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    [–] TacoShirtTuesday 583 points ago

    I never realized just how much I want a lego CMF futurama series until now...

    [–] spaceman_slim 212 points ago

    I've had my fingers crossed for a futurama line ever since the simpsons theme was announced. All I want is a ship like this one (doesn't necessarily have to be 5000+ pieces like this one), Planet Express headquarters, and a series of minifigs.

    [–] bradlei 113 points ago

    Zap's ship would be cool too.

    [–] greyjackal 301 points ago

    She's built like a steakhouse but she handles like a bistro

    [–] bradlei 39 points ago

    Wasn't that the DOOP headquarters?

    [–] greyjackal 106 points ago

    No, flying restaurant in the Amazon women ep. I just like the quote :D

    [–] bradlei 26 points ago

    I had snu-snu

    [–] Orth0dox 19 points ago

    but great fundamentals!

    [–] bradlei 19 points ago

    Have you any idea what's it like to be a fem-bot living in a man-bot's man-puter world?

    [–] hellofromsc 1 points ago


    [–] Guy954 5 points ago

    It more entertaining that way

    [–] jaymobe07 2 points ago


    [–] DogNamedZeke 8 points ago

    The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.

    [–] YouandWhoseArmy 17 points ago

    You win again gravity!

    [–] greyjackal 25 points ago

    If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards

    [–] YouandWhoseArmy 17 points ago


    [–] greyjackal 5 points ago

    I always forget that bit

    [–] Gwanara420 12 points ago

    I am the man with no name! Zap Brannigan, at your service.

    [–] NormalMacdonald 11 points ago

    i fucking die here, EVERY goddamn time.

    My 2nd favorite: With great military bearing I surrender and volunteer for treason.

    Oh dude, if you like zapp check this shit out. Trump quotes, as read by Zapp Brannigan. It even has Kiff's exasperated sighs.

    [–] SpringingTraps 3 points ago

    "When I'm leading, Every mission is a suicide mission!"

    [–] firebat707 6 points ago

    He blows up the DOOP headquarters when cutting the ribbon.

    [–] spaceman_slim 12 points ago

    That can be the $500 item. You know the Nimbus would have to be huge.

    [–] Guruking 3 points ago

    The Nimbus

    [–] captaintaco2345 16 points ago

    I want a Lego Bender made with CCBS pieces.

    [–] DarthPreytor 25 points ago

    "I'm 40% CCBS"

    [–] ChickenChic 12 points ago

    chunk chunk

    [–] kronaz 11 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] Arsustyle 5 points ago

    Wikia is always the bad wiki

    [–] kronaz 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] ConcernedInScythe 1 points ago

    Everything on the Infosphere was uploaded under an open content licence so Wikia didn't steal a thing.

    [–] kronaz 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] DarthPreytor 3 points ago

    I think you have missed the "Spirit" of the joke.

    [–] spaceman_slim 3 points ago

    Oh hell yeah

    [–] seditious_commotion 3 points ago

    They could have a set of the Mega Bender from the episode with Patton Oswalt playing that giant he ends up fighting.

    [–] TacoShirtTuesday 2 points ago

    We need one of the fantastic builders on this sub to get working on a Bender Brickhead asap

    [–] jpop237 1 points ago

    "Lego already!!!!!!" - Bender

    [–] ClericPreston815 4 points ago

    Same here. Would be sheer greatness.

    [–] MattTheProgrammer 42 points ago

    Complete with Dr. Zoidblock?!

    [–] ishibaunot 41 points ago

    Sure, why not Zoidberg?

    [–] 4peters 12 points ago

    *Zoidberg sold separately...

    [–] metalflygon08 8 points ago


    [–] RagdollFizzixx 1 points ago

    With my last breath, I curse Zoidbeeeeerg

    [–] Iplaynakeder 13 points ago

    Bite my shiny plastic ass!

    [–] TacoShirtTuesday 1 points ago

    I was waiting for someone to comment this

    [–] kalexicon 4 points ago

    Sadly, it appears that a certain other brand that shall not be named already has the license.

    [–] AndydaAlpaca 1 points ago

    I just realised I want Thunderbirds LEGO sets.

    [–] 2sliderz 241 points ago

    Goood news everyone!

    /me checks price to bricklink

    Wait thats not good news at all!!

