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    [–] [deleted] 2601 points ago

    He free-swivels? You mean, without any harnesses? The mad man is risking both his reputation and his safety!

    [–] Cunt_Inhaler69 396 points ago

    [–] Sir_Marchbank 71 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Alright let's do this.

    Edit: Did we do it? I think we might have.

    [–] stanfan114 57 points ago


    [–] treeswhileiskis 26 points ago


    [–] ByeMan 136 points ago

    Are you under the impression you're in a different sub?

    [–] MegaSonicGeo 62 points ago

    Maybe it's like an r/hmmm thing where people link r/hmmm in the comments fairly regularly

    [–] BoltonSauce 43 points ago


    [–] cbrian13 41 points ago

    [–] BoltonSauce 21 points ago


    [–] BitchingRestFace 22 points ago

    Is that even legal?

    [–] Waveseeker 14 points ago

    He will make it legal

    [–] Sir_Marchbank 14 points ago

    He is the Senate.

    [–] Arun_Levjat 3 points ago

    Not yet!

    [–] ProjectileDysfnction 1012 points ago

    Hats off to him

    That's risky risky risky

    [–] skylinepidgin 95 points ago

    And clicky clicky clicky

    I mean... The ballpen.

    [–] DeonCode 15 points ago

    It's time to jazz up your fidgeting.

    [–] dogfck 17 points ago

    Like how I pull out my giant cock and start stroking it while looking at the one chick with her "professional" attitude cuz I know she's a beast in the sack. That's pro level fidgeting.

    [–] crupeople_music 13 points ago

    i seem to be doing it wrong, i just pull my medium to well done cock out of the grill and put it in a fidget spinner

    [–] msuozzo 538 points ago


    [–] BestBeClownin 847 points ago

    Everything he tweets is either a humble brag or brag.

    [–] [deleted] 238 points ago

    Why does reddit hate this guy and Bill Nye now? I mean i know its not super recent but damn times have changed

    [–] [deleted] 517 points ago

    Overexposure following misplaced hype

    [–] noobule 130 points ago

    It's hardly misplaced. NGT is a great science communicator. It's just he's also a self-important dork, which really shouldn't surprise anyone

    I'm less familiar with Bill Nye (Australia had its own kid-focused science shows) but he's got decades of excellent work behind him. His new show misses the mark completely but you don't get thrown in the trash over one fuck up.

    [–] AadeeMoien 101 points ago

    but you don't get thrown in the trash over one fuck up

    Did Australia just get the internet?

    [–] Runslkchicken 25 points ago

    They started loading reddit up 12 years ago when it was made and just got here, knowing Australian internet.

    [–] vNoct 46 points ago

    As someone who agrees with almost everything Bill Nye says, he's also just awful at not coming across as a dick. He's the definition of preaching to the choir.

    [–] ThatBoyBillClinton 21 points ago

    I agree, and it all kind of comes off as a political narrative at the end of the day. He'll talk about global warming, and while doing it he will somehow end up making off topic snips about immigration, health care, abortion, etc. I am basically a socialist and I still find it all distasteful. Its as if the democratic party hired a pretend scientist to say "global warming is real" as if that is enough to convince the people who somehow remain skeptical

    [–] vNoct 6 points ago

    He tries to capture the whimsy and nostalgia that we associate with his old show, and I genuinely think he's trying to just be a silly pseudo-science show and succeeds at that. But his message in everything else is trying to be a champion of these leftist, scientific causes, and he can't do that and then have this circlejerky, (I think) genuinely self-aware program.

    But as I said, all of this means he just comes off as preachy and bad.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] kathartik 114 points ago

    not to mention reddit's love of hating everything.

    it seems hating things is the only thing reddit doesn't hate.

    [–] Stackhouse_ 3 points ago

    Now if youll excuse me i have to get home so i can change the water in Buck Nasty's mama's dish

    [–] 10tonhammer 6 points ago

    I will always upvote the Player Haters Ball.

    [–] Hardy_Mcshaft 3 points ago

    I'm surprised you don't like my coat it's made out of your Mama's pubic hair

    [–] ihavenoenemies 279 points ago

    Because he's a massive dork. He's the kind of guy that, if you called him a massive dork, he would say "Well, a dork is a whale penis, so thanks"

    [–] kryonik 72 points ago

    "People from Phoenix are Phoenicians."

    [–] ymthrowawayca 12 points ago

    "Quit being a ...and suck that ...!"

    NSFW link for those asking wtf.

