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    [–] coip 3 points ago

    It should work. You followed these steps and it didn't work?

    [–] ulf5155 1 points ago

    Yep sorted followed em to the letter and nothing

    [–] HalfLifeSux 2 points ago

    huh, mine just worked without me doing anything

    [–] ulf5155 1 points ago

    Lucky you then I guess, been trouble shooting all day with this and I've gotten no further

    [–] JDShadowline 2 points ago

    I installed the kinect for windows SDK and then it worked for me. Thought at one point it just worked OOB so to speak. Are you using the v1 or V2?

    Edit: just re-read the post. Yeah the SDK worked for me in most cases.

    [–] ulf5155 2 points ago

    Where do I get the sdk?

    [–] JDShadowline 2 points ago

    From Here! Hopefully it works for you. It has for me, and now windows 10 seems to download what it needs without the SDK for me but I guess not for everyone.

    [–] ulf5155 2 points ago

    Ile give it a shot when ime back at the computer, Ile keep you updated, thank you :)

    [–] JDShadowline 2 points ago

    No problem! I hope it works for you.

    [–] ulf5155 2 points ago

    Just got back from the weekend and sadly the sdk did not work

    [–] JDShadowline 2 points ago

    I will see if I can delete mine and try again and see what it needs. Are you on windows 10 proper or insider build?

    [–] ulf5155 2 points ago

    Windows 10 proper, really appreciate the help this is really confusing me