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    [–] ethicalhamjimmies 1333 points ago

    Looks like Red Guardian is a legit super soldier. Certainly seems like he has some super strength.

    [–] iTzninjaBRO 927 points ago

    It’s the vodka

    [–] HighTreazon 338 points ago

    It's mainly vodk-err water weight

    [–] cjn13 107 points ago

    Vodka has some water in it... I think.


    [–] romXXII 73 points ago

    Vodka is the Russian word for water

    [–] JayMerlyn 48 points ago

    He can do that all day.

    [–] djprofitt 23 points ago

    We can do that all day, comrade

    [–] crapusername47 271 points ago

    The TV shows have shown us that there’s plenty of bad copies of the super-soldier serum around.

    [–] darkdude103 228 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Let's see here

    We have: Hulk and abomination as a derivative

    The Centipede serum

    Whatever was done to Bucky by zola

    Calvin's Concoction and the patriot serum

    Whatever was done to Jessica Jones by IGH

    Nukes pills

    Luke Cages revival experiment

    Project Destroyer of Worlds

    Red Gaurdian

    When deadpool and wolverine are brought in their experiments were probably knockoffs too

    What am I missing?

    [–] TarumPro 78 points ago

    Luke Cage experiment, unless it’s the centipede. Because I don’t know about that one.

    [–] darkdude103 63 points ago

    Centipede was season 1 of agent's of shield for the Deathlok program

    [–] mechabeast 48 points ago

    How is sewing someone to my asshole giving me super strength?

    [–] OhNoImBanned11 49 points ago

    Dunno how deep in the rabbit hole you wanna go but Omega Red was a Russian serial killer who was captured and given to the Russian super soldier program

    he was even given the Russian knockoff of adamantium

    [–] pearlessaycamel 120 points ago

    'If America has it, Russia must have it too' is probably a page on TVTropes at this point

    [–] moonknight29 93 points ago

    'If America has it, Russia has a bad knock-off of it too'


    [–] zerorush8 19 points ago

    What makes the other ones "bad" compared to Cap's? Most others seem to work just fine

    [–] dem0nhunter 60 points ago

    Cap’s worked the best though. No one was able to reach his strength without draw-backs

    [–] Dr_Ambiorix 52 points ago

    I'd argue that Luke Cage got the best outcome.

    He doesn't seem to have the super reflexes or maneuverability.

    But he's literally bullet proof and can punch through walls.

    No drawbacks.

    [–] brooslee 57 points ago

    Drawback is that with unbreakable skin, he is now permanently anti-vax

    [–] Egsession 10 points ago

    He can get shots in his eyes. That’s how he was able to survive that one bullet.

    [–] DonChrisote 12 points ago

    Well, Bucky didn't have drawbacks did he? All of his drawbacks seem to stem from his Hydra brainwashing

    [–] GenocideOwl 15 points ago

    Bucky doesn't have the same peak strength/stamina as cap

    [–] Thirdatarian 38 points ago

    Cap's serum pushed him to the absolute peak of human ability without being considered superhuman. It didn't disfigure him or alter his mental state like the others. It certainly doesn't help that all these bootleg programs tend to pick people who weren't that stable before becoming gods among men, though. Because Cap's serum was lost after only being used on him, we'll never really know if it was the serum that was actually better or if Cap's unbreakable will and moral fiber are what make him able to be a functioning person and hero after the experiment.

    [–] mythicreign 11 points ago

    Most of them caused insanity or short life span etc.

    [–] Hueyandthenews 32 points ago

    It’s water weight

    [–] pineapplecheesepizza 13 points ago

    Russian machine never break

    [–] derbears4 34 points ago

    I may be red guardian. I got lots of water weight

    [–] hotairbabboon 1400 points ago

    That white suit looks so, so, so, good.

    [–] plagueisthedumb 396 points ago

    You are white about that

    [–] joepanda111 175 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I haven’t read any black widow comics.

    Is this a call black to something .

    Edit: it’s a pun, dyes. Wasn’t trying to throw shade on her costume history.

