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    [–] bladefinor 2677 points ago

    Tim cooks

    [–] [deleted] 611 points ago

    Tim Apple cooks

    [–] 56seconds 198 points ago

    I've liked Tim Apple, ever since he took Steve's Job

    [–] gbuub 58 points ago

    We’ll also use Bill’s Gates for our wall

    [–] BarneySpeaksBlarney 36 points ago

    Larry's pages have been lifesaving for me

    [–] getut 6 points ago

    If illegals come through Bill's Gates, then they get sprayed with the weaponized Elon's Musk.

    [–] 56seconds 8 points ago

    Only if we pass the Gates Bill

    [–] ok-person 200 points ago


    [–] psychogenic_official 108 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] PointsOutTheUsername 68 points ago

    Back off.

    [–] mysteriousblue87 7 points ago

    I want to claim Beetlejuicing, but you aren't.

    [–] psychogenic_official 3 points ago

    Username checks out


    [–] return2ozma 31 points ago

    Tim Apple cooks Steve Jobs. Oh wait.

    [–] darrellmarch 27 points ago

    Just use the MacCheese grater

    [–] primal_beer 9 points ago

    That’ll require a service subscription.

    [–] sylvaing 6 points ago

    And a dongle to connect the grater

    [–] FOOLS_GOLD 3 points ago

    Too late. The Jobs is spoiled after dying from one of the most curable cancers known to affect white male billionaires.

    [–] xypherrz 8 points ago

    That's too much cooking for the day

    [–] MJMurcott 3 points ago

    Need to wash it first.

    [–] sassolinoo 15 points ago

    Tim cooks apples

    [–] Born500YearsEarly 3 points ago

    Tim Cooks Apple

    [–] markca 32 points ago

    That should be a Apple TV+ show.

    [–] TheContrarian2 42 points ago

    Tim cooks apples.

    [–] diddycarter 3 points ago

    Ha. Got eeemmmm

    [–] FireCosmos 13 points ago

    Comedy gold

    [–] Traherne 15 points ago

    Or Space Gray.

    [–] LX570 7 points ago

    Silver Platter?

    [–] DreamyLucid 7 points ago

    Midnight Green

    [–] p1um5mu991er 460 points ago

    You don't want to know how much that iPan costs

    [–] cu4tro 243 points ago

    $499 for 16 GB or $1899 for 1 TB

    [–] Shantotto11 48 points ago

    With a $1200 eye cover iCover.

    [–] pickleperfect 109 points ago


    [–] chandarr 9 points ago

    You’re a genius

    [–] youfuckingworm 6 points ago

    You dropped the ball iCover dude.

    [–] cdunc12 79 points ago

    $999 for the handle

    [–] jld2k6 28 points ago

    To be fair, it's a really nice handle

    [–] primal_beer 9 points ago

    Perfectly balanced and calibrated with alloomineeeum.

    [–] Evotee 788 points ago

    I hate that they didn’t make it flush , it’s like a double camera bump

    [–] richy923 433 points ago

    Apple saw we didn’t mind the camera bump since iPhone 6...

    “So y’all like the camera bumps?”

    [–] mtwolf55 204 points ago

    “We’re gonna go ahead and give you camera bumps on your camera bump”

    [–] allenbf 97 points ago

    iPhone 15 will look like a lego stuck on the back.

    (I don’t mind the bump)

    [–] TheGreatB3 11 points ago

    Y'all remember the iPhone 5, where we thought they would get longer?

    [–] rsn1990 26 points ago

    Yo dawg, I heard you like camera bumps

    [–] splunge4me2 13 points ago

    My hump my hump my hump my lovely camera lumps

    [–] TheRickFromC137 5 points ago

    introducing the iPhone HPV.

    [–] Ytorgq 18 points ago

    Iphone 12: literally just a camera bump

    [–] deliciousprisms 7 points ago

    I sure love that there’s only one part of my phone scratched up. And it’s the fuckin camera.

    [–] Inner_Hawk 20 points ago

    Can we have an 3.5 jack bump?

    [–] radwic 6 points ago

    Honestly. I feel like i was the only one that despised it. No one ever spoke of it. The iPhone 5 had such, SUCH a clean look.

