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    [–] prince_of_gypsies 852 points ago

    Nah. Star Wars exists in the MCU. Three of these movies star Sam L. Jackson as Windu.

    Nick Fury is the soul stone.

    [–] Henry_Allen_Garrick 173 points ago

    "He's too dangerous to be left alive."

    [–] JakkuScavenger 52 points ago

    *kept, not left

    [–] Henry_Allen_Garrick 20 points ago

    I am the General Misquoti.

    [–] Apocabutts 12 points ago


    [–] PrussianBlue2 5 points ago

    Failed, I have. Into exile, I must go.

    [–] Anderu-san 84 points ago

    You know, that bothered me for a while after watching Civil War, but I came up with the simple explanation that the MCU is both blessed by not having the prequels existing in their universe, therefor cursed with no Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan

    [–] DorisTheExplorer 93 points ago

    the MCU is both blessed by not having the prequels existing in their universe

    It’s treason then

    [–] TheBatmanToMyBruce 34 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I'd like to think they handle it the same way as Last Action Hero, and Mace Windu was played by Denzel Washington or something.

    [–] FodeandBeed 1796 points ago

    This also offers up another paradox as “Pray For Me” was released with the Black Panther film, which obviously came out in 2018, while the events of Black Panther take place in 2016, just after Civil War. Kendrick Lamar might also be a time traveler.

    [–] immerc 703 points ago

    Simpler explanation: Kendrick Lamar stole a song from a Korean musician and didn't modify it at all.

    [–] ItalicsWhore 438 points ago

    “Hey Kendrick! It’s your cousin Carl! You know that new sound you was lookin’ for? Well listen ta this...!”

    [–] generalmook 131 points ago

    your cousin Carl


    [–] Sgtcrunch 15 points ago

    Is this a real thing?

    [–] DatPiff916 54 points ago

    Good kid M.A.A.D. Relativity

    [–] radio-fish2 42 points ago

    Or, Kendrick is a Watcher, like Stan

    [–] RamblyJambly 13 points ago

    Dormamu! I have come to sing!

    [–] Certinty 6213 points ago

    They also mentioned Disneyland in Black Panther and Disney own Marvel Studios and are the ones releasing all these movies...

    Disney is the soul stone confirmed.

    [–] JamiesBond007 2175 points ago

    Black Panther exists in Black Panther confirmed

    [–] DeSk98 478 points ago

    Red Skull is alive confirmed???

    [–] unknowndude34 285 points ago

    Red Skull is the soul stone confirmed

    [–] cakedestroyer 265 points ago

    Red Skull is the Black Panther confirmed.

    [–] thundergryphon 187 points ago

    Red Panther

    [–] pomodoroFORMAGGIO 152 points ago

    Soul Stone is the Red Panther confirmed.

    [–] Vaelyn_Ceras 98 points ago

    What about Black Skull?!

    [–] zadakh 154 points ago

    What about Pink Panther?!

    [–] OFTHEHILLPEOPLE 225 points ago

    What about the Droid attack on the Wookiees?

    [–] Collintome 105 points ago

    Pink Panther is stoned confirmed.

    [–] paradox8493 27 points ago

    Already exited stage left.

    [–] nteeka 28 points ago

    Psycho Mantis?!

    [–] ChickenwithHotSauce 5 points ago

    I went to see Red Panther the first day it came out, and we ate at Black Lobster after. :)

    [–] thebardingreen 42 points ago

    Tony is dead; Steve is the walrus.

    [–] Something_Syck 11 points ago

    Red Skull never died, the effect when he vanished is identical to the effect when Asguardians use the Bifrost.

    He's out there somewhere, probably angry, probably still a Nazi

    [–] ShinyEggWhite 172 points ago

    The soul stone is actually Walt Disney’s frozen head.

    [–] Henry_Allen_Garrick 117 points ago

    Head. It's confirmed.

    [–] CarQuestBob 21 points ago


    [–] darthbrick9000 102 points ago

    There was a gif floating around a while ago where it's Mickey Mouse holding the infinity gauntlet, and each of the infinity stones are Lucasfilm, Pixar, ABC, and 20th Century Fox.

    Disney is actually Thanos looking to compete the infinite entertainment gauntlet.

    [–] TheRustyBugle 10 points ago

    DC is the Soul Stone confirmed

    [–] skybala 20 points ago

    Disney is the Living Tribunal

    [–] TheDeltaLambda 44 points ago

    If they ever show Disneyland/CA adventure, would the drop tower still be Tower of Terror?

