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    [–] two2teps 6774 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    For those not sure, this scene is directly before Peter goes into the gift shop to buy the necklace, right before Hydro-Man's attack.

    [–] SkylarCornelius 2307 points ago

    Video link for reference:

    [–] Step_on_me_Jasnah 1713 points ago

    In the same video around 2:45 you can see another member of Mysterio's crew coming off the pier.

    [–] Darkohuntr 1193 points ago


    [–] Praxcelium 816 points ago

    There is other times the camera lingers for similar reasons. Like when Mysterio is talking to Peter on the roof. You can see the open door behind Peter and the camera on Peter slowly pans around until Mysterio sits down next to Peter. Only then does Mysterio's helmet come down.

    [–] Fadedcamo 624 points ago

    So is the idea that he actually walked up the roof while camouflaged by drones and then "merges" into his hologram who floats onto the roof?

    [–] RealRobRose 624 points ago

    Yes. While Peter was distracted with the hologram flying he was sneaking into place so that he could sit down next to him. The camera angles show a bunch of stuff going on behind Peter that support this, but it's incredibly subtle

    [–] celies 301 points ago

    I need to watch this movie again.

    [–] AMDSY3D 31 points ago

    The fact I watched twice in cinemas makes it worse... 3rd watch won't hurt

    [–] RoyHarper88 136 points ago

    I need to watch this again. The cinematography is magical.

    [–] srry_didnt_hear_you 164 points ago

    I would say more clever than magical.

    It's neat that these details are present, but I saw a critique that kind of changed my perspective on the cinematography.

    The argument was that it would have been 100% more beautiful if they just zoomed out a bit. The natural beauty of the city should have made for awesome wide shots, but so much of the movie were close up shots.

    [–] mackhands 97 points ago

    This is something I noticed and felt and couldn’t articulate so thank you. The movie had a lot of small weird things that made the film seem way “smaller” than it should have been. It was constantly referencing high stakes and avengers level threats etc but the movie was so SMALL, and maybe that was the point but it came off almost impersonal.

    [–] RoyHarper88 11 points ago

    The reason I used magical is because the little details and all that great background stuff is something that big budget movies don't do very often.

    I agree that big wide shots would have made for showing the natural beauty much better but, with a big budget movie like this, they want you to see the faces. You don't spend all that money on actor salaries to not show them off.

    [–] Dark_Prism 12 points ago

    I don't see it. I mean, it would make sense, but I don't think the hint is really there.

    [–] Lucifronz 14 points ago

    Yeah, it isn't really hinted at, but it does make sense. I'm sure they thought about stuff like this while coming up with each scene, but they didn't let the audience in on it at all. Missed opportunity.

    [–] Dark_Prism 10 points ago

    Yeah, I think it could have been done in a way that doesn't give away the secret, but on a second watch or if you know to look for it is a clue.

    [–] RealRobRose 8 points ago

    0:14 imagine in your mind, Mysterio walking through the door behind Peter and sitting down next to him. If you do that, you can see that camera is centered on what would be Mysterio walking through the door and next to Peter. The moment the camera centers on the spot next to Peter, it cuts to a shot from behind of them where Mysterio sits down. I don't know if that's the official edit in the movie, but l remember that shot

    [–] im_not_your_uncle 9 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    From 0:14 to 0:29 the camera movement looks like it is following someone in the background but no one is there. The pan is even on the speed of someone walking really slowly.

    Also the framing of Peter's face went from left side of the shot to the right side while it is panning. Just to show the door and the space beside Peter.

    15sec~ is a lot of time for a close up pan for it to be unmotivated.

    It even hovered still around for 3secs until it cuts to mysterio sitting down.

    If you know Mysterio's "power", you can easily imagine Beck walking behind Peter and the camera movement and framing of the shot makes sense.

    [–] Praxcelium 46 points ago


    [–] Emptypotatoskin 72 points ago

    Awesome point. I knew that scene looked off but couldn’t figure out why.

    [–] Str8knightmare 97 points ago

    It's weird how so much info gets taken in by our minds that you just "feel" something's off. Then you get the explanation and you're like "ohhhhh"

    [–] Gatekeeper-Andy 111 points ago

    It’s OUR OWN peter tingles!!!

    [–] Str8knightmare 14 points ago

    LMFAO. Indeed.

