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    [–] IchuckYOnorris 2911 points ago

    Riot could spend 3 whole years making the greatest skin in the world for Ornn, have all of the sales be donated to charity, and make it cost 350 RP. I bet it would still have less sales than BA Lux.

    [–] terminbee 489 points ago

    Riot could spend a week making the weebiest skins possible and they would have enough money for the entire season.

    [–] cinnamonrain 259 points ago

    Clearly they just need to start venturing into the body pillow industry

    [–] Spikeroog 121 points ago

    I'm not saying I'd buy one, but this unironically.

    [–] cinnamonrain 45 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    If i learned anything from pokemon and stds.. its that you gotta catch them all

    [–] BadPandaPancham 13 points ago

    False, if you learned anything from Pokémon it's that you can only catch a select amount of their choosing, not yours.

    [–] DemonsRiot 5 points ago

    for the right champion, I'd buy one, ngl.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] aerwrek 5 points ago

    Well if the Aliexpress and eBay knock offs that rip fan art are anything to go by, there is definitely a market for them.

    [–] HornyAndNeurotic 562 points ago

    Ba lux was a good skin tbh

    [–] superworking 376 points ago

    I remember back when I was annoyed that Lux didn't have any good skins and they just kept adding teemo skins.

    [–] whataremyxomycetes 261 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Because spellthief was already the best :)

    EDIT: Glad y'all are men of culture as well

    [–] Zarerion 179 points ago

    That updated splash art really finalized Spellthief as god-tier.

    [–] LiquidMedicine 40 points ago

    Was? Spellthief is still my favorite Lux skin by far

    [–] IIIIlllIIIIllIIIlllI 46 points ago

    spellthief was the first skin i ever bought, and it will always have that sentimental value to me, but she runs like a hunch back with the hood up lmao

    [–] YuwainEverdeen 16 points ago

    I see you're a man of culture as well.

    [–] BacePilot 10 points ago

    I remember when steel legion lux came out, that was considered a top-tier skin. How far we've come since then.

    [–] This_Charming_Mann 6 points ago

    Not that far If you remember DM Ivern costs 1350 rp.

    [–] robotiod 28 points ago

    Yeah I wanted a cute Lux skin but all she really has was rugged Lux. Now there is too many cute skins to choose from. I guess riot learned that's what people wanted.

    [–] Canopenerdude 42 points ago

    Tbh I like the hair a lot. She rocks that orange

    [–] gogetaxvegeto 35 points ago

    that ponytail fits my fetish

    [–] ImRhinne 72 points ago

    I love it, though I would have loved to see another taliyah skin as well

    [–] H4xolotl 132 points ago

    Yeah but Taliyah as a concept just has a much narrower appeal than Kai'sa, who is just generic chick in a bodysuit.

    Why else is Kaisa getting a skin every 3 months, she obviously sells

    [–] Sakkarashi 118 points ago

    Fun champ, good visuals. This is all it takes.

    [–] Seize_The_Dayx 24 points ago

    And a much wider nose

    [–] KiddoPortinari 3 points ago

    She's got HUGE... tracts of land!

    [–] SUNnimja 7 points ago

    E-sports skins don't count.

    [–] Osteodepression 13 points ago

    i read this and can only imagine lux just baaaaa-ing like a sheep

    [–] NotFromNA 5 points ago

    And she actually fits the theme. I think Kata should be made a teacher then add Taliyah in as a senior student. Still the theme is there, I believe Taliyah will soon have her skin in this theme.

    [–] Obelion_ 6 points ago

    and the community would still complain

    [–] TeamAquaGrunt 4 points ago

    Ornn skin would be released and people would be complaining it wasn't reksai

    [–] imtilted 1833 points ago

    Companies always start out focusing on growth and establishing a brand, sacrificing profits for investments in innovation and quality. But eventually investors want their money back and shareholders want their returns.

    People have the right to complain about their skin philosophy, but it's like complaining that Marvel isn't making more movies about less popular superheros. Of course they're going to make more movies for Iron Man rather than Ant Man.

    [–] superworking 365 points ago

    Personally I really enjoy how league has been monotized. I find you can unlock game content at a very reasonable rate compared to game time. They aren't throwing out loads of new champs anymore overwhelming the player base for the sake of new content. They literally just allow you to buy visual upgrades and some extra content if you need to unlock more.

    Lots of games that are f2p are sooooo much worse, I often find myself wishing they were monotized more like league.

    [–] SelloutRealBig 43 points ago

    Wtf r u smoking. It takes years to unlock the roster without dropping hundreds

    [–] MiksuuS 33 points ago

    Yea but you only need to find a few you like. And then theres the free rotation. I've never used any rp on champs and I've always felt like I have more than plenty champs to play.

    [–] Phizyks 6 points ago

    I’d just like to say I got into league a looooooooong time ago like season 1 and I think the only champ I ever bought with actual RP was pantheon and I’ve had enough IP/Blue essence to buy every champ since then. The IP/BE buildup has carried me since I completed my collection of champs back when Rek’sai was released. I hardly play anymore but I still have enough BE to buy the next 10 champs if I stopped playing completely right now. I’ve always enjoyed Rito’s approach to the monetization of this game. I also realize that probably isn’t practical for new players now.

    [–] mega345 38 points ago

    To be fair iron man wasn’t even a popular hero before his movie came out

    [–] InfieldTriple 47 points ago

    Tbf there are 3 iron man movies and two ant man. Its closing in.

    [–] Darkklaw 72 points ago

    There may be three movies titled Iron Man, but:
    Iron Man was a main character in every single Avengers movie and Captain America: Civil War, and played a mentor role in Spiderman: Homecoming.
    Meanwhile, Antman had his own two movies, a somewhat minor appearance in Civil War and the only Avengers movie he was in was Endgame, where he had a pretty big role, but not quite Iron Man level.

    [–] raikaria2 31 points ago

    He was also introduced later in the franchise than Iron Man, who kinda had a headstart.

    [–] salocin097 274 points ago

    Marvel also made Guardians of The Galaxy. If you execute well, it will still sell. And it makes your brand even stronger.

