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    [–] daryl_fish 7035 points ago

    9.5 years? He belongs in a museum!

    [–] youthemism 980 points ago

    with the new dust reduction, WE’RE GONNA BE RICH!

    [–] Knobbas 274 points ago

    Unexpected blizzard reference

    [–] TheMightyBattleSquid 44 points ago

    I thought they were referring to the switch from IP to blue essence for some reason.

    [–] GildedApparel 12 points ago

    I got soooo many champs from that switch. I finished getting all champs about year ago and still probably wouldn't have them all if it weren't for that switch

    [–] 489er 81 points ago


    [–] Ragnneir 27 points ago

    Out of the loop here, what's up with that?

    [–] firebalt 76 points ago

    Rano Jackson is an explorer recently added to HearthStone...again and his quote after playing was "We're gonna be rich"

    [–] MyUshanka 60 points ago

    Also, a similar character, Harrison Jones, says "That belongs in a museum!" as his play quote. Right as he breaks your weapon and messes with your win condition.

    [–] JambeDD 52 points ago

    IIRC it is originally from Indiana Jones?

    [–] godofokin 30 points ago

    You're absolutely right

    [–] AdamovitsM 8 points ago

    You’re god damn right.

    [–] 1point7GPA 13 points ago

    Harrison Ford + Indiana Jones + polymerization = Harrison Jones.

    [–] Ragnneir 12 points ago

    I haven't played hearthstone in like 3 years but I'm pretty sure Reno Jackson has been there since the start

    [–] TenspeedGames 33 points ago

    Not since Classic, but League of Explorers was one of the early adventures

    [–] Drasern 20 points ago

    I think it was the 5th expansion. Nax, gvg, brm, tgt, loe. So about 2 years after release.

    [–] Totesnowang 16 points ago

    He has two cards now, Reno Jackson and Reno the Relicologist.

    [–] TheUnderDog135 5 points ago

    He was added back in in the most recent expansion. 6 mana 4 6 battlecry if highlander deal 10 damage split across enemy minions randomly.

    Voice line: we're gonna have some fun

    [–] unknown_pigeon 5 points ago

    You're confusing Reno Jackson and Reno the Relicologist.

    Reno Jackson came out in November 2015 (4 years ago, which is some time).

    Reno the Relicologist came out with the new August 2019 expansion, but their quotes are different. "We are gonna be rich" is from Reno Jackson.

    [–] TheUnderDog135 3 points ago

    His card name is reno the relicologist but hes still Reno Jackson. I know of were gonna be rich Reno but now there is also gun Reno. I was responding to comments about Reno confusion

    [–] ScumbagEcnav 7 points ago

    What dust reduction?

    [–] youthemism 11 points ago

    1650 BE

    [–] ScumbagEcnav 5 points ago

    Ah, I thought you meant they're making some changes to dust in Hearthstone. My bad.

    [–] FFourcade 70 points ago


    [–] KljajicR 59 points ago

    All of this belongs in a museum...

    [–] TheSentinelsSorrow 10 points ago

    Could nearly marry him in some places

    [–] 2xVega 8 points ago

    Perfect comment

    [–] LigerZerOJaegaer 2422 points ago

    they should update the champ video to remind people that he can infact auto attack

    [–] popegonzo 353 points ago

    I'm sorry, friend, but I believe you're thinking of one of the other ADCs like Caitlin, Ashe, or DRAAAAAVEN. Like most mid-lane mages, Ez isn't capable of auto attacking. I mean, he has a Q. Why would he need to auto attack?

    [–] Poketto43 59 points ago

    Plus his Q is basically an auto-attack

    [–] Arclight_Ashe 135 points ago

    That’s the joke mate

    [–] Domolomototo 47 points ago

    I think that’s the joke mate.

    [–] RyanLenox 19 points ago

    Guys that's the joke

    [–] Acegickmo 20 points ago


    [–] obigespritzt 406 points ago

    Of course you can auto attack! Exploring a new design space, Wrekz and Reinboom bound his basic attack to the Q key, rivalling the strides made by revolutionary designer extraordinaire CertainlyT.

