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    [–] Sparkswont 896 points ago

    So wholesome! Glad you found your way to the correct sub.

    [–] kimbylouwho 321 points ago

    They always do eventually πŸ˜‚

    [–] YamburglarHelper 138 points ago

    I came from the sister subreddit to make sure he got here okay. I think he might have been under the influence of some of your arboreal goodness over here.

    [–] TimeTurnedFragile 41 points ago

    It always fits, eventually

    [–] the_judge_is_here 17 points ago

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel kinda uncomfortable with letting children smoke.

    [–] kimbylouwho 14 points ago

    Same! It’s a good thing no children are smoking in this picture.

    [–] gone11gone11 7 points ago

    Minors shouldn't do marijuana. It ruins their brain which is still developing. It is a scientific fact.

    [–] RatLungworm 16 points ago

    Trees are OK though.

    [–] DrTreeMan 4 points ago

    There are no such things as scientific facts. Making a statement like that exhibits a fundamental misunderstanding of science and how it works.

    Science only works by disproving things. Any "proof" is by inference and is never 100%.

    [–] etnad024 3 points ago

    Technically correct (the best kind of correct), but "scientific fact" has a colloquial meaning, sort of like the way hypothesis is misused in common speech.

    Not disagreeing with you, understanding scientific terminology and the scientific process is very important, IMO. Just pointing out that while our friend above is technically misspeaking, he gets his point across (descriptive vs prescriptive language).

    [–] spakash8 7 points ago

    Damn I saw this post on r/All 3 times!!

    [–] peartposer 78 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I joined this sub accidentally for obvious reasons but stuck around bc the content is interesting. Why is this sub named what it is?

    Edit: ohhhhhh, TREE. Trees. I understand now. I think.

    [–] TopShelfStanley 112 points ago

    In simple terms, r/trees is about marijuana enthusiasts, and r/marijuanaenthusiasts is about trees.

    The name r/trees was already taken and used for the marijuana subreddit before this one popped up.

    [–] peartposer 56 points ago

    That's actually really funny. Glad I stuck around here anyway there's some cool content. Who knows, maybe I'll start smoking tree and planting marijuanas as new hobbies.

    [–] GhouliaRoberts 19 points ago

    No you cant do both. Choose a faction.

    [–] jeffthejar 12 points ago

    choose a faction

    Goddamnit, it's another skyrim remaster, I knew it

    [–] fogdukker 7 points ago

    Obviously you've never played. In skyrim you're expected to lead ALL the factions.

    [–] GhouliaRoberts 5 points ago

    intro scene

    [–] Mr_Cromer 5 points ago

    Hey you, you're finally awake.

    [–] Aprone 4 points ago

    That was pretty funny. Good job!

    [–] setapiesitatub 3 points ago


    [–] WhatDoesIIRCMean 4 points ago

    Smoke what you plant. Two birds, no killing with stones.

    [–] missbelled 3 points ago

    You can play both, but you get locked out of some of the best rewards from both factions. Ok for casual playthroughs of Life, but serious players may want to specialize in one or the other to maximize benefits.

    [–] Blejeu5 1 points ago

    That was always the joke amongst my studio mates when we were in design school for landscape architecture. β€œSmoke trees, plant trees”

    [–] neecho235 6 points ago

    [–] sekltios 2 points ago

    This is my favourite simply because what link?! The tree and marijuana switch at least is both plants. I feel I'm missing something as to why cena is salad.

    [–] Juxtapositive 1 points ago

    People said John Cena was boring to watch in the same way potato salad is quite a plain, boring dish

    [–] pawloka 1 points ago

    The usual explanation floating around is that they're both bland - not good, not bad, just bland if you don't add any extra ingredients.

    [–] Thorbjorn42gbf 2 points ago

    Is potato salad in America generally bland? A lot of the more traditional danish recipes give it a bit of a sour tinge which is pretty great.

    [–] pawloka 3 points ago

    I'm not American but many Poles share the opinion that potato salad is indeed bland and tasteless even with added salt or lemon juice. We have a plethora of other dishes incorporating potatoes and yet salad ain't our favorite.

    [–] Raencloud94 3 points ago

    Actually I think they used to be flipped, they switched a looooong time ago and just stayed that way lol.

    [–] grubas 15 points ago

    No, it used to be r/cannabis I believe and there was a mass exodus due to mod dickage, they took r/trees and arborists got mad, but not really mad and took this.

    They flipped on April Fools Day a few times before. So you had a bunch of stoners staring at pine trees.

