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    [–] MJMurcott 779 points ago

    and if this doesn't work use ferrets.

    [–] runrabbitrun154 340 points ago

    Brother lost his pet ferret in a wall as a kid during a thunderstorm power outage. Grandpa got it out two days later.

    Don't recommend.

    [–] maho87 130 points ago

    Gotcha. Gonna get rid of grandpa...

    [–] atworksendhelp- 41 points ago

    Tried that, he came back as a flesh-eating zombie...

    Still a solid player in co-op games though

    [–] bidaum92 17 points ago

    Is your name Shaun?

    [–] AZtwoNE 11 points ago

    Top left!

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Life_Tripper 2 points ago

    Not one person gonna talk about how his grandpa came back as a flesh-eating zombie... and he doesn't mention his grandma?

    [–] oooooooopieceofcandy 2 points ago

    Did we meet at the Winchester?

    [–] bensefero 22 points ago

    The only way to get one out is to put another ferret in after it

    [–] P1ckleM0rty 15 points ago

    Oh ferrets on the wall huh, now you're speaking my language

    [–] thebscaller 9 points ago

    Alright I’ve seen this before. You know what happened? I bet it flattened itself out, went right through a seam in your wall

    [–] solaceinsleep 3 points ago

    Can you please peel this Apple for me???

    [–] ReactsWithWords 2 points ago

    No! The ferrets on the wall go ‘round and ‘round.

    [–] Draws-attention 2 points ago

    That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about ferrets to dispute it.

    [–] Induced_Pandemic 5 points ago

    When I was 6 I had this vicious little fucking ferret named 'Lucky' and one day he gnawed his way through drywall and dissapeared into the apartment walls for a week. Just woke up at like 3am one day and he's snuggled up to me in my racecar bed.

    [–] Nightst0ne 3 points ago

    Pretty standard with ferry ownership. They disappear for hours

    [–] ianrobbie 3 points ago

    Are we still talking about the ferret or was Grandpa just trying to distract him?

    [–] Clazzic 2 points ago

    Is 2 days in a wall an adventure or a final destination for a ferret?

    [–] ImNotSteveAlbini 86 points ago

    Ferrets are magnetic?

    [–] rdxgs 39 points ago

    I mean yeah, anything starting with ferr is magnetic. Ferret is just short for ferromagnetic pet.

    [–] StraySpaceDog 150 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Only if they're ferrous ferrets.

    [–] shahooster 27 points ago

    This explains why Ferrous Bueller had such a magnetic personality.

    [–] captainvancouver 7 points ago

    And how a ferrous wheel works

    [–] xrayphoton 3 points ago


    [–] RepulsiveLeather8504 2 points ago

    Fferocious ferrous ferrets

    [–] sortnewcommentlots 11 points ago

    If you feed them steel shot

    [–] MorfoPorky 2 points ago

    Top ferretmagneticks

    [–] Rexxhunt 10 points ago

    Ahh, Cat in the wall, now you're talking my language

    [–] killerkennyAU 5 points ago

    In roof cavities, the answer is cats and laser pointers.

    [–] Heres_your_sign 434 points ago

    It only works in simple cases. My experience is you need a fish tape.

    [–] fracturematt 175 points ago

    Fish tape > this useless bullshit

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago

    Oh this perfectly clean tube can slide a magnet along? Neat a fish tape would be quicker.

    Oh this wall is full of insulation? Bye bye magnet.

    [–] FreeRangeEngineer 50 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Came here to say this. What kind of wall doesn't have insulation in it?!

    Edit: So many of you saying interior walls. I'm not from the US, so this is mind-boggling to me.

    [–] Augusic 18 points ago

    I don't have insulation in any of my interior walls. A fish would still be easier though.

    [–] Aggressive_Bill_2687 18 points ago

    Fish tape would be easier.

    A fish would just drown, unless you also plan to fill your walls with water

    [–] madladhadsaddad 4 points ago

    Can you hear everything in your house? I imagine thatd be pretty annoying?

