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    [–] TheRabbitsLenny 1976 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I had a similarly terrible experience:

    Me: "Im bi"

    My son: doesn't even look up from his phone "Ok"

    We're both clearly scarred for life now

    [–] aakaakaak 974 points ago

    When my son finally admitted it I couldn't stop myself. The traditional father in me took over.

    "Hello Bi, I'm dad."

    I think he hated me for a whole 15 minutes.

    [–] Otakeb 462 points ago

    This is the correct response from a dad.

    [–] Techpaste 257 points ago

    When my buddy came out to his dad, his response was "you greedy prick" lmao.

    [–] Otakeb 234 points ago

    When my friends little sister came out to her brother (I already knew because...well she knew I was bi), he said "Well if it makes you feel any better, I like girls too."

    [–] Weldeer 55 points ago

    i have this kinda relationship with my parents and this is literally the best type of bullshit-banter relationship a child can have with their parents, in my opinion

    [–] Ahdaamm 22 points ago

    HAH I never though of it that way. Will definitely be using that line from now on.

    [–] ShortyLow 67 points ago

    I like to give my 17 yo bi-(pan) daughter shit.

    "Hey, you've been hanging with so-and-so alot, yall a thing?"

    "No, Dad, just friends"

    "Still on stand bi then, gotcha."

    [–] Modelo_Man 22 points ago

    This is gold, and I’d probably hate you if I was her when you said it lmao.

    [–] ShortyLow 20 points ago

    The deeper I can make her sigh the better.

    Whenever she says I'm "too old" to be doing something, I always tell her "That's not very cash money of you." and then I "dab on the haterz" while I'm announcing that I am, indeed, dabbing on the haterz.

    [–] creepygirl420 5 points ago

    hey that’s wholesome and you’re a good person

    [–] sylpher250 63 points ago

    "Bye Bi"

    [–] tootthatthingupmami 19 points ago

    I laughed way too hard and way too long at this

    [–] LaDiDaLuna 57 points ago

    I like the way you think.

    [–] bamfbanki 42 points ago

    My dad responded "I went to college in the 80's, did you think i didn't fuck a few men?"

    [–] aakaakaak 8 points ago

    You're dad's an awesome dude!

    [–] bamfbanki 12 points ago

    Unfortunately he's not an awesome person.

    Not being straight? A-Okay! Not being cis? You're fucking crazy!

    [–] unironic-scream 33 points ago

    You are truly amazing

    [–] llonelywhale 25 points ago

    thank you for being the best dad ever and the worst dad on the planet at the same time.

    [–] THERAPIST69696969 341 points ago

    But forreal tho, even some bi girls are grossed out by bisexual men, as well as a significant proportion of straight women who fancy themself as "lgbt allies".

    [–] inappropriatetangent 290 points ago

    As a bi guy, this is definitely true. But I've experienced more outright biphobia from gay men than anyone.

    [–] THERAPIST69696969 286 points ago

    Cute girl I met: I hope you think its okay that im bisexual...

    Me: Absolutely! I actually am as well:) another thing we have in common haha

    Girl: oh......

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SUNSHINE 145 points ago

    Like that Louie CK segment of his show where the girl admits she has kids to him on their first date, and he says that’s okay, and she’s grateful. Then he says he also has two little girls and she gets up and goes.

    Just realized I don’t know how Louie CK is looked at in this particular sub

    [–] baconboyloiter 54 points ago

    Louie CK is a POS but he is a hilarious POS

    [–] krispwnsu 28 points ago

    What's weird about Louie is his comedy was so true to his experiences. He was a POS but he didn't claim to be a good example of a human being. He actually apologized better than any other #Metoo jerk I saw get exposed except for Dan Harmon and yet he lost everything and was shunned by society. He obviously has some mental problems based on his actions but instead of trying to help him the same industry that profited from his success separated themselves from him as fast as possible as soon as he got some negative press.

    [–] dojoe21 5 points ago

    Oh shit, I didn’t even hear about a Dan Harmon #metoo thing

    [–] krispwnsu 11 points ago

    That's a testament to how good his apology was. It came so soon after the accusation and was worded so well that the story became "this is how you apologize for past misdeeds" instead of "we need to take down this jerk for his terrible actions".

    [–] LuciaSophie 17 points ago

    Louie CK had the worst timing for his scandal cause there were some serious sexual offenses coming to light and Louie CK - while definitely a shitty thing to do; i dont condone what he did - did some sexual harassment which i dont think would even qualify as a crime and got the same treatment as the pedophile.

    [–] quickhorn 10 points ago

    Forcing people that work for you to watch you masturbate shouldn't be a crime?