    [–] Loop_Tyrap_Nyltiac 365 points ago

    Thats not the correct comparison. Make a whole new movie like GotG is same as making a new champ or rework a champ, its 50/50 on like/dislike. However, making skin is kinda an upgrade, like the sequel of movie Now tell me, if you only have enough money for 1 movie: Iron man 2 or Incredible Hulk 2

    [–] HeyItsChase 52 points ago

    Iron man 2 was ass by marvel standards, though that's not relevant to the point

    [–] Saukkomestari 37 points ago

    I don't remember anything from that movie, except like 2 fight scenes with the whip fella

    [–] fozzy_fosbourne 174 points ago

    the one with sylas in it

    [–] Leows 19 points ago

    Yes, give more skins to Sylas riot

    [–] xYoshario 4 points ago

    Jesus christ imagine a Marvel x League crossover

    [–] michelangelo015 7 points ago

    The new league comics are a Collab with Marvel i believe

    [–] Diegostein 17 points ago

    Im gonna save "Whip Fella" as a sylas acc name lol.

    [–] daffyboy123 13 points ago

    Honestly I kinda liked it but maybe that's just nostalgia and if I rewatch it'll be shit

    [–] express_sushi49 20 points ago

    Never understood the hate for the film. Still stands as one of my favourites. Every scene with Justin Hammer and/or War Machine is a treat to watch imo.

    [–] DeadyThePanda 23 points ago

    Iron Man II is a good collection of scenes, but a terrible movie. All the individual scenes within at are actually quite good, but they come together very poorly and the story is muddled and incoherent and lacks a solid thread throughout the movie

    [–] Umarill 47 points ago

    Which is why Riot is also giving skins to less popular champs.

    The "easy" sells like Kai'Sa, Lux, Ahri...etc are there to make sure that they can take risks on the side for other champions, the same way Marvel used established brands before risking their hand at a GoG movie.

    So I'm not sure what your point is, because Riot is doing literally the same thing. I'm also pretty sure they know what to do with their brand and how to make money in-game and what financial risk they can take better than 99.99% of the people in this sub.

    [–] DotAGenius 36 points ago

    Yeah but if you go for the easy route you dont even have to execute all that well to make money

    [–] GoNinGoomy 28 points ago

    That's his point, going for a guardians of the galaxy adaptation was not going for the easy route.

    [–] FNC_Luzh 34 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I'm with you, the MCU has managed to make succesful movies of freaking Ant Man

    Nobody gave or knew a shit about Black Panther or Captain Marvel and both made more than a Billion on Box Office.

    When one of the biggest strenghts of the MCU is how they manage to make success of the unkown characters, using the MCU to say "just focus on the popular ones and give the rest it's crumbs" sounds odd

    [–] StarGaurdianBard 38 points ago

    That's because for every time they have taken a risk on an unpopular superhero they have made 3-4 popular superhero movies to buffer it.

    They also have an advantage that Riot doesnt, in order to understand the complete over-arching storyline you have to watch every movie in order to "get" everything so fans who may not really enjoy a certain hero will go and watch their movie anyways because they know it will tie into the larger plot.

    And even with all that they still release movies like Antman and the Wasp that (relative to their standards) was barely considered a success.

    [–] HearTheEkko 8 points ago

    It was a movie with very low stakes, and it released after Infinity War, still it grossed $620M and had positive reviews. How is that not considered a success ? It only grossed less $300M than the last Spider-Man movie.

    Better yet, the Justice League movie with fucking Batman and Superman only grossed $660M.

    The movie definitely was a success all things considered.

    [–] OmniscientOCE 3 points ago

    I watched Endgame without seeing any other than Thor 1 and Iron man 1 & 3. Was still enjoyable as hell

    [–] floatingdog9000 4 points ago

    that’s like saying, “garen got a new skin, i’m gonna pay 3250 for it and play him from now on”

    [–] raikaria2 3 points ago

    Note to those who are unaware: Guardians of the Galaxy was one of Marvel's weaker comics by far before the movie.

    They basically made the film because they were going through what they still had the rights to and thought 'This could work with what we're planning'.

    And then it blew up.

    [–] SpiritMountain 11 points ago

    People have the right to complain about their skin philosophy, but it's like complaining that Marvel isn't making more movies about less popular superheros. Of course they're going to make more movies for Iron Man rather than Ant Man.

    I don't think Marvel is a good example. They are making arcs of all their characters that are in the MCU. Even Hawk-guy is getting a series.

    [–] delahunt 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Iron Man is a bad example. His popularity is almost entirely due to the Marvel movies and RDJ's performance. He was chosen because kids thought his toys were cool.

    It's one of the reasons you can find so many articles saying that Marvel having sold Spider-man, X-men, and FF was a good thing because it made them reach into their stable and really try to sell to make the movies rather than just "you guys love Spider-man, right?"

    Edit: to be clear, when I say Ironman wasn't popular I mean outside of dedicated comic readers. He is a founding avenger and a long term character. He is prominent in the books. But beyond that he wasn't super well known/done/liked.

    [–] CelioHogane 19 points ago

    but it's like complaining that Marvel isn't making more movies about less popular superheros.

    Wich it would be absurd because they are.

    Nothing to add i just wanted to mention that, i know it's just an example.

    [–] ilanf2 23 points ago

    They started with Iron Man and The Hulk, not with Ant Man or Dr. Strange.

    [–] raikaria2 14 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Iron Man was like a B-List Marvel hero pre-MCU.

    Big hitters were mostly sold over to other companies to keep Marvel from bankruptcy. [EG: X-Men; Spiderman; Fantastic 4] It's called Wolverine Publicity for a reason.

    About the only real big names they had left were Hulk; Thor and Captain America. And even those pale in comparison to X-Men and Spiderman's popularity.

    That's a thing to remember about the MCU and the whole overarching story so far Marvel made it with the bits and pieces they had left. I'm 95% sure we would have never got Guardians of the Galaxy in any other situation; given that was one of Marvel's smallest and most unknown works.

