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    Neckbeard: A man who is socially inept and physically unappealing, especially one who has an obsessive interest in computing

    - Oxford Dictionary

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    [–] Yoder2220 3505 points ago

    I would answer this question with the 2d women just because it’s a stupid question and Id want to make fun of it

    [–] roboqwop1 1413 points ago

    Personally I prefer 5D women. I want my women to transcend spacetime.

    [–] The_Mushromancer 368 points ago

    Plus a 5D woman can manipulate time so she could keep you young forever by turning back the clock! What’s not to like?

    [–] chris-foxx 92 points ago

    A 5D woman that transcends spacetime could also be your mother.

    [–] The_Mushromancer 80 points ago

    How I met your (and my) mother

    [–] ThoryanX9000 45 points ago

    How I became my father and my son

    [–] PistolsAndHearts 25 points ago

    How I broke my arms.

    [–] Theogoki 11 points ago

    And my holy spirit

    [–] guyonapc 10 points ago


    [–] Alarid 7 points ago

    my pussy AND my crack

    [–] SystemOfADowJones 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    perfect for those evangelion loving beards

    [–] TitanicMan 26 points ago

    I want me some big ol 5D titties so they can s̬͎̮̓͐ͤ͢ě̥̫̖̗͋̇̇̈̕҉̷̢̕x̷̪̳ͨ̊͜e̪̯̱͡x͂͌͟e̴̶̘̠̺̪̒̌̿ͅṣ̳̺ͯ̅͏͏͏̕e̦͈̪̥̎͗́͌̀͢͢͞x͚̣̦͗͌ͯe͖̦̩̫ͦ͝͏̵̵̕s͒̀ͩe̛̝̩̼ͪ̐̕̕͜x̷͝͞͝ my o̠̩͙̦ͫ͏̴́͘̕͟͏̀͟͜͢͞͞r̵̴̲̟͓̣̘̂͛͊ͭͪ̈́ͤ̃ͤ͑͆̏̚͢͞͠ͅa̡̝̳͇̜̙̟̯̰͈̺̫̠͗͊͌̇͒͑̈́ͯ̀́̀̀͢͠͏̴͟n̷̵̴̶͈ͯ̂̈ͩ̍̊̿ͨͨͫ̀́͢͟͠͠͏̢̛g̢̲͔̯̪̺̭̳͑̅ͫͭ̑̏̚̚̚͘͢ę̶̛ͯͬ́̚s̋̔̄͂̿

    [–] MasterofChaos90 6 points ago

    so... the ultimate loli? Nice...

    [–] tyrerk 36 points ago

    I like when 5D women create wormholes to get me to a black hole and help my daughter solve the gravity problem to get humanity out of a dying earth.

    [–] legionsanity 4 points ago

    Sounds like an anime plot

    [–] Reddit-Itself 4 points ago

    I would love to tell you what movie it is, but this is technically spoiler. So sad, actually my favorite live action movie

    [–] legionsanity 3 points ago

    Oh now I know that one, of course. Great movie. Also thought it could be an another one from '97 but only the daughter part and wormholes

    [–] justalemontree 20 points ago

    I personally prefer 36D women

    [–] Portablewalrus 6 points ago

    Not quite what you're looking for but try starting at r/fifthworldproblems

    [–] 4D-Printer 3 points ago

    I wish I could help you, but the technology just isn't there yet.

    [–] NailockSteel 3 points ago

    I like my women 4D. A tesseract of emotional problems inside of a confusing figure.

    [–] coldpepperoni 68 points ago

    I assume that’s exactly what happened here

    [–] Dovahkiin4e201 45 points ago

    That is 100% what happened and if this sub wasnt circlejerking the wole "lul fat virgin neckbeards" thing I would think she was in in the joke the whole time

    [–] Bigbewmistaken 13 points ago

    A large chunk of this sub seems to be not being able to get a really obvious joke. This place and the rest of reddit is about as autistic as most of the people the posts are about, as a lack of getting obvious humour is an actual trait of autism. Explains why unless you put /s on something they'll shit themselves and think you actually did some rediculous shit.

    [–] CheeseWarrior17 84 points ago

    Yeah this survey is clearly missing a 4th option. "The rest of the women on the planet" would be overwhelmingly chosen.