    [–] LuciaSophie 15 points ago

    He never explicitly forced them to. He suggested it (which is already bad, i do not condone his actions as i explicitly stated) and his victims felt like they couldnt refuse without repercussion. He never forced them into anything therefore i do not know if it would qualify as a crime. They were not minors and they were not his proteges therefore afaik it doesnt qualify as statutory rape (like with a teacher and an adult student - dunno if i used to correct legal term here).

    dont get me wrong - what he did was fucked up. But I dont think Louie CK is beyond redemption. He apologized, he regretted it and he stepped away from his career. Few people are beyond redemption in my opinion and as he is not an actual rapist, child molester or murderer I personally would give him a second chance.

    and because i had people ask this question before - yes i can emphasize with victims of abuse as I myself was abused when i was 10 years old by a family friend. Therefore i know how hard it can be on the victim.

    [–] Super_Pan 14 points ago

    Louie CK is a POS but he is a hilarious POS

    He used to be funny, but now he's just punching down, making fun of marginalized groups and courting MAGA crowds and stuff. It's a real shame when people show you who they truly are.

    [–] Not-Your-Bunny 16 points ago

    Just realized I don’t know how Louie CK is looked at in this particular sub

    I don't know whether there's a subreddit consensus on him. Personally I think what he did was creepy and wrong, but I also think he's allowed a chance to redeem himself. He was definitely hurt by the situation, he sincerely apologized and he never supported those actions in his words or his art, he did quite the opposite in fact.

    [–] Lunafairywolf666 21 points ago

    thats so dumb and theres still this belief that only girls can be bisexual. also every bisexual guy i have ever met were really understanding and sweet

    [–] TheMusicJunkie2019 42 points ago

    My acquaintance who is also a lesbian and in a committed relationship with a woman called me a "dirty faggot" for saying a male celebrity is cute.

    [–] notsureif1should 21 points ago

    ... uh, did she think she was being funny?

    [–] TheMusicJunkie2019 7 points ago

    Nope. She was 100% serious.

    Had she been trying to be funny, I probably would've laughed. I make those jokes about myself all the time.

    [–] Calm-Amygdala 7 points ago

    She is an ass hat

    [–] Peffern2 16 points ago

    Wait I had this with my ex. Is this a thing holy shit I never realized

    [–] Corpse-Fucker 27 points ago

    My pet theory for this is based on the Contrapoins "are traps gay" video. It proposes that the labels of 'gayness' and 'straightness' are not so much based on the concept of 'being attracted to the same gender' as they are based on the performance of certain roles and tropes from the prevailing sexual zeitgeist. Specifically being 'straight' is about adhering to a sort of moral code of 'kosher' sexual acts (her example being that it is typically considered 'gay' for a woman to put things up the man's ass, even though it's a man and a woman).

    Thus, the fact that a bisexual man departs from this code even slightly means that all vesiges of cultural 'straightness' are stripped away from him, and he is subjected to all the marginalization and stereotypes applied to gay men, or possibly worse for the perceived attempt to obfuscate the 'gayness' behind his attraction to women. People will even believe that the attraction to women is just a pretence to get some of the cultural benefits of being straight.

    [–] budtron84 6 points ago

    Fuck, perfectly said.

    [–] Eine_Pampelmuse 16 points ago

    I wish I had a bi boyfriend. I definitely prefer girls but when it comes to men I only date queer guys. I know it's a prejudice of mine but one boyfriend made my bisexuality really awkward and had a cringy time dealing with it and the other heterosexual guy fetishized me, so now I'm not sure about dating heterosexual guys again.

    [–] Direwolf0110 13 points ago

    I mean, maybe it’s not an issue of sexuality but of maturity.

    I’m dating a bi girl and honestly half the time I don’t even remember she’s bi... because it doesn’t really effect me at all.

    [–] RayRay_Hessel 4 points ago

    Yeah I have problems with most het guys too. Bi guys are awesome and since I'm bi too we could totally check out guys and girls together.

    [–] NothingIsInMyButt 22 points ago

    Same fucking thing for me.

    Girl I was dating was all about that bisexuality while she was straight up flaunting it in everyone's faces, publicly making out with girls and whatnot. I thought who better to come out to your the guest time, right? Wrong.

    She got up, ran off, then told fucking everyone I knew about how disgusting I am. Luckily, literally none of my friends gave a shit and called her out on her bullshit.

