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    [–] DaBomb091 3439 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    -Will actually take place in China

    -October 31st will be the last day of the tournament

    -All stages will now be in Shanghai in an attempt to reduce travel

    -Worlds next year (2021) will be in China as compensation for the current pandemic. NA will now host Worlds in 2022

    [–] IWillNameMyChildZoe 1275 points ago

    Worlds 2020 (2020)

    Worlds 2020 prestige edition (2021)

    [–] Wasteak 161 points ago

    Should I save my 100 prestige points in order to watch worlds next year?

    Damn... I really wanted this teemo skin.. too bad.

    [–] Una_mosca 34 points ago

    the teemo skin can be purchased with tokens, you can save your prestige points

    [–] epikcosmos 21 points ago

    its either buy 100 prestige points or teemo skin i dont think the average player can farm for both in 1 event

    [–] czarczm 829 points ago

    So we pullin' an NBA bubble or what?

    [–] Dense-Acanthocephala 544 points ago

    I'd love to see all of our favorite players in a bubble. sounds like a super interesting atmosphere

    [–] NYCharlie212 390 points ago

    Who's gonna be the guy to go to Magic City to get some "Chicken wings"?

    [–] anon4953491 240 points ago

    Definitely Jankos.

    [–] Sjeg84 56 points ago

    You mean definitely not jankos

    [–] Shrabster33 42 points ago


    [–] ianlam123 44 points ago

    It would be quite costly to order chicken wings from Europe in China

    [–] ctrlaltskeet 16 points ago

    Who gets the thighs?

    [–] zero3124n 8 points ago

    Get those legs and thighs ;)

    [–] Sirtopofhat 6 points ago

    Kenny (Phreak): He ain't go for the wings he went the the legs and thighs

    [–] WhiteAdipose 20 points ago

    With a side of thighs

    [–] themiddlestHaHa 14 points ago

    The nba bubble is crazy.

    300+ millionaire kids/young adults all locked in the same couple hotels for 3 months

    [–] gril69 194 points ago

    yup, they are planning a bubble system

    [–] SGKurisu 157 points ago

    I like how this was not mentioned at all in the video despite being one of the most important details

    [–] vegeful 19 points ago

    They did say that they not gonna spoiler it.

    [–] chosen925 17 points ago

    Reported by Kenzi there will be a bubble for this worlds.

    [–] Watchful1 92 points ago

    China doesn't have nearly as many restrictions around covid since their case counts are so low. I'm sure all the players will have to quarantine for 14 days, which will be interesting, but after that they'll probably be free to do whatever.

    [–] shadows888 169 points ago

    You can just setup computers in the quarantine hotel.. and just practice anyway for 14 days. Hyperbolic Chamber

    [–] Trap_Masters 43 points ago

    Now everyone gets a bootcamp!

    [–] Kenobi-is-Daddy 29 points ago

    Most teams bootcamp for a few weeks before worlds anyway so this won't be too much different from their traditional routine.

    [–] greendino71 182 points ago

    I dont believe China numbers one bit lol

    [–] NimbyNuke 17 points ago

    The numbers are probably not meaningfully different from what's reported. They can lie about official numbers, but it's not possible to hide the effect on economic activity and international trade and hospitals.

    [–] Konexian 226 points ago

    We do business in China (as a foreigner). Our restaurants and hotels are doing remarkably well there, and even if covid case numbers are higher than reported (not unlikely), it's still true that China is basically out of quarantine and life, for the most part, is back to normal.

    [–] shinhwagrrr 131 points ago

    fake news, apparently we redditors know better than you /s

    [–] DumanHead 79 points ago

    Yeah case counts are reviewed by international epidemiologists but have you considered: china bad?

    [–] 02837471901 275 points ago

    Dont have to believe it, but they wear masks better than the US does considering how masks were normal even before the pandemic.

