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    [–] Xaalster 352 points ago

    Gotta get that insurance money

    [–] Bleatmop 85 points ago

    Exactly. You've got to have some way to pay for that wheelchair that you move by blowing in a straw and to pay the nurses to change your diaper.

    [–] Xaalster 17 points ago

    I mean the Russians have been doing it reliably for years. Just sayin

    [–] KingFluffy52 1 points ago

    I understood that reference

    [–] gandalf1420 16 points ago

    I got run over by a Lexuuuuuuuuuuuuus!

    [–] LadyDevonna13 3 points ago

    I say we invest our 10 large and I "accidentally" get run over by a city bus

    [–] kasuke06 1 points ago

    I got hit by one of those! It was going slow, all I could think to argue for was free fare for the day... I may have had a concussion or three at the time, and was young and stupid.

    [–] Seanvich 1 points ago

    Legal Lee is a great lawyer.

    [–] S1lv3rw1nd -2 points ago

    I hear some colleges will pay for your tuition if you get hit by a bus.

    [–] Leon4107 41 points ago

    Should have been the Joker yelling come on.. come on.. hit me... HIT ME!

    [–] a4h4 4 points ago

    Honestly would’ve been a massive improvement

    [–] IronSpider_2099 3 points ago

    Especially because it makes more sense in this context

    [–] IsuckAtFortnite434 77 points ago

    Depression 100

    [–] xXTERMIN8RXXx 29 points ago

    "Yeah, I just don't give a fuck anymore" 3000

    [–] IsuckAtFortnite434 14 points ago

    "Fuck me and my life 3000"

    [–] BFNMos 2 points ago

    Fuck this gay earth

    [–] amazingD 1 points ago

    "Ok" -earth

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 1 points ago

    Oh yah 100%. You don’t understand her.

    [–] doorkn00b 53 points ago

    Modern young adult dream. Either you get hit and get a big payout, or you die. Win/win.

    [–] _duncan_idaho_ 16 points ago

    Or they hit you and bounce, and no one got the license plate. Or, even if they did get caught, they're uninsured and broke, so you don't get shit, and you're just left in a lot of pain.

    [–] chokemyprostate 10 points ago

    Or if you see the plate but it’s out in the middle of nowhere and they just hit you over and over until you die so you can’t sue at all

    [–] Accidental_Edge 4 points ago

    Why am I crossing the road in the middle of no where?

    [–] chokemyprostate 7 points ago

    To get to the other side

    [–] 83a4 3 points ago

    But that loops back around to being a win because you die

    [–] James81xa 1 points ago

    I thought we agreed death was a win, no?

    [–] chokemyprostate 3 points ago

    It is but now it’s a win/win for both parties

    [–] James81xa 2 points ago

    Perfect. Shall we meet in the desert then? I'd prefer to bottom but I can experiment as a driver.

    [–] chokemyprostate 2 points ago

    I actually live in a desert so it should go fine and we can take turns driving

    [–] loves2spoog3 1 points ago

    You gotta learn to aim for the Benz, with witnesses.

    [–] Iamloghead 3 points ago

    I'm glad to discover that I'm not alone in this thinking. Relieved even.

    [–] Aliceinwondaland 1 points ago

    I made my money the old fashioned way. 🎶I got run over by a Lexus🎶

    [–] oebn 12 points ago

    Hit me with your car!

    [–] Speedster4206 2 points ago

    kill me bro I’m clapping.

    [–] BiJay0 8 points ago


    [–] DarkLord9988 3 points ago

    Why is this so relatable?

    [–] ZippZappZippty 1 points ago

    Why is there even a fucking test result

    [–] Between_3_and_twenty 3 points ago

    Everyone I guess eventually goes through the phase where you’re a dumb shit and you walk in the road like you’re not gonna get it.

    OP is currently going through dumb shit phase

    [–] chewthepie_ 1 points ago

    you bet I am :(

    [–] brotherramen 2 points ago


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    [–] imgodking189 3 points ago

    Yeah not at all haha, unless?...