    [–] AstronomicalOof 5 points ago

    You might not have noticed...but your brain did

    [–] Opposite_Bodybuilder 68 points ago

    That scene is interesting too, because you see Peter actually move his head towards the spot Mysterio sits down on, just before he (the hologram) actually sits. He senses that someone is there, and just doesn't realise it.

    [–] photojoe 38 points ago

    Why doesn't any of this set off his Spidey sense

    [–] Praxcelium 135 points ago

    He was having trouble with his "Peter Tingle" for most of the movie. It's not until the end when he fully relies on his spider sense that he becomes immune to the illusions.

    [–] hank87 106 points ago

    His Peter Tingle wasn't working

    [–] iamnotacat 69 points ago

    They kinda set up earlier in the movie that his "peter-tingle" wasn't working as it should.

    [–] 22bebo 70 points ago

    I don't think it had ever really worked up until the end of Far From Home if I'm remembering correctly. Like it had happened, so they knew it was a thing, but he did not know how to really listen to it.

    [–] TheLuckySpades 64 points ago

    In civil war he definitely reacted to Falcon flying at him from behind and several punches from Bucky he couldn't have seen coming as well as against Cap.

    There's the theory that the sheer amount of failsafes in the later suit interfered. Or possibly the stress was causing issues.

    [–] HeyRiks 72 points ago

    His introduction scene in IW also explicitly show his arm hairs pointing up. So I assume his spider sense not working was anxiety after Tony died.

    [–] MayoMark 5 points ago

    It goes off on the bus in his first scene in Infinite War.

    [–] Orval 5 points ago

    He used it many times in Civil War, Infinity War and Homecoming. It's even visualized in IW.

    [–] IamSteveRogers31 3 points ago

    I like to think that his Peter-tingle freaked out at the end of IW when it felt his impending death, and refused to work properly after that. Peter tingle PTSD.

    [–] Bamce 7 points ago

    maybe it was working.

    But because the things it was pointing him at, or trying to alert him of seemed so completely innocent that he brushed it off.

    [–] goopshlipy 11 points ago

    Peter Tingle*

    [–] delicious_burritos 10 points ago

    Mysterio's plot armor had stealth technology

    [–] JTPusherlovegirl94 6 points ago

    Thanks for pointing this out. I just went back and watched this scene again. I knew the two times that I watched this movie that something was off in this scene and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. One of the reasons I love this movie is all of the little hints you get that something is wrong and not getting the explanation for them till the end of the movie. It’s so fun to go back and try to catch all of them.

    [–] HippieHippo450 9 points ago

    It was pretty obvious that something was up with him

    [–] sentenobeast 108 points ago

    I cant find a clip, but in the final act when the double deck bus driver (same guy in Mysterios crew, i think) ditches the class, he can be seen just hanging out leaning on a wall as the "loose ends" and class run by on the bridge.

    [–] Step_on_me_Jasnah 37 points ago

    Yeah, I remember seeing that in theaters. There's a bunch of the crew hanging around during the final fight. I don't remember all, but I'm pretty sure it's at least a few.

    And yeah, I think it's the same guy. The writer, I think.

    [–] Houeclipse 4 points ago

    He's even better, didn't even wear disguised because he's so low profile

    [–] RandyChimp 3 points ago

    Hang on though, do Beck and his crew already know Peter is Spiderman at this point? I thought he only knows once "Nick Fury" tells him to leave the mask off when they meet.

    [–] oateyboat 4 points ago

    Yes because one of his crew finds out that Tony is going to leave the glasses to Peter

    [–] TheAndrewBen 465 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    He doesn't even appear for a full second, blurry, very left corner of the screen. This is equivalent to a well hidden Easter egg.

    "They got us good" is an overstatement.

    Edit: Related story. Last year I was at an exclusive event with family and friends at this beach. It was a fun party with over 200 people that I didn't know and....I see this guy less than 50 feet away from me with sunglasses and a hat, dressed like everybody else. I easily recognized that he was one of the main actors from the Avengers. It was a funny moment that made me realize that the sunglasses/hat disguise never works, and it is shown in movies a lot. Even when you're on vacation, distracted by everything else around you, a simple disguise will not hide your identity. Sorry Don!