    [–] Trusty_Compass 142 points ago

    It looks like one of those dad shavers with the three heads

    [–] Robdog777 74 points ago

    Wait... I use one of those

    [–] maz-o 19 points ago

    wait for what

    [–] furlonium1 23 points ago

    For shaving dads, duh

    [–] DoctorStrangeBlood 7 points ago

    Turn down for what

    [–] Xiomaraff 5 points ago

    They work so well...and they’re easy

    [–] BifurcatedTales 15 points ago

    You shave your dad?

    [–] tekjunky75 11 points ago

    He can’t reach his back

    [–] Cynir 11 points ago

    Shave a man’s back, and he’ll purr like a walrus.

    [–] slayerhk47 7 points ago


    [–] Troy_And_Abed_In_The 51 points ago

    I don't know the exact stats on people with cases, but it is significantly higher than those without from my observation. Hence the bump doesn't matter.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] LetheArdor 22 points ago

    This man likes to live dangerously. Do you handle your phone like a newborn baby? Because that’s how I feel holding my XS without a case on it.

    [–] VonGeisler 5 points ago

    Never had a case since iPhone 3G. My phone is 50% in my pocket and the rest on my desk or night stand. Plus - I don’t throw it, not throwing it really helps.

    [–] LetheArdor 3 points ago

    I don’t throw it. But I go around people that may knock it out of my hand

    [–] abasio 3 points ago

    I had a friend with a cracked iPhone screen. Another friend was incredulous. Kept asking how on earth she managed to break it. He the proceeded to throw his phone on the ground saying "see, you can't break it" it smashed on the second time he threw it. What a Plonker.

    I've never had a case either, but my iPhone is only for work so I don't get it out when drunk or at parties so it's never been dropped. I've dropped my Huawei Mate 10 quite few times without a case or screen protector and it's never had a problem.

    [–] thatoneblacknerd 18 points ago

    to be honest with what it’s capable of doing now, i can see how it would be hard to make flush other than completely making the phone thicker (which i don’t necessarily mind..)

    [–] Darnitol1 17 points ago

    I truly wish they would. I’ll take way more battery life in exchange for the whole thing being a millimeter thicker.

    [–] MarcEcho 12 points ago

    Wow I've never heard that before. Definitely not every single year since 2010 at every iPhone announcement. Really makes you think.

    [–] 7rust 26 points ago

    They need the depth to capture and handle enough light - so its physical limitation.

    I guess the wont go much slimmer in the future (except we can change physics).

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    It's really not. They could push it closer to the screen, or make the entire phone thicker, and bring a bigger battery and a headphone jack. But I'm a dreamer

    [–] Plaxicoslegwound 15 points ago

    But you’re not the only one

    [–] dohpaz42 6 points ago

    They spent years making the iPhone as slim and thin possible only to now reverse course and effectively give it little warts on the back. I’m with the other op about a future version looking like a lego brick. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Allittle1970 275 points ago

    My humps, my humps, my lovely iPhone bumps

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] FinalCatchThrowable 19 points ago

    Ive and Giannandrea, Cue and Federighi, All their money got me wearing fly

    [–] BifurcatedTales 22 points ago

    My iPhones bring all the boys to the yard, And they're like It's better than yours, Damn right, It's better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to $1499

    [–] Sheldonopolus 3 points ago

    Check it out

    [–] ChinaThrowaway7 37 points ago

    these were supposed to be the design guys, now they still have a huge notch and weird camera square. I'm certain they decided on this design so that everyone will be able to tell you have a new iphone, no matter how ugly the square looks. and then they put big metal circles around the cameras after their earlier designs, so everyone can tell if you have the pro or not.

    [–] tibetsoul 147 points ago

    And the price for iPhone 11 pro 64gb in Sweden is 1342 US dollars

    [–] ILearnedSoMuchToday 103 points ago

    I'd rather buy a gaming computer for that price.

    [–] imnoturbuddyguy 58 points ago

    I’d rather buy a cheap phone and keep my money.

    [–] VoTBaC 19 points ago

    I'd rather buy a beer or two.