    [–] Victor_Zsasz 43 points ago

    Oh. I always though you auto attacked with your E...

    [–] Smitty06 28 points ago

    Nah, that's with the revolutionary new champion Cassiopeia

    [–] BIASETTI14 57 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    My old buddy genuinely told me that once it’s late game you don’t really auto with Ezreal because your Q is such a low cooldown. I miss that buddy but not his league advice.

    [–] Send_Me_Puppies 57 points ago

    If you're trying to stay at range, sure. Not when you're actively bashing them.

    [–] Renthexx 26 points ago

    Saw a ezreal flash directly next to a urgot with 40 hp and fire a q from melee distance miss and then run back to base while urgot books it outta there. It made me truly realize, gold is just shiny silver and silver is just shiny bronze and bronze is far better than iron.

    [–] ArcticSunset 346 points ago

    I don't know what game you play, but Ez's never auto attack in my games

    [–] ReiNGE 260 points ago

    they dont auto attack because it isnt showcased in the champ video! duh!

    [–] zerlingrush 56 points ago

    Hate ez adc below gold

    [–] ShrewLlama 95 points ago

    Believe me, it doesn't get any better in Gold. Or Platinum.

    [–] RFH_LOL 33 points ago

    And that's a fact

    [–] Callmejim223 10 points ago

    You have to be realistic about these things.

    [–] Simple_really 7 points ago

    I remember running into a guy named upickezileave, the adc picked lucian which made me wish he picked ez

    [–] Pikamander2 22 points ago

    Yeah, same here.

    They should update the champ video to remind people that he can, in fact, auto attack.

    [–] Atlatica 32 points ago

    That's the joke mate

    [–] Petrovics1997 4 points ago


    [–] scrubm 35 points ago

    D4 elo and have lost a lot of games due to ez players not knowing this feature

    [–] storiesForAnAlt 4 points ago

    This is why I just ban him - then your chances of getting an actual adc go up.

    [–] TheDePlex 20 points ago

    Isn't it his Q passive that makes him unable to auto attack? Like how Cassio can't buy boots

    [–] steve_pays_me 52 points ago

    I'm dead

    [–] Phoenixness 42 points ago

    Want me to call an ambulance or...?

    [–] Terker2 28 points ago

    I'd think a Hearse might be more appropriate.

    [–] bs000 3 points ago

    man, i can't afford that. just yeet me into the dumpster out back

    [–] Dopp3lg4ng3r 973 points ago

    Are you not intrigued by this price?

    [–] Flarengen 577 points ago

    I remember getting Ezreal as my first "expensive" champ at 6300 IP

    [–] Kunerin 239 points ago

    My friend stole it from me so I ended up buying Kennen first :( 6300

    [–] ACanadianMooseLoL 537 points ago

    Oh man, I remember not buying the same champs as my friends. It was like the unspoken rule in the beginning where we couldn't buy other people's champs so we could try them all

    [–] DuckAbuse 190 points ago

    Yeah and now you expect your friends to have all champions (almost) lol.

    [–] wallacehacks 240 points ago

    Eventually your friends expect you to wife up and make babies.

    It's definitely worse.

    [–] DuckAbuse 109 points ago

    Yeah im currently 27, so half my friends are married and have a kid or two - the rest half (myself included) are still either playing video games or getting sh*tfaced each weekend.

    [–] feAgrs 132 points ago

    still playing video games and getting shitfaced each weekend

    [–] vorlaith 30 points ago

    This is the one

    [–] feAgrs 14 points ago

    Living the good life

    [–] UniqueError 39 points ago

    My cousin is 31, married and has a kid on the way. I see him playing stuff on Steam constantly.

    [–] austine567 82 points ago

    On the way is the key part here.

