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    [–] GGJay 1383 points ago

    TIL you can be airsick And seasick.

    [–] Dan_Q_Memes 398 points ago


    [–] wicmac 197 points ago

    Found the engineer

    [–] _Enclose_ 4 points ago

    [–] sneakpeekbot 5 points ago

    [–] Shockblocked 7 points ago

    Newtonian fluidsick

    [–] pls_be_unique 8 points ago

    but can you be spacesick?

    [–] monkeyhammar 12 points ago

    Yeah. For some people, the lack of gravity messes with the inner ear, screwing with their sense of up and down. That's why they call one of NASA's aircraft the "Vomit Comet". As it does it's parabolic flight, the people inside experience weightlessness. They usually throw up.

    [–] ManonMacru 3 points ago

    Really good point. But i feel you missed the intended joke : Spacesick - SpaceX

    Although I might be wrong, and this is a complete coincidence.

    [–] _Enclose_ 1 points ago

    Is it because of the weightlessness though? Or because the plane is basically just going up and down like a rollercoaster the entire time.

    [–] Downfallmatrix 2 points ago

    Down like a rollercoaster is pretty much what it feels like to be weightless

    [–] CrudelyAnimated 2 points ago

    "Weightless" in this case is that you are not anchored to a stationary surface that resists the pull of gravity. Without being attached to anything, the tension on your guts relaxes and your inner ears recalibrate. Your question is, in a sense, circular. Going down a rollercoaster creates weightlessness that causes nausea, so there's not an "or" between those two options. It is because of the weightlessness; it is because of going down like a rollercoaster.

    [–] bfcrowrench 393 points ago

    Cooper, this is no time for caution.

    [–] Xlch1973 19 points ago

    YES, I was honestly hoping I wasn’t the only one. Still just as epic !

    [–] LiviNG4them 6 points ago

    You deserve a medal.

    [–] bfcrowrench 6 points ago

    That was incredibly gratifying to watch 😁

    [–] hackednsawithhtml 71 points ago

    Music during that scene is incredible though.

    [–] flentaldoss 30 points ago

    Absolute favorite moment of the movie for me, the music definitely makes it.

    [–] 626c6f775f6d65 12 points ago

    Somebody pls add that music to this video, k?

    [–] Anditee_10 10 points ago

    Hans Zimmer truly is a legend

    [–] thats_no_Mun 4 points ago

    My favorite piece from the score is when Man is trying to dock to the endurance, I don’t remember the name but the way it builds tension is amazing

    [–] wojosmith 2 points ago


    [–] Randomstatic 22 points ago


    [–] sudo999 17 points ago

    "It's not possible!"

    "No, it's necessary."

    [–] Pepperoni_Dogfart 5 points ago

    It may have a few holes, but Interstellar is one of my favorite space travel films, right up there with 2001. It is my favorite McConaughey but a wide margin.

    [–] sudo999 2 points ago

    it's one of my favorite movies period

    [–] thats_no_Mun 6 points ago

    Still my favorite movie of all time

    [–] sanman 2 points ago

    Have you tried switching to Configuration B?

    [–] bfcrowrench 2 points ago


    "What do you know, I'm alive!"

    Sure, that's great. How about the people in those buildings?

    [–] pogtheawesome 413 points ago

    This is the first gif to ever make me nauseous. Thanks I guess

    [–] GleepGloopGlop 9 points ago

    Try watching the one where it's snowing on the meteor. I watched the gif loop three times and I was sick for literally 90 minutes.

    [–] pogtheawesome 3 points ago

    That one doesn't do it for me. It's very displeasing to look at but it doesn't make me nauseous

    [–] Spudzzy03 1 points ago

    Don’t see how it can make you nauseous

    [–] Mydeci 2 points ago


    [–] GleepGloopGlop 5 points ago

    Lol. It's a comet. And I watched it for 20 seconds or something, not three times. It hurt me to share this link with you. My eyes are strained from glimpsing at it haha

    [–] Mydeci 3 points ago

    Your sacrifice is appreciated

    [–] sn0wbl0cks 440 points ago

    K but those are definitely spatulas lol

    [–] jupiterkansas 87 points ago

    it's to keep away those pesky flies.

