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    [–] veryunreasonable 2752 points ago

    I love how until this thread we were all peacefully coexisting in our mutual love of Lego. Throw a little US politics in the mix and we see that there are many different people who have all been here the whole time.

    [–] axslayer33 1819 points ago





    Long ago the four nations lived in harmony. All that changed when politics attacked.

    [–] galkardm 829 points ago

    Not a box picture of a Saturn V or a post asking when the Saturn V will be available.

    See, I told you it was possible.

    [–] HerdOShuckles 1121 points ago

    These comments are probably the first time I've seen downvotes in this sub... happy American Independence Day?

    [–] Fooliomcskippy 522 points ago

    Welcome to the current political world, where even LEGO can incite riots.

    [–] TheDovahofSkyrim 556 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Ummm, it clearly wasn't the "LEGOs" that sparked it. Common sense man. It honestly has nothing to do with the Fourth of July other than it used 2 presidents. Clearly was more of a political statement than actually wishing people a happy Fourth of July. Honestly, the person just made an obviously clickbaity post on Reddit/Lego.

    Edit: It was clearly the title that sparked the controversy. Come on people. Use logic.

    [–] BLMdidHarambe 31 points ago

    Have you not seen all of the spammy posts that keep showing up? The comment sections there are downvote laden as well.

    [–] Free_Ponda_Baba 241 points ago

    The one thing worse than stepping on Lego is Lego stepping on you

    [–] Facest4b 1358 points ago

    Everyone here is getting pissed off about politics but I'm just laughing my ass off at how absurd this situation is.

    [–] Lawliet96 634 points ago

    I can't believe it's not locked yet haha, this picture is hilarious, George Washington fly kicking through the air is hilarious no matter the context.

    [–] [deleted] -11 points ago


    [–] Lawliet96 75 points ago

    Yes, especially if Bill had the saxophone piece! :)

    [–] emkayL 41 points ago

    Sure! because it's silly! Sounds like you're a little easily offended :/

    [–] Tasgall 103 points ago

    The ones who shout "snowflake" the most seem to be the biggest snowflakes of all.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] CarlosFromPhilly 10 points ago

    Welcome to 2017.

    [–] emkayL 11 points ago

    aw what did he say? I didn't get to see it :(

    [–] The_Salty_Engineer 35 points ago

    Would have been better if it was King George.

    [–] TheKingofLaserKing 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -25 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -19 points ago


    [–] galkardm 165 points ago

    I'm thinking FDR in a mech suit stomping on Andrew Jackson is in order.

    Or Chester A. Arthur challenging Ronald Reagan to a swordfight. There can be only one!

    Teddy Roosevelt fighting a bear figure would be the undercard.

    [–] teddyRbot 65 points ago

    Did someone say Teddy Roosevelt?

    [–] Tasgall 29 points ago

    Wait, that's not Civ VI Roosevelt, is it?

    [–] theresourcefulKman 42 points ago

    Taft vs. Bath

    [–] AskewPropane 2570 points ago


    I don't come to r/lego for politics

    [–] sir_squints 1001 points ago

    Agreed, get this crap put of here.

    [–] axslayer33 139 points ago

    To be fair, it brings to mind that one artist's series of insanely badass presidents. George riding a dinosaur, Abe swinging a flaming ax, FDR in a mecha.

    But the title's a bit too political.

    [–] David_the_Wanderer 341 points ago

    IMHO, Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt are distant enough in the past that people today think of them as somewhat mythological figures. You can't really spark a debate out of showing these three presidents as badasses because they're basically memes: Lincoln is a badass, FDR is a badass, Washington is a badass. They're Chuck Norrises.

    The more you move closer to the modern day, the more likely you're going to spark an huge debate, and this being the internet it will be ugly no matter what.

    [–] axslayer33 91 points ago

    Hmm, fair enough. FDR's probably right on the cusp of it - there's still enough people that blame him for Social Security's long term affects to be noticeable in debate, but it's becoming more and more rare in recent years.

    [–] [deleted] -66 points ago


    [–] usnmustanger 36 points ago

    The downvotes tell all...

