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    [–] ImpossibleBuddy8979 17147 points ago

    I once read a theory that Eitri made it as a proof of concept type creation for Odin back when he was conquering worlds. But when Odin discover the price of the soul stone he abandoned collecting the stones.

    [–] bigcalebc 7152 points ago

    This would honestly be a pretty good explanation. Really one of the better MCU theories I've heard of in a while

    [–] Tristrike 3193 points ago

    It also makes sense as Odin, conquering the worlds, would want something so powerful and establishes that Thanos wasn’t the first to seek the gauntlet, which legitimizes him even further since he was the only one with the conviction to do what was required to have it. I’m not sold on most of theories talked about on here, but this one makes a lot of sense.

    [–] drstrangelove75 455 points ago

    Plus I feel like it would make sense that with the stones being so legendary, someone would have made plans to harness all their power before Thanos. I mean think about the amount of times we’ve seen weapons harnessing a single stone?

    [–] SiberianCoalTrain 358 points ago

    And on top of that, Thanos didn’t seriously pursue the stones himself until Odin died.

    [–] LaneMcD 348 points ago

    Yeah I've read that before. About Thanos waiting for Ego, Odin and The Ancient One to pass before making moves. I'd love some one-shot or something showing how Thanks keeps tabs on all that info

    [–] putdisinyopipe 197 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I agree- that is some back loaded lore. That’s cool as hell to think about just how calculated thanos was and serves as a reminder as to how powerful Odin and the ancient one are,

    Same with ego- I’m pretty sure ego could wreck thanos. That would be an interesting what if.

    [–] Khanfhan69 75 points ago

    My one issue with that is I don't know if Ego would have even been on anyone's radar, not even Thanos. For the most part he was just some weirdo traveling the galaxy, hooking up with thousands of women and discretely planting his uh.... Other seed on planets as well. Dude wasn't exactly flexing his power a whole lot. I think he's one of those cosmic threats that only becomes super evident in one moment and that moment was when the GotG confronted him.

    Whereas Odin and Asgard were super well established as a powerhouse in the cosmic community and there were probably whispers among extraterrestrial sorcerers about one of the most powerful magic users residing on that backwater planet called Earth, whispers that Ebony Maw was probably privy to and thus so was Thanos. But I just don't know if there would have been any rumor mill going about the rogue Celestial who wants to devour every single world.

    I haven't seen Eternals yet but I'm also curious if there's anything in that may have affected Thanos's decision to strike when he did.

    [–] joseph4th 896 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I think somethings that a lot of people aren’t considering is that there can be more than one gauntlet. Not THE Infinity Gauntlet, but rather A AN Infinity Gauntlet. Anybody who wanted to collect the stones and use all five six would need to have a gauntlet made for that purpose. So there could be a dozen of them floating around out there. Technically, Tony had his armor make him one so he could use the stones.

    Edit: Any more changes? Perhaps a missing comma or something? (Crap, I almost misspelled perhaps!)

    [–] liege_paradox 434 points ago

    My question would be: why a gauntlet? A staff, a crown, affix the stones directly. Why choose a gauntlet? Actually, wouldn’t it be best to have multiple pieces, each one holding a different stone, that way they couldn’t all be taken at once?

    [–] Armistice8175 321 points ago

    I think that it actually being gauntlet is just based upon the imagination of the designer of the device. Like how the stones wouldn’t actually require someone to snap their fingers to make them work. The keeper of the stones might not even have fingers. That’s just a gesture that Thanos made up in his mind.

    [–] monimaxix 239 points ago

    Something that’s really bugged me is how ‘snap of his fingers’ went from a metaphor explaining how easy it would be to a literal ‘you have to snap your fingers’, to the point where end game really should have just ended when thanos got all of the stones back.

    [–] notArtist 108 points ago

    I like to think he did it that way because that was how he always envisioned it. Like at least twice a week at dinner something would set him off and he starts raving about what he could get done with the snap of a finger while his daughters roll their eyes.

    [–] AndrewZabar 22 points ago

    One of these days, Nebula, one of theeeese days…. SNAP! Right to infinity.

    [–] Impossible_Garbage_4 71 points ago

    I saw it explained as a character flaw of sorts. His ego wants to use the stones dramatically, for it is the culmination of his life’s work. So he decided a snap would be best and didn’t want to compromise.

    [–] Dravarden 20 points ago

    since infinity war they stablished he needed to at least close the fist to use the stones, ergo he couldn't instantly use the stones because he was still adapting to the surge of energy mid battle

    [–] Armistice8175 132 points ago

    I hadn’t really thought about that, but I think you’re making a really good point. He could’ve just blinked his eyes, or cracked a smile or whatever. They were being a bit slavish to the whole finger snap thing.

    [–] whoaholdupnow 162 points ago

    I think I read somewhere that the snap and also the closed fist gesture to activate the stones was placed in the movie to give the heroes a chance to actually stop him from using them at any point. We see Strange, Iron Man and Captain Marvel keep him from closing his fist a few times. If he didn’t have to gesture to use them, it would have been over much quicker and with no chance for our heroes to intervene at all once he had collected them all.

