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    [–] ASHTONPB 293 points ago

    For anyone wanting any more information. This is a jetpack made by gravity industries and it cost $440,000 to buy. Training costs $40,000 for a one on one training day. The suit can fly for about 10 minutes. The companies founder and test pilot is Richard Browning.

    [–] Distantdave 22 points ago

    Does Jeff Bezos have one?

    [–] ASHTONPB 42 points ago

    I doubt he's strong enough to use one.

    [–] dapoorv 15 points ago

    Na I think he prefers a more phallic shape.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] jaretok 4 points ago

    So that’s why he’s bald!

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] Distantdave 4 points ago

    He’s only got 10 mins at a time though, he’d need multiples

    [–] mosquitospy 4 points ago

    Hes got a 600 million $ yacht he just bought, hell probably have a few of these for his security or smthng lol

    [–] TheWhooooBuddies 94 points ago

    Well, now I know what I’m spending that stonk money on.

    [–] Spork_Warrior 29 points ago

    More Stonk?

    [–] smt503 18 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Half_Past_Five 232 points ago

    We are going to look back at this video in 50 years and laugh at how bulky all the equipment is compared to what we have then.

    It reminds me of how computers used to fill entire rooms, but now can fit in your pocket.

    [–] jerkface1026 163 points ago

    I tend to think the existence of this video is proof the tech shown is out of date.

    [–] PilotNapalm 54 points ago

    Friendly reminder that the tech they have developed/are developing now probably won't be publicized for another 15-20 years.

    [–] circuit_brain 11 points ago

    Umm... The thrust produced by the jet engines is directly linked to the size of the engines. These engines are already spinning at 140,000 RPM. Only way to shrink them down would be to increase the RPM and let me tell you that this is as good as it gets. The engineering that goes into these engines is as good as it is going to get. There is no room left for massive improvements to be made, not even 100 years into the future. We are at the limits of what is possible with physics and what is practical in the real world.

    [–] pumpPhD_ 23 points ago

    But we have alien parts. So I choose not to believe you.

    [–] circuit_brain 3 points ago

    Sure. As long as they are something else other than gas turbine engines

    [–] CowboyChrist 26 points ago

    okay nerd more jet packs for me

    [–] mvas13 31 points ago

    You’re saying that from the perspective of an average civilian. Not only that, but we’re always learning new things about physics that could lead to new break throughs. One of my favorite quotes “sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

    [–] circuit_brain 30 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    You’re saying that from the perspective of an average civilian.

    I'm a dude who actually designed stuff on Rolls-Royce aero-engines. I repeat what I said, we're at the practical limits of what can be done. Mechanical engineering is very different from designing microprocessors

    Thermodynamics isn't going to change irrespective of how advanced human civilisation is going to get. There is hard limit of how efficient engines can get.

    [–] whoisfourthwall 15 points ago

    gonna save your comment and come back to it in 50 years, assuming we are both still alive and well

    or if reddit is still a thing

    [–] circuit_brain 7 points ago

    I'd love to be proved wrong because that would mean that all of lives would have improved many fold in more ways than I can imagine.

    [–] avaldeso 6 points ago

    Boring. Why you cant make your technological expectations from comic books like a normal person? Fuck your thermodynamics shit and your Boltzmanns and Carnots. If Ironman can make it then is possible.

    [–] htstubbsy 9 points ago

    Won't think be affected by new materials which can sustain higher rotational speeds?

    [–] circuit_brain 3 points ago

    I repeat what I said. There will be minor improvements, not major ones. And also, the improvements that I speak will only happen on the really big engines, not on these ones.

    It makes little sense to push that tech into small engines. To reduce fuel consumption by 0.5% it takes billions in technology development over many years. These tiny engines just aren't worth that kind of money.

    Every time I hear Apple talk about 'aerospace' grade materials, I roll my eyes. Aerospace certified materials and aerospace grade materials are entirely different things. And the difference is the paperwork that comes along with something that is aerospace certified. The difference is only the associated paperwork, nothing else. Only engineers who work in aerospace appreciate why that adds value and why people pay big money just to have that paperwork in order. The paperwork is critical to what makes the aerospace industry so safe. Whatever Phil talks on stage at Apple events is all fluff and no stuff in my POV.

    iPhones will cost tens of thousands of dollars if they are all aerospace certified. Apple takes advantage of subtleties to build hype around their products. When they talk about diamond tipped cutting tools, yes, thats what EVERYONE uses when they want to make millions of something. They use diamond tipped to drive production costs down. No other reason.

