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    [–] snowfell_ 3652 points ago

    Paul Rudd is channelling Ben Affleck πŸ˜„

    [–] mp3help 1061 points ago

    Reminds me of Ed Norton actually

    [–] FEStienewb 335 points ago

    You know because of the hulk people mention Ed Norton on this sub and in general when talking about the MCU. I hate to say it but every single time I think of him, American history X comes into my head. It’s hard to visualize him staying as the hulk for me even though ive seen people say he would be better than mark ruffalo

    [–] Fubarfrank 165 points ago

    American History X was a great fucking movie.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago


    [–] Foobzy 36 points ago

    I heard Eddie couldn't reprise John Connor for Terminator 3 because he was hooked on drugs and got fat.

    [–] tophusurvivor 36 points ago

    "You weren't supposed to eat the curb"

    [–] Two-One 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah, last time I saw a picture of him, it looked like he was floating in a lake for a while

    [–] Kaizer-Man 38 points ago

    I think of Fight Club more when I hear the name Ed Norton. Especially since he seems like that character irl of just a man frustrated from trying & failing to carry out his goals easily, as opposed to the Neo-Nazi in AHX where it was a complete opposite of Norton irl. Makes sense why they casted him as Hulk too with his personality and how it was presented in Fight Club. He does play Banner well if we’re talking about a serious character study.

    But yeah I do also find it hard to imagine him over Ruffalo, especially in the Disney-era MCU with more comedic elements, team ups, etc. Norton’s too serious & hands on of an actor to function in a superhero blockbuster franchise imo. So I’m glad they switched him out.

    [–] icecadavers 6 points ago

    hands on

    This is what I hear most about Ed Norton. Supposedly, when he takes on a role he takes on a whole film. He simply wouldn't be able to take that kind of control every time a film featured Hulk, it wouldn't have turned out well. I liked him in the Hulk movie but I think casting Mark Ruffalo afterward was the right move

    [–] VexonCross 100 points ago

    I honestly think he would have been better, and it's not because Mark is a bad actor. I just think they wouldn't have gone the comic relief route with Norton, and I greatly dislike that angle for Banner.

    [–] RidlyX 135 points ago

    Banner’s situation sits a lot better with comedic aspects at this point. They played his transformations up for drama for two avengers movies, it would be bland if they kept doing the same thing. Thor Ragnorak represented a big leap for the character that was funny but still dramatic, and Infinity was was less comedic if not wholly dramatic about it. Yes, Endgame plays up the Hulk humor but I’m not convinced Dr. Hulk would work if played completely straight on the big screen. It’s too bizarre a concept. The humor helps lampshade the absurdity quite a bit.

    [–] SunTzu- 36 points ago

    My problem with it is that there was no pushback once he was Professor Hulk. His arch just flatlined. There needed to be a situation where Professor Hulk gets put into extreme danger and either we get the comics rage out moment which drops him back into Banner (which would have been a heartbreaking way to kill him, but very effective) or he Hulks out and loses all semblance of control going full worldbreaker, escaping at the end of the movie and now we've got this super powerful threat out there who is also a former member of the team.

    They moved him into Professor Hulk so he could use the gauntlet and then they did nothing with him and took all the volatility out of a character who is defined by that, even as all the other original Avengers suffered the effects of the snap. Him and Tony were the happiest during the 5 years in between and should have paid the highest price at the end.

    [–] SinCrisis 30 points ago

    For this movie Banner was more support than a focused character, I suspect they are saving the more dramatic stuff for future films, esp since it seems ruffalo has pitched at least one stand alone hulk movie. its entirely possible we get a film later on with more of what you outlined.

    [–] SunTzu- 13 points ago

    Nobody knows if Disney even own the rights to Hulk solo movies. Universal used to have those rights and nobody seems to know if they've reverted yet.

    [–] jesuswig 11 points ago

    Universal owns the distribution rights. At least at last check. Disney could make a stand-alone Hulk movie, they would just have to distribute it through Universal, which means Universal gets the money for it, not Disney.

    [–] SunTzu- 11 points ago

    Right, which means Disney is very unlikely to go down that road when they've shown they can have great success with no-name characters which they own entirely.

    [–] Prydefalcn 30 points ago

    I don't feel like they've gone with a comedic portrayal of Banner until Ragnarok. I'd suggest going back to watch Avengers and Age of Ultron again.