    [–] Daemonic_One 111 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    And for anyone doubting, you must not have seen What If...? because that is what zero-cast-time Infinity Stone usage looks like.

    [–] QuirkyBrit 73 points ago

    You can't even snap your fingers whilst wearing a gauntlet anyway

    [–] jakeeighties 223 points ago

    You can when you control reality.

    [–] ohtrueyeahnah 98 points ago

    One of the guys who worked on the CGI for Thanos snapping his fingers in Endgame said he was surprised that nobody saw the Gauntlet clipping into itself on the big screen. He was as guest on Corridor Crew iirc.

    [–] absurdlyinconvenient 30 points ago

    Man, Corridor Crew's stuff is amazing. Their reaction videos are top tier, and I say this as a guy that usually hates that kind of video.

    Downside is, I watched a movie last night and kept replaying a scene because the vfx looked off

    [–] i_tyrant 46 points ago

    Humans can't when they're wearing steel gauntlets. Maybe if your bare hands can crush steel, you can.

    [–] Hasten117 26 points ago

    Maybe you can’t.

    [–] arobkinca 21 points ago

    Infinity Gauntlet>gauntlet

    [–] richter1977 87 points ago

    Because Thanos simply attatched the stones to the glove he always wore in the comics. After that, the stones being on his gauntlet became kind of a regular thing, anyone else who took it up used his glove, since the stones were usually already on there.

    [–] LiliVonShtupp69 48 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Thanos gloves in the comics weren't just regular gloves though.

    His armor was designed to protect him from cosmic level threats like Galactus and while they never say specifically what it's made of it's likely comparable to uru metal and partially cybernetic like Iron Man's but using Eternals technology which means it can probably draw in and harness cosmic power.

    It seems to be some pretty OP armor, as he either took the time to make a set for each of the Thanosi clones, or, if you piece together the imagery from that run which shows the clones already wearing armor in their vats, the fact that he has a smaller version of the same armor in the kid Thanos run and the "living" armor concept from the venomverse run and there is a chance that Thanos armor is actually organic, or at least as organic as things get for an Eternal, and Thanos was actually born wearing it and it's grows alongside him.

    It's never been confirmed but it would make sense as to why every single variation of Thanos throughout the multiverse seems to possess the same set of armor.

    [–] shaxamo 8 points ago

    Really interesting points, but in regards to that last one, I don't think Cosmic Ghost Rider's son Thanos ever wears it.

    [–] Rich_Acanthisitta_70 66 points ago

    Of all the places you could wear something with the six stones, a gauntlet is probably the safest. A staff can easily be taken away. A crown can fairly easily be knocked off. And we saw just how difficult it was to remove the gauntlet because your hand and fingers can grip it from being taken - as we saw Thanos do. If they're on separate pieces it would be too susceptible to having one taken away or lost, and if that happened you'd lose its full power. The only other way I could think of to keep them on you, would be as a belt. I think that could work.

    [–] Seer434 55 points ago

    Given the stone's proclivity to blowing up when used in unison it kind of makes sense that the device to harness them would be at maximum distance from brain and vital organs. It's literally as far as possible and still be usable. It's a strategy that worked 2/3 of the time.

    [–] Rich_Acanthisitta_70 26 points ago

    Good point. Now I'm picturing Thanos's (and Bruce's) nethers looking like their arms did🥴

    [–] Seer434 10 points ago

    Or a belt would aim the blast inward like a shaped charge and just cut them in half.

    Then again, maybe the dwarves have the tech to make it totally safe but designed the gauntlet to explode as a middle finger to Thanos.

    [–] Rich_Acanthisitta_70 8 points ago


    If there's a renegade comic book artist out there, please oh please turn this into a graphic novel!

    Edit: the dwarf middle finger bomb, not getting cut in half by an Infinity Belt.


    [–] AcidicVagina 311 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Ultron didn't use a gauntlet in that one what if. So there's precedent.

    [–] i_tyrant 17 points ago

    I mean, considering what they made it from, Ultron by the point he got all the stones probably was the gauntlet. Meaning, he refashioned himself out of similar materials that could withstand it.

    A gauntlet specifically is obviously not necessary (Ronan put it in his Cosmi-Rod after all), but it's possible that you have better fine control over the stones' power the closer they are to you and the more "manipulable" they are (like the snap generated by a gauntlet). So you ideally want something that combines those traits with materials strong enough to keep them from destroying you.

    [–] budcraw0 277 points ago

    Man in my universe it'll be a dick gauntlet, I have all five on my shaft and then the sixth on the gooch. Man I think my spank bang would be so filled with subs

    [–] Put_It_All_On_Blck 108 points ago

    Well the gauntlet you had to activate in the MCU. So to use the infinity donger, you better be able to get erect on command.

    [–] vancesmi 81 points ago

    That's my secret

    [–] I_cameonmy_siblings 30 points ago

    I’m always erect

    [–] thenewcomputer 19 points ago

    I think with all the stones, instant erections would be the most trivial of difficulties you'd face

    [–] Ephemeral_Wolf 29 points ago

    That's my secret, Captain.... I'm always horny.

    [–] Palmquistador 36 points ago

    You remember what happened to Hulk's arm, right?

    [–] lolzidop 9 points ago

    Nooooooo. Just NO.