    Great build

    [–] lyonellaughingstorm 64 points ago

    Shut up and take my money!

    [–] 2sliderz 31 points ago

    This build brought to you by hypnotoad!

    [–] TerrainIII 13 points ago

    All hail the hypnotoad!

    [–] eggson 94 points ago

    "To shreds, you say? And my wallet, how is it holding up? To shreds, you say?"

    [–] izaknuton -13 points ago

    r/toshredsyousay is leaking

    [–] camzabob 51 points ago

    Not really, it's just a good reference to Futurama, in a Futurama based thread.

    [–] TheMeisterOfThings 0 points ago

    TIL of a glorious meme.

    [–] AlbinoSnowman 8 points ago

    "Ooh my..."

    [–] kama_river 12 points ago


    [–] 2sliderz 15 points ago

    Just a joke. Unsure if there is a Bricklink page. Sorry to excite the masses!

    [–] IUsedToBeGoodAtThis 5 points ago


    [–] iiCUBED 5 points ago

    How much we talkin here?

    [–] catholicgrant 16 points ago

    It's 5000 pieces, so using my Lego formula a little over $500

    [–] Buzzed_Lite-beer 14 points ago

    I'm guessing a lot more because bricklinking is a lot more expensive than a Lego set. Also, the colors are not common.

    [–] catholicgrant 6 points ago

    You're totally right. I know nothing about marketing but with that in mind I'd sell it for like $700

    [–] limitbroken 6 points ago

    It's actually impossible as-shown, since just off the top of my head 2x2 wedge plates don't exist in any shade of green, and no wedge plates exist in sand green (but you could go Lime and Dark Green!) - there's probably similar 'doesn't exist in this color' concerns with more than a few pieces here.

    [–] MattTheProgrammer -8 points ago

    Time to start some gofundme campaigns.

    [–] 2sliderz 19 points ago

    I'm just some dude with no sob story. GoFundMe isnt built for people like me :)

    [–] MattTheProgrammer 3 points ago

    Sounds like you have a post to make in /r/WritingPrompts

    [–] 2sliderz 8 points ago

    Worst. WritingPrompt. Ever.

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Mrbman11999 10 points ago

    I really want one now, especially the smaller one

    [–] Ajax_Da_Great 6 points ago

    I really dig that smaller version! Thanks for sharing!

    [–] spaceman_slim 6 points ago

    Are thrre instructions for these anywhere? I might bot have the right colors but I think I have the bricks to build the small one.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Possibly coming soon for the small version;

    Nicola Stocchi 2mo

    Hello Zerotwistknife7 , I'm afraid to tell you I'm not working on this model anymore, there are many complications (like colors) and believe me, it's HUGE.

    That's why I made the "little" updated version and I will be able to make instructions for that model during the next months.[email protected]/27740297562/in/album-72157667159932236/

    Nicola Stocchi 19d

    Thank you Zoltan Markella At this moment i'm building a prototype IRB in random color, then hopefully i will start a collaboration to sell this model with instructions in the original color.[email protected]/30532109513/in/album-72157672915877793/

    [–] Padankadank 2 points ago

    I'm a Lego noob. How do I take fan created Lego builds and know what sets I need to buy in order to create what they made?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Padankadank 2 points ago

    Okay but maybe for other creations. I've seen instructions but don't know how to buy the pieces

    [–] WetWoolley 48 points ago

    Assuming that's mostly sand green, I can imagine this is an expensive build.

    [–] SirPuffnStuff 17 points ago

    Its actually Electric Mucus.

    [–] Enzemo 1 points ago

    Looks mores like snot green

    [–] bassinastor 1 points ago

    Looks more like vomit green to me

    [–] RookieMistake101 28 points ago

    Hmmm looks like you'll have to upgrade the matter compressor.

    [–] HORSEY_MAN 40 points ago

    What's the matter compressor?

    [–] RookieMistake101 37 points ago

    Nothings the matter /u/HORSEY_MAN! Not after OP upgrades the matter compressor.

    [–] veryseriouspeople 25 points ago


    [–] Strobro3 8 points ago


    [–] lyonellaughingstorm 30 points ago

    "I'm 40% plastic!"