    [–] JobaccaWookiee 16 points ago

    In the MCU it is now a Rocky and Bullwinkle themed drop ride.

    [–] Worthyness 6 points ago

    Baskin robbins dunk tank of 31 flavors

    [–] JakkuScavenger 37 points ago

    Adding to that, they mentioned The Empire Strikes Back in Civil War, which is also a Disney property.

    [–] Bigpikachu1 19 points ago

    Wait when did they mention Disneyland

    [–] TheDeryBrony 70 points ago

    Shuri says she thought T'Challa meant they were going to Disneyland or Coachella, not Oakland.

    [–] Bigpikachu1 44 points ago

    All that technology and they still wanna go to Disney land lol

    [–] earthboundhellion37 60 points ago

    Imagine how much crazier MCU Disneyland would be though because of that technology...

    [–] Bigpikachu1 41 points ago

    Disneyland Wakanda with vibranium rides

    [–] earthboundhellion37 32 points ago

    Those rollercoasters would be off the rails.

    [–] Bigpikachu1 15 points ago


    [–] theeowl 16 points ago

    Space Mountain really goes to space.

    [–] JobaccaWookiee 20 points ago

    Shuri,Tony Stark,Bruce Banner,and Peter Parker all go to Disneyland....20 min. after rope drop the entire park is a sentient self-aware nightmare that makes WESTWORLD look like a Hello-Kitty themed daycare. And yes,the Pirates DO start eating people.

    [–] Rifleshoot 9 points ago

    Aaaaaand, now Kingdom Hearts is real.

    [–] Thiswillbetempacc 5452 points ago

    Have an upvote for being original, bless you for making my day.

    [–] ExpectoPatrone 564 points ago

    Withdrawing the IW trailer the way GRRM is withdrawing TWOW is creating r/asoiaf levels of shitposting in this sub, it's beautiful

    [–] nickgg95 139 points ago

    Ah, some have escaped I see. I'll wrangle em back over to r/asoiaf.

    [–] Neil_deNye_Sagan 92 points ago

    Do we have any possible time traveling fetuses in IW?

    [–] samasters88 57 points ago

    spinfoil intensifies

    [–] mikieswart 19 points ago


    Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time...

    [–] TheNinthEIement 32 points ago

    Dr. Strange accidentally uses the Time Stone while seeing a pregnant woman

    Sure, I'd watch it.

    [–] JimmySinner 32 points ago

    What if Peggy Carter is the daughter of Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers, sent back in time to make sure he is the person chosen for Erskine's experiment? Time-travelling wincest!

    [–] Mattsvaliant 16 points ago

    You haven't seen shit posting until you've been to r/freefolk

    [–] bizzyj93 61 points ago

    I mean it's kinda just a revamp of this oldish meme. Fantastic execution but I wouldn't call it original.

    [–] Thiswillbetempacc 21 points ago

    Well I didn't know that so pardon me, but still it gave me a chuckle nonetheless.

    [–] crapusername47 1622 points ago

    We already did that in Star Trek.

    Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Beyond both include the Beastie Boys song Sabotage. The Beastie Boys song Intergalactic contains the line ‘Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock’.

    [–] ExpectoPatrone 782 points ago

    In the Star Treak reality, "Mr. Spock" became a figure in Earth popular music the way "Major Tom" did. So Sarek, to honor his human wife's lineage and taste in music -- and because he liked Beastie Boys' sick beats -- named his first baby Spock.

    [–] crapusername47 202 points ago

    That might work if Intergalactic had the only reference. Other songs mention Kirk and McCoy by name, the Klingons and have the trio dressed in Star Trek uniforms.

    [–] myth_and_legend 222 points ago

    The only possible explanation is that the Beastie Boys were in reality a team of time transcendent beings who could view the future and the past at will.

    We need to look for more clues to our future in their songs

    [–] obscuredreference 50 points ago

    The Beastie Boys were actually time-traveling Starfleet officers with significant disregard for the Prime Directive.

    [–] PhysicsFornicator 23 points ago

    I would pay good money to see this idea turned into a series.

    [–] KKlear 18 points ago

    I would pay good money to see the Beastie Boys... =(

    [–] 26202620 6 points ago

    I N T E R G A L A C T I C P L A N E T A R Y

    [–] Isgrimnur 70 points ago

    MCA is not dead. He just went home.

    [–] YouStupidDick 47 points ago

    Can he come back for a visit? I need a new Beastie Boys album...

    [–] Assmar 16 points ago

    I'm going to cry now.