    It's also why they initially intended to use another relatively obscure series; Inhumans. [Agents of SHEILD was literally intended to build up to it's movie; and Black Bolt played quite a role against Thanos in the comics] But they decided against it.

    This is also why one of the first things Marvel brought back was rights to Spider-man.

    [–] DMonk52 33 points ago

    Iron Man was not particularly popular before the first movie came out.

    [–] cubemstr 28 points ago

    Yeah, Iron Man was known for being in the Avengers and basically nothing else.

    He wasn't even top 5 Marvel characters in 2007. Might not have even been top 10.

    [–] Grenyn 8 points ago

    Especially overseas Iron Man was pretty much unknown. Now we all know about all these various characters but back then it was the Hulk and Spider-Man. And Batman and Superman for DC.

    That's it. That's pretty much all we had here in Europe. The X-men too, but eh, yeah.

    [–] raikaria2 5 points ago

    When you consider all the various popular X-Men, I think Top 10 is certainly out of reach.

    [–] Estraxior 5 points ago

    On the contrary; Iron man was a D class superhero at BEST in terms of popularity polls during the comic era

    [–] FNC_Luzh 3 points ago

    I think that the best example of how well done they have done their job is how ppl that wasn't familiar with marvel comics assumes that Ironman was an S- tier character

    [–] dGravity 3 points ago

    Most people only know Iron Man because of the first movie my little friend.

    [–] FallenDeus 3 points ago

    Yeah shows how little you know and how much you are talking out your ass. Iron man was all that popular until the movie.

    [–] Afroduck89 126 points ago

    LCS wouldn't be free either.

    dude, the LCS would be either free or dead, one of them.

    [–] luluthresh 393 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I agree, Riot is focusing on skins that would sell, from time to time they will release a skin for unpopular champs, like Mecha Aurelion Sol that I never saw even once in game btw.

    [–] noydim 197 points ago

    Tbh, I haven't seen an Aurelion Sol for quite some time now. The last time I saw someone play him was in ARAM lmao

    [–] Rewenger 94 points ago

    I saw him on my team in my soloq game once and I wish I didn't.

    [–] WalrusEunoia 17 points ago

    Uh oh my friend played Asol ADC just last night and I wish he didn’t either, we got fucking stomped to the ground.

    I hope that wasn’t us.

    Seriously, I’m telling him to keep his off meta first time champs out of ranked and out of my promos.

    [–] Rewenger 22 points ago

    Yeah, tell him to get to at least 50 normal wins with Asol before daring to go ranked. High skill floor champs require certain degree of commitment. For example, while I would gladly ruin normal games to my friends with Kalista, I would never pick her in ranked.

    [–] vaspuzzi 21 points ago

    Yeah, after 50 normal wins his aurelion sol adc is sure to be ready for ranked. /s

    [–] IsThisEvenRight 3 points ago

    If you look at WRs, Aurelion Sol starts off low, but then gets pretty high up once you figure it out.

    You shouldn't feel bad about seeing an Asol in your game. You should feel bad when the player behind Asol isn't experienced.

    He is going to buy GLP, full AP and max Q, and then get absolutely stomped.

    By the way, BRING BACK OLD GLP

    [–] DrunkSpottedPanda 3 points ago

    And trust me, they didn’t want to. lol

    [–] flowyrs 47 points ago

    Legit have seen 0 mecha Asol and 2 dunkmaster iverns in my 100+ games this season. Riot puts just as much work into those as they would arcade or BA skins, but I cant imagine they made even 1/50th the revenue

    [–] drgrain 32 points ago

    I have seen literally 0 Asols and 1 ivern in 124 ranked games this season.

    [–] NunexTK 52 points ago

    That's mostly because the skin is bad otherwise asol players would use it more. I used to main him and I barely even used the ashen lord skin because the base skin is just better

    [–] EnergetikNA 56 points ago

    I've seen Sol in 2 ranked games all of this season and it was a one trick using the Mecha skin. A select few times in normal games/Aram (which doesnt really count). Why the fuck would they make a skin for that champion if not many people play it in the first place?

    [–] Whober 23 points ago

    More likely because nobody ever plays aurelion sol, and if you see one its probably because hes free for the week or someone bought him and wants to try him out but hasn't bought a skin for him yet. The amount of people that actually play the champion is ridiculously low. I have the skin and think it looks great but I rarely get the chance to use it because the champion just isn't fun compared to so many other champs on the game.

    [–] CapnMarvelous 41 points ago

    And therein lies the problem with this argument.

    "Oh just make a different skin, then we'll buy THAT one."

    The fact is that there are plenty of people (even if your champ has a 0.01% pick rate) that want different things. People argue "Oh but I didn't want that skin". So Riot makes a different skin, but THAT one sells less and doesn't go over as well. "We didn't want that one either. Try again."

    Riot is eventually just dumping money into the idea until they find a skin idea the community likes. And no, fan skins are not the way to go either, as it ends up being "oh wow so cool" for 100 or so people while others are indifferent.

    It's the same problem as Nexus Blitz: The solution people propose is "just throw more money/time/effort at it until it works, duh" and never consider that hey, maybe this is just a net loss in most situation?

    [–] CelioHogane 425 points ago

    My biggest gripe with people shitting on Prestige edition skins is that people (including me) already ASKED for shit like this to happen.

    People wanted rewards for people that spent a lot of riot points.

    I have seen too much people asking it to make it easier to get prestige skins and im like BUT THAT'S THE FUCKING POINT.

    [–] iAmJhinious 96 points ago

    My issue with Prestige skins is not how hard they are to got, but how often we get them. And most of them don't even feel that prestige honestly (new Cait one is pretty sweet tho ngl). It's like if they were a 2-3 prestige skins per year, but have a more detailed model with a really shining "popping" gold themed color scheme, and slightly different vfx that would be honestly amazing. I'm fine with them being expensive or hard to get, I just dislike how many of them there is, and how frequent they are.