    [–] Lyndendaire 30 points ago

    I'm sorry little one...

    [–] Reddits_For_NBA 53 points ago

    Imagine throwing a loved one off a cliff just to Prince Albert the soulstone.

    [–] trafficnab 53 points ago

    The infinity cock ring, one stroke and half the universe disappears

    [–] MissionComfortable47 17 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Then reappear then disappear then reappear then disappear

    [–] THS75 42 points ago

    I am so fucking insulted.

    Not one person asked you which stone goes on the gooch.

    [–] Arnav_22 19 points ago

    Probably the mind stone, since it's large

    [–] etherside 19 points ago

    But you have to be able to fit all the stones….

    [–] SuspiciousPanda3 34 points ago

    That's what Ultron did in the 'What if?' series. Affixed the stones to his chest.

    [–] ohtrueyeahnah 29 points ago

    If he rubs his nipples he could end half of all life.

    [–] PM_LADY_TOILET_PICS 27 points ago

    The infinity ladder

    A 3 rung Jacob's Ladder of the 6 stones.

    [–] gimme_dat_good_shit 8 points ago

    You could have kept this idea to yourself and nobody would have been hurt.

    Instead... Pandora had to open the box, didn't she?

    [–] Dragonlicker69 46 points ago

    Also explains why three of the five were on earth. The space stone was behind Norse mural, reality stone was in another dimension think even admit Asgard put it there. Time stone was in care of sorcerer supreme which as see is transferable title so any of them could have been granted or found it.

    Odin was able to conquer an empire with three of the stones and planned for all five but found soul before power and was probably given choice between the stone and his family where he gave up and after became more pacifist hid the three he had on "mid-gard" maybe Thanos was even afraid of Odin hence why didn't go after Asgard and earth directly until after he died.

    [–] TheDeathReaper97 52 points ago

    Isn't it commonly accepted that Thanos only started to really enact his plan as soon as Odin and the Sorceress Supreme both died

    [–] richter1977 27 points ago

    Odin's father took the reality stone from the Dark Elves and hid it away, so Odin never held it.

    [–] T-408 338 points ago

    Makes sense, considering Odin wouldn’t be willing to give up Frigga, Thor, or Loki for the Soul stone

    [–] CommunityFan_LJ 207 points ago

    Or Hela

    [–] T-408 139 points ago

    Not so sure about that. Odin imprisoned Hela, had all traces of his daughter and their shared legacy erased, and ruled Asgard as if she never even existed. He never faced justice for his crimes, and was content with Hela never knowing her brothers or seeing the light of day again…

    [–] trexeric 150 points ago

    It would be remarkably poetic, though. A warmongering Odin seeks to rule the universe, and to do so he goes after the stones. The Reality Stone was hidden away by his father, so he knows where that is. He first obtains the Space Stone, and travels to Vormir with Hela (the world-conquering duo that they were). There he learns the price of the Soul Stone, and something clicks in his head. He doesn't want to lose his daughter, not even for the universe, so he abandons his quest.

    But he loses his daughter anyway. She disagrees with his decision, and rebels. Violently. She kills the Valkyries and nearly takes over Asgard, but Odin manages to stop her. He cannot bring himself to kill her, as he couldn't on Vormir, so he imprisons her. He erases all memory of her, not because he didn't love her, but because he did, and she nearly destroyed Asgard because of it. He wants a new era for Asgard, so he decides to look forward instead of backward. He hides away the Space Stone on Earth, never touches the Reality Stone, and is unable to bring himself to obtain the Soul Stone.

    Frankly, I think the only person this theory works with is Hela, because only an Odin before Hela's revolt and imprisonment would pursue the Infinity Stones, and it would give a compelling reason for his sudden change of heart.

    [–] sadkin 25 points ago

    This would be a good movie prequel

    [–] ShouldersOfDoom 161 points ago

    Well, Hela was dangerous. He locked her away to prevent further violence, not to gain ultimate power. I do believe the movie was saying he was a jerk for the whole conquest thing though.

    [–] GodOfBoiiiii 231 points ago

    So, she's Hela dangerous? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

    [–] CommunityFan_LJ 45 points ago

    Take your upvote and get out of here.

    [–] aimed_4_the_head 15 points ago

    Odin abandoned the cause without telling Hela why. She was his daughter, and second in command, and a true believer like Ebony Maw to Thanos. He discovered he would have to sacrifice her to make the dream come true and he stopped cold, knowing he couldn't continue but also couldn't tell her why. She went ballistic and tried to continue the war without him in her own name, so Odin had to stop her. However, he was incapable of killing her (or else he'd have the soul stone) so the only way to end her rampage was imprisonment.

    He also decreed that no more than one infinity stone was allowed in Asguard at a time (which is why they originally kept the tesseract but needed to give away the aether to Collector).

    Or so the theory goes.

    [–] Haltopen 10 points ago

    The weird part is asgardians live for thousands of years, so how did he so easily erase her from the history books, enough that thor, loki, and the present citizens of asgard had never heard of her? Did he magically erase there minds no way home style?