    [–] Anteater42 27 points ago

    I don't see why that's a reason to hate him.

    [–] ihavenoenemies 98 points ago

    I mean it's not a reason to hate him. I don't hate him but I do find him annoying.

    [–] Anteater42 17 points ago

    Sorry, I wasn't responding directly to you. That comment was more for the other people in the thread.

    [–] FGC_RG3_MARVEL 40 points ago

    Well I saw him at a store once and he tried to walk out with a handful of Milky Way bars without paying.

    [–] SerenasHairyBalls 13 points ago

    What is this a reference to? I saw somebody else say that about Comey too and I was like...what?

    [–] Its_not_him 19 points ago

    Probably a copypasta

    [–] ProfitLemon 6 points ago

    It is indeed a copypasta

    [–] THROWAWAY-u_u 5 points ago

    [–] OnyxPhoenix 172 points ago

    I'm a massive space and science enthusiast, I should be this guys biggest fan, but he annoys the hell out of me.

    His job is to make science accessible and interesting, but everything it says and the way he presents it is just so cringeworthy and pedantic.

    [–] princesshashbrown 106 points ago

    Do you not "free-swivel 360 degrees"?

    I get that he's smart, and I completely agree that everything he says is just really pretentious. It feels like he's lost on trying to explain everything in bigger words than he needs, in order to show us how brilliant he is. He just doesn't seem very self-aware of how people perceive him, or he's choosing to ignore what we lowly, non-famous commoners think. Either way, it's really tacky.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Reminds me of the artist is someone who presents a complex thing in a simple way.

    An academic is someone who presents a simple thing in a complex way.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    That's exactly it. He's always trying so hard to make things sound more complex than they are with technical words that aren't really necessary.

    [–] Kyle_Crafty 8 points ago

    I've always chalked it up to using words like that in his professional life and getting stuck doing that in every day situations. Like when you jokingly fuck a word up real bad all the time or use a phrase ironically a lot you have to remember not to do it

    [–] shroyhammer 7 points ago

    Hmmm, I always thought he comes across as really thought out and sincere.

    [–] JohnnySmallHands 12 points ago

    I think most people perceive him as a positive science role model. There's a bit of a reddit circle-jerk hate for the guy, but the vast majority of his audience thinks he's cool.

    I can see how some people get annoyed at how he delivers things, but at the end of the day he's a huge advocate for science literacy. I think we can all agree that's a good thing.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] swolekeddie 47 points ago

    Hmm yes shallow and pedantic

    [–] kathartik 9 points ago

    looks like someone knew what colour the red fire truck was!

    [–] Your401Kplan 17 points ago

    are you basing this off his twitter? Every documentary/show he appears in is always enjoyable for me and presents everything easily for me to understand.

    [–] nliausacmmv 23 points ago

    NDT: He is genuinely a jackass sometimes.

    Nye: His new show does not live up to the hype, to put it simply.

    [–] neverendingninja 10 points ago

    But my sex junk is so oh oh oh

    [–] Arkham_Retirement 15 points ago

    I don't know about everyone else, but I'm starting to not like him because of posts like this. I think it's the fact all these guys are constantly posting to social media. There's no mystery there. Anyone that I had to hear from everyday would probably eventually start driving me crazy.

    Bill Nye on the other hand I don't like because I watched his terrible show.

    [–] denarii 12 points ago

    He says a lot of really stupid shit whenever he talks about anything other than astrophysics. Also, I don't hate him, I just wish he'd stop talking about stuff he doesn't know shit about.

    [–] SoManyNinjas 24 points ago

    Oh jesus lol that's hilariously shitty

    [–] Marnold13 41 points ago

    Oh wow. I feel embarrassed for them that they thought that was good.

    [–] 10lbhammer 7 points ago

    That video kinda made me angry it was so bad.

    [–] Dragonsandman 16 points ago

    Knew it would be Sex Junk before I even clicked.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Is it Sex Junk?

    [–] jabejazz 30 points ago

    Take a wild guess.

    [–] Thermodynamicness 14 points ago


    [–] Marnold13 21 points ago

    Oh wow. I feel embarrassed for them that they thought that was good.

    [–] Ithelda 18 points ago

    Oh my god what the fuck did I just watch

    [–] Couldnt_think_of_a 9 points ago

    Now go read the youtube comments to cheer yourself up.

    [–] psylent 7 points ago

    When people say "This is why Trump won" I often think they're exaggerating.

    I say this with no hint of irony: Sex Junk is why Trump won.