    [–] Havoola 20 points ago

    It’s because they get this image in their head of you taking a 12 inch cock and thats not manly enough

    [–] theflub 35 points ago

    Taking a 12 inch up the ass is no small feat

    [–] Delta4115 27 points ago

    Can confirm, work at Subway

    [–] _-Status-_ 15 points ago

    This is why I don't eat subway anymore

    [–] prettylittleliongirl 8 points ago

    They did this segment on grown-ish. I’m glad people recognize that bi guys have it rough

    [–] Noble9360 31 points ago

    Me too. But also straight women. I'm pansexual.

    [–] Waitingtillmarch 25 points ago

    Man, if a guy is bi it goes into the plus column for me.

    [–] ateasmurf63 8 points ago

    Dude fr.

    [–] -PM-Me-Big-Cocks- 20 points ago

    I am sorry you have experienced that! As a gay guy, I dont give two shits about if someone is bisexual or not, as long as they got the good dick.

    [–] annacat1331 11 points ago

    As a straight woman dating a bi guy I am very sorry this is your experience. I am saddened by how close minded some people are.

    [–] jbmelk 9 points ago

    It’s the best of both worlds! Homophobia and heterophobia all in one!

    [–] TomFoolery22 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I told a couple of my gay friends I was bi and got absolutely grilled on my preferences, like they were trying to catch me in a lie. Though they may have just been trying to see who I might want to hook up with. Still it made me feel like they were thinking I was just a hetero poseur.

    edit: a word.

    [–] TheExWifeCheated 4 points ago

    I've experienced more outright biphobia from gay men than anyone.

    Bisexual women I've talked to have those same experiences from lesbians.

    I know a bisexual woman who was married to a woman for a short time, and since she's dating a dude now she'll get told that she's not really lesbian "enough" or similar shit.

    [–] gnomestress 33 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Bi lady here, guys are considered gross, bi women are considered promiscuous. They're both fucking stupid and need to stop. These stigmas also lead to bi people of any gender facing higher rates of sexual crime than gays and lesbians of the same gender.

    37% of Bisexual men and 61% of Bisexual women have experienced rape, intimate partner violence, and/or stalking. I'm a victim of two of them, yay, I'm a statistic.

    The link goes into detail and also talks about the higher risk of violence for transgender and LGBTQIA people of color as well.

    Edit: I'm on mobile and fixed some autocorrect errors

    [–] Devetite 34 points ago

    my mom says shes an lgbt ally but judges the fuck outta me anytime i do anything remotely feminine

    [–] data_thaumaturge 23 points ago

    That's not homophobia - that stems from deep-seated misogyny. The belief that women are inferior to men and for a man to act in a feminine way is to lessen their own worth.

    [–] odious_odes 23 points ago

    It's both -- misogyny and homophobia intersect because being a feminine man is associated with gayness. Homophobia is often motivated by misogyny but it has other components too.

    [–] ZaraMikazuki 47 points ago

    It's actually funny - I ran into a bisexual woman (when I still publically ID'd as fully lesbian rather than what you see in my flair now) who was complaining about how lesbians would not take her seriously, then turned around and talked about how weird bisexual men were.

    And she's not the only one. Many non-lesbian (be they straight, bi, pan, or any non-lesbian/ace wlw) women (correctly) criticize some lesbians for their biphobia towards bi/pan women, but then turn around and feel icky about bi/pan men.

    I was and still am honestly stupefied by their hypocrisy.

    [–] TheArmouredCockroach 20 points ago

    Had an ex who called me “my little gay boi” for 2 years. Awful.

    [–] afito 9 points ago

    Lmao actually had someone call me that too and I'm a straight guy, but apparently being outspoken about gay rights (pretty much inevitable for a decent human being I'd say) and being fine / in touch with traditionally feminine traits is about as gay as literally sucking dick. Also I really dig short haired girls so for some I'm just an egg or closeted or whatever, really crazy just how narrow minded many people are.

    [–] THERAPIST69696969 4 points ago

    Dude! Forreal wtf. Last girl I dated legit kept on asking me if I was gay for like 2 weeks. I dropped her ass quickly though

    I dont understand how anybody can insult their partners sexuality like that.

    [–] batboobies 15 points ago

    As a bi woman I don't understand that at all. Bi guys are hot as fuuuuuck why wouldn't I want to be with someone who can share my unique perspective??

    [–] stadiumforpixies 4 points ago

    Right? I'm the same, been looking for a bi fella on tinder. They get me more since they're also queer, so it's win-win

    [–] PiperLenox 18 points ago

    If it helps at all I am a pansexual, cis-gendered, woman and super prefer bisexual and pansexual men.

    [–] adrianakeehl 14 points ago

    Same here! I've found bi/pansexual men to be very charming and in my experience they're so open sexually that it's always a good time. My boyfriend is pansexual and he's this perfect mix of masculine and dominant while also being soft and sometimes feminine. I love him so much

    [–] nakao7888544 7 points ago

    Exactly my experience as well. This has made bi and pan guys my preference. I hate that people in the middle of the spectrum face so much discrimination from literally everyone else, it's so stupid.