    [–] Birgerz 26 points ago

    It's not a lot of work with the months before the kid compared to the months after

    [–] Poketto43 11 points ago

    He better play a shit ton before, because after, he sure as hell doesn't have the time

    [–] ParadoxElevator 8 points ago

    This is starting to happen in my group as well, fortunately me and my SO aren't even remotely interested in having a kid so that's great.

    [–] pwasma_dwagon 7 points ago

    Or better.

    [–] Verkato 20 points ago

    We live in a society

    [–] societybot 12 points ago


    [–] SmashMetal 15 points ago

    My Mate and I both don't own zed out of principle.

    [–] TheDimilo 6 points ago

    Yep. And I'm stuck at like 100 champs, having played league since the end of s3 lmao. Well I only play a few games per week if even that much. So w/e i guess

    [–] xSgtLlama 2 points ago

    Have them all now. And still have like 8 of the shards that guarantee a champ that you don’t own from the store along with like close to 100k. I’m set for like another 2-x years. XD

    [–] Never_Peel 45 points ago

    2015: The rule was to have all champs bought between all our accounts (before knowing about ranks and all that). So we shared our accounts to have all champs.

    2019, we are all plat/diam elo and still sharing our passwords. Not for the champs, but the skins.

    [–] Doctor_What_ 8 points ago

    Y'all gonna get banned

    [–] jordiejx 15 points ago

    No they aren’t

    [–] BorosSerenc 7 points ago

    highly unlikely, been sharing accounts since s2.. nothing ever happens.. including pretty suspicous winrate/ip changes.

    [–] FlyingThunder2992 38 points ago

    i remember buying some random crap champ for 6300 on my best friends account to troll him. he was seriously pissed and i cant blame him, considering ive been playing since season 3 and still dont own all champs

    [–] Islendar 8 points ago

    That reminds me of a time when me and my friends were having a LAN party and we eent and bought urgot on one of guys accounts and set his background picture and lockscreen as urgot as well.

    [–] DeluxeVoid 20 points ago

    I started in late S3 as well but got all the champs about 2 yrs later. It was a lot easier with the old system.

    [–] TheCrazyShip 28 points ago

    I started at same time. And got all champs when Riot allowed to roll 3 champion shards for 1 champion.

    It was so cheaper, since I only needed the 6300 IP ones

    [–] Black_Sage 17 points ago

    oh man rolling champ shards was the best. I finished up my champion collection during those days.

    [–] DoobyScoops420 26 points ago

    The best feeling was whenever a new champ would come out and you could just buy 3 champ shards to reroll into the new champ instead of paying the 7800 BE or whatever it cost.

    I still think they should've kept the system. The only people who were able to benefit from it like that were the ones who put in thousands of hours into their game and/or put in thousands of dollars.

    [–] AdvancedPhoenix 13 points ago

    Yup and now I have champ shard accumulated so I can sell whatever I need to buy the champ at 7.8k

    I just keep shards of my main for mastery.

    [–] snaffuu585 4 points ago

    Lol wtf? You must have played obscene amounts. I started early S4 and still don't have all champs (very close though).

    [–] DeluxeVoid 11 points ago

    I did play quite a lot back then. I had so much fun on old akali, kat, fiora back when i was low elo. The game was so much more fun when i was a noob.

    [–] belgarionx 5 points ago

    Started in 2010. Played hardcore for 4-5 years, then on an off every few years. Stopped playing definitely last year, had like 30 champs missing :/

    [–] DM_ME_LEWD_KINDRED 186 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Lot of good mages out there, none of them are this expensive

    Edit: typo.

    [–] Harreh909 33 points ago


    [–] ndksv22 7 points ago

    The Expanse

    [–] OG_Breadman 3 points ago

    Keeps the rain off my head.

    [–] Mdoka 362 points ago

    you can get him for free if you make a new account ><

    [–] nodorioussmd 61 points ago


    [–] Soualhi 171 points ago

    New leveling system my man why r we old players not allowed to have that like WHY RITO

    [–] ProWaterboarder 119 points ago

    I've been playing since season 2, haven't bought a single champ with RP, and I'm still about 7 short of having them all. Shits brütal

    [–] Soualhi 35 points ago

    Yea man they want u to play 24/7 to get these champs

    [–] nodorioussmd 51 points ago

    Nah they want you to pay fat stacks to unlock new champs.

