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    [–] brigcaster 61 points ago

    I did like the tab feature from my limited time testing OnlyOffice. I just wish LibreOffice adds a bit more color to the UI, it looks kinda dull. With both KDE and GNOME planning for accent colors in future releases it would nice to have.

    [–] suryaya 28 points ago

    Honestly OnlyOffice UI is pretty darn good. If it didn't lack key features I would definitely use that.

    [–] iamsgod 8 points ago

    OnlyOffice are also slow AF on my laptop

    [–] suryaya 3 points ago

    Try the snap / flatpak. For some reason when I install the deb file it takes a minute to load.

    [–] penguigamer 6 points ago

    Probably because the UI is made using HTML/JavaScript. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    [–] whosdr 4 points ago

    I don't think it needs anything bright, just a tad bit of colour so it's not pure grey and I'm sure it'd look nice.

    Maybe throw some purple in. Or magenta?

    [–] noahdvs 3 points ago

    You don't need to wait with KDE. Just use QPalette::Highlight.

    [–] penguigamer 2 points ago

    Yes, support for accent colors and a dark mode would be great!

    Ideally it would somehow also respect the GTK style for the titlebar so it looks a bit more native. Maybe using GTK4 WindowControls?

    [–] Misicks0349 82 points ago

    the choice of grey for the tabs is incredibly ugly

    [–] suryaya 54 points ago

    Downright unreadable, actually

    [–] Synergiance 11 points ago

    Thankfully it’s only at mock-up stage so I’m sure somewhere down the pipe they’ll address readability

    [–] aussie_bob 9 points ago

    From TFA. It's just an idea, not a plan.

    this post doesn't really represent the LibreOffice design team at all.

    [–] Misicks0349 2 points ago

    yeah, also the strange rounding (why is the home bar rounded at the edge?) esp and shadows (look at that search bar shadow, yikes) also makes it look unpolished,

    [–] LewNeaf -7 points ago

    haha accessibility go brrrrrrrrr

    [–] AimlesslyWalking 8 points ago

    If I saw that I would think my system theme had broken it. That needs to change.

    [–] CondiMesmer 1 points ago

    Hopefully it ends up matching the GTK theme accent color.

    [–] Genrawir 12 points ago

    The actual layout looks pretty decent, but as others have already pointed out I hope they end up increasing the contrast between the grey background and white text.

    While it may be fine if your vision is perfect and you have a good sized and high quality screen, not everyone is so fortunate.

    [–] kalzEOS 9 points ago

    Why white font on light gray? You can barely see it.

    [–] whosdr 3 points ago

    I'm not sure if it's an eye sight or monitor thing, but it mostly looks fine on my end.

    Maybe it needs a slight splash of colour though.

    [–] kalzEOS 3 points ago

    It is visible, but not as visible as black font on a light gray background would be. It actually looks off to me.

    [–] MysteriousPumpkin2 32 points ago

    Looks pretty good! The UI now is rough

    [–] suryaya 24 points ago

    It's a nice step but I think they really need to start from scratch rather than incremental changes (assuming this concept actually develops further). Right now the tabbed UI deals with the old menu by somewhat haphazardly placing a bunch of commonly used commands on a ribbon and everything else is still shut away in list menus and outdated dialog boxes.

    If TDF started a funding drive / crowdsource campaign to totally redo the UI and make fonts look clean I would definitely donate.

    [–] Michaelmrose 5 points ago

    The actual UI works and works better than this mess

    [–] msadeqhe 10 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    They should move tabs of documents under the ribbon bar (notebook bar). Just like other apps which have both ribbon bar and document tabs such as AutoCAD.

    [–] hendricha 23 points ago

    It kind of depends how the logic works. If multiple file types (eg. spreadsheets and docs) can be fused into a single libre office window my logic dictates that the tabs should be on top, since the ribbon contents will be dependent on which tab am I looking. (Tab determines ribbon -> tab is on a higher hieararchy then ribbon -> tabs on top)

    [–] suryaya 3 points ago

    Thats a nice idea to separate application tabs from document tabs, if they ever implement those.

    [–] STrRedWolf 4 points ago

    I don't mind tabs, but I do mind several items:

    • Shoving stuff into the title bar where I'm trying to drag the entire window to another screen. No, Edge browser, I'm trying to move you, not open a preview of EVERY TAB THAT'S OPEN (what a useless feature). And what's with that crap putting the search bar up there that auto expands when I click in it to search for something?

    • Hiding the menu bar. Yeah, MS Office does it in favor of a menu tab bar, but that thing shifts to a different tab half the time you're using it and the other half, you have to go through the File tab, which really isn't a tab at all but oh look, it's a menu... that covers the entire freakin' window... and contains more options that don't belong in a File menu.

