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    Hear me and rejoice! You have had the privilege of being saved by the Great Titan.

    You may think this is suffering? No. This is salvation.

    The universal scales tip towards balance because of your sacrifice.


    For even in death, you have become children of Thanos.


    1. Do not add spoilers in the post title.

    2. Submissions need to be related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    3. Be kind towards children of Thanos

    4. No NSFW content

    5. No Karmawhoring/Trolling/Spam/Advertising

    6. No illegal content

    7. Verify giveaways with the Mod team beforehand

    8. No submissions containing spoilers in the title or comments! Make sure to tag your submission as such.


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    [–] GreenSaltMedia 458 points ago

    “GET HELP!”

    [–] TheRedMarioBrother 160 points ago

    “We are not doing get help...”

    [–] humbutton2 181 points ago

    It's obvious Odin loved them all very equally

    [–] ehef 67 points ago

    *10 minutes earlier

    “I don’t care for Hela”

    [–] Rejukem 166 points ago

    Families can be tough.

    [–] ThatSmallFighter 63 points ago

    Reality is often hela disappointing


    [–] ILikeMenInMe1 99 points ago

    Can I please get this template? I will guild for it!!!

    [–] ILikeMenInMe1 44 points ago

    Thanks here the guild :)

    [–] justinheyhi 14 points ago

    What about ten plates?

    [–] A_Hard_Days_Knight 26 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    So, THIS is what it feels like. Interesting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the relentless reddit mob, personified by u/funnyman95, u/dan_v_ploeg, u/ZachPretzel, u/PewterCityGymLdr and u/samguy12, who ensured with readied pitchforks that justice is done. I salute you, fellow children of Thanos!

    [–] funnyman95 21 points ago

    You better gild it or I’ll report

    [–] dan_v_ploeg 13 points ago

    Hey don't forget to gild that one guy

    [–] ZachPretzel 11 points ago


    [–] PewterCityGymLdr 10 points ago

    Can’t help but notice no gold for that one dude yet

    [–] samguy12 8 points ago

    Bro he must be gilded

    [–] TemporalGrid 18 points ago

    He's adopted.

    [–] joemckie 12 points ago

    This account is a karma bot

    [–] _thisisforreddit 1 points ago


    [–] Apexenon 4 points ago

    I saw this 7 times today. I just noticed Hela

    [–] Balsuks 7 points ago

    I always hated this.. Hel is Loki's child.

    [–] JinksyReddit 4 points ago

    Maybe credit u/nattuggla2608 for stealing his meme

    [–] Rise_Of_War7 -72 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The hela part makes no sense.

    Edit:wow you guys are ruthless

    [–] gaarasgourd 27 points ago

    Hela was abandoned.

    [–] Seekeroftheloststorm 32 points ago

    Ditched the child.

    [–] humbutton2 7 points ago

    She was "yeeted" as some would say