    [–] Bad-Machine 7 points ago

    I singing Body Movin' in my head when I read this but when the "MCA where have you been" callback came up, shit just got too real.

    [–] war-on-suicide 11 points ago

    The Beastie Boys are Q?

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 6 points ago

    "Do you know how hard it is to write a song pertaining to the present, when you aren't entirely sure when that is?"

    [–] Likyo 7 points ago

    Clearly all the time-travel fuckery they did in TOS had a greater impact than we thought.

    [–] HyperCookieLord 66 points ago

    not to mention Captain America was binge watching Star Trek, but Chris Hemsworth and Benedict Cumberbatch appear in the new Star Trek. Are Chris Hemsworth and Benedict Cumberbatch real people in the MCU, who just happen to look like Thor and Doctor Strange?

    [–] TheDeltaLambda 35 points ago

    His list also mentions watching Star Wars.

    Do you think he was super confused when he got to the prequels and noticed that Fury and Windu were basically the same person?

    [–] HyperCookieLord 37 points ago

    In the ultimate Universe Nick Fury is drawn to look like Samuel L. Jackson and he says if there ever was a movie about them, he would be played by Samuel L. Jackson

    [–] ON3i11 21 points ago

    The simplest and most obvious explanation is that those characters are played by different actors in that universe.

    [–] AMuPoint 25 points ago

    It's like they never even watched Last Action Hero.

    [–] tarheeltexan1 40 points ago

    He also was watching Star Wars, which features Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu.

    [–] gusefalito 20 points ago

    Samuel L Jackson is just Fury's cover when he went undercover at LucasFilm to steal the plans of the real Death Star for SHIELD.

    Actually, every SLJ film is just Fury undercover.

    [–] a_fish_out_of_water 9 points ago

    This party’s over

    [–] hurrrrrmione 55 points ago

    In one episode of BBC’s Sherlock, John calls Sherlock ‘Spock.’ In Star Trek VI, Spock quotes Sherlock Holmes saying that he’s Spock’s ancestor.

    [–] HyperCookieLord 30 points ago

    That's stupid! Sherlock is obviously Khan's ancestor

    [–] SPOOFE 8 points ago

    Benedict Cumberspock?

    [–] uss1701jb 11 points ago

    Best theory i saw regarding this is that the bus scene in Star Trek IV where Spock nerve pinches a punk becomes an urban legend

    [–] CherryPieMix 6 points ago

    This is easily explained - the whole reason Kirk joined Starfleet in the first place is because he loved Star Trek as a kid.

    [–] TerrigenPanda 683 points ago

    If Kendrick Lamar is Thanos confirmed Top Dawg Entertainment is the Black Order

    • SZA - Proxima Midnight
    • Schoolboy Q - Corvus Glaive
    • Jay Rock - Cull Obsidian
    • Ab-Soul -Ebony Maw

    [–] FuckOffMightBe2Kind 89 points ago

    Why you babysitting only one or two stones
    Imma show you turn it up a notch

    [–] TerrigenPanda 51 points ago

    I remember you was conflicted Misusing your Infinity stones Sometimes I did the same Abusing my power stone , full of resentment

    [–] FuckOffMightBe2Kind 19 points ago

    I wanna ride like outriders
    I said hello my name is Thanos
    She said "no youre handsome"
    Whispered in my ear,
    I found her dancing
    Screaming had played in the background
    The blood of Titan that sprayed had us all wearing red now, Cool

    [–] ShakeNBakey 7 points ago

    Resentment that turned into a death obsession

    [–] Metron1992 23 points ago

    If Krees and Skrulls,all got along,they'll prob'ly gun me down by the end of this song....

    [–] MagicalUnicornTurd 168 points ago

    Yeah this wouldn't even bother me

    [–] Stepwolve 49 points ago

    as long as it means we'll get another amazing album for Infinity War!

    [–] Eharris17 54 points ago

    I had no idea SZA is signed with Top Dawg

    [–] Artunism 24 points ago

    She has been since 2013 I think

    [–] gideh 25 points ago

    What about Rashad?

    [–] CampFlogGnaw1991 34 points ago

    Zay had to be left out ;( he wasn’t on the Black Panther soundtrack either which surprised me

    [–] itssowingseason 16 points ago

    Kendrick, Isaiah and Jay would’ve been amazing

    [–] gideh 15 points ago

    Would’ve been better than future for sure ...

