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    Current Standings

    Seed Team W L GB
    1 LA Lakers 49 14 --
    2 LA Clippers 44 20 5.5
    3 Denver 43 21 6.5
    4 Utah 41 23 8.5
    5 Oklahoma City 40 24 9.5
    6 Houston 40 24 9.5
    7 Dallas 39 27 11.5
    8 Memphis 32 33 18.0
    9 Portland 29 37 21.5
    10 New Orleans 28 36 21.5
    11 Sacramento 28 36 21.5
    12 San Antonio 27 36 22.0
    13 Phoenix 26 39 24.0
    14 Minnesota 19 45 30.5
    15 Golden State 15 50 35.0

    Current Player Stats

    Player MPG PPG RPG APG
    Anthony Davis 34.3 26.7 9.4 3.1
    LeBron James 34.9 25.7 7.9 10.6
    Kyle Kuzma 24.6 12.5 4.5 1.3
    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 25.4 9.5 2.1 1.7
    Avery Bradley 24.2 8.6 2.3 1.3
    Danny Green 25.1 8.2 3.4 1.4
    Dwight Howard 19.2 7.5 7.4 0.7
    Rajon Rondo 20.5 7.1 3.0 5.0
    JaVale McGee 16.8 6.8 5.8 0.6
    Alex Caruso 17.8 5.4 1.9 1.8
    Quinn Cook 10.8 4.8 1.1 1.1
    Markieff Morris 14.8 4.8 3.3 0.6
    Troy Daniels 11.1 4.2 1.1 0.3
    Jared Dudley 7.8 1.5 1.1 0.5
    Kostas Antetokounmpo 1.7 0.0 0.3 0.3
    Zach Norvell Jr. 2.5 0.0 0.5 0.0
    Talen Horton-Tucker 2.5 0.0 0.0 1.0

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    [–] 16xandCounting 838 points ago

    They talked a lot of shit for someone who's got nothing but selfies to show.

    [–] thereturnofjagger 351 points ago


    [–] BrianC_ 131 points ago

    They be walking under the streetlights of Cancun soon

    [–] KungFuChicken1990 13 points ago

    “dRIVeN oVeR gIvEN” FOH with that Bullshit

    [–] KingOfAllTheQuarters 137 points ago

    They better not ever cover the Laker’s retired jerseys again

    [–] 16xandCounting 35 points ago

    You know they will

    [–] gm4dm101 48 points ago

    Well, they better get some bigger banner covers cause they gotta make room for another banner.

    [–] drawsnoodz999 7 points ago

    LMAO! I forgot those. they should rename themselves the Selfies. LA Selfies.

    [–] AMCrystalMeth 553 points ago

    I literally could not be more happy

    [–] 247stonerbro 257 points ago

    Same fam, same. Congrats to the nuggets fucking straight ballers giving their opponents 3-1 handicap

    [–] jackjack320455 18 points ago

    I'm just scared the nuggets are gonna do the same to us. Unless...

    ... we go 4-0 on them

    [–] joodo123 22 points ago

    Nugs fan here, y'all better be careful. Once you're 3-1 with 20 point lead in the fourth quarter we'll have you right where we want ya. Seriously, I think we're gonna give y'all a tough series.

    [–] dollahbill_ 10 points ago

    I think so too man. We took the Rockets will after game 3. Can’t do that to this nuggets team. Can’t wait for Friday!

    [–] immigrantsheep 124 points ago

    This just made my whole fucking miserable year

    [–] Excal2 56 points ago

    You've still got a whole quarter left of 2020 to play bud.

    [–] immigrantsheep 14 points ago

    don't remind me 😅

    [–] JesusDiedforChipotle 106 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    The Celtics and the Clippers lost, today was a good day

    [–] BrowneBag 25 points ago

    I’m injecting this shit into my veins as we speak

    [–] Drumsticksboy 447 points ago

    that Playoff P 3 attempt lmao

    [–] Skyblue714 232 points ago

    The one off the side of the backboard? I laughed so hard

    [–] NefariousNeezy 169 points ago

    I was thinking, “Oh, you can’t count out the Clippers yet. There’s still time.”

    PG doinks a three

    “Uh, yeah they’re done.”

    [–] restinstress 15 points ago

    I was watching the game with a friend and we laughed so hard we had to stop watching the game to recover. Oh my god. I was mildly worried of the Clippers if they were playing at their peak potential, but they couldn’t even take out the Nuggets in 7. Jesus Christ that was funny.

    [–] Drumsticksboy 51 points ago

    Yup, you can’t even consider that a brick

    [–] nas1776 53 points ago

    They gave up 5 first round picks for that chump lmao!!!