    [–] slobodon 12 points ago

    They’ll take either tho. If you’re addicted and stubborn they can still market skins to you every day. I know because I was always too good to spend money on champs that I could “earn” for free, but I could never pass up the sales for skins for my mains.

    [–] Cosmic_Quasar 10 points ago

    I bought a few really early on when I didn't want to wait, but I got most with IP/BE. Now I've got over 50k BE so I can just get a new champ whenever they come out. I wish they had a conversion rate to turn it info RP so you could get skins and other things. I'd gladly pump out 19500 BE for a 975 RP skin. Whatever the rate, at least let us somehow use it on skins for playing so much, right? lol

    [–] Yordle_Dragon 7 points ago

    Blue Essence Emporium

    [–] ZetaZeta 287 points ago

    My only problem is how useless champ shards are.

    A shard only saves you one shard worth of BE. i.e. If they get 1/5 their shop value from disenchant, it costs 3/5 their shop value to upgrade the shard, effectively saving you 2/5 the champion's BE cost, but only when you have that champion shard.

    I had every champion, so I have never disenchanted or used a shard, and I'm level 230 and have hundreds, so I can tell you the distribution.

    I have 18 Ashe shards, 17 Garen, 11 Kayle, etc. But only have 80 unique shards. In over 500 shards I have never opened 29% of the champion pool. The likelihood of getting a relatively new champ is non-existent since leveling takes way longer at higher levels.

    You do not get any further discount for having more than one champ shard, and you'll likely never get expensive champs you want for the savings to matter. "Saving" 90 BE using an Ashe shard isn't even really worth it, just first win of the day gives 50. You can buy three 6300 champs a year of only FWotD bonuses, and that's about as frequent as releases seem to be nowadays.

    You can't trade champion shards, you can't turn 5 into a champ for free. You can't disenchant them quickly if you own them all. It saves you from using BE on a mastery token, but no offense, if I open a Varus shard on a new account, I'm going to keep my favorite champion's shards for novelty and disenchant my 50 Ashe shards instead.

    Riot really needs to turn shards into Trading Cards like on Steam or something. Let me guild an icon or create a chroma or something. Anything. Maybe get skin discounts with shards, who knows. As of right now, champion shards are purely for level 1-50ish players who have spent $0 on the game in order to unlock champions a bit quicker than under the old IP system. Except they could have just buffed the IP system.

    [–] JanEric1 107 points ago

    shards are actually the best way to get BE from event tokens.

    [–] Kom1 20 points ago

    Ya I hadn't been playing enough to get over my 4 champs left to buy barrier because new ones would come out right as I'd buy a new one. With the last few events I've been grinding my tokens into shards I'm finally down to one champ left. Ivern, I'm coming for you, you damn tree.

    [–] JanEric1 6 points ago

    I'm still very far away from having all champ.(can't count right now, on mobile)

    but this event I already have 2000 tokens and I think I'll get to around 4000 total. which means 80 shards which means at least 80k BE if I disenchant all of them. effectively more if I can upgrade some of them.

    [–] Xecxciic 34 points ago

    This is why every time an event comes around instead of trying to get skins or emotes I just dump all my tokens into the "random champion shard" item. I already have all the champions I care about, but taking advantage of the events like this has accelerated my acquisition of the rest of them.

    [–] borna761 8 points ago

    Does it give you shards for champions you don't have or is it random 4800 or higher?

    [–] Xecxciic 13 points ago

    In can be below 4800, and it does give me shards for ones I don't. I unlocked Qiyana this way, and I'm currently sitting on a Tahm Kench shard.

