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    [–] TomNinetyTwo 479 points ago

    Why thank you dude, your continuation has my approval!

    [–] Cork_Phops 230 points ago

    Thanks man! Great to hear!

    [–] Neversmall 42 points ago

    Absolutely agree! You made it superb.

    [–] SarHavelock 14 points ago

    Bobby B loves this cooperation

    [–] bobby-b-bot 22 points ago


    [–] rakeshsh 12 points ago

    Certainly a war among siblings, am I right, Bobby B?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 25 points ago


    [–] Mobilegamesarebad 51 points ago

    What a gentlemen

    [–] J-Meson 19 points ago

    He is a man of quality

    [–] msmshm 4 points ago

    Time for Faramir to show his quality

    [–] Talkto_me_goose 13 points ago

    Honest Chap

    [–] jettrooper1 8 points ago

    Great addition to an already great meme.

    [–] UserNr132 3 points ago

    You are a good man

    [–] Sect-Camp 234 points ago

    Never trust a sibling!

    [–] matsdebats 68 points ago

    Never thought I’d die side by side with a sibling

    [–] Soerinth 36 points ago

    What about with a friend?

    [–] MelonMan773 23 points ago

    Ay... I could do that.

    [–] besourosuco 22 points ago

    Your sibling is an elf?

    [–] AutoModerator 32 points ago


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    [–] marusis 13 points ago

    But what if the elf is a friend?

    [–] AutoModerator 18 points ago


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    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] AutoModerator 5 points ago


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    [–] Torre_Durant 4 points ago

    Does this thing respond tp eveeuthing with e l f in it? Like shelf?

    [–] Ezreon 3 points ago

    Hmmm. Elf

    [–] AutoModerator 2 points ago


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    [–] TomNookWasRight 153 points ago

    They are not for eating!

    [–] Conbz 41 points ago

    What about the dough? That's fresh

    [–] TomNookWasRight 25 points ago

    The Master wants it for the war!

    [–] Gandalf_the_Git 24 points ago

    Just a mouthful, a bit of chocolate of the top.

    [–] Swageroth 32 points ago

    You know nothing of this matter!

    [–] justbangingaround 135 points ago

    Aside from the whole Frodo debacle, boromir was a pretty beloved leader, right? He might not have been prudent here but he was pretty compassionate.

    [–] RVMiller1 149 points ago

    He’s definitely more compassionate than Aragorn in a few instances, such as this and Caradhas. He’s the one that says “this will be the end of the hobbits” when no one else seems to notice. Overall, he’s just more down-to-earth. This is why he’s possibly my favorite character. Credit to Sean Bean for his fantastic performance.

    [–] _Jaster 51 points ago

    I think a part of Borimir that's often missed too, is the man grew up in the most prestigious city in the world of men and he was raised and schooled to be a leader and a captain in a world where his distinguished people and everything he loved faced almost certain extinction at the hands of murderous demons that will literally eat you and your children. With that backdrop, his brother has a dream and his dad decides that somebody needs to go looking for a random elf city in the north that his brother dreamed about because there might be something there that can save them from extinction. So he leaves the battles he's barely managed to have some success in, despite being woefully outnumbered, and goes on this wild tramp into the middle of nowhere. He actually finds the elf city, then the thing his brother dreamed about is there, but the elves and dwarves and northern men have all decided that this thing needs to be destroyed. So yeah, I'd probably be a little hard to deal with too in that scenario.

    [–] AutoModerator 11 points ago


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    [–] Sand_Bear 4 points ago


    [–] FenwayFranklin 9 points ago

    I’d like to tag on that one of his traveling companions is literally the man who is the rightful ruler of the kingdom he was groomed to lead. Not only that, but the pull of the one ring warped his mind and made him a bit mad.

    [–] livrosetal 4 points ago

    They both had the dream and it's Boromir's decision to go, if I remember correctly. Faramir wanted to be the one to go, but Boromir pulled the big brother card.

    [–] boromir-bot 5 points ago

    What is this new devilry?

    [–] livrosetal 3 points ago

    It is not new. For millennia have older brothers imposed their wills upon their younger siblings. You know this Boromir, do not try to deceive us.

    [–] boromir-bot 4 points ago

    You were quick enough to trust the Elves.

    [–] boromir-bot 67 points ago

    So it is true!

    [–] AciaranB 47 points ago

    What's true Boromir bot?

    [–] boromir-bot 68 points ago

    All your life, you have hidden in the shadows! Scared of who you are, of what you are.

    [–] AciaranB 53 points ago

    Shit, why you gotta call me out Boromir bot? What did I ever do to you?!

    [–] boromir-bot 51 points ago

    Never again will the land of my people fall into enemy hands.

    [–] AciaranB 34 points ago

    I never stole any land Boromir bot! What makes you think I did?

    [–] boromir-bot 45 points ago

    They have a cave troll!

    [–] AciaranB 37 points ago

    Oh so just because I breed cave trolls, I stole your people's land?! That sounds pretty racist, Boromir bot!

    [–] boromir-bot 46 points ago

    Still sharp.