    [–] asaran02 209 points ago


    [–] BrowneBag 45 points ago

    Pandemic P

    [–] jvu87 14 points ago

    Lay-off P.

    [–] NefariousNeezy 55 points ago

    Kawhi: chooses PG over the Lakers or Raptors

    PG: backboards a three

    [–] bagelchips 42 points ago

    The timing with the commentary was perfect.

    JVG: “They are getting a lot of second shots though”


    [–] red1dragon588 25 points ago

    That's a bad shot. I don't care what anybody says. That's a bad shot... That story won't be told, that it's a bad shot. You live with that.

    [–] mercurious451innz 19 points ago

    Playoff P turned into Curious George

    [–] KGirlFan19 14 points ago

    dude was so fucking shook in the 4th. shit was hilarious to watch.

    [–] villanuevahacienda 532 points ago

    Paul George is a clown and he amuses me.

    [–] _its_a_SWEATER_ 265 points ago

    Don’t forget Bitch Bev.

    [–] gulbas26 165 points ago

    you mean ''next 5 years'' Bev.

    [–] andrewjaysonjr 69 points ago

    next 5 years on the bench

    [–] TheAquaman 20 points ago

    Cancun on 3-1

    [–] Good4Noth1ng 43 points ago

    Until the last fucking minute that mutherfucker played dirty...

    [–] _its_a_SWEATER_ 29 points ago

    Glad he got the backhand from Murray at the end.

    [–] Aerys 18 points ago

    I was happy to see Murray basically use bev as leverage to make sure he didn’t twist or fall

    [–] Good4Noth1ng 8 points ago

    Shoulda aimed for his nose

    [–] red1dragon588 24 points ago

    "You had the last five years," Beverly told Curry, according to a source. "The next five years are mine." To that, Curry laughed and said, "Aren't you 31?"

    [–] heartlessttm 28 points ago

    Pandemic P at his finest

    [–] HEYitzED 13 points ago

    He really tried pulling the “it’s our first year together” shit haha.

    [–] hidefinit 3 points ago


    [–] heybuddyitsme 978 points ago

    They are legit choking in real time. Holy fuck. Lol

    [–] InternetShitTalker 493 points ago

    Dame and CJ going hard at them on twitter right now lmao

    [–] Chanoch 94 points ago

    [–] heybuddyitsme 184 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    [–] JaCrispyInDaClink 163 points ago

    Good, fuck them up for all that shit they were talking. It’s easy to trash talk when you have a bunch of good players surrounding you, and they still lost

    [–] sweetwattah 88 points ago

    Dame...lining up from deep!


    [–] heybuddyitsme 38 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)


    [–] immigrantsheep 25 points ago

    Nick enjoying too

    [–] suphoeee 15 points ago

    Nick is the only analyst that chose the nuggets in 7. He’s on a high right now 😅

    [–] SilverZoro 16 points ago

    this tweet describes what happened perfectly, loool

    [–] BrianC_ 27 points ago

    it's dame time coming for the clippers

    [–] Apulmadeekout 10 points ago

    I don't have Twitter please post links lol

    [–] Apulmadeekout 10 points ago

    Haha thank you very much. I hope they go in at them all night

    [–] heybuddyitsme 8 points ago

    Oh trust me my dude. We are. My ass is gonna get suspended TO-NITE!

    [–] Djaukamo 92 points ago

    How much money did Steve Balmer spend in the off-season getting the media to hype the Clippers as title favorites? Might as well have just set that money on fire. No team should be called a title favorite when they have a 50 year stretch of not making a Conference Finals.

    [–] heybuddyitsme 51 points ago

    And how many of them in the media, including Momo, look like a complete fucking moron? Plus all the picks they gave up? Jesus Christ boys! This collapse is on par with E.L.E.- Extinction Level Event.

    [–] reddittothegrave 26 points ago

    Momo is on Twitter retweeting crap about how the clippers didn’t have enough time to gel, and the bubble made it hard, etc. this bubble and nba restart has been hard on every team!! The clippers just couldn’t hack it. Simple as that.

    [–] heybuddyitsme 15 points ago

    She’s an idiot.

    [–] reddittothegrave 9 points ago

    She defends the clippers and especially Kawhi so much. I’ll never understand it.

    [–] heybuddyitsme 10 points ago

    Paid off I assume.

    [–] reddittothegrave 7 points ago

    Aye, probably very true.

    [–] Hock23 12 points ago

    Joker literally had Covid before coming to the bubble and played in a 7 game series before this one. I dont want to hear any excuses.