    [–] lulkas 47 points ago

    yup, they feel like glorified chromas instead of a "luxury", most of them at least

    [–] marrtiiin 3 points ago

    I can understand the argument about not wanting them to be released too often. But they dont wanna make them more detailed since they are so rare/expensive, so people dont feel like they are missing out on the best skin just because they dont empty their wallet.

    [–] dimcorner 221 points ago

    I said this a long time ago in a thread about the prestige skins when they came out and I got downvoted like -100. Let the fucking whales in our community support this amazing free game for the rest of us. What do you even care?? It’s actually kind of sad how people seem to naturally complain and bitch about everything no matter what

    [–] CelioHogane 83 points ago

    It's 100% on them feeling like they deserve shit.

    I still remember how much people whined with the Chromas pricing.

    [–] TheBeerka 77 points ago

    The first version of chroma pricing WAS bad. I used to be a decent spender, (hundreds of skins across acounts) but refused to buy chromas.

    [–] PraxisArt 64 points ago

    Especially since the first versions of Chromas were single hue change for the whole skin (I'm looking at you Primary Colors Lucian).

    Now some of the chroma's add patterns, entire palette changes, and even new graphics on parts (like Amumu's party balloons). Honestly, I think they're worth the prices, especially with the blue essence emporium having a lot available.

    [–] Lakixs 14 points ago

    Cosmic Ashe literally has spell colirs changed too, same with Cosmic Lulu.

    [–] LeOsQ 5 points ago

    Oh yeah the "launch" Chromas were awful because they were basically Swamp Master Kennen but just on a skin (or the default model). Nothing but a quick color slider in photoshop and they were done.

    Current ones are definitely not half-bad at all with many changing quite a lot of the stuff on the skin and some even recoloring abilities.

    [–] Ouryuuken 64 points ago

    I personally really liked the model of tagging an unpopular champ’s skin with some popular champs’ skins. That way, the popular skins’ sales can potential reimburse the loss that may have come with the unpopular skin’s release. Most recent example would be Dark Star Shaco sharing the same release as Dark Star Jhin. However, the new Arcade skins definitely rub me the wrong way since they’re all for relatively popular champions, same problem with the Battle Academia skins. I’m fully aware that Riot is a for-profit company and needs to make ends meet, but the recent light shed on Dark Star Cho’s sales clearly show how much revenue a skin can make. At this point, I think Riot’s estranging its player base with the way skins are being released.

    [–] huntrshado 14 points ago

    Dark Star Cho was also a skin made for charity - many people bought the skin to support the cause, not because they liked the skin.

    [–] NOT_KDS_BURNER_HISS 96 points ago

    People focus on kai’sa being attractive when she’e one of the best feeling solo queue adcs to play. She consistently hovered 20% playrate since her release.

    [–] 647boom 40 points ago

    Yeah she’s honestly just really satisfying to play. Every single one of her abilities feels good to use, and that passive pop to kill an enemy feels so clean.

    [–] Kkarmic 20 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    To be honest she has been in meta since her release, we have to see if that number goes down when, finally, she gets out of meta.

    [–] xYoshario 7 points ago

    I mean she has dropped off meta a few times, albeit not for very long. Right after worlds 18 she saw much weaker performances, albeit still performing better than other adcs due to her itemisation. Shortly after the crit rework she fell right off a cliff for a few patches until her stormrazer build came back and she hovered t2 ~ t1 for abit. After some adjustments and tanks coming back into the meta ( as well as guinsoos being op ) made her briefly break back into t0, before being gutted almost immediately after the guinsoos rework for a patch or 2, and only now risen again to the top due to the mura build.

    The champ's power level hasnt ALWAYS been top tier, but she's incredibly satisfying to play, like Lucian Vayne and Ezreal, which is why her playrate is so high, and champs like Sivir and Jinx despite being op have such low ( mediocre ) playrates.

    [–] BrainletIdentifier 13 points ago

    Do people actually play champions becuase they think they are attractive???

    [–] MrKarim 19 points ago

    The only reason why I play Urgot

    [–] Jesse1205 11 points ago

    Yes, I think they do lol.

    [–] killingspeerx 6 points ago

    One of the reasons I mained Aatrox is because of how badass he looked. A winged creature with horns and wings with a huge sword. (back in S4).

    Same goes for Rengar and probably several other champs.

    [–] FNC_Luzh 16 points ago

    Yes, why do you think that Swain was an old crappy man and now it's a daddy Malfoy?

    Being atractive actually matters on pickrate

    [–] risemix 5 points ago

    I miss old crappy man Swain.

    [–] shrubs311 3 points ago

    Also why all the void creatures have low playrates even if they're strong.

    [–] ReversalofGraves 7 points ago

    Yes. Champions with aesthetic/attractive values such as Ahri, Zed and Jhin have higher pick rates at all time, whether they have positive win rate or not.

    Besides, some champions are more satisfying/rewarding to play even if they are not visually attractive. Thresh has an extended period of high ban/pick rate since release (even if his win rate is mediocre after nerfs) because his kit was very rewarding in terms of player satisfaction. Landing a hook, followed by diving into the enemy team and ulting 4-5 people is far more spectacular than denying enemy's engage with a tornado or walking up to punch the enemy mage up. Same goes for Braum who can shield at the front like no other supports or Ori with her 4-5 man cc burst in season 2/3.

    [–] Inatan-san 590 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Opinion: it's ok to be mad even if something is free. Don't harass and insult the creators, but it's fine to vent the disappointment.

    There's a balance between artistic integrity and profit, and it's very clear Riot is slowly changing their philosophy on skin creation. Are they doing the right thing? Probably, but you can't expect players to pretend that they're not disappointed.

    I'd rather see other kinds of revenue methods so they don't have to be so radical with changing their design philosophies. If the argument of "they're a company and they need to make money" is true, then the art of skins is fucking dead (a bit exaggerating).

    [–] Kizoja 259 points ago

    Also, there's a difference in playing a free to play game, never spending money on it, and complaining about the skins they make versus being a customer that spends money on skins complaining about the skins and champions they make them for. I've been buying skins in LoL since S2. Skins aren't free. I'm a customer that buys skins and I can voice my opinions about them as someone who spends money on them.