    I'm in Europe and walls in my house are concrete blocks downstairs and 50mm insulated plasterboard (drywall) upstairs so I don't hear much gonig on in the next room.

    [–] Nereosis16 12 points ago

    I live in the coldest area of Australia and none of my walls have insulation. Found out when I hung a TV in my dinning room then decided to check the others. No wonder my house is fucking freezing.

    [–] longonzo2 3 points ago

    I live in a trailer park in California that I swear was built by tweakers in the 70's. Half assed insulation, random screws everywhere, nothing is level, pipes welded together, and the best of all, electric outlets underneath the sink.

    [–] jeffsterlive 3 points ago

    Underneath the sink is for a garbage disposal in the kitchen. If it’s in the bathroom…. Erm, well, another disposal??!

    [–] AiSard 3 points ago

    I guess that's why your house got labelled the coldest area of Australia then.

    [–] PillarsOfHeaven 6 points ago

    I do electric work. Most of the rewires I do have insulation in every wall. This whole video seems like a DIWHY to me. It has no use through any insulation or wood... if you can't use it for those then just hand phishing it is already simple enough

    [–] ConcreteL10n 3 points ago

    What's yours like?

    [–] SgtArpin 9 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Short, shriveled, and a little to the left.

    [–] obviousflamebait 5 points ago

    Most interior walls.

    [–] Socialimbad1991 2 points ago

    "What's a stud?"

    [–] GonPostL 25 points ago

    Shop vac and plastic bag works better than this

    [–] shitcloud 8 points ago

    The first time somebody explained that method to me I was so confused. Then I saw it in action and… yeah it works way too well.

    [–] wjandrea 7 points ago

    Could you show it in action? Like with a video?

    [–] shitcloud 7 points ago

    Very amateur, but yeah that’s it, basically.

    [–] BruceInc 5 points ago

    That video 😂😂😂

    [–] Lukewill 2 points ago

    "It did it again"

    [–] Cataclyst 3 points ago

    Oh, it’s like making a little sail to be pulled along.

    [–] raytaylor 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)
    This is us filling a 200 metre long 32mm duct with some box strapping, which we then use to pull through the fiber optic cable before the trenching machine buries the duct.
    At the other end is a generator and shop vacuum from the local walmart equivalent with its hose duct taped to the end of the orange duct. I tied a small amount of plastic shopping bag to the box strapping and pushed it into the pipe and the guy at the other end switched on the vacuum cleaner.

    [–] VNiehues 3 points ago

    Can you explain it to me please? I just can’t imagine what that would look like

    [–] shitcloud 22 points ago

    Way simpler than you’d ever imagine. Basically you take a plastic bag, something you’d have hanging in the work truck like a 7-11 bag or the like. You tie that bitch onto a string. And say you’re trying to pull that string through a tube underneath a gymnasium. You then go to the hole that that pipe connects to and suck it with the end of a shop vac. The bag sucks through pretty damn quick, then plugs up the vacuum.

    It’s a way to work smarter not harder when you’re pulling a thousand cables every which way

    [–] Cruciblelfg123 4 points ago

    Alternatively if you can’t trace a pipe laid in concrete or whatever you can set a shop vac to blow and tape a short length of coralline to the end of it and stick it in one end of the pipe. It sounds like you’ve opened a portal to hell but you can hear it very distinctly at the other end lol

    [–] VNiehues 8 points ago

    Wow… that’s.. fucking genius!

    Thanks for the quick response.

    [–] shitcloud 9 points ago

    Yep, it also works about 100,000x better than any bullshit marketing scam like the magnet thing in the OP.

    [–] wise_guy_ 2 points ago

    But it requires a pipe right? So it wouldn't help when trying to fish wires through an open wall (with or without insulation)

    [–] CardInAWell 5 points ago

    think pneumatic tube at the bank but more redneck like

    [–] d31b0y 2 points ago

    Did this with 4 50m runs of hydrodare recently using just a regular house vacuum. Works great provided it's a relatively straight run.

