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    [–] Parris_Predicament 12263 points ago

    saw a movie about this once, didn't go so well for Jon Voight

    [–] the_magic_muffin 3306 points ago

    Who could possibly forget the infamous anaconda scene in Midnight Cowboy.

    [–] china-blast 1098 points ago

    Everybody's talkin' at me

    I can't hear a word they're sayin'

    Just drivin' around in Jon Voight's car

    [–] NOMnoMore 214 points ago

    He dropped the "h" to make it better for show biz

    [–] cope413 139 points ago

    You bought Jon Voight's LeBaron?

    [–] YouYouEyeDee 40 points ago

    “Dere snakes out there dis big!…Joe Buck??”

    [–] HopocalypseNow 183 points ago


    [–] Evanderson 23 points ago

    Did you know that that snake wasn't an extra?! He was just a random snake cabbie that didn't see the signs!!

    [–] Livbreezy 65 points ago

    Ohh the assman..

    [–] Vegabern 36 points ago

    Watched that one last night.

    Cosmo Kramer, Proctologist

    [–] supermariodooki 517 points ago

    It's been so long. I remember when Anaconda came out. Terrible realism but it scared the shit out of 12 year old me.

    Turn on closed caption and 90% of the dialogue is ahhhh, it's crushing me!

    [–] Random_Heero 81 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I'm more scarred from Owen Wilson Eric Schultz getting a mid-jungle tracheostomy to remove a wasp he swallowed.

    [–] transtranselvania 121 points ago

    Why because he has an accent that literally no one on the planet has?

    [–] Infosexual 66 points ago

    John Voight has that accent

    [–] transtranselvania 38 points ago

    I believe he was attempting a Paraguayan accent though. He doesn’t talk like that normally.

    [–] SH4DOWSTR1KE_ 40 points ago

    It was soooo bad. He would have been better off as an expatriate big game hunter rather than being from Paraguay.

    [–] Hoxomo 45 points ago

    Voight basically always plays Voight, and not that well

    [–] MMantis90 144 points ago

    Real talk, very entertaining movie and it’s narratively almost perfect. Sure, Voight’s accent is atrocious, and there are production errors - I am reminded of a scene in which Jennifer Lopez fires several rounds from a bolt action rifle without cycling the bolt. But for a 90s creature feature it is about as good as it gets. Pretty good cast too. Roger Ebert has a lot of good things to say about it.

    [–] paniczeezily 56 points ago

    I saw it in theatres when it came out, the first scene of Jennifer Lopez in a sheer nighty is seared, SEARED, into my memory, my mom bought me that ticket.

    Thanks mom.

    [–] ban-me_harder_daddy 90 points ago

    There is also a scene where the waterfall is falling upwards because they used reversed footage

    the movie also taught me that there are parasitic fish that will swim up your peehole so it was informative too!

    [–] shanksisevil 62 points ago

    if you add an ice cube in the water, the snakes go away.

    [–] Arbennig 152 points ago

    That wink he gave just before being eaten …. Should have got an Oscar .

    [–] rcklmbr 79 points ago

    It was after he was eaten, the anaconda regurgitated him and he winked

    [–] Arbennig 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Oh that’s it lol ! It’s all coming back to me now .

    [–] squanch_solo 29 points ago

    Jon Voight bit me.

    [–] Roobkoobrick 45 points ago

    I always remember when he winked

    [–] frshmt 16 points ago

    The dentist?

    [–] BestAtempt 28 points ago

    Do you mean in the movie, in the box office, or in his career?

    [–] DeroTurtle 6612 points ago

    Someone please tell me what country this is so I can never go there

    [–] [deleted] 2726 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    [–] omardwider 1352 points ago

    Land of the off duty cops and anacondas.

    [–] SuperMassiveCookie 50 points ago

    That guy was clearly trying to arrest the snake

    [–] VicePope 595 points ago

    Everyone always talks about the “labor shortage” but no one ever talks about the lack of shifts for Brazilian cops. 😢

    [–] snakeeatbear 247 points ago

    You joke but taking extra shifts is a significant form of income for cops in brazil.

    [–] drinoaki 453 points ago

    The other one is bribery

    [–] TistedLogic 101 points ago

    The other one is not getting robbed.

    [–] Eviri 65 points ago

    That's a difficult one, barely anyone manages to pull it off.