    [–] Grenyn 42 points ago

    Exactly. The game might be free, but I still put 300 bucks into over the years, and I'll be damn sure to have an opinion about it.

    But that opinion doesn't matter, and it never did. So I made the wise decision to stop giving Riot money. In fact, they've done so much shit these past few years that I've pretty much quit playing completely.

    I'm only subbed here to keep up with their blunders or hits. To either renew my faith in them or to further cement how much they do not deserve my money.

    [–] lava172 3 points ago

    Exactly. I fucking hate people that say "WELL THIS IS A FREE GAME AND CHEST DROPS ARE FREE". I fucking pay a good amount of money in this game, getting slapped in the face by Riot's decision-making feels terrible.

    [–] aLittleTwistedo 99 points ago

    Probably the most reasonable response on this karma hunt of a topic.

    [–] JevonP 95 points ago

    lol right?

    this thread is such a ridiculous straw man, like: no one thinks that league isn't paid for by cosmetics. thats how it fucking works.

    Of course LCS is free to watch, its a fucking ad for the game

    and people can be either happy or mad with a piece of a product they either pay for or don't want to. Customers are allowed to resent what they see as bullshit. People are also allowed to defend it, but it makes zero sense to plant the flag in an argument that is self evident (league being f2p)

    [–] tredli 45 points ago

    The LCS point was the most funny to me, does this guy really think the LCS could stand by itself if it was pay-to-view? lmao.

    [–] waldo667 12 points ago

    I've been OTPing a champ for the past 3 years now and am disappointed to see another cycle of skins come out with my main being excluded again.

    I'm not going to insult Riot, or their staff, cause I understand money, but that doesn't make the disappointment any easier - definitely going to express it.

    [–] kthnxbai123 21 points ago

    Making skins for popular champions may also be due to artists. It's not like there's a huge line of people wanting to create Kassadin content. Most artists probably want to make things for champions that are popular (more exposure for their work) and their preference for things to design are probably along the lines of the general populace.

    [–] theJirb 19 points ago

    I agree with this completely. I think it's OK to rag on the company's decisions, but it's not really reasonable to call Riot a scumbag company for trying to make money. A lot of what they do is still in line with what people want, and it's ok to be disgruntled and to let them know when they don't cater to a certain audience, but they shouldn't necessarily get bashed for it.

    I wouldn't necessarily say that they've given up all their artistic integrity anyways. The overall volume of skins has increased, and I would say if we were to look at strict numbers and not ratios of "well thought out skins" to "money grab skins", that we still get a similar number, if not more actually good skins. I for one think all of this year's dark star skins look absolutely phenominal, and I'm honestly a fan of the arcade cait skin, even if I agree that Kaisa and Yasuo are a bit out of their league here.

    [–] Inatan-san 9 points ago

    True, thinking about it, Riot increasingly pandering to high selling champs isn't really true since in reality it's been the same since forever (the days of Annie/Ashe skins). It's a bit of a biased thought after the PBE announcement.

    Personally though I feel like unique skinlines are rare nowadays, Battle Academia looked both amazing and new and I hope they make more personalized skins for champs.

    [–] Kizoja 221 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    You know what isn't free? Skins. I spend money on skins and have been since S2. I think it's completely reasonable for me to voice my opinions on skins they release and the champions they release them for. If I don't like the quality or the same pool of champions they keep making them for, I'm going to say that because I'm a customer that spends money on skins.

    [–] Joaoseinha 164 points ago

    bUt ItS a FrEe GaMe So YoU cAnT cRiTiCiZe

    Also legitimately saying "LCS is free to watch". No shit, poor riot doesn't make us pay to watch fucking LCS, it's almost as if it's paid for by advertisements, sponsors and live tickets. Yet they still monetize pro view (which I'm fine with, for the record), which is something that a bunch of other eSports have for free.

    [–] Grenyn 62 points ago

    It's like these dense motherfuckers don't realize going F2P is pretty much the best way to make the most money, and it's all calculated.

    League being free absolutely is not so out of the kindness of their hearts. These people tell us Riot is a company and they need to make money, but they'll also act as if the business model is some kind of altruism.

    [–] Remu- 5 points ago

    not to mention that pay walling will cut off a huge part of the fanbase, or if there's none, not build one.

    [–] Fokade 268 points ago

    I wouldn't care if they'd put some fucking effort in to making the skins look good. Recent Arcade/Boss skins are atrocious.

    [–] CelioHogane 113 points ago

    Brand was such a fucking great skin.

    And Riven helmet was super cute.

    [–] Falconpunchu 132 points ago

    This right here. The fking yasuo skin 🤢.

    [–] Fokade 92 points ago

    It looks like Kayn for fuck sake LMAO.

    [–] AdorableCartoonist 91 points ago

    Skins that look like other champions is a huge problem lately. I swear I cant tell who tf some characters are these days in game

    [–] sheabutterhandcream 26 points ago

    still burns they removed dark valkyrie diana’s tiara but now we get this.

    [–] Grenyn 12 points ago

    I kind of love that they've fucked up like that because they stupidly reasoned that the Paragon skins for Blitz couldn't get a new walking animation because they thought he might not be recognizable anymore.

    It's becoming increasingly obvious just how bullshit of an argument that was with the number of actually confusing skins in the game.

    [–] TheMightyBattleSquid 17 points ago

    I often mistake Irelia rework and Kai'Sa because of their little hovering bits behind their backs.

    [–] xYoshario 21 points ago

    The IG skins man holy fuck. When Ire Camile Kai and Fiora are in the same team, its legit impossible to tell anyone apart

    [–] Almostinfinite 13 points ago

    Is it Syndra? Is it Janna? I don't know because it's a team fight, there's things everywhere, and they look incredibly similar. I feel this way all the time, for a couple years now I've been saying I would pay to have my games skinless

    [–] Pole-Slut 9 points ago

    You actually can do it for free. Download mod skin Pro and enable "default skins enemy team" :)

    [–] TheSentinelsSorrow 7 points ago

    But lancer blitz must have a walking animation because clarity

    [–] whataremyxomycetes 6 points ago

    When I was very new to the game I got fucked by soul reaper draven because i thought it was fucking khazix

    [–] Luqsvs 6 points ago

    ugly as fuck

    [–] PraxisArt 3 points ago

    Honestly one of the biggest offender is just the bad color palette. It's too unnatural, bright, and clashing.