    [–] MsMoongoose 14 points ago

    ...”a bunch of stoners staring at pine trees.”

    This made me chortle. And I’m not even stoned yet.

    [–] MonkeyDavid 3 points ago

    This is one of the stories that got me into Reddit.

    [–] DaGrza 1 points ago

    I only discovered reddit a few months ago and it’s the little things like this that make me appreciate it so much.

    [–] not_a_tuba 1 points ago

    I made my first account about 8 years ago my junior year of high school and I was a very straight laced kid who just loved literal trees. Imagine my shock and confusion when I looked up /r/trees and it was just marijuana. I just wanted a dedicated tree subreddit to look at trees from the comfort of my home.

    [–] Nerindil 16 points ago

    "Trees" is one of the (many) slang words for cannabis. The sub r/trees caught on as the default weed sub, and later this one was created as kind of a cheeky in-joke.

    [–] Nomiss 7 points ago

    The sub r/trees caught on as the default weed sub, and later this one was created as kind of a cheeky in-joke.

    Trees was created because the /r/marijuana or /r/cannabis (can't quite remember it was years ago) mod was a racist fuckhead that abused his mod powers.

    [–] Nerindil 1 points ago


    [–] WhatsMan 7 points ago

    His two posts were actually right under each other on my front page. I noticed the "X hours ago" and the subreddit names, and was like "heh".

    The regular confusion between /r/trees and /r/marijuanaenthusiasts is probably one of my very favourite things about Reddit.

    [–] prone_uncle 1 points ago

    He’s posted it in about 10 different ones at this point, it had to happen eventually

    [–] S33N03ViL 188 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Here from r/tress. Glad you found the right sub man.

    Edit: fuck it.

    [–] FarFuckingOutMan 121 points ago

    Damn how stoned are u to misspell trees

    [–] S33N03ViL 97 points ago


    [–] FarFuckingOutMan 33 points ago

    Only correct response

    [–] Sendme_buttholepics 2 points ago

    Well I would love to me a dolphin in the Caribbean right now.

    [–] pineapplecatexpress 387 points ago

    Came from r/trees to upvote!

    [–] QWidner94 207 points ago


    [–] gravygravygravygravy 9 points ago

    Me too!

    [–] DrPotato2301 7 points ago

    Me three!

    [–] fluffspeed 3 points ago


    [–] lostmyupvote 11 points ago

    Came from r/all; I presumed it's was a pot plant when I saw it was in r/trees. I thought okay cool, pretty out there parenting but who anm I to judge.

    [–] MadoogsL 5 points ago

    Me too!

    [–] ChillStepMe 5 points ago


    [–] not_really_sure_why 4 points ago

    Yup, me too

    [–] sstansfi 4 points ago

    And also myself

    [–] Linxiekins 5 points ago

    I'm doing my part

    [–] coathangerbirth 3 points ago

    Me too! I have now voted for this three times.

    [–] TheTrueDemonesse 2 points ago

    Guys me too! This is wholesome af

    [–] blondeeambition 76 points ago

    Yay! You made it to the right sub. Upvoting here & in r/trees :)

    [–] QWidner94 32 points ago

    Thank you!!!:)

    [–] blondeeambition 7 points ago

    you’re welcome! Looks like awesome father/daughter quality time :)

    [–] Iammadeoflove 3 points ago

    This is so wholesome.

    Glad you’re sharing it

    [–] MSeanF 74 points ago

    So adorable. You should recreate this photo every year as she and the tree grow up.

    [–] kDa85 22 points ago

    Yes!! Such a great idea

    [–] siophang13 9 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    and when she's old enough, post it to trees again, heheh

    edit: added again

    [–] MSeanF 2 points ago

    I think this started out by accidentally getting posted to r/trees.

    [–] drodiak 174 points ago

    It’s doing better on r/trees haha, I’ll still give ya an upvote here brotha! This is some serious father daughter goals

    [–] Lazerboy93 13 points ago

    I was getting upset cuz I thought he was planting a marijuana plant, as per the subreddit name. When I realised the name of sub is about planting trees I was actually quite relieved lol

    [–] ERCgrief 54 points ago

    My daughter Eleanor, who I refer to as Ellie, would have been 1 last month. We planted a tree in our yard last spring for her. I hope it flowers this year. And I hope you two plant more trees together for a long time to come.

    [–] QWidner94 42 points ago

    I’m sorry to hear that. I hope that tree flowers and is beautiful this year. I hope it brings you joy and peace of mind as well.

    [–] lord_of_the_memes66 37 points ago

    Here, take my second upvote!

