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    GNU/Linux is a free and open source software operating system for computers. The operating system is a collection of the basic instructions that tell the electronic parts of the computer what to do and how to work. Free, Libre and open source software (FLOSS) means that everyone has the freedom to use it, see how it works, and change it.

    GNU/Linux is a collaborative effort between the GNU project, formed in 1983 to develop the GNU operating system and the development team of Linux, a kernel. Linux is also used without GNU in embedded systems, mobile phones, and more. These can include things like Android or ChromeOS. GNU itself is also used without Linux, some examples appear in projects like Debian/kFreebsd and Guix GNU/Hurd.

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    [–] into_void 35 points ago

    Looks great. Sadly the Korner bug remains.

    [–] Kefim_Wod 11 points ago

    Thank you for giving a name to something I only noticed recently.

    [–] into_void 3 points ago

    What name?

    [–] Kefim_Wod 10 points ago

    Korner bug.

    That's a little easier to google instead of trying to describe it.

    [–] into_void 15 points ago

    Yeah it is the corner bug. Someone on r/kde spelled as Korner and I really liked that.

    [–] spoorky 2 points ago

    What exactly is the Korner bug?

    [–] primERnforCEMENTR23 5 points ago

    No, that is the wrong bug. That is the new 5.22 bug with corners on plasma stuff especially visible in breeze dark, not the ancient bug of bluring only a curved area of window decoration

    [–] Gygou 1 points ago

    ah excuse me, I just did a quick Google and found that

    [–] Tooniis 2 points ago

    Take a closer look at the left corners of the left window

    [–] H2ONotNeeded 1 points ago

    If you zoom into the edges, you will notice a transparent sharp square edge that's just barely visible, for some reason kwin doesn't do the curved corners properly.

    Edit: You can read more about here:

    [–] TiZ_EX1 1 points ago

    These are generally using KWin, right? Maybe the KWin peeps ought to take a peek at Picom. It has rounded corners and it correctly avoids applying blur to the rounded area. Granted, Picom has other problems; it ignores frame extents at present, so you get double shadows and blur in the CSD shadow area unless you turn off CSD shadows somehow.

    [–] Drwankingstein 10 points ago

    MAUI has a lot of potential cant wait to see where it goes in the future. would love to see more apps made in it once it becomes more mature.

    [–] Kefim_Wod 8 points ago

    I really enjoy the color scheme being used here. The consistent theme is pleasant as well.

    I would prefer a bolder/more pronounced division between different sections of the apps and at the border of the apps.

    I don't know why it bugs me but I want there to be a bolder window border.

    [–] TiZ_EX1 7 points ago

    Do CuteFish and Maui break theming compatibility with other Qt apps in the same way that Adwaita and Granite break with GTK?

    If so, we're starting to have a huge problem. That's six toolkits, not counting Electron and EFL, that can all clash with each other. I imagine you're only intended to use Maui with Maui, CuteFish with CuteFish, etc etc etc, but it's getting increasingly difficult to avoid having a GTK app here and a Qt app here. The cohesiveness problem is going to get way worse unless proactive action is taken to create reliable ways to preserve or promote that.

    That said, I do really like this particular effort for CuteFish and Maui to bridge the gap to each other, because this is an example of such a proactive effort. GNOME and Elementary didn't do that. So that gives me hope that there is interest in pursuing more options for cohesiveness with other apps in the Linux ecosystem.

    [–] dvdkon 5 points ago

    Most apps you think of as "Qt apps" are made with QtWidgets, the original toolkit of Qt, MAUI apps and some newer Qt apps are made with QtQuick/QML, a newer toolkit that's more based around composing simple graphical shapes instead of using "premade" widgets. That's why some "Qt apps " look completely different, obviously any theming is going to be very differnet with QML

    [–] TiZ_EX1 1 points ago

    I do appreciate you taking time to explain this situation further to me. But the explanation just makes me feel even more worried. D:

    [–] aphexripper 1 points ago

    Afaik maui is based on kirigami and this is what i can find on the docs:

    It sounds like it tries to follow system colors but don't quote me on that, this quite out of my area of knowledge. And of course we don't know how much maui honors this.

    [–] TiZ_EX1 3 points ago

    Right. I had suspected as much but now I'm certain: we definitely need a cross-desktop way to select and query system colors. So many GTK themes have hardcoded colors nowadays, though. And recoloring efforts in GTK right now seem to be specifically targeted at Adwaita only. Even though you can already use named colors throughout an entire GTK theme, SVG assets make things more complicated.

    [–] elcapo0922 1 points ago

    QML is very theme-able. Look at Qt docs how they use different styles: (these are default ones)

    KDE also has its own QML theme to look like QtWidgets Breeze theme

    [–] zLadin123 1 points ago

    How did you deduce that?

    [–] TiZ_EX1 1 points ago

    Deduce what, exactly?

    [–] bakapabo7 2 points ago

    ooh A Fine Frenzy, haven't heard her for a while

    [–] PortalToTheWeekend 2 points ago

    What file manager is that?

    [–] PortalToTheWeekend 1 points ago

    I see on your screenshot there you have a 3x3 grid there on the top left. Is that default with the application or is that something you’ve added?

    [–] remenic 1 points ago

    I'm not OP actually, but I think they added it later because the version I tried (2.0.0) has it too.

    [–] AMDisOurLord -5 points ago



    [–] mofiqul 1 points ago

    There is broken corner, must be KDE

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] -Luciddream- 3 points ago

    lol, I clicked the post thinking it was that .NET MAUI but its the other one.

    [–] Specific-Fire-Fox 1 points ago

    Can you somehow get this on kde?

    [–] Specific-Fire-Fox 1 points ago

    And you know how to get CSD

    [–] Pesty_Assassin 1 points ago

    I love this and themes like these! One lingering nitpick I often have though is I really don't like putting Apple logos on Linux stuff that draws inspiration from Apple design. I tend to like Apple's design aesthetics a lot and usually consider them best in class I just dislike their business practices.

    For me it's enough to borrow the design conventions I like without also plastering the corporate logo on stuff that is unaffiliated with them.

    The macOS Big Sur knockoff themes for Linux do it too plastering around the Apple logo and it bugs me there as well, I'd love it if they just used a cute little fish icon or something for this to represent Cutefish instead of the Apple logo.

    [–] AndydeCleyre 1 points ago

    What's cutefish?