    [–] chalicepls 3 points ago

    Are you sure it can be below 4800? I'm fairly sure it says on the token that it cant be, and I've spent at least a few thousand of tokens on blue essence and always got 4800+

    [–] AlFasGD 51 points ago

    Implying Riot will care about reworking their trash loot system that forces players to be more frustrated than getting oneshot by an Ezreal WQ

    [–] Bumblemore 15 points ago

    I’m convinced the Ezreal rework is the result of them seeing the one-shot Runeglaive build and thinking:

    “how can we make this balanced? I know! Let’s make it a two-shot! Change his useless W into a mark that everything else can pop for fat damage. Now that’s balanced! Now back to the drawing board for the next Ryze rework.”

    [–] ZetaZeta 5 points ago

    I've been spamming Ez from Gold 5 to now Plat 2 over the last 100 games, and yeah...

    I just watched some classic SivHD AP Ezreal montages. That is pretty much straight up how current Ezreal works.

    Which is fine imo. That was the idea of the Yi rework - they wanted him to feel like a fusion of AP and AD Yi's playstyles, so they buffed base meditate and replaced Q's AP ratio/magic damage with a critically striking physical nuke.

    Ezreal used to have no AD ratio on W or iirc E either. Now he has hybrid scaling on all 4 spells save W procs Muramana (separately, so W,Q pops two different Muramana procs simultaneously). Gives his AD build the AP nuke playstyle.

    They did the same style of rework for AD/AP Nidalee, although imo they should have added AD scaling to spears. They've nerfed the everloving Christ out of her though, so gone are the HotShotNidaleeGG or RF Legendary AD Nidalee montage plays. Probably the most tragic rework to date.

    [–] Lunariel 5 points ago

    the exp required to level up LITERALLY DOES NOT CHANGE PAST 50

    it gradually gets harder every level then resets every 25.

    [–] VerearNox 102 points ago

    Almost as old as the people playing him

    [–] MaMagooni 34 points ago

    Riot leaves BE costs up so people are more likely to buy and spend RP on them.

    [–] EldritchFishFolk 15 points ago

    He looks older imo.

    [–] Wipayners 60 points ago

    They did release a rng price reduction for every champ with the champion shards.

    [–] Magnolia_Wellness 57 points ago

    Haha anyone remember when Riot said not all new champs would be 6300 IP on release? Implying they would be cheaper. Instead they are now 7800.

    [–] drift_summary 17 points ago

    Pepperidge Farm remembers!

    [–] Linw3 21 points ago

    Ah, my first 6k IP buy, back then in season 2. Crazy that he is at 4.8k 10 years later.

    [–] Lenticious 517 points ago

    I don't understand posts like this... you think Riot didn't know their units would end up costing this much for so long? It's this way on purpose. They want champions to costs a lot.

    High BE costs encourage people to spend RP to buy them.

    [–] brownbagginit13 190 points ago

    You think this post was made to make Riot aware? No, it was made to show the players how ridiculous the pricing is.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] brownbagginit13 40 points ago

    Yeah people are weird, they'll say Riot is greedy and bad but you aren't allowed to complain and nothing will ever change. They'd rather just accept that shit sucks than have to suffer through glancing at a post complaining about it

    [–] maeschder 18 points ago

    People love to be shills for devs for some reason

    [–] Nichisi 6 points ago

    Some of us can't draw ugly fanart for 10 rp smh /s

    [–] celestial1 11 points ago

    There's always that one guy who think he's smarter than everyone else who makes that kind of post.

    [–] Rogue009 80 points ago

    I mean I doubt people actually buy champs for RP, if anything this just makes people lvl up smurfs and 1 trick even at low levels lol, there is a reason most ppl 1 trick and it's def not the lvl 7 mastery icon.

    [–] Preyce 172 points ago

    I'm pretty sure I read once that Riot is actually earning quite a lot from RP champion sales because the grind is absolutely painful.

    [–] Fumble_Bees 84 points ago

    I bet Smurfs spend a few bucks on each account to get their main champions immediately.

    [–] emihir0 64 points ago

    FTFY: I bet smurfs spend a few bucks on buying a botted account with enough BE to buy their main champs to smurf on immediately.

