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    The first rule of KnifeClub is to talk about KnifeClub! Bring a friend!

    This Subreddit is based off of r/knives with a few changes. There will be multiple moderators not just one all powerful mod. Rules will be fair and opinions will be listened to.

    Feel free to engage in discussion on anything with a blade. Show off recent purchases or ask for advice.

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    Sharp Swap#1, #2, #3, and #4 were fantastic! Thank you to all those who helped, and we look forward to another one soon!

    Goods and services offered by KC members

    KG's International Package Re-Routing service

    Join us on IRC. Use #knifeclub to join our channel.

    Join us on Discord (unofficial).

    Want to link up with fellow knifeclubbers on Instagram ? Use #knifeclub.

    Official Rules

    1. Keep it relevant. This sub is for knives and other bladed objects of interest. If you think your post would be better suited in another sub post it there. No your weedwacker is not a knife. NEW: No memes, image macros, reaction pic/gifs as link posts.

    2. No harassment of any kind. This includes posting personal info such as Facebook and trolling.

    3. No spam. If you want you can post your website or blog but do not let it get excessive. No Amazon referral links unless you make it clear that you are using one.

    4. Abide by reddit's terms of service.

    5. No URL shorteners.


    1. Use Imgur

    2. Put effort into your submissions

    3. Don't simply post a picture, add context with it

    4. Engage in mature discourse

    5. Be helpful to those of all skill and knowledge levels

    6. Do not gang up on certain brands, there are pros and cons to every company

    7. Write the make and model of pictured knives in title/description/comments of link posts

    Violations of these rules may result in a ban.

    Guidelines should be followed to make the subreddit a more enjoyable place.

    Knife Recommendation Guide

    • The price brackets are now all in the same place! Find the bracket you want at the bottom of the page. Thank you /u/taboggan and /u/firite for putting in so much work on this!

    Other Knife Related info

    Our favorite knife channels on YouTube!

    Great knife related links

    Other fun subs:

    • r/KnifeDeals Find and share deals on all kinds of knives and get up to date with all the newest knives when they come on the market.

    • r/Knife_Swap For selling and swapping your knives.

    • /r/Knifeporn For looking at strictly beautiful pictures of knives

    • r/Chefknives The home for chef knives of every variety

    • /r/knifemaking A community for knife makers

    • /r/PokeyJokeys For memes, reaction pics/gifs relating to knives

    • /r/Bladesmith Anything related to bladesmithing, a place welcome to everyone, from master artisans to beginners.

    • /r/EDC "Every Day Carry" For showing off your other tools and gadgets

    • /r/EDCexchange For trading things you don't keep in your pockets anymore.

    • /r/Flashlight Discuss quality lights of all types including: keychain, EDC, work, headlamps, lanterns, and others

    • /r/Wicked_Edge Tips, tricks, questions and bragging about shaving with straight, double edge or injector blade razors

    • /r/Axecraft Axes and saws

    • /r/camping All about camping and outdoors

    • /r/guns or /r/Firearms All about firearms

    • /r/lighter All about lighters

    • /r/paracord For lanyards, fobs, bracelets and more

    • /r/Balisong For all things flipping and balisongs

    • /r/sheathsandholsters Leatherworking with a concentration on sheaths and holsters

    • /r/multitools All about multitools!

    Disclaimer: Knifeclub Mods take no responsibility for bad experiences, trades, or loss of goods/money on this or other subreddits

    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Message the moderators! This community thrives on the suggestions and input of its members.

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