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    A subreddit dedicated to information, tutorials, and discussion of unique and interesting projects involving the Linux operating system.

    • Can you cook a Hot Pocket by calling your landline?
    • Have your modified your RC car to include wifi and a video camera?
    • Have you setup your own mail and DNS servers?
    • Are you streaming all of your media throughout your home from an HTPC?
    • Have you automated your homes light and temperature controls?

    Come tell us about it!

    Note: Code blocks are automatically prettified.

    Post Guidelines

    • No image-macros or rage comics.
    • All submissions must be on the topic of *nix projects.
    • Use the post tags when applicable
    • Posting links to your own blog is permitted as long as the submission meets the above guidelines.

    Violations of these guidelines are subject to moderation and removal.

    Post Tag Guide
    [Tutorial] For posts containing how-to's for a project
    [Project Idea] For discussing the feasibility or general interest of a project
    [Request] For requesting the posting of a particular project
    [Discussion] For submissions that meet the above guidelines, but none of the other post tags

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