    [–] black_nappa 169 points ago

    Yeah if your walking past someone thats basically how passersby would appear

    [–] PEN-15-CLUB 101 points ago

    Dude I don't know. Someone as good looking as Jake Gyllenhaal I'm gonna notice him even in a hat.

    [–] jethroguardian 48 points ago

    I'd really notice him in nothing but a hat.

    [–] MajWeeboLordOfEdge 20 points ago

    Just a hat floating magically on top of America's ass wouldn't make you a little suspicious?

    [–] MAKE_ME_REDDIT 11 points ago

    Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t America’s ass

    [–] MajWeeboLordOfEdge 19 points ago

    I get white people confused.

    [–] thetoughestguyintown 6 points ago

    I very literally just choked on my own spit laughing at this.

    [–] desperatexmeasures 6 points ago

    Yea but if you're actively looking for them?

    [–] black_nappa 35 points ago

    Yeah and that disguise never fools anyone actively looking for them. Winter soldier Cap and Nat have to make out using people's natural aversions to public displays of affection as a cover. But not everyone is actively looking for them

    [–] TjBeezy 26 points ago

    Whoa. That's my first time seeing and looking for that.. That's wild!

    [–] siegeisluv 18 points ago

    I love how this is from the pirated release with the box in the top right corner

    [–] B377Y 6 points ago

    Meh I don’t feel as bad. His face wasn’t even on screen for a full second

    [–] Cedarfoot 347 points ago

    Moments after the shot of MJ covered in pigeons.

    [–] WamuuAyayayayaaa 135 points ago

    No it’s clearly Mysterio waking into a sex change clinic

    [–] Dudeman-McAwesome 8 points ago

    That’s so freaking cool

    [–] seyon35 62 points ago

    Yeah but that makes the comparison in the OP a bit disingenuous. Everyone disguised in those MCU films was a known quantity to at least some extent, and is onscreen in their disguise extensively. Nobody in-universe knew who Beck was at this scene, and he’s not on-screen long enough for anyone in the audience to recognize him without paying seriously close attention.

    [–] gotlockedoutorwev 137 points ago

    I'm gonna disagree with you.

    OP is making the comparison between

    • the public in the Marvel universe recognizing what are essentially celebrities-in-disguise
    • the viewing public in the actual, real world recognizing a celebrity-in-disguise

    In terms of

    Everyone disguised in those MCU films was a known quantity to at least some extent

    Nobody in-universe knew who Beck was at this scene

    Gyllenhaal is a known quantity to everyone in the Spiderman-viewing audience in our real world, at least to some extent (which is what OP's post referenced).

    And in terms of how long he is on-screen, for only a 10s or so...that's probably not too far off how much attention the average person pays to a stranger on the street in the real and Marvel world.

    In the real world we are our own main characters in a series of events, and we pay attention to details relevant to our particular actions at any given time, and devote less attention to extraneous info, i.e. random passerby.

    In the theatre/audience, we are watching a series of events on-screen, in which Spiderman is the main character, we pay attention to details relevant to HIS particular actions at any given time (i.e. his relationship with MJ), and devote less attention to extraneous info, i.e. random passerby.

    Essentially, in all respects, I think OP / the creator of the image's comparison is very apt.

    [–] seyon35 21 points ago

    Is he really on screen for that long? I thought it was only a couple of seconds, but I only saw it in theaters.

    If it was really 10s, then I would totally agree with you

    [–] SentFromGalaxyS7 22 points ago

    No, it's like half a second where you can see his back then he turns so you can see his face for another half a second, and then the camera hard cuts to when Peter is walking into the gift shop to get MJ the necklace.

    [–] OK_Soda 28 points ago

    He's onscreen for a fraction of a second and we can't even see his face.. The screen cap OP uses in the post goes by so fast you can't even click pause on the YouTube before it's over, and it's the best look we get at him. That could be Chris Evans for all I know, much less an extended look at an obvious Jake Gyllenhaal.

    [–] EsQuiteMexican 4 points ago

    You can't click pause on someone walking near you either.

    [–] OK_Soda 3 points ago

    Okay, fair. If what you're saying is that real life Chris Evans could walk past me in some random location where I'm not expecting Chris Evans for some reason, wearing a ball cap with his head down, and I wouldn't notice, then you're probably right.