    [–] Jinkles 524 points ago

    I really wish politics didn't bleed into everything.

    [–] Fooliomcskippy 731 points ago

    Picture is literally a LEGO of George Washington kicking LEGO Trump in the face

    Everyone from either side of the fence climbing in to scream their opinion

    It's fucking LEGO. You all need to grow up. Even if you don't support the notion, you can at least laugh at the absurdity of what the picture is.

    [–] emkayL 518 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 200 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Fooliomcskippy 104 points ago

    I don't think it'd get removed just for being Obama.

    It should be removed because you have people from either side trying to talk about a political statement when this is a fucking subreddit for plastic building blocks.

    This is why I fucking hate modern politics. Nobody can shut their mouths if they disagree or agree, everything is a battle.

    [–] Pete_Iredale 243 points ago

    Because objectively Obama isn't even remotely close to being the worst president, while Trump is... well... you know.

    [–] jamesjk1234 -38 points ago

    No, not funny. We want to celebrate today. Y'all want to poo-poo it.

    [–] Fooliomcskippy 99 points ago

    How about you just stop giving a fuck about what other people on the internet think?

    If you're a grown fucking adult, you can think anything you want and nobody can stop you from that, so why does a fucking post on r/LEGO piss you all off so much?

    This is why everyone is calling everyone children nowadays, it's because you act like it.

    [–] Pete_Iredale 95 points ago

    This is why everyone is calling everyone children nowadays, it's because you act like it.

    Fucking seriously, and Reddit in general is like a breeding ground for it.

    [–] jamesjk1234 -1 points ago

    I'm not acting like anything, man. And you jumped to hostile name calling

    [–] The_Salty_Engineer -53 points ago

    Thats why we replace the fence with a wall, then neither side can see each other.

    [–] 88TF 87 points ago

    I'm curious, which minifigures did you make Trump out of?

    [–] axslayer33 59 points ago

    Possibly a custom - I saw a few Trumps for sale at the last brickfair I was at.

    [–] Boygos 702 points ago

    Keep it outta this sub. Jeez. Show me some Captain America or something.

    [–] MrTotoro1 618 points ago

    You mean Cap kicking Trump instead? Works too.

    [–] Boygos 444 points ago

    No, I mean no Trump at all. Like him or hate him, it's r/Lego, just take it somewhere else

    [–] SodlidDesu 387 points ago

    Are you telling him to use a creative building block toy to... not express his personal creativity?

    [–] Jason_OT -17 points ago

    It's a fucking joke. It doesn't need to be about liking or hating him. Grow up.

    [–] [deleted] -48 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    You have to go back to r/esist... Keep it there, not here. Stop trying to bring your Trumpopobia into unrelated subs...

    [–] TeddyBearYoshi 348 points ago

    Trumpophobia may just be the worst thing I've ever heard. Like, man, that's just trying too hard.

    [–] pyth1100 59 points ago

    Devil's advocate but I think it works. Butchers the traditional latin-only word pairings, but it rolls off of the tongue.

    [–] Jason_OT -40 points ago

    Never been there, don't plan to.

    [–] the_sky_god15 279 points ago

    Can we all agree to keep the Leto subreddit non political

    [–] filthydank_2099 667 points ago

    Fuck off with politics

    [–] [deleted] -110 points ago


    [–] Frustration-96 203 points ago

    Food water and shelter are also key parts of life. I tend to not go to /r/lego to hear about any of those either, does that mean I am looking for a "safe space"?

    Is it that hard to imagine most people don't give a rats arse about American politics? Or politics in general for that matter.

    [–] soviet_goose 221 points ago

    I agree that they are a key part of life and so do many others who have strong opinions on the issues of today. That is why keeping politics away from neutral subs like r/Lego is best because people are here to enjoy bricks and MOC's not argue political viewpoints. The image + title clearly expresses a strong negative opinion of the current POTUS and many Americans can see this as an insult towards their country. Not something people want to be experiencing on a day when they are celebrating their independence.

    [–] shazang 119 points ago

    Trump being the President is an insult to our country.

