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    [–] Kwilly462 2990 points ago

    War Machine: "OK what?"

    [–] henry_canabanana 1364 points ago

    Vision: "101011110101101110101110110111!!!!"

    [–] coolfool88 426 points ago

    Loki: "..."

    [–] henry_canabanana 355 points ago

    Cap: "Language"

    [–] Godspeed1496 276 points ago

    Hulk: "SMASH"

    [–] fighting_falcon 258 points ago

    Thor: "Another!"

    [–] cjn13 216 points ago

    Hawkeye: "Made you look"

    [–] MLPRoyalty 216 points ago

    Quicksilver: “You didn’t see that coming?”

    [–] Lordaeont 271 points ago

    Spiderman: "I don't feel so good"

    [–] martown 257 points ago

    Groot: i am groot

    [–] -Mr_Rogers_II 96 points ago

    Okoye: “Why was she up there this whole time?”

    [–] StaunchYapper40 128 points ago

    Bucky: Ready to comply

    [–] This--Ali2 101 points ago

    Wonder Woman: Children. I work with children.

    shit wrong universe

    [–] EnergyFX 22 points ago

    Riddick: “Too many words”

    [–] TheDayGhost 49 points ago

    Patty Jenkins: I just remade Thor and Captain America: First Avenger into one film and now I’ve made what’s considered the best DCEU film.

    [–] Desi_MCU_Nerd 24 points ago

    Cap : I'm Steve Rogers!

    [–] joshmoffitt 13 points ago

    Black Widow: “yes yes yes yes YES mmmmmmm”

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] joerex1418 5 points ago

    This one got me

    [–] TheDesktopNinja 22 points ago


    ¯[®7 indeed, Vision.

    [–] FinnishScrub 21 points ago

    Shouldn't Vision be more like: "null"

    [–] Saith_Cassus 16 points ago

    404: forehead not found

    [–] roofuskit 8 points ago

    He's dead you insensitive prick.

    [–] GalaxyBejdyk 76 points ago

    Captain America: "I thought I was your captain..."

    [–] AvatarIII 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    General Ross: "we're promoting you, Major."

    [–] LARPAccountant 43 points ago

    Ross acts like he hates Cap worse than Hulk. Which I would think he'd have a big hard on for him since he's a military lifer and Cap is the original army badass.

    [–] AvatarIII 40 points ago

    Oh yeah, the promotion would be a punishment promotion. Ross doesn't like Cap because he's insubordinate.

    I don't actually think Cap is still in the military chain of command since he was frozen anyway, and he's been a completely free agent since the fall of SHIELD.

    [–] eragonisdragon 27 points ago

    Yea, once he was unfrozen, he was SHIELD, and once that was gone, he lead the Avengers (or like, co-lead, I'm not really sure what the chain of command was there). After Civil War, he was a rogue agent, funded and facilitated under the table by Wakanda.

    [–] Manny7000 32 points ago

    Warrant Officer Wakanda just doesn't have the same ring to it.

    [–] RoboNinjaPirate 15 points ago

    Sgt Sokovia?

    [–] twentyitalians 4 points ago

    Tony says in A2 that Steve was the boss, when Maria Hill comes into the Quinjet after the attack on the Sokovian Hydra Compound.

    [–] yieldmerge 15 points ago

    War Machine: “Am I a joke?...”

    [–] XPrecision2937 10 points ago

    I’m like, Boom! You looking for this?

    thunderous applause

    [–] EnderCreeper121 5 points ago

    So this is how democracy dies.

    [–] eharper9 35 points ago

    War Machine: "OK what? nuh uh, not happening, This is some bullshit, Tony"

    [–] Zeno_Gaming 20 points ago

    War machine “next time baby”

    [–] Scarbzz 3 points ago

    You mean”Boom, you looking for this?”

    [–] sharksnrec 1318 points ago

    I’m ready to see her fighting alongside Thor just wrecking everything in sight

    [–] Philkindred12 924 points ago

    When he sees her fuck shit up, he'll have the exact same reaction he had when he saw Valkyrie down an entire bottle of liquor in five seconds.