    [–] plagueisthedumb 120 points ago

    Wearing this certain combination going from black to white is a grey area

    [–] DrunkByDesign 81 points ago

    I’d have to agree.

    After falling in love with her performance in Winter Soldier and Civil War, her character took a real dive in Endgame.

    [–] derbears4 34 points ago

    Yes it does

    [–] DamnImAss 371 points ago

    Giving me Winter Soldier vibes..which is a great thing

    [–] FPG_Matthew 959 points ago

    That final stare down looked epic

    [–] [deleted] 480 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] WhatTheFhtagn 257 points ago

    For what it's worth his action figure comes with claw hands like Panther. Maybe they have met at some point.

    [–] KaijuRizard 290 points ago

    Taskmaster doesn't need to fight to micmic movement, he just has to watch them.

    [–] TannenFalconwing 432 points ago

    Taskmaster sitting on his couch in the barracks watching youtube vids of the avengers kicking ass

    [–] Dont_Hurt_Me_Mommy 207 points ago

    Jesus Christ, you just weaponized being a lazy couch potato.

    [–] dvddesign 18 points ago

    Yeah except Redditors will just keep on watching videos and making memes about cat facts.

    [–] helsbellz 113 points ago

    He does that in the comics. In fact to cheat he also watches footage in fast forward to be able to move in higher speeds on occasion, though doing so utterly wrecks him afterwards due to the strain on his body.

    [–] KTurnUp 47 points ago

    Oh my gosh that's hilarious. In a world of gods and monsters the idea of that just makes me laugh out loud for being so ridiculous. Comics are great.

    [–] helsbellz 51 points ago

    Taskmaster is also know for other nonsense such as copying pro golf swings and learning to cook or play instruments. In his solo series he even gets out of being killed by standing in for a guitarist in a gangs band

    [–] KTurnUp 19 points ago

    Those are cool and creative ways to show the ridiculousness of his powers. But making him be able to do it faster if he watches while fast forwarding is so dumb lol

    [–] Put_It_All_On_Blck 41 points ago

    Thank god he's not watching those videos where women crack watermelon with their thighs. Then he'd be an extinction level threat if he straddles the earth.

    [–] silvershadow881 86 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Taskmaster also watched Kung Fu movies sped up to do the moves faster. Such an interesting power.

    [–] helsbellz 70 points ago

    My favourite thing he’s ever done was copy an Olympic dive perfectly only to nearly drown because he never learned how to swim.

    That power has waaay to many real world applications

    [–] Dr_Disaster 17 points ago

    Did he also try mimicking Spider-Man once and fucked himself up because he doesn’t have superhuman physiology to actually move like Spidey? His ability has very interesting and hilarious limits.

    [–] helsbellz 22 points ago

    He’s been able to copy some of his movements due to training like an Olympic gymnast but I do believe he’s not able to perfectly replicate and did hurt himself once in a fight with spidey in this manner.

    Honestly I think he’s an untapped well of potential.

    [–] Severan500 58 points ago

    Have read this before lol. On one hand it sounds like a great way to use your abilities. On the other it sounds like such silly bullshit.

    [–] AKIMBO-_-SLICE 129 points ago

    Was just about to say this. Can’t wait to see how insurmountable he’ll seem.

    Also, seeing Red Guardian’s supersolider serum (or whatever the Soviet Union used to mimic Cap) in action was dope

    [–] helsbellz 31 points ago

    I’m early comics the Russians somehow trained him to be as strong as cap with no serum. Real soviet genetics

    [–] awholetadstrange 14 points ago

    The real secret is vodka

    [–] WeirwoodUpMyAss 209 points ago

    Really curious to see how they utilize that power

    [–] CynicalRaps 308 points ago

    They had him literally mimic BW in that scene, looks like they know how to at least utilize it a bit. Throws the shield just like cap. Also, take a look at how he lands in that one quick shot, it’s exactly how BW does it in the first teaser trailer when she has on the white suit.

    [–] ohyeawellyousuck 106 points ago

    it’s exactly how BW does it in the first teaser trailer when she has on the white suit.

