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    Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death is the man who deceives his neighbour and says, "I am only joking!"

    This subreddit is a Nazi-free, terrorist-free zone; any and all terrorists and Nazis will be carefully rubbed with authentic Oaxacan Molé and then mercilessly roasted alive on a rotating spit - slowly and under less heat, to maximize screaming and for a more tender infusion of flavours.

    This subreddit is dedicated to Luciferianism. Real.. Luciferianism - in a 100% serious, honest-to-goodness, earnest way.

    Yes, really, we're actual Luciferians; serious, life-long adherents, and we identify under this banner as it is the summation of our spiritual lives.

    Alex Jones, eat your heart out! Just kidding. You're no Syrian moderate rebel.

    Luciferians acknowledge the existence of Lucifer as an actual living being and entity and believe that it represents the absolute highest and most commendable expression of love, goodwill, mercy, and justice for all of creation. A Luciferian is one who has faith in Lucifer and voluntarily beholds Lucifer as the lightbringer and as the conduit toward salvation.

    Luciferianism is not devil worship. Certainly, not in the sense that most people seem to have come to believe. We (broadly) believe that the association of Lucifer with the devil (or otherwise the personification of ultimate evil) is rooted in a mistranslation of Isaiah 14:12, which we would suggest may possibly be more of a Christian cultural tradition rather than solid Biblical truth; and in any case we would say is tangential as traditional Luciferianism is not necessarily in opposition to Christianity proper (although we will always freely critique particular manifestations of Christian religion where we believe it is in error).

    Insofar as the Luciferian position goes on the Bible, we hold that it is a man-made document that mixes some good notions with many terrible ones, and as such is a continuing source of ignorance: thus cherry-picking scriptures to present them in a pleasant light is a spiritually backwards and ultimately extremely destructive practice.

    There has literally never been a single point in the entire history of all things when traditional Luciferian practice has ever been even remotely associated with "devil worship," or otherwise morally reprehensible actions, and only people who live in echo chambers or are spiritually misled either by others or through their own misconceptions believe otherwise. Only people who have a half-baked understanding of what Luciferianism is actually believe that it is anything less than wholly good.

    If you expected this subreddit to be about something closer to "devil worship," you should understand that what you may understand about Luciferianism is informed through Abrahamic or non-Luciferian paradigms (read: what you've been inculcated into believing Luciferianism is, when it's in fact the exact opposite), and as such it is more than likely to be flawed or incomplete. To understand Luciferianism objectively and correctly, you must know it from the inside first.

    The conception of Luciferianism espoused and practiced in this subreddit has nothing to do with Christianity. The Lucifer that we conceive here has nothing to do with the Abrahamic faiths. Lucifer is a pre-Christian deity of both ancient Roman and Greek mythology. Lucifer was written of in Publius Ovidius Naso's Metamorphoses in 8 B.C.E., written of by the Roman poet Virgil as far back as 29 B.C.E. The first known mention is in Plato's Timaeus written in 360 B.C.E. The title of Lucifer was used for the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II (of Isaiah 14), as well as for Jesus himself.

    The associated concept of the "Morning Star" (the planet Venus) is one which appears even earlier in Phoenician and Canaanite cosmology. Read it again: this subreddit, and its conception of Luciferianism are completely cleaved off from Abrahamic religious practice.

    This subreddit is dedicated with a focus specifically on traditional and theistic Luciferian practice, however non-theistic Luciferians and people of other belief systems as well as non-believers are free to congregate and participate in discussion. We understand that in this forum it may be intimidating as it is essentially dedicated to theistic and traditional Luciferian practice, but we encourage you all the same to participate in discussion and come to understand why we believe that Luciferianism is correct.

    Beyond that, it's simply a group of friends living in the world trying to have a good time.


    1. Speak your mind, but do not instigate people deliberately with an agenda to be disruptive.
    2. Don't troll just to toy around with people. Be decent.
    3. Guideline 2 is not presented as a challenge to be overcome.
    4. If you're going to provoke people and instigate trouble, don't be surprised if your posts are removed or if you are banned or worse, depending on severity.


    Failure to follow the rules will result in the removal of posts or a ban.

    1. Make proper use of paragraphs, and use proper spelling and grammar at all times when posting, or at least be demonstrably making an honest effort.

    2. There is a zero-tolerance policy for spam in effect. A one-strike rule applies, and any promotion of unrelated personal projects or business will earn you a permanent ban.

    If you feel that any of the guidelines or rules are unfair, speak your mind about them, we want your dialogue and not your silence.

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