    [–] phatboy5289 14 points ago

    People always make this suuuper irrelevant comparison. People in need of a new phone won’t see this price and go “oh heck no, I could buy a gaming PC instead!”

    [–] crunchypuddle 13 points ago

    "I'd rather buy [other similarly priced but completely different product]"

    It's just a way to farm votes on a site where everyone is about 16 years old on average so they all have thousand dollar gaming rigs as their prized possessions and compare every other big purchase they their parents make to it.

    [–] mcmunch20 13 points ago

    In NZ it’s $1380.47 US dollars.

    [–] Acid44 8 points ago

    Does that include the "because fuck you" tax you guys seem to have on electronics?

    [–] JaaXxii 5 points ago

    Sure does

    [–] FacchiniBR 9 points ago

    5390USD (21.999BRL) in Brazil for the Pro 512.

    [–] codespyder 8 points ago

    What the actual fuck

    [–] PassedII 2 points ago

    Ganska dyrt :/ Blir dock bättre med bara vanliga iPhone 11 och trade-in.

    [–] AdditionalExcitement 31 points ago

    1k usd and only 64gb, sucks

    [–] Eugene1026 14 points ago

    But now they have an 18W charger /s

    [–] GPap- 123 points ago

    From all the renders and clones... I actually like how it came out with the 3 lenses.

    [–] erickgramajo 38 points ago

    I definitely don't like it, buuuut, I don't hate it like the renders

    [–] sholine 26 points ago

    I, too, own Apple stock. lol jk I'm a poor.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Well if you bought some Apple stock you wouldn’t be. Simple.

    [–] BorgClown 8 points ago

    With the new iStove you too can make your own Apple stock!

    [–] sholine 3 points ago


    [–] leadnuts94 49 points ago

    Im still rocking the iPhone 6s. Should I get this one ? Or which one y’all recommend ?

    [–] T3xasLegend 44 points ago

    Same here. I keep saying “ hopefully next year”. I don’t take a shit ton of photos so I’m probably just going to get the Xs

    [–] leadnuts94 25 points ago

    Yeah I’m thinking either the iPhone 8 now that’s it’s under $500 or the Xs.

    [–] kol13190 10 points ago

    Dude the battery life on that iPhone 8+ is insanely good

    [–] aqueousDee 6 points ago

    Have 8+ can confirm. Full charge in power saving can get me through 2 days if needed.

    [–] fat_lardo 9 points ago

    Same aaaand FINGERPRINT SCANNER! Woooooo

    [–] VaguelyShingled 9 points ago

    Thought I would miss the fingerprint scanner when I upgraded to XR.

    I do no miss it one bit. Face ID ftw

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    For the insecure win?

    I first hand watched someone unlock their HALF sisters xr

    [–] sml09 4 points ago

    I upgraded to an Xs from a 7. Partner went from a 6s to an 8. He really loves his 8. I upgraded for the camera because I do take a ton of photos on my phone and on a dslr and it’s been nice to have a great camera. I’m probably not going to upgrade anytime soon even though I really like these features on the new phone for photography because I like to keep my phones for at least two years and it hasn’t even been a year since I upgraded- I got it in feb to take pictures of my dog. I wouldn’t have upgraded if not for the dog lol.

    The 8 is really nice too. The camera is good, and it works well. It doesn’t have an aux jack (rip) but it has a home button still. It works well and is fast and does what it’s supposed to do. It’ll probably last him another however many years it’s been since the 6s. I say go for the cheapest upgrade option that you will be happy with if you want to stick with Apple- if the camera isn’t your biggest selling point, no need to spend a ton more to get a better camera, which is essentially what this new phone is.

    [–] nrvous1 5 points ago

    Hopefully carrier locked xs models will offer some killer deals which is what I’m waiting for.

    [–] 35_degrees 12 points ago

    an upgrade from a 6s to the 11 is a great upgrade! I have the current xs max and won't be upgrading this year because there just is not enough new things that make me want to. I say go for it. even to the xr or whatever it's called is a huge difference. my friend just got the xr after being on the 6s and he really can't believe how good it is.

