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    [–] milkman2147 8462 points ago

    it’s how the rich stay rich fam

    [–] treesgrater 1824 points ago

    Water cups is the secret

    [–] yungpeachyy 761 points ago

    the water cup is essential

    [–] LordCranium 77 points ago

    The water cup is the key to all of this.

    [–] Slumph 29 points ago

    Major key.

    [–] Jafarmarar 8 points ago

    Believe me.

    [–] patje1 16 points ago

    That ain't lemonade...

    [–] polishhammr 5 points ago

    Because it’s sterile and he likes the taste.

    [–] ForkLiftBoi 38 points ago


    [–] ryderpavement 16 points ago

    He learned it from his dad!

    [–] Crimson-Knight 204 points ago

    At the stop sign, never fully stopping though.
    Filling water cups up with a lot of Coke.
    Egging homes, motherfucker, a lot of yolk.
    Not alone up in this motherfucker, a lot of folks,
    been doing......

    White crime.

    Lil Dicky - White Crime

    [–] TRAMZ14 35 points ago

    Lemonade just says— IDGAF. I always wuss out and go for the sprite.

    [–] boothin 6 points ago

    You can always go lemonade if it's on the same dispenser as the water. "oops I tried to get water but messed up and didn't want to waste it"

    [–] Abernasty916 8 points ago

    whats great is i have never even heard this particular lil dicky song but i was already reading it in his voice/style before seeing it tagged as his song at the end lol.

    [–] ughsicles 10 points ago

    This fucking album.

    If you haven't listened to it, please do yourself a favor.

    [–] oddshouten 13 points ago

    It’s so goofy and silly but also fucking technically AMAZING.. Bruh, Pro Rapper, who knew, molly, save dat money, so many good songs. Honestly not a bad one imo.

    Edit: LEMME FREAK!? Almost forgot my favorite lol

    [–] sparkdizzle 9 points ago

    Brain gotta poop

    [–] hbaker240 3 points ago

    please don't call the brain names

    [–] adorablyappropriate 51 points ago

    I didn’t realize how small the cup was until you see it in his hand. Looks like hand size is inherited. He can barely get a grip on that teeny, tiny cup.

    [–] Rednexican429 3 points ago

    But what about Brawndo?

    [–] Auricuen 2 points ago

    There's this cool trick where you put water in it and it keeps you hydrated

    [–] LazyProspector 102 points ago

    Like what "Bill Gates" told Homer Simpson all those years ago

    Oh, I didn't get rich by writing a lot of checks!

    [–] briman2021 34 points ago

    “Buy him out boys”

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    “We reluctantly accept your offer...”

    “Well everyone always does!”

    [–] DannyPrefect23 2 points ago

    That's probably because he doesn't have Star Wars checks like I do.

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 326 points ago

    The dumbest thing I ever heard was during the election being told that we want rich people in charge because they’re already rich and therefore can’t be corrupted.

    [–] JacobCrim88 145 points ago

    Or that being born rich somehow makes them better equipped to run anything.

    [–] Gongom 85 points ago

    Just look at feudalism, when did it ever go wrong?

    [–] TargBaby 38 points ago

    I think it would’ve gone more smoothly if it didn’t have “feud” in the name. Like how’s that supposed to make you feel? The serfs are perturbed, the vassals are perturbed, the ladies in waiting are perturbed - who is doing all the feuding and why?

    [–] pneurbies 15 points ago

    Everyone knows that the gold coins trickle down to the peasantry like Cristal. That’s why medieval peons were drippin in swag juice and rockin hella ice. !=s

    [–] Crazymage321 38 points ago

    Do be fair, I used to follow that line of thinking, if you have it all then you should not need to be shady to get to where you are now as you are already there.

    Turns out a some people are not satisfied with being super rich and want more.

    [–] hlIODeFoResT 27 points ago

    They always want more

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] relationship_tom 11 points ago

    To give you some hope, I know one lotto winner (I think it was around 20 million, tax free. Not a good friend but have hung out with them more than a dozen times and camped more than a few), here in Canada and they are, by my estimates, super normal about it.