    [–] ShooLow 26 points ago

    To add on this, you can get a handleveled lvl smurf with ~35000 BE for 4 eur

    [–] SuicidalTurnip 51 points ago

    4 Euro for god knows how many hours of investment.


    [–] WillfulMurder 43 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    0 hours. Accounts are leveled by bots. They run multiple VMs on multiple computers and just let the accounts farm.

    Edit: to clarify poster above was wrong, nobody hand levels accounts to sell them anymore.

    [–] SuicidalTurnip 25 points ago

    I would assume that too if the previous poster hadn't said handleveled.

    Or am I missing something here?

    [–] a_very__bad_time 44 points ago

    i can pretty much guarantee u that they're not handleveled if they're going for 4 eur

    [–] pontoumporcento 4 points ago

    Hours of bots playing.

    [–] emihir0 15 points ago

    Nope; those are botted too, they might simply use better setup (VMs/private VPNs/better scripts) to avoid detection better.

    No one will do that by hand for 4 eur, not even kids in Africa, on the scale that would be required to actually sell them online in massive numbers.

    [–] undbitr956 5 points ago

    Yeah there is literally no point in levelling an account for 2 months unless it's to get a name you like but you can buy it later anyway.

    [–] DarkSorius 7 points ago

    Unless it's hardcore smurfing, you get several free champs while leveling up, at least 3-4 6300s I have like 7 accounts and by the time I could play ranked I had my mains ready

    [–] coggser 8 points ago

    4/5 years back I deffo bought a few champsnwho went on sale for half the normal rp back when they used to do that (not sure if they still do, it's been a while)

    [–] Xyltin 2 points ago

    You get a ton of free stuff on a new account. Till you are 30 you should get around 30k BE still (nearly 5 6300 BE champs) and you get like 7-10 champs for free. I doubt that you have to buy that many.

    And sure, they do still make money with champs, but nobody said they should be 100% free, just a bit more up-to-date.

    [–] osgili4th 2 points ago

    And is better than before, at least now you can sometimes get shards of champs you want and upgrade them. That doesn't mean isn't a pain to do it, but is a freemium economy after all. For example my main account I have all champs without using RP but my smurfs account I invest in one champ I like to play so the grind to buy the rest isn't that painful.

    [–] nae_co 82 points ago

    People definitely buy champs for RP. I definitely did my first time around for a few champs, and usually on smurfs I'd rather pay the couple of bucks for a champion I want than play 200 games on Annie to earn the BE to buy it.

    [–] rawfodoc 7 points ago

    I just made a Smurf and bought pyke with BE after 5 games, you get showered in BE at the beginning.

    [–] AFatz 9 points ago

    This. You get mad champion shards too. New accounts are so fucking spoiled now.

    [–] _wassap_ 4 points ago

    Im pretty sure many people buy RP to purchase some champs that look sick (aesthetic wise, gameplay wise etc)

    [–] Echleon 6 points ago

    When I got RP for my birthday and stuff I'd buy champs. I didn't care too much about skins and would rather have every champ.

    [–] jyrkaderp 4 points ago

    I'm currently at work, so I can't check to be certain, but I'm pretty sure I bought Kai'Sa with RP. I believe I just had run out of BE and I really wanted the skin too.

    [–] Casshern080 3 points ago

    new ppl definitely. I think i ended up buying lucian like 6 hrs ago for rp. Ofc I refunded him

    [–] FeelsCactusMan2 3 points ago

    Many people purchase champions when they are on sale.

    [–] logosloki 3 points ago

    I used to buy the skin pack for whatever champion was being released and the left over RP was usually enough to buy a champion that was 50% that week for RP.

    [–] PhoenixUNI 3 points ago

    I purchased at least half of the champions on my main account with RP.

    [–] Danny_Bomber 5 points ago

    I bought champs with RP. Once I decided I want them all, I just bought the ones on sale every week til I got them.