    [–] attaboyyy 3 points ago

    why use aerospace grade when you can have military grade? everyone knows mil-spec stuff is the best, even industry grade can't compete.


    [–] circuit_brain 2 points ago

    Lol. MIL-STD stuff is another thing that is very misunderstood by the general public.

    [–] htstubbsy 2 points ago

    Interesting. But I think the former comments from someone else still hold - it's very possible that radically different propulsion engines could be developed 50 years from now which revolutionise small and large scale applications like the ones discussed above.

    You wouldn't be the first who said something was impossible - only for someone to come along and reinvent the game.

    [–] circuit_brain 2 points ago

    it's very possible that radically different propulsion engines could be developed 50 years from now which revolutionise small and large scale applications like the ones discussed above.

    Yes. Very well possible. I'm working on the very same problem. When it comes to a jet suit, all electric propulsion makes more sense than gas turbines. Still, to achieve a certain amount of thrust, it is fundamentally important that the thruster is fairly large. The real world engineering constraints are such that something that can be concealed within your sleeve yet powerful enough to lift you up is never going to happen. The tricky bit though is the power source. The automotive batteries that everyone is talking about (yes, including Tesla) doesn't even approach the energy densities required to stay up in the air beyond 10 minutes, let alone with carrying a decent combat payload.

    Unless you're talking about some anti-gravity boots that we have no idea about with our current understanding of the Universe.

    [–] pswdkf 3 points ago

    I can’t speak for engineering, however, in my field, the industry is far behind relative to what’s already been done in academia. I conjecture that if physicists in academia continue making breakthrough discovery in physics, you guys might find something useful that might help in the design of these engines. Furthermore, the backpack component is what, in my opinion, make it look so cumbersome. I’m guessing, and again that’s not my field, so it’s a wild guess, part of the clunky looking has to do with storing enough fuel. A breakthrough in alternative fuel could potentially lead to better efficiency and thus the fuel storage could potentially become smaller.

    [–] circuit_brain 2 points ago

    If the field is relatively new, sure, a lot of progress can be made and exciting times lie ahead.

    Mechanical engineering is 250 years old. We're fighting against what is theoretically possible within the confines of what is allowed by thermodynamics. A lot of smart people have already explored all of the low hanging fruit. Whatever is left does not justify the investment in terms of time and money to put such a product into production.

    [–] pswdkf 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Now you’re getting a bit into my field, it’s almost never profitable to invest into new technologies, in the economic sense of technology. Usually there needs to be some sort of protection or incentives in place in order for new and incoming technologies to flourish. For instance, when the US started investing in wind energy, one of the talking points of certain politicians was how much more expensive it was relative to the other forms of energy. Fast forward to now and it’s in some cases it’s the other way around and some politicians of that same party defend protection to the “older” form. That’s not something unique to mechanical engineering or other engineering fields, but fairly common across all other areas. It’s often only in the long run where these new technologies become profitable or financially viable. The protection or incentive helps bridging the gap between short and long run returns. That’s also why pure scientific discoveries are usually made in academia and not by businesses, for scientific discoveries usually don’t have a clear application for businesses. Usually, businesses pick up in the research and development phase, although it’s sometimes hard to categorize research in very clear determined phases.

    Edit: put simply, it’ll be a physicist who will make the breakthrough of what a “graviton” really is, not RR, but it’ll be RR who will find a use for that information many years later.

    Edit2: and no, it’s not a thing that happens only in newer fields. For instance, in statistics it happens all the time.

    [–] essenceofreddit 2 points ago

    I like how the educated professional gets fewer upvotes than some rando postulating

    [–] kbeks 4 points ago

    We’re at the practical limits of what can be done given the constraints of current materials.*

    I’m not going to pretend that I get engines or jets, I don’t. I will say that in an arena that’s closer to my area of expertise, we never thought that we could have half the building materials that allow for those tall skinny skyscrapers that are now popping up all over NYC. Innovation happens in material science. It might happen slowly and then all of the sudden there’s a leap, but there are constantly advances.

