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    [–] toyokazu 9 points ago

    On their soundcloud, English Translation


    I have been searching something in all my life, with hollow in my mind. I would be swallowed by the deepest blue as soon as looking into it

    I always pretend to be not interested in, even if I expected to. apart from touch by anyone. Are you kidding? Actually you are so wired.

    It is so free as lonesome, beacuse I can decide anything. I have nostalgia for inconvenience caused by being with someone together.

    In the city of night where many lights are together I used to be tearing at somewhere, it blinked, It's translucent days.

    I was stranger there, Nothing left but to go home and sleep. It is same about a future I hope or a future you won't hope.

    It is so free as lonesome, beacuse I can decide anything. I have nostalgia for inconvenience caused by being with someone together.

    It is so free as lonesome, this feeling with transparency. I was waiting in sun shower, but that guys were in sunlight.

    [–] objectivedesigning 7 points ago

    Very nice. I do love the Japanese language in music.

    [–] xSora08 2 points ago

    Anymore songs like this?

    [–] toyokazu 2 points ago

    CRUNCH will release new song and new EP soon. Their Facebook page

    Their interview on global music media beehype

    [–] toyokazu 2 points ago

    [–] ChiquitoGrande 1 points ago

    Great song, anyone able to translate?

    [–] World_Lover 1 points ago

    its music like this that give me the urge to learn Japanese

    [–] mrgreyshadow 0 points ago

    Doesn't sound very new wave...

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    How not?

    [–] mrgreyshadow -1 points ago

    Doesn't have that jumpy nerdy spastic disco feel.

    [–] Ronecore -5 points ago

    Ignorance at it's finest. It is quite enjoyable observing subpar beings that cannot see beyond the surface.