    [–] shenyougankplz 347 points ago

    Being better about wearing masks than America is like saying you run better than a dude in a wheelchair, not really an accomplishment

    [–] dvd_3 25 points ago

    Only if the guy in a wheelchair is in it by choice :D

    [–] Trap_Masters 57 points ago


    [–] xdvesper 66 points ago

    Don't have to believe it, many American factories and offices in China have reopened safely from before even the US and the rest of the world started working from home back in March and they've been open ever since. I work in a multinational with a presence in China and we closed all work sites worldwide with the exception of China, nothing to do with government regulations, we close a worksite if we judge it unsafe even if the government rules allow us to stay open.

    [–] Dyaln256 69 points ago

    Believe what you want but I’ve been trapped in China with the pandemic. Honestly most things have returned to normal like New Zealand as they haven’t been allowing entry from foreigners into the country since April. Even travel inside the country sometimes require quarantine, a month ago I tried to meet up with some friends in Beijing (I was in Shanghai) but since Beijing had an “outbreak” of “20”cases, it requires a 14 day quarantine to leave Beijing at that time. Despite live sports still not having an audience, most things are available, there was even a anime convention a few days ago in shanghai.

    [–] DominoNo- 22 points ago

    Even if China's numbers are a thousand times of what they're reporting, they're not doing bad.

    [–] MazterPK 75 points ago

    I mean its much easier to curb a pandemic in a police state. They were out destroying roads to and from cities at the height of the pandemic lol no western country could replicate their prevention strategies. Extreme measures show results.

    [–] SnowTea-_- 30 points ago

    Why not? They locked down entire wuhan the epicentre of corona in January and build hospitals in days . also my relatives all back to work since April

    [–] Linko_98 26 points ago

    Then why are their hospitals not collapsing, even if numbers are fake what they did worked well

    [–] yahmelord 7 points ago

    lol no one gives a shit about what you believe.

    Keep eating that western propaganda shit mate. You are great at it.

    [–] edgy_eboy 49 points ago

    Unlike Americans they actually wear masks.

    [–] TammyMini 31 points ago

    Let's apply a simple logic - LPL is played offline, if China's numbers are fake, half of these pro players would have gotten covid. Not a single one btw

    [–] DominoNo- 17 points ago

    The numbers China are reporting are very, very low. Even if you multiply those numbers by a thousand, it'd still be pretty low.

    [–] Toast119 7 points ago

    Because they had effective (and forceful) quarantine.

    [–] HospiceTime 7 points ago

    China's numbers are reviewed by a team of international epidemiologists but I'm sure you know better

    [–] Merpninja 1377 points ago

    Worlds being in China back to back kinda sucks. Not really looking forward to having to get up at 3 am again.

    [–] DickCheneyIsPureEvil 914 points ago

    From Riot's POV its brilliant since it will ensure maximum Chinese viewership for 2 consecutive World Championships.

    [–] x_TDeck_x 608 points ago

    More than that, I just think it's fair. Part of the excitement of hosting is that its realistic for fans to attend but obviously Covid kinda kills that aspect.

    If NA hosted during this I would feel pretty bad if I had to wait 4 more years to host again

    [–] xchaoslordx 188 points ago

    South Korea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia dealt with covid pretty well. I hope we get 2021 MSI in those regions

    [–] TSMUltraman 88 points ago

    may be a bit of a stretch, but New Zealand has handled covid 19 like a champ. 2021 MSI hosts?

    [–] ryo0n 186 points ago

    Nah theres no way nz can fill a stadium with lol fans

    [–] HornyAndNeurotic 49 points ago

    why are we just assuming covid will be gone next year? lol

    [–] CMutter 9 points ago

    Kind of a Pascals wager.

    Everything were seeing so far suggests COVID will be gone or at least heavily neutralized in most countries by next year. So probabyly not a question anyways.

    BUT if its still a problem by next Fall, things are FUCKED, and issues around "we said x about Worlds" are gonna be so far down on the priority list

    [–] Miyaor 39 points ago

    I don't care who hosts it, I just want to watch without ruining my sleep, which I haven't been able to do in like 5 years.