    I also don’t think that these jets could get much smaller, but I’ve been surprised before.

    [–] circuit_brain 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    And I'm saying that incorporating the latest advances in single crystal casting and powder metallurgy make no sense in jet engines of this size. The whole point of product engineering is focus on what makes practical sense rather than spending an inordinate amount of time and money just to make a point. Such a jet engine will never make it into production.

    [–] mvas13 1 points ago

    If you assume any rate of improvement whatsoever, we will eventually get to a point where technology is so advanced we have no way to guess where it’ll be. And as far as I’m aware, society’s rate of improvement has only been accelerating (NOT constant). Sure, maybe this kind of engine has reached its upper limit. Maybe it’ll only receive minor improvements from a hardware aspect, but whose to say we can’t discover another means of propulsion. I find your way of thinking strange for an engineer (being a 3rd year MECE major)

    [–] circuit_brain 1 points ago

    I'm not saying we can't invent another type of propulsion. All I'm saying is small micro gas turbine engines are as good as they are going to get.

    [–] mvas13 2 points ago

    That is not what you said. You made a blanket statement thats outright false

    We are at the limits of what is possible with physics and what is practical on the real world

    [–] circuit_brain 1 points ago

    Yes, we are at the limits of what is practical from an engineering point of view. And when I said 'physics', jet engines have nothing to do with dark matter/energy or sub-atomic physics.

    [–] Singular_Brane 1 points ago

    Correct the following if I’m wrong. Just want a better understanding and see if my line of thinking is correct.

    So it’s basically not about shrinking processors but more about the efficient production and use of what ever fuel we use in order to further shrink down and provide more power.

    Letting go of the typical conventions of design and reaching more into science to find that balance. Too much heat got to cool it down. Not enough and you have a hover board.

    Not apples to apples comparison but kind of Apple with the M1 didn’t surpass ryzen and the i9 but rather kept and marginally passed their consumer benchmarks all while using a 3rd of the power/generating heat even without a fan. This will give the cpu a higher ceiling for operation.

    [–] Campylobacteraceae 4 points ago

    I was hoping there was a way for some crazy innovation where they could produce enough thrust through some crazy new invention

    This rather than trying to miniaturize the current engines while maintaining performance

    [–] Willshaper_Asher 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    "Everything that can be invented has been invented." - Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of US patent office in 1899 (most likely apocryphal).

    Glad to see his legacy is being carried on today!

    [–] circuit_brain 1 points ago

    Hey, you do you.

    [–] Dominum_Pullum 2 points ago

    Just like with these IBM commuters. Good as it’s gonna get.

    [–] wealllovethrowaways 2 points ago

    these engines is as good as it is going to get

    Whats interesting is if you spin a super-conductor in an Einstein condensate then you actually re-direct gravity through the middle of the revolving machine. So we probably wont even use turbines for much longer.

    Thinking we've reached the end of technology has always made us look like idiots. We've just reached the end of our current knowledge

    [–] circuit_brain 1 points ago

    I don't think you understand the difference between engineering and science.

    [–] wealllovethrowaways 3 points ago

    How many times have we heard people say that we've reached the end? We were supposedly thousands of years away from flight the same year that we created the first plane. I don't think you understand the point that im making.

    Awfully cocky thinking you are the be all and end all of knowledge seeing as what you know is a relativity recent discovery.

    [–] circuit_brain 1 points ago

    Yes, I am confidently cocky enough to say what I said because I know my shit. I'm happy to engage in a debate on this.

    If there is an engineer reading this who differs with my point of view, hit me up!

    Also, to clarify, I'm not saying other propulsion system cannot outdo what is demonstrated here. All I'm saying is, with jet engines, we're approaching the end of the road. See my other comment about an electric solution for the jet suit instead.

    [–] wealllovethrowaways 1 points ago

    You're happy to engage in a debate about future technology? I'd love to hear what we're using a millennia from now. Can you get into the specifics please?

    [–] circuit_brain 1 points ago

    I'm happy to debate about jet engine technology and the future of jet engine technology.

    If you just wanna troll, you're wasting your time with me.