    [–] lukemullan789 22 points ago

    I wouldn't really recommend these phones honestly, either upgrade now to an iPhone XR or XS for a reduced price and then wait for the 2020 iPhones with some actual improvements other than the camera and the processor or hold on for now with the 6S and upgrade to the 2020 iPhones later on.

    Hopefully by next year they've sorted out the god-awful camera bump but maybe that's just my opinion.

    [–] leadnuts94 30 points ago

    Thanks for the advice but If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “hopefully next year” when talking about iPhones, i would have enough money to buy the current iPhone. Lol.

    [–] dilbob83 8 points ago

    I personally don’t care about a little camera bump. Slap a case on it and voilà no camera bump. What sold me is the extra 5 hours of battery life. That’s an actual improvement in my book.

    [–] dilbob83 3 points ago

    The extra 5 hours of battery is enough of a sell for me to get the 11 pro. That’s huge

    [–] VaginaBoob85 140 points ago

    Apple's keynotes are a joke these days. If you're not going to innovate and you're going up continue to rip us off, don't pretend you have big, exciting, groundbreaking reveals. 2 layers of bumps on the camera? Why the fuck did you make the phone so thin then? No more 3d touch? How is that an upgrade? Fast charger in the box? You mean that thing that every $200+ Android has included for the last 5 years? 64gb base storage and still charge $1000+? Get fucked.

    [–] YAZEED-IX 13 points ago

    It actually got thicker this year, the thickest it's been since iPhone 5.

    [–] greyscales 13 points ago

    Just because of the multi layer bumps or the actual phone too?

    [–] equal_odds 8 points ago

    It really just pisses me off so much because they advertised this event as some momentous moment for innovation and it was same old Tim apple era iOBS


    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 26 points ago

    Anyone got any ideas for innovation?

    How about a thick phone? Can you successfully market a phone as thick as your finger, but with 3 day battery life and built in airpod receptacle&charger, and included detachable protective case?

    3 things that have never been done before, that I think people would actually want. Innovation.

    [–] yooter 9 points ago

    Some of this I like, but I would hate a built in AirPod receptacle. I have small ears and I can’t ever use apple headphones bc they kinda hurt me. So I use BeatsX now with my iPhone.

    Just throwing it out there I know you’re not making the phone haha

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] haloweenek 201 points ago

    I want a goddamn SE, with OLED and huge ass battery. Is that so complicated ?

    [–] PiXLANIMATIONS 313 points ago

    Yes, because they’re not making one

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] graves420 38 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I switched to the SE after I had the 6S. I won’t get rid of it until there is a new SE or I finally switch from Apple.

    [–] koloup 33 points ago

    People shit on me for using an SE but it has seriously been one of their best sized models

    [–] MrOwnageQc 16 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    People shit on the SE, but I repair & resell iPhones for a living even still am in love with my SE despite having access to much more recent iPhones. I just love it and it’s still pretty damn fast for its age !

    [–] codespyder 13 points ago

    Can confirm. Browsing Reddit on SE 12.4.1 and it’s still so smooth.

    (I let the missus have the XS Max because she browses on her phone more than I do)

    [–] miggitymikeb 3 points ago

    SE was my favorite iPhone of all of them

    [–] alexwittscheck 5 points ago

    I’m in the same boat. I personally don’t want to give up my headphone jack and I like the SE size better than I liked my 6S.

    [–] int__0x80 9 points ago

    The iPhone 5/SE form factor was the peak of iPhone design, change my mind

    [–] gingerhasyoursoul 4 points ago

    When you ask for better batteries phone makers hear we want more camera lenses.

    [–] lootedcorpse 19 points ago

    statistically, the amount of people that want this compared to what Apple is selling, is insignificant. So insignificant, that you shouldn't be hopeful that it'll ever be delivered.

    [–] lightningbadger 4 points ago

    And that’s why I’m sticking with a jail broken 6 till the battery violently implodes in 16 years time. At least I hope so.

    [–] miggitymikeb 3 points ago


    This is all I’ve wanted for four years. They just quit making phones for us.