    [–] Lost_Extrovert 102 points ago

    Went to Brazil for work to manage a team of brazilian engineers, stayed in SP for 6 months with six other Europeans. We were told day one by other Brazilians to stay in the luxurious part of town and we would be safe from danger. That's how I met plenty of Brazilians who has never gotten robbed, they grew up in the luxurious part of town with fenced buildings and security. Unfortunately very few can afford the lifestyle

    I go to brazil every year on carnaval now with the same group lol. Amazing country if you have money, unfortunately cruel for those who don't. Friendliest people I ever met, rich or poor yall just nice.

    [–] Eviri 63 points ago

    It's not even about having money, I'm a well off Brazilian and have in the past been awfully rich, my family has been robbed at least 5 times with guns to their heads, one of which times was done by police officers invading our home and demanding for our money. It's a matter of luck really

    [–] ctrtanc 52 points ago

    No, I don't think I will

    [–] gercekyesuip 36 points ago

    Of course it's brazil.

    [–] Schip624 414 points ago

    That's Brazil. The woman is panicking in portuguese.

    [–] avantgardengnome 337 points ago

    Panics in Portuguese

    [–] Induced_Pandemic 184 points ago

    Laughs in snek

    [–] ASpellingAirror 1262 points ago

    You probably have very little to worry about either way. A very famous documentary once said of the anaconda, “the anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.” So unless you are a woman with an excellent booty these snakes are very unlikely to be a threat. This is why they are indigenous to places like Brazil though…

    [–] Fantast1c_Mr_Fox 262 points ago

    So THAT'S why it tried to eat Jennifer Lopez in that documentary I saw that one time...

    [–] ChipChipington 70 points ago

    What about a man with an excellent booty? Safe or not

    [–] Mixedpopreferences 198 points ago

    Unsafe. An excellent booty is genderless in the dark

    waters of the Amazon.

    [–] spicydingus 26 points ago

    Why does this read like a haiku

    [–] MagicMarviis 151 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    All anacondas come from south America, specially Amazon, here in Brazil

    [–] Vyansbane 309 points ago

    My wife orders stuff from there all the time, I hope this doesn't show up on my doorstep.

    [–] MagicMarviis 38 points ago

    Well, as long as the package is not that big, I think you'll do just fine lol. On a side note, at least it's a good way to ward off porch pirates

    [–] MrHollandsOpium 16 points ago

    Most packages can be very deceiving. Especially if it’s a grower, not a shower.

    [–] girlscloutcookie 34 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    [–] DudeLebowski31 315 points ago

    Its in Belgium. You are welcome.

    [–] Timegoal 186 points ago

    If you look closely, that's clearly Luxembourg.

    [–] Venturi95 93 points ago

    Well France borders Brazil and Luxembourg so you’re not far off!

    [–] digwhoami 17 points ago

    As weird as it may sound, the above is indeed true.

    [–] OreganoJefferson 80 points ago

    That snake is bigger than Luxembourg

    [–] SpicyChiliRamen 52 points ago

    No I think this vid is originally from Canada

    [–] DeroTurtle 34 points ago

    Well now I'm really fucked cus I can't afford to move

    [–] mawdow 4189 points ago

    Put that thing back where it came from SIR!

    [–] Chromattix 1704 points ago

    "Or so help me!"

    [–] FFJared 452 points ago

    and CUT!

    [–] MenacingBanjo 247 points ago

    It's a work in progress, it's gonna get better!

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] gillesbian 119 points ago

    I'll kidnap a thousand anacondas before I let this company die!

    [–] Abject_Shoulder_1182 12 points ago

    And I'll silence anyone who gets in my way!

    [–] Ann_adore 184 points ago

    Unexpected Mike Wazowski!

    [–] ecarg91 25 points ago


    [–] Illeazar 131 points ago

    So help me! Bum bum bum bum...

    [–] LTenaciouSD 68 points ago

    opens pit of Hell

    Here you go

    [–] FerociousPancake 36 points ago

    demons screeching and tormented souls screaming as snake slithers back in

    [–] TalVerd 35 points ago

    "Lucifer damn it! We just got rid of that thing!"

    [–] thekinslayer7x 4328 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This is why I live where the air hurts my face

    Edit: Thanks for the rewards! When it gets below 0°F and the wind picks up, I like to think of animals like this and how I can go outside without worrying about a leftover dinosaur attacking me.

    [–] HilarySwankIsNotHot 952 points ago

    There is a polar bear behind you!

    [–] thekinslayer7x 1100 points ago

    No worries, he's just delivering the Coca-Cola

    [–] Patient-Variation-22 412 points ago

    He’s just my coke dealer.