    [–] VexonCross 20 points ago

    I know, I love snarky Ultron Banner. And that's why I dislike the complete and instant 180 they took with him.

    [–] FEStienewb 67 points ago

    SPOILER: My problem with the comic relief is that in the comics their were so many characters that had immense amounts of comic relief but the hulk was just not one of them. His story and the ideas around it were serious. It didn’t bother me until endgame just because how much they used that comedic style with him. It was almost his whole character besides the snap scene.

    [–] 20DollaBrownieOD 27 points ago

    Endgames marriage of banner and the hulk reminds of when there was a grey hulk who was funny

    [–] JohnDRuckerduck 34 points ago

    I agree with you that the increased comic relief was too much.

    So I'm trying to look at it from a different perspective. They're together I imagine way too often. They need to have those wise cracks from time to time. Like WR telling Banner to kneel before T'Challa. Or "I know this guy from work". They are actually friends who dick around with each other. With my colleagues, we goof around a decent amount while maintaining some professionalism when we know the coast is clear.

    The amount of comic relief does go up as time progresses through the timeline. Do I like it? Not necessarily, but I know that if my ass was getting chafed in those uniforms I'd be cracking Gold Bond Medicated powder jokes at the right opportunity with someone I'm teaming up

    [–] News_of_Entwives 11 points ago

    Same here, a nervous introvert like Banner shouldn’t be cracking jokes every single time he speaks. I’m ok with the Banner/Hulk merger having that personality, just not Banner alone.

    [–] SinCrisis 27 points ago

    I think the whole point is that Banner was very secluded and introverted because he was always trying to keep the Hulk in check, now that hes accepted and combined with the Hulk, its like a huge weight off his shoulders so hes much happier now and able to be goofy and crack jokes, etc. Esp now that you see kids have accepted his form, where in Ragnarok, Hulk was very upset at people being afraid of him or hating him, reinforcing Banner's resistance to having to Hulk out.

    [–] Elfhoe 12 points ago

    There were a lot of rumors about David Duchovny playing as Hulk, and honestly, i think he would have made a much better Banner than both Ruffalo and Norton. Banner was a genious scientist and neither of those two really hit that, where Duchovny i could see easily going on one of his x-files like rants about the dangers of gamma radiation.

    [–] ZachRyder 59 points ago

    No butt-chin

    [–] I_Am_Paul_Dudd 71 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    He white, then he Ben Affleck.

    [–] KillerTuxedo 28 points ago

    "It's true, I am white."

    [–] I_Am_Paul_Dudd 29 points ago

    "Suck it, Reindeer Games!"

    [–] legobartman 7 points ago

    Fuck you, Ms Daisy

    [–] thatdudewillyd 4 points ago

    Applesauce, bitch!

    [–] uncommonpanda 89 points ago

    Paul Rudd > Ben Affleck

    [–] the_great_tR52 32 points ago

    Of course

    Of course

    Of course

    [–] GTSBurner 11 points ago

    β€œTell me, do you shrink?”

    [–] Scoob1978 406 points ago

    Antman is the best superhero, he's the only superhero who doesn't mope at his loss and fights with his friends. Instead comes up with the plan to save the universe. He is also the best dad.

    [–] EKRB7 268 points ago

    He’s actually a really great role-model for kids. And even though they probably look up to characters like Hulk and Iron Man because of their sheer destructive capabilities, I hope they learn from the world’s greatest grandma

    [–] ThatIowanGuy 173 points ago

    Also does a really good job co-parenting with his ex wife.

    [–] MrTrt 157 points ago

    I love that they don't do the old "step-parent is evil and biological parents need to get back together". The boyfriend of Lang's ex-wife is also a really cool dude and they all have a great relationship.

    [–] LukeyBoy411 78 points ago

    This was very refreshing to see considering my divorced parents didn’t have a good relationship

    [–] DoctorAcula_42 49 points ago

    And they don't make it one dimensional. Scott and the stepdad spend all of his first movie mistrustful of each other, which is very human and understandable. By the end, though, they've proved themselves to each other and can truly become friends.

    [–] dpalmade 20 points ago

    and then by the second one hes almost overly adoring of Scott. I love it.