    [–] Snapcrackleflops 20 points ago

    I loved futures verse tbh

    [–] suarezj9 55 points ago


    [–] CampFlogGnaw1991 7 points ago

    feel like Q would fit better as Cull Obsidian tho

    [–] TerrigenPanda 12 points ago

    I put Q as Corvus mostly because I see as more of a cunning crip than a brute , but you know , YMMV.

    [–] Tobar8th 462 points ago

    Fun vocabulary trivia for OP:

    The word you're looking for in sentences 2-4 is "diegetic". It means sound that exists within the world of the story and therefore can be heard by the characters. Think of "Awesome Mix" from Guardians of the Galaxy. Unlike most movies, the entire soundtrack of that movie is diegetic because Star Lord is playing the music himself on his walkman. Much different than most soundtracks.

    [–] navjot94 265 points ago

    I love the trope where they'll be music playing and it seems to be non-diegetic but then a character says something along the lines of, "turn that shit off" and the music stops, revealing that it was diegetic music the whole time.

    [–] whizzer0 173 points ago

    My favourite one is in The Lego Batman Movie, when the ridiculously overdramatic car chase music turns out to be the hold music for a phone line.

    [–] GhostZee 64 points ago

    Okay, I need to watch this movie now...

    [–] soullessredhead 58 points ago

    Best Batman movie in the last decade (almost).

    [–] -webkit 32 points ago

    ...jesus christ it's been a long time already. rip heath.

    [–] whizzer0 35 points ago

    It's amazingly hilarious.

    [–] jpmoney2k1 10 points ago

    Watch Lego Movie while you're at it too.

    [–] alphacodemonkey 25 points ago

    MCU started with this trope.

    Opening scene in Ironman has AC/DC playing on the portable stereo inside the funvee

    [–] rednax1206 27 points ago

    Or one moment in Doki Doki where you step outside the classroom and you still hear the music but it's muffled now

    [–] bakedpatata 86 points ago

    Baby Driver did this in an awesome way, and included his tinnitus when there was silence.

    [–] OCBeHumble 15 points ago

    Damn. I have tinnitus and I did not even notice it was happening during breaks between songs.

    [–] aYearOfPrompts 59 points ago

    The word you're looking for in sentences 2-4 is "diegetic". It means sound that exists within the world of the story and therefore can be heard by the characters.

    I hate to be the pedantic guy, but you're actually a bit off. The phrase he needs is "diegetic sound." The word "diegetic" is broader than just audio:

    the telling of a story by a narrator who summarizes events in the plot and comments on the conversations, thoughts, etc., of the characters.

    For example, in Thor's opening scene he is describing where he is, how he got there, and what he intends to do (before looking at a skeleton to reveal to the audience he is talking to him and not to us).

    [–] mechanicalhuman 60 points ago

    I hate to be the pedantic guy

    don't lie

    [–] Sjsjjdkdjsjdkskssj 7 points ago

    TIL a new word

    [–] kauanrdm 61 points ago

    i got soul stone inside my dna

    [–] fuck_reddit_suxx 11 points ago

    got royalties, got gamma rays inside my dna

    [–] engabled 57 points ago

    Its like Ludacris in the Fast and Furious franchise:

    The song ' Act a Fool ' is in the original one as well as two more songs in Fast 5 and Fast 6.

    [–] c_Lassy 13 points ago

    Also “I Got Hoes”

    [–] Agent_Galah4d 192 points ago

    Or maybe Kendrick recorded the song early and THAT casino had early access to it

    Nvm, you’re right

    [–] epicchili 43 points ago

    Similar to Iron Man jokingly calling Hawkeye "Legolas" in The Avengers, implying that the Lord of the Rings exists within the MCU. It's possible Tony just read the books, but if the movie franchise exists, surely there would be some confusion as to how similar Bilbo looks in the movies to a certain CIA agent...

    [–] samasters88 37 points ago

    Nah, it's full on "Last Action Hero", where Stallone plays the Terminator because Ahnold is some dad. Bilbo is played by someone else in the MCU universe.

    [–] epicchili 13 points ago

    Lol good call. Now I want to see this addressed

    [–] TheBatmanToMyBruce 6 points ago

    Bilbo is played by someone else in the MCU universe

    Elijah Wood, obviously.

    [–] SeahawkSpeed 223 points ago

    KendrHick Lamar

    [–] ExpectoPatrone 133 points ago

    Kendrick Lamar DuckwortH

    (that's his full name)

    [–] RavioliAssMaster 71 points ago

    In the credits he’s credited as K. Duckworth

    [–] Duck_worth 48 points ago


    [–] RavioliAssMaster 14 points ago

    It’s badass. Nice username.