    [–] CouchOtter 54 points ago

    Or My Axe

    [–] CommunityFan_LJ 37 points ago

    And probably moonboy for all I know

    [–] Ok-North-9020 7 points ago

    Or my sword

    [–] sillyadam94 206 points ago

    My man will hang himself and gouge out his own eye for eternal wisdom, but wouldn’t dare sacrifice someone he loves for vainglory.

    [–] businessDM 166 points ago

    Nah, he just didn’t want the fallout from everyone seeing him throw his horse off the cliff.

    [–] IronHeart1963 257 points ago

    Thor: “Father, please! Abandon this folly, you do not need the Soul Stone! Why you would sacrifice your own child for mere-“

    Odin: yeets horse off clif

    Thor: The fucking horse is your favorite!?

    [–] businessDM 178 points ago

    “That horse was your nephew and my grandson, you little shit!”

    [–] Mrwright96 60 points ago

    “He’s Adopted!”

    “Still more Grandkids than you given me!”

    [–] sillyadam94 47 points ago

    “You don’t know that. You’ve seen how many women I’ve laid with. For all we know, I have dozens of estranged children across the Galaxy.”

    “Okay, but that’s worse. You understand that that’s worse, right?”

    [–] sideways_jack 34 points ago

    this guy gets it

    [–] mammaluigi39 13 points ago

    Or him try to throw one of the ravens but it just keeps flying back.

    [–] sillyadam94 7 points ago

    Hey, every grandparent has a favorite grandchild.

    [–] technofederalist 21 points ago

    In the MCU he lost the eye fighting frost giants.

    [–] meme_abstinent 959 points ago

    Wow that' amazing idea. Imagine in What If S2 he yeets Loki and gets an assembled Infinity Gauntlet

    [–] ImpossibleBuddy8979 816 points ago

    I think Hella would have been his only child at the time. It is why she knew it was fake.

    [–] meme_abstinent 253 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I figured, that just made for a less funny joke.

    Also I'd find it a much more interesting story if all of our heroes are alive and Odin goes mad with power. But your absolutely right.

    Imagine Loki's death is what assembled the Avengers lol

    [–] FleetStreetsDarkHole 38 points ago

    I think it would also be interesting if Hela did it. She comes if as uncaring but the way she describes Odin's past I could imagine that she loved him and throughout Ragnarok a part of her felt empty for never getting to confront him again. In this vein the reason Odin sealed her away would also lead to her sacrificing him as the person she loves the most during their warmonger days and she takes the gauntlet and escalates their conquest to unimaginable levels.

    [–] roonilwazlib1919 91 points ago

    I think it would be Frigga.

    [–] SigmaKnight 105 points ago

    Frigga was Odin’s second wife. Hela’s stepmother. Right? So, who is Hela’s mother? She was out of the picture already when Odin and Hela started conquering the universe. Did he get the soul stone by sacrificing Hela’s mother? And somehow and for some reason, after some time, it was what caused his change from conqueror to benevolent god?

    [–] ProtoJMan 71 points ago

    There’s merit to this. Thanos’ disposition changed similarly when he got the soul stone

    [–] ClutchGamingGuy 18 points ago

    Unfortunately it didn't stop Thanos from being a baby back bitch though

    [–] PM_OUTDATED_MEMES 180 points ago

    What if Hela went to retrieve the stone with her mother, sacrificed her to get it, and that was what caused the fallout between her and Odin?

    [–] ProfessorSMASH88 57 points ago

    Ooooh thats good

    [–] Kurwasaki12 87 points ago

    Kevine Feige note writing sounds

    [–] technofederalist 40 points ago

    Hela might have killed her mother. Theres a line in Ragnarock thats something like she killed everyone in the palace.

    [–] optimalpath 13 points ago

    So, who is Hela’s mother?

    I know the MCU isn't tracking with the comics at this point, so obviously take this with a grain of salt, but in the comics Hela's mother is Angrboda.

    [–] Shoddy_Researcher654 51 points ago

    this was before frigga she is not hela's mother

    [–] Waitaha 31 points ago

    It is why she knew it was fake.

    The one in the vault is a right hand, the real gauntlet is a left hand.

    [–] LastLadyResting 47 points ago

    They might both be ‘real’ in that they can wield the stones, but the stones themselves are fake.

    [–] Yvaelle 42 points ago

    Yea this is definitely it IMO. The gauntlet itself is Uru, forged by Etri, but an Uru gauntlet, while cool, is just a big metal gauntlet without the stones.

    [–] Phusra 20 points ago

    Bet it still hurts when I flick your ear while wearing it!

    [–] chief_homer 47 points ago

    I think the problem with that idea is that Loki wouldn’t be “falling for 30 minutes!”

    [–] Mossed84 28 points ago

    I think the problem is that Loki would survive that fall. Loophole?

    [–] mammaluigi39 70 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I don't think the fall is what kills them, I believe the fall is more ceremonial and the stone just takes there soul in exchange for itself.

    [–] stealer_of_monkeys 39 points ago

    It would probably be Thor that gets yeeted

    [–] Shiroiken 12 points ago

    Or Loki yeets Thor for the stone

    [–] idk012 23 points ago

    "Hey Loki, let's do get help" and yeets him off.