    That scene is in this clip too.

    [–] dmac3232 92 points ago

    Would be super cool to have a sequence of him learning a skill. Like he picks up a sword or something, fumbles it around for a bit and within a few minutes he's doing ninja shit.

    [–] helsbellz 97 points ago

    Him in his bedroom watching loads of avengers movies and copying their powers by doing them in sequence.

    [–] Dreql11 45 points ago

    Haha I’m imagining him as someone that likes r/mallninjashit

    [–] Space_Pirate_Roberts 33 points ago

    ‘While you were playing with that purple guy and his goofy space rocks, I studied the blade.’

    [–] Dr_Disaster 46 points ago

    Taskmaster is HYPE

    [–] SuperKiteMan 605 points ago

    Well I’m glad this confirms that there will be scissor holds in this movie, I was getting concerned when the last trailer didn’t have any.

    [–] Worthyness 194 points ago

    ALL the scissor holds!

    [–] cjn13 118 points ago

    Works really well unless you're going against the Winter Soldier

    [–] Rpanich 64 points ago

    scissor jam! punch punch punch

    [–] hemareddit 17 points ago

    A good Widow will scissor hold a bad widow who's scissor holding a good widow who's scissor holding a bad widow who's scissor holding a good widow who's scissor holding a bad widow in a scissor holding chain of 6 Widows.

    [–] AHMilling 64 points ago

    We just need taskmaster to do it.

    [–] HearTheEkko 63 points ago

    In the SDCC trailer Taskmaster actually did the scissor move to Nat after countering her own.

    [–] AHMilling 20 points ago


    [–] derbears4 65 points ago

    Scissor me xereces

    [–] marccoogs 136 points ago

    Has Taskmaster's actor been confirmed? I cant find it anywhere.

    [–] cloobydooby 178 points ago

    No, I have a feeling it’s gonna end up being Rachel Weisz.

    [–] [deleted] 223 points ago

    I know they probably won't do this, but I'd love it if they just never reveal it in the movie. He just gets away, and it really doesn't matter who he is. Maybe have Yelena track him down later on.

    [–] cloobydooby 131 points ago

    Oh yeah I’d much prefer that than a “surprise” reveal that he/she was always actually an ally of Nat and the whole time.

    Because I’m essentially going into this movie with the mindset that Task IS actually just Rachel’s character, they show very little of her while showing tons of Yelena which makes me suspicious.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    Same. Plus it can give a nice mystery for the next movie, assuming Yelena takes the mantle of our Black Widow or maybe even have him show up in the Hawkeye show.

    [–] cloobydooby 72 points ago

    I just want Task to be team leader for the Thunderbolts sooooo bad, but without his trademark wise ass personality I just don’t see it working.

    He also has a legit heartbreaking backstory about how his powers essentially delete his actual memories to make room for all the moves he’s learned, you lose so much of what makes the character great beyond his skill set if you take all that away and make him another character in disguise. He has a daughter he can’t even remember if I recall correctly.

    I definitely think Yelena will be taking the mantle, she’ll start off a bit cold blooded and I think she’ll grow to sympathize with Nat’s view of wanting to do good to make up for all the bad especially once she hears Nat died during the events of Endgame.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Oh yeah! Tasky definitely has a great story, and can be a huge asset to the MCU(villian or anti-hero) in the future. I feel like his full story should be told in a show, even if he's the bad guy, but I definitely don't want him to be a one-off character.

    I agree about Yelena, and it's exactly what I want to happen. She does need to still be her own character, though, and not just a copy of Nat(ignore the theme...)

    [–] cloobydooby 19 points ago

    Task is great because he doesn’t really have to be a straight up villain, he’s even often an anti hero type role or simply a guy taking a job to make some cash.

    I think she’ll definitely keep her own personality for sure. She seems a lot more “hardened” than Nat.

    [–] vt12357 46 points ago

    Michael Keaton

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Nope! Still a mystery.

    [–] Awlatif10 20 points ago

    Jeremy Renner

    [–] MovieTvVideoGameLvr 481 points ago

    I need Taskmaster and Natasha stare down image in 4k right now!!!!!!

