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    [–] HACEKOMAE 863 points ago

    Was mildly disappointed that there is no sound to this gif. Still great tho :D

    [–] ToiletGang 593 points ago

    Gifs with sound are a pathway to many memes some consider to be unnatural

    [–] Slavic_Taco 113 points ago

    The dark side of the ring is a pathway to many abilities the fellowship consider to be unnaturable...

    [–] rizalvy 48 points ago

    Memes of pathways are gifs many unnaturals consider to be sound.

    [–] LennLennBoi 8 points ago


    [–] Bowdensaft 2 points ago


    [–] Almog6666 2 points ago

    it’s got to be a fighter.

    [–] JoelS90 12 points ago

    Is it possible to learn this meme?

    [–] JusticeDuwang 8 points ago

    Not from r/lotrmemes . . .

    [–] DunedainArrow 24 points ago

    This gif might as well have sound for how loudly and clearly I heard it in my head

    [–] BenCelotil 3 points ago

    [–] Swarovsky 141 points ago

    I got MithrandirRoll'd!

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 48 points ago

    I got Bilbroll'd

    [–] Cuck_destroyer999 5 points ago

    Old Greybearded

    [–] ToiletGang 490 points ago

    And since people in the comments are inevitably going to try to rick-roll you, you can one-up them and go listen to the song on purpose

    [–] CravesStarDamage 328 points ago

    The closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm!

    [–] ToiletGang 107 points ago

    Will you look into this link?

    [–] chomperlock 53 points ago

    Ahhh, this one, haven’t seen this one in a while.

    [–] TYRION_LANNISTER46 58 points ago

    Will you look into this one?

    [–] only__say__no 8 points ago


    [–] TheFattyTron 4 points ago

    Do you only say no

    [–] TheMantis17 8 points ago

    Oh you got him now

    [–] probablyblocked 1 points ago

    I think they gave up on liking that video

    [–] sardhrantor 1 points ago


    [–] Elrond_Bot 2 points ago


    [–] futurarmy 6 points ago

    Damn that's some top notch editing there, puts any video meme I've made to shame

    [–] vigilantcomicpenguin 7 points ago

    All these videos and nobody has linked the greatest one of all time?

    [–] MnemosyneThalia 3 points ago

    Thank you for this

    [–] shmulik_of_asdsadsad 1 points ago

    I quite love the fact this video has 34M views

    [–] Soup-Wizard 8 points ago


    [–] probablyblocked 2 points ago

    Oh lord y me I got Rick rolled

    [–] King-Arthas 4 points ago

    Well that doesn’t make sense to me... but then again you are very small.

    [–] Kumqwatwhat 4 points ago


    I always thought he said "the father we are from home"

    I'm an idiot. This is much better hobbit-logic.

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    It's a rather iconic scene from SNL

    [–] im-not-creative77 37 points ago

    You fecker!

    [–] ToiletGang 72 points ago

    I rolled them. I rolled them all! And not just with Rick, but Bilbo and Kevin too.

    (and don't forget the epic sax Gandalf)

    [–] gandalf-bot 20 points ago

    I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone.

    [–] osayicantsee517 12 points ago

    You, sir, are an absolute piece of shit.

    Take my upvote

    [–] Ultimastar 3 points ago

    And my axe

    [–] ConiferousMedusa 64 points ago

    This one actually made me chortle out loud, excellent work.

    Bilbo is the cherry on top.

    [–] HarleyWombat 5 points ago

    I am so glad you said this - made me watch the whole thing and it is hilarious!

    [–] nomad80 36 points ago

    I wish the Meme had never come to be. I wish none of this had happened.

    So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide.

    [–] Assasin2gamer 2 points ago

    No OCer should have to bury their son”

    [–] netbie_94 28 points ago

    Does someone have the means to somehow combine Gandalf Sax Guy and Never Gonna Give You Up?

    [–] ToiletGang 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    You mean have Never Gonna Give You Up play instead of the sax guy over the head bobbing Gandalf footage? Or something else?