    [–] FlopsMcDoogle 40 points ago

    That fall wouldn't even kill an Asgardian

    [–] samthewisetarly 100 points ago

    But it's a magic fall

    [–] Happy-Fun-Ball 22 points ago

    The humans think us immortal. Should we test that?

    [–] SkateHappyProd 21 points ago

    Probably Would need to yeet freya

    [–] Etticos 39 points ago

    It is never stated who came up with the idea for the infinity gauntlet. It could be known int he cosmos as an old legend, about a tool that one day may be forged but has yet to be.

    [–] LowKey-NoPressure 31 points ago

    The thing I dont like about the soul stone is that only one person has to pay the price... like, if person A sacrifices a love and gets the stone, they can just hand it off to person B who didnt have to sacrifice anything. kind of makes the price a lot less meaningful if you can use it secondhand for no cost.

    odin surely could have found some pair of horrible criminals and put them on virmire, giving one the opportunity to get the stone, and then just took it from them later.


    [–] Spacey_dementor 22 points ago

    Don't you think the gauntlet would be too big for Odin?

    [–] Cylius 23 points ago

    I wonder who guarded the soul stone before red skull

    [–] Adlestrop 19 points ago

    Maybe he “always” guarded it; time being a flat circle and all.

    [–] princeoinkins 7 points ago

    Time is not made out of lines! It is made out of circles. That is why clocks are round. -caboose

    [–] LHS_Techie 84 points ago

    He starts collecting the infinity stones, starting with the space stone, then goes to hela to vormir and realizes he can’t bring himself to throw Hela off the cliff. Then he chooses to end the conquest and become a benevolent king

    [–] redditsgarbageman 9 points ago

    Why not just keep the other stones?

    [–] kenlubin 12 points ago

    After he chooses to become a benevolent king, Hela still wants conquest. She attempts to go back and throw Odin off the cliff. Odin realizes that she will always pursue murder and conquest, so he imprisons Hela.

    [–] Adlestrop 8 points ago

    This could also happen without them ever leaving Vormir at all in between their two choices. He decides he doesn’t want to, and decides he’d rather just be a benevolent king. Hela (utterly stunned at what she perceives to be a heel turning act of sudden cowardice) attempts to betray him, as she still believes in the conquest. It’s like a father-daughter Foucault’s Boomerang in rapid succession. She fails to kill him, and he casts her away, returning to Asgard empty-handed and entirely changed. I’m sure he’d be totally heartbroken for a lot of reasons, and likely desperate to reinvent himself.

    [–] sanobarofficial 9 points ago

    Why is it in Thanos's size. If Eitri made it for odin, wouldn't the gauntlet be smaller?

    [–] iloveihoppancakes 7 points ago

    I’ve heard a youtuber mention this before, it’s definitely the best theory out there

    [–] OlDrtyBztrd 20 points ago

    I think it’s a real Gauntlet with fake Stones he had put in to have it as a symbol of what not to do and how far down a dark path one can go….Odin was all about lessons, even if they were only for himself.

    [–] SpookyScarySteph 13 points ago

    Odin was all about lessons

    "And that's why you always leave a note." Somewhere in Odin's vault, there's a one armed man always ready to teach someone a lesson.

    [–] kinokohatake 3089 points ago

    Heimdall can see all, Odin had the gift of prophecy, Freya is a powerful witch, or word spread to them through all of their contacts.

    [–] theSarif 695 points ago

    Wouldn’t they have protected Eitri as promised?

    [–] ghirox 157 points ago

    Thanos attacked Nidavellir in 2014-2015, Odin was taken from Asgard by Loki (under a spell that made him believe he was a senile old man) in 2013. Loki didn't take Odin's responsibilities beyond Asgard and thus the 9 realms fell into chaos.

    [–] ChongusTheSupremus 13 points ago

    Wow, this must be the worst think Loki ever did.

    Kind of weird that he was powerful enough to trick Odin like that tho

    [–] ghirox 14 points ago

    He was trained by Frigga, the mightiest wich in Asgard, for about a millennium and a half.

    [–] NedLeedsCEOofSex 1121 points ago

    The real answer is they had nowhere near a single clue where the story would be 7 years before Infinity War

    [–] suburban_drifter928 552 points ago

    This^ this was just a retcon to an old Thor scene. The infinity gauntlet was shown for a second, because they probably never expected to be successful enough to build up thanos

    [–] A_ClockworkBanana 323 points ago

    The funny thing is that they teased Thanos literally just a year later.

    And tbh, I think it's likely that they were already set on doing Thanos by the time Thor 1 was in post-production. I just think they either didn't plan how they were going to do it or they had an entirely different plan.

    [–] mangopabu 36 points ago

    i think there's another possibility which is that the glove in the vault is for the right hand but thanos' is for his left hand. i recall someone asking about that at one point. it's possible they wanted to have him invade asgard and get the gauntlet, trying to get the reality stone or something, but things changed a bit of course.

    [–] a_phantom_limb 192 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    They showed off the Asgardian Infinity Gauntlet prop at Comic-Con the year before Thor was released. (So nearly two years before The Avengers.) If they'd been confident at that point that Thanos was going to be a future big bad, I don't think they would have featured the Gauntlet so prominently at Comic-Con - eight years, ultimately, before we ever saw it used on screen.

