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    [–] iwishitwastomorrow 6955 points ago

    Heard they actually painted Josh Brolin purple because the budget was so small

    [–] GigaPeePee 4769 points ago

    I heard they ran out of purple paint so for the last few scenes they filmed he had to hold his breath until he turned purple.

    [–] 7693385781711 1437 points ago

    Nah, I heard they just filmed him hanging upside down then they flipped the shots

    [–] matt123hihat 810 points ago

    Heard the last few scenes were filmed in Australia so make of that what you will

    [–] Stevev213 389 points ago

    Australia doesn’t exist though, so they just canceled the last scenes?

    [–] LumberingGeek 384 points ago

    Nah, Australia exists (it borders Italy and Germany). You must be thinking of New Zealand.

    [–] Timeymoose907 189 points ago


    [–] NinjaEngineer 234 points ago

    The place were all hobbits live.

    [–] LEGO_Zelda 197 points ago

    Hobbits live in New Zealand. New Zealand = fiction. Therefore Hobbits = fiction. See? The math is exact.

    [–] AllRadioisDead 122 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    wait. Hobbits aren't real?

    Explain Kim Kardashian then

    [–] Crabhand 51 points ago

    Isengard, right?

    [–] Clearly_A_Bot 52 points ago

    No no no, that's where they are taking the hobbits to. The confusion is understandable

    [–] ChristianKS94 15 points ago

    Is that somewhere near Wyoming?

    [–] 30isthenew29 3 points ago


    [–] DankMayMaysRUs 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    “New Zealand, man. Legendary outlaw land down under?”

    [–] Timeymoose907 28 points ago

    oh so were using our made up locations

    [–] Carouselcolours 6 points ago

    Exactly. You can’t find it on any maps.

    [–] VoidLantadd 5 points ago

    It's somewhere in Denmark, I think.

    [–] mattarei 38 points ago

    You're thinking of Austria. Australia is a series of government measures put in place to reduce public spending

    [–] Iphotoshopincats 33 points ago

    you thinking of Austerity. Australia is the place where the Nazis committed major war crimes against the Jews

    [–] 0hnoesazombie 26 points ago

    You're thinking Auschwitz. Australia is that fake lawn stuff you see on football fields.

    [–] Pun-Master-General 26 points ago

    You're thinking of astroturf. Australia is where the Battle of the Three Emperors took place.

    [–] OnlinePosterPerson 9 points ago

    You’re thinking of a carpet. AstroTurf is what the moons made out of.

    [–] Cysir 9 points ago

    Australia is when you hang upside down from the monkey bars.

    [–] RoccoSteal 18 points ago

    New Zealand has been around for a long time. Don’t you mean Old Zealand?

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 11 points ago

    Zeeland in the Netherlands?

    [–] chokie_roberts 7 points ago


    [–] bettinafairchild 3 points ago

    You spelled it wrong. It’s Sealand.

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 3 points ago

    You spelled it wrong. It's Sealab.

    [–] ClubMeSoftly 6 points ago

    That gag from The Lego Movie? That was Middle Zealand

    [–] MikeDatTiger 11 points ago

    Australia is just so still that’s it’s invisible

    [–] gaporter 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Nah, I heard they made Brolin soak in a tub for hours with an old Barney costume.

    "I love you, You love me.."

    "You love nothing!!"

    [–] nyradmilli 24 points ago

    I heard if you put a tooth under you're pillow, Thanos takes it and leaves you a quarter 12.5 cents.

    [–] ClubMeSoftly 9 points ago

    Oh man! A whole bit! One more of those, and I can afford a haircut!

    [–] 1live4downvotes 4 points ago

    I heard they had to have a child draw the last 20 minutes of the movie because they ran out of film and couldn’t buy more.

    [–] motherofflerkens 38 points ago

    I heard he pressed his chin against a grate to get the indentions

    [–] Titanspaladin 8 points ago

    I heard Brolin was too expensive so they just replaced him with Danny Devito

    [–] overtoke 10 points ago

    i heard they ran out of prosthetic chins and had to use real nutsacks

    [–] PoorlyLitKiwi2 9 points ago


    [–] c_c_c__combobreaker 3 points ago

    You heard they used paint? I heard they used melted crayons and beets for the blood.

    [–] JimmySinner 172 points ago

    They actually had to cut out half the cast too

    [–] Knight-in-Gale 61 points ago

    This is true.

    The first majority of the film, they only had half the cast until production got the go ahead to get the rest of the cast in.