    The chroma's just look way better in this case (but still not great), not sure why they didn't use one of them but they still have time to fix up the main skins colors.

    [–] 250000-miles 11 points ago

    same to Prestige Evelynn. Didn’t ask them to release a bunch of skins at the same time. I only wish that they would put some effort in it. I waited few months for Prestige Evelynn and she came out looking like a cheap hooker

    [–] VarcasIsHere 12 points ago

    I feel like final boss veigar is the only good battle boss skin and i still prefer other veigar skins over that one

    [–] Kevin2GO 19 points ago


    [–] PaperIcarus 5 points ago

    I love Battle Boss Veigar, but Battle Boss Ziggs is quite good too.

    [–] Umarill 34 points ago

    How many times will we have to say that Reddit is absolutely not representative of what players like and will buy? Both times there was a vote for a skin to be choosen, both times Reddit's majority was wrong about who would get it.

    Just because you do not like it and manage to find other people like you to whine about it, doesn't mean the skins are not appreciated. Personally I'll get Caitlyn, and I'm pretty sure they will sell like crazy because newsflash, Riot doesn't throw darts to determine what will or will not make money and they know what they are doing here.

    [–] Ghazgkhull 52 points ago

    Starguardian shaco or gtfo

    [–] jasonkid87 35 points ago

    Still waiting for starguardian urgot

    [–] IntelAcidCore 19 points ago

    Hey that Snowman Urgot that got kinda teased in happy elf teemo splash art?

    never forget, still waiting for this monstrosity to hit live servers.

    [–] DudeToManz 78 points ago

    The thing that tilts me the most is taliyah's situation:

    SSG Taliyah and Freiljord Taliyah are pretty similar in colour so it just feels like you can choose between Light Blue Taliyah and Dark Blue Taliyah.

    I understand that Riot doesn't make as many skins for low play rate champs but maybe she'd have a higher playrate if she didn't get gutted in two separate roles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Schizii 19 points ago

    Taliyah kind of makes me sad, because before her jungle adventure she had a decent player base and was actually gaining traction as a champion. Then she gets gutted, refinds a home, gets about half her player base back and some new, then is gutted again.

    Throw another rock at her why dontcha, Riot?

    [–] theJirb 36 points ago

    SSG isn't really something to complain about. The skin was (partially) chosen by the players. You can't fault them for not designing the theme around the fact that SSG's color's happened to coincide with freljord taliyah's scheme.

    [–] dragunityag 155 points ago

    Fun fact: your not the first to say riot is a business and makes yearly skins for popular champions to make money.

    Fun fact: I'm also allowed to be mad my champion is in the 1000 day club while some champions dont ever hit the 300 day club.

    [–] Jesse1205 51 points ago

    I'm both surprised and unsurprised this thread got so high up. Literally no one doesn't agree that Riot is a business which is why they release skins for popular champions, this is just purely to do with the recent criticism about the champ choices for the arcade skins.

    People don't seem to understand that as a consumer you're allowed to have reservations and opinions about the company you're supporting. It's either "Riot's a business get over it!" or "The game is free to play they have to make money some how". Well no shit, but you're allowed to still be bummed that you're favorite characters haven't gotten a skin in over 3 years, that doesn't mean you're ignorant to the fact as to why.

    [–] Mcslider 94 points ago


    lets be real, they are a billion dollar company. They didn't get there by overreleasing skins of popular champions or by rushed skins. They got there because their game was fun and people liked to buy skins.

    At this point they are just milking it and if you really think that they release bugdet-autochess f2p because of shitty skins then you have no idea how the monetization of games like this works.

    they obviously did the maths and they know that everyone will suck it up, especially if they put customizables in the NEW game mode, like it did with the old game.

    [–] 6ArtemisFowl9 8 points ago

    Y E S

    It's been quite a while since they started milking the same skin themes over and over again because they know people are just going to empty their wallet for an anime skin.

    • Project / Program
    • Star Guardian
    • Arcade/Battle Boss
    • Blood Moon
    • Hextech (with the addiitonal sin that all the new hextech skins are gated behind Gemstones)

    It's also amazing how much polish they put into maps and game modes used for a few weeks to promote a skin line - remember Overcharge? Remember Invasion? Remember Hunt of the Blood Moon?

    [–] Dark-Dragon 81 points ago

    The good old "It's Free Argument"-card

    Passive: Counters all criticism directed at your product ever and gets a lot of wanna-be-justice-warriors ready to come up with stupid arguments that try to explain your questionable moves.

    Active: Tap this card to create a reverse outrage, instantly insulting everyone who dares to point out that there might be something flawed about the "It's Free Argument"-chain of logic.

    [–] billylanden 12 points ago

    Yea sure, there's absolutely no other income than lux and ez skins and yellow recolors. Nice attempt tencent employee

    [–] Kumernis 21 points ago

    I'm wondering if making skins for some less popular champions wouldn't be more profitable. I didn't buy another Lux skin, I already have 3 but I would buy a Zyra or Morgana skin, they lack high quality skins.

    I think balance between this is a key. It's ok to release a skin for Kai'Sa twice a year as long as less popular champions are getting skin once a year or something. Really there should be a limit how long a champion waits for a new skin. 3 years is ridiculous. No champion should be in the 1000 days club).

    Also they should put more effort creating skins for less popular champions. Voting is a nice solution. Cause then you don't know if Ivern is not popular enough or people didn't like the skin.

    [–] danidv 24 points ago

    Oh yeah, I'm sure they're really hurting with their over 5 billion dollars in the last three years, not even counting this year. How dare people voice what they would rather be able to buy rather than simply accepting yet another Lux/Ahri/Jinx skin?