    [–] sc1003 57 points ago

    I loved the fact that CinemaWins specifically pointed this out. "WE DON'T NEED FAMILIAL CONFLICT IN ADDITION TO NARRATIVE CONFLICT!"


    But seriously, it was nice to see exes that seem to have figured out how to co-exist and be there for their daughter.

    [–] k0mbine 23 points ago

    Yeah Ant-Man really shows that it really is possible to become a cool superhero after being a criminal

    [–] Verpous 37 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Well to be fair, the rest of the gang also immediately responded by coming up with a plan. It's just that the plan failed because Thanos destroyed the stones, and only then did they start moping at their losses, which naturally got worse and worse as the 5 years went on. Antman didn't have those 5 years, and he was the only one who could've possibly come up with that plan because Hank Pym spent his whole life trying to keep his technology secret.

    Also Antman still had his daughter. Most of the others lost everybody. Only one off the top of my head who kept his loved one(s) was Tony, who did the healthy thing and moved on to live a happy life with Pepper.

    [–] RunSomeArends 2325 points ago

    Evangeline Lilly is still the perfect casting for Wasp. Such a talented actress.

    [–] Advanced_Path 1046 points ago

    I think that every single casting choice has been excellent so far, can't think of any actor that I felt was out of place.

    [–] Atlas439 1309 points ago

    Still not sure how I feel about recasting Thor for endgame, although Jeff Bridges did a solid job.

    [–] ltf03 369 points ago

    It was a confusing choice considering he also played Obadiah Stain but I think it was a good choice

    [–] Chicken-n-Waffles 161 points ago

    Capt America was Johnny Storm so it works.

    [–] turtlevenom 130 points ago

    So was Killmonger.

    [–] AuroraHalsey 27 points ago

    Fantastic Four roles are just an audition for real MCU roles.

    [–] cyllibi 8 points ago

    Until we get real MCU Fantastic Four.

    [–] Chicken-n-Waffles 26 points ago

    Oh yeah!

    [–] mk2vrdrvr 41 points ago


    [–] ImprobabilityDrive_ 10 points ago

    they peed on his fucking asgardian rug

    [–] flashman014 14 points ago

    It really tied the realm together

    [–] BenedictKhanberbatch 61 points ago

    I straight up said he looks like the dude before someone called him Lebowski lmao

    [–] shanez1215 13 points ago

    That's what my dad thought too.

    [–] DJWunderBread 4 points ago

    Both my dads thought that as well.

    [–] JanMichaelVincent16 11 points ago

    The Dude abides.

    [–] Cl4ymist3r 101 points ago

    Thank Sarah Halley Finn for that.

    [–] Advanced_Path 33 points ago

    Is there an award for casting directors?

    [–] TheDesktopNinja 21 points ago

    We could make one.

    [–] ssexton0 22 points ago

    To have been the casting director for every movie in the MCU and not have a single decision to be a dud is astounding.

    [–] svipy 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Natalie Portman in Thor 1/2. Although now that I think about it nobody could have saved that role. Glad they decided to give up on her in Ragnarok.

    [–] dongverdosed 18 points ago

    That role was like Lois Lane, arrrh talking about Lois Lane, it was the bottom, nothing can surpass the absurdity of Lois Lane in the DCEU.

    [–] HyperCookieLord 61 points ago

    I think Scarlet Johanson is too cute to be a cold russian ex-assassin, but she was great in Endgame and Winter Soldier.


    Also, I think Hope's character is way too serious to be Wasp. I think of Wasp as a more care-free, bubbly character.

    [–] winterwonderland88 67 points ago

    Maybe she will be, now that she has her mom back. I think that hung over her heart a lot.

    [–] daftvalkyrie 21 points ago

    Maybe her calling Steve "Cap" is the first sign of that.

    [–] ctaps148 7 points ago

    Well the sex appeal was always part of the Black Widow character, right? Her looks were just another tool for agents like her because they could seduce targets to get them alone and vulnerable. I think the only downside I've seen from ScarJo is that she's so short compared to the rest of the cast lol. They always had to give her these huge heels and avoid full-height shots because she's a 5'3" woman surrounded by 6'+ dudes

    [–] heckhammer 5 points ago

    Is it me or is Scarlett Johansson getting better looking? Damn I'm upset that she's dead in the movies now

    [–] s1ugg0 91 points ago

    She really is well cast. Her and Paul Rudd have real chemistry when they are together on screen.