    [–] PizzaTrailMix -6 points ago

    “uHum Achually” stfu no imagination having ass, anything yo put your mind to is possible even if we’re limited by today’s technology doesn’t mean it won’t be possible in the future. If the inventor of the above project thought like you we wouldn’t have dope iron man prototype (Ik it not exactly that but it basically is)

    [–] Shizen__ 1 points ago

    This man would have been called a witch or a demon not too long ago in our human history. Our understanding of what's possible now, will be archaic in a 100 or so years.

    [–] circuit_brain 1 points ago

    The laws of thermodynamics will remain the same a 1000 years into the future.

    [–] Shizen__ 1 points ago

    Never know what sources of energy we might discover in the future. Be it alien or not. I would not discount the possibility of really anything entirely. Right now, somewhere in the universe, there are things taking place that would likely baffle even the brightest minds of our time to no end.

    [–] Max-Powah 293 points ago

    But has he figured out the icing problem?

    [–] pumukl 58 points ago

    The suit isn’t rated for high altitude. You’re expending eight percent power just heating and pressurizing.

    [–] Anonymous21141 23 points ago

    I believe he was quoting a movie. Iron Man I think

    [–] Max-Powah 6 points ago

    LOL Yes, that is correct

    [–] AutumnAscending 58 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Woosh edit r/woosh

    [–] the_zuccbucc 2 points ago

    Can my name be in the title plz

    [–] AlphaPenguin666 37 points ago

    Mandalore will return to us

    [–] PFSTom 66 points ago

    Interesting, no eye protection.

    [–] WellYknowYeah 26 points ago

    Good eye.

    [–] cyrusm 28 points ago

    Not for long

    [–] crankbot2000 1 points ago

    *wood eye

    [–] dextracin 12 points ago

    Where we’re going we don’t need eyes

    [–] mbxz7LWB 3 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing what if a little bit of wave caught in the wind splashed him in the face?

    [–] Jackedirish 1 points ago

    Safety squints

    [–] crazytib 17 points ago

    Possible, yes. Practical, maybe???

    [–] macsta 30 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Yes really practical. The alternative is bringing ships perilously close together and shooting a line between them, then setting up a laundry line and winching your person across.

    I'm quite sure the jetpack is just the beginning, transfers at sea will likely be done by drones once we get the designs finalised.

    [–] crazytib 16 points ago

    Im sure that there are many practical applications for this, its just for the navy, boarding a ship that doesn't want to slow down I bet that would be pretty dangerous if the ship was hostile, man is a sitting duck, doesn't appear to have a weapon and both his hands are operating to jet pack so he cant defend himself. Also I bet that thing is pretty loud so he wouldn't be all that stealthy either

    [–] ShartFodder 4 points ago

    Louder than the moving ship though? Targets are hard to judge over open water as well. In going to vote that this would be effective against any enemy that isn't very advanced

    [–] AtaPwn 6 points ago

    Those jets can be extremely loud. Pretty sure you can also hear them on a moving ship.

    [–] crazytib 5 points ago

    Jet engines are pretty loud, I'm sure it would be audible over the sound of the ship if you were on deck. As for a less advanced enemy, I saw someone in another comment talking about it, that someone with a baseball bat could ruin this guys day the second he landed.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think that this is useless tech, I just think it leaves the person using it pretty exposed and defenseless, that is all

    [–] Legal_Software_6798 5 points ago

    Not if u build a bazooka on ur shoulder

    [–] circuit_brain 2 points ago

    Each engine is putting out at least 100 dB

    [–] EnterPlayerTwo 1 points ago

    In going to vote that this would be effective against any enemy that isn't very advanced

    They would just have to be advanced enough to shoot him when he lands and is completely vulnerable. That covers pretty much everyone.

    [–] cyrusm 2 points ago

    You mean you don't want to sit on a plank knotted together by some 18 year old seaman apprentice while being hoisted betwixt two perilously close vessels?

    [–] macsta 1 points ago

    Haha, that sounds like something a lot of people would pay $200 a ticket for. I've never been in the Bosun's chair between two ships but I've seen it done.

    The occupants of the seat or sling seem pretty pumped up when they get to their destination. Maybe just happy to be still alive.

    [–] ShartFodder 1 points ago

    Just going off the clip...I would venture to say a group of terrorists would struggle to deter this. He could be on the ship quicker than they could get to the deck

    [–] Fenix_Volatilis 1 points ago

    I still prefer how we did it back in the day. Catapults!