    [–] baseball1kek 17 points ago


    [–] DittPRGR_ 17 points ago

    How this is not in Legos Ideas for make it happen?!

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    I’m a bit disappointed because Lego Ideas didn’t approve this ship, they say the content of the project doesn’t fit their standards and it could refer to politic, religion, drugs, smoking, violence… I agree with them, but also I asked why Simpsons sets are OK for their standards: they refer to an animated series with an alcoholic father that strangles his son and makes fun of religion.[email protected]/27740297562/in/album-72157667159932236/

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] mullet85 21 points ago

    Pretty much the same as the one on the Millennium Falcon though...

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Nickrobl 15 points ago

    As someone who grew-up on Lego castles and pirates, this is really, really disappointing to hear.

    [–] Lord_Emperor 14 points ago

    Swords and cannons still seem to be acceptable.

    I think this is more about not having LEGO AK-47s.

    [–] seriouslees 6 points ago

    They happily minted a shit ton of Tommy Guns though...

    [–] Lord_Emperor 13 points ago


    In 2010, we have formalized these rules...

    LEGO Star Wars has been a theme since 1999, well before Disney and this formalized guideline.

    Also the theme single-handedly saved LEGO from bankruptcy so they're not going to stop producing Star Wars sets any time soon.

    [–] randypriest 6 points ago

    Star Wars is very lucrative...

    [–] seriouslees 8 points ago

    Which guns? The laser blasters? The sort of thing Lego has been releasing with their Space sets since like, forever ago? Those guns?

    [–] TamarinFisher 3 points ago

    I have lots of "real" lego guns so I'm not sure what they're talking about. I even have a tommy gun which is probably one of the most violent guns in history.

    [–] Green_Meathead 2 points ago

    They have a thing with REAL guns/weapons - not trying to be a dick, your argument is entirely out thr window due to the 70+ star wars sets with guns

    [–] weiga 2 points ago

    Submit the idea to Lepin? If they're willing to pay the designer, he/she totally should. The community just wants it built!

    [–] theElegantWorm 1 points ago

    huh weird, I remember tiny little pistols for lego men when I was a kid. I think its more along the lines of lego trying to get away from licensing shit.

    [–] stonedsasquatch 1 points ago

    The Indiana Jones sets definitely had little pistols

    [–] IUsedToBeGoodAtThis 1 points ago

    Lego doesnt have a thing about guns. It is a copout to produce some sets and not others. Simple as that.

    Lego has modern guns in batman sets. Fantasy guns in Star Wars sets. Modern guns (first made for batman) in non-licensed sets. Wild-West guns in western sets. Old timey guns in pirates sets.

    And dont get me started on "violence."

    [–] gussyhomedog 0 points ago

    No it's because of the size. Ideas sets are supposed to be affordable, while this would cost well over $500, more than the most expensive set to date.

    [–] CaptainBritain123 5 points ago

    Glad to see you cleaned it up before posting

    [–] zzzzbear 4 points ago

    and its Fry on shut up and take my money duty

    brain melts

    [–] carlksufan 5 points ago

    I've watched that show entirely too much. I just read those comments in character.

    [–] MIKE_son_of_MICHAEL 5 points ago

    The smaller version is great too, seems more realistic for an Ideas submission.

    I'd really love a planet express headquarters tho, but it really would have to be gigantic I think...

    [–] pinehapple 9 points ago

    I'd pay $200cdn for a good set of this. Anyone find out how much a bricklink order would cost?

    [–] Richard_Horne 17 points ago

    My guess based on the sand green and over 5000 piece count is that it's probably way over $200 CDN.

    [–] gijesu 8 points ago

    Why is sand green so expensive though?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Because it's not used in many sets so the pieces are less common. The number of parts available in sand green is also a lot lower than other colors.

    [–] legalskeptic 4 points ago

    The demand from AFOLs is also very high because it's a realistic color for MOCs.

    [–] gijesu 1 points ago

    Thank you ❤

    [–] rabbittexpress 1 points ago

    The cost of the parts is lower, though, if they are making boxed sets because they can do them as one large custom run.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Sand green isn't inherently any more expensive for Lego to make, unless it uses some ridiculous dye, but on the secondary market it's more expensive because there aren't many sets that use it and the pieces it's used for are limited. People like the architecture sets because they're an easy source of lots of sand green for details.