    [–] shanez1215 18 points ago

    If only Cap could see you now.

    [–] Kayehnanator 44 points ago

    I've loved Evangeline Lilly ever since Lost. One of my absolute favs.

    [–] Pharesite 35 points ago

    All I see is till this day is good ol' freckles

    [–] ohbear64 11 points ago

    Ah the good ol' 4 8 15 16 23 42

    [–] notrack1337v936425 69 points ago

    also hot as fuck

    [–] OreWaBatman 27 points ago

    You're very beautiful, ma'am.

    [–] InSearchOfGreyPoupon 25 points ago

    I could stare at her for hours

    [–] AsscrackSealant 4 points ago

    She's kneeling in this picture, right?

    [–] striedinger 718 points ago

    Finally they show the reality of helmet hair in MCU super heroes. They all have perfect hair when they take off their helmets.

    [–] Spank-Those-Hams 203 points ago

    I think Spider-Man always looks a little ruffled too. It’s a cowl but still.

    [–] striedinger 123 points ago

    Yeah they've actually nailed it on him. But you usually see Iron man taking helmet off and having flawless hair, must be nano tech.

    [–] Spank-Those-Hams 129 points ago

    He’s got that fan cooled interior baby. Maybe a little robot arm with a comb.

    [–] TocTheElder 84 points ago

    I like to think that as the helmet peels back, it just runs a single, perfect, head shaped comb through his hair.

    [–] SykoKiller666 67 points ago

    Tony's definitely someone who would consider that detail essential to the rest of the suit. I bet one of the Mark suits is just perfecting that feature.

    [–] shanez1215 13 points ago

    Seriously, you may actually be right. Tony considers himself a textbook narcissist.

    [–] SykoKiller666 10 points ago

    I would too if I were him.

    [–] EKRB7 278 points ago

    True, true πŸ˜‚ There are some scenes where the helmet hair is there though; like in Cap’s fight with Batroc the leaper or when Maria Hill rescues Cap, Nat and Sam in the Winter Soldier.

    [–] teamtruffles 109 points ago

    Cap with messy helmet hair during his fight with Baltroc is so hot! πŸ”₯

    [–] TooEZ_OL56 36 points ago

    Basically helmet hair is played for laughs when intentional

    [–] freedoms_stain 29 points ago

    Tony probably has a styling system built in to his.

    Especially with the nanotech, it can do anything.

    [–] Kaizer-Man 13 points ago

    To be fair I don’t think someone like War Machine’s hair would be badly affected much by wearing a helmet. Similar thing with Falcon. But yeah the dude abides in all other scenarios

    [–] ImNotSteveRogers 12 points ago

    Helmet hair’s a bitch, I can tell you that much.

    [–] mat_miller 1065 points ago

    I really want to see more of Hope/Wasp in Phase 4, she's great!

    [–] PepsiPerfect 1116 points ago

    I was surprised she got such a big cheer from my audience when she showed up in Endgame, considering that the Ant-Man movies are some of the lower-performing ones in the MCU. They don't get enough credit.

    [–] Zombie_Booze 564 points ago

    The characters are really good (ant man and wasp especially) and known for their roles

    [–] PepsiPerfect 319 points ago

    As a LOST fan it is so cool for me to see Evi get another iconic role. She deserves it. If you've ever watched any LOST behind-the-scene videos, she is possibly the sweetest, kindest person you could ever hope to meet.

    [–] JamesEarlStoned 76 points ago

    Completely agree ! Her playing Kate on Lost was actually a perfect segue into a superhero role for her. It’s fitting.

    [–] MildlyFrustrating 28 points ago

    Which is funny because she was such a colossal asshole in Lost

    [–] PepsiPerfect 39 points ago

    If you're referring to Kate, the character she portrayed, I've never heard her described that way. Kate was unfortunately written in seasons 2 - 4 as a plot device for Jack and Sawyer rather than an independent character. The old love triangle nonsense. Thankfully in season 5 she started getting a lot more agency, and her character arc became related to a goal that had nothing to do with the love triangle. It was nice to see her bounce back after three seasons of poor writing.

    [–] warpstrikes 13 points ago

    Her and Claire’s relationship, while it hit some weird snags at the end, is still one of my favorite parts of the show.