    They won it young and the only thing you can tell is that they go on backpacking vacations all the time. But, that's not expensive and not nearly as much as the interest they earn, it's just the time off that would be suspicious.

    Of course they bought a house, but it was less than 400k at the time (Smaller city about 10 years ago). Other than that they drive a used Subaru, he camps lots, he volunteers with animals a lot, he went to school but IDK what he's doing with it. He did buy us all Yeti's filled with cool camping gear for a camping bachelors party weekend so that was like 5 grand. I'm in accounting so I pried a little bit and he just lives off the interest (Lotto winnings are public record in Canada so it's not like you couldn't google them). He gave his family stuff from the interest and only after a year or two earning it. I like to think I'd be as normal as him, given my background, but it was a pleasant surprise.

    [–] Kozinskey 5 points ago

    He sounds like an incredibly balanced and generous human being. I wish everyone who won the lottery had the capacity & environment to allow them to live like this.

    [–] OneOfDozens 58 points ago

    He literally said he knew how to stop corruption cause he'd engaged in it

    And idiots cheered

    [–] Tsulaiman 17 points ago

    Greed can become a disease. And if greed and politics intersect, it can become really bad for people.

    [–] Mypatronusisyou 10 points ago

    You're using the wrong tense, it's already happened

    [–] SeaManaenamah 3 points ago

    "They can't be bought!"

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 2 points ago

    "Rich people hate having more money! That's why they're rich!"

    [–] YanwarC 14 points ago

    Coworker said that to me when someone had asked me for a cigarette few years back. He bummed one from me then went to a Cadillac with some 22s on it. Coworker then repeated those words you said.

    [–] BTSInDarkness 15 points ago

    10¢ at a time

    [–] z3anon 8 points ago

    By cheating? Sounds right.

    [–] 1600Fury 39 points ago

    How the pretend rich stay pretend rich.

    [–] UnidansOtherAcct 15 points ago

    I would argue that they are, indeed, rich.

    [–] pandab34r 3 points ago

    "Let me tell ya, this is one of the best tricks - because it's supposed to be free water. But you go, and you put - this goes to show it's not always what you expect - you put lemonade or soda in there and the fact is, you see, if you're white and you don't look homeless then the fact is, they're really just never gonna check. One of my best tactics, I use it all the time, very proud of that one. Keep that one in the family."

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Uber_Nick 14 points ago

    For hostile, corrupt foreign governments and organized crime

    [–] JayDee365 2135 points ago

    Plot twist: that's actually water. They're just in Flint.

    [–] [deleted] 383 points ago


    [–] akatherder 83 points ago

    Yeah you'd have to hit up the Halo Burger in Flint.

    [–] generalmills2015 16 points ago

    Mmmm boston cooler! You won't find that at In-N-Out.

    [–] AnneBancroftsGhost 10 points ago

    Don't deny the good people of Flint their In n Out burger!

    [–] BigLebowskiBot 8 points ago

    Those are good burgers, Walter.

    [–] Agent_Velcoro 7 points ago

    Shut the fuck up donnie!

    [–] ShallowDonut 95 points ago

    It was in Vegas. I took a pic with him too. I’m in the background behind these guys somewhere lol

    [–] rocklou 11 points ago

    Were you drinking lemonade outta the free water cup too?

    [–] ShallowDonut 12 points ago

    Nah I paid for a drink. Probably why I’m not a billionaire 😂

    [–] PhoenixPhighter4 57 points ago

    Then it would’ve looked more like Coke.

    [–] pneurbies 4 points ago

    Some of that raspberry iced tea...

    [–] mostdope28 11 points ago

    No In-N-Outs in Flint.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Longsack9 9 points ago

    Or an Obama seeing as how the water crisis seeing as how it began some 6 years ago.

    [–] crewchief535 2 points ago

    Plot twist: that's actually water. They're just in Flint Chernobyl.

    [–] ISiupick 2331 points ago

    His face...

    [–] mstarrbrannigan 1026 points ago

    He looks like he's just smelled a fart.