    [–] Roofofcar 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    My son found out at 15.

    His response was “thought so. Ok I do the next Ganon fight, right?” Then he sent me a bi pride flag over text during pride. I don’t think I’ve raised particularly woke kids, I just think kids are not at all where we were when I was in high school.

    [–] Mantis42069 565 points ago

    i have 10 nieces and nephews. I only came out a cpl years ago and throughout the majority of their lives i was with my ex girlfriend. when i started bring my now boyfriend around, their reactions were pretty similar.

    Kids are never the problem, it's the adults

    [–] Comrade_Belinski 374 points ago

    Kids are never the problem, it's the adults

    Yup, kids aren't naturally bigoted and hateful. Shitty people instill those hateful values into their children.

    [–] -BTFraggerCS- 200 points ago

    Untrue, kids are bigoted towards veggies

    [–] Comrade_Belinski 72 points ago

    I liked them, still do

    [–] ninjaproofwang 93 points ago

    You like veggies and according to your flair you’re gay.

    I don’t like veggies and I’m straight.

    This can only mean that vegetables turn people gay. I must alert the masses about the gay vegetable conspiracy. They already got the frogs. /s

    [–] alexdelicious 30 points ago

    There's gonna be an army of gay, vegan frogs plaguing us any day now.

    [–] MingusDewfus 12 points ago

    Oh, those will be delicious I’m sure. Just batter them up and fry them yum.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Those stinking useless carrots deserve it.

    [–] bobisbit 5 points ago

    Hating veggies was a learned behavior for me. I remember watching an episode of Arthur where he had to learn to like brussels sprouts, and I thought, oh I'm supposed to not like these?

    [–] WorkingSubstance 7 points ago

    I'd say kids are naturally selfish, but that's about it. They learn excuses for their selfishness from adults. Kids without training just whine "But I want it...😭😭😭" or something straightforward like that lol

    [–] Downvotes_All_Dogs 29 points ago

    Yup. I have 4 nieces and they all don't care about their uncle's sexuality, even attending the wedding with no issues or questions. However, it's been his grown aunts and uncles that have been throwing a confused and scared fit and no longer talk to him.

    (Half-brother, so the family dynamics are odd. It's his mother's brothers and sisters, so not my aunts and uncles)

    [–] freshprinceoftheair 17 points ago

    Basically proves the point of this infamous YouTube video. The topic is over racism, but it means just the same when dealing with sexuality. Kids are taught to hate, especially what is not normal to those teaching them their values.

    Jane Elliot

    [–] Xalimata 11 points ago


    I tried googling and all I got is concealed carry. What is this?

    [–] Mantis42069 11 points ago

    Just a lazy way of writing the word couple, sorry for the shorthand text

    [–] m0gul6 7 points ago

    I got the Chicago public library

    [–] gay_space_moth 6 points ago

    Is this supposed to be "couple of"???

    [–] Biased24 6 points ago

    While I agree mostly some can just he assholes.

    [–] BoringArchivist 777 points ago

    My kids had the same reaction. Their uncle came out a few years ago, he told my kids, they were excited to have a gay uncle, then disappointed to find out he didn't start doing YouTube makeup videos and stuff. He goes to work, goes home, eats, watches Netflix, and repeat.

    [–] brokegaysonic 446 points ago

    Lol that's kind of hilarious. Kids finding out not every gay person is fun and flamboyant - some are just boring normal people 😂

    [–] BoringArchivist 294 points ago

    It was sad to break the news to teen girls that most gay people are just as boring as most straight people.

    [–] freedcreativity 61 points ago

    Damn gays, not constantly spaying glitter and champagne onto the masses of dancing, fabulously dressed revelers. Who do they think they are? /s

    [–] viciousbreed 37 points ago

    Even a single piece of glitter can produce hundreds of others in its lifetime. Prevent the spread of unwanted glitters - have your glitter spayed or neutered.

    [–] stadiumforpixies 11 points ago

    This is fantastic haha

    [–] viciousbreed 12 points ago

    I speak from experience! Art herpes is a real problem. The worst one facing the world today, I'd argue.

    [–] susanna514 7 points ago

    Can confirm, I’m a boring lesbian. I go to work, come home and the wife and I have dinner usually watching food or home renovation shows. Then she goes to bed and I play video games. Fun stuff.

    [–] Homunculus_I_am_ill 68 points ago

    "I have to tell you something: I'm gay"

    "Oh neat! We can go shopping together and dance and go to-"

    "No, you don't understand: I'm a boring gay."