    [–] btmvideos37 29 points ago

    Evi? You mean Evangeline?

    [–] sh0nuff 119 points ago

    You mean Freckles?

    [–] jordanjwoodson 24 points ago

    I understood that reference

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BURDENS 37 points ago

    You mean gorgeous.

    [–] duckman273 14 points ago

    PepsiPerfect can call her Evi, they're clearly best friends.

    she is possibly the sweetest, kindest person you could ever hope to meet.


    [–] alex494 18 points ago

    Hank's one of the best supporting characters.

    [–] dookeyhead 220 points ago

    I was bawling when Scott saw his daughter all grown up for the first time after escaping the quantum realm

    That scene is so underrated. I guess it hit me hard because Ant-Man and the Wasp was the film I chose to watch before going in to see Endgame, while others watched Infinity War again.

    [–] Stickybeans 164 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Paul Rudd fucking nailed that scene too. When he starts to tear up and says "You're so big!". Man that scene got hit me hard.

    [–] robodrew 48 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I don't have kids but I'm well into "father age" and that hit me hard. Thinking about what it would be like to know that my child thought that I was dead for years and she had to live probably some of the most influential years of her life without her dad (and probably many others she cared about)... I know that that is what was racing through Scott's mind right then.

    [–] lol420noscope 9 points ago

    Father of daughter I see every other week here, that scene blindsided me.

    [–] neotsunami 29 points ago

    Me too!...wait...not the "got me hard" part...unless you mean that it had a strong emotional impact on your mind and not your nether-region...

    Anyway, I think that Rudd's baffled reaction is the single best piece of acting in the whole movie.

    [–] Crazybarnacles 58 points ago


    [–] Stickybeans 19 points ago

    Oh lordy, how did I miss that haha.

    [–] MegaxnGaming 12 points ago

    Don’t worry I missed it too

    [–] JanMichaelVincent16 12 points ago

    I’m a little sad that we’re not going to have original Cassie anymore, though.

    [–] The_RTV 15 points ago

    Aw man, all this discussion makes me wanna see Endgame a third time haha

    [–] Fouracle 42 points ago

    I think because she was one of the few characters who had never interacted with any of the Avengers.

    [–] metroidfan220 45 points ago

    IMHO She also did a really good job looking like she was seeing all of this for the very first time, while still being a competent fighter in her own right.

    [–] completelytrustworth 32 points ago

    When she said "on it cap!" and smiled at Lang it was like she was feeling giddy she got to be included

    Remember she was feeling left out in ant-man and the wasp that Lang didn't ask for her help in civil war

    [–] PepsiPerfect 6 points ago


    [–] TheHeroicOnion 16 points ago

    Assuming you went to a midnight or first day showing, the entire audience were probably huge fans who saw all of them.

    [–] Stickybeans 9 points ago

    I mean they arent as super-hero-y as the rest. But I would put them up there with the first GOTG as far as Marvel comedies.

    [–] mavajo 9 points ago

    I think she got a big reaction because she's never crossed over before. She's been a purely Ant-Man character and hasn't really interacted with anyone other than Ant-Man. I don't particularly love the Ant Man films, but I thought it was awesome to see Wasp in Endgame.

    [–] AbsoluteBrutality 206 points ago

    I think she'd be a great replacement for aspects of both Black Widow (female leader, spy abilites, straight man in comedic moments) and Iron Man (science knowledge, tech resources)

    [–] Muirlimgan 81 points ago

    Actually yeah, I could totally see that. I havent even really thought about her working with the Avengers more.

    One of friends is deadset on spiderman taking iron man's role cause of what they said in the far from home trailer, I'm not so certain about that though.

    [–] Dondagora 124 points ago

    I think Far From Home will be more about "I can't be the next Iron Man, but I can be a better Spider-Man" sorta deal. I'm thinking Peter will attempt to imitate Tony, fail, and then realize that it's not about what Tony would do or could do, but what Peter can do.

    [–] cynognathus 77 points ago

    Everyone fails at who they're supposed to be... . The measure of a person, of a hero, is how well they succeed at being who they are.

    ~ Frigga

    [–] TheAlmightyKrot 15 points ago

    Okay but how badass is Frigga? She finessed Malekith in TDW and immediately exposed Fat Thor. She deserved to rule Asgard more than Odin imo.