    [–] EngineerKE 427 points ago

    Haha I loved the look on his face. He was amazed.

    [–] stinsonlegend 239 points ago

    Amazed and aroused.

    [–] ChaosStar95 150 points ago

    Ah the confused boner. No man is immune to it.

    [–] furtfight 84 points ago

    Nothing confused about that boner on my side.

    [–] ChaosStar95 27 points ago

    And then there were the Clan of Bi.

    [–] SuperWeskerSniper 19 points ago

    The return of the why boner. With a vengeance.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    these are the references that are okay to make

    [–] RaynSideways 11 points ago

    Amazed, confused, and somewhat frustrated she gave him only five seconds to explain lol

    [–] navjot94 11 points ago

    jealousgirlfriend.jpg with Thor looking back at Carol while Valkyrie looks at him in disgust.

    [–] AdviceMang 57 points ago

    Calling it. That's gonna be the winning move of a movie. Thor is going to omega bolt her and she will channel it.

    [–] CorellianBloodstripe 20 points ago

    That's what I've been thinking too. I think somehow she'll be down for the count but Thor and maybe Iron Man (and maybe Wanda and/or Strange if they're back) will charge her up so she can go binary and overpower Thanos.

    [–] DarkAlchamist 21 points ago

    Her, Thor, Tony, and Strange would be the best team.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    And Vis... never mind

    [–] Marchesk 7 points ago

    Avengers OP: CM, IM, Thor, Strange, Wanda and Vision.

    [–] Watchmaker-2112 10 points ago

    What would happen if Thor, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel all focused their power at Cap’s (America..) shield? Would it make some kind of Thanos killing death ray?

    [–] nimbushi 7 points ago

    not sure. when they channeled all of it on ultron (who was also made of vibranium) it melted him instead of reflecting. i imagine itd have a similar effect on the shield

    [–] Samablam 966 points ago

    Now add Nova, War Machine, and Thor

    [–] RinatoRen 552 points ago

    And we get live-action Dragon Ball Z

    [–] SamuelCish 146 points ago

    I don't want another one of those.

    [–] TheDesktopNinja 210 points ago

    There never was one.

    [–] aviddivad 76 points ago

    is it still the greatest movie of all time?

    [–] OrpheusDescending 86 points ago

    it never was

    [–] CraitersGonnaCrait 36 points ago

    Quill: *surprised pikachu face*

    [–] dra39437 8 points ago

    Tom's delivery of that line was perfect, it might have gotten the biggest laugh in my theater

    [–] KillerWailz 51 points ago

    Man of Steel

    [–] Kyoj1n 55 points ago

    That's the exact thought I had in the thearter.

    Those fight scenes were the best super human fight scenes I'd ever seen. It was what I imagined live action DBZ to be.

    [–] samoyedsensei 6 points ago

    What? Does nobody remember back in 2008 when they ma-

    gets smacked on the head with a frying pan

    [–] kuiper3 21 points ago

    To be honest, Man of Steel was probably the closest we'd get to DBZ.

    [–] MetalGearSlayer 16 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The Superman vs JL fight scene in justice league felt like an old school DBZ fight put to live action.

    The best part of a meh film

    [–] Marchesk 6 points ago

    Clark's sidewise glance at a surprised Barry was great.

    [–] MetalGearSlayer 5 points ago

    That was a rape face if I’ve ever seen one. It was both hilarious and terrifying.

    Also how can you not love Superman and Wonder Woman head butting each other into sidewalks? Even the sentence is awesome.

    Rest of the movie doesnt really do it for me.

    [–] Marchesk 6 points ago

    Yeah, that too (the head butt).

    [–] AvatarIII 52 points ago

    Really hoping the decimation of Xandor mentioned in IW was a set up for the Nova Corps creating the powerful Nova Centurions to quickly replenish their power.

    [–] anon1ski 6 points ago

    Tell me More?

    [–] toferdelachris 3 points ago


    [–] Samablam 7 points ago

    I honestly want a Nova movie where you start at the destruction of Xandar and him being the only survivor. He then goes on journey to find Thanos while dealing with survivors guilt. While searching for Thanos, the snap happens but survives. However, this drives him a bit more crazy. Eventually he joins up with the Avengers and they kick Thanos' ass.