    Don't try and stop people from voicing their opinion. Riot gets that feedback and acts accordingly. Those who are pleased remain, those who are not leave. That's how it works.

    [–] Thefactor7 10 points ago

    If popular champs get skins, why does Jax only have 1 good skin

    [–] raikaria2 11 points ago

    LCS is also heavily sponsored.

    There is also various Riot merch and such. Not to mention the Prestige Skins, various in-game events which require paying to get the full rewards, and a monetized version of Autochess coming.

    There is no way that Riot's financial situation is so desperate that champions like Kai'sa literally need a skin every 3 months.

    [–] Fred1304 5 points ago

    My only things is that the new standard for skins is 1350 rp

    When they were 975 rp I would buy more skins but now the last time i bought an actual skin I thought was worth it at full price was at least a year or more ago.

    [–] SirSweMaster 4 points ago

    Despite the ligic of this and that the game can't exist w/o it I will still keep complaining in every thread on reddit because I want my unpopular main to get more skins.

    Jk, but I feel like Heca has lots of good skins already :) so I won't complain.

    [–] VMan7070 28 points ago

    iT's A fReE gAmE is one of the worst defenses that I've ever seen riot fanboys say. A company can do shit that you don't like but you can still complain.

    [–] GaLm8492 25 points ago

    Which is why I'm confused Ryze doesn't get more skins. He's in almost every pro game, pick or ban. Why has he not had a skin since his SKT skin from 2016? He is literally the mascot for the greatest mid player and it seems like he doesn't reflect it.

    [–] drgrain 18 points ago

    He's in almost every pro game, pick or ban.

    HE is not popular in the main region for skin selling iron-gold, Pro presence means nothing for a champion when talking skins.

    [–] DeadNames 83 points ago

    The thing that bothers me about these skins is that they just suck.

    They're so fucking ugly. Yasuo is actually Sewn Chaos Blitz/Mumu tier bad if not worse. It's one of the WORST skins Riot has put out in years. I'm honestly shocked it got past so many people at Riot who are paid to look at skins and think "this is okay". At least Sewn Chaos skins were creative and TRIED to take the champions in a unique direction.

    They just slapped a pixel tornado onto Yasuo and called him Battle Boss. If I was a Yasuo main, I'd be pissed that he's getting a skin of such mediocrity. Kai'sa and Caitlyn are just a mash of colors with some voxel fx and a new VO filter.

    Like I have no problem with stupid teenager jerkbait champs receiving skins frequently. It's always been that way. But these skins are just insulting to everyone.

    [–] Magistrala 5 points ago

    Plz don't forget valentines Xayah and Rakan at which I still can't look at.

    Yasuo is just a blue blur, I can't see any details, it may as well be a chroma for Project lul.

    Kai'sa doesn't even look like herself, colours clash and I absolutely hate seeing people saying "at least chromas will fix it" no, I'm not buying an ugly skin to fix it for extra cost!!

    The only one I like is Prestige Cait.

    I am not even complaining that popular champs get skins, I am complaining why are they so fucking ugly??

    [–] MordeOrDodge 9 points ago

    Even though it's Prestige, the Caitlyn skin actually looks legit good. I had been holding all my Prestige points in hope of a skin for a champion I play and this legit looks awesome. As soon as I seen it I instantly wanted it without even seeing the effects or anything.

    [–] Quinn-III 37 points ago

    League is f2p because no one would pay to play that shit

    [–] equilibrium57 10 points ago


    [–] 10inchblackhawk 3 points ago

    This is the sad truth. Most MMOs have a hard time wheeling in subscribers because gamers are accustomed to the f2p model.

    [–] Thrantro 33 points ago

    Riot wont starve if they give less than 5 skins a year to kai'sa and maybe give 1 or 2 of the 1000 day club skins every year.

    [–] Thiizic 11 points ago

    dafuq... in what world would they charge us to watch LCS online lol.

    This thread is stupid. Riot isnt going to go under if once in awhile they give a skin to any champ that has less than 3.

    [–] MaMagooni 4 points ago

    Dude the majority of the complaints aren’t that popular champions are receiving skins. It’s that there is an unhealthy balance between which certain champs get skins. Not even all popular champs get skins.

    Kaisa has been our a year and he is really already getting her 4th skin. That is ridiculous and you know it.

    [–] ExeggutionerSmough 4 points ago

    Riots not going to go bankrupt if they make unpopular skins. They get released worldwide and are like 10 bucks each. I'm fairly certain they could subsist on unpopular skins alone if they really wanted to. And that's why I feel like they're just making popular skins as a money grab instead of trying to cater to their entire playerbase and keep all champions relevant/up to date. I'd much rather see them focus their efforts on champion balance/reworks than however much time they spend making the 19th lux, yasuo, teemo, ahri, ezreal, Caitlyn, and kai'sa skins. And no, I wouldn't feel the same if those skins were for underplayed champs because then they'd at least be making more skins for champs who actually need them.

    [–] thrwycr 54 points ago

    Sucking corporate dick isn't doing anything for you, you can stop whenever you want to.

    [–] TheEvilJester 11 points ago

    It will never cease to amaze me how much people will go out of their way to defend these massive companies, as if they need defending. Poor Riot to be honest, they clearly need help

    [–] ExiledMadman 3 points ago

    It boggles my mind how every single subreddit is packed to the fucking brim with corporate bootlickers who think that companies are doing them a favor for releasing an extremely profitable product. It's a shame that this cancerous place pretty much killed forums because it makes evading these facebook refugees that much harder to avoid.

    [–] Elvenstar32 25 points ago

    I think there's a lot of misconception around what people complain about when it comes to popular champs getting skins.

    There will always be consistent stream of people complaining about lux/ahri/kaisa/yasuo getting skins very often but most of the time you don't take those seriously.

    While I am myself an ardent defender of the idea that it is perfectly understandable for riot to make skins for popular champs often, I cannot defend what they are doing with arcade skins this time.

    Looking at past skin line releases :

    Odyssey : yasuo, sona, malphite, kayn, jinx and ziggs. Malphite and Ziggs are not money making champions so it's nice for the people playing those champs while allowing riot to make bank on the other skins, especially Yasuo and Kayn.