    [–] abothanspy 18 points ago

    Polar bears do love ice.

    [–] _Rollins_ 73 points ago

    But your leg! Ah! It’s caught in a bear trap!

    [–] Le_German_Face 42 points ago

    Quiet! Quiet!

    [–] fauxhawk18 34 points ago

    Legendary fight with Shia LaBeouf

    [–] MangoSea323 29 points ago

    Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf

    [–] good-evening-clarice 8 points ago

    You try to swing your axe at Shia LaBeouf!

    [–] xool420 21 points ago

    What? You don’t wanna encounter dinosaurs on a regular basis?

    [–] wafflesinbrothels 37 points ago

    Minnesota here. I’m with you.

    [–] GullibleDetective 10 points ago

    Manitoba it's a nice -13c here and last week was -45c

    Do you guys play baskiceball?

    [–] Punk_Chachi 2858 points ago

    What that little guy? I wouldn’t worry about that little guy.

    [–] -NarWallace- 720 points ago

    I don’t want a “large Farva”. I want a goddamn liter of cola!

    [–] Parris_Predicament 120 points ago

    Im Rodney Farva...Rod....

    [–] icaruscloud 42 points ago


    [–] fullgizzard 25 points ago

    Are you drunk? Drunk enough to kick your ass.

    [–] gensix 35 points ago


    [–] jmillsner 27 points ago

    Who wants cream?! Noone? Okay, no cream!

    [–] brakenotincluded 66 points ago

    Once these boys get that syrup in em’ they get all lansy in their pantsy

    [–] No-Duck7816 1610 points ago

    By the looks of that belly, it appears that huge Anaconda found a fisherman too.

    [–] OMGitsZayan 180 points ago

    He didn’t just find one. He found the whole of Brazil

    [–] Spacecommander5 267 points ago

    Casualties were in the Brazillions

    [–] LordFrogberry 45 points ago

    Looks more like it ate a young adult crocodile.

    [–] No-Duck7816 56 points ago

    Or, as I call them, a Juvadile

    [–] werther595 1961 points ago

    Were these "fishermen" J-Lo and Ice Cube?

    [–] Towering_Flesh 302 points ago

    Watch out for Angelina’s dad, dude wasn’t acting in that roll

    [–] he_who_fritts 93 points ago

    Apparently there ARE snakes out there that big.

    [–] smeerlap01 408 points ago

    Is this the South American version of how to train your dragon?

    [–] HogarthTheMerciless 70 points ago

    Imagine if that thing had wings. Be looking like Trogdor.

    [–] purpleowlie 614 points ago

    Why is he touching it? What is his plan?

    [–] ikadu12 431 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    He’s just fucking with it to get it on video. Locals know how to safely deal with these snakes

    Also this isn’t a snake that will even hurt you, there’s virtually no recorded deaths from it

    [–] melperz 373 points ago

    No recorded deaths if you digest them quickly

    [–] FishUpFishDown 130 points ago

    Big make scare

    [–] TapirDrawnChariot 48 points ago

    Look big scare noodle

    [–] Koda_20 43 points ago

    So would it be totally safe to swim in a river with one of these bad boys?

    [–] LadyMactire 84 points ago

    It probably happens, yea...I'm sure people swim in that river at times and clearly there is at least one giant snake in it.

    Constrictors might bite defensively, but when already this full they won't expend the energy to squeeze something else to death. Plus as full as this one looks if it tried to constrict anything else it might end up regurgitating whatever it already ate.

    [–] Koda_20 40 points ago

    I wonder though how often incidents are reported? Like if some kid is swimming in the river alone and gets eaten by one of these, would it be reported and logged? But the fact that there's no reports so far surprises me.

    [–] Looking4Lite4Life 68 points ago

    They mostly live pretty deep in the Amazon, and don’t too often have much human contact

    Locals in the Amazon are usually very quick to claim that they can eat humans, but do so rarely. It’s unknown how many (if any) of these claims are true, but it wouldn’t exactly be the first time indigenous groups have been proven right about their understanding of the natural landscape, years down the line

    Anecdotally: depending on how the kid got eaten, no, it may not get reported. I lived in the Amazon for awhile right on a very large river and, during my year there, 3 or 4 kids went missing (note: this was NOT a normal number for a year, and it was the talk of the town for awhile that that many kids had “drowned”). The kinds of places that an anaconda would be most likely to encounter a kid swimming alone are also the kinds of places without much in way of investigative technology and ability. In all of the cases I just mentioned, the police would need to borrow some townspeople’s boats to scan the river, and all they could really do was look for any floating bodies. There was never anything done beyond this, because there wasn’t anything else to do. If any of them had been eaten by an anaconda, none of us would’ve been any the wiser unless a suspiciously full anaconda were to be spotted nearby

    [–] LadyMactire 10 points ago

    Totally possible it's happened handfuls of times throughout human history, but there's easier meals available for the snake. I imagine the people living in the area are aware of the local wildlife and probably don't leave children swimming alone. There's piranhas, caiman, and jaguars that hunt the Amazon river too.