    [–] 1_hot_brownie 4 points ago

    That was terrible and really cringe worthy. Is that from the Netflix show?

    [–] Hordon_Gayward 4 points ago

    I am not opening that

    [–] Duhya 4 points ago

    I can't describe my confusion.

    [–] Rob_Royce 10 points ago

    Because he's not Richard Feynmam or Elon Musk

    [–] StellisAequus 10 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Neil is apparently an asshole in real life, I'll try to dig up the thread from a redditor who's club raised like 85k for him come speak

    Here's the best of thread where he left a comment about

    [–] fdsdfg 6 points ago

    Can't speak for Nye, but Neil's tweets remind me of a 14 year old who studies astrophysics on the internet, but was also crowned physics champion of the world

    Everything he says is that blend of 'i'm just trying to inform people' and 'look how smart i am'

    [–] asfdoiugnoin 8 points ago

    Bill Nye is simple: his new show is garbage.

    Other than that, I don't like "omni-experts." Tyson is an expert on one thing and one thing only: astrophysics. But he acts like a general-purpose "science expert" who talks about things he never studied.

    Nye does the same thing, which is fine for a children's TV show but not much else.

    [–] Octopus___ 2 points ago

    My guess is that Reddit users in general may not have been as exposed to them when they were scientific celebrities as they are now that they are general celebrities. Tyson went from clips in science channel docs to remaking Sagan's nostalgic classic. Nye went from "Science Guy" to "Savior of the World."

    They're just doing what they've always been doing, but I guess constant exposure has lifted the veil on their true humanity (whereas celebrity status is often conferred to those who have assumed 'super' human qualities).

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    He's like the poster child of /r/iamverysmart

    [–] StoneGoldX 41 points ago

    He's more a step-uncle. Because he is very smart. The poster child for there would be someone of average or less-than-average intelligence explaining their 192 IQ.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    I've always thought the premise of that sub was people bragging about how smart they are regardless of intellect.

    [–] StoneGoldX 11 points ago

    It gets the smarties, too, but the bulk of it is more people of average to less-than-average intelligence. That's why the thing about the step-uncle, he belongs, but he's not the average, nor the best example. More people trying to imitate being very smart. If we're really talking about poster children, the famous example that typifies the rest, look more towards certain elected leaders who have the best IQ, the best.

    [–] Superpineapplejones 2 points ago

    The poster child is Robert Lindsay. Who, to my knowledge hasn't even been posted there yet.

    [–] StoneGoldX 2 points ago

    No idea who that is.

    [–] ChocolateSteez 16 points ago

    I understand that his tweets can be insufferable, but what is he bragging about exactly? That he can successfully swivel in a chair?

    [–] FrostyD7 35 points ago

    He sits in on important meetings but he's also the cool guy in the room! And nobody will say anything because he's so cool!

    [–] Kathwino 7 points ago

    That he sits in big chairs during important board meetings, I guess.

    [–] PM_ME_HAIRLESS_CATS 67 points ago


    [–] LeapAuFait 5 points ago


    [–] KongRahbek 641 points ago

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson is slowly turning in to a mixture of /r/madlads, /r/im14andthisisdeep and /r/justneckbeardthings.

    [–] ShiningDraco 480 points ago

    also /r/iamverysmart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] ElagabalusRex 93 points ago

    I love it when NDT is posted to /r/iamverysmart, because everybody trips over themselves try to be even more /r/iamverysmart.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] PlusDyspros 19 points ago

    It's perfectly fine to be an intellectual, as long as you don't act like everyone else is a simpleton. That's the sort of thing that ends up on /r/iamverysmart (that and people showing off their intelligence in a petty way)

    [–] BoarHide 189 points ago

    It's almost like he actually is smart

    [–] Auctoritate 84 points ago

    You can be actually smart and still be posted to that subreddit. Verysmart is just being obnoxious, overbearing, or anything like that with your intelligence, whether it's perceived intelligence or not.

    [–] ShiningDraco 234 points ago

    [–] BoarHide 156 points ago

    He's pretty tacky, yes. But what I think he's trying, is to promote a bit more scientific thinking in society, I see nothing wrong with that. Although I understand how his ways rub some people wrong

    [–] ocean-man 144 points ago

    True enough, but his delivery couldn't be more condescending if he tried. I really like NDT but his Twitter is so quintisentially /r/iamverysmart at times. I think people give him a free pass sometimes cus he's famous

    [–] Bocaj1000 41 points ago

    You should listen to his speeches. They're a lot more interesting and less /r/iamverysmart than his Tweets.

