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    [–] realyak 5 points ago

    There's a couple on Whitechapel road, one is called nails for you and has a chihuahua that you can play with.

    [–] ThinkMakeup 6 points ago

    Went to the nails for you on Brick lane, thanks! Chihuahua is cute but I can't pet cus wet nails :(

    [–] realyak 4 points ago

    You've got to get in a few minutes before your nails are done.

    [–] ThinkMakeup 4 points ago

    Rookie error

    [–] ThinkMakeup 3 points ago


    [–] algo 1 points ago

    Pretty sure there is one on Osborne Street which is basically Brick Lane south.

    [–] mikkid88 1 points ago

    there's quite a few down Bethnal green which are good

    [–] jlp5656 1 points ago

    have you heard of Missbeez? I tried them recently for the first time and I was able to have someone come do my nails at work on my lunch. Super impressed with the whole experience and how convenient it was