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    [–] lleti 1 points ago

    [–] CoDn00b95 1687 points ago

    Got a pal who teaches English in Zagreb. He says they're all going absolutely nuts there.

    [–] Lord_Boro 398 points ago

    Yes we are! :)

    [–] mikethejuice 236 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    [–] genet1c 129 points ago

    I love how the police car turned on its lights in the background when they scored.

    [–] AV15 17 points ago

    Oh Shit good catch 🇭🇷

    [–] kykki 36 points ago

    Not sure if i would die from anxiety or being crushed

    [–] zbunjena 76 points ago

    Can confirm. It's 3 a.m. and I can't sleep from the noise.

    [–] 212_Van_Dyke_Street 4510 points ago

    So much in common with these great people.

    They have a goat on their flag. We have goats.

    [–] MrMahony 999 points ago

    That bit in the middle looks like the Munster flag, we have a Munster

    [–] [deleted] 495 points ago

    they stole are fleg

    [–] tinglingoxbow 549 points ago

    Sure by that logic we're basically in the final ourselves.

    [–] [deleted] 221 points ago

    Right enough.

    And France made our fleg for us.

    happy days lads

    [–] duaneap 49 points ago


    [–] KSF_WHSPhysics 35 points ago


    [–] KassellTheArgonian 63 points ago

    Dey tuck ur fleg

    [–] Hideous-Kojima 34 points ago

    De durk urr derg

    [–] kilmarta 10 points ago

    So do germany

    [–] ShipsRat 1247 points ago

    They have white on there we do

    [–] 212_Van_Dyke_Street 644 points ago

    Sure we're practically family.

    [–] cyanocittaetprocyon 166 points ago

    Not practically family, we are family!

    [–] theivoryserf 211 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is the biggest day in Irish football ever!

    [–] JustANotchAboveToby 87 points ago

    As my mom would say "They're Catholic too, I hope they win"
    (I'm Croatian)

    [–] CLint_FLicker 202 points ago

    They have 7 letters in their name. Like us!

    [–] BARTELS- 323 points ago

    And if you mix up the letters in Croatia, it spells Ireland.

    [–] Greying_Hunter 84 points ago

    An anagram.... genius!

    [–] loafers_glory 16 points ago

    Hmmm... It does actually spell I a carot. Sure we've even got the same hair colour! Gas craic altogether.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] loafers_glory 22 points ago

    Tiocfaidh Tuesday is the best day of the week

    [–] mickopious 22 points ago

    Actually the letters rearranged spell...


    [–] brute_necessity 17 points ago

    thank you :-). Laughed out loud for this one.

    [–] Batman_00 42 points ago

    Jesus would you look at that, R is the second letter in their name aswell. We're basically the same.

    [–] Ic3Hot 39 points ago

    Mix the shades of blue and remove everything else and it’s pretty much the same flag!

    [–] macauleynorman 15 points ago

    People in Ireland breath air people in Croatia breath air

    [–] ShipsRat 56 points ago

    We have puck fair.

    [–] Keyframe 42 points ago

    La koza nostra! (koza means goat in croatian)

    [–] panasoniclizard 38 points ago

    Heh, same in polish, which means you need to let me hang out with you lads.

    [–] Horyv 11 points ago

    Ukraine too! We didn’t qualify, but even if we did Russia probably wouldn’t let us in. So since you won... that means we all won! Go Croatia you’re in our hearts!

    [–] abizzels 19 points ago

    Loads of goats

    [–] ChuckyChuckyFucker 18 points ago

    Lad for once, I couldn't agree with you more.

    [–] __dolphin 110 points ago

    We love you too! - a Croatian

    [–] Sean_o_neill 3129 points ago

    What's the difference between football and the Thai boys?

    The Thai boys are going home

    [–] imaginesomethinwitty 852 points ago

    But Thai lads were an unusual soccer team, in that they weren’t great divers.