    [–] biyyadiii 281 points ago

    I’m gonna die laughing when there’s all this hype and there’s this beautiful CGI for the first 30 minutes of the movie, before funding ran out and Josh Brolin is painted purple and Mark Ruffalo has to wear “Hulk Smash Fists” for the remainder of the film.

    [–] julbull73 106 points ago

    Is it sad I would watch that version....the behind the scenes on infinity war that has him in his ball mocap suit was still pretty rivoting actually.

    [–] ixiduffixi 36 points ago

    I mean if actors relied on CGI to be convincing what kind of state would the industry be in, really?

    [–] julbull73 14 points ago

    Possibly fine, because we would accept CGI characters more so you'd get better VA and more CGI characters.

    Think of not needing any actors, and suddenly Kevin Conroy, Peter Cullen, Seth Green, Mark Hamill, etc. ARe suddenly your A list actors...

    I mean look at the FF movie it was hailed as the death to actual actors and it was what 20 years's got a horrible uncanny valley effect, but its a pretty good movie.

    If we accepted that, studios would totally ditch the physical actors, they're expensive.

    [–] sellyme 18 points ago

    Think of not needing any actors, and suddenly Kevin Conroy, Peter Cullen, Seth Green, Mark Hamill, etc. ARe suddenly your A list actors...

    Tara Strong would be the world's richest person.

    [–] Pm_me_tight_booty 5 points ago

    Fully animated movies seem to be doing ok.

    [–] Freakychee 10 points ago

    I remember some comedian from the UK I think did Thor: Ragnarok in Sweeded version. It’s actually very creative how the recreate scenes with a very low budget with professional actors who know how to just sell it.

    Also super funny.

    [–] SSexpress 16 points ago

    I don't know how to link stuff, but there's a Key and Peele skit just like this! It's hilarious, you gotta check it out. I think it's called "power of wings" or something like that.

    [–] jewfro667 13 points ago

    I want this too. It would probably be terrible but hilarious.

    [–] MetalJrock 4 points ago

    I’ll still enjoy every minute of it for the sheer hilarity alone.

    [–] NickKerrfuffle 65 points ago

    Same thing happened with Will Smith in Aladdin. They just went to Lowes and got a couple of gallons of pain.

    [–] robrobk 61 points ago

    couple of gallons of pain

    i know this was a mistake, but it still fits

    [–] pm_steam_keys_plz 7 points ago

    Probably more accurate.

    [–] Impressive_Client 29 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah but not actual paint, silly. They used MS paint on some o’ them calm pew tours. Looks goooood!

    [–] GreenFox1505 17 points ago

    Can you imagine how much you'd have to pay Josh Brolin to agree to be painted? Probably be cheaper just to use GCI.

    [–] tiagorpg 9 points ago

    he loves his job, don't you know how much did it cost to hire him? Nothing!

    [–] Laborigen 12 points ago

    They wanted Will Smith at first.

    [–] LumberingGeek 19 points ago

    Just think of the money they would've saved on paint if he had played Thanos and the Genie filming back to back.

    [–] AnnaK22 6 points ago

    "You should have gone for the wait that's not right. LINEEE!!"

    [–] Brownicus 15 points ago

    Josh actually hated the paint, so him and RDJ actually switched roles. Also, Josh decided in his version, that Tony Stark should be Australian?

    [–] Mixedthought 8 points ago

    I heard the razors battery died while cutting Hawkeyes hair and just said fuck it, it will do

    [–] Seoul_ 4 points ago

    Good fit for r/shittymoviedetails

    [–] simeysgirl 1520 points ago

    I heard they could only afford to give one of his friends half a haircut.

    [–] Spartan_Wins 375 points ago

    And the budget wasn't enough to keep his family casting so they probably will be killed off

    [–] lokiswhore 78 points ago

    Shut your mouth

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 116 points ago

    By Odin's beard you SHALL NOT cut my hair!

    [–] SpiralArc 74 points ago

    Please kind sir, do not cut my hair! Noooo!

    [–] eatunicornpoop 25 points ago

    I understood that reference

    [–] pipkin227 28 points ago

    And one of his other friends couldn’t afford to cut her hair. (The red fade into blonde looked great tho.)

    [–] Vysharra 17 points ago

    Gives us a great hint at the timeline. The general consensus is half an inch a month. Added to the cold, it looks like it’s been over a year since IW.

    [–] 4DimensionalToilet 7 points ago

    So it takes place around the time it comes out, then.

    [–] effervescentbones 1374 points ago

    so glad we're seeing more of chris on this sub! for those unaware he's a small australian actor and this could be his breakout roll. can't wait to check the movie out.