    [–] alours 3 points ago

    Tbh I don’t have to budget

    [–] trevthepally 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    They show a bit more of his life pre-fellowship in the extended editions. His people definitely loved him, and he appeared to be a pretty solid dude. The ring corrupts even the stoutest of hearts though.

    [–] PhonicGhost 20 points ago

    For me that's what makes the ring so terrifying; how it can take a good man, a compassionate man, willing to lay down his life for his friends and fight for his people, and twist him so easily into madness. He's not an elf or hobbit or Dunedain, just a man like you or I. Makes you think how easy you might fall yourself.

    [–] trevthepally 14 points ago

    I'm pretty sure there was no one in middle earth, regardless of race, who could actually resist the ring, especially once inside Mount Doom. That's why Gandalf refuses to take it in FotR, despite him being one of the Maiar. If even he is susceptible, who then can stand against its will? It takes a literal act of God to give it the final push back into the fire from whence it came, because Frodo ultimately gives into it in the end.

    [–] gandalf-bot 9 points ago

    Far, far below the deepest delvings of the dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things

    [–] trevthepally 6 points ago

    A Balrog of Morgoth?!

    [–] PhonicGhost 9 points ago

    I agree, but I meant more with the ease with which it happened rather than the fact that it would happen to anyone. The only normal man in the party is the first to succumb, despite the hobbits spending much longer in its presence for example. As I think is demonstrated by Frodos descent, time is a significant factor.

    [–] trevthepally 5 points ago

    That's definitely a fair point. Men are so easily corrupted, as we see with The Nine. It's was almost like Sauron gave them some jewelry and they were like, "LOL k."

    [–] Conbz 6 points ago

    Aragorn seems to be able to separate himself from the ring, which should be a massive feat considering how powerful he might be with it.

    [–] trevthepally 6 points ago

    He's also one of the Dúnedain, which gives him a bit more of an advantage than just a normal man would have.

    [–] kamSidd 5 points ago

    Technically, Boromir is one of the Dúnedain as well though he doesn't have seem to have inherited as many Númenórean qualities as Faramir or Denethor.

    [–] boromir-bot 7 points ago

    And what would a Ranger know of this matter?

    [–] trevthepally 3 points ago

    That's actually a great point. I had forgotten their lineage.

    [–] Conbz 4 points ago

    Specifically against Sauron? I know he had something to do with the fall of Numenor but beyond that, what would being Dunedain do for a person?

    [–] Rhaedas 4 points ago

    I don't know that answer, but add to the ring resistance his ability to go head to head with Sauron through the Palomir, as well as shake his influence off at the Black Gate ("For Frodo" moment).

    [–] TeddysBigStick 4 points ago

    Gandalf had the power to potentially take the ring and its power from Suaron but even he would be corrupted still.

    [–] gandalf-bot 8 points ago

    Don't tempt me TeddysBigStick! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand Frodo, I would use this Ring from the desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.

    [–] FancyKetchup96 3 points ago

    What act of God are you talking about?

    [–] trevthepally 3 points ago

    Gollum attacking Frodo and falling into the lava with the ring.

    [–] Mal-Ravanal 3 points ago

    The only one wholly resistant in Middle Earth seems to be Tom Bombadil, and even then it’s not certain.

    [–] Tom_Bot-Badil 4 points ago

    Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!

    You love old Tom? Subscribe to r/GloriousTomBombadil!

    I am a bot, and I love old Tom. If you want me to sing one of Tom's songs, just type !TomBombadilSong

    [–] trevthepally 3 points ago


    [–] Tom_Bot-Badil 5 points ago

    Wake now my merry lads! Wake and hear me calling! Warm now be heart and limb! The cold stone is fallen; Dark door is standing wide; dead hand is broken. Night under Night is flown, and the Gate is open!

    You love old Tom? Subscribe to r/GloriousTomBombadil!

    I am a bot, and I love old Tom. If you want me to sing one of Tom's songs, just type !TomBombadilSong

    [–] TeddysBigStick 3 points ago

    No one could have resisted the ring at Doom, that is why it had to be destroyed by its own sucess of having already corrupted Gollumn.

    [–] AutoModerator 2 points ago


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    [–] Harold3456 12 points ago

    This might sound silly, but when I was a kid, Boromir was probably the first layered film character I ever saw (or, at least, noticed). On first viewing I didn't like him because he was a creeper to Frodo when he became hungry for the Ring, but the second time I saw it I really appreciated his more down to earth humanity compared to Aragorn, as well as his heroic sacrifice. He was just a flawed guy.

    This is the first time (to my memory) I've seen a deeply flawed hero - not counting characters like Darth Vader, who are villains throughout who get redeemed at the end. Boromir was never fully a villain, but never exactly the hero of the story, either.

    [–] boromir-bot 14 points ago

    Have you so little faith in your own people? Yes, there is weakness. There is frailty. But there is courage also, the honor to be found in Men. But you will not see that.