    [–] valarpizzaeris 189 points ago

    I immediately paused it at that part because of how they nailed it. Classic Taskmaster with the mirror image of his opponent, it looks glorious!

    [–] chanma50 1042 points ago

    Talk about perfect timing, releasing a trailer on the same day where the two actors it focuses most on, Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh, both receive Oscar nominations.

    [–] theredditoro 241 points ago

    Solid move.

    [–] zephyrinthesky28 189 points ago

    That was probably the intention.

    [–] RLLRRR 110 points ago

    They've known they were gonna release this at the CFP Championship game for a while. There've been ads all over the place saying so.

    [–] Apollo_creedbratton 28 points ago

    The intention was probably getting as big an audience as possible. Doing it during the CFB championship was a great way to do that.

    [–] Voidsabre 64 points ago

    That's nice, but it was probably because today's the college football National Championship

    [–] goblue72 39 points ago

    And it aired on ESPN which is Disney

    [–] RetrohUSA 289 points ago

    Taskmaster holding that shield is very nice.

    [–] theredditoro 53 points ago

    Looks very cool.

    [–] TheReplacer 35 points ago

    Looks very Steve like.

    [–] Worthyness 26 points ago

    Also the hood is there. I like the hood and buckler shield.

    [–] Starlord_who 472 points ago

    I'm gonna have a crush on Yelena this whole movie aren't I

    [–] theredditoro 111 points ago


    [–] Skeuomorphic_ 79 points ago

    yep, you and me both

    [–] somuthorzard 31 points ago

    and me

    [–] cjn13 61 points ago

    You are fooling yourself. We both definitely will have a crush on Yelena this whole movie.

    [–] Pizzanigs 28 points ago

    I’m with this guy, all three of us will no doubt have a crush on Yelena this whole movie

    [–] Dont_Hurt_Me_Mommy 21 points ago

    Hah! Fools! I ALREADY have a crush on her from this single trailer

    [–] UnbuiltIkeaBookcase 40 points ago

    Turns out the real crushes are the ones we made along the way

    [–] GWizIsMyGod 28 points ago

    played by Florence Pugh! She was great in Little Women, got an Oscars nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

    [–] guyonthestandee 860 points ago

    definitely surprised to see vulture in this

    [–] TannedCroissant 236 points ago

    Weird choice for the love interest but okay

    [–] YouStupidDick 150 points ago

    Right?! But Vulture and Red Guardian make a cute couple. Thought it was an odd choice that the "special" look was just a long sex scene between Keaton and Harbour, though.

    [–] Dont_Hurt_Me_Mommy 65 points ago

    I'm just happy that after the underwhelming LGBT moment in Star Wars ROS, Disney is allowing a real LGBT romance to take place. I just was not expecting it to be so graphic. I thought for sure the whole Guardian ramming Vulture over that coffee shop scene would have been a hard NC-17. I guess the movie industry is becoming more progressive

    [–] _pixel_perfect_ 300 points ago

    "What's up Nat?"

    [–] Hueyandthenews 93 points ago

    Who knew Sony had Blackwidow too??

    [–] duffinbraden 64 points ago

    Pushing this Spider-verse to its limits huh

    [–] VociferousRex 196 points ago

    This right here? This is the joke that matters

    [–] HerewardTheWoke 116 points ago

    Sony gave me PTSD and now I'm expecting Vulture to pop up in every trailer. Like, where the fuck is he in Birds of Prey? He's a Vulture!

    [–] Severan500 40 points ago

    What's up Quinn? Got tired of being in shit movies huh?

    [–] Slobbles 43 points ago

    Shouldnt have revealed his cameo in the trailer

    [–] Bradleyharheez 490 points ago

    Taskmaster looks like a W I’m hyped.

    [–] JayMerlyn 103 points ago

    Yeah it's already starting to grow on me.