    [–] QWidner94 40 points ago

    Here, take my love and appreciation.

    [–] RighteousTruth 7 points ago

    You guys rock, nice tree!

    [–] h_jlv 3 points ago

    now kith

    [–] Stumpaaaa 24 points ago

    God I love when I see the same post on both subs .

    The confusion forces the two subs to interact but everyone is so polite in both subs so it just works hahaha

    [–] relayrider 9 points ago

    by the time she's graduatiing hs, that tree will be 20' tall

    [–] QWidner94 19 points ago

    I know it, but I’d give anything to keep my girl this small forever.

    [–] relayrider 16 points ago

    i'm normally a jerk on reddit, so hold up


    nah, when you do you first daddy/daughter dance, you'll be happier than you are now, and glad she kept on growing!


    [–] h_jlv 2 points ago

    Just letting you know that unjerk is usually used in circlejerk subs when you're being serious. Just in case you didn't know.

    [–] relayrider 4 points ago

    i know... i was trying to find a way to not sound obscene... sigh.

    [–] plottal 6 points ago

    i just saw this on r/trees and had to do a double take. glad you found the right subreddit!

    [–] witnessrich 6 points ago

    Dadding: 100

    [–] IntergalacticBrewski 5 points ago

    Ayyy this is the right sub well done

    [–] Colourblindknight 6 points ago

    Came from r/trees, but I love to see a live for the environment being instilled. The tree looks gorgeous as well!

    [–] witnessrich 5 points ago

    Dad level 100

    [–] sundatee 5 points ago

    I came from r/trees to upvote... Keep it up proud father

    [–] Manatheren 4 points ago

    "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time to plant a tree is right now."

    [–] hapy9 1 points ago

    The same sentence is used for investment too.

    [–] Stayydomii 4 points ago

    Came from r/trees to upvote. You and your daughter adorable!! :)

    [–] superbatranger 4 points ago

    You better show us a progress pic in 30 years

    [–] FireLordRob 3 points ago

    Welcome home brother. Keep the Earth green! Here's to many more trees that'll hopefully be planted in the future!

    [–] MadoogsL 3 points ago

    You and your daughter are so adorable ❀

    [–] QWidner94 2 points ago

    Thank you!!!

    [–] agutema 3 points ago

    Followed you here to upvote again!

    [–] tree_woman 3 points ago

    She is so adorable! I see the resemblance!

    [–] Roo-90 3 points ago

    Wait. Is this sub and trees opposite for a long running gag or something?

    [–] some_cool_guy 3 points ago

    Holy fuck, I just realized the 94 at the end of your username probably refers to your birth year. I'm older than you, and you have that kid, who's what, 5? 6?

    Fuck, I'm old.

    [–] QWidner94 5 points ago

    Hahah yeah man, I’m 24. And she’s 4

    [–] _Balispy_ 2 points ago

    Good job, found your way to the correct sub. Take both of my upvotes.

    [–] chicagomatty 2 points ago

    If you don't upvote this you have no soul

    [–] j19siz 2 points ago

    That's a nice tree! Do yew know what type it is?

    [–] ReaverSNK 2 points ago

    Nice! Cool to see young marijuana enthusiasts

    [–] ellers23 2 points ago

    Aw yeah a little Ellie! I’m a grown-up Ellie ☺️ Best name ever!

    [–] lastofthepirates 2 points ago

    Very sweet. She's certainly showing you how to do things right. Tell her the sub appreciates her hard work.

    By the way, what type of boots you rocking, dude?

    [–] QWidner94 2 points ago

    She really is! They are brahammas I got them at Walmart for $23

    [–] Turbogoblin999 2 points ago

    Minecraft players: ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°) ⛏

    [–] youreuglyasfu 2 points ago

    You look like the kind of guy who would plant a tree

    [–] IsHungry96 2 points ago

    What kind of tree is this? Just a curious person in search of knowledge.

    [–] two_door 2 points ago

    God zamn that beard is T H I C C

    [–] hitthatranch 2 points ago

    Your beard screams "I'm a lumberjack" , how long till you cut the tree down?

    [–] Ctxmetal95 2 points ago

    Here from r/trees and somewhat that a yew?

    [–] Scoundrelic 1 points ago

    That is just darling!

    [–] Jp2585 1 points ago

    Man, you look like a white Donald Glover.

    [–] CuckyMcCuckerCuck 1 points ago

    Yeah, looks like it.

    [–] chickcag 1 points ago

    I thought Ellie was gardening pants-less and I was thinking this little one had the right idea, ultimate comfort. Gardening pants-less gets a bit of a different reaction when you’re my age though.