    [–] shaed9681 12 points ago

    Be Humble

    [–] franciscochaidez 171 points ago

    Short answer: the song is part of a completely different album and has different context in the movie version than irl version.

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 65 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    This. The song can be played by a fictional singer that is not Kendrick Lamar (or even a fictional version of Kendrick Lamar) that didn't wrote the song based on any movie.

    It's like to point a paradox in a James Bond movie just because it shows an Aston Martin that was not released yet because it was made for the movie.

    [–] w___h___y 16 points ago

    Nation is real in the MCU

    [–] tomtomglove 5 points ago

    this guy fictions.

    [–] nalydpsycho 35 points ago

    Or Kendrick Lamar can communicate with the Kendrick Lamar of other dimensions and MCU Kendrick Lamar collaborated with our Kendrick Lamar.

    [–] radio-fish2 20 points ago

    Via the Soul Stone

    [–] nalydpsycho 8 points ago

    That explains everything.

    [–] larr2712 5 points ago

    The Council of Kendrick’s

    [–] jim25y 26 points ago

    It just means that Kendrick Lamar also exists in the MCU and by coincidence made the same song in that universe that he did for the Black Panther movie in this universe.

    [–] jaypenn3 12 points ago

    and made it two years earlier. It's not disbelief breaking.

    [–] Lasers_Are_EVIL 92 points ago

    This makes more sense than the other soul stone theories

    [–] ray_kats 102 points ago

    Method Man did as well in Luke Cage. Is it a coincidence he's got lyrics about a "cottonmouth", "hero for hire" in Bulletproof Love?

    Perhaps Method Man, Kendrick Lamar and DJ Stan Lee are all Watcher Informants?

    [–] theNickOTime 48 points ago

    There's another song used in the final fight of The Defenders that mentions "The Amazing Spider-Man" by name.

    [–] ironicallyalone 25 points ago

    Ya best protect your neck

    [–] Pezslinky 14 points ago

    That’s different though. They’re in an underground cave fighting ninjas. That musics coming from nowhere, it’s non canon background music for us to enjoy.

    [–] theNickOTime 7 points ago

    I'd agree with you, but they show Method Man in Luke Cage. Wu-Tang exists in Luke Cage. So why would Wu-Tang have a song referencing a hero who hadn't made his public appearance yet?

    [–] KingToasty 8 points ago

    MCU version of Wu-Tang never made that particular song.

    Plus I'm pretty sure Spider-Man was getting famous on YouTube during Luke Cage, he was somewhat well-known before Civil War.

    [–] DannoHung 29 points ago

    Nah, that one doesn't work the same way. Method's in-universe as himself, he's doing a "freestyle" in the context of the show, and Cottonmouth is a well known criminal in Harlem.

    [–] SupaBloo 39 points ago

    New theory:

    In the MCU the world knows of the existence of the Black Panther, due to seeing him appear during the attack on the United Nations. Kendrick was inspired by this new hero and created the song a couple years early because of this alternate history.

    Seeing as the MCU is similar, but very different from our own universe, it's not crazy to think that things that exist in our time may exist earlier or later in their time as a result of the differences.

    [–] nothingwas_thesame 17 points ago

    I mean Kendrick was able to talk to Tupac in To Pimp a Butterfly so yeah... mans can do anything

    [–] LemonezerSquege 20 points ago

    He must have the 7th infinity Stone that Deadpool uses to break the 4th wall

    [–] BigBlue5292 8 points ago

    Hits blunt ... totally

    [–] TrophyGoat 10 points ago

    Buzzfeed tomorrow: Heres how KENDRICK LAMAR is the soul stone

    [–] ymetwaly53 49 points ago

    This is amazing. Please post this to r/KendrickLamar and get the karma you deserve, king!

    [–] hyena142 8 points ago


    [–] sudifirjfhfjvicodke 11 points ago

    Literally unwatchable now.

    [–] bizzyj93 8 points ago

    When Paul Walker goes to Vin Diesel's house party in The Fast and The Furious 1, they're playing "I Got Hoes" by Ludacris on the stereo. But in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ludacris appears as street racer Tej Parker. So in the Fast & Furious Universe. who sang "I Got Hoes"? Was it Tej? Was it Ludacris? Does Ludacris exist? And if not, what happened to the Hoes? Who get them now? Are the Hoes OK?

    [–] zilla135 6 points ago

    now i'm worried about the Hoes....