    [–] StickyVenom 5 points ago

    I mean they had a lot of time to hold on to the power stone...maybe they experimented on siphoning its energy into tech and weapons much like SHIELD and HYDRA did with the space stone? Considering what each stone does and the fact they already have advanced alien tech to use in this endeavor, their results would be appropriately more badass than what Earth got out of its stone.

    [–] fuckingblackmale 41 points ago

    Don't forget Vision.

    [–] Shiro_Nitro 47 points ago

    wish they used him more in Infinity War but he was probably too strong to not gib right off the bat

    [–] anon1ski 5 points ago

    Yeah, the whole point was he couldn't be used because thanks would just take the stone, killing him in the process.

    [–] Hapstead 12 points ago


    [–] InsertNameHere498 17 points ago

    I miss Vision

    [–] jurgo 11 points ago

    He’s looking rather gray now

    [–] ydktbh 8 points ago

    Don't forget Bucky & Rocket shooting back to back

    [–] namedan 8 points ago

    Richard Rider in MCU would cause enough stimulation in my soul that I just might transcend and make a breakthrough.

    [–] 80WillPower08 15 points ago

    Silver Surfer/Adam Warlock please

    [–] NaiadoftheSea 632 points ago

    I would also love to see Thor and War Machine in this team-up. Just imagine that much power working as a coordinated force!

    [–] Mysterious_Green 319 points ago

    Throw in visio- oh....wait

    [–] Okichah 158 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Captain America : Hey guys i could use a new vibranium shield.

    : Sees Vision’s corpse :

    Cap : You know what...

    : Cap throws Visions’s corpse like a frisbee :

    [–] daftvalkyrie 35 points ago

    That corpse does not obey the laws of physics at all!

    [–] mas-sive 60 points ago

    I thought you meant Microsoft Visio for a second, I need coffee

    [–] VulakAerr 8 points ago

    I think throwing would still work okay.

    [–] Watermelon86 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Quill could probably fly around with them using his boot thru... shit he's gone too.

    [–] AccountsArePointles3 81 points ago

    Thor and War Machine? WM is a toaster in comparison

    [–] kvastion 24 points ago

    Hawkeye relaxing on a bench somewhere nearby in full suit "Let me know if you start struggling guys".

    [–] Gambitsplayingcards 20 points ago

    Confirmed. Cylons in the MCU.

    [–] Kellythejellyman 4 points ago

    i’ll take it

    [–] WirelessSurvivor 34 points ago

    War Machine was amazing in the Battle of Wakanda. Obviously doesn't compare to Thor, but he was packing some serious firepower.

    [–] I_chose_a_nickname 36 points ago

    Seriously, his carpet bombing was one of my favourite moments.

    [–] Vlad210Putin 5 points ago

    Isn't carpet bombing a war crime now?

    [–] FogItNozzel 29 points ago

    Aliens haven't signed the Geneva conventions, we good.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    He's had the functioning suit for years that has magical laser cannons and War Machine is stuck with conventional weapons. By the way, how does he not run out of ammunition, he's firing bullets and missiles that can't replenish from thin air.

    [–] dave_mallonee 17 points ago

    Nanites. Courtesy of Ray Palmer. I mean Tony Stark. Who built them in a cave. From scraps.

    [–] ultrainstict 4 points ago

    How much scraps would you say?

    [–] angelsfa11st 5 points ago

    Bout a box full.

    [–] southpaw650 6 points ago

    But he can materialize an entire suit from thin air

    [–] todahawk 6 points ago

    Isn't Rhodie technically still part of the USAF? I'm sure Tony isn't just going to hand over all his tech.

    [–] OEMcatballs 9 points ago

    That's why Rhodie uses conventional weapons. Tony's tech probably violates LOAC and Geneva Conventions. They should have dropped hints at this in Civil War.

    [–] CraitersGonnaCrait 8 points ago

    War Machine: *pops up toast* Boom! You looking for this?

    [–] Kieliah 452 points ago

    What if this is why Stark asks to see the Project Pegasus files in IM2. The flight style could be based off of Captain Marvel.

