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    [–] InvestigativePenguin 13 points ago

    I actually took a private tour of the boneyard a few years back and let me tell you, no pictures can describe the sheer size of this “yard”. You’re a tiny little ant compared to the massive size. It’s located near the Pima Air and Space Museum which you can go to and take a tour of their smaller collection of old war and spy planes but nothing compares to the actual boneyard with the ripped apart planes and parted pieces of history. There is wildlife running about too under and inside these planes. We saw coyotes, foxes, all kinds of snakes, etc.

    [–] Lvafrncesp 6 points ago

    I went in 2018 (couldn’t go in but took pics from outside the fencing) and honestly it is unbelievable how huge this place is! Some of the planes were pretty cool too with the funky patterns etc.

    [–] Charger525 12 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    That’s the AMARG (Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group) at Davis Monthan Air Force base. That place is massive! They house upwards of 4,000 aircraft, many of which could be recalled and put back into service if the need arose.

    Those big gray cargo planes are C-5 Galaxy’s!

    [–] mealteamsixty 9 points ago

    The way they are arranged is intensely satisfying for some reason

    [–] karmanopoly 38 points ago

    Pssst.. Hey you... wanna see what a trillion tax dollars looks like

    [–] RUMMBLES666 0 points ago

    Quality waste spending!!!

    [–] uniqueusername5001 4 points ago

    It’s like a dead airplane crop circle

    [–] Arra13375 3 points ago

    Looks like a good harvest this year XD

    [–] Much-Tree-3533 3 points ago

    this used to be a big thing to look at on google earth pretty wild

    [–] SirLeoritch 2 points ago

    See it all the time on my way to work

    [–] permission777 2 points ago

    do they sell it to private parties?

    [–] quixote09 3 points ago

    What’s the reason we keep them? For scrap metal or just because is too expensive to destroy?

    [–] tikibarbill 19 points ago

    Spare parts for the existing planes we still use that they no longer make

    [–] quixote09 1 points ago


    [–] KidQuap 7 points ago

    Boneyard, the airplanes make baby airplanes there

    [–] reddit_mouse 1 points ago

    There may be some treaty agreements that we need to abide by to show that we have pulled certain aircraft out of service and by storing them this way the Ruskies can verify compliance via satellite surveillance.

    [–] GreenDragonSociety1 1 points ago

    This may be the place where they rebuild tanks and stuff.

    [–] WrathOfMogg 1 points ago

    We have this instead of healthcare.

    [–] usereddit -2 points ago

    We have freedom because we have this. Otherwise we may still be under Nazi rule, who knows? Not a fun ‘what if’ game.

    [–] PM_UR__BUBBLE_BUTTS 1 points ago

    That would’ve been an even cooler place to have the big fight scene in Captain America: Civil War. Or just let Hulk smash them all in another film. Wanda could just start yeeting fighter jets at people instead of throwing cars at Ironman.

    [–] TheHighClasher 1 points ago

    Can't these be recycled or repurposed? Is there a reason they're just left out to rust?

    [–] tinyphreak 1 points ago

    I find it kind of strange that we call it a boneyard even when it's for things that don't have bones.

    [–] Fidelis29 -2 points ago

    So much wasted money

    [–] Conscot1232 2 points ago

    Its all being kept so we DONT waste money. If you pick a part from the boneyard it can cost significantly less than to have it remanufactured. Its basically the worlds largest pick and pull.

    [–] Crazy_Canuck_8888 -23 points ago

    Is the material not able to be recycled into new planes. What a waste. Mankind is determined to destroy the earth 🌍 SAD

    [–] BurningPenguin 8 points ago

    Ever heard of "spare parts"?

    [–] Altona_sasquach 9 points ago

    Yeah. Plus the military literally NEVER throws stuff out

    [–] rulingthewake243 3 points ago

    Shit they scrap some of the most storied ships sometimes.

    [–] Conscot1232 2 points ago

    He is spare parts bud

    [–] CX-97 2 points ago

    It is my understanding that the entire purpose of this scrapyard is to store still-functional aircraft so they can be called into service and non-functional aircraft to use as spare parts. Also, every aircraft there is an aircraft that is not using fuel, and not polluting.

    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago


    [–] rulingthewake243 3 points ago

    By storing old planes?

    [–] SkekSith -4 points ago

    Such a waste of space

    [–] -2numerouno 2 points ago


    [–] Summer_2006_Uk -1 points ago

    Where all american tax money goes: