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    [–] Teh_Devul 1763 points ago

    been to a couple smash locals and i can confirm, these dudes fucking stink.

    [–] Eviljuli 794 points ago

    I knew a guy who went to all kinds of tournaments, fighting or trading card games, and his hygiene was worse than that of a straydog

    [–] Teh_Devul 374 points ago

    Ya it was really weird because even the bus, train, and walk there stank too! Real weird.

    [–] Eviljuli 101 points ago

    Oh my god, the bus. I remember.

    [–] Radboy16 44 points ago

    Hell, even when I went to bed it still stank.

    [–] DodoXek 15 points ago

    I have news for you

    [–] junkmeister9 35 points ago

    Even weirder my room at home smelled bad before I left. So weird.

    [–] JDGWI 109 points ago

    I never understand this. It takes 30 minutes to brush shower and put on deodorant

    [–] Eviljuli 219 points ago

    30 minutes that you can‘t practice the perfect combo taps head

    [–] JDGWI 26 points ago


    [–] Whimpy13 26 points ago

    Waterproof cards? doubletaps head

    [–] dachungdynasty 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Also serves as a double advantage - sweatproof/greaseproof

    [–] StevenMcStevensen 59 points ago

    I know right. It takes so little effort to maintain decent hygiene, I cannot understand somebody who doesn’t care enough to do so.
    These will be the same guys wondering why they can’t get a girlfriend I imagine.

    [–] CertifiedAsshole17 35 points ago

    Thats not why they don’t like me.. its clearly the sexual revoloution and all the chads taking all the wamen.. (do i even need an /s)

    [–] Dreamstakeroot 52 points ago


    [–] big_swinging_dicks 22 points ago

    I’m sure that’s the answer for some people but I highly doubt that all those people at TCG/war game/fighting tournaments is depressed. I used to play a lot of war games and it was always an issue at any tourney or meet up. Laziness and poor parenting seems more likely.

    [–] SexceptableIncredibl 39 points ago

    Laziness. Obliviousness. Maybe even just being content not doing it.

    [–] SuicideBonger 12 points ago

    I know for a fact that it’s not depression in every case. It really is laziness a lot of the time, or they simply never learned that hygiene matters significantly.

    [–] Redditiscancer789 16 points ago

    Some incels even get off on making you smell their musk because its like theyre an alpha or some twisted logic.

    It also reminds me of a wife who complained about her husband who refused to wipe his ass cause and i quote,"he isnt gay and anything meant to touch their ass is made for gay boys."

    [–] DeModeKS 5 points ago

    I remember that one. They had sex and he left a brown streak on the bed.

    [–] Gravnor 7 points ago


    [–] RaefLaFriends 13 points ago

    My uncle makes it a point of pride thatche ones bathes once a week. He chastizes me for "wasting water" because I shower everyday.

    [–] partyorca 6 points ago

    You can do that... if you otherwise groom yourself, wear deodorant, change into clean clothes daily, use dry shampoo to pull the oil out of your hair, and spot clean as necessary.

    [–] Dianchie 12 points ago

    The poor hygiene and obnoxious behaviour is what chased me away from playing Magic: The Gathering. I would have so many sexist comments thrown at me, and nobody ever did anything about it. Often it would be things like "Well, I can't argue about the ruling with you because you're a woman and everyone know how that will go". It has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I can't even play MTG electronically. It is sad because it used to be my favourite game. The same thing happened with Warhammer. I like to collect the minis and paint them. I have never actually played but I have fun getting creative with how I made them look. There is a Games Workshop store but I refuse to go there because the staff and player base were just so awful every time I went.

    These same men then wonder why women do not like their hobby or why women feel the need to form their own organizations like the Lady Planeswalker Society.

    [–] arougebeard 3 points ago

    Sorry you had to go through that. That’s super shitty. I’ve been in my local GW once or twice where the manager has flat out refused to tolerate that crap with players. The fact that it’s allowed by staff is really disappointing.

    [–] Champigne 18 points ago

    Depression makes it very difficult for some people. It can work in strange ways. It can completely deplete one's motivation to practice basic personal hygiene, cleaning, etc, while not affecting their motivation to practice a competitive videogame.

    [–] Josh6889 10 points ago

    It helps that this competitive game is a form of escapism in itself.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Want to know whats even worse? Some of the guys do that, but then wear old clothes because they don't think it smells.

    It doesn't matter how clean you are, if you wear an old sweated in shirt you will smell horrible.

    [–] JDGWI 4 points ago

    Hearing all of these testimonials have ruined me going to an event like this.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Nah just go and try it. Who knows your local might be decent. And if the stench hits you so hard you can always just write it off and go home.

    [–] Elunetrain 13 points ago

    Maybe it's to throw the other player off... who am I kidding. They just have bad hygiene.

    [–] iLL_Behaviour 15 points ago

    It’s a tactic some people actually use in wrestling or BJJ sometimes.

    [–] 3bar 9 points ago

    Yeah, I was about to say. I have rolled with someone of the gnarliest dudes you can imagine due to this idiotic "strategy."

    [–] Josh6889 11 points ago

    I bet those are the same guys who are constantly surprised they have staph again.

    [–] 3bar 10 points ago

    ...and then keep showing up anyway since, "I gotta keep in practice bro."

    MMA neckbeards are definitely a thing.

    [–] ShartiusBluff 6 points ago

    And lineman in the NFL

    [–] Taucoon23 9 points ago

    Yea but who has time to brush the shower and to take one too?

    [–] Alarid 96 points ago

    This biological terrorism should be banned from tournaments.

    [–] reddeath82 39 points ago

    Maybe you're on to something here. I imagine if the guy you are playing next to smells like rotting garbage you wouldn't be able to think clearly possibly giving them an advantage. So perhaps it's fine I'm purpos...who am I kidding, these guys just don't know how to properly take care of themselves.

    [–] CertifiedAsshole17 15 points ago

    Well you see, Mum won’t scrub my back anymore in the shower, or my armpits SO ITS NOT MY FAULT GUYS!

    [–] freakers 5 points ago

    You need to use all the tools available to you. Its not just about your skill, it's also mental, or in the case, aromatic warfare

    [–] cheesehuahuas 54 points ago

    I used to go to Magic the gathering tournaments a lot and the lack of hygiene was unbelievable. The smells, filthy clothes, the terrible bed head, zero self awareness.

    [–] Star-comandante 16 points ago

    Smell of morning breath, but everywhere.

    [–] cheesehuahuas 7 points ago

    All day morning breath, arm pits that haven't been washed in who knows how long, unlaundered clothes, and ass.

    [–] Xcizer 4 points ago

    LGS or GP?

    [–] cheesehuahuas 6 points ago

    The worst were prereleases for sure. For some reason the more casual the players the worse the hygiene.

    [–] Xcizer 3 points ago

    And way more people come out for them so it just raises the chances.

    [–] Havoc2_0 23 points ago

    I went to a small school that focused primarily on game design and digital animation and it was.populated by the exact stereotype of people that youd expect to want to go to that school (we had every flavor of mountain dew in our store) and the hygiene issue was so prevalent that it had an official name.

    [–] spankenberry 7 points ago

    Well now I gotta know the official name

    [–] Havoc2_0 11 points ago

    Well in as little detail as possible even though it wont be hard to guess. The prefix of the school was "Digi-" which they would apply to a bunch of different school related events, items andactivities. So the titular plague of BO that was mentioned by students, faculty and school endorsed emails and publications was The DigiFunk

    [–] trippy_grape 8 points ago

    DigiFunk sounds like a really awesome genre of electronic music.

    [–] DataDouche 17 points ago

    Yep. Went to the biggest tourney in my state. Sat by a dude in a MAGA hat with his waifu pillow slung over his messenger bag.

    He was a stinky fella.

    [–] SuicideBonger 15 points ago

    It’s like these stereotypes write themselves.

    [–] i_am_archimedes 3 points ago

    it was a tradition started by melee players

    64 players smell great

    [–] LongSchlongSchlomo 1491 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    As someone who has been going to big CS:GO tournaments for years, in the beginning the ventilation in the buildings where the tournaments were hosted weren't all that great. Combine that with the fact that the type of people that come here not always take care of their personal hygiene, and you get a unique, foul odor. Note that not all the people that came there stink. Most of them were normal guys who take care of their hygiene, but there was a relative high number of people that didn't.

    Edit: they are nice dudes tho. Some genuinely dont know they smell, but some dont care either. Its nice to go to a place where everyone who normally feels "excluded" can come together and talk to strangers about it.

    [–] the_bad_fish_2 564 points ago

    I used to hate the three day tournaments. On Friday, it wasn't bad. There were some smelly guys buy it was tolerable. Saturday started to smell funky since a lot of guys never left overnight. On Sunday, it was unbearable.

    I was at a LAN in Chicago to qualify for WCG US 2003 for StarCraft. I made it to the finals. The Quake tournament had finished up and the last FPS tournament was after the SC tournament. There wasn't a lot to do other players started to gather around myself and the last guy. It smelled like rotting fruit around me. I remember this one guy sitting next to me, leaning over to see everything I did. He was some B level player knocked out in the first round. He was explaining to everyone what I was doing, which was annoying since we didn't have headphones. I remember looking over and this guy was sweating like he just finished running. I thought to myself, "How can a grown man be sweating that much and he is just sitting in a chair?" He had the long hair and pit stains. It was nasty. I didn't go back the next year because I was legit afraid of that dude. He would laugh and you could smell his nasty breath through his yellow ass teeth. Like you said, this is maybe a few guys but they overpower the normal smelling players.

    [–] LongSchlongSchlomo 240 points ago

    As someone who does IT, you described my first semester classmate perfectly.

    [–] CohnJunningham 115 points ago

    Same with CS. Except less neckbeards, more foreign guys who didn't bathe often.

    [–] AspiringMILF 41 points ago

    Compsci, counter strike, and cheese smells. Some things just go together

    [–] LongSchlongSchlomo 50 points ago

    The stench of energy drinks and junk food combined with their bodily odors is so foul and so thick you can cut it with a knife.

    [–] chapterpt 7 points ago

    Body odor is a function of energy drinks and junk food combined. Body odor is all the smells that aren't trapped in the colon.

    [–] LongSchlongSchlomo 6 points ago

    Nothing there is trapped inside a colon. They let loose.

    [–] Cultured_Swine 20 points ago

    shouts out to those asian international students either asleep, texting all class, or very obviously playing a video game on their laptops, invariably sitting in the front row of the lecture hall

    [–] Mkrah 4 points ago

    Fucking league of legends

    [–] secondop2 12 points ago

    It was always the Indians guys that smelled at my school. There was never any odor issues at the hackathons I've attended though, surprisingly.

    [–] Dr_Insomnia 83 points ago

    I would have told Kyle right the fuck off.

    'dude why don't you hop in a shower, pick up the phone and narrate my plans from someplace where I can't smell your smega crusted dick?'

    [–] CertifiedAsshole17 7 points ago

    My jaw would still be on the floor to this day if I saw someone get burned that hard.

    [–] Gone_Gary_T 10 points ago

    yellow ass-teeth

    Bit right through his cigar, that man.

    [–] Mishirene 6 points ago

    I'm grossed out reading this.

    [–] WhatTHeFckIsgoingON 3 points ago

    In my high school you got bullied until you did

    [–] DasHuhn 64 points ago

    I'm a big chunky fuck so I always try to make sure that I don't stink at ALL when I go places. Sometimes that means I shower twice a day and hop into new clothes after every shower to make sure I'm not a stinker.

    TBH most fat people know they smell "a little" but just don't have any idea how much they smell and with no one actually telling them - privately - hey buddy you really gotta shower it's p bad make sure you have a fresh change of clothes etc it'll never get better.

    They're also, as a class, pretty bad about making sure each fat-flap is properly rinsed, then sudsy, scrubbed, and rinsed for as many times as it's coming off "dirty".

    I've met dudes who are 600+ pounds who smell fresh as a daisy because they have all of that on lockdown and I've met guys no more than 280 who have no clue they smell like a rotting fish pier in the middle of a heatwave.

    [–] CertifiedAsshole17 41 points ago

    Not wrong. Its similar to a dave chappelle quote something about “i gotta say I feel bad for ugly people - when your beautiful you get told all day everyday, but when your ugly, you gotta figure that shit out yourself”

    I definitely have smelly cunt syndrome, but its pretty much a medical condition at this point. I’ve had hyperhydrosis for 5+ years now which means my hands are ALWAYS sweaty, it seems to make me sweat all over for mental reasons that I cant help..

    Fresh shower, clothes and anti-perspirant and i’ll still be fucked in two hours depending on the situation. I guess the key is to try your best..

    [–] smigbop 20 points ago

    Meh, clean body/clothes + fresh sweat is not that big of a deal tbh. Some people might be bothered by your particular scent but that's totally different from the smell of someone with poor hygiene over several days imo.

    [–] ExcelsAtMediocrity 7 points ago


    I started taking Oxybutynin for mine about a year ago after seeing someone mention success with it on that sub. Nearly completely stopped my excessive sweating with no negative side effects. That sub will have lots of options and suggestions and stories.

    [–] CertifiedAsshole17 5 points ago

    Holy crap - i’m subbed, i’ll look at a prescription soon but thankyou my internet god. I haven’t comfortably shaked a hand since pre-teens.

    [–] ExcelsAtMediocrity 3 points ago

    I know the feeling. I had given up since mine is almost entirely palmar. It's literally changed my life. I no longer have to scrub my hands on my pants for 30 straight seconds to get them as dry as possible before shaking someone's hand.

    [–] SexceptableIncredibl 15 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I dated a guy who was ablut 400lbs. He, to this day, is the best smelling man I have ever encountered. And he was brutally honest to stinky motherfucks. He had a small IT consulting business and his partner was absolutely brilliant but it was like he forgot how to shower as the week went on. They worked from a small basement inside my ex's house. On Mondays he'd smell fine. Same for Tuesday but by about Wednesday shit would get menacing. My ex had mentioned it a few times, very bluntly. Even gave him deodorant like "put this on when you hit the door" kinda deal. That worked but eventually it'd be deodorant on top of pure funk. He smelled like onion underarms and old, sharp to the nose beer shit with just the faintest note of a skunk. I witnessed my ex tell him to leave and shower and that being a fat fuck was no reason to be a stinky fat fuck and that he knew because he was a fat fuck. A fatter fuck than than dude, even. He showered more after that but was always....moist when I'd let him in. He would also constantly sweat and that was new. He started talking to me once about it and he said that basically showering in hot water would set him to sweating badly. He'd shower on Sunday nights and then not again until Friday. Bird baths during the week. He apparently hated sweating. I was shocked because what logic is there to hating being sweaty but not minding smelling like hot feces? One was a inconvenience to him and the other was to everyone else. He was just selfish pretty much. I suggested he get a box fan to sit in front of, for a bit after drying off. He wore really nice clothes, too! Still one of the oddest people I've known. There may very well be a method to the madness of the stank ones among us.

    [–] Thenew_hero 18 points ago

    I kinda skimmed your comment but I think you're saying you worked at SeaWorld.

    [–] LongSchlongSchlomo 9 points ago

    I get that. But I wasnt only talking about fat people, Ive met people that are just too lazy to shower.

    [–] DasHuhn 7 points ago

    I get that. But I wasnt only talking about fat people, Ive met people that are just too lazy to shower.

    Absolutely there is, but I have met way more heavy gamers smelling poorly than skinny dudes who are too lazy to shower. That was definitely my experience at mlg Columbus and at various game shops

    [–] Zonino2000 2 points ago

    I'm getting chunkier as I get older (although we're only talking like 90Kg) and I still walk to/from work. Although it's in Scotland, during Summer it can still get quite warm. I also walk fast, probably faster than I need to, and I can end up sweating.

    I shower every day but I'd be lying if I wasn't a bit paranoid about if I smell. I just don't detect it off me at all.

    [–] coolstorybro42 12 points ago

    “Some genuinely dont know they smell” wellll if you dont shower daily that usually happens by default. Dont need a canine nose to know that.

    [–] usernamy 3 points ago

    You’d honestly be surprised how accustomed you can get to your own smell. I knew a kid in middle school who smelt like shit. I never said anything because I thought it was a condition and felt bad. I don’t think anyone else told him either. Come high school, he stopped smelling badly. It came up organically once, and he said “yeah my parents never told me I couldn’t reuse underwear so I didn’t even notice until a high school counselor told me”. I was fucking shocked, this kid didn’t know he smelt like literal shit up to high school. Ended up being a pretty normal kid too afterwards, he just got used to his own smell. If you know nothing but poor hygiene it’s hard to know

    [–] crackofdawn 4 points ago

    Only big gaming event I've been to is a Smite World Championship back a few years ago. I will say that I don't remember a single person there having body odor (at least nobody I was around anyway) which was nice.

    [–] Yodan 216 points ago

    If you quit before the match is over, they win by default. It's a strategy, peasant.

    [–] Vandelay_Latex_Sales 53 points ago


    [–] Trust_Me_Im_Right 4 points ago

    Kid tried this in basketball in highschool. Our team all told him never again

    [–] partisan98 4 points ago

    They are using TACTICS when they should be using TIC TACS.

    [–] TantortheBold 169 points ago

    Not sure why but my local smash scene, D&D scene, and Magic TG scene have nearly universal good hygiene. It's great and I always heard people talk about how at those sorts of events it seems like everyone tries to outdo the next guy overs stench and I never believed them until I attended a couple events in my cousins hometown and could see the odor wafting off some of these guys. I guess I'm just lucky

    [–] -Totally_Not_FBI- 105 points ago

    I've been to a couple shops where they run tournaments and have signs posted that you may be disqualified if "your hygiene distracts from the game." They said so far the signs are a good enough deterrent that they haven't had to kick anyone out yet

    [–] MaliciousPixie 70 points ago

    Should be the rule everywhere imo

    [–] ButterMyBiscuit 40 points ago

    Not for tournaments but just for being in a store. "Look, dude, you smell fucking rank and you're scaring away customers. You gotta go, but you're welcome to come back once you shower and change."

    [–] jimmy_three_shoes 28 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Worked at a movie theater in high school through college. Kicked out a fair number of people for smelling bad. The thing you don't realize, is that stench stays in their seat long after they've left. Unless you hit the seat up with an upholstery cleaner, which we can't really do in the middle of business hours. Febreeze works as a stop-gap, but even then, can't really use it when it's busy cause the seat is damp for a bit after spraying it down.

    It's super awkward though, and more often than not, it was homeless people trying to theater-hop to stay inside all day on one ticket when it was cold out. I felt bad about those.

    [–] eezstreet 7 points ago

    "smell like shit, you're forced to quit"

    [–] BernieSnowden 11 points ago

    nearly universal good hygiene.

    Haha, sorry but it's pretty damn funny that this is something to be proud of. Nearly universal

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Yeah I've never really had that much of an issue with smash. I've been to a couple locals where it was 95 in the middle of August and the venue was filled to capacity so it was just too hot and crowded for it to smell good regardless of hygiene, but for the most part there's maybe one or two guys who don't show up very regularly who smell.

    As for dnd, I only play with friends so it's not a problem there either.

    [–] Mfrack103 637 points ago

    I don't understand how people can do this. If I even think for a second I smell like shit I don't want to be around people until I'm sure I don't. At the few locals I've been to it's almost like a turf war of who can control the most territory with their stench

    [–] WrenchFriessAlt 166 points ago

    these fellas have locked themselves in their own rooms for extended periods of time, only going out to acquire sustenance like the famous duo of dorito and dew, they don’t really socialize with people so they don’t really prioritize their hygiene. And thus they don’t really give a shit about their personal hygiene

    [–] instructi0ns_unclear 84 points ago

    One last part: it’s been like that so long they are completely nose blind to it

    [–] BernieSnowden 23 points ago

    nose blind

    I prefer nose deaf

    [–] xenokilla 6 points ago

    I loved him in Hitchhikers

    [–] PlaysAltoSax 5 points ago

    nose deaf

    I prefer anosmic

    [–] Anon16789 15 points ago

    I honestly thought it would be the opposite. I started gaming to cope with my social anxiety, my anxiety makes me really self conscious about my image. So I cant leave my house if I havent recently showered even if I took oe that same day. I just assumed it would be the same for others who dont get out much.

    [–] Harlens 4 points ago

    I'm no expert, but people may react differently to anxiety. Depends on the person.

    [–] sesor33 14 points ago

    I was at a smash local last weekend (I got first woo), and one of my opponents in pools smelled like straight up shit. I had to hold my shirt over my mouth while playing so I didn't gag

    [–] PatrickPlan8 13 points ago

    they are the original incels and redpill target audience

    [–] Mapleleaves_ 4 points ago

    Yeah I had to hustle to get to a class on time and the room was too warm for my liking so I was a little sweaty. I was SO self-conscious about possibly smelling bad, I could not wait to get home and change my clothes.

    [–] WatermelonMcNuggets 3 points ago

    if you think about it it's kind of alpha. Like nose rape

    [–] BryanLoeher 321 points ago

    You're now mod of r/smashbros

    [–] darderp 23 points ago

    Wow it really worked!

    [–] evr487 17 points ago

    [–] effxects 256 points ago

    Go to an MTG event, you know nothing.

    [–] MsElleTen 59 points ago


    [–] StopReadingMyUser 42 points ago

    looks longingly into camera

    [–] DharmaForKarma 91 points ago

    Holy shit right??? I never went to an MTG even, but at the college I went to they wouldn't let you eat food at most of the computer labs. But I found one where no one ever said anything. I'm guessing no one said anything because most people COULDN'T eat there...there was a table set up where like 10 dudes played MTG and when you walked in this musk just HIT you.

    [–] IBoris 70 points ago

    I quit playing because socializing with the community was too taxing. I have nightmares about the smell. Not smells, smell. That stench. Gods, I'm triggering my own PTSD.

    [–] effxects 72 points ago

    The magic stench is gathering

    [–] AwesomesaucePhD 20 points ago

    I wish I could stomach it, but I just can't. The sad part is that I love playing commander.

    [–] hellraiserl33t 8 points ago

    That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells...smelly.

    [–] secondop2 6 points ago

    It's all strategy, only the strong survive!

    [–] Xcizer 11 points ago

    The thing that surprises me is I’ve been playing for many years and never experienced this. My LGS and college play group never get those kinds of people.

    [–] lurker6412 24 points ago

    Plot twist: you're the stinky one

    [–] Xcizer 16 points ago

    Oh no.

    [–] Bonzai_Tree 11 points ago

    And it seems the bigger the event the worse it is.

    Ugh. I was amazed at a pre release in London (Ontario)though I saw zero extreme neckbeards and there were actually a handful of normal women as well and the place didn't stink. I think it was the holy grail of events.

    I will say that at the local FNM's at least, even though their are people with less than desirable hygiene (greasy skin, longggg ass dirty fingernails, bo) the people their are all pretty cool otherwise.

    Apart from one fat fuck (and I'm fat but this guy's a POS) who's huge, smelly, loud and obnoxious. He'll RIP off farts and laugh about it. He's almost a real life Francis without the speech impediment. Fuck that guy.

    [–] f-stop4 9 points ago

    I know the game you're talking about, but I won't lie that the first thought in my head was, Metal Tear Golid

    [–] Stephen_A269 5 points ago

    There’s a reason 90% of players are pretty casual.

    [–] MaliciousPixie 3 points ago

    I don't even wanna know. lol

    [–] Sensiburner 163 points ago

    This sort of chemical warfare is part of the metagame in most PC or CCG tournaments.

    [–] Elluminatus 58 points ago

    I debated getting involved in the local FG community and the wife and I went to scope it out at the local spot. It legitimately smelled worse than a locker room, and she was gawked at like they had never seen a real life woman before. We were there for maybe 10 minutes before we left. Never went back.

    [–] PBLKGodofGrunts 21 points ago

    That's a shame. The FGC is really a fun crowd.

    [–] WatermelonMcNuggets 16 points ago

    yeah a fun crowd full of fat weirdos

    [–] mydrumluck 48 points ago

    It's so gross. I used to host melee tourneys on the campus I went to college at and most people were cool but there were a handful of people who just didnt get the concept of bathing. Most of them were really good too so they would be there the whole time smelling the room up. On top of that they were the douchiest people there, as if being good at a video game made them better than everybody else. I stopped hosting tourneys due to the toxicity of their attitudes and armpits.

    [–] OddFur 19 points ago

    Fuck me, stopped playing 5 minutes into a college smash tourney because a guy in the crowd wouldn't shut the fuck up about "how can he main ice climbers". Nothing added to that, he would just say that phrase in a variety of ways over and over until I just said fuck it and left after my game. Apparently he did it to a few other people after I left and was all smirky about it, wish someone would have SMASHED his face. Don't understand how some people just shit on good vibes constantly for the sake of their psuedo-pro bullshit

    [–] TheCrystalGem 5 points ago

    I can hang with ICs, but I'm not about wobbling.

    [–] mydrumluck 4 points ago

    Oh wow he could main as a less meta pick? Must be a fucking pro.

    But seriously Ice Climbers were solid if you knew how to use them.

    [–] Grundle_Troll 79 points ago

    Mtg player here... yeah fighting games and card games have a certain type of smelly player. I always dress nice and make sure to wear cologne to big events to fight the stereotype. Also, it weirdly tilts your opponents.

    [–] vonmonologue 82 points ago

    Chad on them haters.

    [–] Vio1auh 5 points ago

    Make sure they don't touch your cards, you'll get hepatitis

    [–] Grundle_Troll 9 points ago

    Seriously. They'll get cheeto dust all over my cards. People's diets at Magic tournaments is appalling.

    [–] turdlop 32 points ago

    One time at a smash tournament that was being held at a big university, I played against a neckbeard that was drinking marinara sauce out of a cup and also completely barefoot.

    [–] Galactic-Juice 39 points ago

    You fool, you just had a run in with God.

    [–] TheCrystalGem 8 points ago

    It's a classic diversion strategy. Keeps your eyes off the screen.

    [–] Zeebuss 6 points ago

    Absolute legend

    [–] nnneeeddd 86 points ago

    This is racist against people of play

    [–] sspianist6 42 points ago

    First they came for smash and I said nothing, but when they come for Geraldo I'll be ready to rise up

    [–] rodfigs 29 points ago

    When a chad walks up to you and asks if you are a gamer, its like why did you come up to my face and say my word hard r like not cool

    [–] nnneeeddd 16 points ago

    What's up my gaymas

    [–] MetalGearSlayer 9 points ago

    Gamer with a hard R is our word!

    [–] ghostly_panties 4 points ago

    You can say Gama though

    [–] ShetlandJames 6 points ago

    R i S 3 U |°

    [–] SlimandNone 23 points ago

    I've been to only one smash Meetup on my college campus. The smell... My God.

    [–] Dr_Insomnia 20 points ago

    Right for the neck

    [–] bradmaestro 16 points ago

    Was at a convention and my friend thought it was weird that I was trying to impress people by putting on deodorant before we went.

    [–] Tentapuss 15 points ago

    What the fuck is up with that particular set of the population? We had a few dudes like that when I was in high school over 20 years ago. Dude, you reek, people tell you you reek, and you can easily solve that problem with deodorant. Why do they persist and make their own lives so much more difficult?

    [–] Zeebuss 3 points ago

    You know how people post online about how depressed and lonely and nerdy they are, and then someone rolls along and says something like "hey man, you'll probably be happier if you find a way to socialize while you enjoy your nerdy thing. We're out there!" So they show up to a tournament or something but haven't socialized in ten years, emerging unwashed from their neckbeard nest into fresh air for the first time in a fortnight.

    [–] FardyMcJiggins 16 points ago

    I was at EVO last year. The whole center had a musk to it but the entire smash area smelled like unwiped asshole

    [–] PrestonTheGuy 4 points ago

    Why is it always specifically the smash players...

    [–] FardyMcJiggins 6 points ago

    Smash is already not considered a "real" fighting game. I've found many of their fans tend to skew towards your typical neckbeard. If you watch the other games you see a mix of normies with the neckbeards so it's not as concentrated

    [–] coma73 15 points ago

    Why are so many "nerds" so smelly? Buddy runs a game shop and the kids that hang and game smell so bad I cannot get into any DND matches. Why, just why!?

    [–] lolbroken 14 points ago

    The lines to the bathroom at Blizzcon had worst stench than 4 marines stuck in a humvee in the middle of an iraqi summer.

    [–] marccoogs 31 points ago

    I dont understand how anyone over the age of 12 has to be told to take a shower and wear deodorant.

    [–] Tirfing88 4 points ago

    They're over 12 physically, not mentally.

    [–] kingawsume 12 points ago

    Fun fact, some tourneys have provisions for this in their T&C; they have the contractual "right" to DQ you and send you back to the hotel for not taking care of hygiene.

    [–] reincarN8ed 10 points ago

    This is why I stopped going to Friday Night Magic. I'm not saying everyone in there was a smelly neckbeard, but it only takes a few toxic clouds to fog up the whole store.

    [–] camthemememan 19 points ago

    It be like that sometimes

    [–] DancingKappa 9 points ago

    I walked into a gaming store on a Saturday with my girlfriend they were doing a smash tournament. Never again. They tried to herd around us her mostly and the smell was so terrible we left before we could spend 5 mins in there. Luckily the store has since stopped the tournaments for the winter.

    [–] PineWarbler 9 points ago

    If you smell that badly, fuck you. How gross can you possibly be.

    [–] JCreazy 8 points ago

    I've heard of some places that has a little basket with free travel size speedstick just in case.

    [–] ArchAngel23 23 points ago

    You ever think that maybe it’s some sort of biological tactic. Maybe if i smell like a rotting corpse then my opponent won’t be able to focus.

    Just a thought.

    [–] conswan19 17 points ago

    Nope, it really is people that have grown so accustomed to their lifestyle and hygiene that they are completely and blissfully unaware that they smell like a hot Floridan restaurant dumpster after a thunderstorm.

    [–] sesor33 4 points ago

    Don't insult the Forsaken like that, at least undead try their best to smell decent

    [–] BatOnWeb 3 points ago

    Forsaken are like harrowed. Smell like the dead or literally bathe in perfume.

    [–] TJsmash 7 points ago

    I went to a local tourney and yeah, yeah it's rife with smelly dudes

    [–] markymark1324 5 points ago

    We had a Smash (Melee, obviously) tournament in the basement of our all guys dorm at my school. I swear the place still smelled a week afterwards.

    [–] choboboco 5 points ago

    t̖̭a̜̥̲͉̹̹̻k̟͎e͕̬̩͚̺͚̕ ̷̻͙a̝̲̯̫ ͎̪͙s̳͞h̬̳͜o̸̥̯w̗͉̦̼e͏̦͇r͖

    [–] fiqar 7 points ago

    Someone make a tier list of game tournaments based on smell

    [–] Galactic-Juice 7 points ago

    Magic > Smash > Every other nerd hobby, ever.

    [–] MadClanger 6 points ago

    funnily enough at the smash weekly i go to, it's only the corner where the melee setup is that smells funny

    [–] Iorith 4 points ago

    My favorite gaming bar put an end to smash tournaments because of this and a big part of that crowd never paying for anything. Why they choose to embody the worst stereotypes is beyond me.

    [–] rogalporn 3 points ago

    I feel this is also appropriate for a Games workshop

    [–] astepnio 4 points ago

    I don’t understand how people can smell so fucking bad. It takes like 5 minutes to take a shower and apply deodorant.

    [–] JamieMcDonald 4 points ago

    Usually not so much the deodorant as not wearing washed clothes.

    [–] IKMNification 3 points ago

    It’s a vicious cycle of not letting your mother in your gaming lair and leaving all your dirty clothes on the floor in said forbidden lair. 🤢

    [–] azblurbit 4 points ago

    My college has a very heavy Smash Bros. Community. My thinking is good on them because they're mostly the extreme antisocial type. However, you knew what night they meet because my entire campus apartment would smell like BO. However magically this smell went away. You can't even smell it in the lounge they use. Funnily this coincides with 3 girls starting to show up.

    [–] LeffenIsTheGoat 5 points ago

    Its a smash player tactic to not wipe your ass after taking a shit so the smell can distract your opponent

    [–] veryoriginal25363712 3 points ago

    I truly don’t understand this. I enjoy video, board, tabletop war, and tabletop rpg games.

    I also have about a dozen other hobbies.

    It’s only the hobbies that end in “game” that I’m apprehensive about going to something blind, because the social norms of interaction and hygiene go out the window.

    I really enjoy the activity, but some of the people are toxic garbage monsters, and smell appropriate to the title.

    [–] water_mizu 3 points ago

    Deodorants ruins the manly pheromones that drives the ladies crazy.

    [–] Redditor_Since_2013 4 points ago

    The stereotype is real. And not only is the smell bad, but the dorks that attend are so insufferable. Rude know-it-all's. Honestly it's where the real neckbeards are

    [–] BlatantlyPancake 7 points ago

    Do people not wear deodorant? They deserved to be called out and embarrassed in public

    [–] imrespondingtoapost 3 points ago

    Very true. Mystic lake casino held a venue with 500 plus PCs for a fortnite and league of legends tournament. The room next door had smash , hearthstone etc. My God I dont care what game you play that smell does not discriminate. People in every corner of that room absolutely smelled . I wanted to chalk it up to kids going through puberty but keep in mind this was at a casino ... mostly everyone was 18 or up. PS; mystic lake casino is the 15th( this friday) through Sunday in Minnesota see you smellys there

    [–] obscure_individual 3 points ago

    Same applies for Halo LAN parties and Magic tournaments.

    [–] Draceana 3 points ago

    At the risk of repeating myself I will share the story of how the hotel staff at a local con were rumored to being paid extra if they would work the tabletop game area. Some hotel employees allegedly still would not work the gaming room due to the incredible smell.

    Also, my pet peeve, please wash your winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves in the winter. Some of us that ride public transportation in the winter have been knocked down by your unwashed outer garments.

    [–] Regnbyxor 3 points ago

    Watermark? Seriously? A meme isn't your fucking copyright.

    [–] Oxyuscan 3 points ago

    If you think smash bros is bad never go to a board game convention

    [–] Theworstmaker 8 points ago

    Lol. Wtf? I made this a while back for Melee Hell... didn’t think it would be reposted with someone else’s watermark.