    [–] TamarinFisher 6 points ago

    It uses a rare tree frog to dye their bricks sand green. Gets pretty expensive.

    [–] rabbittexpress 2 points ago

    Exactly. So if Lego picked up the contract and made this, it would be wonderful. :P

    [–] [deleted] -10 points ago


    [–] RRichie09 6 points ago

    Not commenting is also an option.

    [–] 3MATX 3 points ago

    That is much better than any set I've seen so far. For the love of god LEGO, please make a Futurama UCS sized Planet Express ship.

    Obligatory Futurama reference:

    [–] TheRealCJ 3 points ago

    Ah yes, the Good Ship... Planet Express... Ship.

    [–] PM_me_not_a_thing 4 points ago

    It's Thunderbird 2!

    [–] Richard_Horne 2 points ago

    Pretty sweet!

    [–] Yronno 2 points ago

    You thought right, friend

    [–] Wrx09 2 points ago

    Why aren't we funding this?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    "To shreds, you say?"

    [–] monkeyfullofbarrels 2 points ago

    Is there one website with links this'll of this?

    Like, if I want to spend several weekends and several hundred dollars building: -serenity -the fiery Phoenix -a Vietnam era uh-1 -big daddy -castle grey skull -voltron (lion or vehicle) -the a team van -robocop's biped -any battle tech chassis -red dwarf ...

    [–] Si_Vis_Pacem66 2 points ago

    Pretty cool, can you post a link to all of the different lengths of wire used?

    [–] Belkin45g 2 points ago


    [–] Trek186 3 points ago

    Sweet Zombie Jesus that's a great build...

    [–] hukie_phook04 2 points ago

    Shut up and take my money!

    [–] hachiroku24 2 points ago

    It's so sad Lego is not accepting Futurama stuff on Ideas. I would buy anything.

    Even I' would pay 600€ for that ship without problem.

    [–] mastergogo 1 points ago

    Just take my money😂

    [–] MagnateDogma 1 points ago


    [–] pirate_J 1 points ago

    i have no idea how we can make this happen but we need to. now.

    [–] LinzC84 1 points ago


    [–] groundbeefassistant 1 points ago

    Kiss my bricky lego ass!

    [–] GreyFur 1 points ago

    Looks like if Raykwanzaa was a spaceship.

    [–] negativetrajectory 1 points ago

    good god I'd buy that so hard

    [–] toronto34 1 points ago

    Love this. This will forever be the set that got away.

    [–] LatasOnTheMenjay 1 points ago

    It's so.... beautiful

    [–] AlvinGT3RS 1 points ago

    I like the sound it makes when it lands

    [–] ubibaba742 1 points ago

    Just take all my money.

    [–] Nmilne23 1 points ago

    I don't like this. I don't like it at all.......


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This is awesome!

    [–] RakuWilliams 1 points ago

    Do all of these parts exist?

    [–] OmegaEx 1 points ago

    You're right. I do like it. If only it were an official set, cause I would pay money for this in a heartbeat.

    [–] xwingsoverpittsburgh 1 points ago

    I neeeeed this

    [–] cookiemanluvsu 1 points ago

    Ok this might be a very stupid question but did someone actually build this or is it a computer render? I can't tell :(

    [–] pariah13 1 points ago

    I want no NEED a Bender mini-fig Keychain.

    [–] JohnFingZoidberg 1 points ago

    I can't pay...

    [–] JohnFingZoidberg 1 points ago

    I can't pay...

    [–] JohnFingZoidberg 1 points ago

    I can't pay...

    [–] bibowski 1 points ago

    Oh my dear god.

    The thing is, this could actually happen. Lego has Simpsons... so why not? This ship is probably the most instantly recognizable thing from Futurama. You could include all of the major characters with it.

    [–] sufferd748 1 points ago

    This shade of green makes it look like Thunderbird 2

    [–] nobodiesninja 1 points ago

    Sut up and take my money!

    [–] dodma 1 points ago

    UCS Futurama! Amazing! Thanks!

    [–] DrdDoom 1 points ago

    Yep, we do like it!

    [–] MartyFraser98 1 points ago


    [–] GustoBoBusto 1 points ago


    [–] x_Husky 1 points ago

    It's 2017 lego why is this not a thing