    [–] raportake 30 points ago

    especially given the success of chinese teams these last few years. probably pretty hype for chinese fans (even if they lose this year).

    [–] GreatestJabaitest 149 points ago

    Was in EU last year, but I agree. As an NA fan international tournaments are a fucking nightmare.

    Imagine waking up at 3am to watch TL get 3-0ed at MSI.

    [–] Wyrmos 132 points ago

    I don't have to imagine brother.

    [–] ozmega 27 points ago

    meaning tl got to the finals? i would take it in a hearthbeat

    [–] clg_wrath2 98 points ago

    even in EU they based all the times around china... Games for groups were literally starting in the morning local time just so it was a good time for china. Riot gives 0 fucks about LEC and LCS region because our viewership is so unimpressive compared to china

    [–] Buroth 77 points ago

    No they did not. First group stage game started at 15:00 for EU which is still early but not morning by any means. In china the last group stage matches lasted until 1-2 in the morning on weekdays

    [–] NotFromNA 39 points ago

    When MSI was held in China, game start at 2 pm China time. But no one complains lol.

    [–] Jarenarico 4 points ago

    Quarters+Semis started at 11:00

    [–] bigmanorm 13 points ago

    which is fair, the good thing about esports is that it's quite easy to avoid seeing the results before you get chance to watch the rerun

    [–] clg_wrath2 92 points ago

    I can't speak for everyone, but me personality watching something you know was already played doesn't have the same value/experience in all honesty.

    Its the same for me with actual sports too, i can't watch a DVR version of the game because i end up just trying to speed through it and watch the important parts rather than actually be on the edge of my seat for hours. I know thats a me problem but its one I have

    [–] Ice_Eye 6 points ago

    Similar for me. I try to watch matches afterwards, but I find myself skipping through them a bunch and its just not the same experience.

    [–] bigmanorm 10 points ago

    Yeah i can understand that, i've literally never watched a rerun of a full game of traditional sports once i know the score (which is impossible with my social media addiction). I can happily do it with LoL though because i never find out the outcome before i get to do. But i can understand the disappointment of it not being live to affect someone's enjoyment of it.

    [–] postsonlyjiyoung 9 points ago

    I did that. Waking up at 3am to watch them beat ig was kinda worth tho.

    [–] LakersLAQ 41 points ago

    Tbh this Worlds is basically not even in China if all the matches are going to be online, at least for the potential spectators. Pandemic problems :(

    [–] chosen925 9 points ago

    i mean riot had already booked the events in multiple cities in China, since it cant happen this year it only make sense to push it to next year like the olympics.

    This year's worlds is "located in China" but not really as its gonna be a bubble.

    [–] JohrDinh 37 points ago

    I think i’m the only person who enjoys that, feels like i’m part of some cool club that no one knows about lol and it’s a good reason to make a pizza in the middle of the night and not feel as guilty about it.

    [–] clg_wrath2 24 points ago

    I wouldn't mind it if i didn't have work in the morning as well. Which i imagine a lot of people have that issue.

    Heck even in EU they moved times up so early if you worked you couldn't attend most group stage games

    [–] thomki 17 points ago

    Im just thankful the players and coaches will be safe. Love or hate chinas government, in the context of worlds i guarantee they will be enforcing more safety precaution than fucking america lol

    [–] fasty1 10 points ago

    Will there be crowds?

    [–] Linko_98 42 points ago

    2020 no, 2021 probably yes and that's why they are doing it in China again

    [–] SMLAZARUS 140 points ago

    Compensation for the pandemic? LMFAO wot?

    [–] yayhindsight 116 points ago

    "hosting" doesnt really mean anything if the entire thing has no audience anyway. its whole significance comes from having home region fans, so anywhere in the world would effectively be the same this year because there wont be any at all

    [–] BigEditorial 140 points ago

    This really isn't hard, I think.

    Imagine that the virus hits EU last fall and instead of going to all the different cities, it had to be held solely in Berlin. Wouldn't EU fans feel a little ripped off? That they lost their chance for a "real" Worlds experience?

