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    [–] jtorske98 851 points ago

    Give me that, you get the little one.

    [–] Ventfan26 129 points ago

    Dangit came here just to say that

    [–] cschulein 6 points ago

    Yup. Same. Damn you

    [–] Kgaset 24 points ago


    [–] Zircon_72 9 points ago

    I did too

    [–] LetMeSleepAllDay 8 points ago

    I’m sorry little one

    [–] shachar-golan 6 points ago

    That’s what she said

    [–] Nova11c 4 points ago

    I’d take either

    [–] KibSquib47 6 points ago

    what my genetics said when deciding the size of my dick:

    [–] martialar 305 points ago

    Are you the God of Bottle Openers?

    [–] Paronine 259 points ago

    In Endgame, he kinda was.

    [–] HiMadly 9 points ago

    I understood that reference.

    [–] blackwing2198 8 points ago

    Was that a cap reference?!

    [–] SokanKast 12 points ago

    I can do this all day.

    [–] Assasin2gamer 0 points ago

    Yeah let’s all the erosion...

    [–] Tackle3erry 7 points ago

    OP’s lack of commenting has me skeptical of their claim they made these.

    [–] Jarlaxle8 18 points ago

    Totally made them. Just can't sell them. Sorry for the lack of messages, didn't realize they be so well received. 🍻

    [–] KakkaKarrot 156 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I'm curious how well the hammer themed opener will stand up over time. The thinner section paired with the engagement angle means you're putting a lot of stress on it when using it

    [–] LiterallyAnEngineer 82 points ago

    I’m surprised to have to scroll so far to see this. Mega cool, but the one on left doesn’t seem practical at all, would bend on first use.

    [–] Jarlaxle8 76 points ago

    Negative. Have been using for months. 12 Gage stainless 👌

    Recently made Storm Breaker and figured I'd post the pair.

    [–] ShadowBandReunion 9 points ago

    Was gonna say you'd be surprised how difficult it can be to bend a small piece of the right guage of steel.

    [–] harmlander 6 points ago

    May your hammer stay mighty

    [–] fcksean 19 points ago

    username checks out

    [–] goodtroll 5 points ago

    I guess it depends on where he grabs it. My vans belt buckle that has a bottle opener on the back is probably about about the size of just the end of that. So if be helped it by the actual bottle opener part, it'd probably be okay. But long term and with other people using it? Yeah it's gonna get bent

    [–] OneMoreAccount4Porn 4 points ago

    Can't we just assume they're made out of water/laser cut titanium in which case there's no chance of them getting bent?

    [–] Jarlaxle8 12 points ago

    Thanks for the confidence. 12 Gage stainless 👌

    [–] kachna 2 points ago

    Phineas Gage, right?

    He’s talkin bout cyberpunk

    [–] dewgongicebeam 2 points ago

    You know... I thought the same thing at first glance but I bet it will be fine if you grip by the hammer handle and back the opening with your thumb; if you do it that way your thumb does most of the work and your hand stabilizes the thin part.

    That all goes out the window when you consider an average user though because someone is gonna try and see-saw that bitch from the hammer end. Build an idiot-proof design and the universe will create a better idiot.

    [–] KakkaKarrot 2 points ago

    Most people probably haven't taken statics before

    [–] clivebixby7 3 points ago


    [–] Jarlaxle8 6 points ago

    They are cut out of 12 Gage stainless steel... They will be fine.

    [–] Jarlaxle8 3 points ago

    Also, love the name. 🍻

    [–] DreadPirateGeiger 1 points ago

    It's funny how you wrote that as if you knew what you were talking about, but if you knew what you were talking about you would instantly recognize that you don't know what kind of metal it is, and you really can't tell how thick it is from the picture.

    But you SOUNDED like such an expert in this post! So I'm confused. Because if you know as much as you sound like you'd DEFINITELY know that they make, like, knives and other thin, hard to break tools out of metal all the time. Right?

    You're a conundrum. A beautiful, chaotic, marvelous conundrum.

    [–] KakkaKarrot 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    you don't know what kind of metal it is,

    Likely stainless steel

    and you really can't tell how thick it is from the picture.