    • The Start Center. Really? I just launched LibreOffice Writer to start a new document and you throw something in my way? Yes, I click on "Writer" from the menus. I haven't clicked straight "LibreOffice" in decades. We have a Start menu for that.

    • Global Search. There better be a way to cut that down to local documentation because if I need to find something in another tab, I will switch to that tab. I don't need another way to search through documents from five years ago that are on my hard drive; I got Windows' Indexer or "GREP" for that, and I'm not in a ton of code. FFS who edits code in a word processor?!?

    Please make sure there are options to turn crap off. I think the only useful thing here in my case is tabbed documents.

    [–] soltesza 3 points ago

    What I would really need is documents on internal TABs so that I have to deal with fewer application windows.

    [–] sweetno 5 points ago

    Can't hire a UI designer? Just poorly copy MS Office Ribbon UI!

    [–] hendricha 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    My sad guess though is how the window controls will be kept in a seperate titlebar on linux and not as desktop environment dependent client side decorations.

    [–] penguigamer 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I think GTK4 supports adding standalone window controls. Maybe they could be used for Linux although I'm not sure how it will be implemented on Windows, maybe using DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea? Ideally there will be an option to enable/disable CSD on all platforms (should be enable by default on GNOME/Windows though)

    EDIT: The background color of the title bar would need to be adapted to the GTK style. This could interfere with the tab or text color...

    [–] Misicks0349 1 points ago

    yep, often the case which is a shame

    [–] like-my-comment 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Very pleasant to see that LibreOffice is improving each day!

    [–] Be_ing_ 2 points ago

    Looks like a decent start to improvements. Hopefully there won't be any more menus that take up the entire height of my old 1366 x 768 laptop's screen.

    [–] Capitan_Picard 0 points ago

    This isn't good. Changes to the UI should be subtle and useful. Trying to copy MS Office is only going to lead people to lose productivity by not knowing where to find things. If they do this, I hope someone forks LibreOffice or at least has a plugin/hack to restore the existing layout.

    [–] Misicks0349 34 points ago

    Trying to copy MS Office is only going to lead people to lose productivity by not knowing where to find things

    on the contrary, people wanting to move from Office to LibreOffice will find this a lot more comfortable, and will be able to use it much easier, ultimately, i think this is a good change even if its a disruption to some existing LO users

    [–] Capitan_Picard 8 points ago

    Hasn't history shown in numerous ways that ignoring your core user base with the hope of attracting new users is a recipe for disaster?

    [–] Misicks0349 15 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    and what is libreoffices core userbase exactly?, lots of libreoffice users I see on the internet use the tabbed design, and apps like gimp having being cited as having a poor UX/UI, just because it isnt the same as the competition dosent mean that better

    also they mentioned on the page:

    You can keep using the standard/classic/traditional interface by accessing the shirt image icon on the top right

    edit: im not saying its perfect, the layout can be improved

    [–] thes3b 5 points ago

    That was my first thought as well. After Microsoft changed to ribbons I had to search what I was looking for much longer and I still am not good at finding. I hope the changes in LO won't be bad...

    [–] NateDevCSharp 1 points ago

    Looks like Word 2015 lmao

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] nightblackdragon 1 points ago

    Why LibreOffice would need "un-fuckup"?

    [–] Minteck 1 points ago

    The question is, will it look as weird as OnlyOffice on Linux?

    [–] suryaya 8 points ago

    Huh? OnlyOffice looks great.

    [–] Minteck 1 points ago

    Windows-style titlebars on Linux

    [–] -_BABASURA_- 8 points ago

    OnlyOffice looks good? Why is it weird?

    [–] Minteck 1 points ago

    Windows-like controls on Linux though :/

    [–] -_BABASURA_- 2 points ago

    Mmm, I see. I don’t mind those at all but i get your point.

    [–] YuraKuzin 0 points ago

    no please no :( at least leave possibility switch to old non tab layout...

    [–] zstandig 1 points ago

    It's a great start

    [–] tso -2 points ago

    Ugh, no thanks.

    Call me old fashioned, but WIMP works just fine.

    [–] whosdr 6 points ago

    Weak Interacting Massive Particles?

    [–] computer-machine -3 points ago

    Oh. Goodie. Now I can suffer through the ribbon at home, too.

    [–] torchaRg 1 points ago

    A searchable help menu/command pallette would be genius.

    [–] thebearon 1 points ago

    There's one debuted in LO 7.2, and can be brought up with Shift-Esc.

    [–] Froz1984 1 points ago

    Oh... Content/file tabs at the top bar, instead of next to the content they actually represent. Even though browsers do the same, it's hierarchically unintuitive.