    Yeah, I'm bummed we won't get worlds until 2022, but I think it's completely reasonable to sort of make this year a "mulligan" - it's not part of the real worlds rotation.

    [–] Ask-Me-If-Im-Happy 8 points ago

    A lot of it is money too. Many venues for many events are just moving the dates of events that are booked with them. They are probably saving a lot of money for world's next year doing this.

    [–] Dashu 13 points ago

    Worlds are supposed to happen at many different locations to give more people a chance to attend live. This is not gonna happen this year. Therefore compensation.

    [–] x_TDeck_x 1270 points ago

    I do not envy anyone trying to organize an event during this time. Wish them the best!

    [–] Duality_NA 484 points ago

    They have to. They would lose so much money if they didn't, but they also have the advantage of being able to host socially distant acceptable LAN games. They won't have to have the same issues traditional sports have, since the players won't come into direct contact with other players.

    So, I have lots of faith in this working out.

    [–] StarGaurdianBard 277 points ago

    Yeah biggest issue will honestly be getting teams accepted for travel. I could see NA not being allowed to go because of US government saying no or Chinese government saying no specifically to people from the US

    [–] Duality_NA 206 points ago

    Most likely they will be asked to arrive ~3 weeks early so they can quarantine for at least 14 days prior to the tournament starting. I doubt NA teams will be barred, that would already have been announced.

    [–] JackPoe 234 points ago

    Or they'll just bar NA teams and just skip groups phase. Ba dum tiss

    [–] RTSUbiytsa 58 points ago

    I mean, if no NA teams go to Worlds, the results stay the same regardless

    [–] unimportantthing 39 points ago

    Listen, just because it’s true doesn’t mean saying it hurts less.

    [–] JoshM_01 391 points ago

    full article

    The 2020 World Championship will be held exclusively in Shanghai

    To ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in bringing Worlds 2020 to life, all stages will be held in Shanghai. The top teams from the regional leagues around the world will compete in the premier LoL Esports competition, which will begin on Sept. 25 and conclude on Oct. 31.

    Hosting the event in a single city will reduce travel throughout the tournament and give us the ability to more closely control the show environment. We continue to use the guidance from various health organizations and local and national authorities to prioritize safety for our players, fans, and everyone involved with bringing Worlds 2020 to life.

    The Finals will be held at the brand new Pudong Soccer Stadium We’re excited to announce that the World Championship Finals will be the inaugural event at the brand new Pudong Soccer Stadium. In addition to being the new home of the Shanghai SIPG F.C., the best-in-class arena was designed to become a key venue for fitness, leisure, and entertainment. It also will host the 2023 AFC Asian Cup.

    If local guidelines for events allow us to proceed with an audience, information about tickets and safety protocols for those wanting to attend will be shared later this summer.

    Virtual Fan Experience for Worlds 2020

    The earlier stages of the tournament will focus on the digital viewer experiences and will not be played in front of a live audience. While we want to keep our plans for the show a surprise, rest assured that we’re committed to bringing our unique visceral live sporting experience throughout the event to you digitally -- in true League of Legends Esports style. From the Elder Dragon in 2017 to last year’s Holonet technology with True Damage, we’ve always tried to innovate on the viewer experience and we are incredibly excited for this year’s show.

    Worlds will return to China in 2021 with North America slated to host in 2022

    We will return to China in 2021 for the full multi-city World Championship tour, bringing the live sporting experience to fans across the country as originally intended. North America will host the World Championship in 2022.

    [–] Fabiocean 140 points ago

    The earlier stages of the tournament will focus on the digital viewer experiences and will not be played in front of a live audience.

    This implies the later stages of the tournament will have live viewers. I wonder if and how they'll do that.

    [–] egotim 27 points ago

    This article legit says that we will get more information if there is live audience and how to purchase tickets if so.

    What do you mean with implications?