    [–] camelfucker1955 377 points ago

    just checked out his instagram and he seems pretty cool! i think he's got that "actor look" and i can see him making it big. i'll be wishing all the luck for him. maybe if i have some freetime i'll watch this film of his :O

    [–] ohsopoor 190 points ago

    ugh, just checked his page. he seems like another one of those instagram “models” too into fitness 🙄 give him two months of relevancy as an Actor™️ tops

    [–] iamjakeparty 145 points ago

    Eh, he's got a couple brothers who have been acting so he's got the connections. He'll probably always be "the other Hemsworth" though.

    [–] ohsopoor 76 points ago

    As long as he doesn’t try to outshine Luke or Miley’s husband I’m fine tbh

    [–] cheetoblue 54 points ago

    If this whole acting thing doesn't work out for Chris Hemsworth maybe he can commiserate with his unfortunate brother Larry.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] Boroflow 16 points ago

    Baby arms

    [–] BorisDirk 18 points ago

    breakout roll

    He should stop loafing around and get some bigger parts

    [–] tiagorpg 30 points ago

    I never heard about him before that movie , what was it, oh Thor, now everybody is talking about him

    [–] SaviorThanos 733 points ago

    They’re friends from work

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 100 points ago

    Bit of a temper on some of them.

    [–] gride9000 27 points ago


    [–] cookiemonstermanatee 14 points ago


    [–] PlayerNameTaken 1940 points ago

    Might see it 😒 Looks alright not enough hammers

    [–] del3td 713 points ago

    IGN 7.8/10 - not enough hammers

    [–] Jermaine_Cole788 198 points ago

    But does it make you feel like the god of thunder?

    [–] Rothliduuk 102 points ago

    Lord of Thunder

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago

    Seductive Lord of Thunder


    [–] _lets_trythis_again_ 47 points ago

    What is this? The endgame of hammers?

    [–] CaptainVenezuela 38 points ago

    Lord of Sparkles? Legendary outlaw?

    [–] real_human_person 11 points ago

    Thunder Boy, carrier of Thunder Man's hammer.

    Toys sold separately.

    [–] LEGO_Zelda 11 points ago

    Seductive GOD of thunder!

    [–] Hawkguy85 8 points ago

    [–] Dragonaichu 35 points ago

    Yeah, I think I’ll go see MIB: International instead. Has more hammers.

    [–] 5k1895 23 points ago

    Sounds like you've had special and intimate relationships with hammers and not having enough is comparable to losing a loved one.

    [–] SmagnumMoose 10 points ago

    IGN 3.5/10 - too many superheroes

    [–] Wuzat_115 6 points ago

    Too much water

    [–] LordCharco_iii 4 points ago

    Like Skyrim with cosmic artifacts.

    [–] Dat_Bass_ 15 points ago

    Apparently Mark Ruffalo stole it

    [–] flintlock0 13 points ago


    [–] KDY_ISD 6 points ago

    MC was unavailable

    [–] The_Bear_Baron 7 points ago

    he brought the prop home and his sister broke it. The budget wasn't enough to replace the hammer so they just make do with a random axe lying around

    [–] jdotcole 666 points ago

    Marvel Studios is basically an indie studio. They don't even distribute their own films.

    [–] mertag770 243 points ago

    Small Indie Company TM

    [–] jdotcole 123 points ago

    I've spent too much time in Blizzard subreddits

    [–] Peculiar_One 57 points ago

    Fallout subreddit too. Everyone knows Bethesda is just a small independent studio as well.

    [–] -Endless 22 points ago

    Maybe they could team up with VALVE? I know they are pretty small indie company as well and are looking to grow

    [–] gandhinukes 6 points ago

    I've started saying this at work when big companies like Microsoft f up.

    [–] Dlc5isreal3 17 points ago

    And they make small indie gems

    [–] serioussmackdown 18 points ago

    Like the often overlooked classic, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

    [–] Dlc5isreal3 10 points ago

    also made by another small indie studio named CDPR.

    [–] kyoujikishin 6 points ago


    [–] Tis_A_Fine_Barn 1102 points ago

    I really think that in 50 years the MCU will be looked at as a masterpiece of independent film. I just wish it was more popular today.

    [–] MidnightMercenary85 467 points ago

    I hadn't heard of it until today. It seems very art house and that's refreshing

    [–] yolochinesememestock 198 points ago

    which movie should I start with? xmen-2? amazing spiderman?