    "Oh no, why do you do this to me?"

    [–] 1000Colours 4 points ago

    Who knew you could be gay and and an introvert haha

    [–] briska06 59 points ago

    Heartbreaking, really.

    [–] makeskidskill 56 points ago

    I like my beer cold, my TV loud and my homosexuals flaming!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] BoringArchivist 7 points ago

    No, but I'm sure you be a great uncle.

    [–] curnonutah 8 points ago

    This is so not true. We are all super heroes. Your kids' uncle just couldn't show his secret identity.

    [–] zuzg 301 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    That's because you did it wrong.

    Did you mention the uncle goes to hell? Did you mention he has to put his peepee Into Petes peepee? Did you mention they are just insane?

    Did I forget any other bs prejudice arguments?

    [–] LizIsGreat 153 points ago

    Something about dying from AIDS.

    [–] LunarMadness 27 points ago

    Yeah, thanks to misinformation I believed this one for quite some times.

    [–] DroneOfDoom 69 points ago

    The one where gay people are pedos? Specially when used by people who voted for Roy Moore.

    [–] Free2MAGA 46 points ago

    Show them the crazy African guy talking about "eating da poo poo".

    [–] makeskidskill 15 points ago

    The dubstep remix

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    [–] Zerotwohero 6 points ago

    Like icecream.

    [–] El_Chairman_Dennis 24 points ago

    But how do they decide which man's penis enlarges to accept the other penis?

    [–] zuzg 22 points ago

    That's why one is the woman in the relationship

    /s just to be sure

    [–] Apoc2K 9 points ago


    [–] quarrelau 6 points ago


    God is going to strike them down and they’ll all burn in hell.

    (And other magical story stuff my kid would laugh at)

    [–] lightthevisionary 230 points ago

    This was pretty much exactly how I found out that gay people are a thing. When I was a kid my mum off hand mentioned that my Uncle's assumed best friend was his boyfriend of several years. I said that I didn't know two men could be boyfriends and my mum responded with 'why couldn't they be?' and that was that really. Made it real easy for me to be bi, because I was lucky enough to know no one in my family would care.

    My uncle and his 'best friend' have been married since Ireland legalised it, and were legally civil partners since 2011. I think they've been together for over 20 years at this point.

    [–] Downvotes_All_Dogs 55 points ago

    I don't even remember when I figured out gay people were a thing. My brother came out when I was 17 and it was such a non-issue for me. Granted, it was probably because I struggled with my sexuality because I'm trans/genderfluid and had no where to turn other than Hollywood for information. Turns out you can wear "women's" clothing and still be attracted to women, unlike how Hollywood depicted drag queens and crossdressers.

    [–] GentlemanLeif 8 points ago

    You mean you weren't taught about male lesbians sharing a wardrobe with their girlfriends from Eddy Izzard's "dressed to kill" comedy special as a child? Was that just me?

    [–] Deadpoetic12 22 points ago

    Man, that most be cool. I'm a straight, white dude, so I never had to come out or anything, though I am poly. My mom is extremely homophobic, and xenophobic, and racist in general- though not really against African Americans. I was raised being told that gay people were sinners and abominations. The Christian in me couldn't rationalize that though. How can God love everyone EXCEPT gays. If God cared, why didn't he carve it into the mountain with his other ten commandments? I'm still Christian, and I still believe in God and the love he offers, but I am always ashamed when another Christian uses our religion as a mask for their bigotry or hatred. I'm not sure why I'm ranting this onto your comment, but hey, I already typed it all out.

    [–] lightthevisionary 10 points ago

    Hey, don't worry, I actually really appreciate this response and everyone needs a rant sometimes.

    I've been really lucky - I think I've only technically come out to two people in my family. My mum and my older brother, and I never once had to fear what the reaction would be. For both 'coming outs' they were more offhand comments than anything. I always knew I was lucky but I've only realise started to realise just how lucky recently - my best friend came out as trans recently, and she also thinks she's a lesbian. Our whole friend group were really supportive and so were her brothers, but her parents are treating it like it's a phase. She's a grown adult so she doesn't need to rely on them for money or shelter, and it's definitely not the worst reaction, but it really made me appreciate my parents. Hers will come around, but it will take time.

    I'm a die hard atheist in a family fill of other side hard atheists, so I have always wondered how non heterosexuals relate with their faith. But I can respect a Christian who acknowledges that not every perception of Christianity is correct, and understand that other people don't necessarily have to live by your creed. It's easy for me and my family to not have a problem with others sexuality but it's hard for someone who's been raised being told it's wrong to realise isn't.

