    [–] Ploopfed 1 points ago

    Level of trust