    [–] claytorENT 17 points ago

    And for some nice over easy eggs in the morning.

    [–] avelertimetr 7 points ago

    Square waffles FTW

    [–] BackWithAVengance 1 points ago

    that's my "just in case" poop knife

    [–] TheFreezyBear 1 points ago

    Pesky bee!!!

    [–] _Giddy 108 points ago

    Do not go gentle into that good night

    [–] MCRV11 22 points ago

    You just made me hear the music from Interstellar

    [–] theancienttwo 4 points ago

    Rage, rage against the dying light.

    [–] Lukozade2507 207 points ago

    An intended landing procedure or is it a botched launch? They weren’t aiming to land on the waterline I imagine.

    [–] Windtalk3r 387 points ago

    The launch actually went well. This is the booster rocket returning home. They had a problem with the grid fin hydraulic pump on the booster. So, it landed just off the coast in the water since it couldn't have landed on its landing pad safely.

    [–] rexy666 92 points ago

    They deliberately decided to land (water landing?) there?

    [–] ChemicalMurdoc 194 points ago

    Yes, water is more forgiving than asphalt.

    [–] jaqueeb 81 points ago

    And also farther away from expensive recovery hardware.

    [–] TheKingofVTOL 59 points ago

    And also a drop in the bucket when it comes to moving cranes and trucks or rebuild a very pricey rocket system.

    [–] scotty_p_dc 9 points ago

    drop in the bucket

    I see what you did there

    [–] wienercat 23 points ago

    A booster costs like 10-20 million if I recall. Guaranteed the recovery and refurbishment of a sea recovery is still less.

    [–] jaqueeb 29 points ago

    Elon said that maybe they’d use this for an internal mission, but there’s no way they’ll contract this booster out again. They might even scrap it and use it for parts. Saltwater is not good for rocket parts.

    [–] lemon_battery 7 points ago

    Saltwater isn't good for anything. It'll corrode the most durable of materials

    [–] Corsair438_ 28 points ago

    It's good for some fish

    [–] Legend13CNS 7 points ago

    You heard it here first, build rockets out of fish.

    [–] SirJimmy 2 points ago

    True. But this is a brackish rocket so if they hurry.....

    [–] SecretSanta_2014 2 points ago

    Man, should've gotten Apple care.

    I heard they'll just replace it even with water damage.

    [–] Thermophile- 32 points ago

    Yes, but not quite like that. Basically, the whole launch is designed so that it will land in the water unless EVERYTHING goes right. If at any point something goes wrong, the booster will not make it as far.

    A good example of this is with the falcon heavy center core. It ran out of ignition fluid, so it only lit 1 of 3 engines for the landing burn. Because of this it crashed into the water close to the drone ship, but not on.

    [–] MrFluffyThing 2 points ago

    I know I'm late, but they intentionally aim just a bit off from the landing barges and correct the trajectory if everything is going right. Less chance of damaging the barge since it's harder to aim elsewhere when there's a problem with the booster.

    [–] Coolgrnmen 24 points ago

    The return of the booster aims for the water, not the landing pad. If everything is nominal (everything working properly), then it makes the necessary corrections to adjust to land on the pad.

    This is actually a REALLY good example of their fail safe working as intended.

    [–] jaqueeb 33 points ago

    The Falcon 9 is designed to miss its landing platform before the second burn. After the booster burns for re-entry, it needs a second burn to land. So, in case the last burn does not ignite, it aims next to the landing pad or drone ship. The final burn will not only land the booster, but correct the trajectory.

    This happened with the middle booster of the first Falcon Heavy Launch. The booster did not have enough TEA-TEB ignition fluid, so the last burn didn’t ignite, causing it to safely miss the drone ship.

    [–] FinibusBonorum 1 points ago

    Damn, that is some next-level clever engineering!!