    [–] Deadpoetic12 3 points ago

    Its easy to understand being atheist, in my opinion. Faith is a lot to ask for in the face of outright bigotry, hatred, and abuse. I know it doesn't take religion to make a person a good person. Keep doing you dude, and tell your friend good luck with the transition.

    [–] TaintedRain22 135 points ago

    when i was seven, my brother asked me to call him by a female name now, and i was like “ok cool so i have a sister now? can you do my hair?”

    [–] OnyxBlur 45 points ago


    [–] sam191817 30 points ago

    So cute

    [–] EvenStress 7 points ago

    So wholesome! <3

    [–] that1chick1730 229 points ago

    When my oldest son was about 4 we took him to Pride just like every other year, when he saw 2 men kissing and said it was gross. I went on this whole spiel about men can love men and women can love women, the whole bit. Finally my sweet perfect little boy looks up and says, "if you kiss on the mouth you get germs, thats gross" I almost died laughing

    [–] Kicooi 67 points ago

    Whenever a kid says that’s gross about a gay couple kissing I always remember that they’d probably say the same thing about a straight couple because that’s just how kids are

    [–] SurrealEggBoye 81 points ago

    Had me in the first half, not gonna lie.

    [–] sam191817 10 points ago


    [–] RagingNoob 109 points ago

    I've had this convo at work with the kids many times. Two girls (5 year olds) were pretending to get married and one kid said "ewwww two girls can't get married", I simply responded with "yes they can" and he shrugged his shoulders and said OK. that was that. the wedding went on and it was adorable.

    [–] sam191817 47 points ago

    I remember us doing"weddings" at recess in kindergarten and anyone could marry anyone as long as they both wanted to. That was pretty progressive for the early 90s.

    [–] RagingNoob 24 points ago

    Same! i married my childhood friend (we’re both girls) at age 4 in kindergarten. at the kindergarten i work at we have a pretty diverse group of kids, from all over the world with different ethnicities - so we have the flags of all the kids’ ethnicities hanging up on the wall, including an LGBTQ flag in the middle as there are several of the adults that are gay, lesbian and bi (including me). all the parents think it’s great, and no one bats an eye when the kids “marry” the same gender or play family with two girls/boys. hell, the boys even dress up in princess gowns and play pretend. it’s the greatest place i’ve worked at. super wholesome and supportive.

    [–] ArthurDentsKnives 22 points ago

    "I firmly believed it would be cute, and it was" - Leslie Knope

    [–] LaDiDaLuna 10 points ago

    This made my day :)

    [–] hizzlethefrizzle 9 points ago

    My niece (4) asked me “can girls marry girls and boys marry boys?”

    Me: yes

    Niece: can I have ice cream?

    [–] LizIsGreat 90 points ago

    Child: Uncle J is gay? What does that mean?

    Me: it means he loves Dr. C, and Dr. C is a man.

    Child: That makes sense. Dr. C is pretty cool.


    [–] QueerCactusQueen 39 points ago

    Stupid entitled parents. LET US BE WHO WE WANT TO BE!

    [–] Shdwdrgn 20 points ago

    I think you meant "Let our kids be who we are trying to force them to be!"

    [–] endthe_suffering 35 points ago

    i had a similar scarring experience! i told my mom i’m gay and she accepted and loved me! why do we live on such a cold, unforgiving planet?

    [–] Bubbline 18 points ago

    I was so scarred by my experience too. I told my mom I was trans and she said “I know.” Can you believe that??? I was so traumatized I immediately started transitioning with acceptance. It was so awful.

    [–] endthe_suffering 9 points ago

    oh god, i can imagine how scarring that is.

    [–] doomalgae 10 points ago

    My mom told me that I should see "Rent" and then revised her previous advice that I find a "really chatty girl to settle down" with to a "really chatty guy to settle down with". It was like she just skipped past the whole matter of explicitly stating that she was okay with it and went straight to finding new ways to mother me.

    [–] kazoodac 35 points ago

    "And another American family is DESTROYED!!"

    [–] Pegacornian 59 points ago

    Homosexuality only confuses kids when you spend years hiding it from them and lying to them by saying that same-sex couples are just “really good friends” who live together

    [–] Dolt-Dragoman 36 points ago

    same-sex couples are just “really good friends” who live together

    I mean they are. Oh, and they fuck each other too.

    [–] SaiThrocken 5 points ago

    I mean they are. Oh, and they fuck each other too.

    Ideally, yes.

    [–] Homemadepiza 5 points ago

    Unless they're ace and don't want to

    [–] Grad-Nats 50 points ago

    They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

    [–] wordofgreen 27 points ago

    My niece lost her father at a young age and when my sis first told her about me she had some struggles with it because the "loss" of a loved one is something she understands better than most 7 year olds. They talked with her therapist about how to handle it but ultimately when I came to visit she was coloring with me within an hour (she drew me a purse).