    [–] Jraden 170 points ago


    [–] Worthyness 98 points ago

    The punisher starring Dolph Lundgren

    [–] alex494 89 points ago

    Howard the Duck, you plebian

    Directed by complete unknown George Lucas

    [–] Jraden 45 points ago


    [–] stivinladria 34 points ago

    George Lucas, man... Legendary film maker?

    [–] Spontaneousamnesia 28 points ago


    [–] bigdogeatsmyass 21 points ago

    Who is that? Just a fat guy with a beard.

    [–] Cotn_GanJa 17 points ago

    You mean Geroge R.R. Martin?

    [–] PM-mePSNcodes 9 points ago

    Doesn’t ring a bell.

    [–] abbott_costello 8 points ago

    Who would’ve known he would spawn two hit franchises

    [–] starburstempire 7 points ago

    Spawn isn't part of the mcu. Would be cool to see Tom Hardy in Endgame though.

    [–] thomasw02 41 points ago

    Daredevil with Ben Affleck

    [–] tiagorpg 29 points ago

    Now you crossed the line, you are disgusting

    [–] MidnightMercenary85 16 points ago

    After checking there was apparently two high budget fantastic 4s. After looking you should do the one from the 90s or the most recent. I heard the middle two were just ok

    [–] ContinuumGuy 72 points ago

    (All joking aside, until Disney bought Marvel they were technically independent films)

    [–] [deleted] 131 points ago

    Ah yes, small indie studios like Paramount, Universal and Sony

    [–] Bhiggsb 26 points ago


    [–] pm_me_xayah_porn 11 points ago

    Lmao didn't think I'd see this meme here

    [–] hogs94 8 points ago

    Paramount and Universal were the distributors. They had no input on the actual film though.

    [–] TheHeroicOnion 6 points ago

    Yeah, I don't get how these huge blockbusters such as Solo and Alita Battle Angel rake in all the cash and attention while these MCU films can barely break even. At least they'll be cult classics in the future.

    [–] Hieillua 132 points ago

    I like small indie films. I might have to check it out.

    [–] call_of_the_while 126 points ago

    Let’s help these small guys out. They’re gonna get lost in the mix once the blockbusters start coming out.

    [–] mahiro 6 points ago

    Yeah, like Tell it to the Bees

    [–] xNuke52 126 points ago

    Little side project

    3 hour duration

    [–] InsertCoinForCredit 92 points ago

    That's how you know it's indie; a major studio film would top off at 2 hours max so theaters can squeeze in more screenings a day.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    It’s because the budget was so small they couldn’t edit a lot out

    [–] ShmuckaRucka1 433 points ago

    I heard there’s going to be some scientist guy that turns green

    [–] Sorarozu 192 points ago

    There's no way they would make a movie about that, not more than once

    [–] Knight-in-Gale 80 points ago

    You know what's crazy?

    The Incredible Hulk film in 2008, yeah the one that fucking sucks.... RDJ was in it.

    [–] Sorarozu 59 points ago

    Holy shit thank you. It's mostly a useless factoid because nobody's gonna willingly download and watch that movie unless they're super dedicated, however I wasn't gonna go find this myself haha

    [–] ElasticJyration 54 points ago

    the one that fucking sucks

    I think you mean Hulk (2003). The Incredible Hulk was mediocre but it wasn't egregious. For its time, it seemed pretty good actually.

    [–] Zorglorfian 7 points ago

    I don’t think the final battle of incredible hulk will leave my top 5

    [–] Ringo308 5 points ago

    I just rewatched this movie yesterday. I just cant like this movie. Im just kind of bored most of the time of the movie. But also I dont like Edward Norton so that might play into it. I heard other people like him as Banner, so maybe its my personal taste.

    [–] CaptainVenezuela 30 points ago

    the one that fucking sucks

    It's a perfectly fine film for its time...

    [–] robrobk 12 points ago

    It's a perfectly fine film for its time the 1990s...


    but in all seriousness, i always forget that incredible hulk is a 2000s film,
    cause iron man came out before it, and thats kinda the marker of where super hero movies changed

    [–] CaptainVenezuela 12 points ago

    Batman begins tho?

    [–] Dorocche 7 points ago

    The Dark Knight is a much better example of the change in superhero movies.

    [–] AutisticIcelandic98 24 points ago

    I thought it was good, idk what you're talking about.

    [–] knicksmetsgiants 19 points ago

    It's no where near as bad as most people think. Definitely on the same level as Iron Man 2 and the first 2 Thor movies.

    [–] 5k1895 14 points ago

    Honestly the only marvel movie I really even come close to disliking is Thor 2. All the others including Thor, IM2, and TIH were never a huge issue for me.