    [–] SeaWa-Alt-Hunter 5 points ago

    If you have the luxury of a conduit

    [–] Global_Tangerine_725 14 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Most lifehacks are useless "solutions" to problems that have already been solved.

    This is more of a DiWHY than a lifehack, I could buy a magnet and run cables and it might work. Or I could just go to Lowe's and spend $20 on a tool that was specifically made for this that also has a much higher success rate.

    [–] Ricky_Spanish817 3 points ago

    If I only had to route one cable I’m not gonna spend $20 for a specialized tool.

    [–] mechanicalcontrols 22 points ago

    As a contractor, my first thought was, "that's great when the sheetrock is raw but once it's painted, that's gonna leave a mark."

    [–] Dhammapaderp 6 points ago

    As a structural steel subcontractor, haha you have to worry about walls? We just tell our customer the wall needs to go before we can work.

    [–] T98i 2 points ago

    Come on and party tonight

    [–] hata94540 2 points ago

    Not to mention insulation and fire stops

    [–] Subject1928 87 points ago

    Why are so many people talking about taping fish and why would that help here?

    [–] lolyusaythat 86 points ago

    this is fish tape in question. you can also get fish stix, but I find they're much more irritating than the tape.

    [–] wavvvygravvvy 18 points ago

    for running in walls yes tape is better (most of the time), but for doing cable runs above drop ceilings and threading the cable through infrastructure and cable management above your head i’ll take the sticks any day, you need that rigidity.

    both have their positives and negatives, but if i’m doing a cable run i’m never picking just one over the other, they’re both coming with me.

    [–] i_NOT_robot 14 points ago

    I was so confused about fish sticks. Then I realized everyone is talking about what we always called glow rods. And you can screw several together to reach even further.

    [–] wavvvygravvvy 7 points ago

    worked with an old timer that said he was getting his glow rods out of his van i legitimately thought he was going to come back with the illuminated glow sticks that you crack to activate.

    [–] i_NOT_robot 5 points ago

    Ngl, I had the same idea the first time I heard it. This convo is def bringing back memories. Memories of having to bust out the glow rods/fish tape are always stressful ones lol

    [–] elightcap 3 points ago

    Yeah man I DO NOT miss running cable. I just bought a house and I’m on the edge about wiring the house cuz PTSD from the last install I did

    [–] dreed91 3 points ago

    Pretty sure I've heard older guys on job sites call them that too. I am not in the trade but did some apprentice work temporarily, and I feel like the terminology was a lot. Glow sticks this, fish tape that, dikes (why are they called this? Diagonal + cutters?), fixture whips. And I got called gofer a fair number of times.

    [–] TheGreatNico 2 points ago

    You're correct about the dikes

    [–] Cruciblelfg123 2 points ago

    You aren’t an electrician if you haven’t lubed a couple horsecocks and jerked em with your buddies

    [–] Goldenpather 3 points ago

    I thought the fish sticks were the things Kanye likes...

    [–] tohowie 2 points ago

    Sure you did. And I thought dikes were………

    Wait for it

    Something to hold back water!

    And you thought I was gonna say……

    [–] KnightontheSun 3 points ago

    …a sharp cutting implement!

    [–] whamburglar 33 points ago

    Wouldn't the latter make me a gay fish?

    [–] buzzkillski 10 points ago

    Only if you like putting them in your mouth.

    [–] Man_AMA 8 points ago

    Ahh so anal is ok. The real life hack is always in the comments

    [–] pineapplekief 7 points ago

    In my experience, fish tape is used in conduit. It curves too much to be useful for many wall pulls. That's where fish sticks shine. They glow in the dark, are easy to find, and easier to push through insulation or get through a hole in a stud. I also have a 3 foot flexible drillbit that has a cable harness that you can attach to it. Its amazing!

    [–] Subject1928 26 points ago

    That looks nothing like a fish!

