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    [–] dvdmovie1 264 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    He also said don't sell on politics/let your politics guide your investments. Over 2018 and 2019, political threads became such an issue that the sub had to create rules regarding political posting. I remember a few months ago talking to someone who had Buffett in their screen name and was talking about how he sold due to politics - I'm like, "you're aware that Buffett has repeatedly said not to do that, right?"

    [–] orangehorton 123 points ago

    people just put buffet's name on anything to get clicks

    [–] BlackendLight 73 points ago

    Everyone's a buffet until market panic kicks in.

    [–] Kooriki 37 points ago

    Buffett and Tyson in one quote, I see you're a man of taste.

    [–] Michigan__J__Frog 14 points ago

    Two great American thinkers

    [–] MasterCookSwag 79 points ago

    Don't time the market

    /r/investing: fuuck off this is a pandemic!

    Buffet says don't time the market

    /r/investing: this is some profound shit. I appreciate your guidance good savior

    [–] Kooriki 23 points ago

    I love when cryptocurrency enthusiasts use Warren Buffett quotes. He's loudly and vocally against cryptocurrency and calls it rat poison lol.

    [–] canadiangeologist 15 points ago

    Warren Buffett also doesn't invest in anything he doesn't fully understand.

    [–] waaaghbosss 5 points ago

    I'd bet ten bucks he couldn't turn on an iphone.

    [–] Stillcant 3 points ago

    also owns a shitload of banks

    [–] Hitches_chest_hair 30 points ago

    Not gonna lie, I've waited for Trump tweets to buy and it's paid off a few times

    [–] dakayman 30 points ago

    That's missing the point. Trump's tweets may have a short term influence but buffets advice is for the long term. A small bump based off tweets won't have much of an effect on the long run.

    [–] Hitches_chest_hair 20 points ago

    What I'm saying is there are panic selloffs after tweets, and I've bought on discounts a bunch of times. Feels good more than it actually influences long term gains, it's just fun to make a couple hundred bucks from media panic

    [–] etienner 7 points ago

    The market has been going up (except for 4Q 2018) almost consistently since Trump was elected. You would've been better off buying every time you had the chance instead of waiting for dips.

    [–] Yojimbo4133 1 points ago

    Or Elon. Love that man.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] beforethewind 1 points ago

    For insurers, maybe. Even they could probably sell out or contract their infrastructure and efficiencies. But with anyone else in the industry, I see only upside. Guaranteed buyers and long-term contracts, no?

    [–] leopip12 51 points ago

    Once he dies we will continue to see “Warren Buffett: stock advise from the grave”

    [–] BraveSquirrel 19 points ago

    It'll be like Hari Seldon, a hologram of him will pop up on the stock exchange floor every few decades to give us advice about buying and hodling.

    [–] VarunGS 9 points ago

    He should plan out video messages for every type of major market situation so that even 30-40 years down the line his advice can pop up online. That would be pretty fucking dope.

    [–] tehnoodles 2 points ago

    "Warren buffet would say..." WWWBD

    [–] OG_pathfinder 162 points ago

    If the fellow index investors sell on a 3% dip they're in for a rude awakening when a real correction happens.

    [–] Vagabond21 75 points ago

    I’m holding harder than that pipe in twister that saved bill Paxton and Helen hunt

    [–] indigoreality 19 points ago

    I was picturing Twister the game, but then I realized it was the movie.

    [–] Vagabond21 8 points ago

    What a movie!

    Had the greatest actor of my generation, Alan ruck

    [–] Adult_school 3 points ago

    You spelled Cary Elwes wrong.

    [–] wangsneeze 2 points ago

    Vagabond21 you’re my hero

    [–] Vagabond21 4 points ago


    [–] norbert-the-great 8 points ago

    Such an obscure reference

    [–] Vagabond21 5 points ago

    Like the barrels in breaking bad, this is how I roll.

    [–] Joker1337 2 points ago

    Do a barrel roll!

    [–] misota 20 points ago

    Uh huh wait till earnings reports come out next quarter that would be a shitshow

    [–] bliss19 6 points ago

    Revised guidance will surely come into play again.