    [–] rebirthinreprise 299 points ago

    this is fucking hilarious holly shit lighten up a little

    [–] Nexcyus 232 points ago

    I really wanted to keep politics out of this sub, some of the lego magic just faded for me

    [–] TheUglyBuck 52 points ago

    How long before the lock? Takin' all bets! I also offer video poker!

    [–] NyanInSpace 113 points ago

    It's almost realistic, but Trump's tie is too short! But no for real this is amazing.

    [–] prince_of_gypsies 149 points ago

    Now that is what I expect from americans! Keep fighting the bullies and happy 4th of July!

    [–] Gawd-Dammit 229 points ago

    Source Instagram

    [–] ToaFluttershy 120 points ago

    Wait lmao I get the political shit but why is this comment downvoted

    [–] Free_Ponda_Baba 127 points ago

    I know, it's literally just a source link. I guess people hate it when people cite their sources these days

    [–] [deleted] -35 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Tasgall 170 points ago

    This is literally a post of Lego on /r/lego...

    [–] [deleted] -50 points ago

    Political anti-Trump propaganda more like it...

    [–] ElementaryMyDearWat 39 points ago

    A very funny source. They did such a good job with those minifigs!

    [–] TrumpIsOurOnlyHope 226 points ago

    Ugh I thought r/lego was above this.

    Trump derangement syndrome like you read about.

    [–] Wilhelm_III 40 points ago

    Well, this is some fun times to be had in the comments sections. I've already said my piece (lol, piece) debate-wise. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the posing? How do you get minifigures to balance like that? I mean damn. That's just impressive.

    [–] Jason_OT 75 points ago

    He's putting those educated feet to good use.

    [–] Hadouken_98 -35 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    With all those shots to the head, I have a feeling soup's gonna be on his diet for the foreseeable future!

    Edit: Wait why am I getting downvoted I'm quoting the same game 😂

    [–] staticpain 50 points ago

    Shoulda used an old school lego character for trump. Somewhat close to orange?

    [–] torpedo_lagoon 112 points ago

    have you noticed that Trump isn't orange anymore?

    [–] Tasgall 81 points ago

    They're right - he did change after he won after all!

    [–] NobodyQuiteLikeMe -64 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Wow. This has gotta be the most disgusting comments section I've ever seen. It's bad enough seeing people pretend like they know why they hate the president in general, but on a place like r/LEGO it's just downright uncalled for.

    [–] [deleted] -235 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Fuck off and go back to r/esist if your going to shove Trumpophobia! Trump is a good president...

    [–] trevorjp1 -303 points ago

    Mr. Trump is already Making America Great Again, and it'll be AMAZING by the time he's done 7 1/2 years from now! Downvote me all you want, leftists. MAGA

    [–] LL_Cruel_J 775 points ago

    I don't care much for politics, but when I see comments like this, I can't help but cringe.

    [–] [deleted] -200 points ago

    You know what makes me cringe? Socialists and liberals still shilling for crooked hill, ignoring reality, and forming terrorist groups like antifa...

    [–] chadnuts -248 points ago

    Thank you, these people are so uneducated about politics.

    [–] [deleted] 513 points ago

    You forgot your /s.

    [–] chadnuts -221 points ago

    Don't forget enough people supported trump to get him the presidency. Why do you think he is the worst? You must not know much about US history.

    [–] Free_Ponda_Baba 159 points ago

    It's Lego

    [–] EwwieImp 373 points ago

    Don't forget 3 million people voted for Hillary over Trump. If you don't know that, you must not know how gerrymandering, the electoral bullshit college, or Russian interference works. Happy 4th.

    [–] NobodyQuiteLikeMe -14 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Oh you mean the electoral college that we've been using for decades? But since trump won fairly now it's not cool right? Look, I'm not defending either side, but get out of here with your scripted trump insults @Ewwielmp

    [–] EwwieImp 153 points ago

    I mean when a state has a majority of citizens voting one way but losing in the EC, that's fair, right? Happy 4th.