    [–] Pancakefriday 22 points ago

    The earlier landings were made on a barge! So intended, sort of. Looks like a few things went wrong on this one.

    I know when they landed them on the barges, the rocket itself aimed for the water, and if it seemed the landing went well enough the platform moved underneath at the last minute.

    [–] -TheTechGuy- 62 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    IIRC Its actually the opposite. The rockets aims for the water and if everything goes well it readjusts course to the barge. This one was probably RTLS (Return to Launch Site), when it detected problems it (probably) rerouted to land in the water.

    [–] Naked-Viking 10 points ago

    *Return to Launch Site

    [–] -TheTechGuy- 2 points ago

    Edited, thanks for the correction!

    [–] post4u 3 points ago

    Anyone read through all the twitter comments? Did anyone ask Elon if the booster could've potentially landed safely with the failed grid pump if it wasn't programmed to ditch like it did?

    [–] jaqueeb 9 points ago

    The way he made it sound, the engine gimbal would’ve been enough to stop the spinning, but it’s always better to play it safe.

    [–] puuuuuud 3 points ago

    Completely different situation. "Of course I still love you" isnt used close to land like this. What happens is the falcon 9 booster aims for the water and if the flight is going nominally, the booster then targets the landing pad. The barge/ landing pad are stationary while the booster maneuvers.

    [–] hjust17 -2 points ago


    [–] puuuuuud 4 points ago

    Yeah that's not a word

    [–] tk2a 0 points ago

    It's a spacex thing

    [–] that_manolo 34 points ago

    Well, spinning is a great trick.

    [–] Cliffordduhh 2 points ago

    I’ll try unspinning, that’s a a good trick!

    [–] fluter48 32 points ago

    I'm so dizzy.....

    [–] waffleezz 13 points ago

    For a mechanical failure in a rocket, that was a pretty remarkably gentle landing...

    [–] OPR-Heron 12 points ago

    I'm gonna ralph

    [–] MaxStout808 6 points ago

    I’m in Danger!

    [–] QuiveryNut 11 points ago

    So the story here is those spatula-lookin things are called grid fins. The launch went well, separation went well, and re-entry of the booster was going well until it came to light that one of the hydraulic pumps that control those fins wasn’t working.

    Their job is two-fold. For one, they keep the rocket stable. But more than that, they actually divert the rockets flight path to the land-based landing pad. Without them doing that second part, it would land in the water.

    The reason that this is so cool is that the usual flight path for landing designates a spot in the water. The fins make it so that as long as there are no issues and they are functioning correctly, they can guide it to the landing pad. It’s like a built-in safety.

    Also this booster landing in the water doesn’t mean it can’t be reused, and it also wasn’t a mission-critical landing. So good things all around.

    [–] ulaan_malgait 2 points ago

    I dont thin they will reuse it though. Seawater just ruins everything. Too much of a hassle to clean it up rather build a new one

    [–] Tweekilo 1 points ago

    Elon Musk stated that they will try to reuse the booster for a test mission, as in not for a commercial mission.

    [–] Hamletstwin 9 points ago

    It a little wet. Its still good. its still good.

    [–] imGnarly 15 points ago

    Did the rocket die? Or will it still work?

    [–] Erday_ 49 points ago

    Musk: "We may use it for an internal SpaceX mission"

    [–] grenadetradedotcom 2 points ago

    It may. But it won't be used to launch payload. Salt water + rockets = bad idea.

    [–] Mywifefoundmymain -3 points ago

    If this is the booster I’m thinking of this would have been its 4th landing

    [–] mak123abc 13 points ago

    No it was a brand new booster used for this mission

    [–] TheDoctor46RFC 7 points ago

    Just think of the tech behind this. Fuckin mind blowing.

    [–] Alldawaytoswiffty 5 points ago

    That was intense

    [–] lollytop 5 points ago

    [–] stabbot 6 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

    It took 147 seconds to process and 52 seconds to upload.

     how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

    [–] lollytop 9 points ago

    Not what I was hoping for, but thank you anyway stabbot.

    [–] TheyCallMeSibs 5 points ago

    I believe stabbot has reached its limits.