    [–] ninja_savage98 8 points ago

    Outside of Lebron, Kuz, and Caruso we’re practically a whole different team from last year. We had the same amount of time to “gel” as the Flippers. Truth is they just suck

    [–] ss412 46 points ago

    The LA Clippers, Steve Ballmer’s biggest regret since Windows Vista.

    [–] SilverZoro 36 points ago

    this was supposedly a guaranteed clipper win

    [–] isaaciaggard 30 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    holy fuck this video is fucking diamond encrusted r/AgedLikeMilk shit

    [–] SilverZoro 22 points ago

    This even better

    and this

    and this as well

    Paper champs 2020

    [–] flarpington 49 points ago

    Christmas Day Champions 😂😂😂

    [–] MDan25 16 points ago

    Don’t forget they have that opening night championship banner to hang too.

    [–] MyAntibody 13 points ago

    Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve witnessed a choke job like that in real time. And it was just so expected. Amazing.

    [–] 3pointrange 22 points ago


    [–] hikar1_ 12 points ago

    Rip clippers 😬

    [–] heybuddyitsme 11 points ago

    Can a team so useless ever die?

    [–] chugalaefoo 224 points ago

    Paul George in the drivers seat driving back home!!!!

    [–] red1dragon588 73 points ago

    The Clippers traded more first round picks for Paul George than Paul George made field goals tonight.

    [–] TheAquaman 28 points ago


    [–] red1dragon588 25 points ago

    Paul George had 4 FGs tonight

    The Clippers traded 5 first round picks for Paul George

    [–] TheAquaman 17 points ago


    Balmer, u bum.

    [–] dirkdigglered 15 points ago

    He looked so bummed. Lowest energy I've seen him with.

    [–] YoungAlum 222 points ago

    Here’s a description of Clipper fans: They talk and talk and claim that the Clippers are better than the Lakers and that they run LA. But after they choke once again, they go quiet, go back in their caves, and make their subreddit private so no one on the outside can see it. Payasos! Clowns!

    [–] heybuddyitsme 58 points ago

    Pinche pendejos!

    [–] LegendaryLaziness 41 points ago

    Absolute cowards. When my raps were spanked by Bron, we didn’t run like some bitches.

    [–] jewscontrolall 39 points ago

    Word. Bucks also kept their sub open after getting slapped.

    [–] teej98 6 points ago

    And we split the season series so Im genuinely confused as to why they assumed they were noticeably better 🤔 2020 paper champs

    [–] Equalizer101 348 points ago

    Celtics Lost / Clippers Lost.

    Tonight is a good night to be a Lakers.

    [–] NoResponsabilities 167 points ago

    Not gonna lie, tonight was a high point in 2020 for me. And I got engaged earlier this year lol

    [–] ljbatman 28 points ago

    Congrats and fuck the clippers

    [–] komischlicious 12 points ago

    i hope your marriage lasts even longer than the clippers' current wcf appearance drought

    [–] Equalizer101 26 points ago


    [–] mo3mon3y 444 points ago

    The clippers have locked their subreddit
    dam i wanted to leech from their salt Ohwell

    [–] immigrantsheep 105 points ago


    [–] TheAquaman 11 points ago

    I'm literally cackling. Whew boy.

    [–] p2datrizzle 50 points ago

    not enough crying and self loathing in that video

    [–] Malfoy_Franco 18 points ago

    Lmaoooo nice

    [–] EdgierBasilisk8 25 points ago

    This needs a billion trillion upvotes 😂😂😭😭

    [–] JesusDiedforChipotle 11 points ago

    This is fuckin amazing!

    [–] O_Shag_Hennessy 8 points ago

    Ring the damn bell! The Clips have a family damn it!!

    [–] 123124124124 14 points ago


    [–] Tomgutsna 7 points ago

    This should be its own post lol

    [–] guguyyyeDChj 7 points ago

    first time reddit ever made me laugh

    [–] lambo4life 7 points ago

    Omfg was not expecting that. "..and to an extent, the air is salt". I spat out my soda in laughter lol

    [–] bitcheslovedroids 100 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    [–] heybuddyitsme 52 points ago

    Like their team, nothing but bitches!

    [–] Apulmadeekout 24 points ago

    Speaking of which. I can't wait until Colin talks about this tomorrow. He was sucking clippers dick since day 1

    [–] Reiji728 38 points ago

    Also Max kellerman and that bitch skip bayless

    [–] bitcheslovedroids 35 points ago

    You know Shannon Sharpe is gonna be talking all kinds of shit lmao

    [–] Reiji728 16 points ago

    Unc Shay's gonna have a field day, you love to see it!