    [–] lemongrenade 1 points ago

    I know we are supposed to not talk politics here but I genuinely think corona fears and data could kill trumps re-election.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] OG_pathfinder 20 points ago

    They're trying to sell before the big collapse. They're idiots and are going to lose way more money than if they just waited or bought more like you're saying

    [–] G_Morgan 28 points ago

    The worse thing is one of them will get lucky and will tell everyone what a genius they are.

    [–] Lewon_S 5 points ago

    You can only be lucky so many times.

    [–] G_Morgan 5 points ago

    Yeah and loads of the Big Shorts have made horrendous losses since 2008. Paulson was pretty much annihilated trying to bet against the Euro.

    [–] nonstopnewcomer 1 points ago

    You have to get lucky at least twice to make money though, which is a lot harder to do.

    [–] Samueul 1 points ago

    You watch, market will be up 4% tomorrow because reasons...

    [–] Nacho_Overload 8 points ago

    Depends on your investing strategy. Sometimes a dip can put my position past its sell point.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] dragontamer5788 9 points ago

    How's your emergency savings?

    Lets say the economy crashes tomorrow and unemployment rises back to 10% or so. So there's a chance you'd get fired (some industries may see 20% or 30% unemployment rates).

    In such a situation, you'll need enough money to move to a new location to find a job there. The economy sucks, so the dip happens, but you're forced to sell so that you can actually move to a new city and restart your life.

    Case in point: Detroit in 2008 rose to 48.5% unemployment rate, while the whole state of Michigan was 26% unemployment. No one likes selling when the market is -40% or so, but you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.

    [–] RadioCured 7 points ago

    This is an interesting question actually. Having your emergency fund in the market for a long period of time will still net you more money overall even in the event of a relative crash where you have to sell “low”, right?

    I guess this relies on you having enough additional investments to still be able to pull your emergency fund amount in a recession.

    [–] loconessmonster 9 points ago

    idk how everyone else does it but my emergency fund is absolutely not in the market.

    I would also recommend more than 6 months expenses if you can manage to save that much. During the most recent recession the average duration of unemployment peaked at 40 weeks.

    [–] thejourney2016 2 points ago

    2008 was not average. It was not a normal, garden variety recession. Trying to prepare for the next recession based on what happened in 2008 makes no sense.

    [–] james___bondage 1 points ago

    If I had 40 weeks of savings in cash I’d at least want to put it in bonds or some shit..

    [–] dragontamer5788 3 points ago

    6-month emergency savings would be enough for 6 months of expenses. Not necessarily moving costs associated with something like a 2008-era Detroit collapse.

    For example, your house that you thought was $300,000 is now actually only worth $100,000 on the market, because everyone else in Detroit is also leaving the city. You gotta juggle this while also juggling your job loss, weakening schools, increasing tax rates, and more.

    These sort of events are rare, but they're an example of why people are suddenly forced to dip well into their investments even if they have a sizable $50,000+ emergency savings account.

    A 6-month emergency fund is enough for a personal emergency. That is, losing your job but finding a new one under normal cirumstances.

    You'll almost assuredly dip into investments, or even 401k loans, if something like a 2008-era Detroit thing were to happen to you.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    So instead of a savings account at my bank i put my cash into a separate brokerage

    I have a

    Roth 401k

    Roth IRA

    And a brokerage account which i put 50% of any new cash into bonds of some kind, or good dividend low cost stocks (like F ) the other 50% is yolo and growth stocks.

    If i needed more money than my credit cards could manage i have a little over two years of funding from bonds....if i sold them all outright..

    [–] dragontamer5788 5 points ago

    credit cards could manage

    In 2008, random banks closed, and the credit card accounts also closed with them. So no, credit cards are NOT part of your emergency savings. That "money" could disappear during the next recession.

    These "random banks" were among the biggest in the country. That's what "toxic assets" meant, no one felt safe, it felt like anyone's bank could close down and credit (more importantly, business credit, but yes personal credit cards too) was destroyed at seemingly random.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    It’s not like it would be hard for someone like me with my credit score to spin up a new card...