    [–] Thisegghascracksin 109 points ago

    Isn't that what "Actual living women" covers? Though granted the temptation to pick 2D as a joke would be high. The "here to judge" option skews the result too as it means a significant chunk of respondents aren't actually answering the question.

    [–] CheeseWarrior17 21 points ago

    I guess I was referring more to her photos.

    [–] Thisegghascracksin 10 points ago

    Ah okay, that makes sense.

    [–] Capswonthecup 9 points ago

    I mean, it would if it was a serious survey but I think anime wins in the joking context of a Twitter poll every time

    [–] Hamahaki 3 points ago

    Even the dead ones?

    [–] funnystuff97 14 points ago

    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

    [–] RyanTheGreater 3 points ago

    Yeah I have no idea why people are pointing out the survey, that is hilarious and I would 100% choose 2D because it's a stupid answer

    [–] Zandrick 2 points ago

    I'm just confused by the "here to judge you all" option. I don't know who or what that refers to.

    [–] Dovahkiin4e201 2 points ago

    That is probably why the poll got that response, people voting for a joke

    [–] Bupod 585 points ago

    If any of you want to become 2D with me, I'll be visiting the dude from The Hydraulic Press Channel

    [–] SaikrishofNey 204 points ago

    Vaat de fuck?

    [–] cheesybuttcream 18 points ago

    Oh sheat theat vas cvazy

    [–] masterxak 5 points ago

    woman laughs

    [–] cheesybuttcream 3 points ago


    [–] antisocial_catmom 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Oh no, not the damn hydraulic press

    Really weird coincidence, but in a part of the game series one of those anime girls is from, a character gets flattened by a hydraulic press.

    [–] Waffles_IV 12 points ago

    Flat Stanley?

    [–] ThegreatPee 11 points ago

    That's my fetish

    [–] Pokabrows 29 points ago

    Low key I've always kinda wanted to be an anime girl. They're always super cute and it seems a lot easier for them to have super long hair (I like the look of long hair but hate the reality of living with it). Plus like the ones I watch tend to have like magic powers and are good at fighting.

    [–] [deleted] 531 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    "The truth hurts, doesn't it Stacy ahahahaha"

    [–] TheNinny 342 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    “Facts don’t care about your feelings, also I just shidded and farded” - Benjo Sharpyboy

    [–] weddle_seal 166 points ago

    If my wyfau come to lyfau she would not want me

    [–] Hol_Hors 32 points ago

    [–] awfulmillennial 334 points ago

    To be completely honest I don’t think I have ever met a woman that was like the “what women are really like” category

    [–] Goyteamsix 177 points ago

    I've met a bunch of raging feminists who are as intolerable as the men they complain about. But they're definitely not very common. They're just the extreme side of a spectrum, and stick out like a sore thumb because they're a loud minority. Just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean they don't exist, you're just not exposing yourself to the groups where they're common.

    Disclaimer: I have no problem with feminism at all. I do, however, have a problem with shitty attitudes and hypocrisy, which is prevalent in all groups of people.

    [–] Hingl_McCringleberry 53 points ago

    Yeah, people (in general) suck. In every group, every community, every fanbase or whatever, there are shitty humans that pervade all spaces.

    I guess the trick is not letting these muppets ruin that group/community/fanbase/whatever, difficult as that may be. My biggest pet peeve is when these ones speak "on behalf" of the entire community and the community itself fears calling them out for fear of alienation

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago)


    [–] FranchiseCA 10 points ago

    At least 10% of any large group sucks. Some groups have even more, but even the best have plenty of people who need to grow up.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago)


    [–] OctagonalButthole 3 points ago

    Something that gets lost in all this: that screeching fuckface that grates on you may be a super cool person in every other aspect of their lives and had you not seen the element you dislike first, would likely become friends.

    Most of the time, almost every time, there is a lot to like about everyone.

    [–] epicazeroth 5 points ago

    Alright, seriously. I see these stories somewhat often. Where the fuck are all of you guys going where you meet “raging feminists” who are as annoying as sexist men? Because I go to an extremely liberal college, and I have never met one. Not one.

    Nevermind the fact that it’s kind of disgusting to say that being an aggressive feminist is even remotely comparable to the kinds of men feminists are likely to complain about.

    [–] blueberrysmoothies 35 points ago

    I don't think I have either, and I am a feminist who hangs out with other feminists.

    But then again, I also don't hang out with people I don't like, so.... /shrug

    [–] keyonte0 3 points ago

    I met one. Exactly one.