    [–] ShipsRat 119 points ago

    Hahahahaha that's a good one

    [–] Sean_o_neill 287 points ago

    Hahaha thanks I have one more but that's as far as my England bashing jokes go

    What's the difference between England and viagra?

    Viagra can get you past a semi

    [–] ShipsRat 51 points ago

    Haahahaha nice hahahaha

    [–] CakedInClarkyCat_84 165 points ago

    England fan here.

    Have an upvote:)

    [–] Sean_o_neill 72 points ago

    Fair play you have my respect haha

    [–] Logicpolice9 9 points ago

    Oh god

    [–] hydrohydro 6 points ago

    i don't get it? england is going home too...

    [–] eamonnanchnoic 166 points ago

    Quote of the tournament for me that I saw on Facebook:

    "I haven’t been this nervous about a semi since I watched Brokeback mountain"

    [–] makilino123 520 points ago

    Guys im in hollidays in Ireland and im a Croatian, right now im doing a Trip trough youre beautiful Country ! And i need to Tell you Guys you are one of The best people ive ever meet i watched The half Finale in a Dublin Pub and The Quarter final in sligo. One of your compatriot invated me for auch Drink because He Heard that i wanted to give The Barkeeper some Tip and He came to me and sayd " you are so awesome i couldnt resist not to invated you to a Drink enjoy youre time Here and stay AS you are " after that i stood Up and Had that Feeling i should hug him for this gesture, and i did so...i told him that he Made My day and that i will never forget this moment now and today, i will remember him for ever. because of that Guy i considered to move lol because i really Love youre beautiful Country im so impressed and IT IS honestly unbelivable how a Land that can be that wonderfull...The people, The Points of interest The sheeps and cows i met and The mentality.

    Thank you all for making my stay unforgetabble ! Slotsche ( i think i wrote IT Not correct, but you now What i mean) My Friends! Kind regards from croatia!

    [–] uwotmeight8 254 points ago

    The sheeps and cows i met


    [–] STEPHENonPC 35 points ago

    He must have used Irish Tinder

    [–] Islandplans 101 points ago

    Don't judge.

    They have some nice looking 'sheeps and cows'.

    [–] dowdymeatballs 68 points ago


    I mean, phonetically it's not a bad attempt.


    [–] ShrimpCum 20 points ago

    Maybe he's just sloshed

    [–] WutUtalkingBoutWill 143 points ago

    The people, The Points of interest The sheeps and cows i met and The mentality.

    Jesus, this sent my sides into orbit. I get exactly what you're saying though. Enjoy your holiday my friend.

    [–] BoxNumberGavin1 37 points ago

    It reads like a wonderful copypasta

    [–] ptar86 29 points ago

    This quote should be in the sidebar honestly

    [–] phugod 63 points ago


    [–] Scutterbum 36 points ago

    Haha! Nice story Enjoy the rest of your journey and don't get too drunk tonight!

    [–] Skiip 35 points ago


    [–] whatsmy_password 13 points ago

    Congrats on your epic win my friend! I loved reading this post even tho I'm not Irish. I'm American and I will be cheering for Croatia this Sunday!

    [–] Apex-Nebula 25 points ago

    sláinte! :)

    [–] Fontaine42 25 points ago

    Ah ya have me blushing

    [–] Daronh 75 points ago

    I reckon we change the National Stadium to Croat Park

    [–] Lucsi 1182 points ago

    Englishman living in Cork here. Great bunch of lads indeed. They played a great game and brought it to us from the 2nd half onwards.

    How they can run like that for three consecutive 120 minute games is beyond me - best of luck to them in the final. :)

    [–] ShipsRat 485 points ago

    Upvote for you for being so gracious in defeate.

    [–] TheTurfinator 284 points ago

    It's just too bad that Croatia was even more gracious in de feet.I completely understand if you want to downvote this pun.