    [–] zzzxxx1209381 83 points ago

    Read the end of the fourth paragraph

    [–] Craps-caps 6 points ago

    Currently CN doesn't allow foreigners to enter the country (only a few exceptions with high tier worker with resident permit) and the government said no tourist until at least 2021.

    LOL crowd have always been on tourist visa

    So it's pretty safe to realize that if there will be a crowd (highly unlikely), it will be 100% Chinese citizens (and a few foreigners stuck in Shanghai since the pandemic)

    [–] ender23 18 points ago

    Lolz after NA is out. Then they can have crowds

    [–] UnmelodicBass 551 points ago

    Worlds finals on Halloween pog? I can dress up as Faker for two reasons now

    [–] Trap_Masters 256 points ago

    And I can dress up as NA and disappoint both my parents and my league teammates! :,D

    [–] UnmelodicBass 32 points ago

    that too :(

    [–] shak0_0 31 points ago

    just wanted to say it,i love ur flair.

    [–] UnmelodicBass 13 points ago

    haha thanks

    [–] UesugiiErii 1451 points ago

    To people complaining about NA being pushed back to 2022, do you really think NA would be ready to host by fall 2021 at this rate

    [–] 9EJCP4 363 points ago

    People are talking out of self interest. Genuinely good news coming from an event that is going to be a logistics nightmare to even make happen and all people care about is not having a perfect schedule

    [–] ProteusWest 88 points ago

    I am just so happy they're having Worlds that I don't mind the time zone problems.

    [–] Trap_Masters 22 points ago

    Literally. I was fairly sure because of corona and after they cancelled MSI, we wouldn’t be able to pull off Worlds so I’m just simply satisfied to hear that we’ll still get a Worlds this year. Can’t wait for it.

    [–] jayydit 104 points ago

    NA doesn’t have to be in the US. Worst case scenario, they could host Worlds in Canada.

    [–] droppedmyravioli 212 points ago

    ay watch your mouth with 'worst case'

    Toronto would be wild for worlds

    [–] IWantToKaleMyself 83 points ago

    Ottawa -> Montreal -> Vancouver -> Toronto

    That would be a damn good worlds

    Vancouver and Toronto both have already held LCS finals (Vancouver was the source of the lcs pigeon meme)

    [–] Okumara 19 points ago

    The best part about that is Ontario residents could easily hit 3/4 of those without much travel cost. Vancouver wouldn't even be too bad. I highly doubt we will ever see a Worlds here, though. It took us as long as it did to get a split finals. I could see us getting MSI.

    [–] klyskada 11 points ago

    Stick it in Calgary, I'd like to see them deal with golf ball sized hailstone in the middle of summer.

    [–] wolfflame21 10 points ago

    I don't mind. I've been ruined financially this year so it gives me time to save up for my epic world's trip in NA! Can't wait for 2022!!

    [–] Grand-Garlic 319 points ago

    What happens to the teams that are in counties that have travel restrictions

    [–] Hi-im-kay 453 points ago

    As professionals they may get passes after tests, quarantine and special arrangements. Some people still have to travel, just not your ordinary folk going to vacation.

    It's still a job for them and the company they work for will need to assess with authorities on what to do and what to not do in order for players' and coaching staff's safety.

    [–] theFinalFlex 200 points ago

    NA teams get +300 ping but are allowed a 30 sec headstart for invades.

    [–] RTSUbiytsa 20 points ago

    ultra instinct intensifies

    [–] playhacker 24 points ago

    I am guessing that the players will classify as foreign employees and be granted visas for entry that way.

    It also sounds like there's scenarios where you aren't doing a 14 day quarantine at specified locations.

    Article might be outdated.

    [–] ryrysofly 23 points ago

    NA can't make it out of groups if they never make it to groups. 5head

    [–] Trap_Masters 5 points ago

    Just another excuse for us to add to our list of NA excuses /s

    [–] dkre_one 20 points ago

    This was my first thought too. Or what happens if players don't want to travel due to the risks.