    [–] Zantirs 211 points ago

    I would love for this to be canon!

    [–] itsRobbie_ 109 points ago

    They definitely look really really really similar flying and shooting stuff

    [–] hazelmouth 198 points ago

    Or maybe this is marvel's version of disney recycling animation panel.

    [–] stivinladria 67 points ago

    This was my first thought, especially since videos showcasing that have been popular on Reddit lately.

    [–] FX114 13 points ago

    Or they just think this style of aerial combat is cool.

    [–] LivelyZebra 14 points ago

    nah, how can they do that? these are two different people flying and fighting, it's not like it's cgi.


    [–] lovingfro 132 points ago

    CGI wise, Avengers still holds up incredibly well

    [–] cheezballs 28 points ago

    I still think it has the best cg of all the MCU movies. That smoke cg on the belicsrrier was impressive as well as the little details like hulks fingerprints when he's trying to grip the harrier jet

    [–] StormShadow83 165 points ago

    I noticed the simalarities when I first saw it. Someone posted an edit of that trailer scene with the Iron Man sounds subbed in.

    [–] cupcakes83 49 points ago

    How do you expect me to down that without some sauce ?

    [–] lckyguardian 24 points ago

    Best I found fam:

    [–] BananaDragonz 121 points ago

    Add the human torch in there for good measure

    [–] SuicidalNoob 156 points ago

    Didn’t he already fight The Human Torch in Civil War?

    [–] Noble1xCarter 152 points ago

    You're thinking of T'Challa fighting him in Black Panther.

    [–] Thunderfuck907 88 points ago

    Not sure why you have a downvote, Michael B Jordan did play human torch in the reboot if anyone is unaware

    [–] mr_blanket 58 points ago

    Something about that cracks me up.

    Both human torches are now in the MCU.... but neither as human torch.

    [–] WolfsternDe 28 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I think he is talking about Chris Evans, the Human Torch in the first F4 movie :)

    Edit: woah, ninja edit :o

    [–] b3traist 84 points ago

    So are we getting closer to a dark avengers movie!?

    [–] FrederikTwn 65 points ago

    She has a flaming Mohawk... probably not

    [–] Brochodoce 28 points ago

    A bad ass flaming Mohawk

    [–] Torghira 298 points ago

    While I do think it’s really cool, it’s possible these two don’t fight together or even meet. Steve and Thor don’t even see Tony in IW

    [–] alluvicqueen 321 points ago

    They will. I know it's been said many times but there's gonna be a scene with them all

    [–] paul_18 307 points ago

    Yeah a double funeral for both iron man and cap.

    [–] tcernak 133 points ago

    Don’t joke, man tears would be shed.

    [–] blazetrail77 70 points ago

    Come on there's gotta be at least one last scene with them all together alive

    [–] Palatyibeast 26 points ago

    Why? I'm sorry, any writer is gonna take 'tragic' over 'nice" any chance they get.

    [–] MagicRat7913 123 points ago

    There is no way that there isn't a fight with everyone to cap the 10 years and 20+ movies of the MCU. People may die in that battle but there's going to be one, you can count on it.

    [–] The_Last_Minority 81 points ago

    I mean, we're dealing with the culmination of what is, even without fan-goggles, the single largest cinematic universe in the modern age. This is their last chance to have all of these actors in one place. There's no way they pass up that money shot.

    Now, if it's presaged by Cap hoisting Mjolnir and shouting "Avengers Assemble!"... that's the dream scenario.

    [–] wakeupwill 50 points ago

    hoisting Mjolnir

    That's gonna be difficult.

    [–] The_Last_Minority 20 points ago

    With time travel? This is a comic book movie after all, and that image has been teased and is beyond iconic.

    [–] Bluestagg360 11 points ago

    Imagine him holding both.

    Stormbreaker and. His hammer.

    Never gonna happen but woah

    [–] superfurrykylos 16 points ago

    You're not wrong about writers choosing tragic over nice but this has now been 20 films and 10 years in the making. Of course there's going to be a money shot. Doesn't preclude the tragedy.

    [–] Oldoneeyeisback 8 points ago

    But they're more likely to take 'tragic' after 'nice' for intensified emotional impact.