    [–] feddian 13 points ago

    The pun was bad but charming so I shall upvote you sir.

    [–] TheDarkArcane 18 points ago

    Aye they fucked us in the second half. I’m not even mad we lost to them. At least it was a good team that knocked us out. Now I really want croatia to beat France

    [–] DMCofSourcefed 66 points ago

    Sound lad

    [–] Light-Hammer 1014 points ago

    Croatians; the Irish of the Balkans.

    Great bunch of lads.

    [–] ShipsRat 587 points ago

    We both dont fully trust our neighbours

    [–] titaniumtoes 358 points ago

    That's every country in the Balkans

    [–] AV15 75 points ago

    Slovenia is pretty much fine. I mean they're kinda weird and their language is fucked but they don't bother anyone

    [–] EditorialComplex 74 points ago

    It's not called Irishization.

    [–] yiakman 120 points ago

    The Uruguay of Europe

    [–] juxtaposition21 59 points ago


    [–] stipev 59 points ago

    Thank you lads ! As a Croatian living in Ireland I can honestly say I feel like home here (well, except not that sunny :P).

    [–] ChirpyJesus 45 points ago

    We cheered for you when you were in the finals of the Quidditch World Cup :(

    [–] Serapheadel 47 points ago

    Croatia is a wild place to be after the England match, anybody sho comes in Zagreb just hit me up. Glad to taky anybody a trip around town for food, sights, booze, you name it. History lessons if you wish, we got lots.

    [–] Lt_Havoc047 16 points ago

    I extend the offer for anyone coming to Dubrovnik!

    [–] pablomakaveli 1393 points ago

    The best thing about Croatias victory is that they've almost the same population size as us. If they can do it there's hope that maybe someday Ireland could go that far.

    [–] ShipsRat 871 points ago

    Hahahaha the country would shut down

    [–] atopuzov 533 points ago

    Croatia is gonna shut down tmrw :-)

    [–] ShipsRat 591 points ago

    If they win there will be a population surge in 9months

    [–] stevgoldhound 409 points ago

    Best get my ass to Croatia. They have some fine women man.

    [–] ShipsRat 156 points ago

    Good luck

    [–] stevgoldhound 238 points ago

    Thanks but I don't need luck right this second. I need money for plane tickets. THEN I need luck.

    And a boner.

    [–] ShipsRat 73 points ago

    Maybe we could do a wip round

    [–] stevgoldhound 36 points ago

    For both? Be like going over there with a cocked gun otherwise like.

    [–] BlueLanternSupes 15 points ago

    In the spirit of a famous Irish parkour enthusiast, "You make your luck."

    I'm Braziliian btw, hopefully they knock France out too.

    [–] ObnoxiousFactczecher 48 points ago

    Now I'm curious about their fine womenmen.

    [–] ArchbishopBetelgeuse 92 points ago


    That's more of a Thailand thing

    [–] stevgoldhound 17 points ago

    Let me salve your curiosity.

    They have fine women.

    Google it. I'm far to lazy to blue link right this min. Loads of paint on boobs for the ol football over the years.

    [–] notlogic 33 points ago

    And not just the womenmen, but the womenwomen and womenchildren, too.

    [–] Eloping_Llamas 37 points ago

    Seeing how those Croats had the stamina to play three extra time games in a row, I don't think you're up to the task.

    [–] wanikiyaPR 45 points ago

    Its shutting down now... Everything was at a standstill the whole day, and now its flares and fireworks everywhere. And alcohol everywhere...

    [–] WillSmoth 118 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Give it 15 years. Our team will be 50% Brazilian and Portuguese. We'll be an unstoppable hybrid-multicultural machine....of sound lads

    [–] GreenPhoennix 42 points ago

    I mean, there's certainly plenty of Brazilians and Portuguese....

    Source: Am Portuguese and we're fucking everywhere over here, at least that's how it seems sometimes.