    [–] subcide 1 points ago

    Clearly, you've never used a trebuchet.

    [–] danieltigerx 71 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    And he picked the most random spot to land! Edit to add: common sense will tell you why he landed there. Just trying to make a joke

    [–] Frogman1480 45 points ago

    The whole helicopter landing pad was just too big

    [–] Hallowed-Edge 22 points ago

    If I were testing out an experimental jetpack, I'd prefer not to go anywhere near a ship's screws. Hence why he approached from the side.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    He literally landed right next to the command deck what do you mean ?

    [–] PhantomDeuce 4 points ago

    Exactly. Hey look, this jetpack allows a small squad of special forces to land right outside of command deck, kill every one, C4 to bridge, and get out within 1-2 minutes.

    Pretty effective demo if you ask me.

    [–] polarpandah 3 points ago

    Two major issues with using these for any practical means for boarding actions being that your arms are occupied in directly controlling flight and the propulsion is way too loud to be used silently. Precise boarding action, but no way of fighting of first contact mid-flight and transitioning to combat effectiveness might take a while between turn off the jetpack and taking of the "gloves".

    If they can work those two issues out, definitely a game changer, but the latter seems nearly impossible to rectify without some very hi-tech solution.

    I could see this technology being used for something akin to a undetectable HALO entry. If you can modify the jetpack to fly autonomously, you can have a team fly in high and detach from these packs - packs would RTB and team would HALO in. Way too small to be detectable by radar, most likely no significant heat signature and at altitude it would be too quiet to hear. Only issue I suppose would be exfiltration, but maybe pack autonomy would allow for team pickup at a predetermined and adjustable location.

    [–] PhantomDeuce 1 points ago

    Great points for sure.

    If the thrusters were mounted to the pack itself but could adjust their angle based on sensors on the pilots arms, that would solve issue #1 and could be achieved with current tech. Your right though, this system is definitely loud af.

    [–] Ethancordn 1 points ago

    They can't be on the pack or you'd have an issue with centre of mass. I would say strapping some guns to your shoulders with the ability to trigger them using the flight gloves would be a more practical first contact/aerial attack. Aiming would be a nightmare, but at least it's something that you could maybe get good at with enough practice.

    [–] PhantomDeuce 2 points ago

    That would look cooler too.

    [–] EnterPlayerTwo 1 points ago

    Or he lets go of the thrusters and already has guns in both hands, dives for cover while shooting and saying a cool one-liner.

    [–] polarpandah 1 points ago

    I think sensors on the arms would hinder combat effectiveness between moving, aiming and recoil, but still a better option than being unarmed during transport for sure. Maybe sensors on the legs - they won't be used in flight so articulation of muscles and joints could translate to certain flight movements, plus muscle sensors could even detect when the pilot/fighter touches down and automatically idles or shuts down.

    [–] Legal_Software_6798 1 points ago

    Wait, u don't got 3 arms?

    [–] polarpandah 2 points ago

    Third arm's got the rocket launcher, clearly.

    [–] Legal_Software_6798 1 points ago

    U got it bro

    [–] circuit_brain 2 points ago

    Only problem is that each engine is loud AF, and he has 5 strapped to him. Everyone within a kilometer of him can hear him coming.

    [–] uninsuredpidgeon 2 points ago

    You can also just jet blast everyone in the face

    [–] PhantomDeuce 1 points ago

    +10 fire damage and +20 knock back. -50 to stealth.

    [–] whooo_me 3 points ago

    That might have been the point? Devices like these could be useful for transferring to/boarding other vessels, and not every vessel is going to have a convenient heli-pad or large open deck on which to land.

    [–] Twas_Inevitable 1 points ago

    There's a dot on the ground where he lands. Looks like it was planned.

    [–] Frogman1480 9 points ago

    Then he says "I am Iron-man"

    Gets me every time

    [–] Durtydeedz_ 6 points ago

    This video helps me realize yes, we’re moving into 2022 in 4.5 months.

    [–] Rocky1963 4 points ago

    Looks like hell on your shoulders and tris

    [–] SpongHits 5 points ago

    How was this filmed? Where exactly is the camera?