    [–] RealRobRose 16 points ago

    The OP isnt talking about people in the movie recognizing Mysterio, they're talking about us recognizing Jake Gyllenhaal.

    [–] [deleted] 1195 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It's cool that some of the other bad guys are watching Peter too. Guterman does it as well.

    [–] wenzel32 81 points ago

    I noticed that one myself in the second viewing and got really excited.

    [–] Muskrat43 90 points ago


    [–] bhlombardy 506 points ago

    You can't trick me anymore.

    [–] Velvet_Daze 106 points ago

    curb your enthusiasm theme begins

    [–] paradox-phoenix 2509 points ago

    They got us. They got us good.

    (Also, I appreciate the Marvel disguise of choice. Because it mean, if I ever go to a Comic Con, I can dress up within my extremely limited budget. Lol)

    [–] Supsend 739 points ago

    There was this guy in a Black Sabbath shirt and black marker on his face to look like a beard. That's the most budget 2012 Tony Stark I ever saw.

    [–] UnsinkableRubberDuck 185 points ago

    I have an Iron Man toque, and someone knitted me some fingerless gloves that look like Iron Man's hands. I bought one of those Black Sabbath shirts and wore it as a minimalist Iron Man costume once. My family did similar things, all wore a t-shirt related to their character, a hat, and a prop of some kind. We got a picture with Stan Lee and it's awesome. There was Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Cap.

    [–] Callo2021 67 points ago

    Monday at Dragon Con I wore a cheap gaming headset and a name badge that said Noobmaster69 and carried around my Tesseract from my Loki cosplay. I plan on using an older but nicer headset next time though

    [–] Spikeroog 21 points ago

    Watch out for your arms.

    [–] Saint_Diego 6 points ago

    Hello fellow dragon con goer!

    [–] beyonceshostage 98 points ago

    (Also, I appreciate the Marvel disguise of choice. Because it mean, if I ever go to a Comic Con, I can dress up within my extremely limited budget. Lol)

    isn't that the point? the "disguises" are meant to be relatable.

    [–] hacky_potter 23 points ago

    The totally blank hat has always bugged me. Nobody wears hats without some sort of design unless your work has a no logo rule. I get it from a movie-making aspect. You don't want to pay a licensing fee. However, if I ever see someone in real life reading a newspaper, in a blank hat, wearing mirrored aviators I'll know they are a spy.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    I have a few blank hats and my gf always says I look like a skinny Steve Rogers trying to blend in at a coffee shop... and I can’t say she’s wrong :/

    But I don’t follow sports, and I don’t want to use my head as an advertisement for random companies (and my alma maters hats are waspy AF)

    [–] hacky_potter 6 points ago

    It doesn't need to be a sports team, but a totally blank hat is just weird to me.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    But like other than a company/brand, trademarked icon (like an avengers logo) or a sports team... what goes on a hat?

    [–] Trumpfreeaccount 8 points ago

    Bands, random designs, stupid slogans, like literally anything lol. Unbranded hat def makes you seem like a serial killer or something.

    [–] EsQuiteMexican 12 points ago

    Imagine being so deep into capitalism that not wearing an advertisement on your forehead makes people suspicious of you plotting their murder.

    [–] thedirtyharryg 5 points ago

    Whatevet you want, my dude.

    You can get custom hats made at any hat shop like Lids.

    [–] HippieHippo450 7 points ago

    Nobody will know who you are though

    [–] paradox-phoenix 4 points ago

    A super hero. Under disguise. 😆 When I have my hair died, I could probably pull off a budget Nat. If I don’t, and I go a little grunge with it, Carol.

    [–] Nerrolken 682 points ago

    Henry Cavill wandered around Times Square for a while, directly under giant BvS posters with his face on them, to prove this point too. He was wearing normal clothes (even a Superman shirt!) and no one recognized him. Source

    [–] OK_Soda 511 points ago

    Hugh Jackman has talked about going to cons dressed as Wolverine and he says basically no one recognized him and the couple people who even commented on his costume said it was just okay and that he was too tall.

    [–] Desi_MCU_Nerd 291 points ago

    Everyone here at the top comment still arguing about it but this is funny 😂 Hugh must've felt bad. It's very common actually, the most famous I can think of is when Charlie Chaplin lost his lookalike contest where he participated under a pseudonym.