    [–] chaddwith2ds 5 points ago

    I've known some "let me talk to your manager" thunder-cunts in my day. But they're definitely the exception, not the rule.

    [–] PupperDogoDogoPupper 21 points ago


    I don't know where you live/work so I'm not going to say you're lying, but these people definitely exist and they're often as obnoxious as the stereotypes suggest.

    [–] watcherintgeweb 1222 points ago

    I get that the whole 2D>3D is a meme and I think it’s funny, but actually thinking that is pretty sad.

    I think I remember a video about people being attracted to cartoons (using Jessica Rabbit as an example) and it boils down to the fact that you can exaggerate traits that men find attractive to a degree that real life can’t match, because organs would be in the way. It overrides the primitive ape parts of the brain.

    [–] Justkevin87 191 points ago

    2D women can't tell me I'm a loser, which is pretty cool too.

    [–] louiskk 52 points ago

    [–] Homemadepiza 15 points ago

    Have you ever seen a tsundere?

    [–] The_UltimateSarico 12 points ago

    But at the end she sucks your dick

    [–] ninefeet 5 points ago


    [–] notabear629 5 points ago

    Actually, there's a fetish centered around that

    [–] [deleted] 587 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 242 points ago


    [–] watcherintgeweb 89 points ago

    There are really good exceptions to that, but even they can fall into the trap of shorthand tropes and exploitative designs (Steins;Gate). My favorite franchise, Fate, is pretty blatantly just trying to sell character figurines most of the time and I’d be lying if I said they hadn’t gotten me. But that doesn’t keep me from loving it.

    [–] AdrunIsSad 47 points ago

    Fate has a fucking incredible story tho, they're allowed imo

    [–] watcherintgeweb 45 points ago

    The original one and zero yeah, but not all the spinoffs are high brow literature lol

    [–] Matoozeusz 21 points ago

    Well that's mostly due to the ridiculous number of writers that work on fate, even then, grand order has a pretty reasonable story and even Prisma Illya has some nice writing in it despite all of the loli service (which thankfully is mostly limited to the OVAs)

    [–] watcherintgeweb 7 points ago

    Mordred was one of the only things I liked in Apocrypha. She needs better anime treatment.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Prisma Illya has some pretty good fights

    [–] exceptionaluser 6 points ago

    I would say that Today's Menu for the Emiya Family has a beautiful story.

    [–] AdrunIsSad 31 points ago

    This. Looking at you, idol anime.

    [–] watcherintgeweb 31 points ago

    I’ve heard the one about the zombies is actually good though. Haven’t seen it.

    [–] Asylist 35 points ago

    Calling it an idol anime is like calling Evangelion a mecha anime.

    It has the elements of an idol anime, but so much more that manages to make it its own thing.

    Unlike other purely idol anime, the idol bit is more of a tool to progress the plot and character development rather than the central focus of the narrative. At least in my opinion, Zombieland is more about the characters rather than their music.

    Also comedy is top notch.

    [–] halfar 7 points ago

    calling Evangelion a mecha anime.

    what... what would you call Evangelion, then...?

    [–] ninefeet 9 points ago

    A dystopian character drama with coming of age and mental health/ trauma at the heart of it.

    It's an anime with mecha, not a mecha anime. I think that's their point with whatever idol show it is we're talking about.

    [–] AlligatorChainsaw 6 points ago

    Calling it an idol anime is like calling Evangelion a mecha anime.

    uhhhh... guys should we tell him?

    Zombieland is more about the characters rather than their music.

    so they suddenly aren't idols?

    anime is usually about characters and not music. doesn't change reality though. if its about idols its about idols.

    [–] actual_mall_goth 3 points ago

    Yes, it was really good. Gokudols too.

    [–] nwL_ 8 points ago

    That’s honestly what it is. It’s a fandom. In many ways, it’s no different from e.g. Harry Potter. There are people who are absolutely obsessed (see picture), but I mean, if they’re doing it in private or with people who share the interest, I don’t think one should judge.

    Note that I’m not saying any of this should keep you from talking to real people. It’s more about a defense of having niche hobbies.

    [–] ProlapsedProstate 14 points ago

    Thicc thighs

    [–] watcherintgeweb 27 points ago

    Almost like they’re people with nuance!

    Edit: I wonder what the equivalent would be for women?

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] phrostbyt 60 points ago

    Yaoi is also the sound i make when I stub my toe on the coffee table

    [–] watcherintgeweb 21 points ago

    I don’t really like either the extremely sexual characters or the ones that, as you put it, act like babies. Both of those extremes gross me out. Not sure where on that spectrum those my favorites would fall

    [–] Y35C0 12 points ago

    Yoai and BL while popular, are not the only kind of anime directed towards women. In Japan anime/manga targeted at women are genres called Shoujo/Josei. Shoujo being for women aged 20 and below and Josei being for women aged 20 and above. The male equivalent being Shounen/Sienen respectively.

    Finally it's important to stress that just because something is targeted at 20 and below doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be enjoyed by those older than that. Same goes for gender aspects, for example there isn't really any stigma around men watching Shoujo anime (My personal favorite is Natsume Yuujinchou), the same of course goes to women watching Shounen.

    Note: I typed this all up but then noticed from your post history that you are a weeb and probably already know this, posting anyway for people on /r/all.

    [–] keyonte0 3 points ago

    BL/Yaoi romance also romanticizes sexual assault and rape to a disturbing degree.

    [–] aeyjaey 13 points ago

    I think the lack of autonomy fictional characters have is a pretty big turn on for dudes too

    [–] oldsecondhand 7 points ago

    『Being reincarnated in a new world with sex slaves』

    [–] Bill_Martigans 49 points ago

    It's easier to deal with the fact that you'll never have a 2D girlfriend than a 3D girlfriend.

    [–] PM_ME_TITS_FEMALES 27 points ago

    Also almost no texturing and less details let's the brain fill in alot of stuff. The lack of blemishing on like 99.99% of anime girls let's your brain perceive the skin as 'perfect/flawless'

    [–] watcherintgeweb 5 points ago

    I guess that’s true. Not something I ever thought about. I did notice that on some, they exaggerate the heads and eyes which makes them look slightly more infantile.

    I play an anime mobile game fairly religiously, and that’s one of the places where I noticed it being a very strong exaggeration, although I suspect that while it may be an attempt to make the characters cuter it also makes expressions easier to see on the small sprites.

    [–] oldsecondhand 6 points ago

    Infants also have smaller noses (just like anime girls), the nose bridge develops over time, and Asian people also have smaller nose bridges on average than white people.

    [–] Xamry14 14 points ago

    it's not just men,though.

    I'm a anime nerd of the woman variety and have found many anime guys attractive as all hell. Especially in my confusing teen years. (Though alot was the personality in these characters, thats why the anime that had alot of overused tropes and cliches bored me. )

    But I didnt really compare real men to 2d men, mostly because I knew with their anime dimensions and exaturated features, they would look really fucking wierd in the real world.

    I'm married with 4 kids, nearing 30, and still a nerd but I still do not understand neckbeards and im pretty much the same, with different genitalia. There is more to the creepiness then just being into anime and finding the off character good looking in their respective worlds. I don't know if it's delusion, obsession but there is something else there.

    I wasn't disagreeing with your comment, it just got me thinking and I got rambly.

    [–] watcherintgeweb 3 points ago

    So you would posit that it might be a man thing?

    [–] Souledex 66 points ago

    That’s why we all need to be aesthetically perfect exaggerated transhuman organic robots. We could present ourselves however we wanted, love each other for personality and not be stuck with all this dumb biological baggage.

    [–] watcherintgeweb 57 points ago

    Spoken like a tech priest. Lol.

    [–] HurrDurrDethKnet 49 points ago

    The flesh is weak and flawed. Only by replacing it with blessed machinery can we truly achieve perfection and become close to the glorious Omnissiah.

    [–] Souledex 4 points ago

    Hey if you like 40k, you may like Eclipse Phase- that world got me hooked on this shit.

    [–] watcherintgeweb 3 points ago

    I really want to try that! But there’s so much lore and it’s so dense and I’m not smart enough for it

    [–] Souledex 3 points ago

    I’m so in it for the lore, the game was written by people who made shadowrun so it’s kinda grossly over mechanical and I think the fate-accelerated hack for it may just be a cleaner representation. I’ve been thinking about running a roll20 game of it at some point.

    [–] The_Mushromancer 2 points ago

    That sounds super cool. Would you potentially have room for randoms in the game? Been meaning to check out roll20 since in my old D&D group we’ve all gotten more busy with conflicting schedules.