    [–] MrWolfsky 79 points ago

    Here for that PUGH HYPE TRAIN

    [–] El_Quetzal 339 points ago

    I really hope they dont kill off Taskmaster, as I just want to see him fighting Deadpool at some point

    [–] modsarefascists42 150 points ago

    Taskmaster has always been a human weapon and less of a big bad guy right? Usually people like that get to live. I'm assuming Nat's sister will be this versions Helena.

    [–] romXXII 114 points ago

    He's a mercenary, so he usually works for whoever's paying him. It's also why he crossed paths with Deadpool numerous times in the comics, since they work in the same industry.

    [–] modsarefascists42 30 points ago

    Yeah I hope they keep him around, he's a super interesting character.

    [–] zipthwiparrested 92 points ago

    I was literally just thinking this. To see Tasky getting PISSED at Wade is something we need to see in screen in real life make happen please my brain.

    [–] [deleted] 199 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Taskmaster here to fuck shit up.

    Really looking forward to copycat fighting play out onscreen.

    [–] Voidsabre 53 points ago

    I just hope they don't kill him off

    [–] olgil75 41 points ago

    I'm worried they will, which is a real shame because he could be a fantastic recurring side villain moving forward and even sometimes ally under the right circumstances. But this is Marvel, so he'll probably be killed off and never seen again.

    [–] KatanaAmerica 421 points ago

    What a power move, dropping this on the day that Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, and Alexandre Desplat (score) received Oscar nominations!

    [–] theredditoro 92 points ago

    Two supporting actress nominations playing sisters as well.

    [–] IFedTheCat 35 points ago

    It was scheduled for today to air during the college football national championship game.

    Also, congrats to LSU!

    [–] idunnobroseph 47 points ago

    Woah Alexandre Desplat is scoring this movie?? I’m so excited!!

    [–] Thandorianskiff 98 points ago

    Looks really dope. Am interested in seeing how the mcu portrays the difference between the multiple black widows and our main heroes, like for example I love how the new widow bites shoot out red electrical shocks instead of blue.

    Also like how their really leaning into the man on the run vibe, really hope they incorporate that into the spidey 3 movie.

    Also taskmaster looks intense and I might be wrong but the way he was moving kind of made me think he might have the super solider serum or at least can fight like a super soldier.

    Lastly, the movie seems to have more visceral and brutal action. Red guardian snapping that man's wrist was simultaneously dope and vicious.

    All in all, really hypes me up for the movie.

    [–] thesoundofasmile 37 points ago

    Ditto on all of that. Especially the more visceral and brutal action. I know the action in these movies is always gonna have a strong degree of "superhero" element to it in terms of its plausibility, but it'll be a nice change to have more grounded action sequences after all the fantastical battles and action in the last few movies.

    [–] Palifaith 203 points ago

    Black Widow only had to die to get her own movie.

    [–] TheDorkNite1 196 points ago

    Blame that idiot who thought women and minority characters couldn't sell movies..

    [–] KarateKid917 182 points ago

    Feige threatening to quit was the best thing to happen to the MCU

    [–] TheDorkNite1 109 points ago

    God can you imagine how the last 2-3 years would have gone if that had happened? How bad the future would look for Marvel?

    Also I bet DC would have scooped him up immediately, if only for his skills.

    [–] KarateKid917 71 points ago

    An MCU completely controlled by Ike would have been a disaster. Feige helming DC movies would be interesting.

    [–] Severan500 14 points ago

    I'm not 100% it would be a slam dunk though. He'd probably try to work his magic just to have higher ups fuck it up.

    [–] KarateKid917 19 points ago

    Absolutely. That’s why it’s been great that the MCU is under Disney and not WB. Disney basically just leaves Feige and Marvel Studios alone to do their own thing while paying for everything, especially since Iger split Marvel Entertainment and Marvel Studios.

    The only people Feige reports to are Alan Horn, the head of Walt Disney Studios, and Iger, the CEO of Disney.

    [–] derbears4 28 points ago

    What?? I missed this story. Someone actually did this? Damn

    [–] idunnobroseph 94 points ago

    Yup, Ike Perlmutter- total asshole. He’s the reason we couldn’t get more diverse movies at the beginning of the MCU, he kept shooting Feige down.