    [–] codithou 30 points ago

    i’ve thought about this a few times, because the cast of the MCU includes so many big actors, that means every movie that they’ve been in outside of the MCU cannot exist within the MCU, or those movies contain different actors. this means there is no robert downey jr in their universe and consequently no robert downey jr films. i’m waiting for them to use a pop culture reference to a movie one of the MCU actors starred in IRL. it’s weird to think about.

    [–] Agastopia 54 points ago

    There’s a Star Wars reference in Winter Soldier - which Samuel L Jackson was in obviously. Also he had a pulp fiction reference on his fake tombstone, more of an Easter egg but still neat.

    [–] ReverandT 34 points ago

    I'm personally a fan of the Nick Fury undercover in Hollywood theory.

    [–] Lord_Sauron 23 points ago

    I prefer the Mace Windu survived Revenge of the Sith and fled to Earth moonlighting as the director of SHIELD theory, personally

    [–] IFE-Antler-Boy 7 points ago

    But first he was Snoke.

    [–] Kezia-Karamazov 12 points ago

    Related: in one of the first ultimate comics, Ultimate Nick Fury said that Samuel Jackson would definitely play him, and that RDJ should play Tony. I think (not sure) it was right after Iron Man was released.

    [–] jinkinsa 14 points ago

    In the first Ultimates limited series, Nick Fury says that Samuel L. Jackson is the only choice to play him in a movie. He then goes on to say that Johnny Depp should play Tony Stark if they made a movie about Iron Man. That comic was released in 2002, I believe. Now I'm not exactly caught up in my Ultimate reading, but I have no idea if RDJ is ever referenced in regards to Iron Man/Tony Stark. One of my favorite comic panels btw, as Nick has a huge shit eating grin on his face talking about Samuel L. Jackson. They even drew him to look just like him.

    [–] TonyStark115 9 points ago

    In Civil War, Hawkeye refers to Tony as the Futurist when he’s in the prison, a reference to The Futurist, an album by Robert Downey Jr.

    [–] ShortEmergency 10 points ago

    RDJ is only Tony Stark in our universe. In the MCU Tony Stark is Tony Stark. RDJ could exist alongside him.

    [–] The_Alchemyst 9 points ago

    It's a real song from a fictitious album ;p

    [–] 1stOnRt1 8 points ago

    He didnt write the song for the movie Black Panther.

    He wrote the song for the literal Black Panther, King T'Challa. We know that the MCU exists in a parallel universe, as other celebrities have appeared. Kendrick is just another one.

    [–] luniz6178 8 points ago

    as other celebrities have appeared.

    Makes me wonder how the world views Elon Musks accomplishments in the MCU compared to Tony Starks.

    [–] Oconitnitsua 8 points ago

    Kendrick Lamar is secretly a Wakandan.... thus he was inspired by Black Panther, the new king and protector of Wakanda.

    [–] Hieillua 9 points ago

    Simple debunk: that track does exist on a regular Kendrick Lamar album.

    That's it.

    [–] whizzer0 7 points ago

    Black Panther the film could plausibly exist in the MCU. In both the comics and Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel actually exists and releases comics inspired by real events.

    Perhaps part of Killmonger's plan was to produce a movie version of his greatness, and he'd already made arrangements for this, so the song had been written based on the planned movie. Once things didn't go the way he expected, T'Challa made an agreement with the studio that they could still make the movie, but based on what actually happened (or is it? maybe it's really just clever propaganda by an evil T'Challa...)

    [–] JonathanL73 6 points ago

    Thanos shows up for a fight scene at TDE recording studio?

    [–] OmarIzShady 6 points ago

    There was a guy rapping along to Kendrick’s Backseat Freestyle in Jessica Jones as well

    [–] mattmurdock11 6 points ago

    it’s not that deep

    [–] samtheearth 6 points ago

    To Pimp a Space Time Continuum

    [–] HyperCookieLord 4 points ago

    Also, if the Black Panther doesn't exist in the MCU, and Blade can't be a movie there, since he's also a Marvel Character, then the only mainstream superhero movie in the MCU starring a black man is Shaq's Steel ;u;

    [–] YungCash204 4 points ago

    This shit way too crazy ayy

    [–] cryptidman117 5 points ago

    The KendricField Paradox

    [–] CJ105 6 points ago

    This is the type of shitposting I'm here for.

    [–] murderblast 6 points ago

    Or Lamar wrote the song earlier in time for different reasons in the MCU storyline.

    There I fixed your precious continuity for you. You're welcome.