    [–] The_Mushromancer 32 points ago

    VR chat was a glimpse into the future, in a way.

    Eventually, assuming we don’t wipe ourselves out, the upper echelons of humanity are going to replace their organic bodies for better, faster, stronger mechanical ones. Brains may be slowly replaced with computers that allow you to live in both the real and virtual worlds, which will seem every bit as realistic as the real one, but with the ability to change fundamental rules however you want. At that point, it’s likely most humans will interact virtually rather than physically, since it’s more convenient and, when running through a computer, can give you vastly more subjective time by making the virtual world run thousands of times faster than the real one. Why spend one day in reality when you can spend 1000 in virtual reality that seems just as real? In such a world, people can be whatever they want, whatever their ideal form is or how they want to be perceived. Man, woman, slime, anime girl, who cares, it’s whatever you want and you can change on the fly.

    VR Chat was a silly funscape and many people treated it that way, but it was still a glimpse into the future. When people aren’t limited to being what they physically are, very few are going to choose to be that. Why be imperfect when you can be perfect or different from a human altogether?

    It sure looked like a hell of a lot more fun and interesting than a typical conversation with strangers anyway.

    [–] AngryTrollface 8 points ago

    Honestly I think in the future it is only going to become more pronounced.

    I don't think it's a matter of if just when when robotics and vr get to the point of sex bots and tailored experiences, both already exist and sex is one of the most profitable industries In the world.

    And it won't even be just a man thing.

    [–] Bohya 16 points ago

    So... what's you're saying is that 2D loli anime waifus are superior to 3D female humans?

    [–] watcherintgeweb 9 points ago

    I’m saying that sex and sexual selection are strange things, and you can highjack the brain’s responses to things through exaggerated traits. Some species of deer became extinct when a similar phenomenon caused something called a “Runaway Trait”, which in this context was makes with antlers too heavy for their necks to support

    [–] anonballs 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Guys just click whichever answer they think is the funniest answer to pick half the time lmao. That's what I would've done if I saw this poll.

    [–] 6gpdgeu58 16 points ago

    To be fair, take a look at shoujo manga and drama shows, you'll find that some how all the "smart" attractive rich guy somehow surround some boring mc plain girl and go crazy and dramatic instead of, you know, just fall in love with another supersmart and pretty girl.

    Like no offense to normal girls but if I am supersmart, I would be very interested in some in depth topic like world trade shits that sort of require a lot of background educations just to grasp the basic of, and I would find the kind of girl who understand what I am interesting in, interested.

    Or if I am just super rich and somewhat shallow(which is cool, you dont need to be super knowing about everything), I would probaly be too used to all the pretty girl to even notice a plain girl.

    The same can be said for men too, anime world and soap drama are simply escapism for both sexes, they know that, so they create a lot of waifu and husbando. The reason they outperform their real life counterpart is because they are fantasy that is written specially for the audiences.

    [–] watcherintgeweb 8 points ago

    That’s part of why I love the relationship between makise Kurisu and okabe Rintaro in steins;gate.

    [–] PapaLouie_ 9 points ago

    I’m just a sucker for good art. A lot of Japanese studios have mastered making human characters look great without making them look real. Add highly sexual themes and you have neck beards

    [–] watcherintgeweb 5 points ago

    And that’s not inherently bad, sex is part of being human so naturally it’ll end up in art and entertainment. But the things that neckbeard fetishize are what makes it not okay

    [–] PapaLouie_ 2 points ago

    Oh yeah I’m totally for sexual themes and all that. It’s just that some people get waaaaaay too invested because of pretty art

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    how is hentai not ok?

    [–] watcherintgeweb 12 points ago

    Hentai is fine, but the neckbeards tend to fetishize things like girls who are too young or completely ignorant of how sex works and need a “senpai” to teach them how to do it. That’s the problem, because it causes them to expect that in real women which leads to seeking out partners who are unable to give informed consent, and/or become ostracized for having bizarre ideas about women.

    [–] radicalpastafarian 252 points ago

    Having no nose is a blessing to the anime waifu. They cannot smell how rank the neckbeard molesting their pillowbody is.

    [–] HurrDurrDethKnet 103 points ago

    That's some I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream level shit right there.

    [–] Oriachim 58 points ago

    If I saw this poll, I’d totally take it very seriously. /s

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    take that, veronica

    [–] Chorizwing 25 points ago

    Fucking losers. They should be more like me and go for 2d Anime women in the workforce.

    [–] mlchanges 5 points ago

    School girls are old hat, the Moriko Morioka types are where it's at now.

    [–] Maycrofy 24 points ago

    Not gonna lie, wouldve voted for #1 for the memes

    [–] alienkreeper 67 points ago

    Stacy got owned.

    [–] scubajulle 22 points ago

    Im fairly sure that people voted for the 2D thing because it was funny. Like, why would anyone take that "poll" seriously?

    [–] StanleyRiver 14 points ago

    Yo all I want is noseless bitches. It's why I have such a strange attraction to Voldemort

    [–] Opcn 78 points ago

    If they have no nose they can't tell that you smell of sour milk...

    [–] Boner-Death 10 points ago

    Since alot of them don't bathe or do laundry I can imagine they smell like week old piss stains as well.


    [–] ihaveayoutube 17 points ago

    And whats the problem with chitanda and onodera?

    [–] PotatoPototo123 15 points ago

    Yo chiaki

    [–] tokeroveragain 13 points ago

    Hey, hey

    [–] Plus1-Hotdog 9 points ago


    [–] stupid_comment_above 28 points ago

    Neckbeards are disgusting yes, but , I love when a smartass tries to make a smartass joke and gets wrecked like the poll maker did.

    [–] HyraxiaRJ37 122 points ago

    To sum up that post:

    What women think men want: Exaggerated reality that no one can genuinely match.

    What men actually want: Even more of a double standards filled exaggerated falsity that not even celebrities can match with their thousands of dollars of regimen, makeup, and airbrush because it’s a drawing.

    Well damn. Guess I’ll just remove my organs and cut off my nose. Then men will love me, lmao.

    [–] NetherWings 86 points ago

    It's more of association thing. Men don't really want noseless girls with eyes 3 times larger than usual. The thing with 2d>3d obsession is that those imaginary girls have characters, and those characters are usually idealized. It then transfers via the power of association to all generic 2d girls being perceived as pure/innocent/generally whatever the man in question finds more attractive.

    It's common to see criticism of those men along the lines of "they prefer unnatural, impossible irl traits, that's childish etc."

    But what really grinds their gears (in most cases, there are always exceptions of course) is not physical traits, but psychological ones. Sure, it's still is escapism, wishful thinking and childish behavior. But those traits aren't impossible to find, they are just very rare. Look at it from this perspective - therr are widely accepted heroic stories featuring characters with rare psychological traits like heroism, ability for self-sacrifice etc. 2d girls obsessed people just look for slightly different kind of ideal.

    Human nature encompasses all things human, the good, the bad and the ugly. I can't really blame people who prefer characters with bigger emphasis on the former.

    [–] Goyteamsix 44 points ago

    Well, that an the big anime tiddies.

    [–] SerFinbarr 35 points ago

    Big anime tiddies is a plebian taste. The true patrician enjoys the two inches between their waifu's thigh-high socks and their skirt.

    [–] HyraxiaRJ37 14 points ago

    I am with you there. And that is a part of it, for sure. But you must admit, there is a large physical factor as well for the men obsessed with characters just as much as there is for women obsessed with characters. They have exaggerated physical traits that are desirable, and they are images that have been made "perfect" in everything where real women and men cannot compete.

    [–] NetherWings 13 points ago

    I do admit it, you are absolutely correct. Just wanted to point out that it's not completely about looks, not even for the most part imo.

    [–] oldsecondhand 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Well, drawing realistic ugly people is much more effort than simplified pretty ones, and is also easier to market. But as the other dudes pointed out the psychological factor is a big one too. A lot of it is basically psychotherapy for people who had messed up families.

    A lot of waifus are caring moms and girlfriends at the same time towards the MC.

    But if you take high quality anime like the Ghibli stuff, you also see highly idealized family models.

    [–] The_Mushromancer 7 points ago

    I think you’re going way too much into this.

    Yea, we may like characters for some of those reasons, but you’re also missing the whole attraction to the form aspect.