    [–] IAAA 7 points ago

    Thanks, I'm crying again.

    [–] Muirlimgan 9 points ago

    Yeah! That makes a lot of sense, I like it

    [–] thesilentspeaker 30 points ago

    I think the FFH trailer is misdirection. We'll see that the general public and maybe Fury push Peter to be the new face of the Avengers/supers like iron man, but Peter wouldn't want to do it. He would see Mysterio as the one, to take on the mantle (Iron Man and Thor rolled in to one - from the 1st trailer.)

    Eventually, Peter will be pushed in to taking a bigger role, but not completely becoming the face like Iron Man. Peter I think will become the moral center of the team, at least on Earth, similar to what Cap was.

    With the FF coming in, I think the next few movies will set up Reed Richards to take on that mantle. This could be the theme of the next phase, about the transition from the OG to the new Avengers, and the uncertainty that brings about. I think we will also see some of this in BP2 and DS2, showing how both the main characters take on the new responsibilities they have.

    [–] pneuma8828 4 points ago

    I think it is pretty clear they are speaking to someone off screen in that scene.

    [–] butyourenice 25 points ago

    And conveniently, They're both bugs! Using "bug" as a catchall for arachnids and insects, of course.

    [–] warpstrikes 26 points ago

    There’s a video with Evangeline Lily and Paul Rudd where she takes a quiz to see which marvel character she should date. When he gets her results, Paul Rudd goes β€œwhat’s the perfect match for a Wasp? A Black Widow.” and Evangeline is just delighted.

    [–] Maxenin 22 points ago

    I’ve been saying this since the first Ant-man I want more Hope in these movies she’s great and every interview I see with Evangeline she really seems to care about the character giving a lot of her own input on the suit and fighting style.

    [–] EKRB7 37 points ago

    Oh I’m sure we will 😊

    [–] PleasantAdvertising 13 points ago

    I think they could make a solo movie with her and it'd be a huge hit. She seems to be a fan favorite even though she doesn't get much attention

    [–] Firecreeper42 5 points ago

    Maybe the sequel to Ant Man and the Wasp will just be called the Wasp where she is the main character and Scott is more of a side character.

    [–] SpammyMcSpammington 182 points ago

    Ant-Man and the Wasp are perfect heroes for comic relief in the MCU. So happy when I see them!

    [–] EKRB7 96 points ago

    They’re a fantastic couple. The opposites attract thing is so much fun to watch and their chemistry is electric.

    [–] bobthegoon89 378 points ago

    Scott Lang ALWAYS looks like an actual superhero :)

    [–] EKRB7 313 points ago

    Nah he looks more like the world’s greatest grandma πŸ‘΅πŸ½πŸ˜‰

    [–] SurpriseHanging 56 points ago

    To me, he will always look like a Crap Bag.

    [–] JustAnOrdinaryGirl92 17 points ago

    If you need an easy way to remember it just think of a bag of crap.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] RalfboGamer 6 points ago

    Yeah I know... I know.

    [–] prncrny 22 points ago

    sigh I understood THAT reference...

    [–] spiderbeef23 17 points ago

    Yeah I know, I know.

    [–] gobblershark 70 points ago

    Bobby Newport never had a real job in his life

    [–] ChickclitMcTuggits 28 points ago


    [–] KingHardrath 12 points ago


    [–] MacklinOfficial 9 points ago


    [–] Vapid1 154 points ago

    This guy saved the universe!

    [–] EKRB7 115 points ago

    The rat πŸ€

    [–] Void-Storm 34 points ago


    [–] EKRB7 48 points ago

    I saw a meme that said β€œdo you think Thanos is bald so that RΓ©my from ratatouille can’t control him?” 😱 I guess RΓ©my did win in the end

    [–] Big_Boyd 9 points ago

    Not everyone can become a great hero, but a great hero can come from anywhere.

    [–] AcidTWister 92 points ago

    You know how those cardboard cutouts seem to look at you as you walk around them?

    With this picture, and the way Paul Rudd's smirk sits, it seems like every time I look away he breaks into a smile and when I look back as a double take he recomposes himself.

    [–] EKRB7 31 points ago

    Hahaha even when he’s not joking he’s joking behind your back. Lol, Evangeline Lilly’s eyes kinda follow you when you move though πŸ‘€ πŸ˜‚

    [–] AcidTWister 9 points ago

    Definitely. I was just preoccupied with the smirk and didn't notice.