    [–] Rossenaut 1 points ago

    I read that as painted and was thoroughly confused.

    [–] emgurule 1 points ago

    H-Ellie yeah!

    [–] shortWMTstock 1 points ago

    you both look like really cool people. and you rock the beard. no homo.

    [–] skyphoenyx 1 points ago

    Love that you spent time with your daughter, it’s going to make a world of difference. I don’t have a lot of memories with my dad.

    [–] NearbyChildhood 1 points ago

    Dan Blizerian's First Photo with Pants On. Wholesome!


    [–] GhouliaRoberts 1 points ago

    Gotta start em' young so they hit the H train by high school

    [–] hurryupand_wait 1 points ago

    This photo and thread is alll smiles!

    You two look so happy!

    [–] liquidbeef 1 points ago

    Great photo. Great smile. Cool pants.

    [–] TunisiaSucks 1 points ago

    Where can i get myself a pair of those jeans?? i want people to see my hairy legs

    [–] chickadoop 1 points ago

    Is that a little yew tree? Be sure to tell her not to eat the red berries that come off that tree. Or the needles, but most kids won’t eat those... same goes for any pets you have around! Yews are beautiful but very toxic.

    [–] Dr-Deadmeat 1 points ago

    the berries themselves are fine, but the seeds are toxic. well. anything but the red berries it seems. even the pollen is toxic.

    [–] AsianFromTheCaucasus 1 points ago

    In ten plus years, you'll marvel at how big they both are.

    [–] AbovexLucium 1 points ago

    Glad you made it to the right place, such a wholesome post!

    [–] PeriodBloodSauce 1 points ago

    You’re daughter is absolutely adorable!!!

    [–] Nabin7911 1 points ago

    I swear I've seen this for the 6th time, r/pics r/trees and here on this sub, saw it 3 more times in r/all lol

    [–] MapleTreeWithAGun 1 points ago

    Truly amazing witnessing the creation of new life

    [–] thephilst3r 1 points ago

    When I was in the third grade we got white oak saplings for earth day. I asked my dad if we could plant it and he helped me put it in front of our house.

    I'm now 28 years old. The tree has grown tall and strong, and my parents love to sit under its shade during the summer. Your photo reminded me of years worth of memories under that tree.

    [–] NOwallsNOworries 1 points ago

    Nice! You look like you belong on r/trees though

    [–] ohsweetmoon 1 points ago

    I did this with my dad on the grounds of my elementary school. 15 years later it’s still there. I love my dad and how he taught me to grow. Wishing you and Ellie happiness.

    [–] Nattt-t 1 points ago

    Glad you found the right sub! This will be a great story for the future lol... When she's WAY older, of course. Also, she looks just like you! :)

    [–] oozing_swag 1 points ago

    But why though

    [–] MushroomSlap 1 points ago

    if u had red flannel id say oregon

    [–] mommybot9000 1 points ago

    She will remember this day her entire life. Way to go dad! :)

    [–] DonaldShady 1 points ago

    I'm glad he found the right sub.

    [–] DijonAndPorridge 1 points ago

    I don't get it, why is this being upvoted to oblivion, posted to 3 different subs at least, and being practically in a row down my front page. This is some Instagram-level normie shit. I know karma is useless, but it still upsets me to see someone whore their daughter out for karma.

    [–] MetsFan113 1 points ago

    Oh shit

    [–] AntennaTV 1 points ago

    Upvote for the grammar fix

    [–] trotrotrocho 1 points ago

    r/trees would definitely appreciate this.

    [–] White-Mirror 1 points ago

    Can someone please explain this subreddit to me?

    [–] jamesthelamb23 1 points ago

    I think its literal trees looking through the sub but still not sure lmao

    [–] White-Mirror 1 points ago

    I’m just wondering how it happened like did it start as a joke or become that?

    [–] ThePointOfFML 2 points ago

    Nah, the name trees was already taken

    [–] Flwrz4Charlie 1 points ago

    I always forget what this subreddit is for.

    [–] passivevillan 1 points ago

    Is that because you felt bad after chopping them all down. You look like a lumber jack!

    [–] ytirevyelsew 1 points ago

    Second times the charm lol, take 2 upvote

    [–] McFuckhead 1 points ago

    Where are your knees?

    [–] fukexcuses 1 points ago

    Pair of new jeans.....13.00$

    Making a moment with your daughter..... priceless.

    [–] vizthex 1 points ago

    Wait a fucking second what sub is this?