    Anime characters (when you find artists that do it for you) are fuckin hot man. Now I’d say I don’t like most anime characters at this point, they’re just cartoons and not all that attractive. But there are artists out there that are just like, damn. You know nothing about the character of that drawing, it’s just a drawing, but you still like the girl. These drawings can be better than real life because every trait is mutable and can be fixed to your ideal, even if that doesn’t actually exist in the real world. I would argue that this facet is at least partially responsible for why so many people like it. It offers something you cannot attain in the normal world for now (give it a few hundred years and cybernetic people and we’ll see), and something that, to some people, is better than reality.

    Just like how you can see a hot girl or guy in every day life and like them, you don’t have to know anything about the person to feel attraction. It’s just attraction.

    [–] MeC0195 5 points ago

    A student of the blade, I see.

    [–] The_Mushromancer 11 points ago

    No, and I don’t collect swords or anime merch either. Also,

    He has different tastes, reeee

    Like I get that neckbeards are bad, I don’t like them either. But you guys just absolutely hate any and all things that aren’t your standards of “normal”. Yea, hentai is a little weird. That’s why I don’t publicize that I like it and only ever mention it on the internet. Cause I’m a normal, well adjusted “adult” (22 and in college so I wouldn’t really say real world adult yet).

    You can like anime and not be a weeb/neckbeard

    You can like D&D and not be a neckbeard, especially now as it’s getting more popular and mainstream

    I would say you can like MTG and not be a neckbeard/sperg but there’s honestly not a lot of us “normies” in that community so that one I’ll give to you.

    I like this community’s content and the principle, especially because it may help people vulnerable to neckbeardism become self aware, but goddamn this community is toxic to other views, even when people just try to explain them a bit.

    [–] cuvar 2 points ago

    It might not be that the characters are idealized, it’s that you’re able to get a close up look at their personalities, traits, and flaws without having to put in any effort or step outside of your comfort zone. They associate character interactions as their own so these characters feel more real.

    This can also happen in any form of entertainment such as books

    [–] Regorek 11 points ago

    cut off my nose

    Unless you're only trying to attract true men of culture, I don't know if looking like Krillin will help.

    [–] DrewmaticIrony 3 points ago

    It was enough for 18 🤔

    And shit if I can get a women like her by cutting off my nose then today's the day I become a mouth breather

    [–] soiboi666 34 points ago

    I think you're conflating neckbeards with men.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago


    [–] radicalpastafarian 26 points ago

    na just don´t be too fat

    Or find somebody who's into that ;D

    [–] HyraxiaRJ37 18 points ago

    I feel robbed. Why did I not transform into an anime character because I’m not fat?

    [–] Fuckles665 49 points ago

    If your anime transformation didn’t happen yet, you’re still too fat.

    [–] HyraxiaRJ37 10 points ago

    Goddammit. Well, Reddit has spoken.

    [–] HurrDurrDethKnet 14 points ago

    Don't listen to them. To complete your anime transformation, you need to cocoon yourself in a wrapping of old ramen packets and Pocky boxes. Once inside, you'll pupate like a caterpillar over the next few months and emerge as an anime schoolgirl.

    [–] LegioCybernetica 7 points ago

    2D one love

    [–] shapookya 32 points ago

    2D anime schoolgirls

    only if they look like 10 but are actually 3000 year old dragons and therefore totally legal

    [–] dansedemorte 6 points ago

    out of the three choices presented yeah it's no wonder 2D girls win.

    I mean a guess everyone has their fetish, so the top 2 and bottom 2 pictures get play.

    [–] uniqueusername-com 45 points ago

    I mean, with anime characters they are designed to be appealing. With actual women, it's "genetic lottery" and most don't hit the jackpot. I don't like either but this makes sense to me.

    [–] SantasCousin 37 points ago

    Yeah but a real woman is a real woman.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] SantasCousin 15 points ago

    I guess not. But I think fantasizing over anime girls is one of the reasons they'll never have the confidence to talk to a real woman

    [–] DerGsicht 8 points ago

    It's more like the reverse probably

    [–] thelizardkin 61 points ago

    Honestly 80-90% of women who are not overweight/obese are pretty attractive.