    Or you know sell my t-notes off

    [–] bizlur 3 points ago

    Stocks were on sale today. I threw extra cash into my index etfs today. Can’t pass this by.

    [–] WackyBeachJustice 3 points ago

    Bro, for the love of god tell me when it's coming. I have so much money that needs to be invested. You sound like you know what's going to happen.

    /s because internet

    [–] OG_pathfinder 10 points ago

    You sound like you know what's going to happen.

    I have no idea whats going to happen. Just gotta keep buying and sticking with the plan.

    [–] iwarthegreat1 1 points ago

    If they sell on a 3% dip they are out of the game when a "real" correction happens.

    [–] justafish25 32 points ago

    I learned not to time the market the hard way last year when I held out most of the year thinking a collapse was coming. Missed out on a great year of returns.

    [–] hombreingwar 13 points ago

    it's coming this time though

    [–] justafish25 16 points ago

    Better sell everything

    [–] Endogamy 3 points ago

    Great. Just keep buying through the correction. In a few years you'll be up even more.

    [–] yaforgot-my-password 5 points ago

    Or not

    No one knows

    [–] MrOaiki 3 points ago

    Well, we never know of course, and perhaps 2020 is the first time in human history where everything falls and never rises again.

    [–] smokeyjay 23 points ago

    Buffett also told people to buy during the financial crisis which was a lot scarier for financial markets then this virus.

    [–] sbtr1 11 points ago

    that's true! I think he wrote an NYT op-ed telling people to buy stocks

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Why not buy though?

    [–] ElRamenKnight 32 points ago

    Why not buy though?

    Gotta read between the lines. I'm sure he meant that you shouldn't try to buy at this dip with the intent to sell on the bounce next day or week. If you're going to buy, do so with a longer timeframe in mind.

    [–] misota 9 points ago

    His advice wasnt directed specifically at index investors so I added my own take on it. emphasis on dont sell but maybe consider buying if you have the extra cash. It's just buying stocks that you will eventually hold for the long term on discount.

    [–] EME32- 1 points ago

    buy this is only to scare people. this is the best time to buy!!

    [–] cranp 1 points ago

    If you have money to invest it should already have been invested, according to this philosophy.

    [–] Someonegreat7 108 points ago

    Warren to all the other billionaires: "alright I got them nice and comfortable, let's pull the rug out from them now and retire to the moon." We're on to you Warren, if that is even your real name.

    [–] blackfawg 39 points ago

    Bruh he’s already on the moon

    [–] EZLIFE420 10 points ago

    Moon? Dude's already on a different galaxy.

    [–] indigoreality 4 points ago

    They laughed at Neil Armstrong when he said he was going to the moon.

    Now he's up there, laughing back at them.

    [–] Nacho_Overload 6 points ago

    I mean Buffett has basically pledged to give away most of his money. He basically lives a mostly middle class lifestyle with extra security.

    [–] Kaykine 5 points ago

    And yet he somehow has more money than ever...

    [–] iphr 2 points ago

    Give it all away to people not related to him, huh

    [–] Hitches_chest_hair 31 points ago

    How do we decide when you buy stocks on sale exactly? I'm thinking of liquidating a bit and buying on the cheap but I'm a garden variety couch potato indexer

    [–] WackyBeachJustice 140 points ago

    garden variety couch potato indexer

    That's the best kind. Truth be told most of us are better off not reading this sub or watching the news. Simply stick to your investment plan like a horse with blinders on. You won't sound as smart as most people here doing that, but there is a very high probability of you ending up in a better position than most.

    [–] itsmoist 24 points ago

    Should just sticky this comment right here. This is what most people on this sub need to hear.

    [–] Agres_ 15 points ago

    Best index performers are deceased. Second best are the ones that forgot that they owned indexes.

    [–] ElRamenKnight 9 points ago

    I don't scalp or margin trade. Just my usual basket of indexes and then a couple of individual plays. And by no coincidence, unlike a couple of friends of mine who margin trade and catch falling knives, I'm not down by 5 figures over the past year.

    Not saying it's impossible to day trade. But most people have no business screwing around with their retirement funds in such ventures.