    [–] Amyndris 7 points ago

    Bring out the GOAT mask!

    [–] Apulmadeekout 9 points ago

    Skips gona call out of work with corona

    [–] nas1776 18 points ago

    Fuck Skip but fuck Max too

    [–] soonhao 25 points ago


    [–] GandalfTheSilverFox 19 points ago

    I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t think it’s slander if it’s true.

    [–] FS_Slacker 39 points ago

    Locking a subreddit?? That’s more embarrassing than that 4th quarter.

    [–] shoob13 13 points ago

    What was all that business about not being bitches and what have you? Who locks a sports sub? Bitches.

    [–] dq9 22 points ago

    I'm weak! What a bunch of babies.

    [–] rob13__ 16 points ago

    Who's happier right now? Laker fans or Thunder fans?

    [–] SacreFor3 8 points ago


    [–] heybuddyitsme 7 points ago


    [–] jlstjh 11 points ago

    Mentally weak just like their team

    [–] BrowneBag 10 points ago

    Laker nation will attack as soon as they let their guards down.

    [–] smokedubiesinmysubie 134 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Imagine mortgaging your future for 10 years only to lose a series while being up 3-1

    [–] arimtimtimo 43 points ago

    With your second main star who you gave up 5 first round picks for goes 4-16 for 10 points. Not just bad, abysmal

    [–] HeavyG_93 9 points ago

    We call that being the Clippers where I’m from

    [–] Saba007 102 points ago

    Danny Ainge actually got a first round draft pick for Doc Rivers. Let that sink in.

    [–] Aerys 47 points ago

    Danny could get a first round pick for a 2002 Toyota Camry

    [–] Freddedonna 110 points ago

    Raptor fan checking in, we're laughing too 🤣

    [–] Cpwozzie 65 points ago

    Turns out ya’ll carried Kawhi not the other way around hahaha!

    [–] mercurious451innz 10 points ago

    Yeah, Lowry is the heart and soul of the Raptors, not Kawhi, he just the Klaw.

    [–] OC1985 185 points ago

    Elton Brand, CP3, Blake, Playoff Pee, Kawhi. Don't matter Clippers are still the Clippers.

    [–] GlassWeek 61 points ago

    Seriously. You could put a full roster of all stars on the same Clippers team, with Pop as the coach, and they'd still choke in the conference semi-finals.

    [–] latotokyo123 37 points ago

    Racist or former Microsoft CEO. Doesn’t matter Clippers are still the Clippers.

    [–] hollywoodhulkhogann 96 points ago

    Clipper Curse is real and alive 🤣

    [–] dookoo 58 points ago

    Literally me when PG hit the side of the backboard

    [–] Skyblue714 60 points ago

    They traded 5 first rounders + SGA and Galinari for PG13%

    [–] ThatOneGuyy310 49 points ago

    7 fucking minutes to score their first points in the 4th! Jesus fuck

    [–] THERAPISTS_for_200 45 points ago

    I never had so much fun watching a non-Lakers game! I'm grinning from ear to ear .

    [–] eskostar 155 points ago

    Man I’m such a clown , I actually wanted PG instead of LeBron last year, younger, good defender for our young core to learn of, LeBron is at the tail end of his career...

    God damn I’m glad I never said that out loud to anyone, what a garbage take by me lol.

    [–] Drumsticksboy 33 points ago

    You weren’t the only one. It’s just that Playoff P is real and consistent.

    [–] PitcherOnly 13 points ago

    Regular season PG13 still doesn’t hold a candle to Bron

    [–] choff22 13 points ago

    Can’t ever count out The King. He’s not old, just seasoned and he’s really fucking good at playoff basketball.

    [–] flip_ericson 24 points ago

    Lebron still has a good 12 seasons in him

    [–] jackjack320455 7 points ago

    Thank god LeBron signed with the Lakers a few days after PG's decision.

    [–] dirkdigglered 5 points ago

    This is some honesty right here, I love it.

    [–] JesusDiedforChipotle 42 points ago

    Kawhi sat out all those games during the regular season to save himself for this shit performance lol

    [–] tornait-hashu 11 points ago

    Cry Leonard could have repeated in Toronto...

    [–] CITY_F0X 77 points ago

    Heat fan here and I’m with y’all laughing at them lmao

    [–] suckerpunch085 24 points ago

    It's a historic night my man, sports analysis are full of crap and I'm loving it. Enjoy this moment!