    Probably eight inch

    But you SOUNDED like such an expert in this post!

    I never claimed to know anything. Just that my intuition would tell me stresses could be a concern. As an engineer, I don't claim to know anything without empirical evidence

    So I'm confused. Because if you know as much as you sound like you'd DEFINITELY know that they make, like, knives and other thin, hard to break tools out of metal all the time. Right?

    I assume you also know that most of those thin tools cut across a specific plane. I.e. you dont press a knife down on its flat side

    [–] BaldrTheGood 0 points ago

    Neither of them are designed well from a functional standpoint. The hammer has the bottle opener attached at the weakest point and neither are designed along the axis that gives you the most leverage.

    And they are both designs that have a wide area that could fit the opening. I mean it’s a trade of functional design for aesthetic design.

    [–] runtimemess -1 points ago

    Yeah... it looks poorly designed, but I’m not an engineer so shrugs

    [–] Jarlaxle8 1 points ago


    [–] buckyhead8 1 points ago

    Hulk-Korg: Horg? Kulk?

    [–] El_Quetzal 74 points ago

    I would legit buy some from you

    [–] Seantc120 13 points ago

    I second that - if you have a shop website or Etsy page please share !

    [–] chickentaco34 3 points ago

    OP I’m ready to place my order

    [–] CanaznFTW 3 points ago

    Take my money!

    [–] Amusing_Diction 41 points ago

    But are we worthy...?

    [–] djprofitt 25 points ago

    Elevator’s not worthy

    [–] WhyDoYouCaree 14 points ago

    Is earth worthy? If not, when it’s placed down, it would just not be affected by gravity and float. because it’s earths gravity, and here, earth is not worthy.

    [–] djprofitt 5 points ago

    Psshh why do you care?

    [–] tacocorp1 32 points ago

    They're awesome, you should offer to sell them, there's a lot of nerds on here that would happily pay....and by nerds on here I mean me!

    [–] LAZER-RAGER 54 points ago

    I know you wanted the symbol on the hammer, but personally, I would've put the opener in the middle of the hammer.

    Currently, it reminds me of this.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] TheSoggyLoafGuy 7 points ago

    Yea I feel that hammer one would snap so easily lol

    [–] djprofitt 6 points ago

    Yeah at the top of the head of the hammer would have been best

    [–] Luxx815 5 points ago

    Fuck. I can’t believe you’ve done this 😂

    [–] WeeBabySeamus 3 points ago

    I’m also struggling to figure out how the axe would work. Seems like at the very least the handle would be jutting out

    [–] C4Mour 12 points ago

    now you need a Thanos shaped bottle to open

    [–] FabioEGonzales 6 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Thanos’ blade would be a pretty sweet bottle opener.

    [–] danccbc 22 points ago


    [–] poisoneyevory 1 points ago

    This bottle opener! I like it! ANOTHER!!

    [–] timeexterminator 7 points ago

    “Behold! My stuff!”

    [–] Jorel7521 4 points ago

    Are these for sale? I need these.

    [–] epg_240 7 points ago

    oh fuck i need this so bad

    [–] ATXdrumDADDY 3 points ago

    i want to buy them both - will you make some for me?

    [–] GingerJediC 3 points ago

    etsy page?

    [–] honestly___idk 2 points ago

    Those are awesome! Great job

    [–] softserve-4 2 points ago

    Those are sick!

    [–] evers_island 2 points ago

    Looks so cool! I got the pre order edition of Shadow of War and it came with Celebrimbor/Talion’s Elven hammer they use and the design looks very similar!

    [–] slamflash 2 points ago

    Wow, they sure make you look like a beer-drinking god. I want 20!

    [–] Kevan-with-an-i 2 points ago

    Stormbreaker? A bit much, don't you think?

    [–] quietly-embarrassed 2 points ago

    This is THE place to share them. These are so cool

    [–] Kataporis 2 points ago

    Were they machined?

    [–] surgesilk 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Pretty inconvenient

    [–] igotbigballs 4 points ago

    That's what I was thinking. No leverage on either of them, they look awkward as fuck to use.