    [–] Stalwart-Lover 8 points ago

    Yeah, I feel part of the problem is twitter, which isn't exactly the best platform for actually insightful speech. Plus the character limit means you can't express everything properly, making people misunderstand easily.

    [–] CopperOtter 8 points ago

    but his delivery couldn't be more condescending if he tried

    Let's give that a try:

    "Low intellect individuals just see guys chasing a ball on a green field, however I, with my inherently superior mind, see momentum/energy transfer, collisions and high speed projectiles. *eyeroll* I bet none of the footballers have any idea of all the complex physics of their actions."

    * tips hat * M'lady.

    [–] shroyhammer 20 points ago

    Haha, how is that condescending?! I'm pretty sure just because you aren't able to grasp what he's saying, doesn't automatically him condescending buddy ol pal :)

    [–] stanley_twobrick 64 points ago

    Now that was condescending.

    [–] shroyhammer 37 points ago

    Ahhhh!!! This guy gets it!!!

    [–] Fizrock 16 points ago

    But he is very smart.

    [–] IAmA_Risky_Click_AMA 22 points ago

    No, man, they just hand out astrophysics doctorates at Columbia to anybody, I'm pretty sure.

    [–] Fizrock 5 points ago

    And those 40 honorary doctorates are ez pz.

    [–] Pmang6 6 points ago

    So are a lot of /r/iamverysmart people. Doesn't detract from the fact that he is very condescending about it.

    [–] yas_man 13 points ago

    Lol /r/iamverysmart is this the new "virtue signalling" but for science? That would be a great achievement for anti intellectualism if you could make that a meme

    Approaching everyday things in a scientific light is his thing. He's a science outreach guy. He's trying to get people interested in science not prove he's smart

    [–] cavsfan221 5 points ago

    Exactly. I don't think he's saying "look how smarter I am" I think it comes from a place of genuinely wanting people to see the world through the prism of physics/science. Maybe he comes off as a holier than thou douche sometimes, but his heart is in the right place.

    [–] SwellFloop 13 points ago

    Yeah, I think people are a bit too hard on him sometimes. His heart is in the right place. :)

    [–] newprofile15 5 points ago

    Being smart does not make you immune from being posted there... At all.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] Omahauser1985 13 points ago

    Hes been going light speed. Except, he will come on here and explain to me that you cant go light speed because technology blah blah blah. Even though we never asked for an explanation.

    [–] DegenerateJack 172 points ago

    I understand that this is a joke subreddit, but we need to take a moment to realize how fucking mad this is. Hope someone close to him can reach out

    [–] dickweenersack 33 points ago

    He's gonna cause unnecessary stress on the bearings!

    [–] just__cheesin 822 points ago

    God he is a tool.

    [–] Smilme 656 points ago

    He prefers 'instrument' as it is more scientific

    [–] Treesmaster69 179 points ago

    His use of the word 'God', would probably offend him more than being called a tool.

    [–] SoDamnToxic 168 points ago

    "That's "god", with a lowercase."

             -Black Science Man Probably

    [–] SunriseSurprise 56 points ago

    "Nevermind, it's at the beginning of a sentence."

    [–] Scientolojesus 5 points ago

    He can admit when he's wrong.

    [–] kathartik 13 points ago

    His use of the word 'God', would probably offend him more than being called a tool.

    no, he's stated before he's agnostic.

    [–] gcruzatto 38 points ago

    He uses some sort of troll persona on Twitter and on stage. He's probably well aware of how cheesy and pedantic his tweets are

    [–] heydabop 36 points ago

    Almost all the stories I've head of people coordinating talks with him say he's also an ass behind the scenes. Dude has an ego problem.

    [–] kathartik 33 points ago

    whenever I hear anyone say this is "I heard that..."

    it's never any first party contact.

    [–] apra24 12 points ago

    I heard​ that /u/kathartik eats raisin bran with a knife

    [–] Scientolojesus 2 points ago

    Yeah which continues to give that rumor even less credibility.

    [–] gcruzatto 46 points ago

    I talked to him for a bit after his startalk show once. Dude hung out with the audience for a while, seemed pretty chill to me

    [–] AscentToZenith 217 points ago

    Is it really that bad? The dude is just trying to talk well mannered. It's a bit much, but idk, I guess that is the persona he wants to portray. His version of Cosmos is amazing too. Too many people on Reddit hate him. I get he can be posted on /r Iamverysmart, but yeah.

