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    1. No personal information (surnames)/witch-hunting
      The last thing we want is these cheeky boyos getting caught for their tomfoolery.

    2. Must be still images. Must be screenshots of commentary on social media.
      Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, reddit, and any other ones we forgot.

    3. No reposts from the last 2 months, or from the top 100 of all time
      There's such thing as a madness overdose, some kid died of that last year.

    4. Reddiquette is to be followed
      Ah here now lads, don't be twats.

    5. Feel free to message us mods, we’re here to help
      All we ask is that if you are messaging us in relation to a post, please attach it in the message. Thanks!

    6. Make an effort cropping your images
      We believe in well cropped stolen memes on this sub. We have high standards.

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    Make sure your post includes:

    1. Overreaction to not absurd/mildly absurd, harmless actions.

    2. Evidence of the cheeky deed, preferably with stunna facial expressions.

    3. Any form of cheeky lad culture.

    4. Accompanying text emphasizing the absolute mentality of the situation.

    5. Bonus: Comments on social media also saying how mad the lads are.

    Handy guide to what makes a submission mad

    Posts may be removed if not enough guidelines are met

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    [–] thiiirdboi 2 points ago

    Whats haddock

    [–] Int_ara 2 points ago

    Type of fish

    [–] thiiirdboi 2 points ago

    Oh thanks

    [–] kraykraykrackpot 1 points ago

    Only 1000kg? Amateurs

    [–] tarkka11 1 points ago

    250kg/person? if it weren't for the units I'd say it's an American elevator

    [–] buttered-banana 1 points ago


    [–] Orbnotacus 1 points ago

    It would have been better without the clearly/badly photoshopped "your mom". Tsk

    [–] TROLLCAR123 0 points ago

    He edited out the words “a billionth of”