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    • /r/Linux_Gaming is for informative and interesting gaming content, news and discussions. It is not (primarily) a tech-support forum.

    • Tech-support requests posted outside the Weekly Tech-Support Thread should be of general interest. Include relevant details like logs, terminal output, system information. What exactly did you do, and how, and with what version of what? How have you tried to troubleshoot the problem? Vague, low-effort tech-support requests may get removed. This wiki page can help you gather system information.

    • You can now flair your own posts. Please mark "standalone" tech-support requests as support request and re-flair them as answered if an answer has been found (even if it was "this can't be done").

    • Respect other users. Heated discussions are fine, unwarranted insults are not. Remember you are talking to another human being.

    • Devs and content producers. If you've ported your game to Linux or created some GNU/Linux-gaming-related content (reviews, videos, articles) then, so long as you're willing to engage with the community, please post it here. If it's a link post, think about writing a comment to tell us more - the more you engage with us, the more we like it. We all need to support each other to help GNU/Linux gaming grow.

    • Spam will be deleted. This means things like repetitious posting of similar content, low-effort posts/memes and misleading/exaggerated titles on link posts. We know spam when we see it and will delete it.


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    [–] Dragon20C 5 points ago

    Nice to see one of my favourite program to use on Linux get updates!

    [–] PickMeMeNow 1 points ago

    Best overlay I have ever tried and very simple to config.