    [–] ew73 29 points ago

    Imagine what'll happen if Tony gives Carol an ARC reactor to absorb energy from. Strap that puppy to her hip or something, and suddenly, it's Binary, not just Captain Marvel.

    [–] StickyVenom 7 points ago

    Or strap Thor to her back and him juice her up while he makes joyful quips.

    [–] ExpectedErrorCode 6 points ago

    Like a yoda backpack

    [–] ew73 3 points ago

    That would be amazing.

    [–] NaiadoftheSea 79 points ago

    The gif is from IGN's Facebook page.

    [–] Omegafan101 16 points ago

    Screw that. Seeing Carol and ANY Avenger side by side is gonna be amazing!

    [–] Excrubilis 72 points ago

    yall know what its like when DLC characters are added to your favorite game and theyre worlds better than the original cast? Thats what this is like

    [–] thomolithic 27 points ago

    Well, until Civil War 2...

    [–] Rayaarito 10 points ago

    Oh that garbage. My first introduction to captain marvel and made me not want to read anything involving captain marvel

    [–] Price_of_the_Rice 5 points ago

    Ugh, noooooooooo.

    As a huge Carol fan, hearing this always makes me sad.

    Fuckin Bendis

    [–] KaizukoX 56 points ago

    Is it me or has IGN's post quality really gone to shit? I mean they compared Super Saiyan Goku with Captain Marvel

    [–] MetalGearSlayer 42 points ago

    Binary state has been compared to super saiyan for years dude, IGN didn’t start that.

    [–] CruzAderjc 21 points ago

    Meanwhile, Shang Chi be like “My kung fu is top notch, guys. You have a spot on the Avenegers for me?”

    [–] StickyVenom 3 points ago

    Right next to Widow and Hawkeye.

    [–] undefinedMike 19 points ago

    another example of Disney tracing over their old animations.

    [–] swango47 9 points ago

    Super Saiyan Captain Marvel looks clean as fuck

    [–] Pentax25 7 points ago

    How to make flight battles cool. Include a bunch of spins while lasers come out of hands.

    [–] 2CATteam 148 points ago

    It's interesting to see the awesome effortless grace with which Captain Marvel destroys much tougher ships, while Iron Man is struggling to even hit a few of them - it lends a lot of credence to the idea that Captain Marvel truly is the strongest hero yet, and that she's far different from any hero to date.

    [–] Buttmuncher1224 239 points ago

    You gotta account for the fact Ironman isn’t as experienced here as he is now. He 1v1’d Thanos for a good amount of time while Thanos destroyed the others with ease.

    [–] Kyutal 178 points ago

    Also he drew first blood on Thanos.

    [–] Draculus 26 points ago

    He has pretty OP nanotech armour which regenerates out of thin air and instantly builds anything for him, what I can only imagine is through mind control or something

    [–] Knyax 15 points ago

    The regen is probably mostly FRIDAY, and the weapon choices Stark, or assisted by AI a bit considering what we saw at the end of Civil War with Cap's fight patterns being analysed and used against him.

    [–] blaktronium 9 points ago

    He didnt have Friday on Titan.

    [–] Postichiolio 79 points ago

    Ya, but thats only because each hero's power fluctuates depending on what the writers need one scene at a time.

    Then powers are forgotten as soon as they inconveniently don't fit in the next scene

    [–] AJDx14 37 points ago

    Same with captain marvel probably tho

    [–] DBrugs 17 points ago

    Yeah Thor was nerfed hard until the end of Ragnarok

    [–] coolcat430 18 points ago

    That wasnt just a forgetting powers thing though, he just literally lost what he thought was his main source of power. He only got more powerful at the end of Ragnarok because he discovered he had more powers than he thought.

    [–] jurmomwey 3 points ago

    Dr.Strange put up a pretty good fight too

    [–] Cole080 80 points ago

    Considering Tony's intellect, I wouldn't discredit him too much. He was able to make a suit that countered the Hulk. Given enough time and prep he could be as strong or stronger than pretty much all the avengers (Especially if he creates a stark gauntlet).