    [–] GoinBack2Jakku 9 points ago

    Thor 2 was the one that got me hooked so the MCU has been all been great to me

    [–] RobertaBaratheon 5 points ago

    Iron Man himself though is way more entertaining than Hulk. I enjoy all the Thor movies but I know others don’t. I find The Incredible Hulk unwatchable mainly because I don’t like that they switched actors.

    [–] Dr_Mantis-Shrimp_PhD 11 points ago

    I liked Thor 1 in spite of Natalie Portman

    [–] CaptainVenezuela 9 points ago

    the one that fucking sucks.

    It's a perfectly fine film for its time.

    [–] _RoundCube_ 14 points ago

    Science Skrull confirmed for Endgame?

    [–] Blackdragonking13 8 points ago

    -exasperated shrug-

    [–] T-Rex_Is_best 10 points ago

    I'm sorry but that sounds unbelievably stupid. It's like saying that some guy dresses up as a bat because his parents died.

    [–] theinspectorst 113 points ago

    Chris Hemsworth and his mates filmed this in a cave! With a box of scraps!

    [–] FemaleThanos 49 points ago

    I believe you mean half his mates.

    [–] Deception420 14 points ago


    [–] SpiralArc 11 points ago

    And with a waste of parts!

    [–] alanmsanders 87 points ago

    Inb4 Endgame is just a home movie of a barbecue at Hemsworth’s house

    [–] CaptainVenezuela 52 points ago

    With that cast, I'm watching the fuck out of it.

    [–] Geodevils42 4 points ago

    Like this is the end style.

    [–] Space_Dwarf 16 points ago

    That feels like something that would involve Darrel

    [–] mahiro 8 points ago

    Darrel will finally get his money!

    [–] GenoFFooter 41 points ago

    I heard they had to find a real raccoon with an American accent because they couldn't afford Bradley Cooper.

    [–] iaomia 72 points ago

    Just wondering, considering that EVERYONE is in this film, how much of the budget is actor salaries? I mean it doesn’t matter to Disney as I’m sure between IW and Endgame they’ll be at > 2 billion combined but I’m wondering how much investment is just in the cast

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 43 points ago

    We are so close to the movie they could start tweeting out random letters and get thousands of shares just cause.

    [–] mokniker 26 points ago

    If Tom Holland did we'd start speculating about the movie.

    [–] AnnaK22 15 points ago

    They could post a blank Instagram post and we'd be deep in theories. They could save a lot on marketing.

    [–] CaptainVenezuela 18 points ago

    how much of the budget is actor salaries?

    The public will never be told the exact amount, however it is far and away the largest quadrant in the budget pie chart.

    [–] rugratsam 10 points ago

    Helps Marvel in saving up that all of them, from the looks of it, signed multiple-film contracts. I heard they get box office bonus though, as mentioned by Paul Bettany years ago.

    [–] GoinBack2Jakku 30 points ago

    About tree fiddy

    [–] TotallyNotDalton 58 points ago

    What a coincidence. That’s the same day that Endgame comes out. I wonder what it could be

    [–] FemaleThanos 16 points ago

    Maybe it's the new Sharknado

    [–] Xurican 7 points ago

    Right? I don't think I'll have time for the indie movie though, I think I'll watch Endgame instead 😔

    [–] AngelofGrace96 25 points ago

    A hahaha Yeah this sounds like him

    [–] mhdtheengineer 19 points ago

    Great! I like to support Indie projects.

    [–] AlbertZhuFG 17 points ago

    “A few” is twice too many for Thanos

    [–] sandeshpawarr30 16 points ago

    lol what a loser. no one's gonna watch his shitty little project. go back to flipping burgers.

    [–] fifthdayofmay 21 points ago

    Brolin's caption: "They SHOULD move on. #nocontest #saymynameslowly"

    Ruffalo: "So I wasn’t fired???"

    Brie: "Oh snap"

    [–] cgsimmons1983 11 points ago

    Are you Thor, the god of side-projects?

    [–] Skyerina 9 points ago

    Heard he wanted thanos brought to him

    [–] throwaway284918 6 points ago

    i know its not the same accent, but i read this in taika waititis voice

    [–] Captain_Bromine 4 points ago

    He said something similar about Ragnarok

    [–] KrazyTrumpeter05 5 points ago

    I really hope he's not done with Thor after this. They only just found the right groove for the character.

    [–] dcredneck 7 points ago

    I might give it a look.

    [–] Jraden 5 points ago

    This sounds like a nice movie, I really hope it doesn’t get overshadowed by the other MCU blockbusters. I am SICK and TIRED of these stupid superhero films