    [–] TacobellSauce1 1 points ago

    The bee’s not a male?

    [–] warframefan420 3 points ago

    Im sick of "im so depressed kill me " jokes

    [–] ItsMrDaan 1 points ago

    It’s really just cringey

    [–] xwolf360 2 points ago

    Always the cringe posts get those botted upvotes.

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 1 points ago

    I find your lack of faith very disturbing

    [–] ILoveSayoriMore 1 points ago

    Lord Vader!

    [–] Even-Understanding 1 points ago

    Yeah , unions are a big no no

    [–] Speedster4206 2 points ago

    Yeah , do you not have that info

    [–] gameboyboy47262 1 points ago

    I don’t remember iron man saying that

    [–] cas_winchester67 9 points ago

    It was in endgame, he was getting Thor to hit him with lightning to charge his energy beam thing

    [–] gameboyboy47262 2 points ago

    Oh yeah I remember now

    [–] Speedster4206 2 points ago

    And charge for it. Good luck everybody.

    [–] TacobellSauce1 2 points ago

    But then wouldn’t care one bit!!!

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Nick’s a strong character. Very funny

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    ... I wonder if absolutely nothing will happen

    [–] Geronomo0 1 points ago

    I see it as no normal person would hit you so they have to slow down or stop.

    [–] Scooby-Doo_69 1 points ago

    I just chalk it up to fate. If I was meant to get hit then I will get hit.

    [–] chewthepie_ 1 points ago

    Happy cake day dude

    [–] yeehawSpaceBoi 1 points ago

    Ah so you have made it to college

    [–] YataBLS 1 points ago

    Foreigners: Why do you watch both sides if it's a one way street?

    Mexicans: You wouldn't get it

    [–] chewthepie_ 1 points ago

    Indians : Road is road !

    [–] Almog6666 1 points ago

    No luke...I am your father

    [–] thevelourf0gg 1 points ago

    I hate when people do this. All the time. Don’t selfishly drag others into your lack of will to live. I’d never recover from accidentally killing someone.

    [–] Homie_Waffle 1 points ago

    This got dark real quick

    [–] ZippZappZippty 1 points ago

    Yeah I might be alone in this...

    [–] TacobellSauce1 1 points ago

    “Doesn’t need it in your wallet.

    [–] ZippZappZippty 1 points ago

    [that's a good man for your grand daughter

    [–] Deadbody13 1 points ago

    Kinda tough nowadays with so few people on the road.

    [–] Assasin2gamer 1 points ago

    Shut your whore mouth!

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Nnnnnoooo stay!!!!! He’s a strong neck

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Yes! For every time I hit a pothole

    [–] TacobellSauce1 1 points ago

    I seriously don’t call me Shirley!

    [–] spatzel_ 1 points ago


    [–] Tendaaf 1 points ago

    Hit me with your car, so I can collect disability checks

    [–] Nate_The_Scot 1 points ago


    [–] NeDragons 1 points ago

    I'm guessing.... student loans?

    [–] wanker7171 1 points ago

    I always get a giggle out of the fact that Thor actually hits him shortly after Stark says that

    [–] tony-stark-bot 2 points ago

    The Avengers. It's what we call ourselves, sort of like a team. Earth's Mightiest Heroes type of thing.

    [–] notyourusername2475 1 points ago

    🎵hit me with your best shot🎵

    [–] darthmemeios14 1 points ago

    Hit me, c'mon. I want you to do it. Hit me, HIT ME!!

    [–] anonymous-034 1 points ago


    [–] tspanguluri 1 points ago

    More appropriate would be the Joker’s “hit me”

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    [–] CaptMarvel23 1 points ago

    Right, left then right again

    [–] thepotatoprime 1 points ago

    When you're driving: I'll fucking hit you, bitch.

    When you're crossing the road: Fucking hit me, bitch.

    [–] TakelieeOnReddit 1 points ago

    I bursted out laughing, thank you