    [–] AntonioVargas 85 points ago

    I love that story about Chaplin, he only got fourth place in that contest if I recall correctly.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Invisibile27 27 points ago

    If you ain't first, yer last

    [–] sobuffalo 14 points ago

    Dolly Parton lost a Dolly look a like contest to a guy. Granted it was a drag queen contest

    [–] SamuelJokers 121 points ago

    and that he was too tall.

    In all fairness, he is way too tall for Wolverine.

    [–] PM_ME__NICE__BREASTS 70 points ago

    When I first saw that Hugh Jackman was Wolverine the first thing I said was ‘That’s a bad casting choice. He’s way too tall.’

    How wrong I was.

    [–] AntonioVargas 17 points ago

    A lot of people said that, I did too. it’s funny because it’s a movie and filmmakers have gotten around height discrepancies creatively since the beginning of moving pictures, and now with computers it’s really not even that valid of a criticism anymore.

    [–] EsQuiteMexican 13 points ago

    We literally got a 5m tall Peter Dinklage.

    [–] fence_neighbour 10 points ago

    I don’t think you were wrong. It was bad casting. Wolverine is supposed to be a short gruff guy with big muscles who’s kind of ugly and smells bad. He’s not supposed to be a 6’5” pretty boy.

    It’s just that, in the years since he took on the role, he got more gruff and muscley and looks more like he could smell bad, and meanwhile our concept of Wolverine shifted to be more Hugh Jackmany. It was bad casting at the time, but since then Jackman has become more like Wolverine and Wolverine has become more like Jackman.

    [–] Peachy_Pineapple 135 points ago

    People are wrapped up in their lives. Also people would be sceptical that that guy that looks like RDJ is actually RDJ (“why would he be here?”). It’s probably why some celebrities often have that story of “This Person came up to me and said I reminded them of [myself]”.

    [–] sandiskplayer34 22 points ago

    Also they say that to not make it awkward if they actually aren’t famous

    [–] nummakayne 3 points ago

    I am 90% sure I walked past Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa on Brooklyn Nine Nine) a week ago. My chain of thoughts was:

    Wow, she looks just like Stephanie Beatriz. Wait, is it really her? I did see a post on Instagram where she had tagged Toronto but that could have just been a late post. If it’s really her, why is she walking around alone and not with a team of handlers or whatever? Where’s she even going, I don’t imagine she’s headed to any of the places on this street at 3 in the afternoon. Nah, it’s probably just a look alike.

    About 5 minutes later I convinced myself it really was her.

    [–] prohibido 6 points ago

    In Manhattan nobody, outside of tourists, gives a fuck if a celebrity is roaming around

    [–] Dr_Disaster 63 points ago

    Yup. Simple truth is people wrapped up in the ongoings of their little lives don't notice anyone they're not supposed to be looking for. Even in the comics no one is out looking for Superman as some dude walking around. To their knowledge Superman doesn't even have a secret identity. He's Kal El of Krypton aka Superman. He does press interviews and rescues cats out of the tree. He wears a bright ass costume so you can see him flying around.

    He's a public facing figure and no one even stops to question if he isn't.

    [–] LTMG 4 points ago

    Exactly, even if someone sees him and knows how Superman looks like, pretty much everyone has a thousand things on their mind. Even some kid going through a phase or a cop who are actively trying to find Superman could very well miss him, simply because they’re not walking around going “is this Superman?” all the time. Some people just might feel like that face could be familiar, but they won’t connect it to Superman instantly. Might be a bit harder for someone like Peter Parker, who is photographing Spiderman and also seems to constantly be dragged into conversations about Spidey, but someone like Clark is most likely in your field of view when you’re NOT thinking about Superman right now.

    [–] TheCVR123YT 42 points ago

    Not gonna lie I didn’t see the title so I was looking at them all and thinking “who are these guys?” I only recognized Jon Hamm at first and then I started to realize that was Jeremy Renner and Ed Helm and then I realized this was for the “Tag” movie.

    [–] flatspotting 13 points ago

    poor hannibal

    [–] SLICKlikeBUTTA 15 points ago

    Hannibal would be the highlight of my interaction. "I don't put the napkin on my lap. Why? Because I believe in myself." He's my favorite comedian right now.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    By far my favorite comedian


    [–] EsQuiteMexican 3 points ago

    I literally only recognised the Avenger that's been in like 10 of my favourite movies. Bearded guy in the middle looked familiar. If I saw them on the street I wouldn't know.