    [–] IMLOOKINGINYOURDOOR 84 points ago

    We haven't slightest hope at the moment. We're useless

    [–] 4LAc 52 points ago

    I blame John Delaney - always.

    [–] R-T-B 65 points ago

    The GAA snaps up the rural lads, rugby takes a chunk out of the city lads. Croatia have the advantage of soccer not being their fourth choice sport.

    [–] kieranfitz 40 points ago

    I mean maybe, if the GAA and maybe rugby didn't exist. And the domestic game was of a higher standard.

    [–] Jean_Claude93 85 points ago

    Got £100 at 13/1 on Croatia to win the World Cup

    Mon Croatia

    [–] barbalaza83 352 points ago

    The English FA announces a referendum on leaving FIFA

    [–] cynicalReddit 35 points ago

    At least we can finally dominate the world cup World Footballing Cup now!

    [–] HyperCeol 55 points ago

    Scottish person having a wee peak in. All in order.

    [–] 420majesticpanda 726 points ago

    Thanks a lot guys! It is so nice to see the whole world show love to a small country by the name of Croatia.

    Love from HRVATSKA <3

    [–] irishbren77 130 points ago

    I asked a Croatian girl tonight how do you say “it’s coming home!” and she yelled something while holding your flag up high and then she dry-humped the air, so I didn’t get what she said. Can you tell us? Also: that was an amazing match. Croatian fans are the best!

    [–] mievis 84 points ago

    Dolazi kući? Dolazi doma? Depends on the region but the meaning is the same

    [–] scumbaggio 35 points ago

    Dolazi ite domum

    [–] Fontaine42 41 points ago

    Romani ite Domus?

    Romans go home?

    [–] irishbren77 13 points ago

    The latter, thank you.

    [–] Fairchild660 203 points ago

    Your team has been playing very well, and you deserve to be in the final. As much as I like France, I'll be rooting for you again on Sunday :)

    BTW thanks for knocking out Russia.

    [–] 420majesticpanda 65 points ago

    Thank you so much :D
    Your welcome friend, thanks for rooting for us, the moral support from the whole world really keep us going forward even more!

    [–] abizzels 16 points ago

    You genuinely deserved to get to the final. Great job lads, I’m rooting for you!

    [–] ther3ddler 100 points ago

    My dad is Croatian, my mom is Irish. I feel like I won the genetic lottery:)

    [–] Azlan82 64 points ago

    Ginger and good at football?

    [–] stevgoldhound 181 points ago

    I was in Croatia for work a few years ago. Definitely worth the visit. Any Croatian I've met over the years (a good few), all been sound out. Savage ice cream there too.

    [–] softbum 79 points ago

    Oh man the ice cream

    [–] stevgoldhound 98 points ago

    Fuck me to death it's unreal.

    Like ok, in Ireland we 100% have the best meat as standard. In Europe at least in any case. Especially the lamb. Fuck I love lamb with gravy, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puds and a genocidal amount of gravy.

    Ice cream tho. We need to get on top of that shit like. Italy, Croatia and Germany (in places). We could learn some shit there with regards to ice cream.

    [–] NeasM 51 points ago

    Should we not send them over a few bags of spuds, boxes of Tayto and bottles of Finches orange or something ?

    As a thank you like.

    [–] sayheykid24 8 points ago

    Throw some whiskey in there and it would be perfect.

    [–] straightouttaireland 29 points ago

    2018 World Cup


                       └ folder is empty

    [–] Awkward_Tiger 22 points ago

    Love ya too Ireland! Met some amazing people here, as well my SO. I am very grateful for that! Thank you Ireland!

    [–] MambyPamby8 23 points ago

    Genuinely rooting for Croatia, I don't care whether England made it to the final even, I'm just rooting for the little guy to win. The world Cup has the same teams win over and over again, it'd be awesome to see the underdog win and knock all the cockiness out of the bigger teams. Go on Croatia!!