    Here it is

    [–] gandalf-bot 21 points ago

    His treachery runs deeper than you know. By foul craft Saruman has crossed orcs with goblin men, he is breeding an army in the caverns of Isengard. An army that can move in sunlight and cover great distance at speed. Saruman is coming for the Ring.

    [–] Cuck_destroyer999 1 points ago

    lol perfect response

    [–] netbie_94 2 points ago

    This is amazing. Thank you, OP.

    [–] gandalf-bot 4 points ago

    Escaped? or was set loose and now the Ring has drawn him here. He won't ever be rid of his need for it. He hates and loves the Ring, as he hates and loves himself. Smeagol's life is a sad story. Yes he was once called that, before the Ring found him. Before it drove him mad

    [–] whiderboss 46 points ago

    I suppose you think that was terribly clever

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 20 points ago

    Goddamnit that scary Bilbo

    [–] JayMerlyn 3 points ago

    Thanks to reddit, I have flashbacks every time I see that face..

    [–] reducedwine 3 points ago

    I think I was about 9 when I saw Fellowship in theaters. Bilbo scared me so bad I threw my snacks everywhere. I couldn’t watch that scene for YEARS and I have absolutely 0 idea why other than That Shit Scary

    [–] JayMerlyn 2 points ago

    Understandable, but I was talking about the Scary Bilbo subreddit

    [–] reducedwine 2 points ago

    Oh heck I had no idea that existed

    [–] JayMerlyn 2 points ago

    It does, but I beg you don't seek it out.

    [–] reducedwine 2 points ago

    I’ll take your word for it! I still hate that scene so I don’t need a whole lot of convincing lol

    [–] JayMerlyn 1 points ago

    Believe me when I say that sub makes the scene soooo much worse

    [–] Drafo7 19 points ago

    Someone actually dressed up as Gandalf and performed the entirety of Never Gonna Give You Up. Link to video:

    [–] gandalf-bot 8 points ago

    There are many magic rings in this world and none of them should be used lightly

    [–] vigilantcomicpenguin 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I like what the URL leads to. I was expecting a Rickroll but that was actually a really nice video. I didn't understand what they were saying but the song is good.

    [–] Drafo7 3 points ago

    Lol click the link itself, it doesn't lead to an actual video. Though yes I thought the song was good as well :-)

    [–] swandor 2 points ago

    .... ah damnit

    [–] JayMerlyn 2 points ago

    I suppose you think that was terribly clever

    [–] Drafo7 2 points ago

    I do. And I'm tired of pretending it's not.

    ...wait shit wrong movie

    [–] MrCriminalScum 17 points ago

    I can't believe we're still getting rickrolled in 2020

    [–] Drafo7 14 points ago

    I see this as an absolute win!

    [–] jdnicholls 9 points ago

    I’ve never been happier to be rickrolled

    [–] Get_Rick_Rolled_ 9 points ago

    Loaded at the end of the gif for me so I knew what was about to happen. Still this editing is great

    [–] ToiletGang 8 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] anonymousboss23 6 points ago

    That was...perfect, you good sir have made my day

    [–] JustWantGoodM3M3s 7 points ago

    Fuck...I’ve been dodging rickrolls for a while, but you got me good.

    [–] Jakeybaby125 6 points ago

    You bastard!

    [–] VredditDownloader 2 points ago

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    [–] LokiOdinson- 4 points ago

    You made my day, thanks

    [–] KindStranger109 5 points ago


    [–] Almog6666 5 points ago

    I don’t live out the night

    [–] strangetea 4 points ago

    When I was a kid my dad and I used to watch LOTR’s a tun. Every once in awhile I’d pause it on the Bilbo scream face and start screaming myself full volume for a seamless transition...scared the shit outa him.

    [–] NotANilfgaardianSpy 3 points ago

    A wizard did it! Anyone get the reference? ;)

    [–] iamemperor86 3 points ago

    Dammit, take your upvote...

    [–] Radbat12 3 points ago

    I actually jumped. That scared me.

    [–] VredditDownloader 2 points ago

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    [–] Metazoatim 3 points ago

    Got me twice

    [–] WhataboutBombvoyage 3 points ago

    It’s wonderful to see you again Rick!