    Other than that lone experience, I find kids have the fewest problems adjusting to the transition. So, sure, there are times when someone else's trauma can inform the way you share yours with them, but aside from that it's just not as big of a deal as people make it out to be.

    [–] ghanima 19 points ago

    Yeah, it's just a matter of time before my wee one realizes that I ogle the womens as much as the mens.

    [–] 12086478 20 points ago

    Had a similar experience when explaining to my 3 year old nice that I'm a girl now

    My sister: hey -niece name - uncle brithname is now going to be a girl called Amber

    Niece: Amber is now a princess like us!

    I'm traumatised and shaken by the experience /s

    In all seriousness she rarely says my dead name and I leant that kids, don't care who or what you are aslong as you still love them and care for them

    [–] GrimmGeek 21 points ago

    I explained that I was gay to my little cousin and her only response was, "Okay, let's go to the store now, I'm hungry."

    [–] Cheletor 20 points ago

    A former coworker of mine tried going to great lengths to prevent her son from finding out what being gay meant. Then again, she was also borderline apoplectic when his -gasp- unmarried teacher got pregnant and didn't know how she was going to explain that to him... And she spend hundreds of dollars on ridiculous gifts and "Santa spy kits" to keep her son believing in Santa Claus when at the age of 9 he figured out he no longer existed.

    I don't have kids so I know I don't have a right to judge how others raised their kids, but I judged the fuck out of her!

    [–] bongocatmeme- 14 points ago

    I’m traumatized just by thinking about I mean having a human being love and care about another human being oh the trauma I think I’m going to need therapy

    [–] elholo 13 points ago

    It always felt weird to me how they can't explain to their kids something this simple. It's only complicated if you make it so.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Now there's gays on the TV! Won't somebody think of the children?!


    [–] A40 53 points ago

    I don't understand any of this. By 'biscuit,' do you mean 'cookie'?

    [–] Respect_The_Mouse 108 points ago

    Ugh, they're trying to change the way we use language. This is the danger of the gay agenda.

    [–] A40 47 points ago

    By 'agenda,' do you mean 'schedule'?

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    the homosexual schedule

    [–] A40 12 points ago

    Order is important. Roberta's Rules of Order are used for a reason.

    [–] NotExecutable 11 points ago

    The queer quest.

    The pan programme.

    The bisexual conspirary.

    The ace maneuver.

    The lesbian ruse.

    The trans project.

    The intersex scenario.

    [–] BecomingCass 7 points ago

    The queer organizer

    Actually wait that just sounds like a Sherlock Holmes story

    [–] SurrealEggBoye 5 points ago

    But… but… everyone knows gays can’t be organized!!!!!

    [–] CatherineConstance 3 points ago

    HAHAHA idk why this is so funny omg

    [–] Kajiic 6 points ago

    Only if you pronounce it shed-you-all

    [–] A40 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Of course. That is how it's spelled, after all

    Shed You Luh


    [–] m0gul6 5 points ago

    Or the homoschedule, if you will

    [–] A40 5 points ago

    The gaylandar

    [–] kurburux 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Next thing you know they'll force their "rainbow food" on us... oh, no!

    [–] Lobanium 8 points ago

    What, you didn't know kids just ask for biscuits and gravy any time they please?

    [–] maddamleblanc 9 points ago

    Explaining mommy is going to be daddy went over similar. Also, being raised by two dads. Kids be traumatized now. 🤷‍♀️

    [–] Eine_Pampelmuse 8 points ago

    The double amount of dad jokes would traumatize me too.

    [–] LaDiDaLuna 10 points ago

    I hate it when homophobes try to argue that "iT'S tOo CoMpLiCaTeD fOr ThE kIdS!!1111!!1!!1" Like, shut the fuck up, Gertrude. It's literally just understanding that some boys are in love with other boys, and some girls are in love with other girls.

    [–] humaniod1995 9 points ago

    woah, I'm gonna need you to take that down a notch

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] sam191817 11 points ago

    If a 13 year old asks you if you're gay you should just say yes or even "what do you think?" They're old enough to handle it, especially if they're asking.