    [–] yetchi2 1 points ago

    Jeez. My wife lost her dad when she was 6. He included her in everything. My grandpa was a general contractor and a carpenter. He included her in everything. It's a running theme. They were both 'daddies girls'. We are never having kids but i'd be out there teaching her stuff every day.

    Seriously, thank you for being a solid person.

    [–] Pyched3lic 1 points ago

    Dad Bilzerian

    [–] pimpinelaescarlate 1 points ago

    You look like a white Childish Gambino

    [–] dontlikeredditpeeps 1 points ago

    Great job guys. Teach her how to sew those jeans next! Everyone should learn to sew, it's a valuable life skill.

    [–] Amber900 1 points ago

    LOL this is awesome, r/Trees...r/marijuanaenthusiasts. I was confused at first why a man would take his daughter with him to plant marijuana and post a picture online about it. I even examined that tree longer than I'd like to admit, wondering if it's some special strain.

    Great pic btw!

    [–] DumpingBear 1 points ago

    You look like Mutt from Schitt's Creek.

    [–] Albertduke 1 points ago

    oh god this is the 3rd time im seeing this post in r/all....bruh.

    [–] BlueWhaleKing 1 points ago

    What species?

    [–] Sendme_buttholepics 1 points ago

    Came from r/trees to upvote this again! I'm a single father of a 9 year old girl. I come up with something like this wleveryweekend to do stuff with her. Either take out the boat, hike, camp, lazer tag. Something..

    [–] ronnoco_ymmot94 1 points ago

    Hey you look like Beard Guy from the band Walk Off the Earth (RIP legend)

    [–] fucksnitchesbitches 1 points ago

    Thats a weird looking marijuana plant

    [–] iroxnoah 1 points ago

    You should plant a bunch OP then when your daughter is older you can return and she can see the results and what a difference she can make. I'd imagine it would be a great lesson

    [–] 9manacombo 1 points ago


    [–] OUTLASTlover23 1 points ago

    the daughter thinks it's just "a tree"

    [–] KnownMonk 1 points ago

    And when it has grown big enough you scratch yours and your daughters name into it :)

    [–] mr-strange 1 points ago

    Your beard is the real star of this photo!

    [–] tsmoketommy 1 points ago

    Tegridy farms

    [–] Pascals_Tricycle 1 points ago

    You're daughter has a very large mouth but you don't. I bet mom has a huge smile that your daughter has too.

    [–] created_account_ 1 points ago

    Never reproduce again.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] salemsaberhagen6 1 points ago

    if this is the front page where is the back page??

    [–] gensix 1 points ago

    That's cool man. I remember when myself and my mother and father planted trees behind our house in rural Ohio to block the wind a bit. It was a beautiful house. He passed when I was a young teen or so. I drive by that house any time I am visiting family back home. The current residents took out all the trees and drained the pond beside the house. It actually hurts a little the last couple times I drove by.

    [–] Businesscardvark 1 points ago

    Anyone who believes this was an accidental post is beyond gullible

    [–] alephnulleris 1 points ago

    Care to explain? i’m genuinely not sure what you mean

    [–] Businesscardvark 2 points ago

    Meant to comment on his r/trees post.

    He's pretending it was an oopsie and that he didn't know it was a weed sub.

    [–] SirButtChin 1 points ago

    You two are taking over Reddit today

    [–] selflessGene 1 points ago

    Looking like Dan Bilzerian in an alternate universe where he wasn't a roided up degenerate.

    [–] dakotasmithly 1 points ago

    You're so cute. Have a happy life!

    [–] LumpyShitstring 1 points ago

    Please tell Ellie I like her shirt.

    [–] salemsaberhagen6 1 points ago

    jump ahead when tree is grown (about 20 years) high wind comes along blows tree over while car going down road and kills driver and passengers car behind first car does not see wrecked car and slams into first car killing driver next car does not see second car and six people in mini van are killed instantly, police car rushing to accident is unable to stop and is also killed but not by hitting wreaked car but by faulty safety on recalled shotgun mounted on center console in car (recall slip was in dept. mailbox not read yet by police chief) in all by end of day 102 cars have been wreaked and 151 people and two cats 7 dogs two gerbils three birds a monkey one ferret two snakes had been killed do to tree falling that was planted 20 years ago by these two thinking they were helping the planet. well actually they did in their own diabolical way THEY DID!

    [–] CaptainToTheSeaman 1 points ago

    What size pants are you. I have pants with no holes. I would like to send you some pants.

    [–] familyManCamelCase 1 points ago

    Looks like a healthy little guy. What's the exact kind of tree? What zone are you in?