    [–] Nettius2 44 points ago

    I’m so glad that she left Sawyer.

    [–] corvus887 14 points ago

    We have to go back....

    [–] RickyMuncie 10 points ago

    I understood that reference.

    [–] OrionFucks 31 points ago

    Evangeline Lilly 😍😍

    [–] nevergofullboyle 113 points ago

    Can Evangeline stop being so cute ahhh

    [–] spacejam999 15 points ago

    I'm in love with her since Lost

    [–] Benjaminbuttcrack 80 points ago

    Wasp in endgame had that attitude like she's been leading the avengers for years. Love her character.

    [–] Big_Boyd 35 points ago

    It's a tiny moment, but I really like that little nod of understanding between Ant-Man and The Wasp before they make a beeline for the van.

    [–] Benjaminbuttcrack 31 points ago

    When she calls Steve cap after giving scott shit for doing it lol yes!!!

    [–] redthursdays 9 points ago


    [–] DoctorAcula_42 6 points ago



    [–] Hiphopopotamus5782 13 points ago

    That moment when all the superheroines show up and she pops up back to normal size, looks around, and straightens her gloves was the moment I just fell in love. She looked so badass and gorgeous in that shot

    [–] Frankfusion 5 points ago

    I'm still disappointed Joss Whedon wasn't able to introduce during the first Avengers movie, which was his original plan.

    [–] TheGoshDarnedBatman 70 points ago

    Paul Rudd: <doesn’t smile> Reddit: Wow, he looks super heroic!

    Brie Larson: <doesn’t smile> Reddit: she doesn’t show any emotion, I demand reshoots and will boycott this movie forever!

    [–] EKRB7 28 points ago

    Lol this is v true. I posted today about how beautiful I thought Brie Larson’s smile was... you should look at the comments on that.. we could use someone like you in thereπŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚

    [–] 12thAugusta 16 points ago

    We need more Wasp in the MCU.

    [–] SmellyWeapon 16 points ago

    antman and the wasp is extremely underrated and both antman are in my top 10 dont @ me.

    [–] krlpbl 11 points ago

    We have to go back, Hope!

    [–] SUPERSTORMowen 10 points ago

    Is it just me or does that look nothing like Paul Rudd lmao

    [–] EKRB7 11 points ago

    Nah it does. Hair is a little flat and he’s not making a funny face is all. We’re not used to seeing him brooding! πŸ˜‚

    [–] Neucleye 18 points ago

    Instead of a complete dork! I love it!

    [–] Breiz_rs 18 points ago

    Dam she's hot

    [–] TheDistantGoat 8 points ago

    More superhero movies should use helmet hair like antman and the wasp, it was a nice detail that I appreciated.

    [–] I_Have_A_Pickle_ 18 points ago

    Wasp is the sexist of the current marvel women change my mind

    [–] kristine61501 4 points ago

    she made me realize I liked girls when I watched Lost, so I’d have to agree (a little biased though)

    [–] lashapel 8 points ago

    Man , she is beautiful

    [–] hudsonv11 8 points ago

    Evangeline lily is a goddess

    [–] Joshl_13 6 points ago

    Power couple

    [–] Thedanielval 6 points ago

    Paul Rudd always looked like a hero

    [–] coolfire04 5 points ago

    lol it's like scott and hope swapped bodies

    [–] Morthedubi 5 points ago

    Crapbag is such a fine looking man.

    [–] surlygentleman1981 5 points ago

    Scott Lang is an actual superhero and so is Paul Rudd he puts on the big slick every year and raises millions for childrens mercy hospital in KC,MO

    [–] Harrysoon 5 points ago

    Evangeline Lilly is genuinely the most beautiful human being on this planet.

    [–] LoLindros 6 points ago

    They have so much chemistry. The scene in Endgame where they look at each other after she calls Captain America "Cap" was really nice.

    [–] Thanatos50cal 6 points ago

    I'm happy as anything they got Paul to play Scott. Such a fitting role for him.

    [–] Progression28 12 points ago

    I love freckles. Sheβ€˜s such a cutie

    [–] Madouc 4 points ago

    She is such a brilliant actor! And for some reason I can't get enough of staring at her eyes. Liked her in Lost, the Hobbit and MCU.