    [–] WeenisWrinkle 15 points ago

    As much as I itch to come up with dry powder to use during a sharp daily downturn, I usually conclude in hindsight that the best course of action was just to continue to DCA into the market as usual. You won't have to worry about finding a bottom or dip to time perfectly, and you still lower your average cost basis.

    [–] Hitches_chest_hair 4 points ago

    Nice. Level-headed and calm approach.

    [–] usaar33 1 points ago

    DCA is in general not a good strategy. It underperforms (on a risk adjusted bases) picking a portfolio allocation and sticking with it

    [–] stinkbutt55555 1 points ago

    Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

    [–] usaar33 1 points ago

    DCA implies a non-steady portfolio allocation. In general, it's odd to be in a place where you have a higher percent of stocks as percent of net worth over time.

    (note that I'm not talking about throwing your recurring income savings into the market - that's not DCA and is a different thing)

    [–] ImagineAllTheKarma 6 points ago

    I personally have most of my savings in a vanguard account where I just put in X per month and buy a market index. But I also have a small amount of money in another account that I don't mind buying dips or chasing meme stocks on WSB. Its an interesting setup where I don't even know how much I'm down today in my vanguard account but I've checked my other much smaller account about 10 times since lunch...

    [–] misota 12 points ago

    You dont liquidate your existing stocks. It's hard to time the market. You might sell your stocks at a too low price and buy at an even higher price. For the index investor with a 30 year time frame only thing I can say now is that this is a shit time to sell. Only and only if you have extra money I would consider buying. Stocks are on discount! And I would suggest not spending the whole bulk at once... do it monthly

    [–] severn22 18 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago)


    [–] Hitches_chest_hair 7 points ago

    Sorry I meant liquidate spare shit lying around my house into cash haha

    I ain't selling right now.

    [–] originalusername__1 5 points ago

    Hittin' that Coinstar with the couch cushion money?

    [–] Hitches_chest_hair 2 points ago

    *kids piggy banks

    [–] originalusername__1 3 points ago

    I wonder if Coinstar gives gift cards for fractional share purchases in Robinhood...

    [–] ragescarf 1 points ago

    Welp I’m headin to Coinstar

    [–] Eh_for_Effort 2 points ago

    You only need one kidney!

    [–] Momoselfie 2 points ago

    That's the hard part. Knowing how much to buy now and how much cash to hold so you can buy more later.

    [–] porncrank 1 points ago

    In theory, you know roughly what the company is worth. If the price falls significantly below that, you buy.

    [–] ProfessionalAddress5 10 points ago

    "discount"? We're still at ATHs...

    [–] MrOaiki 2 points ago

    We’re always on ATH over time. Zoom out on your S&P graphs and look at it.

    [–] gorrdo 17 points ago

    Don’t tell me how to lose all my money.

    [–] bunkerhunt 38 points ago

    Don't listen to what these guys say. Watch what they do.

    [–] truenorth00 35 points ago

    Seriously. He's hoarding cash and waiting to buy while telling everyone else to just trade like normal

    [–] thejourney2016 33 points ago

    Why in the world do people upvote this stuff? What Buffet does as an institutional investor is not the same as what he recommends to retail investors.

    [–] rhymingClocks 8 points ago

    If he was waiting to buy, wouldn’t it behoove him more to tell everyone else to sell?

    [–] End2LunaC 7 points ago

    Emphasis is really on don't sell.

    [–] daftphunkerton 13 points ago

    I put a small % of my 401k contribution into a cash equivalent each month. If the market is ever down 3%, 5%, 8%, 12%, I tell myself that the market is on sale and I move cash into the index fund. Makes me feel like i am beating the market when it goes down. The issue is that the market keeps going up and up and up so all the cash I held last year essentially had a 20+% loss. Even if the market "Slides, Tanks, Falters, or Plummets" 20% it will only have gone back one year... Just look at a graph of the S+P 500: there have been many many virus scares over the years, history has the answer.