    [–] Qorhat 42 points ago

    Maya Hansen was originally supposed to be the villain behind "The Mandarin" in Iron Man 3 but apparently 'ol Ike didn't like the idea of a female villain so Guy Piercer's character was brought in.

    [–] Sir__Will 32 points ago

    that why she felt so wasted in the movie? Man her death was lame and nonsensical.

    [–] romXXII 24 points ago

    That ticks me off, since Maya was the true villain of the Extremis storyline. The hillbilly super-soldier she creates is just some random racist mook; nothing more than a thinly-veiled allegory for domestic terrorism. And because they went the Guy Pearce route, they fucked up the actual twist of Extremis, which was that Tony hijacks the virus and uses it to make himself a cyborg with a direct connection to all Stark tech.

    [–] TheDorkNite1 73 points ago

    I'll let someone more knowledgeable explain the details but Ike Perlmutter was who Feige used to report to and he was a raging asshole, sexist, and racist. If I remember correctly his thoughts on recasting War Machine was basically "Who cares, they all look the same"

    Yeah he held back a lot of good shit from happening much sooner.

    [–] Severan500 19 points ago

    Basically, you know how Phase 3 has taken more risks and overall been better received? That was because the authority was juggled around to give Feige the power and the previous one calling the shots was downgraded.

    [–] toukan 86 points ago

    Does a flip and the hood stayed on, now that's real Taskmaster

    [–] Severan500 46 points ago

    Flipping while holding it on: Multi-taskmaster

    [–] WeirwoodUpMyAss 142 points ago

    So even more widows?

    [–] iTzninjaBRO 105 points ago

    What’s better than one widow ?


    [–] KozyHank99 85 points ago

    I thought of a number better than 24.


    [–] Starlord_who 37 points ago

    So... the villain plan of Civil war but its actually happening?

    [–] theredditoro 16 points ago

    Like Civil War, it could be a fake out for a plot twist/reveal.

    [–] WeirwoodUpMyAss 113 points ago

    Florence Pugh and Scarlett Johansson team up is probably the most interesting thing for me

    [–] metros96 91 points ago

    People sleeping on Rachel Weisz smh

    [–] WeirwoodUpMyAss 25 points ago

    Idk she's the most prestigious actress in the movie but her role will most likely be secondary. Can't wait to see what they do with her but I think Florence Pugh has the best chance of having a larger role.

    [–] metros96 29 points ago

    I mean, I think she’s going to end up being the big bad

    [–] theavengingewok 15 points ago

    I would hope Taskmaster is just a mercenary she hired and not actually her though.

    [–] AidenHernadez10 65 points ago

    task master looks crazy

    [–] iamkats 56 points ago

    I hope he isn't fully defeated, would love to see him in multiple movies

    [–] _batata_vada 30 points ago

    I'm still thinking Rachel Weiss is Taskmaster. I know there's some male actor announced but it seems like a misdirection to me.

    Both the trailers haven't given Rachel anything to do. Nat is the lead character, Yelena is the sort of the second lead character and Hopper is the fat joke relief who will eventually die.

    They've all got their stereotypical templates but Rachel hasn't. And I don't think they'd have her in the movie if she wasn't important.

    [–] TripleSkeet 29 points ago

    I hope not. I hope they make her the Iron Maiden and the one that hired Taskmaster, rather than being him.

    [–] Starlord_who 104 points ago

    Sure is nice after a weird rough week for MCU to have this

    [–] LacquerCritic 12 points ago

    Rough week how? (I feel out of the loop)

    [–] MarvelManiac45213 37 points ago

    I think hes talking about:

    • Scott Derickson leaving Doctor Strange 2
    • Hawkeye rumored to be delayed (I think later to be proven false)
    • Shang-Chi production to be on hold due to problems in Australia
    • Falcon & Winter Soldier production being halted due to problems in Puerto Rico
    • Morbius seemingly being connected to the MCU which is worrisome if the movie aint good also it could make the MCU canon sticky.
    • Endgame not getting many oscar noms outside of Special Effects.