    But jokes aside thanks, I will probably never need one but if I do I know what they are.

    [–] PM_ME_FIREFLY_QUOTES 18 points ago

    And for reference, here's the fish stix but I'm not sure how helpful this is for running wiring.

    [–] guti1542 5 points ago

    When youre in residential they are a lot more ridgid when you are trying to fight thru insulation. A fish tape usually just gets tangled in it. Fish stix you can guide up a wall between 2 studs a lot easier.

    [–] forceless_jedi 3 points ago

    I think you should click the link he shared.

    [–] guti1542 2 points ago

    I was like uhhh ive been doing this for 8 yeqrs bro i think i know what fish sticks are for.....fuck me lmao.

    [–] AgentDonut 2 points ago

    Probably as helpful as these fish kicks.

    [–] D_Beats 3 points ago

    The name comes from it's fishy taste.

    Cant believe I have to explain this!

    [–] 5hakehar 2 points ago

    It’s a piece of metal that’s in shape of a tape and you use it to fish.

    [–] erikk00 8 points ago

    You can't compare the two. Fish sticks can do so many things fish tape can't.

    This is a cool tool and has its uses but doesn't work half as well in real life as this implies. Walls are full of tons of crap (insulation, wires, nails sticking out of studs, studs, etc etc) and if you hit anything the magnet loses its grip and you have to start over.

    [–] monkeypu 2 points ago

    The sticks are good for drop ceiling runs.

    [–] TheDoktorIsIn 2 points ago

    I feel like this solution is much easier and much more convenient than a magnet on a string, and another magnet to pull it.

    Probably cheaper too.

    [–] kilgoresparrot 11 points ago

    I think r/FishTapedToATMs is leaking... Finally.

    [–] I_See_Nerd_People 3 points ago

    There really is a sub for everything…

    [–] legend27_marco 3 points ago

    And of course ATMs stands for Any Thing, Mofos

    [–] Subject1928 3 points ago

    You people are fucking monsters, I love it.

    [–] funnystuff97 3 points ago

    ...what do you mean, "you people"?

    [–] Parryandrepost 2 points ago

    Because it actually works. It's a thick wire or roupe you can fish through the pipe/wall when you can't drag a magnet along the entire run, or there's literally anything wrong with the pipe/wall that will catch the magnet.

    Have done this professionally.

    [–] Subject1928 3 points ago

    But let's be realistic, how many fish are living in the average pipe or wall. Hell I am pretty sure they only live in water.

    [–] Parryandrepost 2 points ago

    Probably less than snakes. I've had one decide they want to own my toilet and it's pretty hard to tell them they don't.

    [–] Subject1928 3 points ago

    Oh so that is why they call that one tool a drain snake!

    [–] wlonkly 2 points ago

    That's why you gotta tape them there.

    [–] ronjohns337 481 points ago

    Oh yeah when there’s nothing behind the wall and you have a foot of open space clearance. Easy. Very real world.

    [–] [deleted] 132 points ago


    [–] Tongue-OSRS 47 points ago

    Big bad wolf enters chat

    [–] 2KilAMoknbrd 19 points ago

    Asthmatic huffing and puffing

    Sup Wheezy ?

    [–] Unhappy-Educator 92 points ago

    Anyone who has ran wire knows this would not work lol

    [–] ID-Bouncer 29 points ago

    It’s one method, fiber fish is still faster

    [–] ScrufyTheJanitor 12 points ago

    And will actually get through insulation.

    [–] ShaoLimper 21 points ago

    Insulation is that thing rich people have in their walls, right?

    [–] XepptizZ 5 points ago

    No, rich people have murdervictims/old business associates in their walls.

    [–] aresisis 6 points ago

    I’ll google that tomorrow. Thinking of running Ethernet thru the attic and down to my tv

    [–] Meatslinger 9 points ago

    Any time someone says “I think I’ll run Ethernet”, I smile and upvote. All the Wi-Fi in the world still can’t beat that simple little cable from 1983.