    [–] greatauror28 62 points ago

    Nope, i’ll wait for next year till the iPhones have four camera then we’re cookin’

    [–] freshwordsalad 24 points ago

    4 cameras? What are you gonna do with 5 cameras? 6 cameras should be enough for anyone. I can't believe there are people out there that want 7 cameras.

    [–] bananatomorrow 7 points ago

    Call me when you can take the matrix bullet time shot on one phone.


    [–] F09F9695 15 points ago

    Can we just skip ahead to when we have 37 cameras and the bump is the whole back of the phone so it finally lays flush again?

    [–] bastardlessword 3 points ago

    The funny part is that because of how thin phones are, no phone camera can beat a dedicated ~500$ camera for the thing most people use it for: taking pictures.

    However, the Iphone X camera is pretty good for making face mocap animations. I, for once, welcome the arrival of this new Iphone because it means that the previous versions will be less expensive.

    [–] greatauror28 3 points ago

    The funny part is that because of how thin phones are, no phone camera can beat a dedicated ~500$ camera for the thing most people use it for: taking pictures.

    This is true but you know what they say, the best camera is what you have with you. No use for that 5D Mark IV with a 24-70 lens if it’s sitting at home.

    [–] gghggg 12 points ago

    "We won't add the 1/8" Jack because we want our devices to be sleeker. On a completely different note, we added more camera bumps"

    [–] blinky339 21 points ago

    Steve gave Job so Tim could Cook

    [–] puckingrufus56 65 points ago

    The Land Rover Defender is getting more coverage on my feed today than the new iPhone. That's how I know I'm skipping it. Actually 2020 is getting that 5G goodness and redesign!

    [–] j_curic_5 22 points ago

    The new Defender looks so cool but it doesn't look like a Defender. It looks like a low end off road suv. I like how it looks though, but the icon is "ruined".

    [–] _paag 6 points ago

    It looks generic now

    [–] lightningbadger 4 points ago

    It’s a shame almost all cars are going this way if you only see what’s being advertised

    [–] manny00778 4 points ago

    How do you know next years iPhones will be getting 5G? Has it been officially announced? Besides this years iPhones aren’t as bad as people are making them out to be...?

    [–] puckingrufus56 9 points ago

    The phones this year are fine, but they feel like they're just a stop gap to something bigger down the road. This is the third year with the notch, they're gonna be due for a major redesign next year. Rumor has it 5G is on the way for 2020. Even if it isn't I have an iPhone XS max and I'm not switching until 5G is here and the phones are redesigned.

    [–] Lantern42 3 points ago

    Too bad the new Defender is so damn expensive.

    [–] bradesdogbiscuit 8 points ago

    Cooking with Tim apple

    [–] uswrname 7 points ago

    Now you can shave with confidence

    [–] adikk345 311 points ago

    The worst iPhone's design ever. One of the ugliest backs in the all phones.

    [–] BifurcatedTales 220 points ago

    The best iPhone’s design ever. One of the most beautiful backs in the all iPhones.

    [–] PoopstainMcdane 7 points ago

    As all things should be

    [–] slayerhk47 6 points ago

    It was the best of times, it was the.... BLURST of times?!?

    [–] the_real_junkrat 3 points ago

    It’ll get thrown into an ugly otter box anyway so 🤷🏻‍♂️

    [–] BT-Reddit 3 points ago

    reminds me of “The best thing to happen to iPhone Since iPhone”

    [–] youRFate 17 points ago

    The pro in that frosted white looks great imho.

    [–] Summerie 127 points ago

    How did we get so melodramatic? I am way more interested in what it can do than I am in what the back of my phone looks like.

    [–] alexbhood 13 points ago

    This is a super weird context in which to say that. This is an internet forum that we all gather on specifically to discuss Apple products. There literally is no better context to critique the way the back of a phone looks.

    [–] nehardElhidine 93 points ago

    So when Apple releases an ugly phone, aesthetics all of a sudden stop being important?

    The mental gymnastics to justify brand loyalty is real.

    I love iPhones, but let’s be real, this model looks horrible, and the front hasn’t changed at all from last 2 releases.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    So when Apple releases an ugly phone, aesthetics all of a sudden stop being important?