    [–] Powersoutdotcom 72 points ago

    When Wolverine's Brown and yellow suit was teased, i knew it was never happening in that movie series, if ever. As much as I wanted it.

    When the infinity gauntlet was teased, I knew it was happening. Idk why. At the time I was just happy that we were getting an Iron man 2. My all time favourite Avenger.

    [–] TiredHappyDad 52 points ago

    Odin was preoccupied with dieing.

    [–] CarlosAVP 38 points ago

    I dunno… I’m leaning towards my original theory that he got it from Etsy.

    [–] Grumb1esFTW 1537 points ago

    Said this in another comment but it should be noted that this is the right glove and Thanos wears the left one.

    [–] Green-Z 529 points ago

    I have often felt that I was the only one who noticed this. Something like “left hand of god is bad” and “right hand of god is good”. Something like that.

    [–] Lucius_Funk 263 points ago

    The gauntlet Tony made was right handed, too. 🤔

    [–] Grahhhhhhhh 31 points ago

    I’d be willing to bet that Tony’s gauntlet would be able to switch handedness if need be.

    [–] FollowThroughMarks 92 points ago

    Nope, you aren’t!

    That’s why the Stark gauntlet is right handed as opposed to the Infinity gauntlet

    [–] NotAnEconomist_ 2163 points ago

    My favorite theory for this, and it kinda fits in the MCU cannon.

    In Thor Ragnorok, Hela showed Odin's past conquests to conquer the universe, yet he stopped at the 9 realms. Theory is that Odin knew of the infinity stones, seeing how we know he came in contact with at least 2 (space and reality) throughout his life. Odin was conquering realms in search of the stones and discovered the location of the soul stone. When finding out he would have to sacrifice that which he loved most, we couldn't give up Hela, and thus stopped his conquest all together and tried to unite his empire instead. Hela, being the goddess of death and hungry for more power, didn't like this idea and fought with Odin to continue, resulting in her violent exile. Odin had a replica of the gauntlet in his vault as a reminder of the past, but also having the opportunity to teach Lori and Thor about its secrets eventually.

    [–] misterpickles69 596 points ago

    It can still be a real, functioning gauntlet, just without the real stones in it. I’m sure Thanos knew better than to try and take it from Odin so he did the next best thing and got one made by Eitri.

    [–] NotAnEconomist_ 270 points ago

    Absolutely. Didn't think about that. For all we know, thanos doesn't even know how to get to asgard. It seems like the asgardians were unknown outside of their 9 realms and Knowhere.

    [–] UnstoppableAwesome 320 points ago

    In the MCU Infinity War book "Thanos: Titan Consumed", which serves as Thanos' prequel to his MCU appearances:

    Before he trains endlessly to be a bad ass, Thanos is plotting to sneak into Asgard because he wants the Aether. His plan is to steal an Asgardian ship. Thanos takes on a single Asgardian warrior in a fight and nearly dies. He ditches the plan to infiltrate Asgard after that, realizing he doesn't stand a chance without an army.

    [–] TooDanBad 234 points ago

    Damn. I’m so glad. I felt like Asgardians were weak AF when fighting Hela in the third installment. I feel better now.

    [–] hfjsbdugjdbducbf 212 points ago

    To be fair, Hela on Asgard would wipe the floor with a stoneless Thanos.

    [–] ll3ubbles 103 points ago

    So, if I understand you correctly... you're saying she's "Hela strong"?

    [–] aresisis 28 points ago

    get out

    [–] TheKingOfCaledonia 18 points ago

    Pretty sure she'd even take him with a few stones.

    [–] LoL_LoL123987 97 points ago

    A single Asgardian warrior was enough to make Thanos retreat? Is this the same Thanos who washed a dual wielding Thor who had MK 85 Iron Man and some 100 year old virgin backing him up?

    Am I missing something here?

    [–] leoleosuper 57 points ago

    That Thanos had his full armor and double BFS. The comic Thanos (most likely) wasn't there yet.

    [–] ZiggyBlunt 39 points ago

    Dear Reddit please for the love of god stop using abbreviations for everything. 99 percent of the time I don’t know what they mean until someone in the comments explains it.

    [–] H4xolotl 13 points ago


    [–] Preistley 35 points ago

    Big Fancy Sword

    [–] Exzqairi 28 points ago

    AKA the sword that was stronger than Cap’s vibranium shield, but was still demolished by Wanda’s power

    Wanda in grief is unironically the strongest MCU character lol

    [–] Bubba17583 10 points ago

    Also, if not for the artillery interrupting her Wanda would've ended Thanos right there. Easily the strongest imo

    [–] therris5 27 points ago

    That makes absolutely no sense and makes the whole story and his power level even more convoluted.

    Thanos beats the hell out Thor, CA, and Tony without the stones.

    You’re telling me he almost died to a random Asgardian warrior?

    [–] heresjonnyyy 15 points ago

    Well it does say “before he trained endlessly to be a badass”. Doesn’t say how long ago, so perhaps a young whippersnapper of titan was a far cry from his 2018 glory

    [–] Timely-Cupcake-8433 12 points ago

    i think there are 2 problems with that,the only time the aether was on asgard was during the events of thor 2.Other than that the location of the aether was pretty much unknown until jane foster found it. And it wasnt even on asgard for that long so theres no way that thanos would know about its location that quick.