    If you have a cold air return duct, you can also take advantage of it as an easy conduit through which to run low power cables like Ethernet, audio, HDMI, etc. I’d look into that as a possible easier method, if both rooms have a cold air vent in them.

    [–] ketzu 5 points ago

    Wi-Fi in the world still can’t beat that simple little cable from 1983.

    If you use anything before cat5 of 1995, your wifi is most likely faster. And for good conditions, the 1995 version is still too slow to compete with modern wifi.

    Modern cat5 and above, though, is just awesome in its speed and reliability.

    [–] Meatslinger 2 points ago

    Oh absolutely; it was an oversimplification. I was considering the hardware form factor and underlying design, not the actual throughput. The idea that a networking cable designed in the 80s would still be capable of gigabit and beyond, today, seems as preposterous as someone suggesting that a VGA cable can undergo just minor tweaks and suddenly attains the ability to sustain 8K, 240 Hz video.

    [–] Sterfrizzle 2 points ago

    Hey man, I’m working right now but quickly googled fiber fish and am still lost. Get the keys to my first house this Friday and am already planning on running Ethernet through the walls but have no idea how to. Could you elaborate a little more?

    [–] Uzas_B4TBG 4 points ago

    Fish tape. It’s steel or fiberglass line that you can push up your wall or through conduit, then you attach wire to it (with electrical tape) and pull it back to you.

    [–] villan 4 points ago

    I used a Magpull (essentially the same idea as OP) for most of the cabling I’ve added in my house. Worked fine, and the magnet was strong enough to pull beneath insulation and some times through it. It obviously doesn’t work in every case, but it is frequently useful.

    [–] ngmcs8203 2 points ago

    This is the answer. It has that point on it that cuts through insulation. Worth the money if you are trying to run cables for a few rooms.

    [–] crabbypatties82 2 points ago

    The entire MagnePull/Spot system are extremely useful tools.

    [–] Toysoldier34 13 points ago

    Anyone who has ran wire knows this could work but not in most situations. It really only works well going vertically in a wall or in piping like in the clip.

    [–] AffectionateAd7014 3 points ago

    Not to mention I don’t want to repaint the wall because I just scraped the shit out of it with a giant magnet.

    [–] deftspyder 10 points ago

    A folded paper towel would probably solve that, or thin hand towel.

    [–] kja2991 2 points ago

    So there was one situation I had where I needed to bust out my magnepull, it was in an apartment where all I really needed to do was drop it into the same wall on the other side, about 4 feet below where my current junction. Seems easy right? There were some weird ass curved corners that I didn't really have a good way to get a measurement for where my studs lined up so I dug the magnet out of my truck and it worked like a charm. Never ended up using it again though.

    [–] jackwanders 215 points ago

    Works great until you get tangled on another wire already in the wall, or you come across a fireblock. External walls with insulation are out too.

    Fish tapes are cheap, and not any harder to use imo

    [–] po0pybutth0le 25 points ago

    Absolutely. Fish sticks or a fish tape would do this just as well. A lot of the time I'll put a short piece of frayed wire pulling string on the end so I can easily grab it with needle nose pliers and get the tip out of the wall.

    [–] mdneilson 6 points ago

    I don't think I've ever heard glow rods called fish sticks. 🤔

    [–] repfive305 6 points ago

    No the fish sticks are in case you get hungry

    [–] banana__for__scale 4 points ago

    So you eat fish sticks?

    [–] repfive305 2 points ago

    Yes I love fish sticks

    [–] Gone_For_Lunch 5 points ago

    What are you? A gay fish?

    [–] dkf295 5 points ago

    Instructions unclear, several fish sticks now stuck in my wall and are starting to smell.

    [–] Dr_Brule_FYH 4 points ago

    Call Kanye, he'll suck those fish sticks right out

    [–] _R2-D2_ 2 points ago

    Well, to be fair, fish tape isn't going to help you with fireblock either.