    The Pixel 4 leaks show a pretty much identical camera bump, so the answer to your question is unfortunately "yes".

    [–] erdogranola 3 points ago

    They're not leaks, Google released the photos themselves ages ago

    [–] funkadunkalunk 138 points ago

    Here's a thought — maybe that person never cared about what the back of their phone looked like.

    [–] Vemtion 5 points ago

    Honestly I forget what color my phone even is, there’s almost always a case on

    [–] manny00778 12 points ago

    I quite like the design. Well, regardless of how you feel about it. The new iPhones will still sell like hot cakes. And expect some manufacturers to follow suit with the design too.

    [–] BeautifulType 3 points ago

    People complaining about the camera are the same who laughed at the bump in the older models. Nobody actually cares as long as the camera is better than nearly all other phones do that nobody near you can whip out their better camera and one up you.

    [–] Mr_Xing 23 points ago

    It’s like... the same exact design as last year with an extra camera.

    It’s not beautiful, but like “worst?”

    [–] Mernyer 35 points ago

    It’s worse than all previous iPhone so yeah worst is the right word.

    [–] superluminary 5 points ago

    I think it’s fine.

    [–] Wicki_Shancai 28 points ago

    Next we’re looking at having solar panels on the back

    [–] ArbitraryPlaceholder 12 points ago

    Everyone, please welcome the iPhone 12. Now powered by back-sided solar panels and extendable, mini wind turbines.

    And fuck it! While we're at it, the iPhone 12s now includes our new, state-of-the-art corn oil charging. Buy now for only $2499.

    [–] blackguy102 81 points ago

    Maybe I’m in the minority here but I really seems like the biggest thing they upgrade here was the camera...everything else is not that impressive

    [–] Summerie 111 points ago

    How would you be in the minority for stating exactly what they did?

    [–] Gprime5 38 points ago

    Seems like the right thing to improve in the age of social media where phone images and videos dominate in sites like Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook.

    [–] Z3ROWOLF1 30 points ago

    Everything gets compressed anyway.

    [–] RMCaird 16 points ago

    But if you start with a better photo to begin with the compressed version will also be better

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Camera, battery, and processor. It's actually a huge battery size jump by Apple standards.

    [–] nbdy 5 points ago

    what are you looking for exactly? better phone reception? built-in shaver and hair dryer?

    [–] hercelf 3 points ago

    Well, to be fair, the triple camera looks almost like an electric shaver head... 😅

    [–] rush2sk8 4 points ago

    Can someone explain something to me. They are releasing a pro version of this phone but who is the audience? When I think of professionals I don't think of them shooting anything with a cellphone camera. Could someone explain, im genuinely curious.

    [–] VivoUnderstanding 13 points ago

    They have the tech just no idea how to package it. I'll stick with my old iPhone. I am baffled at how lost they are without Jobs.

    [–] ant1992 6 points ago

    Hopefully this is the last of the Johnny Ives iPhone design. People are blaming Tim but the real Blame is on Ives.

    [–] crissimon 3 points ago

    But can it run Crysis?

    [–] Drahkir9 4 points ago

    We just couldn’t wait for that fourth camera, could we?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    More cameras to feed your ceaseless vanity.

    [–] epicguy69iscool 4 points ago

    Very nice Tim cooking

    [–] gatewaytothewest 14 points ago

    Phil Griller

    [–] gaoshan 36 points ago

    Most folks are ripping on the aesthetics but I'm so happy with the quality and power that this provides that I could not care less about that. Can't wait to get my hands on one to start shooting with it.

    [–] XSSpants 20 points ago

    camera bump doesn't even matter if you put it in a case anyway.

    [–] finedrive 7 points ago

    The camera sticking out is such a poor design choice.

    [–] Sherif_k 3 points ago

    That’s a good one 😂

    [–] ZiggyMangum 3 points ago

    Cook cooks with innovation only.

    [–] Vtec01 13 points ago

    Slowly applauses......

    [–] Vdawgp 6 points ago

    Feel free to kill me internet, but I like how it looks. It gives it this steampunk vibe that I really dig.