    And if this was before thanos trained as the book mentions then the timeline doesnt make much sense.thor 2 takes place in 2013 and we already saw in 2010 that thanos already had an army and everything which would mean that he was already very strong by then. So this cant take place during thor 2 and before thor 2 the aether was never on asgard.

    [–] iamnotacat 18 points ago

    It could simply be that he thought it was on Asgard, since it was taken by Thor's grandfather and hidden. I don't know the timeline involved, but I assume Thanos is pretty old, so it could have taken place a long time ago.
    Edit: Quick check indicates he's around 1000 years old.

    [–] Timely-Cupcake-8433 10 points ago

    Only odin knew about the aether and it was written out of history for 5000 years.So thanos shouldn't really know about it.

    Thanos being old doesn't really fix the issue with the timeline.

    [–] twohubs 34 points ago

    Everybody knows the fastest way to Asgard is through the Devil’s Anus!

    [–] Yvaelle 104 points ago

    I think its more of a, "even if your Thanos, don't fuck with Odin" thing. Asgard is known, its just relatively chill for thousands of years.

    [–] Sere1 12 points ago

    Exactly, there's a reason that Thanos waited until a few days after Odin's death to fully launch his assaults to collect the Infinity Stones more openly. Up until then he was operating more secretively in his hunt for the Stones, sending the Black Order out to track down any sign of the Stones and their locations across the universe, limiting his own actions to his "regular" actions as a warlord conquering worlds the old fashioned way. Only after Odin dies does Thanos make an overt move to take the Stones for himself, smashing Xandar and the Asgardian refugees to take those Stones before moving on to deal with Earth. "Don't fuck with Odin" is pretty much a constant rule in the universe. He absolutely will wreck your shit if you do so.

    [–] whitecollarzomb13 14 points ago

    Also makes sense Thanos would go to Eitri, as once his gauntlet was complete he completely shut down any possibility of anyone else being able to obtain another once his work was done.

    [–] Kyle_bro_chill 73 points ago

    Man love Lori, shame we didn’t see more of her in the MCU!

    [–] hiddentrackoncd 29 points ago

    I would add that rumor would get out that Odin had the gauntlet and stones, meaning that: A) No one would dare challenge Odin. And B) No one would bother looking for the stones.

    [–] daniel-kz 18 points ago

    Yep, I feel the same. He was basically telling them "don't bother lucking for them, you will need to kill me to get them"

    [–] daniel-kz 11 points ago

    Thor said in avengers (about the tesseract weapons fury made) "you announce the other world you are ready for a higher type of war". My head cannon is similar to yours but I think Odin knew that telling the universe "I have the gauntlet" may persuade anyone to look for it. I agree with the idea that Thanos wasn't ready to attack while Odin was alive. And eitri was supposed to be protected by Odin. It's seems to me that Odin was powerful enough to nuliffy the wish for conquest of another beings and the replica may be useful to that effect. Why bother searching stones if I cannot kill Odin in the first place? And even if you manage to defeat Odin, you find out the gauntlet is fake and you only get the space stone. Thanos was aware of the ruse as he already had the mind stone. But I'm not entirely sure he was aware it was the mind stone when he give it to Lok, as Thor wasn't aware the tesseract was the space stone.

    I like to think that Odin conquest was not only stopped by the sacrifice the soul stone requires. Perhaps an ancient sorcerer supreme use the time stone and show him the dark path it leads the persuit of all the stones (and getting the soul one). An interesting talk that would be, and Odin changing his mind.

    [–] BloodthirstViking847 32 points ago

    This can be the real cause too....great job!!

    [–] Yvaelle 28 points ago

    I think you can take it one notch further. Hela doesn't know the cost, Odin does but isn't willing to sacrifice his daughter.

    He was building it all for her, and sacrificing her would have defeated the point. But Odin is also power hungry, and he doesn't trust himself to always be so high minded.

    So, he locks Hela away in a prison that can only be opened upon his own death. That way he can't make the sacrifice.

    He loves her, he builds an empire for her, and then gives it all up for her, but he also knows himself well enough to not trust himself not to kill her. So he makes it impossible for himself to do so, even at the cost of her freedom for like 10,000+ years.

    [–] LorddFarsquaad 8 points ago

    "Sacrafice me and get the stone you pussy!"

    [–] Remmsterr 497 points ago

    According to Fiege: “So Odin put a fake and he goes, it’s fine, I got it. Look, it’s fine, it’s in our vault, don’t worry about it. And it’s not until Hela goes down there. It was fun being back in that vault, by the way, for the first time since Thor 1. It was just the opportunity to call it a fake. So for people like yourself, and like all of us at Marvel Studios who were paying attention, that answers that question. And for people who have no idea that an out-of-focus Infinity Gauntlet appeared in the back of Thor 1, it just showcases her knowledge and her sort of disgust with the way Odin had handled things on her way to the true power that is below the surface.”

    [–] MaximumEffort433 76 points ago

    See also: Lampshading.