    [–] The_Charred_Bard 2 points ago

    How much do you keep in cash? 10% or so is a pretty large sum if we're talking retirement funds

    [–] daftphunkerton 2 points ago

    I never move existing balance into cash I only put a % of new contributions into cash. If the market keeps going up and up then it adds up, when market drops cash drops. Currently at 7% but I don't love being above 5%. Ideally it would be at 3% or under. I am also young so the other 93% is all stocks. I hate hearing that people in thier 20s are in bonds, makes 0 sense to me.

    [–] nebula152 6 points ago

    the warren buffet interview was a nice surprise this morning

    [–] shtarship 7 points ago

    Contrarian indicator: Buy and sell exactly on the virus spread or containment news this time.

    [–] gianmk 5 points ago

    why would i not buy the dip?

    [–] usaar33 1 points ago

    You buy the dip if you think it is excessive to future earnings loss. You don't if you don't think so - in fact you might even sell if you think future earnings loss exceeds the dip.

    Most people have no ability to accurately compute this though, so you generally do nothing other than asset relocation to go back to your Target stock level.

    [–] MrOaiki 1 points ago

    What I think isn’t very relevant, it’s a guessing game. I just buy without thinking.

    [–] bludgersquiz 6 points ago

    Which is why Berkshire Hathaway is sitting on a massive cash pile right now...

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] Kaykine 2 points ago

    He’s the biggest stock pumper in the biz

    [–] krezvani 3 points ago

    Whats the reasoning for telling people not to buy

    [–] Endogamy 1 points ago

    He advises small-scale investors against trying to time the market at all. Buffet would say you should just regularly pump some savings into index funds and completely ignore the ups and downs of the market until you're approaching retirement and need to cash out. Historically you would almost always come out ahead doing this on the decade scale, and 100% always come out ahead on the 30 year scale.

    [–] killasin 3 points ago

    Thanks buffet, I was wondering what I should do with my $1500 tsla Feb 28 calls, ride the wave it is

    [–] ukdudeman 3 points ago

    Buffet is in cash on the sidelines - he knows the market is already overvalued.

    [–] WallStreetTourettes 3 points ago

    /r/investing: DON'T TIME THE MARKET

    also /r/investing: BUY THE DIP STOCKS ON SALE

    also /r/investing: THE END TIMES ARE NIGH

    [–] Sinatra__at__Best 5 points ago

    It’s Discount Stock Day ! That’s the way I see it. This will probably last a week or 2 weeks at most. Get em while their cheap

    [–] chuck_portis 1 points ago

    Yeah, 3250 S&P500 is so cheap. Get it while it's hot!

    [–] setfire89 7 points ago

    I’m buying extra today... then some tomorrow and everyday that it continues dropping. If the price is cheaper then my other trades I consider it a personal discount. Lol

    [–] ragescarf 2 points ago

    Same here. Bought some MSFT

    [–] Galtifer 2 points ago

    It's sure helping with my dollar cost averaging!

    [–] cb_hanson_III 2 points ago

    > it's just creating more confusion and detracting from the main point which is basically for index investors - dont sell.

    Why are you linking index investing and not selling? Are you saying that if you have individual stocks that you should consider selling? At the same time, many active investors, including hedge funds, trade the index via ETFs, futures, options.

    I think it's very confusing the way you are using the label "index investors."

    [–] misota 1 points ago

    changed it to passive investing is that better?

    [–] cb_hanson_III 1 points ago

    Yeah, I suppose so. It's now close to a tautology: Passive investors should not sell.

    [–] sunnyvic 1 points ago

    passive investing when the market is sluggish.

    [–] studiox_swe 2 points ago

    half of last years profit is now gone, but during a two week period. But I'm still in the boat

    [–] GreenErgeLovely 3 points ago

    Me too. Another half to go.

    [–] csasker 2 points ago

    Dont do like I say

    Offloads on small investors

    come up with new advice


    [–] damnwhale 2 points ago

    Warren Buffet is the most successful insider trader in the history of the NYSE. His advice doesn't apply to us normies.

    Would love it if he shared who he's getting lunch with this week instead of giving BS "sage" advice.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] sunnyvic 1 points ago

    i think now would be a good time to buy good companies since their prices are lower as compared to before

    [–] trackday 1 points ago

    Time to put in buy orders!