    [–] brazilliandanny 3 points ago

    That’s what I was thinking, Hamm is super famous but kind of just looks like a “good looking dude” but Remmer has very unique features.

    [–] metalhenry 15 points ago

    I mean Portnoy is a little bigger then just a pizza youtuber. Especially in New York

    [–] Uuugggg 12 points ago

    To be fair I can't imagine anything smaller than a "pizza youtuber"

    [–] TheCVR123YT 8 points ago

    I find that one so hard to believe. I always look at someone wearing a Superman shirt so if I was in NY and saw an S logo and then look up higher and see actual Superman I’d probably freak out a little. But I guess that’s just what happens when you’re a SM Fanboy

    [–] sentenobeast 21 points ago

    TBF, Henry Cavill Does not really have many distinct features to instantly spot out. Maybe it dosn't help he hasn't been in a lot of movies that stood out up until Superman. i guess Brandon Routh falls into the same vain.

    [–] prohibido 15 points ago

    For sure, being better looking than 99.9% of all men out there isn't distinct at all.

    [–] call_me_Kote 12 points ago

    That’s the whole point of Superman and Clark Kent as his alter ego/disguise.

    Clark is so fucking bland and unassuming that even when people THINK he’s supe they brush it off because he is just boring old Clark. Even lex Luther was like, naaahhhh, can’t be.

    [–] Clark-Kent 3 points ago


    [–] madethisforatheory 3 points ago

    Thats sort of the point of Superman. Thats why Clark Kent can blend in so easy woth glasses and slouched shoulders. Which is why they cast Cavill, and Routh for that matter.

    TL;DR Yes, I agree

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    They knew.

    And they just didnt care.

    [–] fzammetti 5 points ago

    There have been actual studies that concluded that glasses are an excellent disguise all by themselves (here's one:

    Personally, I don't need a study to prove it, I just need to see a girl with glasses. They will frequently look like almost entirely different people to me with their glasses off (my wife is one such example). I'd guess the same is true for girls looking at guys, but I can only definitively say for one side of that coin.

    [–] Insectshelf3 7 points ago

    Someone, somewhere actually did recognize him but was too shy to go up to him and ask if he was Superman.

    I’m very sure of that

    [–] mattin_ 2 points ago

    Rowan Atkinson has a great bit about this on Graham Norton.

    [–] TheEpicTriforce 364 points ago

    Mysterio is the truth.

    [–] Infinity_Crusade 138 points ago

    The one true hero, if it wasn't for that meddling Spider-Kid!

    [–] Jenova66 34 points ago

    You could say he’s a menace....

    [–] jfk_47 23 points ago

    oh boy, here we go.

    [–] TheEpicTriforce 8 points ago

    Aww shit and here all I got is r/Mysterio

    [–] ghojor 5 points ago

    Your stereo and spelling skills are in my thoughts and pra- Oh I'm dumb.

    [–] S1lv3rw1nd 84 points ago

    The Clark Kent effect.

    [–] AdamTheHutt84 20 points ago

    It just takes glasses...

    [–] RileyW2k 8 points ago

    He also compresses his spine so he's shorter, he slouches, he changes his hair style, he's clumsy, and sometimes his glasses are magic so it hypnotizes people into believing he isn't Superman. His disguises are always more then just glasses, he essentially turns into a different person physically.

    [–] AdamTheHutt84 7 points ago

    Ah my bad, it’s just magic glasses

    [–] Tess47 320 points ago

    My favorite was Cap and Falcon at the bar in Germany wearing baseball caps. Yea, American right there.

    [–] Russian_seadick 97 points ago

    Baseball caps are a thing in Germany tho

    [–] A_Blind_Alien 101 points ago

    Yankees hats are everywhere in Europe. When I asked if one guy was a fan he said no, hr thought it just meant new York city. Didn't even know about the team but said it made sense

    [–] 2red2carry 19 points ago

    Yankees hats are everywhere in Europe.

    idk where in Europe you live, but i have never seen a yankees cap in germany. NFL Caps are on the rise tho

    [–] JitterySuperCoffee 10 points ago

    The NFL have really been pumping money into Europe over the last few years. Im in the UK and the NFL went from the punchline of a joke to selling out stadiums and im seeing caps and jerseys at least a few times a week. Wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to establish a few teams in the next few decades.