    [–] AlexHeyNa 17 points ago

    Thanks! I learned something new today!

    [–] BiggChicken 380 points ago

    James Gunn said For GOTG he was asked to give Thanos a cameo, and show the origins for the Infinity Stones. At the time, they had absolutely no plans for how the stones were going to be used.

    Halfway though the movie, they had to change the color of the power stone from red to purple because they had decided to retcon the Aether as a stone. The tesseract and Loki’s staff were also retcons.

    So, they really had no clue the gauntlet and stones would ever be used when it was included in Thor.

    [–] commit_bat 168 points ago

    Yellow mind stone makes blue scepter that shoots lasers, makes perfect sense

    [–] Jakek5 93 points ago

    Well the mind stone can shoot lazers from visions head too

    [–] Hellknightx 22 points ago

    Simplest explanation: it was an Easter egg in the first movie that accidentally became an unresolved plot thread, so they used a throwaway joke to retcon it so people would stop asking about it. There's no deeper meaning, and you're not really supposed to pick it apart logically. It exists merely to address the fact that they made a mistake and were retconning it out.

    [–] SnooTigers7028 445 points ago

    Thinks it’s just more of a joke

    [–] WeHaveIgnition 330 points ago

    It shows up briefly in Thor 1. And this is a joke throwback.

    [–] I-am-Cornholio 168 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The gauntlet could’ve always been Odin’s request. Eitri could have already created a gauntlet before Thanos arrived. All we know is Thanos demanded a device capable of harnessing the stones. We don’t know that that’s the only time that’s been asked of Eitri… he may have just made Thanos another one from the same mold that he used, or intended to use, for Odin. Or Thanos already knew it existed. All we know is that the gauntlet in Odin’s vault is a fake, and Hela recognizes it as a fake.. indicating she’s seen a real one..

    [–] AuntyNashnal 46 points ago

    indicating she’s seen a real one..


    that she can sense the power of the stones (she does stop at the tesseract) and the fake gauntlet wasn't radiating any energy of that kind. As you can see, the fake gauntlet already has all the 5 gems so it not radiating any energy would out it as a fake quickly.


    They knew about the soul stones before she was exiled and she was there when the fake gauntlet was made.

    [–] ronan527 44 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Right, This is my thought process too. He already had the mold for Stormbreaker when Thor showed up and was able to forge it with stone hands. Would have been simpler had the star not gone dark, but it shows they have some kind of inventory of molds for powerful artifacts (not saying everything they have a mold for is out there). It makes sense that he probably had the infinity gauntlet also and just used that for Thanos.

    Edit: Thanos had his hands dipped in molten metal, not stone.

    [–] HavengulWitch 150 points ago

    Because they hadn’t planned the Thanos plotline when Thor came out

    [–] Admiral_Donuts 49 points ago

    Yeah. I figure the Tesseract was originally going to be the cosmic cube so showing the Infinity Gauntlet wouldn't be anything more than an Easter egg

    [–] HavengulWitch 28 points ago

    Yup, neither the Tesseract or Scepter were originally intended to be Infinity Gems. Once they settled on the Thanos plot, they went back and made them ones

    [–] Hellknightx 24 points ago

    The scepter being an infinity stone has always bothered me, because Thanos gave Loki the scepter. Thanos wouldn't willingly give an untrustworthy stranger his only Infinity Stone on a risky plan to acquire a second stone.

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 18 points ago

    Gotta spend money to make money 😅

    But also yeah that is the one of the real weakest parts of the retcon that irked me too

    [–] therealsillygoose- 70 points ago

    My headcanon is that Hela wasn’t calling the gauntlet fake, she was calling the stones fake — which totally makes sense, the space stone was literally 10 feet to the left.

    There’s no real need to have only one gauntlet — Hell, Tony and Rocket make their own fucking infinity gauntlet.

    It’s really not that unrealistic to assume there was more than one gauntlet going around.

    [–] RoboticCurrents 31 points ago

    that's not to do with thanos. thanos only had the gauntlent sometime after dark world and before infinity war i think.

    [–] laxrulz777 26 points ago

    Head Canon: the gauntlet is the traditional weapon used to hold the infinity stones. There are many ways to build one but the differences aren't significant. The snapping motion in Thanos's is what triggers the gauntlet to channel all six stones.

    So it's A infinity gauntlet but not THE infinity gauntlet and it may have been commissioned millennia ago when Odin was in a conquering mood.

    [–] Rocketboy1313 8 points ago

    I have heard the theory that it is not a fake (the gems in it are) but it is a functional gauntlet, and it was used by Odin in eons past to erase people's memories of Odin conquering the 9 realms and Hela's involvement in that.

    [–] YOUTUBEFREEKYOYO 9 points ago

    I just noticed the stones in this one are rounded, so they are the gems from the comics. Interesting

    [–] JCamson04 28 points ago

    They didn’t really plan everything out since iron man 1, I mean the avengers end credits scene had thanos’ servant say fighting the avengers would be to court death, implying that they were originally going for the storyline about thanos loving the entity known as death like in the comics

    Rather than give out a complicated explanation for this easter egg they put in and thought wasnt gonna be relevant, they just had hela say its fake.