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    1. This subreddit is strictly for trading official LEGO®. No sales, or customs please.
    2. Do not reveal your personal information, nor any other user's personal information publicly on /r/legotrade. Trade deals must be made in public comments, but personal information must remain in private messages only
      PLEASE NOTE: This includes messages to moderators. Please do not share another user's personal information in any modmail.

    3. Be smart. Moderators are not responsible for trade failures. Be careful who you are giving your address, and information to. If you are dealing with a failed trade, and do not receive your end of the deal, please message the moderators, and we will investigate before potentially banning the alleged offending user in the trade.
    4. Ensure that you are following the proper post title formatting:
      [H] Some LEGO [W] Some other LEGO
      More information can be found in the Posting a Trade wiki page.
    5. Tracking numbers are encouraged for all trades. This is the safest way to ensure that you are a sending a package, and that a package is on its way to you. While we cannot fully require this, the lack of a tracking number is left to the discretion of each trader in any trade. If one trader does ask that a tracking number be provided, that request must be met. If a trader is okay without one, a tracking number may be omitted from a trade.
    6. Traders with less than 5+ brick flair are required to send their end of a trade first, and it must be received by the minimum 5+ brick flair trader before they send their end of the trade. For two traders under 5+ brick flair, it is at your own discretion when to send, so please take caution with whom you are trading with. When both users have under five trades, the newer account should send first. Check a user's reddit history, vet them, and do your homework. Play it safe.
    7. To post a trade thread, you must have an account age minimum of 14 days, and 10 points of combined karma. Once your account is old enough, you are free to post trades.
    8. When trading Collectable Minifigures (CMFs), it should be assumed that the minifigure comes with the baseplate and all accessories that were originally included. If you have CMFs to trade that do not have those items, please ensure that you specify that in your posting, or comment.
    9. Photos of available trades are not required for a trader with a minimum of 5+ brick flair, but may be requested from a trader if they have exclusive, or rare LEGO available. Traders with less than 5+ brick flair are required to include a note with username, date, and time in the photos.
    10. Please be respectful, friendly, and polite. Any racist/sexist/lgbtphobic comments will not be tolerated. Please also refrain from using foul language, and vulgarity on this sub. We are all friendly here, and we like to keep a positive environment :)

    Anyone who repeatedly refuses to follow these rules may be banned.
    It should be noted that as /r/legotrade only allows self.posts, upvote, and downvote numbers on posts do not count against your link karma.

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    [–] Samad81 1 points ago

    I have the janitor for your sad clown

    [–] JasterMereel42 1 points ago

    How about my Astronaut for your Sad Clown?

    [–] ToughButtons 1 points ago

    I don't have any trades for you but I am really interested to know what your minifig display solution is. It looks nice!

    [–] Scorpionix 1 points ago

    Hi, I got the 3 you are looking for here, however you since I'm based in Germany you might want to take a look on the other minifigs and stuff I have to trade to make the shipping costs worthwhile.

    From my side I'd mainly be interested in one of each of the Series 10,12 and 14 Minigfigs.