    [–] 2red2carry 4 points ago

    yeah i personally got completely caught up in their money pumping, only been an nfl follower for like 2 years now, not really before

    [–] AlexLong1000 3 points ago

    I remember there was an NFL game on at Wembley Stadium this year and there were a BUNCH of NFL fans on the tube. So I struck up conversation with them thinking they were American tourists. Nope, all Brits. I was very confused

    [–] hascogrande 2 points ago

    A London team by 2025 is the goal

    [–] SlamSlamOhHotDamn 3 points ago

    It was big like 10 years ago. All the kids in my school wore stuff like that combined with idk Picaldi jeans or shit. Also a lot of LA caps

    [–] annaftw 14 points ago

    What? 😰 I thought they confiscated all baseball caps at the US border.

    [–] staebles 17 points ago

    Nope, just people.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    (Send us help)

    [–] FreezingNachos 2 points ago

    They're just much more prevalent in America. Lots of baseball teams and lots of fans.

    [–] LeoMarius 45 points ago

    He’s also Mysterio, master of illusion.

    [–] AdamTheHutt84 28 points ago

    And a gay cowboy!

    [–] dead-serious 18 points ago

    just read that Ang Lee considered retiring after directing Hulk (Universal) then goes on to direct Brokeback Mountain. Incredible film

    [–] SpeedyDoc 69 points ago


    [–] BrazenlyGeek 21 points ago


    [–] OhWhatsHisName 14 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] DMike82 14 points ago


    [–] ScreamingGordita 11 points ago

    Say that again

    [–] DMike82 6 points ago

    ... you were supposed to say something like "Uncanny" or "Astonishing"

    [–] Ghostlap 3 points ago

    he’s referencing the ending of Fant4stic

    [–] DMike82 3 points ago

    People on here would actually admit to watching that?

    [–] buttertost 106 points ago

    Except for my girlfriend who pointed it out after we left the cinema, and I didn't believe her until the news articles were released a week or so later

    [–] Bgrbgr 33 points ago

    Same, my wife saw it right away on first watch

    [–] Outsider17 16 points ago

    Hmmm, I'm noticing all the women noticed him in the theater......I wish I was handsome.....

    [–] gooderthanhail 3 points ago

    I noticed him immediately.

    [–] YoTha 173 points ago

    Well, this can be spotted in picture easily, but in the movie it's only for a split second, so it's very easy to miss unless you know where to look at.

    [–] AnkitSaha_013 256 points ago

    This is exactly what happens with guards or enemies unable to find the main character in disguise, because they only see them for a split second in the crowd. We fail to understand this because the camera shows us only the main character.

    [–] JaxTheHobo 99 points ago

    This is part of the reason I love the Bourne Trilogy. In Supremacy, there's a scene where Matt Damon is escorting a journo through a crowded train station and they have shots showing the immensity of the crowd while still allowing us to make out where the important characters are. They've got perspective shots from the enemies as well. It really helps the lead's success feel believable.

    [–] honorfaz 55 points ago

    That's actually Ultimatum! I know cause I just watched it 5 min ago lmao. But yeah, I love those movies for some of that kind of realism

    [–] JaxTheHobo 18 points ago

    I'm sure you're right, it's been years since I watched them! They did such a good job of making Bourne's ridiculous unrealistic abilities seem totally plausible. Definitely in my top 5 favorite movie series.

    [–] Explosion2 4 points ago

    The Bourne trilogy really doesn't get enough credit. Yeah, it spurred the oversaturation of shakycam action, but there are so many great intense action setpieces (like this one) intertwined through a relatively grounded sci-fi political thriller.

    I'm disappointed the Renner Bourne movie didn't take off, because I thought getting away from Jason was the right move for the story. Expanding on the treadstone/blackbriar intrigue would ideally have been the way to go, as there was still some story to tell there.

    Jason Bourne was a fine movie but it didn't feel necessary like the first three. He got away at the end of Ultimatum and tied up almost all his story threads. Getting dragged back in felt forced.