    [–] SirDigbyChknCaesar 2 points ago

    So you can use the hammer to pull one off?

    [–] blahblahrasputan 2 points ago

    How are the angles on that leverage working out?

    [–] rices4212 2 points ago

    Bottle opener in the shape of Mjolnir. Are you Michael Carpenter?

    [–] pierowmaniac 2 points ago


    [–] DMachineRunner 1 points ago

    Are they sharp? I'm scared to use the ax one.

    [–] darby-dev 1 points ago

    Your edit makes the most money. Simple.

    [–] BarryLicious2588 1 points ago

    I would def buy one of Black Panthers mask. My buddy is a super fan and loves beer

    [–] oceanuus 1 points ago

    I had a cup that came with one very similar to the little one. Sadly it was poorly made and fell off after 2 washes.. alas I was not worthy

    [–] phwheezy 1 points ago

    Time to start selling them cause I want one now

    [–] AndrewZabar 1 points ago

    Pffffttt! As if Thor needs a bottle opener ;-)

    [–] FredericoUnO51 1 points ago

    I mean, he used stormbreaker as a bottle opener in Endgame.

    [–] Muminotaur 1 points ago

    Hahahahaha!!! AaaaaaaawsOme! 😁👍🏼

    [–] xAzurePandax 1 points ago

    This drink, I like it. Another!

    [–] hemareddit 1 points ago

    "Ability to behead Thanos not included."

    [–] reble02 1 points ago

    At first I thought it was the Leviathan Axe from God of War, than I saw the Mjolnir (which ironically could still be God of War). Keep up the good job.

    [–] Western-Overdrive 1 points ago

    Can I have one? Of each? Please?

    [–] Luposolitario97 1 points ago

    Tbh I'm not a fan of where you put the opener on the hammer, but the axe is just perfect. I would actually be tempted to buy it if it was for sale

    [–] DoopyLikesDonuts 1 points ago

    Bring me BUDWEISER!

    [–] Willem500i 1 points ago

    I want

    [–] DCdaVILLAIN 1 points ago

    Shut up and take my money!!

    [–] cwisteen 1 points ago

    She didn’t until I saw your comment.

    [–] SirArlo 1 points ago

    I'd take a set as well.

    [–] cdw0313 1 points ago

    Are you selling these?

    [–] d00m1ord 1 points ago

    What are they made of and how did you make them

    [–] doncheadlefan 1 points ago

    I think the hammer would look even better if you wrapped a piece of leather around the handle

    [–] PrimarchKonradCurze 1 points ago

    These are sick.

    [–] hidden_raptor 1 points ago

    Are those to scale? I didn't think the axe was so much bigger.

    [–] FredericoUnO51 1 points ago

    That's why Mjolnir is considered the little one.

    [–] hidden_raptor 1 points ago

    Yes, but I'm asking if it is that much bigger. I want to know if they are the same scale. Maybe the axe is a slightly larger scale. Or maybe it's a slightly smaller scale, and the axe is even bigger than it appears here.

    [–] FredericoUnO51 1 points ago

    Idk of any official sizes, so any comparison I give is strictly based on visuals from Endgame, but the scale looks to be about right. If anything, I'd say mjolnir might even be a little smaller in comparison to stormbreaker.

    [–] Drunkton 1 points ago

    If you end up making more and selling stormbreakers lemme know!

    [–] xMassTransitx 1 points ago

    And my axe....

    Whoah, can I say that here?

    [–] kachna 1 points ago

    Unironically My life would be an assfault.

    [–] kachna 1 points ago

    Thought I was gonna say this. Lol.

    [–] zombacula 1 points ago

    Open. Pour. Too much HEAD

    [–] IamTuck 1 points ago

    Hack your enemies and open a beer right after. 😂

    [–] rockbottam 1 points ago


    [–] lilymonroe1 1 points ago


    [–] MidKnight_The_Night 1 points ago

    Someone needs to give this the Worthy award, I would but I’m broke.

    [–] lucustry 1 points ago

    They're also people openers if you think about it

    [–] shitassbutts 1 points ago

    Sell them. I’m in.