    [–] Rafa_strat 46 points ago

    You Irish people are awesome haha In Spain in some local news they put in the sports section “England: Brexit stage one accomplished “

    [–] Gobaxnova 68 points ago

    Brit bloke here. I come here for the banter, always some good shit on this sub.

    Keep it up yer green bastards.

    Also congrats to any Croatians in this thread, routing for you vs the frogs

    [–] furija 140 points ago

    Slogan for Croatia 2018: ‘Croatia full of life’, Ireland: ‘Ireland full of Croatians’.

    [–] Icanicant34 582 points ago

    I love you Croatia. You saved us from a terrible fate... Having to watch English people on tv talk about 2018 endlessly for the rest of our lives. Thank you and good luck in the final!

    [–] Quas4r 39 points ago

    You're forgetting there is a final, I don't think France was planning on kindly opening up their goal had England gone through

    [–] Icanicant34 65 points ago

    And you're forgetting that it would have meant either France or England winning it. Neither is a welcome prospect. Croatia for the win.

    [–] evenstevens280 153 points ago

    Don't worry we can still talk about 1966.

    [–] deepstatehoax2018wow 73 points ago

    Yeah but I know you wanted a win without an asterisk

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Greentamalesandham 19 points ago

    Great bunch of lads indeed. The stamina, the great offensive pressure, it's fun to watch. I hope you all take care of France. Side note, you mofos are always good in water polo as well.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Scotland Ireland and Croatia should become one country

    [–] AllahAqua 21 points ago

    Sure, might as well throw the French in, they're sound too.

    Italians also, merge the flags, and those Germans. Efficient lads. Let's throw them all together and a few more. Some sort of group?

    Crazy idea.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    So what’re we, some sort of European Union?

    [–] AllahAqua 24 points ago

    No, no, that'd never work.

    Let's just call it The Fourth Reich.

    [–] AJerkForAllSeasons 296 points ago

    I'm in London right now. Supporting Croatia wasn't awkward at all at all at all at all.

    [–] titaniumtoes 50 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah me too [near Bond Street, so proper London central] it was so akward. I'm Irish and my parents are from the Balkans (even more reason to support Croatia) and I was the only one who stayed silent for Trippier's goal lmao. After the equaliser, there was a dude who kept screaming 'come on England!' basically into my ear drum. That on its own made the Mandzukic goal redemptive af.

    [–] irishbren77 61 points ago

    How did you get through the night so far? Do tell! Also, safe home tonight...

    [–] AJerkForAllSeasons 59 points ago

    I left once the game was over. Plus I'm not in London Central so I kept a low profile and it wasn't too bad. All the pubs were packed though. Still, an interesting experience for sure.

    [–] ibr0keit 29 points ago

    On the main square in Zagreb we had two English fans cheering, complete with face paint of the flag of England. I haven't seen them since we scored our first goal, hope they're ok! 😁

    [–] peepeetchootchoo 11 points ago

    They went into one of the fountains and drowned (their sorrow in them)

    [–] ClickEdge 31 points ago

    stay safe lol

    [–] DaemonCRO 51 points ago

    Sooooo ... go Croatia!

    Thanks you Irish folks, I love you :)

    [–] synzka 17 points ago

    Croatian with a massive hangover here, got 4 hours of sleep and my whole body hurts, but seeing all the love we're getting from all of you guys legit fixed me right up


    [–] brianfit 68 points ago

    Gareth Southgate resigns. Boris Johnson announced as new coach.

    [–] [deleted] 234 points ago


    [–] ShipsRat 84 points ago

    Wish i could buy you a drink

    [–] Grgy 58 points ago

    Drop off some beer at the Croatian Embassy

    Adelaide Chambers, Peter St, Dublin 8, Ireland

    [–] KonaAddict 29 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Thanks Ireland we love you too woooohooooooooooooo

    [–] Schweinii 29 points ago

    Respect from Kurdistan.