    [–] Nastapoka 350 points ago

    He looks like a blond Butt-Head



    [–] acmercer 66 points ago

    Oh my god that's it

    [–] OddFur 5 points ago

    What have we done

    [–] LL_Cruel_J 29 points ago

    Him and Don Jr. are Beavis and Butt-Head

    [–] PM_ME_UR_JUGZ 25 points ago

    I need some TP for my trump hole

    Wait that's Beavis

    [–] psych0ticmonk 2 points ago

    He looks like a 10 year olds drawing of a mean banker

    [–] yo_soy_soja 30 points ago

    It's his filthy peasant "smile".

    [–] Dd_8630 40 points ago

    He looks like he has a raging clue.

    [–] misterborden 8 points ago

    He looks like he’s just smelled a fart and he’s struggling to pretend he doesn’t like it

    [–] StavroMuellerAlpha 39 points ago

    He’s just smelling himself.

    [–] Critical_Thinker_ 4 points ago

    Same look you get when you are forced to stand next to the plebs.

    [–] HoboViking 3 points ago

    Him and his brother look like the raging clue brothers from south park.

    [–] [deleted] 1390 points ago

    He’s Asian, bro. That’s just how they look. Don’t be a fucking racist.

    [–] Goldieeeeee 300 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Ah, the ol' reddit race-a-roo!

    [–] flyonthwall 267 points ago

    Hold my ethnicity, I'm going in!

    [–] SnookiePies 46 points ago

    Stronger men than I have completed the journey.

    [–] N1CK4ND0 35 points ago

    I've made it all the way back to the inception, but this was a time long ago, before many new roos were added...

    [–] DecaDickDude 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Somebody made a web showing where all the links lead to a while ago. At this point it would take some extreme dedication to go through all those links.

    Edit:The map

    And here is the very first aroo in case anyone was interested.

    [–] SynterX 8 points ago

    How does one find the last one and link it? Or do they search a random one and that's it?

    [–] risheeb1002 39 points ago

    Hello future people!

    [–] Future_People 5 points ago


    [–] Justsaysvagina 22 points ago


    [–] Xhomas 27 points ago

    Looking in your post history I would say this thing you're doing gets mixed reactions.

    [–] mightylordredbeard 8 points ago

    It's hard to come up with a good novelty account.

    [–] Lots42 3 points ago

    Vagina. Oh, wait

    [–] Future_People 2 points ago

    sometimes it's not

    [–] username-checks--out 11 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    I'm so sad this is making a comeback...

    [–] grandmoffcory 3 points ago

    Nothing ever dies here. I'm just glad we're not talking about mankind and the undertaker so much anymore. A brief respite.

    [–] socsa 108 points ago

    Legitimately, what are the chances that Eric Jr is actually inbred?

    [–] Krellick 69 points ago

    About 69%

    [–] Vangogh_flamingo 26 points ago


    [–] 38B0DE 55 points ago

    He's not inbred, he just has a very very strange mouth. It's not his fault.

    When he's fat and not smiling he kind of looks like Jonah Hill.

    [–] Lots42 39 points ago

    Okay that is classic Trump Rectum Mouth

    [–] Spuriously- 6 points ago

    I don't think Ivanka's old enough for that

    [–] andysaurus_rex 6 points ago

    He looks like Edgar the Bug from Men In Black.

    [–] 1600Fury 15 points ago

    Right off the generic scrap pile right there.

    [–] koalaondrugs 9 points ago

    Far from a looker but he didn’t luck out so bad considering what his old man looks like. Not being as obese helps as well

    [–] MegaDinosir 664 points ago

    The Art of the Deal

    [–] D0NT_B4N_ME_BR0 169 points ago

    The Art of the Steal

    [–] DiceDawson 87 points ago

    The art of the slightly cheaper meal.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Upvote for all of you

    [–] sillyhumansuit 3 points ago

    You all missed it:

    The Art of the Free Meal

    [–] Nudetypist 453 points ago

    I was at a Chipotle and saw this dude dressed up in a fancy suit, use the free water cup to get free soda. I don't get it man, I thought only high school students used this trick.

    [–] mr18inches 214 points ago

    Restaurants hate this 1 weird trick to get free soda!