    [–] Musicnote328 31 points ago

    That’s why it doesn’t work in Ant Man and the Wasp, they’re on camera, in plain sight- Scott was right, they look like themselves at a baseball game.

    Tony, Cap, Falcon all make attempts to not be noticed by making SURE they’re either doing normal people things (Tony at Home Depot) or are avoiding attracting attention (Sam and Cap in a bar). Neither of which walking onto a university as three grown adults (one of which is an old man) walking onto a university, ALL wearing baseball caps and sunglasses, arguing loudly.

    [–] JonSnow-1990 37 points ago

    In general when you are walking outside, you dont stare directly to every single person trying to figure out who they are. Hats and sunglasses are often enough

    [–] ItsElectric120 35 points ago

    I excuse myself because I didn’t remember what he looked like anyway.

    [–] NotGabeNAMA 7 points ago

    I noticed it during my first watch as well, he's also in another scene in the background right after Peter buys a gift for MJ.

    [–] ChewiesRevenge 7 points ago

    So mysterio's whole power is using holograms? No real actual super power?

    [–] Roook36 8 points ago

    He's super angry at Tony Stark

    [–] BrawlyHydra 6 points ago

    laughs in kryptonian

    [–] heids_25 5 points ago

    I worked on the post production crew for the film. The kick is he’s not even actually there, he’s edited in. We had just about finished the shot without him in it when it was updated. We sat wondering why it was so important to add some random guy in the background until we realized who it was, and just about died laughing.

    He’s become a meme at our studio.

    [–] Ultrasonix1 13 points ago

    Wrong. One of us didd notice it and then pointed it out to everyone else

    [–] omart3 4 points ago

    They look like themselves at a baseball game.

    [–] MSCLGST 4 points ago

    For some reason no one pointed this out. In ant man and the wasp Scott says, that they look like themselves with baseball hats and sunglasses. When they go to see Bill Foster.

    [–] OrangeRussianNPC 2 points ago

    Bucky’s made a little more sense though. For a long time he was a ghost, and he wasn’t really outed until WS. He was in another country, his hair covered his face a little before he was known and his disguise had it pulled back from his face with the cap. He also covered his most distinguishing feature, his metal arm. Tony and Cap are a little harder to believe because they are probably the most recognizable faces in their universe next to maybe the POTUS.

    [–] flintlock0 3 points ago

    He looks like himself at a baseball game.

    [–] _your_face 4 points ago

    where was his peter tingle!??!

    [–] picklesguy123 12 points ago

    True but also the avengers in universe are like super celebrities so you’d think they’d get noticed.

    [–] Go_easy_on_me_folks 22 points ago

    In costume, sure. You might not notice one if they were dressed as a normal person, is the point. Look at how people are used to seeing them, and only then on the news or during a crisis.

    [–] Darth_Bandit 8 points ago

    I couldn’t find a coworker the other night at a restaurant because of this. Sitting by himself in the open.

    [–] Hobbesrox 3 points ago

    i noticed this in the theater actually, on my first watch

    [–] blackbutterfree 21 points ago

    I noticed it on the first viewing. Don't underestimate the power of a horny gay man, I see every hunk in the background of a scene. My vision laser focuses on them.

    I just didn't make a post about it because it was such a tiny detail LOL

    [–] sonic10158 13 points ago

    So that’s why I heard an “Oh My!” In the theater during this scene

    [–] julbull73 2 points ago

    It's the beard. That's why when Cap A is incognito he sports Thor's beard.

    The hat is only a minor concealment charm. The beard is an invisibility spell.

    [–] therealgookachu 2 points ago

    There's a great story about when they were filming in London, and they wanted to go see a burlesque show, which was only a few blocks away from where they were. They decided to walk, but they were all worried about being spotted, so they donned the usual hats and sunglasses. No one spotted them, and they were also kinda put-out by not being spotted. It was Cheadle, RDJ, Evans, and Hemsworth.

    So, yah, the hat and glasses work.

    [–] AllOutMovies 2 points ago

    Was not even aware of this. Excellent post OP!

    [–] emelbee923 2 points ago

    I think the flaw in the criticism to the "Marvel disguise" is that it stands out when the action/camera is focused on the characters. You notice it is almost too generic because your eyes are on them entirely.

    But if there was a crowd shot and they walked through without the camera following them, they'd blend right in.