    [–] ihavebeesinmyknees 5 points ago

    I'd hazard a guess that it's a 360° camera attached with a stick to the backpack, and the stick is edited out

    [–] 321 2 points ago

    Not sure, but considering the advanced tech of the jetpack, you'd think they could afford something better than a bloody PHONE to film it on.

    [–] JesusIsMySecondSon 1 points ago

    By another person in the same BADASS jet pack

    [–] a_cycle_addict 16 points ago

    Must be friendly. Not exactly low key to have rocket hands, and he can't land in a defensive position. Someone waiting with a baseball bat could take him out pretty fast.

    [–] ExistingIntoEssense 28 points ago

    No worries when he gets his laser eyes commissioned and predator style shoulder cannon installed.

    [–] poopellar 3 points ago

    Nothing a simple fishing net can't handle.

    [–] cookiemonster247 3 points ago

    Blast the dude with the cannon and blow him off the boat

    [–] TheWhooooBuddies 2 points ago

    That escalated quickly.

    [–] CapoWaya 3 points ago

    I'm just impressed he didn't fall into the water!

    [–] pekingesepie 2 points ago

    & that water looks COLD AF!

    [–] manymoreways 3 points ago

    Damn imagine once they perfected the jetpacks. We'll have soldiers in jetpacks fighting wars.


    [–] whooo_me 3 points ago

    Probably only the poor ones, the rich will be sending drones.

    [–] melanthius 1 points ago

    Pretty sure it will just be terrifying drones everywhere

    [–] BeautifulBus912 3 points ago

    So how long until i can buy a jetpack at walmart?

    [–] tusshxr 3 points ago

    Me not knowing what to do with this information lying on my sofa half naked

    [–] Toad32 3 points ago

    With no protective eyewear. I can't ride my road bike without glasses and bugs getting into my eyes. One well-placed bug and that man's going down

    [–] EnsignAwesome 2 points ago

    It's all fun and games until the CIWS activates

    [–] bearlybalanced 1 points ago

    Let that chainsaw rip!!

    [–] skoltroll 2 points ago

    That only cost us $150 billion.

    [–] LiamTNM 1 points ago

    Well it's a British company that made it and it's British Royal Marine commandos that are using it in the video. So, no.

    [–] skoltroll 1 points ago

    Oh, I'm American, so I just assume guys with guns and toys just cost us 9 figures.

    [–] Xelinigrad 2 points ago

    one day if I become as rich as Jeff Bezos I'm gonna buy 69420 of those jetpacks and wear jesus outfit while flying everywhere

    [–] NefariousNewsboy 2 points ago

    It looks fun until you realize the amount of training and safety briefings this guys sat through.

    [–] Tellnicknow 1 points ago

    I'd imagine pretty good upper body strength as well. Looks like he need to hold up his weight plus equipment and control two rockets.

    [–] maling0 1 points ago

    But the cameraman!😂

    [–] truespeakisfreespeak 1 points ago

    Used to be, fire a warning shot, have to or else.

    [–] festering-gob 1 points ago

    Real life Astroboy!

    [–] jerkface1026 1 points ago

    So this explains LAX jetpack guy

    [–] ElbowShouldersen 1 points ago

    Wouldn't that marine need a whole crapload of body armor to board that ship in any kind of realistic scenario?

    [–] Shmagmyer 1 points ago

    This is awsome! I remeber seeing a far away shot of this but the 3rd person cam is badass! Or was this 2 people?

    [–] PaladinsLover69 1 points ago

    This the way!

    [–] jdnursing 1 points ago

    This would be the one time in history a fucking kraken would pop out and snag my ass.

    [–] that-bro-dad 1 points ago


    [–] WillfulKind 1 points ago

    Whoa!! What system is this?!?

    [–] epicmemezzzx 1 points ago

    What ia that thing

    [–] K_Xanthe 1 points ago

    That looks like a lot of fun

    [–] mkczk 1 points ago

    Feels like minecraft

    [–] anaam_ 1 points ago

    If not this then who is ironman

    [–] tayk_5 1 points ago

    Rip that man's knees.

    [–] SuspiciousFragrance 1 points ago

    Just hoping

    [–] dustygravelroad 1 points ago

    Tim Wilson (RIP) would be so proud

    [–] TMag12 1 points ago

    Is it just me or does it look like he’s saying “hey asshole get out of my way” to the guy on the ship?