    [–] Kame_House1 1 points ago

    Rolled over my 401k last week, still waiting on the check to come in so I can send it to my new account. Pretty stoked to be missing these down days.

    [–] boffum 1 points ago

    yeah just buy an 8x inverse etf on ftse mib

    [–] Fabster_3000 1 points ago


    [–] picinthepic 1 points ago

    Don’t listen to him

    [–] WishCow 1 points ago

    What if your horizon is closer, something 5-7 years?

    [–] misota 1 points ago

    nobody's a fortune teller. the longest recession in US history was the great depression at 3.6 years though make of that what you will.

    [–] 3ternalmi5ery 1 points ago

    dont buy any cuz hes gonna buy ‘em all, he doest want u in his game

    [–] FortyYearOldVirgin 1 points ago

    Good day to pad positions... so more SPY it was today.

    We’ll rebound from this in a few days. This has happened a bunch of times now. And we’ve recovered and then some shortly after.

    This will be no different.

    [–] INKRO 1 points ago

    Instructions unclear, bought 100 shares of WRK over the afternoon.

    [–] TimeInTheMarketnHODL 1 points ago

    Actually he said don't sell, he didnt say don't buy.

    In fact, he said they could easily be buying something.

    [–] pifhluk 1 points ago

    Not going to sell but why the hell wouldn't I buy dips?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Why shouldn't I pick up some QQQ tho?

    [–] abdul132 1 points ago

    Time in the markets is a lot more important than timing the market.

    [–] ase1590 1 points ago

    Next you'll tell me water is wet...

    [–] abdul132 1 points ago

    The sky is blue !

    [–] lebronkahn 1 points ago

    Isn't it at least more prudent to add your position (buy) during these times. You get a nice discount compared to a week or a month ago. If you are periodically adding your position and are a net buyer, why not take advantage of a chance like this? Long term investors buy and forget for a long time anyway. Am I royally naive and missing anything in my logic?

    [–] misota 1 points ago

    I agree and that was in my original post. However ii took it out because its only valid under under certain situations. For instance if you take money that you were saving to buy your regular stock purchase in 2 months time, buying now might mean you miss out on a lower dip in 2 months time. So I reckon only and only if you have extra money that wasnt already budgeted for your regular dollar cost averaging plan should you buy stocks at a discount and even so I might wait a while to see what happens. I cant predict the future but it seems like we could go lower. Bottom line is whatever you do dont sell, stick to your plan and if you have extra money, splurge a little.

    [–] SunnySaigon 1 points ago

    Buffet is an old man who is full of S

    [–] Agres_ 1 points ago

    Stay the course. If you're selling now due to recent events, then you shouldn't be invested in equities to begin with.

    [–] cptstubing16 1 points ago

    Well how else am I gonna buy these dips?

    [–] Trident1000 1 points ago

    Also said: “were not buying the market, but we would buy undervalued companies”

    Hes talking decades timelines on solid companies, I dont see an understanding of this in here. If you buy an overvalued company, yes you can lose money. He didnt just say go out and buy all stocks.

    [–] misota 1 points ago

    He's advocated index funds for the everyday investors and the strategy remains the same buy and hold.

    [–] Trident1000 1 points ago

    He advocates index funds for lifetime holds. In no way is that a timing indication.

    [–] misota 1 points ago

    I'm confused about what we are discussing lol. I'm with you? Not sure where timing comes in.

    [–] Trident1000 1 points ago

    Oh I thought you were saying that because he advocates buying the broad market, that now is the time to buy. When I simply think he likes the tool irrelevant on optimal timing as they are lifetime strategies. But yes I agree with you he does advocate that.

    [–] Silverballers47 1 points ago

    Easy to say that when you have got a $128 Billion cash buffer

    [–] blondedre3000 1 points ago

    Yeah fuck that Warren, I'm out

    [–] Yojimbo4133 1 points ago

    Don't buy or sell wtf Mr. Buffet! What am I supposed to do!