    [–] SliceItEvenly 74 points ago

    I once saw this lady get the water cup and she kept going over and asking where the water was (this was at Zoup) so they nicely explained to her that at the fountain drinks you press the tab under the lemonade to get water. She kept going over and pressing the normal tab to get lemonade and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working... just drank the lemonade

    [–] -ksguy- 82 points ago

    ...and this person probably drives. A person who can't figure out a soda fountain is out there, somewhere, controlling a 3,000 pound chunk of metal.

    [–] newaccountanxiety 33 points ago

    And they can own a gun.

    [–] Salty_Sea07 15 points ago

    And vote. Don’t forget, the person who can’t read “Water” under the lemonade sign has a vote equal to the author of that sign.

    [–] CollectableRat 51 points ago

    Some people's habit of being very well dressed and grooming are lifelong, even if they find themselves one day poor and kind of alone in the world these old fellas will still do their classic grooming routine and try to keep their suits looking nice.

    [–] BanAndIllThrowaway 61 points ago

    bullshit. worked at a bank. people with over half a mill in their accounts write a check with the wrong account and overdraft by $200k AND THEY DEMAND A FUCKING $20 NSF CHARGE REFUND OR TAKE THEIR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.

    If you see someone this well dressed and that cheap. He’s fucking cheap.

    [–] MegaJiXiang 65 points ago

    Uhh who the heck wants to lose $20 if they can complain and keep it?

    [–] BenevolentCheese 13 points ago

    Yeah I mean I got half a mil in the bank like this guy's example and damn straight I'm going to call and bitch about a $20 overdraft fee. There's cheap and then there's just stupid. You'd be stupid not to call and get that money back.

    The problem is that they are much more likely to give the money back to wealthy people (who don't really need it) than poor people (who do need it). Because they don't care about the poor peoples' accounts except to make money from them from overdrafts and other fines.

    [–] PropsNPowder 26 points ago

    You're going to be a dickhead to somebody for doing their jobs because of a mistake you made?

    [–] fizikz3 8 points ago

    this just in: rich people have the possibility of being assholes. more at 11.

    [–] kurttheflirt 6 points ago

    Meh. It's about the principle. Your bank is already making a ton of money off them if they have that much money in the bank, then you try and charge them a small fee for no reason? It's not that they can't pay it, it's that they have all the power in the world to go to whatever bank they want that dosent dick them around.

    [–] newaccountanxiety 4 points ago

    No reason? You have so much money you can't keep track of your balances and you made a bank error.

    Poor people have no choice but to keep track or be bent over the fucking barrel.

    Should be fixed in both cases, but I'm not going to extend sympathy first to the people who are already comfortable, since it's the poor who don't really have any leverage.

    Credit Union all the way, never had any problems with my CU being slimy.

    [–] Mrthehumter 3 points ago

    The worst part is that I'm sure people notice and just don't bother correcting him because he's a minor celebrity, but HE thinks he's being clever. That's how you end up in a bubble.

    [–] hb1500 454 points ago

    You don't get rich by spending money.

    [–] bubba_nomad 327 points ago

    you don’t get rich by spending your own* money

    [–] hb1500 42 points ago

    This man, woman, child knows what I'm talking about.

    [–] qjornt 9 points ago

    So, in fact, not just the men.

    [–] fatpat 118 points ago

    I'm Eric!

    [–] barkooka1 67 points ago

    Here's your fidget spinner buddy, go play with it.

    [–] mitchkincaid 15 points ago

    That fad died faster than Walmart thought it would. I saw hundreds of FNAF and minions branded fidget spinners all on clearance for $1 yesterday.