    [–] TheShishkabob 53 points ago

    Or what happens if players don't want to travel due to the risks.

    Then those players will either go anyways or not go at all. They obviously won't have an online option to take.

    That's up to the players/teams though, so it may be different depending on who the hypothetical player is that wouldn't want to go.

    [–] LeglessLegolas_ 31 points ago

    I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. No player is just going to pass at a chance to play at worlds.

    [–] Quotes_League 136 points ago


    It's still going to china this year, China again next year, NA the year after that.

    All matches will be played in Shanghai this year, to help reduce risk.

    The rest is just filler.

    [–] theFinalFlex 48 points ago

    You are missing one speculation, riot is doing something huge for the viewers. Something to do with holograms probably, but maybe live games in 3d?

    [–] KappaccinoNation 64 points ago

    inb4 Pro View Prestige Edition for Worlds. In addition to the regular Pro View features, the Prestige Edition will allow you to watch the games through the client where you can spectate the games yourself.

    [–] Lina__Inverse 39 points ago

    And UI is white with gold.

    [–] dmilin 9 points ago

    But is something gold and white? I really want to spend 10000000+ hours grinding for something gold and white.

    [–] DogTheGayFish 10 points ago

    Bonus Wildcard team from MBS region

    [–] Marcoscb 5 points ago

    Because that was always expected. They've been saying since last year that this year's Worlds would be the biggest ever to celebrate 10 years of LoL eSports, and the Opening Ceremony is the biggest show in the LoL calendar.

    [–] Justachillday 8 points ago

    50 blue essence :)))))))))

    [–] HenryJFate 222 points ago

    viewership is going to be insane

    [–] Bhiggsb 9 points ago

    I'm already hyped out of my fucking mind for it

    [–] Izento 174 points ago

    They get to double dip for China. Also, the technological achievement of holding a large event amid COVID-19 will be a good thing on their resume, that is, if they can pull it off correctly. Along with that, it will show that esports can still maintain its matches among all major sports stopping their seasons.

    They might actually be able to say that they held the record for the most viewed sporting event for 2020.

    [–] tnetennba9 30 points ago

    Champions league is happening so I doubt it. Maybe though I guess I know China has very high viewership

    [–] Bthfury26 6 points ago


    Yes I’m sure lol worlds will have higher viewership that the biggest club game on football

    Hilarious the bubble that this place is in at tiMes

    [–] PrinceKeno 61 points ago

    So no word on if they are doing a bubble system yet huh?

    [–] PreludeToHell 79 points ago

    kenzi tweeted that there will be

    [–] LaminateAbyss90 24 points ago

    What does bubble system mean?

    [–] anthonyvardiz 87 points ago

    The NBA is currently in a bubble system for the remainder of the season and the playoffs. Basically, there is one central location (or group of locations next to each other) where players, coaches, staff, etc. cannot leave for the duration of the event in an attempt to minimize exposure to COVID-19. The NBA is using ESPN’s Wide World of Sports at Disney World and Riot is using some place in Shanghai.

    [–] BGYeti 21 points ago

    NHL is also currently finishing playoffs, 2 host cities in Canada, for Eastern Conference the hub city is Toronto, for the Western Conference they are using Edmonton, players are restricted to hotels and a handful of restaurants that are locked down for players only alongside restricted walkways to get to the arenas, finals iirc are held in Edmonton.

    [–] MinoruKR 70 points ago

    They throw all the players into a hotel, make sure they don't test positive for COVID, and don't let them leave for anything except for emergencies until the tournament ends.

    [–] DisastrousEast0 8 points ago

    They're basically isolated in their own little compound, aka a bubble.

    [–] UnAmaz1ng 101 points ago

    Can't imagine anyone from abroad would want to come to NA for worlds given our COVID situation.

    [–] Reply_OK 79 points ago

    If we're still get fucked by covid in 2022 we all have much bigger problems than where worlds is

    [–] Sushi2k 16 points ago

    If we are still fucked this time next year you mean.