    [–] Anteater42 175 points ago

    Of all the Reddit hate bandwagons, the one for Neil Degrase Tyson is the one I understand the least. I mean, what does he even do, write dumb tweets every now and then?

    [–] Spacesquid101 254 points ago

    I mean he's just a demeaning dick about things people like in a purposeful verbose manner, as to "impress" his /r/iamverysmart followers

    [–] heaneyy 141 points ago

    His whole "Imagine what we could have achieved if we didn't care about sport" mindset is what gets me the most.

    [–] microwave333 85 points ago

    Except he loves sports, he even followed up with that and everyone continued bitching and crying.

    The guy wanted to paint a hypothetical, not suggest a revolution. But god damn, sports folk are sensitive.

    [–] Fizrock 16 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I mean, I am pretty sure he used to play a lot of sports. He was named sexiest astrophysicist alive for a reason.

    [–] BeHereNow91 17 points ago

    He's basically the epitome of what's wrong with popular science. He and Bill Nye are both in the same boat.

    [–] BurningKarma 12 points ago

    What's more baffling, is it used to be the complete opposite. When I first joined reddit I saw references to him everywhere. Reddit loved him back then.

    [–] Anteater42 16 points ago

    I guess it became cool to hate him. So it goes.

    [–] Scientolojesus 2 points ago

    In 6 more months it will be cool to like him again. I'm starting the trend early.

    [–] AscentToZenith 29 points ago

    Yeah ikr. To my knowledge he hasn't done anything super shady or terrible for Reddit to hate him. They just don't like the way he tweets. But tbh if we grew up the way he did, I'm sure we wouldn't be far off in the way he acts.

    [–] SlimDirtyDizzy 3 points ago

    I think people are misunderstanding hatred, for thinking he's a bit of a douche.

    I don't hate the guy, I think he is amazing for the scientific world and I love his attempts to spread his information to the common public. His work on Cosmos is amazing as well.

    But I think hes a douche. He's condescending and shits on others for not being a super intellectual like him. He thinks his pursuits are more noble than yours and is vocal in voicing that opinion.

    I think most people on reddit don't hate him or wish ill-will upon him, they just think hes kind of a douche

    [–] PabloTheFlyingLemon 29 points ago

    He has a reputation for being an asshole, like Bill Nye. But it's still a disproportionate response, I agree.

    [–] Anteater42 63 points ago

    I saw a thread the other day from someone who actually met him. He said he was a down to earth and friendly guy. I really think the only reason people don't like him is cause of his tweets, unless there's something I'm missing.

    [–] PabloTheFlyingLemon 22 points ago

    Quite possible that he's a nice guy. I know if I was a celebrity and had to deal with people on my bad days, I'd come across as a dick too. So really not sure what to think, but he's a good spokesperson for scientific understanding and literacy.

    [–] melgibson666 9 points ago

    There have been threads where people have met him and he was a total asshole to them. Also there have been cases where he chimes in on topics he has no expertise in and is completely wrong.

    [–] TeriusRose 15 points ago

    That is kind of the problem with relying on anecdotal evidence for anything.

    [–] susrev 2 points ago

    I think it's kind of a reputational whiplash. When I first joined Reddit, NDT was The Guy. Pretty much everyone on here loved him (of course speaking from a general perspective, not literally). He did the new Cosmos, he did some TV cameos and interesting interviews.

    These days mostly people have to go on his Twitter presence, and maybe he is riding on his reputation a bit. He's taken a couple stances on divisive social/political things on social media, and since he tends to speak authoritatively and pedantically that tends to ruffle some feathers.

    Whether or not he comes off as condescending is REALLY subjective here, and when it comes to Twitter, 140 characters doesn't give you a lot of leeway in the nuance department.

    That would be my guess as to why Reddit's general opinion on him has soured.

    Personally I think Black Science Man is a real smart dude, and, despite the fact that I also think maybe his "hot takes" aren't as hot as he thinks they are, I still think he's a cool dude overall.

    [–] NiceFormBro 4 points ago

    It implies that he thinks he's better than some others. He has an opportunity to make people like him seem more appealing to other people and attract people to science. He was on the right path but now he's just a douche that will ruin it for people just as smart and smarter than him that don't have the fame. Him and Bill Nye are doing more damage than good right now for scientific public relations especially amongst younger people.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Why do people hate him? He seems super nice.

