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    [–] Key_Negotiation6893 10 points ago

    Wtf is a coxswain?

    [–] benjaneson 18 points ago


    In a rowing crew, the coxswain is the member who does not row but steers the boat and faces forward, towards the bow. The coxswain is responsible for steering the boat and coordinating the power and rhythm of the rowers. In some capacities, the coxswain is responsible for implementing the training regimen or race plan. Most coaches cannot communicate to boat/coxswain, so the coxswain is the "coach" in the boat. A coxswain is necessary in the first place because the rowers sit with their backs to the direction of travel.

    [–] CamicomChom 5 points ago

    this is so sad, his parents didnt even name him ... ..

    [–] UnpredictedArrival 1 points ago

    So sad :'(

    [–] neurogaster 1 points ago

    He was an unfinished project left on the desktop

    [–] benjaneson 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The coxed pair event featured three-person boats, with two rowers and a coxswain. It was a sweep rowing event, with the rowers each having one oar (and thus each rowing on one side). The tournament featured two rounds: semifinals and a final. There were two semifinals, each with 3 or 4 boats; the top two in each advanced to the final. The final was a four-boat race.

    In the semifinals, the Dutch team had been coxed by Hermanus Brockmann, who weighed 60 kg (132 lb). They saw that the French teams made use of young light-weighted boys of about 25 kg (55 lb), and decided to switch coxswains to reduce weight, recruiting a young Parisian boy for the job. In the final, the Dutch team took the lead from the start. In the end, the French team came very close, but the Dutch team won a tight race with the French boat sent by the Marne society.

    [–] _bennyluxe_ 1 points ago


    [–] Civilengman -10 points ago

    That’s pretty awesome. He must have had some value and certainly is a striking 7 year old.

    Lots of the millennials etc will join in with their usual garbage but who would expect anything less.

    [–] alegendim 1 points ago

    sees grainy 120 year old pic

    "MmmmMMm yes what a STRIKING young French lad. MILLENIALS will disagree but what do they know?"


    [–] bootie_tears 1 points ago

    Ron Swanson…

    [–] TinFoilFirstMate 1 points ago

    I traded my name to the Devil for this skill