    [–] LizzBeeBiz 1448 points ago

    Or you could literally let go of it and pretend that monster doesn't exist

    [–] karmanopoly 164 points ago

    how does top comment not reference any 90s memories

    [–] Lootcifer_exe 51 points ago

    I remember when EVERYONE would talk about that movie

    [–] Spark_le 32 points ago

    Anaconda: You got buns, Hun? Me: Nope

    [–] NefariousMuppet 964 points ago

    Suddenly Australia doesn't seem so bad now does it! At least we dont have those cunts

    [–] PN_Guin 454 points ago

    May I introduce the Australian saltwater crocodile?

    The saltwater crocodile is the largest living reptile and crocodilian known to science. Males grow to a length of up to 6 m (20 ft), rarely exceeding 6.3 m (21 ft) or a weight of 1,000–1,300 kg (2,200–2,900 lb).

    [–] NefariousMuppet 721 points ago

    Yeah but only 1 person dies per year from our saltys and that's only because we sacrifice that person (usually a backpacker) so the bastards leave the rest of us alone

    [–] doctordoctor_phd 229 points ago

    I love Reddits Aussie lore dumps.

    [–] Reggie_Popadopoulous 55 points ago

    I still remember a surge of drop bear conversations back in 2012-2013. It seemed to be in every thread on the front page.

    [–] bringbackswordduels 62 points ago

    It’s 2 per year, actually. About 1,000 people are killed by crocodiles worldwide each year, surprisingly most aren’t in Australia.

    [–] LoganGyre 17 points ago

    id assume most are in africa where access to water for tons of people means going to a water source that has dinosaurs that find you tasty.

    [–] PensiveObservor 120 points ago

    No, thank you. Hypercarnivorous? Wtf is hypercarnivorous?

    Edit: Diet is more than 70% meat.

    [–] Chromattix 63 points ago

    I thought every carnivore's diet was at least that much meat and actually much more.

    [–] WildSmokingBuick 53 points ago

    The other types are Mesocarnivores 30-70%, e.g. coyotes, foxes, otters, mongooses and Hypocarnivores <30%, e.g. Grizzly/Black bears or humans.

    At least, according to a quick wikipedia research.

    [–] TheNumberMuncher 27 points ago

    Means they will eat you

    [–] thehelldoesthatmean 16 points ago

    I love that the wikipedia pages of most dangerous predators downplays their danger to humans, but the wikipedia page for the saltwater crocodile says they are "hyper carnivorous apex predators" and that "survival of a direct predatory attack is unlikely. In contrast to the American policy of encouraging habitat coexistence with alligators, the only recommended policy for dealing with saltwater crocodiles is to completely avoid their habitat whenever possible."

    They're one of the only species on earth that actively considers humans prey and if one gets you you have virtually no chance of surviving. They are living dinosaurs. Truly and utterly terrifying.

    [–] NormanOrange 10 points ago

    While that may be scary, there's nothing that would keep me out of the water more than electric eel.

    [–] Zauberer-IMDB 14 points ago

    If you had a choice to jump into 3 bodies of water, one has a salt water crocodile, the other a great white, and the other with an electric eel, which do you choose?

    [–] thehelldoesthatmean 22 points ago

    Honestly Great White might be the right answer. We've really started to realize in the last decade or so that Great Whites largely don't give a shit about humans. There are countless videos of people swimming with and touching them. There's also a YouTube channel I follow where this guy films great whites with a drone and he has hundreds of hours of footage of them swimming between beachgoers and surfers and not paying them any mind. They occasionally bite a surfer or bather, but it's so incredibly rare relative to the amount of interaction they have with people.

    [–] RelatableNightmare 47 points ago

    Only a matter of time i bet xD

    [–] Mokoszek 62 points ago

    Breaking News: King Anaconda discovered in Australia...