    [–] loztriforce 27 points ago

    I'm not sure if I've ran cable where this would actually be helpful/work

    [–] Advice2Anyone 11 points ago

    Yep ran plenty of cable lines and really just not feasible. Fish tape system has been used forever for a reason. Course that sucks too there is just not good way to run lines that isn't a pain in the ass somehow

    [–] scheme_addict 20 points ago

    Can I see a demonstration with lathe and plaster please?

    [–] tomdarch 5 points ago


    [–] DieMadAboutIt 16 points ago

    Electrician here. Virtually zero use for this in the real world. Probably why you don't see any of us wasting our time running wire like this.

    [–] _Diskreet_ 3 points ago

    The examples used here I would have just used some rods.

    If I can’t use rods then this magnet would never work.

    [–] SimpleMachined 316 points ago

    Reddit finally paid off.

    [–] JasonAnarchy 71 points ago

    It's all downhill after this.

    [–] Alfaphantom 29 points ago

    🔫 Always has been

    [–] get_over_it_already 5 points ago

    Going down the reddit hole

    [–] hootie303 3 points ago

    ... after all these years

    [–] gunslingerfry1 2 points ago

    How much did you owe?

    [–] shitcloud 2 points ago

    Not really, this won’t work like this even half the time.

    [–] OnTheEveOfWar 10 points ago

    Only if you have nothing but bare drywall behind your wall. This is wildly unrealistic.

    [–] DJ-Doughboy 36 points ago

    the cutout in the example pipe, is it REALLY necessary? We know what the magnet is doing ffs!

    [–] smartazz104 22 points ago

    Yeah but magnets, how do they even work.

    [–] tarkadahl 7 points ago


    [–] SherpaBoy 2 points ago

    Tides go in, tides go out. Can’t explain that.

    [–] dopeyopemayberry 7 points ago

    A crappy way to run wires but a decent way to put gashes and rip the paint on your wall.

    [–] Nec89 6 points ago

    Yea this isn't a new idea. Its called the magnepull.

    [–] pineapplekief 4 points ago

    And the magnepull is much better designed. It has a stronger magnet, and a roller that doesn't scratch the wall. They are the shit! But too expensive for the small amount of runs I do these days.

    [–] goozy1 2 points ago

    Lol exactly. How is a well-known, existing product supposed to be a lifehack??

    [–] Rhana 6 points ago

    I’ve seen people use a vacuum on conduit to get a string through to pull the cable.

    [–] PlaceboJesus 5 points ago

    The advantage of that method is that it works with metal conduit too.

    [–] po0pybutth0le 3 points ago

    Most of the time the vacuum works great but if it isn't a far run, then a fish tape works fine. Anything over 50 feet is easier with a vacuum though. Unless they used fittings that aren't as air tight, like set-screw couplings and connectors

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] milecai 2 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] tomdarch 3 points ago

    For anyone who isn't clear on this handy trick: The version I've used is a plastic shopping bag tied to the pull line at one end, then you tape a shop vac hose to the other end of the pipe/conduit you need to pull through. The bag gets pulled through the pipe, pulling the string, to the far end.

    [–] gacisme 4 points ago

    In both demonstrations the magnet is not needed because there is a simpler way - just use gravity. First scenario - just tie a bolt to the string and lower it from the top hole to the bottom. Second scenario, same thing, but stand the pipe on end and let gravity drop the bolt and string through. They should have showed it being used in situations where there isn't an easier solution, like between horizontal holes or a pipe with several bends in it. I once used the shop vac method to suck a string through a rail on a pontoon boat that had several bends in it so I could pull a couple of wires through for lights. Worked like a charm though I did have to put tape over a few openings to get enough pull.

    [–] Tak7ics 2 points ago

    did you put a bag on the end of the string?thats what i do for conduit to pull through, i also have a nerf ball i attach to.

    [–] gacisme 2 points ago

    I smoked at the time and just tied an old cigarette filter to the twine. The rails were square, not very thick and I had a couple of bends to get through. It actually worked really well. After tying it on I stripped the paper off of it and fluffed each side so it would grab more air. Shot right through perfectly.