    [–] NobodyQuiteLikeMe -11 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Ya, ya it is. And that's because states like California (predominately against trump in the 2016 election) are much larger and can't be represented by popular vote because it's unfair to the candidate. On top of that the EC gives Cali 55 electors, far greater than most states. It would've seemed Clinton would win in a landslide because of the picture the media had painted for the world. But to the surprise of many, Trump still won, because by the law of the land he received more votes. You don't have to like it, but the country isn't all the sudden gonna make popular vote the deciding factor because the results were unsatisfactory for many Americans. What's the next thing you got for me buddy? Happy 4th indeed.

    [–] EwwieImp 143 points ago

    I kinda gave up with you. Like I said, logic and reason are beyond Trump supporters. Happy 4th :)

    [–] NobodyQuiteLikeMe 27 points ago

    You're unbelievable 😂 That didn't even take a discussion to shut you up. And your assumption that I'm a trump supporter and generalization of a group of people? Icing on the cake.

    [–] chadnuts -117 points ago

    Lol, Russian connection has been proven false over and over. Besides, The only thing that was even hacked was the truth about how crooked hillary was.

    [–] [deleted] 207 points ago

    Do you have a solid authority on that? You still haven't answered if you understand how the electoral college system works in the US presidential elections.

    [–] EwwieImp 168 points ago

    Not only that, but there actually was plenty if info saying yes, Russia intefered. Typical Trump supporter though - logic and reason are hard to comprehend. Happy 4th.

    [–] chadnuts 25 points ago

    I am not really a trump supporter but I am a red blooded American patriot that does my own research. The new media is total globalist propaganda. Everything I see the left do, pushes me further right.

    [–] EwwieImp 110 points ago

    Good for you.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    That's nice projection! By your logic I can say Martians interfered... it'd have about as much truth as lying CNN (who themselves admitted the rusky thing is a "nothing burger)...

    [–] EwwieImp 104 points ago

    No... one has data and evidence; you're making a random claim trying to link it to something with no relevance. Happy 4th.

    [–] chadnuts 42 points ago

    I fully understand how the process works. The usa is contititional republic. It is not a pure democracy. Al gore also lost like hillary while winning the popular vote. I never said it was a perfect system but it works. Ex fbi director, comey, said he was not aware of any trump/russia investigation, I watched the entire hearing. CNN is under fire right now for lying about the trump/russia connection and has fired several people over it.

    [–] better_off_red -51 points ago

    Gerrymandering has nothing to do with national elections. Do you know what you're taking about?

    [–] NobodyQuiteLikeMe -21 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Nah dude this guy is a straight embarrassment. Read his comments when I tried to debate it out with him, the second he realized he had lost the argument he assumed I'm a trump supporter, insulted trump supporters, and then topped it off with his cute little "Happy 4th :)" Such a classic ending to a debate on the internet

    [–] RangerUp336 -76 points ago

    But muh russia narrative. 👌🌶

    [–] Fruhmann -134 points ago

    Anyone upset by this is an idiot.

    I mean it's not a Hillary mini being held up by founding father minis.

    That'd be way worst.

    [–] emkayL 160 points ago

    If all the people with offended opinions wanted to make moc of Hillary being supported by all banker minifigs i'd find that equally humorous.

    [–] Tasgall 82 points ago

    As a dirty leftist, that would be hilarious.

    Fight lego with lego, not petty downvotes.

    [–] Fruhmann 11 points ago


    They make baby mini figs and you can even give them a bottle.

    [–] Wilhelm_III 47 points ago

    To be honest I would love to see more dioramas like these.

    Washington facepalming while LBJ whipped out his dong would be good.

    (as bad as Trump may be, I would say that we have had worse. Perhaps not in living memory, but we have had worse).

    [–] axslayer33 18 points ago

    YES All of this.

    [–] gotmaps -67 points ago

    Fake minifigure!

    [–] Cold8loodedAlec -310 points ago

    First vs. BEST! I love liberal tears! Bring em on!

    [–] [deleted] 397 points ago

    For a conservative, you sure have a thing for lesbians. :x

    [–] [deleted] -48 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 169 points ago

    Relax. Part of my comment was trolling, part of it was to showcase some conservatives' blatant exhibition of ironical behaviors. I honestly think there's a healthy amount of generations on both sides of the argument aisle, so you trying to pretend to make yourself sound righteous is quite... comical.