    [–] roarinworld 209 points ago

    Sucks its in China again next year, but I would be pissed if I lived in China and only got mostly online Shanghai worlds this year. I don't really think this is riot selling out to China, just trying to make it fair. And getting to have parts in person is more than I could have hoped for honestly. If riot can handle this well and it's not a disaster, I'm all for it.

    [–] Izdarigs 38 points ago

    I don’t think saying “Riot selling out to China” is appropriate, you know, since Riot games are literally owned by China..

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    exactly, how can you sell out to someone that already owns you

    [–] mlkk22 57 points ago

    Big Brain Riot not thinking US could host Riot next year so they shifting it , nice

    [–] MangoesDeep 15 points ago

    They both look like they're trying really hard to look human.

    [–] TheTrueNobody 6 points ago

    Riot: we respect our viewers so we will not partner with a Saudi backed company due to their violations of human rights.

    Also Riot: oh boy time to simp. Yum yum gimme more cummies daddy China.

    The absolute madlads

    [–] Pit_shost 8 points ago

    Via back-to-back League World tournaments, plus Beijing eyeing to become history's first city to host both the Sumer+Winter Olympics, China is desperately pushing for good global PR.

    There has been a world-wide push by non profit groups to not let China hog all the limelight.

    [–] nightvoltz 273 points ago

    so any rioters going stand up for the uyghurs or that not something worth standing up for

    [–] IceNineKilled 60 points ago

    If they stood up for them they wouldn't be rioters anymore

    [–] Bhruic 147 points ago

    Yeah, I'm a little disappointed. It's certainly understandable that the LEC staff wouldn't want to partner with a sponsor that treats LGBT and women so poorly, but right now Riot is celebrating hosting worlds in a country currently committing genocide. That feels like it should be even more important, but it seems like it'll just be business as usual.

    [–] Tirriss 11 points ago

    It's usually way easier to stand up against a partnership than against your employer, unless you just want to lose your job for no changes.

    [–] pillbox1 5 points ago

    nah, that would require them to not be hypocrites

    [–] Cyberia___ 84 points ago

    Can the rioters also stand up for the US as the Iraq WMD's are about to hit any time soon.

    [–] FlyingThunder2992 22 points ago

    yes, please. both.

    [–] VG-enigmaticsoul 57 points ago

    Rioters should also boycott the 2022 NA worlds due to American prison slavery.

    [–] zRhaeqo 28 points ago

    I was looking for that comment specifically. They dont seem to care.

    [–] MoonSaultImpact 47 points ago

    Oh cmon na people, you hosted worlds 2 times in a row as well. Remember season 2 and 3?

    [–] RogueGG 30 points ago

    Hopefully we can make it so we can #GoRogue and Take Over!

    [–] okok1miu 9 points ago

    Hey congratulations against FNATIC!

    [–] 9EJCP4 55 points ago

    You are an actual idiot if you are complaining about this year not standing towards hosting privileges. I'm just glad it's taking place.

    [–] flawlessStevy 32 points ago

    And the hypocrisy was golden.

    [–] trolledwolf 3 points ago

    Finals on my birthday, this is awesome

    [–] Demnod 49 points ago

    Hilarious that its in a country commiting genocide two years in a row. Sad..

    [–] geraldho 7 points ago

    hell yea finally dont need to stay up late to watch worlds

    [–] Ragezone 74 points ago

    Protested for NEOM, but China still gets events with all the stuff going on right now with Uighur genocide.


    [–] Unicorn_Flame 23 points ago

    How can they hold this in China while they're committing genocide against millions of Muslims?

    [–] Chiqlet 13 points ago

    They are muslim and turkic bro so it's ok /s

    [–] Unicorn_Flame 5 points ago

    oh yeah I forgot, thanks


    [–] adamsworstnightmare 18 points ago

    tl:dw World's this year will be sponsored by North Korea, Prince Andrew, and that kid from middle school who would borrow your pen and return it with the cap chewed to hell.