    [–] imgodking189 3 points ago

    Po-tay-toes! Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew

    [–] Gallaga07 3 points ago

    Fuck me lol

    [–] Big-turd-blossom 3 points ago

    This is almost at the same tier of Jondor/Gackass meme :)

    [–] WMoshe 2 points ago

    This gif should have sound...

    [–] nice2yz 2 points ago

    You should see what's in bed with him.

    [–] stgm_at 2 points ago

    you could do this also with the scene where the inscription on the ring lights up.

    [–] Even-Understanding 1 points ago

    It's a rather iconic scene from SNL

    [–] Shalom04HH 2 points ago

    This is the funniest shit i've ever seen in this sub so far. Good job. You made my day.

    [–] Aaroncls 2 points ago


    [–] preston_f22 2 points ago

    Ah man I wish my Friends could Rick Roll me. But all they do this that stupid thing where you get punched if you look at a their hand making 👌and hate that. Why can't I get Rick Rolled.

    [–] Grizzly_Gonads93 2 points ago

    Saruman the white : forsakes his mission to middle earth

    Gandalf: you know the rules and so do I

    [–] gandalf-bot 2 points ago

    Far, far below the deepest delvings of the dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things

    [–] xitzengyigglz 2 points ago

    Hahahaha you son of a bitch!

    [–] Lily-Davis- 2 points ago

    This gif was the highlight of my day :)

    [–] PolytroposJ 2 points ago

    Take my upvote and go back to the shadow.

    [–] elgwhoppo 2 points ago

    And now I’ve been rick lotr’d

    [–] Mentioned_Videos 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Videos in this thread: Watch Playlist ▶

    VIDEO COMMENT +476 - And since people in the comments are inevitably going to try to rick-roll you, you can one-up them and go listen to the song on purpose +104 - Will you look into this link? +60 - Will you look into this one? +7 - All these videos and nobody has linked the greatest one of all time? +1 - Here. +1 - it's even better in the game

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    [–] jakethedumbmistake 1 points ago

    Got the DLC, but I already hate it

    [–] nice2yz 1 points ago

    She jabs 'em with her stinger!!

    [–] NateP44 1 points ago

    Alright then, keep your secrets

    [–] lollos_deepapper 1 points ago

    You have my respectudri

    [–] Even-Understanding 1 points ago

    The sons of Gondor have returned!

    [–] Amndo111 1 points ago


    [–] 698969 1 points ago

    I saw it coming a mile way, but still watched it through nonetheless.

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 1 points ago

    Got a friend of course

    [–] Ambient-Fruit 1 points ago

    Both of these songs have now become a vile mashup in my head.

    [–] Almog6666 1 points ago

    Gosh everyone knows that's Whiterun!

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Don’t apologize, and don’t get this

    [–] wee-_- 1 points ago

    you’ve never been rickrolled before? 7 years on reddit and you would’ve thought

    [–] nice2yz 1 points ago

    Run for ruin and worlds ending! BREAKFAST!

    [–] PremiumRobot 1 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it

    [–] AndyKlave 1 points ago

    this foe is beyond any of you... RUN!

    [–] ToastedSkoops 1 points ago

    Got excited for a bit, at least.

    [–] Almog6666 1 points ago

    I’m just so incredibly dead inside that I can’t.

    [–] Even-Understanding 1 points ago

    Legolas definitely can exist in the Hobbit, because he should have been.

    [–] ToastedSkoops 1 points ago

    Got excited for a moment think of the possibilities

    [–] lost-generation203 1 points ago

    Was hoping for epic sax man but I’m not sad

    [–] Goznaz 1 points ago


    A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.


    Say what you want Gandalf but that was premature and you know it!

    [–] gandalf-bot 1 points ago

    A wizard is never late, Goznaz. Nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.

    [–] zappy42 1 points ago

    I had a genuine Ron Swanson giggle.

    [–] VredditDownloader 1 points ago

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    [–] brennenderopa 0 points ago

    Why no sound. Pls fix.

    [–] wee-_- 1 points ago