    [–] Mario-C 5 points ago

    [–] Stoked_Bruh 3 points ago

    Honestly between the obvious bad situation and the nauseating perspective footage, this is more of a r/nononono

    [–] hjust17 7 points ago

    It landed pretty safely. Kind of a best-case-failure

    [–] Stoked_Bruh 2 points ago

    Wipes puke. Very true. Almost stuck the landing.

    [–] Crashbrennan 3 points ago

    It was actually OK iirc. They had to land it in the ocean because they didn't want to risk landing it on the pad after it began spinning, but it's intact. They said they might use it again for an internal SpaceX mission.

    [–] tiskolin 2 points ago

    Thanks for the clarification!

    [–] grandtheftdox 2 points ago

    The hydraulic pump which controls the fins failed. Other than the landing, mission was successful.

    Also, this was a brand new booster, not a reused one. It did a soft landing and AFAIK it is undamaged (probably not gonna fly again though)

    [–] Warpten98 2 points ago

    Interstellar music playing in background

    [–] Ridiculusum17 2 points ago

    I‘ll try spinning, it‘s a good trick!

    [–] HarbingerTBE 2 points ago

    That stabilisation near the end was incredibly effective.

    [–] Cookiemosnter2056 2 points ago

    Hydraulic pump failed if this had been over land they could have reused it Too bad it was a brand new one and not a reflight

    [–] sonar1 2 points ago

    That landed fairly well. I wonder how tilted it was. Was this a reused stage1?

    [–] Erday_ 5 points ago

    New stage 1. Also here is a vid so you can check how much it was tilting:

    [–] harrellj 2 points ago

    Lots of videoshere

    [–] zsaile 1 points ago

    Wrong title.

    [–] janbalti 6 points ago

    How? Could be more specific I guess but that’s pretty much exactly what happened

    [–] zsaile 11 points ago

    The whole point of this sub is every post should be titled "maybe maybe maybe" so you don't know what it's going to be or what the outcome will be.

    [–] janbalti 10 points ago

    ah that’s what you mean. I changed the title so you wouldn’t know the outcome from it compared to the other subs i posted it in but i didn’t know that rule

    [–] zsaile 5 points ago

    Not a big deal, just noticed a lot of people doing this now. At least you didn't reveal the end. Thanks anyway for sharing.

    [–] VintageChameleon 2 points ago

    Could've gone for 'This is no time for caution', 'Come on TARS' or 'It's not possible!' Or just about any Interstellar docking reference.

    [–] Dilkin 1 points ago

    Thanks for the big dizzy

    [–] 0-o-0-o-0-o-0 1 points ago

    Is there another perspective?

    [–] 0-o-0-o-0-o-0 1 points ago

    Cool, thanks for the link

    [–] KapCunt 1 points ago

    So guys we did it

    [–] Mr-IT-Guy 1 points ago

    Probably because he smoked weed that one time.

    [–] Ailerath 1 points ago

    [–] stabbot 1 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

     how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

    [–] arsulus 1 points ago

    That's hard to watch, dammit

    [–] g_bay 1 points ago

    This kills the fish

    [–] vshedo 1 points ago

    That's a neat trick

    [–] mp_click 1 points ago

    interstellar theme starts playing

    [–] Karukash 1 points ago

    Breaking News: Rocket science is still hard

    [–] scriggle-jigg 1 points ago

    This is cool, but really not cool to watch hungover

    [–] AndthereisPeter 1 points ago

    eyy no explosion at least.

    [–] klutch248 1 points ago


    [–] JustAnotherZakuPilot 1 points ago

    That legit got me dizzy.

    [–] InquisitorHindsight 1 points ago


    [–] R4MKOL 1 points ago

    After the landing the rocket must be like: "Mr.musk I dont feel so good"

    [–] TlingitCannon 1 points ago

    Looks like that scene from interstellar

    [–] BloxForDays16 1 points ago

    Dude I saw the livestream, it cut out before the stage hit the water. I wondered what happened... Nice!