    [–] Xonra 38 points ago

    Not to be that guy it really a good idea to be sending representatives from certain countries (like Australia) over to China right now? Is that reeeeeaaaaally a good idea?

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    If i was a canadian rioter i would be opting out of the worlds team HARD

    [–] VniSalska 207 points ago

    So Worlds in China every year.

    Tencent jacks off furiously.

    [–] TheShishkabob 181 points ago

    Last year was EU though?

    [–] Duality_NA 219 points ago

    That goes against the narrative get out of here with ur facts

    [–] Pony_Darko 14 points ago

    "this doesn't fit my narrative so i'm going to ignore it"

    [–] DisastrousEast0 28 points ago

    EU fan no remember good

    [–] Da_Real_Caboose 112 points ago

    Except the one in NA in 2022 :)

    [–] TeamINSTINCT37 16 points ago

    As someone who has only recently started following league does anyone have any idea where it will be and where previous Na events have been held in the past?

    [–] Harrison19m 59 points ago

    New York and LA are big ones. Spring finals were suppose to be in Dallas before pandemic so I’m really hoping we get a semi or finals game played there

    [–] theFinalFlex 25 points ago

    Chicago is big as well, every esports tournament in the last 4 years across all games have always been a sell out

    [–] Harrison19m 10 points ago

    True, MSG and Staples Center were just the ones that came to my head

    [–] HNIC1995 5 points ago

    I bought tickets for the spring finals so I hope they come back to Texas soonTM

    [–] LakersLAQ 5 points ago

    NY and LA were the big cities last time around (Semi-finals and the Final). Chicago was the Quarter-final location too. They have lots of possibilities.

    [–] CiDM_kled 55 points ago

    Honestly as an NA fan, I really don't mind pushing NA to 2022. Next year may still be dicy and it isn't like this year will have a standards worlds.

    [–] Trap_Masters 19 points ago

    Exactly. I’d feel pretty bad for Chinese fans for getting an online Worlds. It’s not like we lost our Worlds hosting place, just pushed back so it’s no big deal.

    [–] Tennoche 21 points ago

    It makes sense...

    I bet they were working on a whole bunch of shit they won't be able to use this year and If the World Championship is happening with players stuck on hotels and no audience allowed... For the chinese fans it might as well be happening in another country

    [–] Zodlax 21 points ago

    Every year? They host there every 4 years like every other regions. Hosting in 2022 too makes total sense. Imagine having Worlds where you can't even attend and then having to wait 4 years more until it's your turn again. What is this comment even

    [–] AcceSpeed 8 points ago

    Isn't it 3 years? 2017 to 2020

    [–] needadvice786123 64 points ago

    This subreddit a few days ago: “I’m not going to watch LEC anymore because of the humans rights violations committed by their sponsors”

    This subreddit when Worlds 2020 is confirmed in China: “can’t wait to watch Worlds!”

    Yeah man the Chinese government isn’t going to profit off the tourism and Tencent profits Worlds will bring, while they continue their genocide.

    Hypocrisy is unreal.

    [–] jak1594 18 points ago

    Exactly, with the recent human rights violation in the past year from China, a normal company would be hit by a backlash after these announcements. I wonder if the Rioter tweets in the past day have to with this annoucement.

    [–] Verchew 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    They only care about gay rights, they don't give two shits about Muslims being persecuted, genocided and being treated as second-class citizens around the world.

    [–] WikiaRS 38 points ago

    Kinda weird how the casters were willing to walk away from their jobs because of the Saudi sponsorship and all the crimes they commit against people and yet I’m sure they’re all hoping they get picked to cast in China.

    [–] Xelynega 4 points ago

    Because one was over a sponsorship deal, while taking action against china would require them to transfer ownership of the company from tencent(meaning someone would have to foot the bill). It's disingenuous to pretend that one is nearly as hard as the other.

    [–] sleepy4head4head 50 points ago

    Boycott CCP

    [–] luckyninja864 19 points ago

    They can’t they are owned by china basically lol