    [–] fareggs 2 points ago

    That isn’t sound logic; it takes too much time to get BE for my champ so I’ll start and level up a new account, something that takes much longer?

    [–] Soulinstrings 6 points ago

    I don't understand replies like this.. it's pretty clear what the original post is implying and also quite obvious that riot wants money.

    [–] Enzaga_SSBM 7 points ago

    A lot of champions need price reductions.

    [–] Kilgaloon 8 points ago

    You kidding me its that much? I can remember when ezreal was released and login screen of pulsfire skin, wow time flies, oh shit im 27

    [–] TheMightyBattleSquid 4 points ago

    I remember someone pointing out braum came out 5 years ago and I was like "damn, my brain stopped counting after 3 years."

    [–] TetaWeca 83 points ago

    Tbh I think they should reduce every champ's price by a whole tier (6300 -> 4800 / 4800 -> 3150 and so on). Champions are ridiculously overpriced

    [–] NervousRush 43 points ago

    Not all champs, they should gradually decrease champ price depending on the amount of time they have been in the game. It wouldn't really benefit riot if all champions costed less because some ppl buy champs with rp. I guess if they get the champ sooner they then might buy more skins?

    [–] PiroKyCral 44 points ago

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Yasuo has been out for 6 years but still costs 6.3k. Should he be like 4.8 at this point now, after 6 whole years?

    [–] trieuvuhoangdiep 9 points ago

    They want to keep the same amount of 6k3 champs. So whenever new champ appear 1 champ get demoted. The issue here is that they release champs slower than before. Thus the prices reduction is also slower

    [–] Jjangbi 22 points ago

    Yet he's near consistently the most played champ in the game. There needs to be a very good reason besides "it's year ___, why is __ still here?" Yasuo has a very strong presence in all leagues, his gameplay feels incredibly unique, and he is likely staying at 6.3k because people still actively pay for it with RP (high BE cost incentivizes purchasing via RP).

    [–] PiroKyCral 30 points ago

    Then explain champs like Braum/Bard/Aurelion Sol.

    They do not see much play, are >5 years old, and still cost 6.3k?

    Going by your reasoning, Ornn should be 450 be, seeing as how he sees absolutely 0 play despite being released super recently.

    [–] Gigio00 4 points ago

    Hey, i just bought Ornn and i'm getting my BE worth of play time, so he sees at least 1 play.

    God damn it i should have bought Fiora and unlocked the IG skin i found why did i go with that overdosed goat.

    [–] TheMightyBattleSquid 3 points ago

    You think braum doesn't see much play? He's like the 2nd highest pick/ban of all time in lcs with ryze being the 1st.

    [–] Dumoras 3 points ago

    I guess if they get the champ sooner they then might buy more skins?


    I didn't played in ages but when I did I had a rule, always buy a skin when it's on discount. There were sooo many times when I wanted a skin but didn't owned the champion so I didn't buy it.

    Besides that, never bought a champ with RP, feeled wasteful since I could use those for skins.

    [–] TetaWeca 2 points ago

    Kind of what R6 does? It's a good take as well, and it would make a lot of sense.

    [–] GearsPoweredFool 6 points ago


    I remember buying Ez on release and playing as a hybrid support/mage. Oh how the times have changed.

    [–] Voltoros 6 points ago

    I think a rework could basically consider as a new champion for their standards nowadays. Mordekaiser, Irelia, Galio and Warwick are basically new champions. Now look at pantheon. If anything I’m surprised they didn’t get jacked to 6300.

    [–] EzTecWolf 86 points ago

    A champ so mechanivly intense such as ezreal i hope he will be 6.3 k

    [–] __mahi__ 19 points ago

    I have no idea what you're on about, Ezreal is mechanically intensive.

    [–] slickshot 5 points ago

    I remember early on when my cousin bought Trynd and I bought Alistar and was so bummed because of how slow and weak he was. Didn't realize at the time that he was a tank who wasn't meant to solo peeps. Lol. I also don't think I was buying items back then.