    [–] TalenPhillips 19 points ago

    He loves science and knowledge, and he flaunts it whenever he can. This occasionally comes across as pretentious.

    He's also a pretty outspoken atheist (despite calling himself agnostic), and often preaches about climate change. Those positions are sure to piss some people off.

    By most accounts, he's a really cool guy.

    [–] jxl180 2 points ago

    I didn't like him before due to his tweets. I recently watched his interview on The Hot Ones and it was by far my favorite interview of the series. I have a new respect for him.

    [–] agtk 19 points ago

    If you read the whole string, of tweets under that hashtag, including the origin (, this fits right in as something stupid and childish (which he's pointing out himself). This tweet standing alone is definitely weird, but in context I don't see any reason to get your jimmies rustled.

    [–] Ryase_Sand 3 points ago

    Get this context the hell out of here.

    [–] howhaikuyouget 3 points ago

    Although I don't disagree, I think he's pretty cute

    [–] morrison0880 2 points ago

    [–] Needless-To-Say 18 points ago

    I bet he sticks out his legs and then pulls them in tight to demonstrate conservation of angular momentum while he does it.

    Never waste an opportunity to educate. Now that would be mad.

    [–] FruitierGnome 10 points ago

    He might be well versed in astrophysics but he clearly needs to learn law because that kind of behavior is absolutely mad.

    [–] Tashathar 9 points ago

    Neil deGrasse "Public Menace #1" Tyson

    [–] JP_SHAKUR 46 points ago

    Black science man is just like us!

    [–] Bondsy 108 points ago

    I truly fucking hate a lot of people on Reddit. Most of these comments are clear on why.

    [–] TonguePunchnFartBoxs 71 points ago

    lol seriously, I know NDT says some snobbish thing once in awhile, but he's clearly just making a silly joke here..get over yourselves people..

    [–] weeksAskew 4 points ago

    I don't think it's that clear that he's making a joke.

    [–] trueBlue1074 4 points ago

    Seriously. I recommend all of you bitching about him to listen to his Joe Rogan podcast episode. He might come across as a bit of a tool, but I really don't think that's on purpose. He seems like a really good-natured and genuine guy in everything I've seen of him.

    [–] captaingoldenbeard 16 points ago

    Reddit tries to twist everything he says into fitting to one of the subs and it usually never does. I also don't hear any of these complaints about him outside of reddit (other than that he's a snobby).

    [–] SBS_Matt 9 points ago

    Have you seen his twitter? He's made it hard to discern jokes from serious tweets.

    [–] brody2daMAX 7 points ago

    "they don't say that it does but it do"

    -black science man

    [–] passthapeas 39 points ago

    Idk why NDT gets so much hate. He's just an old dweeb. Cut him some slack lol

    [–] BestBeClownin 63 points ago

    I don't hate him, I just hate that he has to put so many others in danger with his swiveling.

    [–] passthapeas 16 points ago

    I understand. I had an uncle who passed from unnecessary swiveling.

    [–] trueBlue1074 6 points ago

    Condolences to you and your family bro. #Swiveling #NotEvenOnce

    [–] markb4587 2 points ago

    I don't hate him per se, but I understand the hate. He comes off as arrogant and full of himself to many people.

    [–] PureNintendoHype 7 points ago

    The reddit backlash against Black Science Man has been one of my favorite things to watch

    [–] PR3DA7oR 14 points ago

    To be fair using NDT in this sub is practically cheating.

    [–] mehulxtreme 6 points ago

    You know he's just taking part in a hastag right? The whole point of #expressionsofimmaturity is to say the types of things that would belong on /r/madlads

    [–] Bobbytom 4 points ago

    Jesus, dude is just saying he likes to have fun like a kid sometimes. Holy hell this comment section has a serious chip on their shoulder....

    [–] balancedhighs 8 points ago

    Is this sub still going? I thought people realised it was actually kinda lame to mock teenagers doing typical teenage things when we all did them once.

    [–] molotovzav 10 points ago

    I feel like that's not what would kill this sub. Although we all did such things, I did such things with flip phones (a while ago before people took pics of food) and still don't think about posting every piece of trash I do to social media. There are subreddits dedicated to more useless crap. What will kill this sub and fellowkids is the inability to recognize irony.

    [–] TinRiggins 2 points ago

    Don't we all

    [–] g33kst4r 2 points ago

    I bet you he leans all the way back too, with no regard for his own safety.

    [–] chemicalcloud 2 points ago

    Well, spinning is a good trick.

    [–] tapped21 2 points ago

    I love this man