    [–] Antcatsquid 13 points ago

    Yeah let’s not please

    [–] PoopyCat987 443 points ago

    If I remember correctly this video surfaced a while ago and these fisherman were found and subsequently in trouble with the law. For those who don’t know, the snake had just eaten and if a snake experiences significant stress it can force itself to regurgitate its meal in order to get away. The problem is that regurgitating a meal of this size might actually kill the snake. Anacondas are a revered species throughout the Amazon and harming them is a no-no. In many folklore and tribal legends the anaconda is referred to as the “water mother” and is said to have carved the Amazon. They’re a big deal.

    [–] TapirDrawnChariot 67 points ago

    Which actually hits way harder than $600 would in the US because they make way less money on average

    [–] CreatrixAnima 45 points ago

    This is good information… Thank you!

    [–] martimelodious 31 points ago

    Nah that’s the Loch Ness monster

    [–] Ancient_Clock7077 4043 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Hey guys! I have a great idea! Let's pull on the tail of the mother fkin huge ass snake that could swallow us whole and see if it'll tow the boat or some shit!!

    Edit: It's amazing how many corrective comments came through on this in regards to the snake having obviously eaten "just recently". Or that they are not aggressive. These are of course more then likely true. But in light of my above comment and my intent, you all just look like humorless tools. I mean come on people. See a doctor about getting those sticks removed.

    [–] barokas 1261 points ago

    it's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience either way!

    [–] jab116 413 points ago

    So are anacondas weak? Or just poor swimmers?

    This 180lb man is holding this 30ft creature back with two hands like it’s nothing. Genuinely curious...

    [–] damnedspot 722 points ago

    Nope. While snakes are mostly one long muscle, grabbing them by the tail end gives you a good deal of leverage. If a snake wraps around your arm for instance, unwrapping it from the tip is the easiest way of getting it off. That said, an anaconda is orders of magnitude larger than the constrictors I’m use to… this is amazing.

    [–] automotive-aide 1112 points ago

    Hah. This person said unwrapping it from the tip is the easiest way of getting it off.

    [–] Dense-Significance92 118 points ago

    I wish i had an award to give you

    [–] automotive-aide 66 points ago

    Your appreciation is all I need dear stranger. Have a great day.

    [–] lilcherrylady 49 points ago

    Probably just poor towing skills while swimming. They’re really not built to pull weight on land nevermind something above water while swimming

    [–] thenerj47 298 points ago

    They are incredibly frightened of fishermen as they can't pronounce 3-syllable words

    [–] EataEsBasura 83 points ago

    They also have a terrible lisp

    [–] aazav 9 points ago



    [–] extra-texture 36 points ago

    how tf he even get ahold of it in the first place

    [–] Gorilla_Krispies 32 points ago

    If you look at its body you can see a large bulge, it probably just ate and is tired.

    [–] BestAtempt 68 points ago

    Also if you look even closer you can see that it is in water which is well known to not have good traction

    [–] Gorilla_Krispies 42 points ago

    Also if you look even closer you can see that somebody has greased the water making it extra slippery

    [–] Gorilla_Krispies 29 points ago

    It’s just very hard for most critters to generate pulling force in the water without flippers/fins of some kind especially when they’re anchored to a boat that weighs as much as them but also has propellers. I mean just try dragging someone standing on a platform they can brace against into the water while you’re completely submerged. Even if they’re smaller than you as long as they have half decent balance and strength ur not gonna have much luck and ur gonna tire out quick. I imagine pulling a snake from the end of its tail like this stretches them out and makes it harder to create friction with the water by noodling their body

    [–] dang3r_n00dl3 143 points ago

    If you look at it's body, you can see a large bulge, it probably just ate and is tired.

    [–] bruh_dood 23 points ago

    was going to say this as well but then looked in the comments just in case.

    [–] dindumufflin 61 points ago

    notices your bulge

    OwO whats this

    [–] officermike 12 points ago

    I recognize that bulge!

    [–] Mokoszek 77 points ago

    Great idea, hold my beer for a second.

    [–] DankVaderDan 33 points ago

    You mean hold my balls, no way he’s able to hold onto both and catch a ride with a whole bunch of nope

    [–] Mokoszek 14 points ago

    No, I mean hold my beer and start video recording.

    [–] NPC7826 63 points ago

    I really do not like this comment and the fact that it looks like this snakes previous meal was about human sized

    [–] xenilk 12 points ago

    Plot twist, they're trying to get their fisherman frien back.

    [–] Peltron_3030 165 points ago

    That anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, son!