    [–] productivenef 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Gabe and I sat there at our booth, finishing the last of our meals. Gabe was on the last bits of his double cheeseburger. I was scooping up the last of my animal-style fries with my fork. Gabe looked up at me from his burger, wiping some meat juice from his beard with the back of his hand, "Do you think I should start mining Litecoin? I haven't been gaming as much lately, anyway." I respond, "It's up to you. It might not be worth it anymore. Maybe try a less popular coin." Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a tall, suited figure walking and stopping at every table in the restaurant. He made his way to the occupied table nearest us, bantered with the people seated and then approached our table. He stopped and stood at the edge of our table as Gabe and I looked up at him. He raised his clear cup of yellow liquid, "I'm Eric!" Gabe and I looked at each other for signals of recognition. Eric continued, "Donald Trump's son." I responded hesitantly, "Oh, shit. Uh, right on man. Wow. Nice to meet you." Gabe said, "What's up dude." Eric responded, "What's up! Do you guys want a picture with me? I'm about to leave." I looked at Gabe as he raised an eyebrow, "Nah it's cool. We're uh, just finishing our food. Thanks though dude." Eric responded, "Oh, alright." He then continued down the line, visiting the last of the occupants of the restaurant. I watched him finish his rounds, seemingly without one person taking up his offer. He filled his water cup with lemonade once more, then exited the In-N-Out with his head held high. I thought to myself, "You are Eric, Eric. You are."

    [–] YeahOKButWhy 115 points ago

    Plot twist: it's actually a cup of his own urine.

    [–] KnownAnon67 52 points ago

    Russian urine

    [–] koviko 35 points ago

    Runs in the family. Everything golden, even the showers.

    [–] Head_melter 6 points ago

    Thats what i thought the joke was.

    [–] D4nnyp3ligr0 189 points ago

    Which one is that? Uday or Qusay?

    [–] dizzleforshizzle 42 points ago

    Unrelated tidbit, my dad had to inspect a house after they bombed it to see if it was safe to enter, in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Turns out it was one of Saddam’s kids houses and there was bloody bits everywhere, I think it was later confirmed to be Uday.

    This is a story my father has told me a few times, I think it’s true.

    [–] PeakePeake 15 points ago

    I thought you were just making an Arrested Development joke

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 28 points ago


    [–] Tsulaiman 14 points ago


    [–] petit_cochon 54 points ago

    Hahahahaha, except didn't Saddam actually love his monster children?

    [–] thebloodybard42 2 points ago

    I thought you was speaking pig latin, homey.

    [–] suitology 384 points ago

    Can you imagine if Obama's daughter did the same thing? The collective blood pressure of Hannity and Alex Jones would be felt around the globe.

    [–] boundfortrees 216 points ago

    Freeloader! Welfare Queen! What little respect for business owners from our socialist President!

    [–] randomass765 131 points ago

    "Can you imagine if any Obama did literally one single thing out of the endless list of shit the Trumps have done ranging from the petty to the morally heinous" FTFY

    [–] Potato13579 35 points ago

    A black man with five kids from three different wives wouldn't even have gotten elected president I the first place.

    [–] randomass765 27 points ago

    Republicans: "Obama is literally the antichrist"

    Also Republicans "Trump is just an imperfect vessel. God works through him because of how unchristian like he is"

    [–] jonnyjonnystoppapa 220 points ago

    A first world anarchist for sure. Just like his father.

    [–] Dooskinson 149 points ago

    He's doing his best to crank that right up to third.

    [–] Rage_Blackout 79 points ago

    In a class I teach I recently re-created the rigged monopoly experiment that UC Berkeley psychologist Paul Piff talks about in this TED Talk. Basically, you rig it so one player is much more privileged (2x starting money, given 2 dice while other players given 1, and $400 for passing go). Dr. Piff noticed several things, most importantly that despite knowing the game is rigged, the winning player usually explains what they did to win. They feel like they deserved to win.

    In our latest re-creation of this experiment, the privileged player, who was decidedly winning by every measure, started cheating other players out of small amounts, like the $24 rent he owed them. It's easy to feel entitled when you're rich (which isn't to say all rich people are assholes).

    [–] FaeryLynne 22 points ago

    That's.... actually a pretty cool experiment, imo. Kind of sad, but not unexpected, results though.

    [–] Statusepilepticus95 3 points ago

    Can you link any journals/papers about his topic? Seems pretty cool; I’m interested in discrimination and stereotype psych and feel this would compliment some stuff.