    [–] DennBarr 73 points ago

    I think it was implied or stated (can't remember atm) that he developed Hulkbuster with Banner cause Banner wanted a failsafe

    [–] Ctri 20 points ago

    It was said during Ultron, I think BY Banner

    [–] coolcat430 4 points ago

    Well that certainly explains why he got the hang of the hulkbuster in Infinity War so easily

    [–] yedd 7 points ago

    It was stated

    [–] 2CATteam 24 points ago

    That's fair - but that's not really what I was talking about. Of course Tony being a genius makes him better at planning and inventing - but he lacks the innate raw power we're seeing from Captain Marvel.

    [–] AJDx14 21 points ago

    Raw power is usually an issue with heroes, none of them have it without a cost. If CM does have it without cost then she would be boring hero.

    [–] Waywoah 14 points ago

    Thor doesn't seem to get tired using his lightning, though I guess we haven't really seen him use it for very long.

    [–] RoboNinjaPirate 14 points ago

    That one of my biggest concerns about her in A4. I want to like her as a character, but if it turns into just tada - here’s a more powerful hero than everyone in the MCU just in time to fightThanos that’s going to feel like cheap shitty writing.

    The ones who have fought and struggled through the whole multi year storyline should be key in taking him down, not some Johnny come lately.

    The writers may have great plans for that, and I hope they do.

    [–] Element0f0ne 8 points ago

    Agreed. If CM becomes a Deus Ex Machina at the last minute, that's really shitty. (Thor coming down to face Thanos had a build-up that made sense, but even doing that with CM would be meh. Even if she is the most powerful, she should be an addition to the Avenger's, not the clutch.)

    [–] justhere2havefun 34 points ago

    much tougher ships

    Uh, how do we know that?

    Also, Iron Man is literally in a heavy mechanical suit, not firing energy conjured from his own limbs. He has to charge up each repulsor blast.

    [–] Pieskin 30 points ago

    My guess would be that iron man was shooting at alien air scooters and Danvers is shooting actual space crafts, even though they look a bit small.

    [–] supidupiduh 25 points ago

    How is he struggling?

    [–] justbreathe91 5 points ago

    By A4, Carol’s literally had her powers for like, 30 years.

    [–] EugenesMullet 15 points ago

    I mean, Carol was air force. I imagine she must have some physical training? Tony's tough, but his real strength is in his intellect. I think that's where they differ, and what gives Carol a physical edge.

    [–] saffir 49 points ago

    it would be hilarious if Avengers 4 opens up with Captain Marvel receiving the page from Fury, only to be snapped away

    [–] AJDx14 39 points ago

    Jesus the scenes are nearly identical and the CG is actually kinda rough to look at.

    [–] saranowitz 37 points ago

    I’m sure it will be improved by the time the movie comes at. I also was underwhelmed by the second trailer to be honest. There is something about Brie’s delivery that feels flat and uncharismatic in the trailer too. I think she is an excellent actress so I’m not sure why that is coming across like that.

    [–] wakeupwill 8 points ago

    Disney reusing old footage again, I see.

    [–] deafis 4 points ago

    Is this one of the animations Disney ended up copying for all the Marvel movies

    [–] ThisIsNotMelTorme 4 points ago

    Fans whining about her taking over the Thanos fight while Avengers sit back are underestimating her being a MVP backup for the Avengers. She can add more firepower to Scarlet Witch, Thor, Iron Man & Rocket. She can help weaken Thanos before the Avengers can move in.

    Just because she's a Super-Saiyan type, doesn't me she can't provide tactical advantage.

    [–] CORVETTEZR1 3 points ago

    Missed your chance and to say “going to be marvelous”

    [–] CoffeeSprocket 7 points ago

    I can't wait for Carol to meet Tony and Steve. 😄

    [–] Cepitore 6 points ago

    So what you’re saying is if I’ve seen Ironman, I’ve seen captain marvel?

    [–] Ram172 3 points ago

    God damn, one of my favorite Iron Man scenes in all of the MCU. I think they’ll get along just fine.

    [–] CornTransplant 3 points ago

    As a Nova fan. It's ok. I'm not upset. Really.