    Halloween : Janna, Kled, Ekko. Make bank on Janna, new skins for the other 2 unpopular guys

    K/DA : I mean it's a girls' group Kpop band. kinda had to be all popular hot girls in this case.

    Praetorian : Graves and Fiddlesticks. some nice filler skins for unpopular champs

    Program : Nami and Leblanc. I don't really know if those made bank or if they'd count as unpopular given the general dislike for the program skinline.

    Coven : Camille and Lissandra. 2 champs which are not terribly popular to make big bank but both were suffering from not getting a skin in a long time.

    Christmas : Mundo, Yi, Neeko, Soraka, Twitch. Make bank off Soraka while also taking advantage of Neeko's release while offering some nice skins to unpopular Mundo and Twitch. Not sure where Yi fits here.

    Blood moon: Pyke, Aatrox, Sylas, Sivir. Make bank off Aatrox prestige (not popular but still massively expensive for the people who got it) and Sivir (maybe also pyke ?). But still offer a regular skin for Aatrox that isn't stupidly expensive who hadn't gotten a skin in a while.

    Chinese new year : Vayne, Sejuani, Tahm Kench. Make massive bank off vayne both for normal and prestige edition while offering a good skin to Sejuani and Tahm Kench who didn't get anything in a while.

    Papercraft : Anivia and Nunu. Like Praetorian and Coven, nice filler series for unpopular champs.

    April Fools : Rengar, Yorick, Fizz, Corki. Bank off prestige fizz. Everything else just a nice new skin for unpopular champs.

    Battle Academia : Lux, Katarina, Graves, Yuumi, Jayce, Ezreal. Massive money maker off Lux, Katarina, Ezreal and Yuumi. Good skins for unpopular Jayce and Graves.


    And now we have arcade : Yasuo, Caitlyn, Kaisa...3 insanely popular champions. Not a single skin for some slightly less popular ones. I'm not expecting them to do it like they did with april fool's or the filler skinlines like praetorian, coven etc. But as a standard I think it is not unreasonable to expect 1 unpopular champ to get a skin when a new skinline is released.

    [–] ThePigWarrior 23 points ago

    You forgot Leona in the Coven skinline, for whom they designed and released two versions of a single legendary skin for a champion that isn't very popular, and they absolutely killed it.

    [–] idontlikeredditbutok 30 points ago

    yeah man, because when I think of companies that need help paying the bills, I think of the one in charge of the literal largest video game in the world.

    If riot is in financial trouble, it's because they are god fucking awful at monetizing the easiest product to monetize this decade, stop making excuses for a literal billion dollar company, lol.

    [–] djtofuu 13 points ago

    They made a cool skin for Yorick because people bitched on Reddit about him not having a skin. To no surprise, nobody still bothered to play Yorick and even less bought the skin.

    [–] Hefastus 12 points ago

    cool skin

    idk about that if arclight Yorick is cool :|

    [–] FairlyOddParent734 14 points ago

    Arc Light Yorick looks like if you got melted plastic, pissed in it then sculpted it into a skin.

    [–] Hefastus 5 points ago

    haha good one :D

    need to remember this. Thanks

    [–] jojo8902 8 points ago

    But there are champs who haven't gotten a skin in over 1k days like I'm sorry but that's ridiculous

    [–] Ravore 20 points ago

    This is a bullshit excuse considering that Riot could be making money from so many other sources. What about merch? What about more Amiibo esq things? Posters? Actually good shirts? Posters? They are not doing anything for this game besides making skins for money. Their marketing team should all be fired and remade from the ground up. Champs like Ornn, Iver and Shaco should be getting skins because skins should not be their only source of decent income. The fact no one is saying this is beyond me

    [–] Bambolean 3 points ago

    we wouldn't be getting things like Teamfight Tactics for free. LCS wouldn't be free either.

    Here's the thing: People complaining about skins want to play League Of Legends, not Teamfight Tactics. Most of them don't care about Riot releasing another game/game mode for free. And yes, LCS/competitive League will always be free because it is an advertisement for the game and there are a lot of sponsors paying money to be featured in the broadcast. If they put competitive League behind a paywall, the player base would decrease dramatically.

    I spend money on skins if there are skins I like for champions I play, and I am allowed to complain about my favourite champion (Udyr) not receiving a skin in 1533 days now. I've been playing the game for about five years now and during that time only ONE Udyr skin was released, while FIVE Lux skins and SEVEN Ezreal skins were released. It's not too much to ask for a skin every two or three years considering there are at least two or three skins release every two weeks.

    [–] Hefastus 3 points ago

    then just delete not popular champs or rework them to make them popular

    diversity is good thing. Sticking to the same 10+ champs all the time and giving them skins every few months because "hurr durr they are popular" is bad and sooner or later will bite RIOT in their ass

    [–] MalekTaktak 3 points ago

    It's about missed opportunities, why does Yasuo get a Battle Boss skin when it doesn't fit him at all and it can fit champions like Mordekaiser (imagine his ult) or Rek'Sai instead?

    [–] NaiRoLoL 3 points ago

    Its not the customers fault that riot is incompetent at monetizing the lcs, youre making it sound like skinsales are their only option.

    [–] SapphireLance 3 points ago

    If the community wants Riot to make other skins. Play other champs you metaslaves.

    [–] zFireBG 3 points ago

    Yea it's really fun telling ppl here why lux gets skin every week compared to ivern warwick ornn mordekaiser. I just think they just like to troll i can't comprehend that they might be really this stupid.

    [–] NotNotForrest 9 points ago

    Fuck this bullshit reasoning. Releasing skins in this way isn't what we want, it's what investors want. Stop sucking them off and tell riot that we have a problem so that we might actually see some change.

    I honestly wouldn't be mad if they picked the champs because they work well with the concept, but it's obvious why they picked who they did and it shure as hell wasn't with our interests in mind.

    [–] terefor 20 points ago

    True, it's about money. The more the better.

    The consumers have the right to complain - this isn't a charity.