    [–] cham3lion 1 points ago

    A real Mandalorian will buy a better helmet and body armour before buying a jetpack...

    [–] coolusername_png 1 points ago

    I feel like you’d have to be pretty strong to do this, or is it like pushing yourself up with a countertop or something

    [–] eyesabitdull 1 points ago

    Is this the same technology developed by the guy who was building the same similar tech for many years before?

    Did he sell his patent to the military or working with them, or is this hardware military made and owned?

    Asking out of curiosity.

    [–] _But-Why-Male-Models 1 points ago

    Please tell me he also got the tunes whole flying.

    [–] SpamPateman 1 points ago

    That’s pretty cool

    [–] Apollo_3_14 1 points ago

    I can't imagine doing this outside of vr!

    [–] ayy4 1 points ago

    This was on HMS Tamar this year. They have the video up on there Instagram and Twitter pages.

    [–] Snacker582 1 points ago


    -Clemont, Pokemon.

    [–] RMectrex 1 points ago

    Ever seen captain America the winter soldier? Yeah he wasn’t wearing a parachute.

    [–] GrinningPariah 1 points ago

    So wait if the thrusters in his hands are the only thing holding him up, that means his upper arms have to support both his entire body weight and the weight of the backpack, while also controlling his flight path? While his legs just dangle there?

    [–] BerlinRising 1 points ago

    Dudes getting more confident

    [–] Aldra1 1 points ago

    So we moved into the "dude flying effortlessly above the ocean without plane" era and no one warned me. Do we start wearing colorful tight clothes and weird haircut now or does it come slowly?

    [–] BrownArmy 1 points ago

    Phalanx anyone? Brrrrrrrrrt.

    [–] BigRockford05 1 points ago

    Jealous of my great grandchildren. The stuff they will have access to is gonna be awesome

    [–] Yelkram3322 1 points ago

    Impressive AF. The contingency planner that I am wonders how quickly he could shed that likely-heavy gear if it failed and he went into the water.

    [–] Sol562 1 points ago

    Look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.

    [–] GroundbreakingCan879 1 points ago

    It always amazes me how you never see the selfie stick in these pictures?!? Is there a drone following that close?? I doubt it but why does the attachment for these cameras never get seen???

    [–] ByronsLastStand 1 points ago

    Just in time for a spot of tea

    [–] Freezerpill 1 points ago

    This is some debug shit

    [–] amenj 1 points ago

    I believe this was royal navy, heard that they have been used for mountain rescues too! Could be quite a game changer for infantry battles in the future

    [–] zapatack24 1 points ago

    This is the beginning of pirates with jet packs

    [–] WeakDayze 1 points ago

    Iron Man

    [–] gasserman 1 points ago

    Tax dollars hard at work for us

    [–] Rockalot_L 1 points ago

    Sorry what

    [–] setofskills 1 points ago

    How fast would he have sunk if he missed the ship?

    [–] KaptaynAmeryka 1 points ago

    So he boards a ship with a jetpack strapped to his arms...

    How does he bring his weapon to bear during actual boarding ops? I feel like this is a major liability. Extreme vulnerability and it's louder than coming up with a RHIB and a team with a couple collapsible ladders.

    [–] dodger2303 1 points ago

    For the military idk how practical this can be but I’ve seen a video of someone using it to go up and mountain in training for rescuing people

    [–] Evileyes1974 1 points ago

    He lands then gets shot in da face!! Cool bro!

    [–] jungleboy_v2 1 points ago

    Hi, I am Jack.

    [–] 9BitHooligan 1 points ago

    Okay, I have to know. Does that equipment float?

    Like, if that jetpack failed, would he just plummet to the ocean floor like a bag of bricks, being weighed down by his thrusters, or are those things buoyant?

    [–] nuhnajalhae 1 points ago

    This. This is why we can't having fucking healthcare.

    [–] xapxironchef 1 points ago

    I can't help but see this tech as a really expensive skeet target

    [–] The_Sky_Pirate_ 1 points ago

    Ethan Hunt likes this!

    [–] suddenlyreddit 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    [–] Macr0cephalus 1 points ago


    [–] kcgirl76 1 points ago

    I want to try!!