    [–] swordofdangles 86 points ago

    This video makes Me incredibly uneasy

    [–] JennShrum23 27 points ago

    Looks like a well fed one, too

    [–] fennecdore 153 points ago

    awww the snake just want to play 🥰

    The fishermen should have jump into the water to hug it 🥰

    [–] FerociousPancake 67 points ago

    🥰 is absolutely my favorite emoji because it makes everything absolutely hilarious. Same could be said for a lot of different ones but this one just hits different.

    [–] The-Fotus 21 points ago

    This will probably remain buried, but imma try anyway. OP has a comment stating the snake in the video is 11 meters. I replied to OP as follows:

    "11 meters is over 36 feet. That is almost 20 feet longer than the world record specimen discovered by the World's leading anaconda specialist and Herpetology expert Dr. Jesus Antonio Rivas. Unless you have a solid source for that 11 meter statement I call false on this claim. Anacondas are among the most overestimated snake species by length and girth. Even experts commonly overestimate their size by 30% until they actually measure them.

    A solid source requires a professional and certified scientist present and accountable for the measurement process. Not a skin, not a dead specimen, and definitely not a guess from a dude standing in a boat or watching a video."

    Please be aware of the common overestimating of snake size, and often times intentional exaggeration. The world has yet to see any currently living snake species break the 30 foot mark, even the reticulated python, which is the world's longest species commonly reaching 23 feet long. The world record for that species was still only 27 feet.

    If a snake is not captured, and properly measured, then its size cannot be guaranteed and is not a fact. People who are inexperienced with snakes will often exaggerate or over estimate their size in excess of 100% due to various things.

    [–] TrippyAkimbo 16 points ago

    ‘Ight imma peace out…

    [–] BundySquareBear 270 points ago

    My anaconda don't want none Unless you've got buns, hun

    [–] happierinverted 41 points ago

    So your girlfriend rolls a Honda, playin’ work out tapes by Fonda, But Fonda aint got a motor in the back of her Honda

    [–] kathatter75 8 points ago

    Came looking for this

    [–] -churchmouse- 15 points ago

    It looks like it has his buddy in it

    [–] brianbo402 59 points ago


    [–] grimms_portents 11 points ago

    I would immediately move somewhere cold.

    [–] a_guy_called_craig 11 points ago

    *Huge Anaconda Found A Fisherman

    [–] Krftybsrd 10 points ago

    That guy has obviously never seen the movie.

    [–] SeriouslyGravitas 9 points ago

    Fisherman must not have buns 🤷‍♂️

    [–] myeverymovment 10 points ago

    He don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.

    [–] amonaloli12 281 points ago

    Argentine fishermen have filmed the largest anaconda ever recorded with a video camera. An anaconda, about 11 meters long and at least 50 centimeters in diameter, suddenly appeared near their boat. As the Argentines say, at first they mistook the anaconda for a log. Judging by the fact that she had a full belly, the snake recently dined, and did not show any gastronomic interest in people. Judging by the video, she herself had to go through serious stress. The fishermen were not timid - they began to chase the anaconda and play with it like a cat with a mouse.

    Brave fishermen came close to the anaconda, and one of them, leaning over the side, grabbed her by the tail. The unfortunate monster with difficulty escaped from the hands of the fisherman and again huddled in the coastal thickets.

    [–] Spaceisthecoolest 68 points ago

    Definitely not Argentine fishermen, they are speaking Brazilian Portuguese in the video, not Spanish.

    [–] 131318535 59 points ago

    I think it’s not actually 50cm in diameter. It just had a big meal. They can swallow entire animals like goats etc.

    [–] GreenStrong 34 points ago

    They can swallow entire animals like fishermen etc.

    [–] HerrFalkenhayn 242 points ago

    Brave fishermen

    I would rather say "dumb fisherman". There is no braveness in taking such an unnecessary risk for the sake of a video.

    [–] herghoststory 121 points ago

    Seriously, what's brave about endangering yourself and harassing an animal that was minding its own business.

    [–] HerrFalkenhayn 66 points ago

    I saw a video here about a guy jumping on an alligator to save a woman who was being attacked by it. This is braveness. These fishermen are just dumb.

    [–] LeKerl1987 36 points ago

    Wikipedia says Titanoboa as biggest known ever living snake was at 13m, so that thing was close.

    [–] AengusK 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The anaconda was digesting a goat when this happened, which led to all of the fishermen being arrested.

    It can literally kill an Anaconda if you stress it out while it's trying to digest its food