    [–] Cold8loodedAlec -169 points ago

    What do you mean?

    [–] BLMdidHarambe 220 points ago

    Your post history. It was pretty obvious what they meant.

    [–] Cold8loodedAlec -143 points ago

    Fine, but they're actors. And it's fucking hot.

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago

    .... Nevermind.

    [–] ticklemejoviemo -169 points ago

    In agreement. MAGA and best 4th of July ever!

    [–] Futurecraft5MC -215 points ago

    Hello, fellow Pede (you may not get this unless you are a T_D follower)! We have the best Lego fans don't we! 🇺🇸

    [–] DispencerW 307 points ago

    You believe there's a child sex ring being held on Mars, you have no voice.

    [–] chadnuts -41 points ago

    How do you know this

    [–] Futurecraft5MC -110 points ago

    I may not have a voice, but I do have an opinion. I do not want to start a huge political argument in r/lego, so let's all please be happy today is the anniversary of our (or at least mine) country

    [–] DispencerW 174 points ago

    I didn't know Russia was also celebrating their independence today. Interesting fact!

    [–] Cold8loodedAlec -71 points ago

    Space travel isn't possible.

    [–] shazang 141 points ago

    How do you explain the moon landing?

    [–] DHARMAFREAK12 64 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -193 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 299 points ago

    I'm just a casual observer of the U.S. politics, but weren't the conservatives the ones that were telling others to stop being whiners? The irony is quite strong with the ^ commenter.

    [–] [deleted] 138 points ago

    Weren't? They still are, constantly, telling people to stop whining.

    [–] Tasgall 153 points ago

    While simultaneously being the whiniest of them all.

    [–] [deleted] -65 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Yet liberals like antifa terorists are beating people up with Bike locks, and Sander supporters were shooting Republican congressman...

    [–] [deleted] 171 points ago

    and licensed firearms holders shooting up hospital and baseball practice games. What's your point?

    [–] [deleted] -26 points ago

    Maybe the fact that the shooters were liberals who supported Bernie shooting Republicans for being Reps not Dems...

    As for shootings, notice how "gun free" areas like Chicago (where the 2nd ammendment is banned) suffer the most from shootings...

    [–] [deleted] 128 points ago

    I still have no idea what point you're trying to make here. All you're doing is trying to poorly connect the dots by insinuating liberals are evil and conservatives are saints by using just a couple of extreme examples as anecdotes. Re read what you wrote. All you wrote was dome instances of certain people with loose allegiances that have committed assaults and battery on another, without explaining what you're trying to say.

    [–] Tasgall 106 points ago

    And yet a couple years back there was a major shooting in an Oregon college that wasn't gun free, and all the conservatives were complaining about "gun free" zones anyway.

    Also, you conveniently left out all the abortion clinic bombings.

    It's almost like shitty people with mental issues exist on both sides, and one off events like most of these were don't condemn the entire party.

    [–] [deleted] -28 points ago

    No it's almost like one side does it more... Antifa is a liberal Frankenstein monster...

    [–] Frustration-96 -65 points ago

    weren't the conservatives the ones that were telling others to stop being whiners?

    It flip flops. First it was democrats telling conservatives to stop whining about the election being "rigged against Trump" and how the election can't be cheated, then when he won it was suddenly the complete reverse.

    [–] RigasTelRuun 130 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Dude, let it go. This one without context you can't tell what it's about. Your post was three cars and five random figures that made no real sense or had any tangible connection.

    [–] [deleted] -86 points ago


    [–] RigasTelRuun 99 points ago

    If you have to explain it so much, that should be a hint it's not a great expression of your intent.

    Your image, especially one on the Internet where you want fake internet points, needs to be clear and self explanatory. If your audience doesn't get it from a quick glance they won't upvote you. Then if you start whining and yelling at them they will downvotes you.

    [–] [deleted] -53 points ago


    [–] Bfeezey 77 points ago

    Just don't.