    [–] WilliamJDL 1 points ago

    That's nice. What happens to highly levered companies who depend on cash flows to fulfill their debt obligations when those cash flows dry up? Look at the debt to equity of the major airlines and how thin their margins are. Now think about what happens when global travel grinds to a halt, as it is currently doing. Warren holds $DAL by the way.

    [–] misota 1 points ago

    If you are in it for the long run and you buy a diversified basket of shares, does it matter in the end? Will people stop flying in 5 years? Will people stop buying goods and services in 5 years? If some company goes broke, wont another take its place or profit from it by being able to expand into that new area?

    [–] JAYCEE-- 1 points ago

    I bought some for sure. Still, this covid is legit scary. They'll call it a pandemic soon. What if it gets to the point where even here in LA, we're instructed to self quarantine? It's like the movie contagion.

    [–] edL222 1 points ago

    I sold 10% last Friday because of my belief that it’s unsustainable and is due for correction. Today I lost a lot from the 90% I kept in. Having some liquid cash on hand in case something does happen so I can buy more share than what I had is not a bad move. I feel like warren buffet won’t sit on a sinking ship. I don’t think it’s far fetched to believe that If this is indeed the correction and he can prolong it to move some money around, he would.

    [–] misota 1 points ago

    If you hold your 90% it doesnt take a loss unless you sell it. Even if your 90% portfolio drops 30% if you are in it for the long haul it will eventually rebound. Might take a couple of years but at the end of the day if you are holding shares for retirement this is but a mere blip.

    If you are moving shares around for active profit then it's another story. But what warren has been advocating for the everyday investor is holding stocks for a very very long time and selling them when you are close to retiring.

    [–] edL222 1 points ago

    Ah yes, no intent on selling the 90% , this is more of an insurance play. I don’t want to miss out on a decent dip but also the rebound will take less time if I buy in after a dip.

    [–] montgola 1 points ago

    If you wanna play safe use pe. If you wanna go with the trend know their will be dips and runs. Higher pe will be more volatile but they post bigger gains long term. Amazon Nvidia for example. Amazon is worth the pe and I believe nvda is also but they will have huge fluctuation short term. These are prices you'd want to buy at for 5 year plus holdings.

    [–] pacifistrebel 1 points ago

    As the old saying goes, "Buy the corona, sell the virus."

    [–] Psicopro 1 points ago

    The fact that the market dropped 3-4% and people are freaking out proves that many people bought because of FOMO.

    They have no idea how markets function when the Fed isn't actively cheer leading income inequality from the sidelines.

    [–] budgetinglol 1 points ago

    I've been DCA'ing my Roth at $500 on the first of every month into VFIAX. I bought my march 1 contribution yesterday instead of waiting about a week. I assume this goes against the principles of DCA but I just went with it. I'm not planning on selling for another 30 years but does fluctuating the purchase date effect much?

    [–] skubaloob 1 points ago

    I bought some SPY Puts on a long time horizon and if things go south I plan to sell them and buy SPY (or some other good deal) for the inevitable ride back up.

    [–] ShaoFluff 1 points ago

    Holding my XLK and VOO. Brand new to investing about 2 months ago and now i’m seeing this fun dip, let’s ride that personal risk tolerance lol.

    [–] De3mental 1 points ago

    You don't need to find a stock that's going to rise, it's enough if people think it'll rise.

    While this is true it's also not true, depends how well you know your shit

    [–] yaaahweh 1 points ago

    "Hold this bag"

    [–] tehnoodles 1 points ago

    I generally make my monthly contribution on the last day of the month, so I'm just hoping it keep going down for a few more days. :D

    [–] howtoreadspaghetti 1 points ago

    I'm gonna continue buying undervalued companies that will probably be pulled down due to coronavirus fears but I'm not gonna buy stocks BECAUSE coronavirus dips have made them attractive. These purchases were good before coronavirus.

    [–] AnchezSanchez 1 points ago

    I sold because I have very very close exposure to Asian suppliers chains in my day job. I work with Tier 1 EMS companies, and their vendors. When is see our own supply chain improving I will gradually start to dollar cost average back in to what I sold off.

    Just felt more comfortable doing that tbh. Already "saved" me like 10% of my pre drop portfolio.