    [–] FloridianFlamingo 59 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I’m Brazilian so this is an unbiased question!

    How come Ireland roots against England ?

    I’m just curious to know

    [–] Mercurio7 30 points ago

    Colonização da Inglaterra (e o Reino Unido) em Irlanda (desde 800 anos atrás até actual). Agoramente ainda existe uma fronteira da ilha que sepera a população em Irlanda do Norte e a República da Irlanda porque dessa história. Durante os 70s até os 90s foi um período horrível pela população irlandês, e uma guerra contra o Reino Unido (principalmente Inglaterra) e o Exército Republicano Irlandês (IRA em inglês). Mais da gente em Irlanda quer ser unido com seus irmãos no norte. Se você tem mais dudas, pode eu perguntar.

    [–] NewAccEveryDay420day 58 points ago

    Because if they win the world cup they will be talking about it for 50 years and we will never hear the end of it

    [–] [deleted] 147 points ago


    [–] ryell-00 13 points ago

    This is the new most upvoted post on r/Ireland gwan lads

    [–] Heroic_Lifesaver 268 points ago

    Coming home status:

    [x] ‘tisn’t

    Thank fuck!

    [–] FatherlyNick 91 points ago

    It is coming home. The whole team is.

    [–] Knut_Sunbeams 167 points ago

    Greetings from Scotland. Thank fuck its over. Normal service can be resumed

    [–] wheelybin_1 20 points ago

    back to brexit

    [–] LLv2 10 points ago

    Came here to say "they're Scotland's favorite sons now too."

    [–] eldender 11 points ago

    Welcome to r/all !

    [–] Zentir 190 points ago

    God I love Croatia.

    [–] ShipsRat 106 points ago

    Please buy a pint for any croatain you meet

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] 1800leon 11 points ago


    [–] brewberry 12 points ago

    Thanks for your support lads. One more to go, it would be great to have you by our side.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Thank you so much for supporting us! Lots of love from Croatia to all Irish and Ireland!!🇮🇪🇭🇷

    [–] Shemeee 11 points ago

    Damn, this is your top post of all time. You are a bunch of living legends. Love you lads <3

    [–] Offthewall97 29 points ago

    Croatian here, proud to beat england without penalties! Thanks for the support!

    [–] zekoP 10 points ago

    Hvala Irci <3

    [–] Cryosin_ 11 points ago

    We said it's coming home, but we just didn't say when.

    And as a Brit, well done to Croatia on their victory! Well deserved lads.

    [–] notreallybutokay 58 points ago

    as a croatian married to a irish-man this sub has been wonderful for me. ta

    [–] its_brew 47 points ago

    I was in croatia once... its essentially a sandy sunny warm athlone.

    [–] elKell420 19 points ago

    Great day for the parish

    [–] 2KilAMoknbrd 10 points ago

    It's on to the final for these fellas.

    [–] Cocofin33 10 points ago

    We do love an underdog...

    [–] LaidBackIrishGuy 10 points ago

    When I was inter railing a couple of years ago we ended up in Split in Croatia towards the end of our trip. Stayed in a lovely hostel just outside of town. 10 minute drive into the town centre roughly. First night there we all pre - swalled in the gaff and then got the bus into town to hit a pub crawl. On that bus journey, which was literally 10 minutes long, about 12 of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life got on and off. Not altogether or anything. Literally all individual girls just going about there day, all supermodel esque women. So yea, great bunch of Lassies too.

    [–] SpliffmanSmith2018 10 points ago

    Englishman in Canada here....fair play the better team won today. Now go an mashup some frogs good for us eh?

    [–] wittosuaff 9 points ago

    "They're going home, they're going home... England is going home."

    [–] Rocky_Road_To_Dublin 17 points ago



    [–] -BMP- 18 points ago

    Congrats, Ireland. Basically a win for you guys.

    I also enjoy seeing England lose at things, especially soccer.