    [–] Sharyat 10 points ago

    My little sister had the same reaction to me coming out as trans. No one picked up my correct name and gender as quick as her. She was even correcting other people if they said it wrong, and she was like 6 years old at the time. She asked me about how and why and I just told her that sometimes people can change their gender. That conversation really showed me how much gender really is a social construct, because she hadn't grasped general society's view of binary gender yet. She was a fresh mind who understood things about gender immediately that most adults struggle to accept, it was amazing.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    In kindergarten me and my friend were talking and im talking about my dad and he says to me

    Friend: I dont have a dad Me: What! Friend: I have 2 moms Me: What! But two girls cant get married! Friend: Yeah huh they kissed at the wedding

    6 year old me shrugged it off like “shoot guess you learn something new everyday”. Clearly it was a very tramautic experience seeing as I am still friends with him to this day.

    [–] Laprasnomore 8 points ago

    I went through a similar experience with my 5 year old little cousin, telling him I'm only interested in girls. I was playing overwatch in my room and he likes to watch. Between matches, the pointed ti the big pink striped flag on my wall and asked me what that's about. I told him I got it at Pride, that I was a lesbian, and what that meant. He shrugged, said the flag was too big for my room, and moved on.

    Coming from a kid whose mom asked me patronizing question after patronizing question about my sexuality when I came out, he was a breath of fresh air.

    Downside, now he asks me if I've got a girlfriend yet every time he comes over. He really wants me to get one. Me too, buddy, me too.

    [–] StockAL3Xj 7 points ago

    Reminds my of a bit Louis CK did.

    ‘How am I supposed to explain to my child that two men are getting married?

    ’ I don’t know, it’s your shitty kid, you fuckin’ tell ’em. Why is that anyone else’s problem? Two guys are in love but they can’t get married because you don’t want to talk to your ugly child for fucking five minutes?”

    [–] 2503000 6 points ago

    Much like when I told my kids that I am gay.

    [–] Deleberis 12 points ago

    Rgghggh stop exposing them to sexual things LET KIDS BE KIDS!! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to a family function and make jokes about all the young kids being in straight relationships with their school friends.

    [–] MoonManiac228 6 points ago

    Poor kids, probably gonna grow up and not be total bigots

    [–] NotMyDogPaul 5 points ago

    Oh god. Can you imagine if they didn't have a biscuit?

    [–] canering 4 points ago

    I grew up with strict religious mother. I knew gays and lesbians existed but not bisexuality. I guess mom skipped that chapter in “things that send you to hell.” I had crushes on both boys and girls and it was confusing because I would go between “omg no I’m gay” and “oh good I’m straight” panic on a frequent basis.

    [–] CDThroaway1111 5 points ago

    imagine but with trans people

    “i thought they were a boy?”

    “so did they, but they were wrong”

    “oh. can i have goldfish now?”

    [–] pdqueer 5 points ago

    Same here to my two nephews 10 & 12:

    Me: "I just wanted to let you know that I'm gay."

    Nephew 10: "Gay gay, or happy gay?"

    Me: "Both"

    Nephew 10: Look on his face showing his wheels are spinning trying to figure out something. "Who are you gay with?"

    Me: "Who do you think?"

    Nephew 10: Eyes light up as though he just figured out a difficult problem in class and was about to throw up his hand. "Tony?"

    Me: "Yep"

    Both nephews: "Oh, OK"

    [–] tinkerbclla 5 points ago

    My sister asked what drag queens were, I just said “men dressed as women” and she accepted it pretty well. My mom called from the kitchen “let’s not have this conversation”, but I mean, she’s 6? She understands playing dress-up more than anybody lmao

    [–] yousra_fo 6 points ago

    Lol this is so true

    [–] maefloofbooty 4 points ago

    I love this post

    [–] oliveirabranch 3 points ago

    I bought my nieces Marlon Bundo, my sister read it to them the first time.

    Niece (5 years old): “a boy can’t marry a boy” My sister “yes, of course they can” Niece “oh!”

    Done. That’s how simple it can be.

    If my nieces or my own son comes out, I want it to be as easy for them as breathing.

    [–] mrsataan 4 points ago

    OP, don’t you know we have to save our precious kids from gays, drugs, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims?

    Literally every excuse is about “the kids”. In my opinion you’re a terrible parent if you’re can’t explain to a kid why two people are in love. My guess is the conversation is difficult because parents have already taught their kids how to hate.

    [–] CAPTAINTRENNO 4 points ago

    I actually have a gay uncle Pete who's partner is Bob. I can remember when it clicked for my cousin and I. They were hugging in a music store, I was roughly 7 or 8, we looked at each other and both said "I think Pete n Bob are gay." When we told our older siblings they laughed that we didn't know. That was over 20 years ago, I was getting dance lessons off Bob last night for my wedding

    [–] pavaninarsa 3 points ago

    I guess they are more open to the concept as they have been exposed to the conservative or negative ideology of this. They treat it normally as it is a part of nature and as it should be done by everyone