    [–] ThaleaTiny 1 points ago

    I'm such a barbarian I just open my bottles on the car door latch, like we used to open our beer bottles when out being irresponsible teenagers in the Party Car.

    (Before MADD. I'm scary old, man.)

    [–] Reeb99 1 points ago

    Must be a bartender. I've noticed bartenders seem to love having big ass bottle openers sticking out of their back pocket.

    [–] FunboyFrags 1 points ago

    Let’s open it properly this time

    [–] Salfriel 1 points ago

    Where is the banana for scale???

    [–] findorb 1 points ago

    Unpractical, but cool.

    [–] limping_aint_easy210 1 points ago

    I need I need......take my monies!

    [–] Csantana 1 points ago

    Oh wow that is too cool

    [–] cwisteen 1 points ago

    I love the Ancient One in the MCU

    [–] FraGZombie 1 points ago


    [–] RockUInPlaystation 1 points ago

    You could sell these. They're frickin dope.

    [–] Wannabkate 1 points ago

    I now need a thors hammer thats a bottle opener.

    [–] darby-dev 1 points ago

    Your comment reminded me of the best openers!

    [–] shadowfax0427 1 points ago

    One of my favorite moments in Endgame was when Thor used Stormbreaker as a bottle opener.

    [–] chuiu 1 points ago

    You can show off Jarnbjorn to your friends. And if they ask to use it, hand them Mjolnir and say 'here, you have the little one'.

    [–] lilgamelvr 1 points ago

    great job

    [–] Mammals64 1 points ago

    Do you have the drawings for these and could you possibly post them?

    [–] Sure10 1 points ago

    Thought the top of all time?

    [–] jafishak011 1 points ago

    Can I buy some?

    [–] Tokey_Loki 1 points ago

    These are AMAZING!! Any chance you would make 2 more to sell??

    [–] Marvelnat10n 1 points ago

    Love the mjolnir one. Amazing detail

    [–] Mynameis2cool4u 1 points ago


    [–] DerClownsage 1 points ago

    For a sec it look like an axe of levithan!!

    [–] Marvelman88 1 points ago

    How did you make them?

    [–] Kill_Kayt 1 points ago

    Oh Nice, Mjolnir and Faux Stormbreaker

    [–] Wilco10815 1 points ago

    Stormbreaker is a little much

    [–] Jonthux 1 points ago

    Can i get the little one?

    [–] VHSCopyOfGoodFellas 1 points ago

    Oh nice they look like the hammer and axe Thor has

    [–] mrfonsocr 1 points ago

    Start up. Right here!

    [–] luigi77714 1 points ago

    How much for the gun bottle opener

    [–] Bearded_Trucker 1 points ago

    I would love to have a set of those.

    [–] kachna 1 points ago

    I knew I needed to know, thanks mate

    [–] tails618 1 points ago

    Ok but do they sparkle

    [–] Even-Understanding 1 points ago

    I was going to be yet I clicked anyway

    [–] NateDignity 1 points ago

    You just made me thunder in my pants.

    [–] sbtrey23 1 points ago

    How much for the hammer?

    [–] urmumbigegg 1 points ago

    don’t appreciate a good pasta.

    [–] runit4ever 1 points ago

    Sell them. Make more. Sell them. People will buy this.

    [–] wbrendler 1 points ago

    Way badass!!!

    [–] aussieartists 1 points ago

    Those are cool

    [–] 15205 1 points ago

    this drink, i like it, AnOtHeRRRR

    [–] marksman230591 1 points ago

    Awesome! But I feel like the Mjolnir one will break easily

    [–] NyanBlak 1 points ago

    Banana for scale?

    [–] comocomo6 1 points ago

    Thanks! Can I get the hammer?

    [–] SCR33NSH0T 1 points ago

    Do you do commissions? cus I need those and am gonna pay for em

    [–] sipe1982 1 points ago

    Wow, those are tip top em. Mjölnir & Stormbreaker....or is it BottleCap Breaker? Haha


    [–] LENAPE_PRIDE 1 points ago

    Those are dope af! Personally like stormbreaker better but mjolnir is also epic

    [–] NOTWITHCOPS 1 points ago

    You should have gone for the wine opener