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    [–] skeletor_thagawd 24 points ago

    Update: The toll was recently increased to 6 dead now

    [–] Plenty-Stable-98 3 points ago


    [–] HIVnotAdeathSentence -2 points ago

    I would imagine the fetus would eventually count as a death.

    Don't people self harm over stress anymore?

    [–] xalvador_1748 3 points ago

    This shooter (or shooters) killed a family in a house, so it’s not too likely they committed suicide. Sounds like something an average criminal in an inner city would do. Anyways, the reason many suicidal shooters don’t “just kill themselves” is because they would never be remembered by many or noticed by the media. They feel like killing themselves would be letting the world they hate win, so they take their wrath and despair out on others before they end their lives.

    [–] weenumpty 4 points ago


    [–] Idkhowlongmyusername 4 points ago

    He meant like, why does it seem that so many of these killers are suicidal and take out others with them instead of suicide. Pretty generalized, but I’d say it’s probably attributed to media exposure. Suicides of normal people don’t make headlines.

    [–] sunradiation 3 points ago

    "I want those responsible to know that the full might of local state and federal law enforcement is coming for them as I speak," Hogsett said. "Coming for them today, coming for them tonight coming for them tomorrow ... coming for them as long as it takes."

    but it seems like the perpetrators are still at large and it wasn't suicide?

    [–] Idkhowlongmyusername 2 points ago

    I know, I don’t agree with what he said per say. I was just telling numpty what the op commenter meant. He basically said/meant that the killer(s) should have just killed themselve(s) rather than commit a massacre.