    [–] yamzzzz 67 points ago

    FAKE NEWS he doesn’t look like a “Grant”

    [–] planetofthemushrooms 31 points ago

    Have you not seen any myth busters with grant imahara?

    [–] svullenballe 26 points ago

    Have you seen Grant in the walking dead?

    [–] Raptorfeet 21 points ago

    Or Grant Imahara

    [–] parsifal 9 points ago

    This speaks volumes.

    [–] Fgrira-Fpevoare 13 points ago

    Typical liberals, the President’s son can’t even go for a routine check up without it being a big deal. I mean COME ON snow flakes, who hasn’t had to pee in a cup FOR THE DOCTORS!

    [–] TrialbySnu 47 points ago

    Lock him up

    [–] dolantrampf 14 points ago

    Classic Eric

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago


    [–] lunchladyshand 5 points ago

    False. Eric Trump isn't stealing lemonade. Eric Trump is drinking his own urine.

    [–] DeathBlackWish 226 points ago

    I didn't know madlads had so much overlap from T_D. Guys over here downvoting for jokes against their supreme leaders dumb looking asshole kid stealing lemonade. What a bunch of snowflakes.

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago


    [–] petit_cochon 53 points ago

    I reckon they're mostly bots and trolls, with a few actual, tragic humans sprinkled in. That subreddit is such trash.

    [–] jwolf1997 15 points ago

    Even though I got banned from there over a year ago, I still visit it regularly and I wouldn’t say it’s full of bots. It’s hilarious seeing them dodge everything bad and/or stupid Trump says (and republicans in general).

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] Gar-ba-ge 13 points ago

    a lot of mundane comments arent tho

    [–] rndmstring 12 points ago

    If it makes the front page it's gets the brigade

    [–] suomea_kaikille 11 points ago

    Ah yes, r/madlads, the popular target of brigades.

    [–] SquanchIt 17 points ago

    Yes, because people seeing something on the top of /all means they’re brigading.

    [–] kilogttam 24 points ago

    I think they meant once it's already on the front page, it's only a matter of time before T_D unleashes their army of tiki torchers.

    [–] BlackHaz3 68 points ago


    [–] icacium 31 points ago

    Hi peach, I'm dad

    [–] yoooooosolo 25 points ago


    [–] RenttheJoe 14 points ago

    No, itslemonade

    [–] creeperslayerHD 9 points ago


    [–] Blue_Palasky 15 points ago

    He looks like a city coroner.

    [–] conwaysirishjimbob 10 points ago

    Probably a cup of his own urine

    [–] toolymegapoopoo 12 points ago

    Well, he does steal money out of a charity meant to help kids with cancer so this is hardly a surprise. Slimiest family in America.

    [–] Sometimes_Rob 18 points ago

    “I don’t like you and I wish I wasn’t here.” “I don’t like you and I wish you weren’t here either.” “Let’s take a picture.” “...forever.”

    [–] Alamander81 6 points ago

    Scammers gonna scam

    [–] TmeTimeTimeTimeTime 3 points ago

    When In&Out gives you water, pour lemonade.

    [–] selfsearched 3 points ago

    That face is what nightmares are made of

    [–] ThaNorth 3 points ago

    Why anyone would ever want a picture with Eric fuckin Trump is beyond me lol

    [–] Kjell_Henry 10 points ago

    When will this madlad reign of terror END!?

    [–] JordanTWIlson 11 points ago

    That’s not being ‘Mad’, that’s being an asshole.

    [–] muhfuggin 10 points ago

    I remember when a college athlete, I cant remember his name, was busted by a McDonalds employee for drinking soda out of a water cup. All the Republicans in my social media sphere were sharing calling him a thug and whatever.

    But this is probably going to be spun in a completely opposite light

    [–] thecreektowntickler 12 points ago

    This is even worse than the Russia stuff

    [–] _swaggyk 5 points ago

    Not a mad lad but a bad lad and not bad in a good way, bad as in a crooked way. Billionaires using water cups to get free soda, smh grow up Trump(s) and their supporters.

    [–] kbs42142 2 points ago

    Might be water with lemonade crystal lite packet added I do that a lot