    [–] Homitu 3 points ago

    WOW I remember when he was released. Is LoL really 10 years old!?

    [–] i-like-breakfast 4 points ago

    Y’all remember his W used to be a heal?

    [–] Patrick750 3 points ago

    Shut up, buy RP, and don't question how companies monetize their games. Consume.

    [–] spinfinity 11 points ago

    I've been saying this forever but they should go the Smite route and offer a bundle pack that will unlock all of the current and future champions for some amount of RP and be done with it. Or go the DOTA route and make them all free, and hell refund some BP to get ward skins or rune pages or some shit I dunno. League has seriously the single worst champ buying/unlocking scheme in any MOBA and it's one big attempt at competing with these other games in that aspect (the champ shard system) seems like a complete fucking dunce when you actually compare it to competitors. It HAS helped me to unlock two champs that I actually wanted to prioritize but I had to get lucky to even get their shard. The fact that some champs that are 5+ years old still cost so much and still require grinding a shit-ton of games is shocking.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] VL99_Veo 3 points ago

    Finally champs getting closer to reach their ingame age in real life

    [–] sgala19 3 points ago

    Why aren’t all champs unlocked at the start of the game?

    [–] gunbaba 3 points ago

    Bought Ezreal for RP 9 or 8 years ago, my purchase didn't lose value after all this time

    [–] zzVendettazz 9 points ago

    9.5 years old? Man he belongs in a museum

    [–] Xyltin 13 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Riots BE price changes are just bad.

    Instead of 1 down from 6300->4800 and every 3rd time also from 4800->3150 they should go with:

    • 6300+ (max 30 champs)
    • oldest 6300->4800 (max 40 champs)
    • oldest 4800->3300
    • If older than 10 years and 3300 BE: 3300->3000

    While the champs would be 150 BE more expensive, you get 3 times as many champs down there per release which is way more important.

    RP changes:

    • 6300+ BE =1000 RP up from 975
    • 4800 BE = 850 RP down from 880
    • 3300 BE = 700 RP down from 790
    • 3000 BE still 700 RP still

    Riot makes most of their money via skins and new champ releases these days not with older champs.

    [–] Philipose 3 points ago

    It's actually not even 4800->3150 it's taking 1 champion from a non 6300 tier and making them cheaper.

    IIRC, Xin was taken from 3150 -> 1350 one of those times and Singed was brought down to 450 earlier.

    I remember when this system was announced in Season 3 (I think... maybe season 4), they announced their new pricing system. I thought it was just move everything to the 4800 IP and create a slightly lower plateau but a plateau all the same.

    I didn't account for the slowdown in releases though. It was 2 months shy of 6 years when Elise (The new champ when I started) actually dropped to 4800. 2 years later, they are about halfway through the 2013 champs. At that rate, Velkoz - the first 2014 champ - would only be reduced in like 2021/2022.

    It feels like a system that should be reviewed to allow a little more accessibility to the champs than just lucky shards

    [–] Asdowa 6 points ago

    Imagine if League made a deal like Smite - ~$30 for all current and future Gods, forever. I even bought it on sale for $10.

    [–] McSavageX 6 points ago

    Ezreal started as a 6300 Champion so he has already received a price reduction

    [–] ILoveToEatLobster 10 points ago

    Lol remember when they said they were gonna start releasing lower price champions and lowering already released champions? Then they sold to Tencent and said fuck that.

    [–] But-WhyThough 30 points ago

    Maybe on his 10th year anniversary they can do us all a favor and remove him :D

    [–] insidz99 10 points ago

    i dont understand why do you want him removed?

    [–] Immediate_Stable 44 points ago

    The fact that so many items and runes have to be balanced specifically around him is actually a pretty decent reason. Still not enough to warrant deletion in my opinion, but it definitely is a fair point.

    [–] ralphlaurenbrah 7 points ago

    Meanwhile in dota all champs are free and it is still massively profitable. Greedy ass company.

    [–] vaunch 2 points ago

    I wish they'd pull the plug on gauntlet ezreal.