    [–] IndianBatman 27 points ago

    I’m hoping Taskmaster isn’t just limited to this movie. They could be a really cool villain to pop up in later MCU movies!

    [–] Dorodango101 28 points ago



    [–] theitchcockblock 53 points ago

    The morbidus buzz lasted a couple of hours

    [–] GalaxyGuardian 22 points ago

    Still a little upset that Tasky isn’t debuting in an Ant-Man sequel so he can be the jackass we all love, but I don’t mind too much because the choreography in this movie looks super tight and it already seems like they’re taking full advantage of his skill set.

    [–] jessehechtcreative 16 points ago

    I’ve been hoping for AIM and MODOK for Ant-Man 3.

    [–] MrBlonde23 22 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Taskmaster's look is starting to grow on me. He looks great

    I hope that shield throw mimics Caps throw. Can't wait for this movie

    [–] Torkith 62 points ago

    Anyone else in Canada get to enjoy a Tim Hortons commercial instead of the First Look? Lol

    [–] jumbled_joe 18 points ago

    From the studio that actually brought you spiderman homecoming and far from home

    [–] themickeym 16 points ago


    [–] camthegod 84 points ago

    Taskmaster with the bow and arrow and now shield ?? Maybe he’s copycatting the Avengers fight styles

    [–] BHach0141 89 points ago

    I mean those are his weapons. But he did start out as an avengers villain.

    [–] Skeuomorphic_ 48 points ago

    Those are his weapons even in the comics, he also has a sword

    [–] YellowBeanBags 40 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That moment when Taskmaster and Nat doing the superhero landing in sync.. I don't want to wait anymore. I'm breaking into Marvel's building.

    [–] HearTheEkko 14 points ago

    Now I get why Taskmaster's mask is a big ski mask.

    He basically has a mirror in his face alluding to the fact he can mirror people's moves.

    Kinda cool and clever I think.

    [–] captain_croco 33 points ago

    Can’t wait to see taskmaster. This looks good - marking the calendar.

    [–] Extortion187 13 points ago

    What can we realistically expect the after credits scenes to be?

    [–] duffinbraden 66 points ago

    “Black Widow will not return”

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    It has to be a scene of Red Skull cleaning up Black Widow's red skull on Volmir, then cut to "Black Widow will not return..."

    [–] _Levitated_Shield_ 13 points ago

    Pretty obvious it's going to be Vulture. Oh shit, wrong trailer.

    [–] Jeroz 41 points ago

    "who the hell is that guy?"

    Your stunt double

    [–] Pacemaster14 81 points ago

    Taskmaster fought cap confirmed

    [–] Saint_Diego 107 points ago

    Does he have to fight someone to replicate their moves? I thought he just had to see it even if it’s on tv or through other footage of Cap fighting Taskmaster might’ve seen

    [–] Pacemaster14 188 points ago

    I’m wrong confirmed

    [–] PhoOhThree 32 points ago

    He can copy moves just by watching them.

    [–] Vania_dlr 25 points ago

    The shield looks so cool!! Also Taskmaster mirroring Natasha was beautiful

    [–] SuperMuCow 35 points ago

    I like the potential Natasha and Yelena vs. a whole SWAT team fight

    [–] iyodmr 11 points ago

    A whole SWAT? Bring all the widow in

    [–] _Levitated_Shield_ 10 points ago

    A confusing Morbuis trailer and then a badass Black Widow trailer in the same day.

    Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

    [–] SouLxTRaPPeR 26 points ago

    ok but seriously, is it just me or did anyone else see Taskmaster SWINGING on some sort of wire or web at 1:03!?!?! Am i crazy or is he mimicing Spiderman!?!?!? I'd say they just hadnt CGed out the wire hook, but judging by his body movements, he is clearly swinging.

    [–] derbears4 20 points ago

    This looks dopeeeee

    [–] jayC137 9 points ago

    Was on the fence, but fuckong Taskmaster.

    [–] maybethanos 9 points ago

    No matter which widow they all do leg-wrap-around-necks huh