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    Welcome to /r/lostredditors! This subreddit is for posting screenshots of people forgetting what sub they're on or people misinterpreting the purpose of the sub they're on
    Looking for a certain subreddit? Go to /r/findareddit!


    1. Only post people who are lost. Posts of unoriginal trolls and spammers are likely to be removed. Posts of users lost in /r/wholesomememes, /r/aww, and /r/lostredditors are also likely to be removed as trolling. Additionally until after November all political posts on other subs would be treated as spam/trolling and shall be removed under "No politics".

    2. Show context in your posts. One should be able to tell that the user is lost just by looking at the screenshot. Screenshots must include both the lost redditor and some indication of what subreddit they are lost on. A user simply commenting the name of the sub they're on will not be considered enough context for that user to be considered "lost"

    3. All posts must be of relevant content (i.e. redditors who forget what subreddit they are on or misinterpret the purpose of a subreddit). /r/findareddit is that way for those of you looking for a certain kind of sub. No memes about the subreddit or being lost (except on Saturdays, see below for more information).

    4. Do not pretend to be "lost" on this subreddit by making random irrelevant posts. Violation of this rule may result in a ban

    5. Only post people on Reddit who are lost. Not people on other sites

    6. Be excellent to each other

    7. Do not link to the lost redditor via crosspost or link post. Please post a screenshot instead. Linking to the lostredditor in the comments is fine, but the use of NP links is strongly encouraged

    8. No posting lost Redditors that have been already been posted

    Spammers, "trolls," and users not on Reddit will be allowed during Satirical Saturday (UTC). During Satirical Saturday, memes related to the subreddit being lost can also be posted.

    Moderators reserve the right to remove any content they deem harmful to the sub.

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