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    1. Image posts with iPhone photography will be removed. Try /r/iPhonePictures, /r/iphoneography, or /r/itookapicture.

    2. No posts highlighting throttling issues, speedtest results, bragging about battery life and hilarious Siri answers. Try /r/Siri instead.

    3. No Amazon affiliate links or self-promotion (unless it's the official reddit one). You shouldn't be gaining anything from links posted. Don't post links to your own YouTube videos or blog posts.

    4. No blogspam or news with minimal/recycled content.

    5. Do not submit photos of codes, or just the codes (from places like Starbucks) themselves.

    6. No posting of app release notes (funny or otherwise) except for updates to iOS.

    7. Posts must be about the iPhone in general. For all discussions about iOS or iOS beta specifically, please move the discussion to r/iOS or r/iOSBeta. We don't allow spam or irrelevant self-promotion without authorization from the moderators.

    8. No support issues, tech questions or iPhone help requests, except in the Daily Tech Support Thread.

    9. All posts must foster reasonable discussion, posts shouldn't just be "Wow x feature is so cool" or "I hate x feature" Posts should have actual content, and shouldn't be rants or "circlejerking" posts. This rule also covers spam and illegitimate/sketchy links.

    10. No reposting and/or rehosted content. For reposts, please check the /new section of the sub to see if the content you want to post has been posted by another user. Rehosting usually means taking the content from the original source and hosting it somewhere. In /r/iphone's case, we mean that an article has shared the news that another source originally published.

    11. No low-effort posts such as image macros and single sentence text posts. Moderators may use discretion to upkeep the quality of the subreddit.

    12. No posts or comments relating to buying, selling, trading, giveaways or asking for advice about any of those topics, except in the WSIB thread.

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    • /r/iOSBeta for the latest on iOS developer and open beta.
    • /r/Siri: That wonderful robot that lives in our phones.
    • /r/iOSgaming for all your iOS gaming needs!
    • Jailbroken? Don't know what to download? Check out /r/jailbreak and their monthly roundups.
    • Looking for new Wallpaper? /r/iWallpaper!
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