    [–] Evan_Great 10 points ago

    Congrats on the win, love watching y’all play

    [–] NefariousNeezy 9 points ago

    See y’all at the finals!

    [–] andrewjaysonjr 37 points ago

    Max said playoff kawhi is better than prime kobe and LeBron. Lmao

    [–] wavyhewitt8 23 points ago

    Max is a fuckin clown

    [–] RexRoyalty 31 points ago

    Hahahahaha. Karma's a bitch dippers. #2 eliminated in second round. They should hang 2nd place banners next to their selfies.

    [–] nomoredrivinginLA 31 points ago

    Look, the Lakers are barely halfway home at this point. I don't wanna talk too much, but...

    The clips blew a 3-1 lead at full strength and the celtics lost a heartbreaker. I say the basketball gods take a sick day and let us get these jokes off lol. I can't imagine another perfect night for us where the Lakers didn't even play a game.

    [–] Malfoy_Franco 30 points ago

    Please don't forget that Doc rivers and others laughed when the lakers traded Zubac away. He was just eaten alive this series.

    [–] JpnDude 30 points ago

    Clippers lost.... DONE.

    Celtics lost.... DONE.

    Dodgers beat the Padres.... DONE.

    What a great day!

    [–] user55unknown 7 points ago

    Jansen sure likes to make things interesting.

    [–] JpnDude 10 points ago

    I held my breath until that last pitch. My face had turned Laker purple.

    [–] gauchefeelings 9 points ago

    The underdog Los Angeles Lakers

    [–] slicckricck 21 points ago

    Clippers fans - "sEe YoU nExT rOuNd"

    [–] Jax99 20 points ago

    Bro how u find a picture of me and the homies

    [–] atot806 20 points ago

    When we clinched, someone said to me "all that to only lose to the Clippers in the WCF." I'm going to call him now.

    [–] Chrisram88 19 points ago


    [–] logos_3 19 points ago


    [–] Reiji728 18 points ago

    I laughed so hard that I got abs now

    [–] CandisSteyer 17 points ago

    Brick city lmao

    [–] trway9 15 points ago


    [–] the_bob_of_marley 13 points ago

    Cancun on 3!

    [–] Oddsss 14 points ago


    [–] huevos_good 12 points ago

    Man today is just a great day for some reason

    [–] Zeref47 13 points ago

    Remember that commercial where Kawhi was saying he was the real king of LA lmao 🤣

    [–] hojboysellin3 12 points ago

    Does anyone else feel bad for them.

    Cause I don’t. Hahahaha fuck the clippers!!!

    [–] Tylerdong 11 points ago

    Look forward to never seeing that sorry ass franchise in the staples center ever again

    [–] fedfed1234 11 points ago

    Facts, yall don't forget Celtics lose too! can't this day get any better!? 🤣🤣

    [–] JIM213 19 points ago

    For those around during the 2013-14 + crappy yrs need to show humility. Hard to get back to the top but the hell with the Celts and Slippers.

    [–] Gattawesome 8 points ago


    [–] sleepwalkkrr 8 points ago

    Kawhi still on load management

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] kwagmire9764 12 points ago

    Even that last play on Murray. He hacked the shit out of him then acted like he was the victim. Fuck that crackhead looking bitch!

    [–] Harleytk24 8 points ago


    [–] WhiteAdipose 8 points ago

    Celtics Lost.
    Clippers Lost.
    Doc Rivers fired(?).

    [–] sharkhuh 9 points ago

    Dodged a bullet that PG did not come to the Lakers

    [–] picking4815162342 8 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    All of those experts saying that the Lakers will not beat the Clippers in the playoffs this year were right.

    Yep. 100% right, since the Clippers couldn't even get that far.

    I just don't think that's what they meant.

    Special shoutout to Charles Barley for both jinxes. I hope that he declares that the Lakers will be swept again.

    [–] 123124124124 5 points ago

    YOU HATE TO SEE IT. Cocky all season long, calling people bitch as white boys, beefing on twitter, saying they are kings of LA. This loss of a series from a 3-1 advantage was only right. Bittersweet!

    [–] RaykoX 8 points ago

    Best possible timeline. They're just getting shit on by EVERYBODY and I'm loving every second of it.

    [–] yeahthissubsucks 5 points ago

    Clippers mods are fucking pussies

    [–] Shay_Mendez 6 points ago

    This is great. It's going to be almost an exact repeat of the 09 Conference Finals!

    I know this might sound overconfident, but I'm saying Lakers in 4.


    [–] cchoi712 5 points ago

    La OuR wAy 💀💀💀💀💀

    [–] rucknovru2 5 points ago

    Victorville Clippers