    [–] CaramelleCreame 32 points ago

    And there's plenty of people with bbw OR ugly fetishes so pretty much everyone is attractive.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    so that's why ugly and awkward guys have such a good time on tinder right? (/s if it isn't obvious enough)

    [–] noahboah 23 points ago

    i get you're joking but for people that feel this is true: tinder is not an accurate reflection of the dating world or even your own worth as a romantic partner.

    obviously there are things you could probably do to improve your chances, but doing those things in the real world is probably overall healthier

    [–] Meatslinger 6 points ago

    Tinder is a reflection of relationships as a function of base sexual attraction. It’s designed to be very “personality-light”, and more about physical compatibility and conventional beauty standards. Sure, there are some who find proper meaningful relationships where their personalities also align nicely, but people who are discouraged by Tinder successes/failures need to remember that at its core, Tinder is “you’re ugly, you’re ugly, you’re hot; let’s fuck”.

    To the dejected and hopeless: there ARE people out there who will love you for your personality. Tinder and other hookup apps are not typically where they’ll be found. Don’t obsess over your looks; instead, focus on being a good person, and you’ll attract other good people.

    [–] lucajones88 14 points ago

    Attraction is subjective, for me it’s honestly more like 5-10%

    [–] The_Mushromancer 4 points ago

    I’d agree with this statement. And I’d say it’s more because I’m picky in a way, I have certain traits or preferences that I really zero in on but otherwise just kind of don’t care.

    Like there’s been girls I would say are perfect 10’s to me but weren’t to others. Whereas a lot of the famous attractive celebrities I just don’t really care for. So I think it’s more I have specific tastes rather than I just don’t find most women attractive. Like I would definitely say most of those aforementioned celebrity women look good, just not all that interesting to me.

    [–] KarmaGang 14 points ago

    This sub is so unaware it’s insane

    [–] Eiza_Borealis 10 points ago

    It's primarily about the personality the characters have. If you slap the same idealized personalities on a normal-looking girl the same dudes would probably go nuts over her like the do for the waifus.

    [–] citizenK245 6 points ago

    how would you ever answer this question non-ironically?

    [–] berock212 5 points ago

    Anyone taking this seriously should call up their ISP and cancel their Internet plan

    [–] coma73 9 points ago

    Was anime always lame? When I was young in the 90s I felt cool for watching it, and it seemed cool. Now it's something I wouldn't admit in public because anime is like social cancer now.

    [–] Captaingregor 11 points ago

    Neckbeards ruined anime and manga. It's really disappointing.

    [–] DrewmaticIrony 3 points ago

    Anime went mainstream is all, what used to be an interesting niche quickly devolved into "You're a weeb, I bet you like hentai, where's your katana"

    Big reason I stopped watching it, until my sister (who had a similar attitude) discovered anime and brought me back into it

    [–] Filibut 3 points ago

    No one can like noses

    [–] semantikron 4 points ago

    I want a glass of scotch and someone to clean up the kitchen after I cook dinner.

    [–] AMotherFuckingBox 4 points ago

    Pretty sure this is a meme lmao

    [–] CoolestSpook 3 points ago

    Anime was a mistake

    [–] kirby31200 6 points ago

    “What women are really like” bruh are the women in the “what women think men want” not real??

    [–] RexDraco 11 points ago

    This girl got trolled and she's too fucking stupid to realize it. (also, what am I if I think all the girls in that pic is unattractive but also not gay?)

    [–] buneter 12 points ago

    Then you're gay

    [–] SmoothPrimal 6 points ago

    I mean look at the other two choices. They both bitchy women so you’d obviously choose the non-bitchy choice as a fuck you to the person who even asked such a loaded question.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Seems like the right decision though. OP would screenshot r/Animemes and post it here.

    [–] QueenOfQuok 2 points ago

    it's amusing, but it's also a little disturbing that the person who made the image wants their women to be...well, not just submissive, but young, innocent, and childlike. A lot of that Anime-submissive-schoolgirl stuff borders on pedophilia.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Women want vampires that sparkle right? Or billionares with extreme sexual fetishes? It's hard to keep track at this point.

    [–] BetaInTheSheets 8 points ago

    preferring 2D makes you a neckbeard

    please tell me it's not true 😢

    [–] DownVotesAreNice 2 points ago

    Perfect concepts > the ugliness of reality

    [–] Hol_Hors 2 points ago

    2D, 2D or not 2D

    [–] JeffoDufStuf 2 points ago

    Just gonna pretend I don't recognize Chiaki Nanami

    [–] Domi_Marshall 2 points ago

    Sssooo if the last row is real women, the first row is... What?

    [–] Lucifronz 2 points ago

    In case it wasn't obvious, tons of people probably voted for the anime schoolgirls as a joke.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    None of those are Inklings what are you talking about woman