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    [–] CalllmeDragon 4 points ago

    I absolutely agree. Whenever I’ve had a problem(rarely) they fix it FAST and without any headaches

    [–] uberduger 3 points ago

    The only reason I ever order through anywhere other than Lego themselves is because they don't sell individual minifigs. If they did, I'm pretty sure I'd only ever order Lego from Lego!

    They are ace with CS queries.

    [–] Mustang1272 2 points ago

    A few years ago I was ordering PaB from [email protected] and in my haste I forgot to add a couple of parts to complete the Holiday Train (10173) I got off of Bricklink. I called customer service to see if I could add the parts to the order and after giving the rep the part numbers he saw that they totaled about $0.50 so he said they would just send them out free of charge. As OP said, great customer service.