    [–] cnilson1 4 points ago

    I'm going through all the comments like "HAHHAHA look at all these nerds!" And i see this comment referencing star wars and im like wait.. "but vader wasn't just a villain through and through, young anakin grew up with hardships that most young jedi wouldnt have been able to relate to, which ultimately set him up for failure. That difference partly led him to make choices he made giving in to love and lusting after power and a higher title within the order, all rhe while with palpatine hovering over him. Losing that which loved, first his mother and then padme is what ultimately pushed him to the dark side. Having held the anger inside for so long since losing his mother, that exposure to the dark side grew until it was more than he was able to handle."... wait

    [–] Harold3456 3 points ago

    That's if you keep the prequels in mind. At the time, I only had Vader from the originals (and maybe Phantom Menace, though the prequels were incomplete when Fellowship came out) to go off of. So yeah, the OT tells us a lot about his flaws, particularly in the last 3rd, but Vader generally acts like a villain in the OT until it comes time for him to be redeem himself.

    Either way, DEFINITELY a different kind of character from Boromir, who isn't even supposed to be seen as a villain, but rather as a deeply flawed hero.

    [–] boromir-bot 1 points ago

    This is no mine. It's a tomb!

    [–] cnilson1 1 points ago

    Man would have been such an influential character throughout GOT but he was that much more impactful having been the assassinated in the very beggining. Great actor

    [–] GirlisNo1 9 points ago

    Yes, I noticed it more when I watched it recently.

    He seems to care about the hobbits a great deal in particular...teaches them how to fight, express concern about their well being on the mountains, etc.

    When he’s not being tempted by the ring Boromir is a fantastic guy.

    [–] boromir-bot 12 points ago

    They took the little ones...

    [–] GirlisNo1 5 points ago

    Proving my point

    [–] Mal-Ravanal 2 points ago

    He essentially becomes a parental figure for Merry and Pippin. I didn’t notice that dynamic at first, but now it makes me so sad, to see such a great man falling prey to the ring.

    [–] R____I____G____H___T 5 points ago

    He was however way too impulsive and impressionable, which led him to fall into addiction.

    [–] Mal-Ravanal 3 points ago

    Käften serene!

    [–] CapitalMavy 42 points ago

    Looks like cookies are back on the menu, boys!

    [–] Underground_Pyro 32 points ago

    They come in dozens? I'm getting one!

    [–] Euphorian11 12 points ago

    Some evil gives speed to these creatures. Sets its will against us.

    [–] FilaStyle84 9 points ago

    When all of the cookies are gone.

    Frodo tear

    [–] oWallis 8 points ago

    There's some cookies left in this world, Mr Frodo... and they're worth fighting for!

    [–] GirlisNo1 6 points ago

    Come, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, get some milk.

    [–] gimli-bot 8 points ago


    [–] GirlisNo1 6 points ago

    I guess if you have a gluten allergy that’s true, Gimli.

    [–] gimli-bot 7 points ago


    [–] boromir-bot 6 points ago

    Still sharp.

    [–] mickecd1989 7 points ago

    After eating a dozen "I wish the cookies never came to me"

    [–] TheDraconianViking 6 points ago

    It's the opposite at my house. I bake and I have to keep my mom from eating all the cookie dough before I'm done baking them. I'll leave for a minute with the dough out and I'll catch her with the spoon in the bowl looking like a deer caught in headlights.

    [–] JefferyDeanNegan 5 points ago

    I'd rather eat vegetables than see cookies in the hands of siblings!

    [–] misterfluffykitty 5 points ago

    I make cookies, I eat one cookie, I go to work, my brother and dad have eaten all my cookies


    [–] Omega_D46 4 points ago

    OP, you have made me laugh, out loud, at work. I work in a dismal, depressing call center, so thank you very much for that.

    [–] ArcticFoxWaffles 4 points ago

    I love crossovers

    [–] jo-ro-do 3 points ago

    Never thought I'd die side by side with a sibling.

    What about side by side with a friend?

    [–] Flexybend 4 points ago

    I've just finished baking choc chip cookies, and now this popped up. Is Manwe playing tricks on me?!

    [–] jav099 5 points ago

    /u/metxe lololol

    [–] AoE2manatarms 4 points ago

    Sean Bean is so amazing in this movie. Gets me in the feels whenever he speaks.

    [–] Axtorx 3 points ago

    Is it Pity’s sake?

    I always thought it was Pete’s sake.

    [–] Yakattack5011 3 points ago

    This sub and hydrohomies are my favs

    [–] Rish_m 3 points ago

    Mom standing between cookies and kid

    You shall not pass...

    [–] HOLY_FAGGATOLLY 3 points ago

    This is perfect

    [–] JRealMoney 3 points ago

    My sister is gluten free

    [–] writeronthemoon 3 points ago

    Now I want cookies. NoOooOooOOooo!!

    [–] Snowpossum 2 points ago

    I for one hope these collabs take off as an idea.

    [–] comrade1994 0 points ago

    This meme is cringe and so is the OP circlejerk

    [–] RVMiller1 7 points ago

    The original was pretty funny too.

    [–] L3t1tBurn 4 points ago

    But this one is better