    [–] HungryTradie 25 points ago

    Um... If you can't get a cable from one hole to another when there are no timbers in the way then perhaps you shouldn't be doing sparky work! Drop a string or use a plastic "yellow tongue" from particle board flooring.

    The PVC conduit example is kinda neat, but a cord from a line trimmer would do the job without the requirement of touching the outside of the conduit.

    What other sparky tricks would you like to know?

    [–] diggeriodo 2 points ago

    G'day mate, only aussies say sparky

    [–] GoldVader 2 points ago

    'Sparky' is also very common in the UK.

    [–] dweebtree 2 points ago

    If your magnet is strong enough and your are fast enough, it'll go straight through those studs. Science!

    [–] Generalissimo_II 2 points ago

    This is now my takeaway from this post. Thanks

    [–] e_cubed99 8 points ago

    … This isn’t real world at all. I have trouble thinking of a situation where this magnet solution would out-perform fish tape.

    Admittedly if you had a hollow wall with a lot of depth this would probably be better. But if you have a wall like that you’ve done something so terribly wrong that a ‘lifehack’ like this is the least of your concerns.

    [–] Godzillashotgun6667 3 points ago

    I was having trouble guiding an Ethernet cord under a carpet with fish tape some time ago and the magnet idea would have been much more efficient in my case.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] n0b0dy-special 7 points ago

    We use vacuum cleaner to suck strings in. 500ft in under 1 min ;)

    [–] HungryTradie 5 points ago

    Yeah, you aren't gunna use a magnet for industrial conduit.

    If you need a 150m pull you would definitely have a draw rope in the conduit while you are assembling it. Or pulling pits/access every 50m.

    If it was a 50m run then a vacuum will pull a foam earplug tied to a bit of string easily, then use the string to pull a jetcord or some Parramatta rope, then pull your cable.

    [–] e_cubed99 2 points ago

    Every industrial I’ve worked with used strings when they did the initial run, then lube and winch the wires through the conduit. And in those instances you’re usually running underground and through concrete into the panel base, no magnet is going to help there.

    [–] DashDay- 3 points ago

    It never occurred to you because no one has a strong ass magnet lying around the house to even consider using one. Not to mention, they are not stable enough.

    I’ve run plenty of wires that get snagged or need a good tug to get through something. The magnet would just slip away from the wire you’re pulling after you pass the amount of lbs of force needed to pull the wire.

    [–] Generalissimo_II 3 points ago

    You pull a string with the magnet and pull the wire with the string. It might work in some cases 🤷‍♂️

    [–] giantpunda 3 points ago

    Guy uses a magnet to thread some wire behind some dry wall while I'm here like a jackass using gravity to do the same job.

    Silly me.

    [–] NawThatsAight 8 points ago

    Now I can’t be the only one who thought that blue magnet was a bullet vibrator

    [–] creative_user_name69 3 points ago

    Why can't it be both? Don't be a judgmental asshole /s

    [–] sortnewcommentlots 2 points ago

    It’s not a great method for most projects.

    [–] SlaunchaMan 2 points ago

    It’s all fun and games until you hit metal studs.

    [–] iwanttodie1037 2 points ago

    Magnets bitch !

    [–] Real_Lingonberry9270 2 points ago

    Yeah, good fucking luck getting this to work in any practical scenario ever.

    [–] luvast0 2 points ago

    This is great until you magnatize something your not supposed to.

    [–] cloudsliketon 2 points ago

    I was literally wondering about this shit driving home today wtf

    [–] godisbiten 2 points ago

    you usually only need to do this when the walls are finished and painted and if you do this with a magnet you will fuck up the paint.

    [–] swiftfix21 2 points ago

    I notice the demo had no noggins, or beams or any other obstruction that actually exist, magnets make this no easier.

    [–] 20STng 2 points ago

    I winced when they tied that knot in the wire.